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12 Best Insurance WordPress Themes 2023

If you need to create a website for an insurance business then you’ve come to the right place. In this collection of the best insurance WordPress themes, you’ll find a range of different designs and features.

Some of these insurance WordPress themes come in a number of varieties, giving you a choice of different designs for your new website. Other themes here give you just one pre-built layout or demo to base your site on, resulting in fewer decisions to be made when setting up your site — just activate the theme and start adding your content.

All the themes in this collection have stylish designs and professional appearances. However, thanks to their flexibility, you can easily customize them to match your branding. Some themes give you the option of making a few cosmetic changes, such as adjusting the colors and fonts. Others include fully-featured drag-and-drop page builders that allow you to customize almost every aspect of your website, regardless of your web design experience.

When looking for an insurance WordPress theme for your project, be sure to explore the demos and check out the feature lists. If you can imagine your insurance business and services being presented by one of these themes, then it’s likely a good choice for your website.

1. Kenray

Kenray is a business consulting theme that’s suitable for creating insurance websites.

Thanks to its four different website demos, Kenray works well for a range of business-focused projects, including creating websites for insurance companies. The insurance website demo features a professional-looking homepage design that has been optimized for turning more of your visitors into new leads for your business.

To help your website become an effective marketing tool for your insurance services, the homepage of the Kenray theme has a large slider that you can use to welcome new visitors to your site and a prominent call-to-action button that people can use to quickly get in touch. You can also use the elements on the homepage layout to outline the key insurance services you provide, share details about how you work, and display the profiles of your staff.

Other conversion-focused elements of the Kenray templates include a logo panel for sharing the details of clients you’ve worked with, an area for highlighting the key skills of your business, and the get-a-quote button that’s always on display.

Like all of the Kenray demos, the insurance website option is packed full of other templates, besides the homepage layout. Thanks to this, you get multiple about, portfolio, blog, and contact page templates to choose from. If any of these templates need editing or you want to create your own custom page designs, you can use either the included WPBakery Page Builder plugin or the supported Elementor page builder tool. Due to this, you get full creative control over how your website and its content looks.

Kenray has lots of useful templates and features to help you launch a successful insurance website.

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2. InsuRel

InsuRel is a modern and functional WordPress theme for creating professional insurance websites.

Not only is InsuRel a good choice for insurance companies, but it can also be used for financial, legal, and tax-related firms. Therefore, whatever type of professional services website you need to build, InsuRel could be the theme you’re looking for.

To help InsuRel work well for a range of different projects, the developers of this theme have included four different homepage variations in the package. Thanks to this, you can quickly find and import the right homepage layout for your website. The different homepage options include one design with a video background display which is great for instantly grabbing the attention of your visitors, another design with a full-screen slider, and one with a boxed layout.

The four homepage designs are all packed with useful elements that will help you promote your business and your services to your audience. Examples of these elements include a search form for finding local agents, grid layouts for listing your services, a section for displaying client testimonials, and a news element which lists the latest content from your blog. However, as the InsuRel WordPress theme includes the WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder tool, you can easily add or remove the homepage items as well as create your own custom homepage from scratch.

InsuRel has all the pre-built content your insurance website will need alongside the tools to help you design your own content layouts.

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3. Assurena

Assurena is a stylish WordPress theme for creating insurance agency websites.

You can choose from three demos that have been designed for quickly setting up an insurance agency website that can be imported into your WordPress dashboard in just a few clicks. The demos all have fully modern designs that are sure to give your insurance site a credible and professional-looking appearance.

As Assurena comes with six different services page templates, each aimed at a specific sub-category of the insurance industry, you’ll have access to ready-made content to help you promote auto, health, life, and other insurance policies. Plus, you can use the supported Elementor page builder plugin to edit the existing templates to make them more relevant to your business.

Assurena has a clean and refreshing look to ensure that your insurance website appeals to a wide audience.

4. Reobiz

Reobiz has a stylish insurance website demo in its library of business-focused templates.

As well as the purpose-built insurance website demo, there are also a few generic business options that could also work well for this type of project. However, if you want to save time and get your new site online as quickly as possible, then the insurance demo is standing by and ready to go.

The insurance demo of Reobiz comes into two varieties. In addition to the regular multipage version, there’s also a one-page mode that serves up a more streamlined and minimal user experience for your website visitors.

