7 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins 2022

Do you use WordPress to promote affiliate products from the Amazon Associates program? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out this collection of the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins.

In this post, we’ll share a number of useful free and premium plugins to help you more effectively promote Amazon products (and maintain compliance with the Amazon Associates rules).

Let’s dig into the best WordPress plugins for Amazon affiliates so that you can start earning those sweet, sweet commissions.

And, to improve your affiliate site even further, also take a look at our collection of the best Amazon affiliate WordPress themes.

What Do Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins Do?

The term “Amazon affiliate plugins” is a little broad because there are a lot of features that can fall under the umbrella.

Generally, most of these plugins make it easy to insert Amazon affiliate links on your WordPress site, without needing to go through

More importantly, most of these plugins use the Amazon Product Advertising API (or, in some cases, another method). This is incredibly important because of how strict Amazon Associates is with its rules for product information accuracy, such as the prohibition on displaying inaccurate prices.

If you manually enter the price for a product that you’re promoting in a comparison table, that price might change in the future because Amazon often updates its prices.

If that happens, you’d be promoting the wrong price, which is against the rules. But by using one of these plugins (and the API), you can ensure that you’re always displaying accurate pricing information.

Some plugins also go further and help you:

  • Create comparison tables or boxes.
  • Geolocate your affiliate links to send people to their Amazon locale (e.g. vs
  • Sync Amazon products with a WooCommerce store.

Let’s start with the best premium plugins.

Premium Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins


AAWP plugin

AAWP, short for Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin, is one of the most established WordPress plugins for Amazon affiliates. It offers a suite of features to help you more effectively promote Amazon products.

Its core feature is to help you insert affiliate links/product information in a number of different forms:

  • Text affiliate links
  • Product boxes that contain one or more products. You can include different product details such as titles, descriptions, prices, discounts, CTAs, etc.
  • Data fields that let you insert individual pieces of information via the API, for example, including the most recent price.

You can also display lists of bestsellers and new releases that will automatically update to stay current.

For all of these, you can choose from multiple display templates according to your needs.

And because all of this information comes from the Product Advertising API, you can guarantee that it will always be accurate.

AAWP example

AAWP also has plenty of useful smaller features such as:

  • Product comparison tables – use the table builder feature to create accurate product comparison tables such as the example above.
  • Geotargeting for links – automatically sends visitors to the proper Amazon locale based on their locations.
  • Caching – AAWP will cache product information locally to improve performance and limit API requests.
  • Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support – your product boxes will still work in AMP content, which helps you improve mobile performance.

Price: AAWP starts at €39 for use on a single site.

More Info / Download Demo

2. AzonPress


AzonPress is another popular Amazon affiliate plugin that follows an approach similar to AAWP.

You can insert both basic text affiliate links as well as a variety of more detailed product displays.

One of the notable things about AzonPress is how it gives you useful tools to create product comparisons. You can create both traditional product tables, as well as side-by-side comparison tables.

One feature that I really like is the ability to add a “best pick” qualifier to your comparison table to help drive traffic towards the best product. You can see this in the example below:

AzonPress example

Beyond those comparison options, you can also display:

  • Product grids
  • Single product boxes
  • Simple lists

AzonPress also includes built-in geotargeting, which lets you redirect shoppers to their local Amazon store.

Overall, I think that AzonPress has some of the best out-of-the-box template designs of any Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress.

Price: AzonPress starts at $39 for use on a single site.

More Info / Download Demo

3. WZone (WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates)


As the name suggests, WZone, also going under the name WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates, helps you connect your WooCommerce-based store with Amazon.

It can help you make money from this connection in two ways.

First, it lets you create a kind of pseudo dropshipping arrangement where you can automatically sync Amazon products as WooCommerce products. Then, when a visitor goes to add an item to their cart, they’ll be taken to Amazon to check out (and you’ll get to place that affiliate tracking cookie).

Second, you can create a true dropshipping arrangement where shoppers actually purchase items on your site. Then, you can turn around and order that product on Amazon yourself to fulfill the order. This requires some manual effort on your part, but it gives you full control over your margins, rather than just relying on the Amazon Associates commission.

