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16 Best WordPress Themes for Accountants 2022

If you need to create a website for an accountancy firm, or build a site to promote your services as an accountant, then the WordPress themes in this collection will help your project be a success.

Amongst the WordPress accounting themes in this collection, you will find a varied selection of visual designs, and a wide spectrum of features and functionality. Whether you are planning to create a simple website with a clean and clear design that can be set up in minutes, or you want something more flexible and bespoke that you can really customize and make your own; there is a theme here for you.

Some useful features you might want to look out for when weighing up the options include a mobile-responsive design to ensure smartphone and tablet users can comfortably use your site;  demo content to help you get your site set up as quickly as possible; some customization options for adding your logo and changing colors; and of course, a visual appearance that matches your brand and image.

Some of the themes in this collection have been built specifically for creating an accountancy website; while others are more general-purpose, but still lend themselves well to being for this type of project. Whichever theme you do decide upon, your website will have a great looking design and many features that will help you explain the benefits of your services and capture more leads for your business.

So, without further ado, here are the best accounting themes for WordPress.

1. Accounting


Accounting is a great choice for any accountancy firm or financial service provider that wants their website to make a big impact on their visitors.

This theme is fully responsive in order to ensure your website caters to visitors accessing your site on a range of different devices. However, in most display modes it will take up all of the available browser space on offer, to really help your brand and message gets across to first time and repeat visitors.

The color scheme and overall style of the theme is well matched to businesses offering professional services, such as accountancy firms, rather than businesses going for more of a funky and contemporary look. Therefore if your target audience would appreciate more subtle and sober branding, then the Accounting theme could be just what you are looking for.

If you do choose this theme, setting up your website is about as straightforward as it gets. The theme package includes a one-click demo installer that will get the structure of your site online in just a few minutes. Then it’s just up to you to add your own content in order to make the theme your own.

The package also includes the premium WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder plugin. This tool gives you the option of really customizing any of the page templates that make up this theme, helping you to stamp your own personality and branding on your website in the process.

Accounting has a clean and modern look that gives you plenty of opportunity to portray your business in a professional way.

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2. Finano

Finano is a consulting and business theme that works well for creating sites for accountants.

The library of pre-built website demos in the Finano package all look great and should be suitable for creating a website for an accountant with WordPress. As this is a relatively recently released WordPress theme, all of the designs of the website demos are fully modern and up to date, ensuring your accountancy site will be able to portray a professional image to your visitors.

While the homepages of the Finano website demos have a high-quality appearance, they aren’t the only reason to consider this accountancy theme. Each of the demos is packed with the other templates your site might need, including pages for adding a portfolio to your site to showcase the projects you’ve worked on, templates for publishing details of your team, and layouts for adding a blog to your site. Built-in support for adding contact forms to your website ensures that your visitors can get in touch if they want to know more about your services. You can even set up a payment collection system to accept fees from your clients online, through your website.

If you’re new to WordPress and creating websites, you shouldn’t have any problem getting your accountant site up and running with Finano. The theme comes with a one-click demo importer tool that really simplifies the process of applying the pre-built content to your WordPress website. You can also use the intuitive WPBakery Page Builder to edit any of the pre-built content through a drag-and-drop editor. If you need any help along the way, you can check out the online documentation or contact the theme developers directly for assistance.

Finano is a stylish business-focused WordPress theme that accountants are sure to find useful.

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3. Corzo

Corzo is a consulting and finance theme that’s ideal for accountants.

The library of pre-built websites that comes with Corzo includes at least one demo that would work really well for accountants who need a professional website. Whether you’re working solo and need a website to promote your services or you want to create an online presence for your accounting firm, Corzo should be suitable for both scenarios.

The Corzo demos have a good selection of templates. These pre-built designs help you quickly add stylish contact, about, and service pages to your website. There are multiple versions of each template type, so when you add a piece of content to your site, you can choose from a few different options. You can use the in-house GoodLayers page builder tool if you want more creative freedom.

Features such as block sync and reusable elements make it easy to keep your website up to date.

4. Maxbizz

Maxbizz is a consulting and financial theme that works well for accountants.

