15 Best SEO Agency WordPress Themes 2020

Designed specifically for creating SEO agency websites, this collection of high-quality themes will help you launch a professional site to promote your services online in no time at all. In fact, as all of the options in this collection of the best SEO agency WordPress themes have at least one pre-built website demo that can be imported into WordPress, you might be surprised at how quickly you can launch your site with the right theme.

When looking for the perfect SEO agency WordPress theme for your project, be sure to check out the different demos to get an idea of how your website could look. Don’t just look at the homepages though, explore the other pre-built content to see if there are suitable templates for other pages you plan to add to your site. However, don’t worry too much if you don’t find the perfect design for your website as all of the themes can be easily customized to match your vision.

With many of these themes including countless customization configurations, premium drag-and-drop content editors, and other useful tools, you should be able to find the right all-in-one solution for your SEO agency website in this collection.


Seocify has 12 different homepage designs that have all been built for creating SEO agency websites.

With four new homepage layouts recently added to the Seocify package, you now get 12 designs to choose from for your SEO agency website with this theme. As Seocify is a purpose-built SEO agency theme — rather than a multi-purpose business option — all of the content you get access to should be suitable for your project. However, there’s enough of a variation in the style and appearance of the Seocify pre-built content that this theme should still appeal to a wide audience.

Upon inspection, it’s clear that the Seocify theme homepage layouts have been packed with useful elements and sections. Thanks to this, you should be able to create a website that’s well suited to promoting your SEO-related products and services. Some examples of the components on the homepages and other templates include the stylish client testimonial carousels, the case study panel for sharing your previous projects and client success stories, and an interactive pricing table that can be used to promote and compare your services and payment options.

If you want to make any changes to the overall appearance of your website or adjust the pre-built layouts and templates, it’s very straightforward with Seocify. When it comes to customizing things like the fonts and colors on your website, the user-friendly WordPress Customizer can be used to adjust these global properties. For more design-related work, the powerful Elementor page builder tool is included in the package to ensure you’re able to edit all of the templates in the Seocify package. Thanks to this, if you want to add any new pages to your website, including those with custom layouts, you’ll be able to with Seocify and Elementor.

With so much pre-built content and many customization options, Seocify should work for most SEO agency website projects.

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SEOLounge is a premium digital marketing theme that’s ideal for creating SEO agency websites.

To help you launch your new SEO agency website as quickly as possible, the SEOLounge theme includes six pre-built site demos. As these demos all work well for creating SEO agency websites, you get a good range of options with this theme. Once you’ve made a decision on which demo to use for your site, the content can be imported into WordPress in just a few clicks, leaving you to replace the placeholder text and images with your own material.

Of course, you’ll probably also want to make other changes to the pre-built website demo. But thankfully, personalizing your website is very straightforward when using the SEOLounge theme. Thanks to the use of the WordPress Customizer interface, regardless of your experience of creating websites, you should have no difficulties adjusting many of the properties of your site, including the fonts, colors, and layout options. SEOLounge also comes with a selection of different header layouts that can be applied to your website through the visual customizer interface, helping you to personalize your SEO agency website even further.

For those who want to get even more creative with the appearance of their website, including the ability to optimize the design for improved conversion rates, the SEOLounge theme includes the premium WPBakery Page Builder – previously known as Visual Composer – at no extra cost. Thanks to this, you can edit all of the pre-built SEOLounge content, as well as create your own pages, including landing pages, through an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface. As WPBakery Page Builder includes lots of useful modules, you can easily add elements like call-to-action buttons, optin forms, and countdown timers to your sales pages and other content.

SEOLounge combines an impressive selection of pre-built content with some powerful customization options to help you create an effective SEO agency website with WordPress.

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Gretna works well for a range of agency-related projects including those offering SEO services.

