10 Best WordPress Themes for Selling Digital Products 2021

This collection of the best WordPress themes for selling digital products has been designed for websites selling a single product, creating fully featured ecommerce stores, and building multivendor digital product marketplaces.

Many of these themes have been created to integrate seamlessly with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin and its library of add-ons. However, you’ll also find themes in this collection that can be used with WooCommerce and other plugins to create stores selling digital products with WordPress.

Thanks to the many different pre-built website demos included with these themes, not to mention the range of customization tools and options, you should be able to find a theme that’s suitable for your project, no matter what type of products you’ll be selling and who your target audience is.

1. Mayosis

Mayosis and its support for the popular Easy Digital Downloads plugin has been built especially for selling digital products online.

Whether you decide to use this theme in marketplace mode and work with multiple vendors or simply use it for your own online store, Mayosis and its recommended plugins should provide you with everything needed to sell digital products online with WordPress.

With a stylish set of templates for the essential pages of your ecommerce store, including the product pages, shopping cart, and checkout areas of your site, Mayosis should ensure your online shop has a professional design that your visitors can trust. For extra trustworthiness, you also have the option of publishing customer feedback and reviews on your store with the Mayosis theme and its testimonials widget.

In addition to providing you with two pre-built digital product store demos, Mayosis comes equipped with two page builder tools. Thanks to this, you can use either WPBakery Page Builder or Elementor to customize the pre-built content and create your own custom designs from scratch. These page builders both have their own selection of elements, giving you lots of modules to insert into your posts, pages, and other areas of your site. Making other changes to your ecommerce store with Mayosis is straightforward too, thanks to the detailed settings of the theme options control panel. So if you’re looking for a theme that can be easily personalized to match your branding, Mayosis is certainly a flexible option. You can find full instructions covering how to use this aspect of Mayosis on the theme website.

Whatever type of digital products you want to sell from your WordPress website, Mayosis has all the features you should need.

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2. Stocky

Stocky has been created for anyone who wants to offer photographs and other digital image files to their visitors for download.

By installing the free Easy Digital Downloads plugin, you can then begin uploading stock photos, which your visitors can pay for access to. You can even turn your website into an online marketplace, listing and selling images from multiple vendors. If do decide to work with other vendors, the profits can be shared out automatically, and as the website owner, you can take a percentage from any sales that are generated.

Each vendor gets their own portfolio. This allows them to showcase all their work in one place. The theme also makes use of front-end submissions. This means your vendors won’t have to navigate their way around the WordPress admin area, and can instead manage their accounts and upload their files, through the included submission forms.

The theme itself has a great design which will really help your work stand out on the page. Stocky has the ability to generate photo galleries on demand, making it easy for your visitors to browse what’s on offer. In a recent update to the theme, support for video products was added, giving you much more scope for the type of files you can offer.

If you want a professional design for your stock photography website, coupled with a high level of features and flexibility, then Stock is well worth checking out.

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3. DGWork

DGWork is a flexible ecommerce and business WordPress theme that fully supports Easy Digital Downloads.

The DGWork theme package consists of three main homepage layouts that are ideal for creating fully featured ecommerce stores selling digital products, a single product landing page design, and a photography website template that’s ready to help you sell copies of your photos online. As well as the three DGWork homepage designs, you’ll also find templates for listing your products in style, and hopefully, increasing your chances of generating more sales from your website.

Thanks to the power of Easy Digital Downloads and the support for this plugin from the DGWork theme, you can sell a wide range of digital downloads from your WordPress website. The photography demo does make it very easy to launch a website selling stock photos, for example. However, it can easily be tweaked to promote many other different types of digital products, including audio files, video content, eBooks, and much more. Thanks to the free and premium add-ons available for Easy Digital Downloads, you can add physical products to your store, offer subscription-based purchases, and create product packages simply by choosing the right extensions from the library of options.

Although DGWork is a relatively new WordPress theme, its creator does have experience of selling and supporting their other products that are available at the ThemeForest marketplace. Due to this, you can rest assured that if you run into any difficulties using this theme, you should be able to get a responsive and assistance from the ThemeVan team.

DGWork is aimed at creatives who want a stylish theme to help them sell digital products with WordPress.

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4. Olam

Olam is a WordPress theme that’s focused on creating digital marketplaces for selling digital products.