The demos of Maxbizz have all been designed to help you promote your business and services online. The demos are aimed at consultants and those offering services in the financial realm, and due to this, you should find that they all work well for creating sites for accountants. Whether you want to put yourself at the forefront of your website or use your site to promote your business rather than your personal brand, there are demos and templates here for both scenarios.

All of the demos feature homepages that contain many useful elements. From text areas that can be used to share your knowledge and experience to call-to-action panels that should help generate leads for your business, the Maxbizz demos have been designed to a high standard.

If you’re looking for a set of professional templates, Maxbizz should be of interest.

5. Intime

Intime is a business-focused WordPress theme with 10+ stylish website demos.

As the demos come with over 30 templates for your website, you won’t have to create a new page design when you start adding essential content to your site. The about, services, and contact templates really speed up the process of adding these important pages. There are other useful templates, too, such as a team member page, a page to share the details of the projects you’ve worked on, and a full set of blog templates for keeping your audience up to date with your latest news.

The Intime page templates have been enhanced with a large selection of different elements. You can easily incorporate a whole range of modules into your pages, such as pricing tables, client logo panels, and testimonial carousels. The design of the elements, as well as the individual page designs, can be customized by using the supported Elementor page builder plugin to ensure that your website has a unique look that reflects your brand.

Other features of Intime, such as the built-in contact forms and Google Maps integration, ensure that your website not only looks great but is highly functional too.

If you like the look of the Intime templates, you could have your new accounting website up and running in no time.

6. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur comes in a number of pre-configured modes making it ideal for a range of different types of website. Amongst these options you will find one built especially for accountants.

By deploying the accountancy-friendly demo version, you can have your website online as quickly and painlessly as possible. However, as the other modes are all highly flexible, you may well prefer to use one of them for your website, before tweaking it to meet your needs.

Whichever option you choose, you will get a stylish and modern looking website that makes use of large images and full-width layouts to really create a strong first impression on your visitors. If you want to be the accountant with the website that stands out amongst all of the different sites your potential new clients will see when searching for someone to assist them, then Entrepreneur is well worth taking for a test drive.

Depending on how you configure the theme, your website homepage could feature a large consultation booking button, testimonials from previous clients, and a pricing comparison table that outlines your services and packages.

Entrepreneur has a great looking design that includes some truly useful features. This includes a page builder tool and detailed theme customization options panel.

The creators of the Entrepreneur theme have tried to make it as easy as possible to use this product. This is achieved in part thanks to the online documentation for the theme. This helps to ensure that you are able to use it to its full potential, whether you’re familiar with WordPress or not.

This multipurpose WordPress theme has a lot to offer, which anyone building an accountancy website should appreciate.

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7. Finanza

Finanza is a great all-round business WordPress theme, but it’s one that should particularly appeal to anyone offering financial services.

If you want to promote what you do best online, with the aim of increasing your online presence and generating more leads for your business, then the Finanza WordPress theme could be just what you are looking for.

The default homepage layout packs plenty of punch. However, you aren’t at all restricted to how you use this theme on your WordPress website. Through the custom theme options control panel, through to the drag and drop page builder tool, there is plenty of scope for personalization, whether you are new to WordPress or not.

As well as the appropriately professional looking design of this theme, you get a good selection of page templates to make use of. This include such essential pages as your contact and about us pages, as well as less common templates, including honors and awards, career opportunities, and a landing page template. The last option could be particularly useful if you are offering a specific product or service you’d like to promote on its own landing page.

However you choose to use this theme, you should have no problem presenting your business in a great light with Finanza.

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8. Rise

Rise is another consultant-focused theme that’s relevant for accountants.

If the primary goal of your new website is to generate more leads for your accountant business and services, then Rise was built with you in mind. There’s a good selection of demos in the Rise package, including a number that would be perfect for creating accountant websites. Although most of the demos are focused on creating sites for individuals, there are some options that would be better for building an online presence for a business or organization. Therefore, whatever form your accountancy business takes, Rise should be a suitable option.

All of the Rise templates are fully editable through the use of the Elementor page builder plugin. This gives you full creative control over your site and the ability to tailor the demo content to perfectly meet your needs.

Rise has some additional features that are well worth a closer look.

