8 Best WordPress Instagram Plugins 2020

Instagram can be a great source of content for your website, whether that’s photos from your own account or from the profiles of other users. Now, thanks to these WordPress Instagram plugins, getting that content into your website has never been easier.

The free and premium WordPress plugins in this collection all make it easy to display photos from a specific Instagram user account on your website. When setting up the plugin, you can choose which user account to import photos from, how many items to import, and also a few other options. The Instagram photo feeds can then be inserted into your posts and pages or displayed in the sidebar or footer areas of your site using a widget.

However, by upgrading to one of the premium WordPress Instagram plugins featured here, you can do a whole lot more. With a premium tool, you can take advantage of more filters for determining which images to display on your site. Examples include photos tagged with certain hashtags, images that have been liked by specific users, and content from set locations.

For a relatively small financial investment, the premium tools also offer you vastly more options for how the content from Instagram is displayed on your site. In most cases, you can view these display and presentation options in action through the live demos on the plugin pages.

If you want to display photos from Instagram on your WordPress website, regardless of your budget, there are some very impressive tools to help you do so.

Best Free WordPress Instagram Plugins

Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed is a popular free WordPress Instagram plugin with a good user rating and over 900,000 active installs.

Once live on your WordPress website, you can start displaying photos from any non-private Instagram accounts. The plugin gives you the option of creating multiple feeds for use throughout your site. Each feed can display photos from multiple accounts, making it a great way to ensure your website displays a constant stream of photos from a range of sources.

Unsurprisingly for one of the top WordPress Instagram plugins, you get lots of control over how the images are displayed on your site. You can change the width and height of the photos as well as the number of images that are displayed at any one time. The optional load more button gives your visitors the ability to display more content from your featured feeds if they wish. As this plugin is fully mobile responsive, your Instagram content will look great on any device.

This plugin is regularly updated which should ensure it remains compatible with the latest changes to the way Instagram works.

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Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social not only works with Instagram, but also Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

If you’d rather use a single plugin to display content from a range of social media networks on your website, then Feed Them Social could be the answer. With the free version of the plugin supporting Instagram feeds; Facebook feeds, albums, groups, and events; Twitter feeds; and Pinterest boards, pins, and latest pins you get a range of options. Upgrading to the premium version of Feed Them Social unlocks the ability to display content from YouTube video feeds and Facebook video feeds and carousels. There are also a few other extensions for Feed Them Social to check out for even more options.

When using the free Feed Theme Social plugin, you can choose to display content from a range of feeds and accounts including your own and those of others. The content from those feeds can then be displayed in your posts, pages, and other content as well as in the sidebar areas of your site. As you’d expect, the content is all mobile responsive for maximum device compatibility.

Feed Them Social is a highly flexible and customizable social media plugin that can display content from a selection of feeds. You can view demos of Feed Me Social in action on the plugin homepage.

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WPZOOM Social Feed Widget

WPZOOM Social Feed Widget aims to give you full control over how Instagram content is displayed on your website.

Once you’ve installed this free WordPress Instagram plugin on your website, you’ll have access to a feature-rich widget that you can add to your sidebar and footer areas as well as insert into posts and pages. Thanks to a recent update, you can use the widget to display content from any Instagram account and not just your own profile.

Through the default widget settings, it’s possible to choose from a one-, two-, or three-column layout for presenting the images from Instagram on your site. You can also use the widget in full-width mode, giving you the ability to display the Instagram content in a horizontal banner across your website. If you want to create a header or footer area that’s dedicated to displaying the photos from your Instagram feed, using the WPZOOM Social Feed Widget plugin in full-width mode will make this possible.

You can also configure how the widget displays your photos and other images in a few more ways. Some examples include setting how many images are shown in the widget and what size those images are. You can also customize the spacing between the images, simply by entering the number of pixels you’d like between each image. Another option covering how your widget will look is whether or not a button will be displayed. By default, the button text is View on Instagram. However, you can easily change the button text.

If you want more control over how your widget and its content looks, you can use CSS to go beyond what’s possible through the widget settings panel. However, applying custom CSS probably won’t be necessary for most users as the widget controls should suffice.

To get an idea of how this Instagram widget could look on your website, be sure to check out the WPZOOM Social Feed Widget demo.

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Enjoy Plugin for Instagram

Enjoy Instagram gives you a good range of options for how Instagram content is displayed on your WordPress website.

With photo grid and carousel options, as well as the ability to import content from specific user accounts and hashtags, Enjoy Instagram ensures you’re able to get your social media feed integration working in the way that you want. You also get the option of using the sidebar widget or the shortcodes to display the feeds on your site. Thanks to this, you can easily insert a feed of content into your posts and pages.