No matter which approach you use, WZone makes it super easy to import products from Amazon to WooCommerce. Then, it can also keep products synced going forward so that your information is never out of date.

Other useful features include:

  • Display product reviews from Amazon.
  • Support for variable products.
  • Support for multiple different Amazon store locations.
  • Automatic content spinner for product details.
  • Sync and import products without needing an API key.
  • Display badges on your store such as products that are eligible for Amazon Prime shipping.

Price: WZone costs $49 with standard Envato licensing (lifetime updates for a single site and six months of support).

More Info / Download Demo

AmaLinks Pro

AmaLinks Pro helps you insert text/image links, CTA buttons, and even entire product showcases. Then, you can keep any of the information that you import synced with Amazon to maintain compliance.

Here’s an example of what a product showcase box looks like:

AmaLinks Pro

One nice thing is that you’ll be able to do this both with and without access to the Amazon API.

With the Table Builder add-on, you can also create product comparison tables like below:

AmaLinks Pro table

Again, all of this information is pulled straight from Amazon, which ensures that it’s accurate and you won’t get in trouble when it comes to compliance.

Another useful feature is the built-in Google Analytics Event Tracking, which lets you track product clicks in Google Analytics.

Finally, AmaLinksPro just generally has a good emphasis on compliance with the strict rules from Amazon Associates, which helps keep you in Amazon’s good graces and keep the money flowing.

Price: AmaLinksPro starts at $67 for access to the plugin and the Table Builder add-on for a single site.

More Info / Download Demo

Free Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

5. EasyAzon


EasyAzon gives you an easy way to insert Amazon affiliate links right from the WordPress editor. It works with any Amazon locale and lets you quickly spin up text affiliate links as needed.

However, the free version is quite basic — it’s literally just for text links.

If you want access to more features, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro version which lets you insert:

  • Image affiliate links
  • Product information boxes
  • CTAs

You’ll also get other useful features in the Pro version, such as:

  • Product quick view that displays on hover.
  • Automatic link localization based on each visitor’s location.
  • Option to have people add the products to their carts right away, which gives you more time to earn a commission.

Price: Free. The Pro version starts at $47.

More Info / Download

Amazon Auto Links

Amazon Auto Links helps you easily insert Amazon products in your WordPress site using the most recent version of the Amazon Product Advertising API.

You can either insert specific products that you choose or you can let the plugin display a regularly updated feed of the latest products in certain categories.

In total, you get four ways to display products:

  • Category – a dynamic feed of products in that category.
  • Product search – products from a search query on Amazon.
  • Item look-up – specific product(s).
  • URL – list items from an external web source.

You can also use shortcode parameters to customize the output, such as changing the image size or the length of the description.

Inserting specific products is easy — you just add the regular product URL to your content and Amazon Auto Links will automatically adjust it to use your affiliate link. You can also have it automatically convert links in comments from other users.

Finally, Amazon Auto Links supports all the different Amazon locales.

Price: Free

More Info / Download

7. AmazonSimpleAdmin

Amazon Simple Admin

As the name indicates, AmazonSimpleAdmin gives you a simple way to insert Amazon products in WordPress using shortcodes. It uses the API to insert product details, which means they’ll automatically be in sync with Amazon itself.

Via various shortcode parameters, you can:

  • Choose from different templates to display product details.
  • Choose how to sort products.
  • Select products from collections.

To get started, all you need to add is add your Amazon API details and select which store locale you want to use.

If you want more features, there’s also a Pro version that adds:

  • Access to more templates, including table layouts.
  • Customizable templates.
  • The option to use multiple Amazon locales at the same time.
  • Geolocation to automatically serve links from a visitor’s local Amazon store.
  • Bestseller lists.

Price: Free. Pro version starts at $59.

More Info / Download

Which is the Best Amazon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress?

All of these plugins have something to offer in their own unique way, but my two personal favorites are AAWP and AzonPress.

Both let you go beyond simple text links, with the ability to create conversion-boosting comparison boxes and tables.

While both AAWP and AzonPress are premium plugins, I think they’ll pay for themselves in the form of increased affiliate commissions from being able to more effectively promote Amazon products.

Do you have any questions about the best WordPress plugins for Amazon affiliates? Let us know in the comments section!

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