9. Avantage

Avantage has a pre-built accountancy website demo that will help you promote your services online.

Whether you need to create a website for an established accountancy firm or you’re just starting out, the Avantage theme has a highly customizable demo that’s ideal for both scenarios. To ensure that your website has a fully modern look, the Avantage accountancy demo has a large full-width header image section that can be used to display an eye-catching image to new arrivals at your website, combined with some text. You can also display a few call-to-action buttons in this section of your site, hopefully encouraging your visitors to click through to some other part of your site, such as the contact page.

The rest of the default accounting homepage layout includes lots of elements to help you promote your business online, including the details of your services, information on your team members, and a testimonials slider for sharing feedback from your clients. You can also easily display your contact details, including your location on an interactive map.

The Avantage theme is more than just an attractive homepage layout, though. All of the demos include lots of other templates, including designs for your service, about, and contact pages, to name just a few. If you want to publish the latest news and developments from your industry, Avantage has all the templates you’ll need for that as well.

Some of the other reasons to consider Avantage for your website include the cost calculator tool that makes it easy to display an interactive widget on your site that your visitors can use to perform a range of calculations, a powerful page builder tool for carrying out design work, and a full set of customization options for personalizing the look of this theme.

While the purpose-built demo for accountants is a great option for this type of website, the other demos in the Avantage could work well for your site too.

Demo More Info

10. Ippsum

Ippsum has more than 10 high-quality demos that you could use to build a successful accounting website.

Scrolling down the demo homepage templates reveals a large header image, grids for displaying key information about your business, and a contact form for your visitors. Each demo is packed with ready-made page templates for you to use.

On top of the different templates for publishing information about your business, there are also page templates for sharing client feedback, publishing your pricing information, and uploading case studies based on real-life examples of how you’ve helped your clients. The timeline template is an interesting addition that could be used to share the history of your company in a novel format.

Another interesting feature of this theme is the cost calculator which gives your visitors an easy way to get an estimate of how much it would cost to work with you. Also notable is the time-limited content appearance feature where you can control when certain elements on your pages are displayed and for how long. This is great for running time-sensitive offers or promotions.

Ippsum is highly flexible, thanks to its compatibility with the Elementor page builder plugin.

11. Consultancy

Consultancy is a WordPress theme with a demo for creating accountancy websites.

With a number of website demos, including a few that should work well for creating websites for accountants, Consultancy is an interesting option in this collection. If you check out the demos, you’ll see that they’ve all been designed to a high standard to give your accountancy website the professional look it will need to attract new clients.

Whether you’re an accountant who works solo or building a website for an accountancy firm, Consultancy has some templates that work well in both situations. The demo for promoting individuals has lots of sections and widgets for helping you to connect with your target audience, while the other options include plenty of features for sharing the history of your company and introducing your team members.

While the demos are different, regardless of which one you choose, you’ll be able to use the templates, features, and other elements from all of the demos on your website. As this is a flexible theme, you can pick and choose which aspects from each demo you’d like to use on your site to help you build something that’s right for your goals.

To assist you with any customization work that needs to be carried out, Consultancy was designed to be used with the popular Beaver Builder plugin. This page builder tool gives you full control over the content on your site, making it easy to design custom layouts as and when needed. Consultancy also comes with a good selection of premium stock photography, at no extra cost, so that you can populate your website with attractive images.

Consultancy is a good example of a well-rounded WordPress theme for accountants.

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12. Enfold

Enfold is a popular multipurpose WordPress theme that can be easily configured in a number of different ways.

With over 10 pre-built demo configurations on offer, choosing Enfold gives you plenty of options for how your website can look. Amongst these demo options, there are two business-themed layouts that are ideally suited for accountants and other financial services businesses.

If you do choose one of these business layouts, you will get a website that includes a large welcome banner message, a brief description of your services, and lots of room for highlighting the benefits of working with you, as well as space to publish feedback from previous clients.

However you choose to set up the Enfold WordPress theme, you also get access to a drag and drop page builder. This tool makes it easy to customize the existing layouts, as well as create your own designs from scratch.

Enfold is a good all-round WordPress theme that works especially well for accountancy websites.

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13. Mentry

Mentry is a financial services WordPress theme with a pre-built website demo that accountants are sure to find useful.