When it comes to how your photos are displayed, Enjoy Instagram doesn’t disappoint here either. As well as grids and carousel modes, you can also enable the lightbox effect for your Instagram images giving your visitors the ability to view larger versions of your content.

You can get a better sense of what Enjoy Instagram can do by following the demo links on the plugin page.

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Best Premium WordPress Instagram Plugins

Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed is the number one best-selling premium Instagram WordPress plugin available at the CodeCanyon marketplace.

While the free Instagram plugins have a lot to offer, by paying just $19 you can do a whole lot more with your Instagram integration using this plugin. With the latest version of this plugin, you get even more options for how your photos are presented. One new option is the improved Instagram carousel mode. With this feature, multiple images can be displayed on one post using a slider format. You can also imitate the native Instagram user experience by activating the pop-up gallery mode on your website. When a user clicks on a photo, this feature displays the content on your site in the same way they are on the Instagram website.

When it comes to deciding which content from Instagram to display on your site, as well as usernames and hashtags, you can also choose locations. This gives you a great way to display local content from Instagram on your WordPress website. In fact, with over 60 adjustable parameters, you get a great deal of control over how Instagram content is selected and displayed on your website. There are also 10 pre-built color schemes to work with to ensure your feed fits in with the rest of your website.

Instagram Feed might be the most feature-packed WordPress Instagram plugin available today.

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Instagram Journal

Instagram Journal is another affordable premium WordPress Instagram plugin that has a lot more to offer than its free counterparts.

Instagram Journal has plenty of features to help you create the right type of Instagram integration for your  WordPress website. Some of the options for filtering photos include choosing to display content from certain users, items tagged with specific hashtags, and photos you’ve liked. Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to populate your WordPress website with Instagram photos from a variety of accounts, this plugin is certainly a good option.

Instagram Journal also includes an impressive selection of galleries for presenting your chosen content. Color schemes, custom color settings, gallery sizes, and photo layouts are just some of the features you can use to design your galleries. Everything is fully responsive so you never have to worry about how your content will look for mobile users.

If you like the sound of Instagram Journal, be sure to view the live demo on the plugin website.

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Grace is a feature-rich Instagram WordPress plugin with an impressive average rating from users.

Getting started with Grace is easy. Simply activate the plugin and then choose which accounts to source images from. However, you can do a lot more with this plugin so it’s well worth exploring the options. Some of the best features of this plugin include the ability to display photos based on user accounts, hashtags, locations, and photos that specific users have liked. You can also exclude certain content just as easily with the Grace plugin. The optional pre-publish moderation feature gives you, even more, control over which posts are displayed on your site.

Grace isn’t lacking in display options. When creating your feeds, you can choose from a range of layouts including masonry, fixed height grid, justified, and an image slider mode. If you want more control over how the photos from Instagram are displayed on your site, you can use the drag-and-drop card builder tool. Some of the elements you can control include whether to display data about the user who published the photo on Instagram, such as their avatar or follower counts. You can also enable social sharing for each photo that can be used directly from within your site.

Grace is a powerful tool for displaying Instagram content on a WordPress website. It also integrates with Visual Composer to help you add this type of content to your custom page designs.

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AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro

AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro is packed with features for displaying content from Instagram in many different ways.

Thanks to its versatility, AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro makes it easy to display content from this popular social network in many locations on your website, including the sidebar, footer area, and blog posts. After a recent update, you now get even more templates that cover how your content will be displayed.

Some examples of these layouts include multiple grid layouts, masonry options, slider layouts, and a mode that includes buttons that let your visitors filter the Instagram posts in the feed by their format, such as image, video, or carousel. A few other options that you can use include the mosaic layout that displays the images in the feed in different sizes as well as a layout that aims to look as close to the Instagram user interface as possible. If you want to see any of these display options in action, they’re all available for preview on the AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro demo site.

When adding an Instagram feed widget to your website, this plugin lets you decide whether or not you want to display the user profile image from the account associated with the images being displayed on your site. You can also hide or show the like and comment counts for the images displayed in your feed.

Other features of AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro that help elevate it over the free options in this collection — and some of the other paid plugins — is the option of displaying the images in a highly-customizable lightbox window when a user clicks on them and the ability to fetch images from Instagram based on how they’ve been tagged or if you’ve previously liked them with your Instagram account.

With 25 templates for displaying Instagram content on your site, AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro should cover all scenarios.

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