13 Best WordPress Dentist Themes 2020

If you want to create a website for a dental clinic then this collection of the best WordPress themes for dentists will help you do just that.

All of these WordPress dentist themes have at least one pre-built website that can be imported into WordPress to help you launch your dental clinic or another type of dentist-related website with very little effort. However, many of these themes include more than one pre-built website demos and a wide variety of templates for all the inner pages of your site.

You also get access to a full set of customization options with these WordPress dentist themes, giving you the ability to easily personalize many aspects of your website through an intuitive user interface. Some of these themes also include an online appointment booking and management system and the ability to collect payments online. If there are any features that you need that are missing from your theme of choice, they should all work with the best third-party WordPress plugins.

Be sure to check out the theme demos to get a better idea of how your new dentist website could look.


ProDent will help you create a fully modern website for your dental clinic with WordPress.

One of the reasons to choose the ProDent WordPress theme for your dentist website is the stylish homepage design and its three variations. Thanks to the pre-built dentist clinic website, you should have no trouble quickly launching a professional website for your business.

The default homepage designs feature a full-screen slideshow that gives you a great opportunity to set the tone for your business and share some photographs from your dental practice. As visitors scroll down the page, they will instantly spot the form that allows them to request an appointment. There’s no need to worry about missing out on potential new patients with this theme. Even the least technical of your visitors will be able to use the simple but effective form.

With the default homepage layouts of the ProDent theme, you also get the opportunity to display a phone number that your visitors can call to quickly schedule an appointment. Highlighting your key dental services is also easy too, thanks to the feature grid on the homepage. If you’d like to share feedback from previous patients, this WordPress theme for dentists also has a module for that too. In fact, it’s fair to say that the ProDent homepage is packed with optional sections and modules that will help you create the dental website your business requires.

As well as the high-quality homepage designs, ProDent includes templates for all the inner pages your site is likely to need.

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Dentalia is a dental and medical WordPress theme for creating stunning websites for clinics and practices.

Although anyone offering medical and health-related services can make great use of this theme, those in the field of dentistry should find Dentalia to be a perfect match for their goals. The homepage design includes all the most up to date web design trends, including a full-width layout, an animated slider, and multiple sections to promote your services and business. For added choice, the homepage comes in a few different varieties that you can easily switch between at the touch of a button.

The Dentalia customization options don’t stop with the homepage layouts though. Almost every aspect of your dental website can be customized with this WordPress theme through the control panel. For example creating custom and unique color schemes, changing the fonts and typography settings, and choosing from the library of icons all takes place through the Dentalia theme controls. When it comes to icons, Dentalia actually includes two full sets of dental icons to help add some eye-catching illustrations to your website and its content. There’s also a powerful page builder tool in the Dentalia theme package to help you make any other changes to your website.

One of the particularly nice features of this theme that dentists should appreciate is the before and after slider. You can see this tool in action on the Dentalia demo, but it’s a great way to share the effectiveness of your teeth whitening services.

Dentalia is packed with useful features making is a competitive option in the WordPress themes for dentists category.

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MediClinic is a multi-purpose health and medical WordPress theme with a great dental website demo.

With 12 medical and health-focused website demos, any of the MediClinic designs should be good options for creating a dentist website, with the purpose-built dentist demo being the obvious choice. In just a few clicks, you can import this fully formed website into your WordPress site. Then it’s simply a case of replacing the demo text and images with your own content.

Of course, with MediClinic you can carry out more customization work than just replacing the demo content with your own. With a powerful set of theme controls, you can easily change colors, fonts, layout options, and much more, without ever looking at a line of code. For those with more creative urges, the premium Visual Composer page builder plugin is included in the MediClinic package. By using this tool, you can customize any of the pre-built content that ships with the MediClinic theme. You can also just as easily create your own page designs, using either the templates from Visual Composer or by starting with a blank canvas. Visual Composer is packed with modules and content blocks so you can quickly start assembling your own page layouts with relative ease. This all helps to make MedicClinic one of the most flexible WordPress dentist themes.

MediClinic brings together all the most useful features from the best medical themes to help you build the perfect WordPress dentist website.

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Dent-All has been designed with one purpose and that’s to help you lunch a professional dentist clinic website.

If you’re starting a new dental practice or your existing clinic needs a new website, Dent-All is well worth taking for a test drive. If you do check out the Dent-All website demo, you’ll quickly see that this is a theme with a modern design and an impressive set of features.

As well as promoting your clinic and services, the Dent-All WordPress theme is highly focused on helping you turn as many of your website visitors into new patients. The default menu layout features a contact button that’s hard to miss. The homepage also includes an online appointment booking form. Placeholders for displaying your phone number are also present with the Dent-All theme.

If you’re looking for a way to offer your patients an online dental appointment booking system, this theme includes all the necessary tools. Due to the inclusion of the Booked WordPress plugin, your visitors can now request an appointment and also manage their scheduled visit through their own private dashboard on your website. Templates for all the other pages your dental website is likely to need are included in the Dent-All theme package. This makes it very easy to add an FAQ, image gallery, pricing, and testimonial pages to your website.