Regardless of which version of the insurance demo you choose, your new WordPress website will have a stylish design that’s sure to impress your target audience. As all of the templates are highly mobile-friendly, your entire audience should be able to navigate your site, consume your content, and get in touch with ease.

While all of the Reobiz templates have been crafted to a high standard, the developers of this theme have made it very easy for you to add your own personality to them. As this theme was built to work with the powerful Elementor page builder plugin, you can easily open up all of the Reobiz templates and start moving things around, changing colors, and adding and removing elements. Although many WordPress themes work with Elementor, Reobiz comes with a good selection of custom modules for this page builder. Thanks to this, you can add even more useful elements to your pages than you can when just using Elementor on its own.

With so many business-friendly demos, if the insurance one isn’t perfect for your site, you’re sure to find one that is with Reobiz.

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5. Peace


Peace aims to fulfill all of your insurance website needs by providing a number of different pre-built settings and modes.

To help ensure your insurance company website matches your business’s branding, there are a number of color skis to choose from as well as the ability to quickly create custom color palettes for your site. Customizing the other aspects of your website is easy too, thanks to the inclusion of the WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder plugin.

Another useful feature of the Peace WordPress theme is its ability to list the details and profiles of multiple insurance agencies. Now your audience can visit the listing page and find the right agency for their needs. Each agency gets their own page, complete with contact information, agent bios, and a contact form. If you’re creating a website for an insurance agency or organization of multiple agents, Peace could be a good fit.

You also get access to a library of useful page templates if you choose the Peace theme. These pre-built layouts can help you publish financial reports, careers listings, company information, client testimonials, and online quote and contact forms.

Peace makes it easy to get your website started and if you need to make any changes, WPBakery is ready to assist.

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6. Insurance Agency


Insurance Agency, this time from the Ancora Themes team, is one of the newest options in this collection of insurance WordPress themes.

Like many of the most popular themes today, Insurance Agency features a homepage slider with animated effects to help grab the attention of your visitors. However, if you’re not a fan of large full-screen sliders or you don’t have the content to populate one, you can disable this feature at the touch of a button or two.

This theme adopts the long form homepage layout. This design gives you a great opportunity to win over your visitors and turn them into new clients as they scroll down your homepage. Depending on how you choose to setup your homepage, you can display feedback from previous clients, your areas expertise, company information, and many other pieces of useful content. The option of adding a prominent contact form anywhere on your homepage should help you increase conversions too.

Although this theme has only recently been released, it already boasts an impressive feature list, including a page builder, a touchscreen-friendly slideshow tool, and plenty of online documentation.

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7. Instive

Instive is an insurance agency WordPress theme with a highly professional-looking design.

If you want to generate more business for your insurance agency by attracting new clients via your website, then Instive is worth adding to your shortlist. Whether your insurance business is a large organization or a smaller operation, the pre-built content of Instive should work well for your goals. Thanks to the multiple homepage designs that make up the Instive package, each with varied layouts and content, you do get a good range of options for your insurance website with this theme.

If you find that there isn’t a pre-built homepage design that’s a perfect match for your insurance agency, then you can use the recommended Elementor page builder to adjust the existing options or craft your own layout from scratch. As Elementor comes with a highly user-friendly interface and lots of useful features, it shouldn’t take you long to get to grips with this popular WordPress content editor.

Furthermore, as this theme comes with the ElementsKit add-on for Elementor, you can customize the header and footer areas of your website, create mega menus, and insert an extra 40 elements into your content. Thanks to this addition, using Elementor just got a whole lot more exciting.

In addition to using the Elementor tool to customize the individual pages on your site, you can also make changes to the global settings of your site by adjusting the colors and fonts that are in use, all through an intuitive interface. As everything about this theme is covered in the video tutorials, whether or not you’re new to WordPress shouldn’t hold you back from launching a stylish and professional insurance website with Instive.

You can find out more about Instive by viewing the live demo websites on the theme homepage.

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8. Consulting


Consulting is a flexible WordPress theme catering to the business, finance, and insurance agencies out there.

You’ll be spoilt for choice when creating an insurance website with Consulting. There are 18 demos to work with, many of which are perfect for insurance services websites, while others only need minor tweaking to be a good match.

If you can’t make a decision and end up going with the main demo, Consulting won’t disappoint. Your new insurance agency website will feature a large animated slider, a panel of your most important services, testimonials, client logos, and news from your blog. Inserting a form that allows visitors to request a call back is very straightforward as well.