The two main website demos in the Gretna theme package have been designed for promoting your services and showcasing your abilities and achievements with the goal of helping you land more clients.  If you check out the demos, you’ll see that the pre-built homepage demos include lots of useful features that can help you generate more business, including sections for clearly outlining your services and the ways you can help your clients, an area for displaying testimonials from people you’ve worked with to demonstrate your credibility, and a pricing table section that makes it easy for your audience to check out your services and compare your packages. However, as this is a highly flexible theme, it’s easy to personalize which elements are displayed on your homepage.

To enable you to customize and optimize the pre-built content of your SEO agency website, the Gretna theme includes the powerful WPBakery Page Builder plugin. By using this tool, you can tweak and adjust, or completely overhaul the demo content to create the perfect website for your SEO agency. For extra creative freedom, the premium Slider Revolution plugin is included too, giving you the option of adding interactive presentations to your website to help you explain your services to potential clients. The other theme customization options give you full control over the typography, color, and layout settings of your website. If you need any help with these features, then the Gretna theme documentation is on hand to answer your questions, or alternatively, you can contact that support desk for more personalized assistance.

The Gretna homepage designs are packed with conversion focused elements to ensure your website can help your SEO agency grow.

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Mr. SEO has nine complete website demos to help you find the right design for your SEO agency site.

Among the different website demos that make up this theme package, you’ll find a good range of options for your SEO agency. Depending on the type of site you want to create, you might prefer the SEO consultant focused demo, or perhaps the option that’s been built to showcase the members of your team might be a better choice. Either way, thanks to the selection of demos, you’re sure to find a design that’s right for your project.

In addition to the range of styles on display, all of the pre-built demos include homepages that are packed with useful conversion-focused features. For example, if you want to collect the email addresses of your visitors, you can use the optin forms to persuade your potential clients to submit their contact details so you can add them to your mailing list or send them a personalized message. There are also lots of different types of call-to-action buttons to work with, to help you find the variation that works best with your audience.

As well as the stylish homepage designs, the Mr. SEO website demos include the templates for the other important pages of your site. When checking out the demos, you’ll see that these templates cover the about, contact, portfolio, meet the team, and services pages. Thanks to this, it shouldn’t take much time or effort at all to flesh out your SEO agency website with all the information your visitors will be expecting to see. If there are any page templates that you need that aren’t included, you should find it easy to create your own versions using the included drag-and-drop page builder tool.

Whether you’re the star of your SEO agency or you’d rather use your website to promote your team, Mr. SEO has all the templates your site should need.

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SEO Engine

SEO Engine is aimed at digital marketing and search engine optimization agencies that required a professional website.

Whatever type of services you’re offering, and however you want to promote them, the SEO Engine theme and its 12 website demos are sure to be a good match for your project. Although the 12 homepage demos aren’t too dissimilar from each other, there’s enough variation here to make it likely that one of them will catch your eye. Furthermore, thanks to the inclusion of the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, you should have no trouble customizing the pre-built designs to get them just right when using this hugely popular WordPress visual content editor.

Like many of the SEO agency WordPress themes in this collection, this option includes a good selection of templates for the inner pages your site will probably need. Thanks to this, sharing the details of your team members, publishing case studies, and outlining your services, won’t take long with this theme. Again, as you get access to a premium page builder tool, you can quickly and effortlessly customize these templates to ensure they meet your requirements. Another useful tool that’s included in the package at no extra cost is the Slider Revolution plugin. With this tool at your disposal, you’ll be able to create and publish animated slideshows and other presentations on your website to better connect with your visitors.

Video tutorials and online documentation will ensure you’re able to make the most of this theme. So whether you’re new to WordPress or an experienced pro, SEO Engine should make it possible for you to launch your own effective website for your digital marketing or search engine optimization agency.

With lots of pre-built content to choose from, that can all be easily personalized, SEO Engine is definitely worth a closer look.

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Marketing Pro

Marketing Pro should be able to help anyone offering SEO related services to launch a professional website.

If you choose the Marketing Pro WordPress theme for your website, you’ll have 11 demos to work with. These demos all work well for creating websites that will allow you to promote your services online, so whether you’re working as a consultant or as part of an agency, this SEO WordPress theme should be an interesting option. Although all of the Marketing Pro theme demos use images and other content that are relevant to SEO agency websites, you can easily replace them with your own content.