Dent-All is a feature-rich WordPress theme, so if you like its design and style then this could be a great choice for your website.

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HouseMed is a health and medical theme that works well for creating dentist websites.

Thanks to the selection of health-related website demos that make up the HouseMed package, you can quickly launch an online presence for your dentist surgery by importing one of these pre-built sites. While you could use any of the demos that come with HouseMed for your website, the purpose-built dentist option is the obvious choice.

If you take a look at the dentist demo, you can get a good idea of how your site could look if you choose HouseMed. The first thing you’ll notice if you preview this demo is the large slider on the homepage that gives you a good opportunity to share photos from your dentist surgery. There’s also an appointment booking form in a prominent position on the default homepage layout, making it very easy for your website visitors to get in touch and schedule a visit.

The rest of the homepage layout has highly visible sections for displaying your location, opening hours, and main contact details. You can also publish feedback and testimonials from your clients to help reassure any visitors who are thinking of requesting your dental services. The timetable feature might come in handy too, especially if you want to share which dentists are working, and at what times.

While the pre-built content looks great, you can customize the templates and layouts to ensure that your dentist website has the right look. The premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin is included, giving you the ability to open the pre-built content up for editing. You can also make other changes to the appearance of your site through the theme options control panel.

If you want to create a highly professional-looking dentist website with WordPress, HouseMed should be on your shortlist.

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Dentist WP

Dentist WP is a great choice for dentists and dental clinics that need a professional and modern website.

In fact, as well as being suitable for dental websites, Dentist WP can also be used to create a wide range of medical related sites. Thanks to this, no matter what type of website you’re working on, Dentist WP should have lots of useful features to make your project a success. As the main demo has been set up to showcase this theme in use as a dentist website, you can get a good idea of how your site could look if you choose Dentist WP.

If you do decide that this theme is a good option, you can quickly import the demo content into your site and then begin work on replacing the placeholder content with your own text and images. However, you also have the option of starting from a blank canvas and using the templates and other useful features of Dentist WP to create a custom dental website with WordPress.

Some of those useful features in the Dentist WP package include an online booking form for accepting appointments from your visitors, case study templates that can be used to share success stories from your patients, and a before and after image slider that will show potential patients how your teeth whitening services can benefit them. The theme also has great Google Maps integration to help you share your location on your website, making it easy for your new patients to find your dental clinic. If there’s anything you want to change about the design of Dentist WP and its many templates, you can use the included WPBakery Page Builder plugin to customize them through a user-friendly visual editor.

With a fully mobile responsive design, choosing Dentist WP ensures your smartphone using visitors can easily book appointments and make inquiries through your website.

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Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic works well for a range of medical websites including dentist businesses and practices.

Marketed as perhaps the most powerful medical WordPress theme available from ThemeForest, Dental Clinic should be able to help anyone launch an effective website for their density business. Like some of the other WordPress themes for dentists featured here, Dental Clinic makes it very easy to import the demo content into your website. Once that task is complete, adding your own words and images is very straightforward. So if you’re new to WordPress and web design in general, creating a website with the Dental Clinic theme shouldn’t be out of reach.

For those who are feeling more adventurous, there’s a drag-and-drop page builder in the package that gives you full control over the design and appearance of your dental website. As well as customizing the demo content with this tool, you can also use the theme control panel to make site-wide changes to the theme, such as adjusting the colors and fonts to match your branding and uploading your dental clinic logo.

Dental Clinic also has full support for the leading multilingual WordPress plugin WPML. Therefore, if you’re creating a website with content in more than one language, this theme will provide all the functionality needed. Other plugins that this theme was built to integrate seamlessly with include all the most popular SEO plugins, the two premium slider plugins that are in the Dental Clinic package, and contact form tools like Ninja Forms and WPForms.

Dental Clinic can be used in either a one-page mode or the more traditional multi-page website format, giving you lots of options when setting up your site.

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Etalon is a multi-purpose WordPress theme for creating professional services websites.

Among the selection of Etalon website demos, you’ll find a purpose-built design that’s perfect for creating dental clinic websites. While many of the pre-built Etalon websites that ship with this theme could be used for promoting your dentist business and service, it’s hard to overlook the purpose built dental demo.

With its large full screen homepage slideshow that’s ideal for sharing images from your dental clinic or simply displaying inspirational dental-related photographs, the Etalon dental demo should help your website catch the attention of its visitors as soon as they arrive at your site. The quick form on the homepage makes it very easy for your visitors to send you a message if they’d like to know more, while those who are ready to make an appointment can do so via the optional, more detailed contact form or by using the telephone number displayed in the header and footer of the website.