Olam does a good job of harnessing the power of the popular Easy Digital Downloads plugin in order to help you create a digital marketplace with WordPress. Whether it’s just you listing items for sale or you want to allow multiple vendors setup up shop at on your online store, Olam has full support for all the necessary Easy Digital Downloads extensions and add-ons, including the Marketplace bundle.

As well as the ability to sell and distribute digital files, Olam and its prebuilt content can also be used to sell bookable sessions from your website. Therefore if you want to let your vendors sell their services, including coaching and one to one training sessions, Olam could be a good choice. Listing services for sale, is also an option with the Olam theme, thanks to the prebuilt website demo that was created specifically for this purpose.

In addition to all the useful ecommerce focused features and support, Olam has some impressive WordPress theme features that are worth mentioning. One highlight is the inclusion of the Unyson drag-and-drop page builder tool. You’ll also be able to add mega menus to your website with this theme, choose from two pre-built header layouts, insert a library of shortcodes into your content, and much more.

The Olam documentation is publicly available if you’d like to get an idea of how well this theme is supported before you buy.

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5. Bookshelf

Bookshelf aims to provide you with everything that’s needed to create an online bookstore with WordPress.

Although Bookshelf could be used to create stores selling almost any type of digital product, this theme is best suited to building websites that will be listing eBooks for sale. To get a better idea of how this theme can be used, the five website demos of Bookshelf do a good job of showcasing the different configurations that are possible for your online bookstore if you choose this theme for your website.

As you’ll see, the demos all have different layouts, content, and sections, to help you get your eBook store looking how you want. If you’d like to customize the demo content to create a custom eBook store with WordPress, the best-selling WPBakery Page Builder plugin is included with the Bookshelf theme at no extra cost.

When it comes to the functionality of this theme, the ecommerce features are provided by the WooCommerce plugin. Thanks to this, you can easily list physical products and digital downloads for sale from your WordPress website. As WooCommerce can be extended in many ways, you can configure your store to work in any way that you want through its library of add-ons.

Interestingly, Bookshelf has also been built to be fully compatible with the LearnDash plugin. Thanks to this, if you choose to install LearnDash on your website, you’ll be able to create online courses and use the other learning management system features of this plugin. So if you do want to add an educational aspect to your online store, Bookshelf is a suitable option. Although this theme should work with all well-coded WordPress plugins, it has also been built to take full advantage of the WPML plugin as well. Due to this, if you want to publish your website content in more than language, this multilingual plugin can help organize and display that content in a user-friendly way.

Bookshelf has a long feature list and can be used in many ways to help you sell digital downloads with WordPress.

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6. Tijarah

Tijarah is a marketplace theme for selling digital products online with WordPress.

Although this marketplace theme lets you set up a store where multiple vendors can sign up and list their digital products for sale, you don’t have to use Tijarah in this way. Thanks to the selection of demos and the flexible nature of this theme, you can configure it in a number of ways, including in either single- or multi-vendor mode. Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll be able to list digital products for sale on your website, all through the power of WordPress and its library of plugins.

When it comes to the plugins that will add the necessary ecommerce features to your store, WooCommerce is the tool recommended by the developers of Tijarah. You could use other plugins, including Easy Digital Downloads, but WooCommerce is the most popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress and will have everything you need to get started. It also has countless extensions available for it that will enable you to add almost any extra features you can think of to your store.

If you import the Tijarah ecommerce demo, the homepage of your store would include lots of sections to help you promote your products. This theme also comes with multiple stylish product page templates, giving you plenty of options when it comes to displaying your items to your target audience.

While the templates are very well designed, they’re also easy to personalize. As Tijarah was built to take full advantage of the powerful Elementor page builder plugin, you can open up all of the templates for editing through that tool. Other changes, such as configuring the default colors and fonts, are easy with this theme too. You also get as much, if not more, control over how the ecommerce side of your website will work — making Tijarah ideal for almost any type of online store.

Thanks to some high-quality templates, your digital product store will have a very professional look.

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7. Digital Downloads


Digital Downloads is a theme that has been created for anyone looking for a fully-featured solution for offering a professional digital file download service. Whether you want to sell those files, or just create a place where they can be managed and distributed online, this theme aims to offer everything you would ever need.

When it comes to distributing the files, this theme gives you a number of options for how your visitors can gain access to them. As well as selling them for a price, and then collecting the payments, you can also offer them for free. Furthermore, you can require your visitors to complete certain actions in exchange for access to your files – an example of this would be sharing a link before the download can commence.