Another way that you can personalize this theme to better suit your SEO agency is by changing the header layout. With six different header configurations to choose from, you can easily adjust this important part of your website, simply by pressing a few buttons. There are also another six optin form templates to choose from, helping you to find the design that delivers the highest conversion rates with your audience. As the Marketing Pro theme is fully mobile responsive, you’ll be able to collect leads from your visitors, regardless of what device they’re using.

Making changes to your website when using the Marketing Pro SEO agency theme takes place through the control panel. With so many settings to hand, there isn’t much about this theme that you can personalize. If you want to get even more creative with the design of your website, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the premium WPBakery Page builder is included in the theme package at no extra cost. Now everybody will be able to create custom pages designs, regardless of their web design skills. However, as the theme demo content looks great, you might not even need to use these tools.

Marketing Pro is a well-rounded SEO agency WordPress theme with lots of useful pre-built content.

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SEOsight includes all the features you’d expect from a leading SEO agency WordPress theme.

With a highly flexible pre-built website demo that includes lots of useful templates and tools, SEOsight easily deserves its place in this collection of the best SEO agency themes for WordPress. Although there’s only one website demo in the SEOsight package, its design includes lots of different elements and features that can easily be customized or disabled. Due to this, you should have no trouble setting your SEO agency website up in the way that you want, even with just one demo to work with.

Thanks to space for a full-width slider at the top of the default homepage layout, you can use the included premium Master Slider plugin to create your own eye-catching slideshow to promote your services and skills to your visitors, as soon as they arrive at your site. The rest of the default homepage layout includes sections that allow your visitors to enter their email address to join your newsletter, an online form for requesting a free quote, and a pricing table that makes it easy to compare the SEO packages you offer your clients and customers.

SEOsight isn’t just a pretty homepage. This theme includes templates for all the inner pages your site is likely to need. As mentioned, your entire website will be fully customizable if you choose this theme, partly due to the fact that the premium King Composer visual editor plugin is included for you to use. There’s also a control panel with a full set of theme options, enabling you to quickly make changes to the fonts, colors, and other properties of your theme.

Thanks to the one-click demo importer tool, you could be starting work on your website on a matter of minutes of you choose SEOsight.

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SEO Crawler

SEO Crawler is another digital marketing theme that’s ideal for creating SEO agency websites with WordPress.

In the SEO Crawler package, you’ll find three pre-built digital marketing and SEO agency website demos that can be imported into WordPress in just a few clicks.  Once you’ve uploaded the theme files and chosen a demo, it shouldn’t take long to finish replacing the text and images with your own content. At that stage, you can either launch your new SEO agency website or start exploring the customization options of this theme. If you do want to personalize your website further, you can use the included GoodLayers Page Builder, a powerful drag-and-drop content editor for WordPress, which allows you to open up the theme templates for customization.

Other aspects of your site that this theme makes it easy to modify, includes the header section that can be switched between the 19 different styles, the fonts and colors that can be changed through the theme options control panel, and the pre-built slideshows that can be edited using the premium Slider Revolution plugin.

Although, with a good selection of pre-built templates for all the pages your SEO agency should require, there’s no need to customize this theme if you don’t want to. Some of the templates in the package that you might find useful include the case study options that are ideal for sharing details of the projects you’ve worked on, the services templates that are ready to promote your packages, and the about page that lets you tell the story of your SEO agency. With the SEO Crawler theme, you can also easily switch your site to maintenance mode while you’re working on the new design, with the ability to display a custom message to any visitors that do arrive during this period.

SEO Crawler has a long feature list that makes this theme suitable for many different types of SEO agency websites.

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The SEO has recently been updated to include even more website demos and useful features.