Other features that can help you promote your dental clinic and services include the staff profile section on the homepage as well as the testimonials from happy patients. If you think your visitors would be reassured by learning more about the dentists working at your clinic, Etalon makes it very straightforward to present their information in an easy to read format. You can also use the Google Maps integration to share the location of your clinic using an interactive display.

Etalon isn’t lacking in customization options either, so if you think this theme would work well with your dental practice, making any necessary changes shouldn’t be a problem.

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HEALTHFLEX is another multi-purpose medical WordPress theme with lots to offer dentist website owners.

When setting up your dental website, you can choose from six pre-built demos to import into your WordPress dashboard.  While the dental clinic website demos should work for most people reading this guide, the other medical demos can easily be adjusted if their overall design is a closer match to your vision.

Customizing any of the HEALTHFLEX demos is very straightforward. Thanks to the features and functionality of this theme, you can use the control panel and WordPress Customizer tool to make wide-reaching changes to your site, such as swapping the fonts and adjusting the colors. At the individual page level, Visual Composer gives you full control over the design and appearance of all of your website content. Creating new pages with custom designs is just as straightforward with this drag-and-drop page builder tool.

Another feature of HEALTHFLEX that those creating dentist websites might find useful is the WooCommerce integration. This makes it very easy to list products and services for sale on your dental website, including the ability to collect full and partial payments for anything that’s available from your site. HEALTHFLEX is also fully compatible with the ECWID shopping cart plugin for WordPress, giving you another option for collecting payments via your website. Setting up a newsletter is easy too, thanks to the full MailChimp email marketing software integration.

With lot of pre-built homepages and inner page templates, you should be able to find a suitable design for your dental website with HEALTHFLEX.

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MediCenter is a best-selling medical and health WordPress theme that’s ideal for creating dentist websites.

Although first released in 2013, MediCenter has been regularly updated with constant improvements being made to the design and feature list of this theme. Due to its longstanding presence at the ThemeForest marketplace, MediCenter has racked up an impressive number of sales and positive user ratings in the medical and health themes category. Therefore, if you’re looking for a tried and tested theme that is well supported for your dentist website, MediCenter could be the one.

Over the years a number of new homepage designs have been added giving you six layouts to choose from for the front page of your dental website. There are also page templates for all the essential content every good dental clinic website needs, such as the doctor and dentist profiles, pricing plans and care packages, department pages, and a timetable of services. There is also a full set of gallery templates for displaying photographs from your practice. Adding your opening hours and location to your website is also very straightforward with this theme.

As you’d expect from a best-selling WordPress theme, MediCenter gives you full control over your website. From deciding which features to enable through to choosing which colors and fonts are in use on your site, you can quickly customize the theme in just a few clicks. The premium Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder plugin is also included for simple content design and personalization.

If you’re looking for a theme that’s regularly updated and continues to get better and better, MediCenter could be a good choice.

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The Ark

The Ark is primarily a WordPress theme for freelancers but that’s not to say it doesn’t have anything to offer dentists.

With over 300 pre-built pages in the theme library, The Ark could conceivably be used for almost any type of website. Thankfully, there’s a pre-built dentist website demo that makes The Ark a great addition to this collection of themes for dentists. Simply upload the theme files, import your demo of choice, and then start customizing your new website.

Alternatively, you could use the web design tools that are included in The Ark theme package to take a more hands-on approach to creating your new website. To help you do this, The Ark features a library of over 250 section blocks. These pre-built blocks can be mixed and matched to give you a quick and easy way to start assembling your own custom content layouts, whether it’s for the homepage or inner pages of your site.

Another useful tool in The Ark theme package is the drag-and-drop page builder tool. With the Fresh Builder, you can easily customize the content blocks as well as design your own pages from scratch. The premium Slider Revolution plugin is also included at no extra cost, giving you a powerful tool for creating advanced interactive slideshows. The Ark has been built to work with all the most popular WordPress plugins so if there are any extra features you’d like to add to your site, it shouldn’t be a problem with this theme.

Whether you’re looking for an off the shelf design for your dental website or you want to create a custom layout, The Ark has it covered.

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Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic is a feature-rich WordPress theme for dental clinic website that’s very easy to customize.

The 750+ customization options and settings are sure to come in handy when you’re creating your own personal website for a dental practice. If you’re worried about having limited choices when using an off the shelf theme, there’s no need with Dental Clinic and WordPress. Thanks to the live preview customizer tool in WordPress, you can quickly and easily test out the different customization controls to give your website the bespoke look your project demands.

You also get access to a useful selection of custom widgets that can be used to enhance the sidebar and footer areas of your website. The library of shortcodes gives you even more options for adding elements to your posts and pages.  These features can all be combined with the Visual Composer page builder tool that’s included in the Dental Clinic theme package. Slider Revolution is also on hand to help create advanced interactive slideshows right from within your WordPress dashboard. If you’re unfamiliar with this plugin, you can check out the Dental Clinic demos to see these slideshows in action.

Dental Clinic combines useful features and a modern design to help you launch a professional dentist website as quickly as possible.

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