When it comes to managing the downloads, this theme gives you a lot of options. From the back-end of your website you can view usage statics covering how many times each file has been requested. If you are allowing others to list their products and files on your website, you can grant them access to these reports so that they too can monitor the statistics of their own files.

This theme has got lots of useful features for running a professional digital downloads website. There is a front-end and an admin demo available on the developer’s website, allowing you to see exactly how it works before you buy.

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8. Themebox

Themebox is a purpose-built theme for selling all types of digital products online with WordPress.

Themebox is optimized for the popular WooCommerce online store builder plugin for WordPress. So once you’ve installed and activated Themebox and WooCommerce on your WordPress website, you should have everything in place to start selling digital downloads online.

The Themebox package actually includes five different homepage versions to choose from, so you will need to make a decision on which one to use for your site. There are also three unique header layouts too, giving you more options for the navigation area of your online store. Furthermore, as this theme and its content have been built around the powerful Visual Composer plugin, you can edit all of the templates through a drag-and-drop visual interface.

Although WooCommerce is the recommended ecommerce plugin for use with this theme, you should have no trouble using another solution for your site, including Easy Digital Downloads. Thanks to this, whether you choose to use WooCommerce or another tool, you can start selling right away, with the option of installing any of the add-ons for these plugins to enhance your store further. If you want to add discussion forums to your website, Themebox is compatible with the bbPress plugin too, as well as all the other most popular plugins for WordPress.

Themebox could be a good option, regardless of whether you’re selling eBooks, audio files, or other types of digital downloads from your website.

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9. Marketica

Marketica is a well-established WordPress theme for selling digital products online from your own website.

Although first released back in 2014, Marketica continues to be updated to this day and is now on version 4.0. Now with four digital product ecommerce demos for you to choose from, if you’re looking for a tried and tested WordPress theme for your store or marketplace, Marketica could be it.

Among the four different website demos in the Marketica package, you’ll find a standard WooCommerce demo for creating your own digital downloads or physical products store. There’s also a multivendor demo that has been set up to integrate seamlessly with the free WC Vendors add-on for the WooCommerce plugin. Another option is the marketplace demo that has been designed to work with the premium WooCommerce Product Vendors add-on. Finally, there is a website demo that’s built around the Dokan multivendor WordPress plugin. Thanks to this varied plugin support, if for whatever reason, you’re looking for a WordPress theme for selling digital products that doesn’t rely on the Easy Digital Downloads plugin, Marketica is well worth a closer look.

The long list of ecommerce features aren’t the only reasons to consider Marketica, though. The 30 plus tutorial videos are a highlight from the Marketica feature list, especially for anyone who is new to creating online stores with WordPress. You also get access to a good set of customization options for personalizing your online store and adjusting the demo content.

Marketica and its WooCommerce and Dokan support makes it a good alternative to the themes built for use with Easy Digital Downloads.

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10. ThemePlace

ThemePlace is a marketplace WordPress theme for selling digital products online.

As this is a marketplace theme, you have the option of configuring your store so that other vendors can sign up and start listing their digital products and other items for sale at your website. While using the marketplace functionality is optional, the features of ThemePlace that can handle multiple vendors allow you to charge these users a fee for accessing your platform, share profits, and give your sellers the ability to set up their own storefronts at your marketplace.

When it comes to adding the features and functionality to WordPress that makes it possible to sell digital products online, ThemePlace has been built to work with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin and its large library of add-ons. Thanks to this, whether it’s just you who will be selling items from your site or you’ll be opening it up to multiple vendors, you’ll be able to add all the features you need to your WordPress website, with ThemePlace providing you with all the high-quality templates your project requires.

When it comes to pre-built content and templates, ThemePlace provides you with a feature-rich homepage layout that has lots of useful elements. This includes a powerful search tool to help your potential customers find what they’re looking for, product grids for promoting your latest or most popular items, and an area for displaying the latest content from your blog. Adding a testimonial slider to your homepage and displaying a pricing table is part of the core functionality of ThemePlace too. As this is a highly flexible theme, you can easily add or remove any of the elements on the default layouts, using the supported Elementor page builder plugin that comes with its own library of modules.

Whatever type of digital products you want to sell online, ThemePlace should be able to provide you with the necessary templates and features.

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