Now on version 2, The SEO theme gives you five digital marketing and SEO agency website demos to choose from. Not only that but the library of page templates has also been expanded to provide even more options for publishing new content on your website. Thanks to this, you should find everything you need to give your agency website a refresh or start a new site from scratch.

Some examples of the projects this theme was designed for include creating landing pages for your services that are focused on converting visitors against your goals, building corporate agency websites, and launching SEO related blogs to help you grow your business through content marketing. As well as the pre-built page templates, you’ll also have access to a selection of header layouts, pre-built sliders, and a custom footer area for promoting your email list or other opportunities to your readers.

With The SEO theme, you’re not limited to using the demo content as it comes. If you need to make any adjustments to the pre-built content, the premium WPBakery Page Builder is included in the package. As all of the demo content that makes up this theme has been created using this drag-and-drop tool, you’ll have no problems modifying this content through the visual editor of this plugin. All the editable PSD files for the images used in the theme as included too for those who want to make changes to these assets in an application like Photoshop. A premium add-on for WPBakery Page Builder is included in the package as well, making this already powerful plugin even more useful. There are also a few more premium tools included with The SEO theme, such as a mega menu builder, a set of icons, and the popular Slider Revolution slideshow builder plugin.

The SEO theme has all the tools you should need to create a custom SEO agency website with WordPress.

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SEO WP aims to provide everything needed to launch a successful SEO agency website with WordPress.

Designed to be a one-stop resource for creating SEO agency and digital marketing websites, the SEO WP theme includes a wealth of pre-built content and useful features. With highlights from the SEO WP feature list including 10 premium plugins, 21 SEO illustrations, and 55 SEO service icons, it’s easy to see why this theme has racked up over 12 thousand sales since its initial launch. However, although SEO WP has been around for a while, it’s been regularly updated to help keep its place in the list of top SEO agency WordPress themes.

As well as being built to offer everything needed to create this type of website, the SEO WP theme also makes the process of setting up your new site as efficient as possible.  Thanks to the one-click installer, it won’t take long at all to import the demo content and settings into your dashboard and transform your fresh installation of WordPress into a full-featured SEO agency site.

Among those 10 premium plugins mentioned earlier is a mega menu builder tool that lets you upgrade your site navigation, a social sharing tool that will help to encourage your visitors to promote your content with their followers, and a slideshow creation tool that enables you to add animated sliders to your website. You’ll also find a website rank checking tool that will keep you informed of where your site is listed in the search engine results – something that’s vital for any professional SEO agency website. The premium optin form add-on should come in handy too, for anyone who wants to build a mailing list for their SEO services website.

SEO WP is backed by a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee that should let you purchase this theme with confidence.

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Nuovo is a newly released WordPress theme for creating SEO agency websites or other similar types of sites.

With six different website variations and styles in the Nuovo package, it’s well worth taking a look at the different online demos to see if any of them meet your requirements. As all of the pre-built content is suitable for creating SEO agency websites, there’s a good chance that Nuovo could be a good choice for your project.

The selection of Nuovo website demos all share a similar look but display their main features in different ways. For example, depending on which option you choose, you’ll have a number of different ways to present your services, SEO service packages, and team member profiles. Of course, if there are any homepage elements you don’t need to use on your website, you can easily deactivate or remove them as appropriate.  Furthermore, with a powerful premium page builder tool to hand, all of the pre-built content can be easily customized to match your website goals. Making other cosmetic changes, like uploading your own logos and background images, as well as choosing your own fonts, it very simple thanks to the theme options control panel.

The Nuovo sales page has some interesting stats about the performance of this theme. According to the test results from the theme developers, Nuovo loads very quickly. Although your results will vary, based on how you are using this theme, which type of web hosting you’ve chosen, and many other factors. However, it’s still good to see that Nuovo has the potential to load quickly, despite including lots of useful features. As site speed is vital to delivering a positive user experience and generating leads for your SEO agency, it’s very important to choose a theme that doesn’t suffer from any performance issues.

If you’re looking for one of the most modern and up to date SEO agency WordPress themes then Nuovo is a good option.

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