If your insurance business has multiple locations or offices, this theme is a particularly good choice. The Google Maps integration makes it easy to share the details of each office, while the multi-location contact details panel will help your visitors find the most important contact information for each branch.

Out of the box, the Consulting helps deliver a professional insurance agency website, however, if you dive deeper into the theme’s capabilities you can just as easily create a custom site to stand out from the crowd.

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9. Broker


Broker claims to be perfect for any business and it’s more than capable of building an insurance website with WordPress.

If you’re new to creating websites or using WordPress, the one-click demo importer will help you setup your website with as little effort as possible. Unlike some other WordPress themes, the Broker demo includes realistic content rather than obvious placeholder text. The benefit of this is that you’ll have a clearer idea of what content to add where when editing the demo materials.

Other ways Broker can help you get your new website online faster include the useful selection of page templates. These templates cover the different types of services you might want to offer, as well as the important pages like your about, contact, and testimonials sections.

Another aspect of the Broker theme that might be of interest is the projects section. This feature gives you a good opportunity to share what your company has achieved in the past and what you’re capable of. Setting all this up might sound difficult. Thankfully, there’s a library of narrated walkthrough video tutorials to help you make the most of the Broker theme.

Broker is a popular business theme that’s ideal for creating a professional website to promote your insurance services.

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10. Alico

Alico is a professional-looking insurance WordPress theme with six complete website demos.

If you’re looking for a theme that will give you a few different options for how your insurance website will look, Alico is worth checking out. The six demos have all been built for creating insurance websites with WordPress, so each of them should be suitable for your project. The demos do have a slightly different focus from each other, with a design that would work very well for business insurance and another one that’s a good option for companies that specialize in life insurance.

Whichever demo you do choose, you’re not limited to only using the default templates and design settings. As this theme has been built for maximum compatibility with the Elementor page builder plugin, you get a lot of creative freedom when setting up your website, despite the fact that you’re using an off-the-shelf theme and set of templates. To help with this, Alico actually comes with over 50 extra modules for the Elementor plugin, allowing you to add even more useful elements to your page designs that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise, apart from if you purchased a paid add-on for Elementor yourself.

Other features of Alico, such as the ready-made contact forms that enable your visitors to get in touch and the mobile responsive design, all help to make this an appealing option for creating high-quality insurance websites with WordPress. The find-an-agent page is another useful feature of this theme, giving you the ability to create your own directory of trusted advisors for your visitors to browse.

When it comes to stylish and highly flexible insurance WordPress themes, Alico is hard to beat.

More Info / Download Demo

11. VEDA


VEDA is a true multi-purpose WordPress theme, with over 200 website demos, including a few good options for insurance websites to choose from.

In fact, new demos are added to VEDA on a regular basis, making this a theme that’s suitable for a wide range of projects. However, if you’re planning to create an insurance website, there are plenty of business-focused demos that could be a good choice.

As well as an impressive collection of demos, VEDA has an equally exciting list of features. In the package, you’ll find two premium slideshow plugins as well as a commercial drag-and-drop page builder tool. Thanks to this, you’ll easily be able to customize your insurance website and add immersive sliders. Theme customization options aren’t in short supply either, giving you the ability to personalize almost every aspect of your insurance website.

Once you’ve chosen a suitable demo, getting started is simply a case of importing the content and then replacing it with your own.

More Info / Download Demo

12. Mist


Mist is another multi-purpose WordPress theme with a selection of demos that are ideal for insurance websites.

Among the Mist website demos, you’ll find one that’s been purpose-built for creating an insurance website. This insurance demo features a full-screen content slider to help you engage your visitors, modules to help explain your services and introduce your team, as well as a tool for publishing client testimonials. However, like the other Mist demos, the insurance option can easily be rearranged, customized, and personalized in many different ways.

If the purpose built insurance demo doesn’t catch your eye, there are plenty of other business-focused options to choose from. Thanks to the integrated page builder tool, you could also easily customize any of the other demos to create the perfect insurance website for your business.

With so much to offer, it might sound like Mist is an advanced WordPress theme and therefore difficult to use. The feature list is certainly advanced. However, thanks to the online video documentation, you should have no trouble finding out how to make the most of this theme and build the perfect insurance website.

With new features being added all the time, Mist is definitely a theme that will grow with your business.

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