With four website demos that could all be suitable for creating accounting websites, Mentry and its pre-built content are well worth checking out if you’re looking for a theme that can help you quickly launch your new site. Choosing a demo might be hard though, as they all have stylish designs and feature-packed homepages.

Among those features that you can include on your homepage layout, is a large slider that can be used to display images and text related to your business, a service panel for highlighting your key areas of expertise, and a project area for sharing details of how you’ve helped other clients in the past. Publishing feedback from those clients on your homepage is possible with the Mentry demos, thanks to the testimonial sliders that you can easily edit to include information from your clients. If you want to display excerpts from the latest content from your blog on the homepage, you can do that too with the pre-built layouts of Mentry.

While the Mentry demos and their templates have been designed to a high standard, they’re pretty flexible too. You can make almost any changes you like to your website once you’ve installed this theme. As most of the customization work can be carried out through the user-friendly WordPress Customizer interface, you can see exactly what effect your changes are having, all in real-time, before you commit to them.

The premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin is included too, giving you even more customization options for your accountancy business website.

Demo More Info

14. Adri

Adri is another business consulting WordPress theme that works well for creating accounting websites.

There are eight demos in the Adri theme package to choose from. Although there isn’t a demo that has been built specifically for creating sites for accountants, most of the demos are aimed at people offering services online.

All of the demos and templates look very modern. They make great use of popular web design trends, such as subtle yet eye-catching animation effects, full-width images, and homepage templates that are packed with different elements. Some of these elements include panels for clearly highlighting your key services, displaying a call-to-action banner that can be used to encourage your visitors to get in touch, and video players that let you share multimedia content with your audience.

The selection of templates makes it easy to explain how you work and the different ways you can help your clients. They give you a quick way to publish the details about you or your company, display your contact details, and publish a set of frequently asked questions and their answers. The blog templates should be useful if you plan to share the latest details or news about your industry with your audience.

The Elementor page builder is supported by this theme, giving you an easy way to make changes to your site and the demo content.

If you’re looking for a flexible theme for promoting your accounting services, look no further than Adri.

15. Finance

Finance aims to provide you with everything you’ll need to launch an accounting website.

The selection of homepage layouts in the Finance theme package all work well for accounting, finance, and consulting websites. They each include lots of functional and decorative features to help make your website a success, including large sliders for sharing key information, call-to-action elements for encouraging your visitor to get in touch, and panels for sharing the details of your main services. Regardless of which of the Finance homepage templates you choose, this part of your website will have a professional-looking design.

Finance comes with lots of other templates, too. For example, there are multiple templates for telling the story of your accounting firm and introducing your team members and other staff. There are also templates that are dedicated to helping you explain and promote your services to your potential new clients as well as pre-built content for adding a blog and contact page to your website. If you want to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to get in touch with you, the online forms, header area space for displaying your telephone number, and form for requesting a call back will all help.

To ensure that you’re able to set your website up in the right way for your business, Finance integrates seamlessly with the Elementor page builder plugin. Once you’ve installed this tool, you can edit all of the templates with relative ease. Finance also comes with the powerful WPBakery Page Builder plugin, if you’d rather use this tool for editing your content. If you’d like to see how easy this theme is to use, there’s a video walkthrough on the Finance website.

If you want your website to have a corporate-friendly design, then choosing Finance is a great way to achieve this.

Demo More Info

16. Wiz

Wiz gives you 12 full demo versions to choose from, each of which can be deployed to your WordPress website in just a few clicks.

These demo versions cover a wide range of uses, from café websites through to photography portfolios. There’s also an accountancy demo mode there as well, which should help you get your business website online as quickly as possible.

The accountancy version of Wiz makes use of a large homepage content slider, animated page elements, and a responsive menu system. However, if any of the other pre-built layouts of Wiz catch your eye, you shouldn’t have any trouble tweaking them to match your branding.

If you plan on adding a blog to your website, in order to keep your existing clients up to date, as well as attract new ones, then you will be pleased to learn that Wiz has a great selection of blog post layout templates to choose from.

Wiz is packed with features, including a unique color scheming tool and multiple widget locations that should help you build the right kind of website for your business.

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