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23 Best Bootstrap Admin Templates 2021

Creating the perfect dashboards and admin areas for your app or another type of project is just as important as getting the appearance of your front-end pages right. However, designing and building all those pages and layouts for your back end areas can be very time-consuming.

Thankfully, this collection of the best Bootstrap admin templates can simplify this process for you. Not only do these packages contain stylish pre-built templates and demos for your dashboards and admin areas, but they have all been built to be readily customizable.

The tools in this collection contain multiple UI kits, ensuring you can add all the most important elements to your dashboards and admin pages. Some options also include several pre-defined color schemes to speed up the development process. Everything you need is likely to be found in these template packs.

If you want to ensure your dashboard pages have a design that will appeal to your target audience, this collection of Bootstrap admin templates will help you create the user interfaces your users deserve.

1. MaterialPro

MaterialPro is a brand new bootstrap admin template that’s already proving popular at the ThemeForest marketplace.

With five main dashboard variations to choose from, there’s a good chance that MaterialPro is a suitable choice for your project. However, as well as the pre-built dashboard designs, there are plenty of customization options and settings to make use of.

While the 12 color skins are ready to be applied to your custom dashboard, the selection of color configuration settings give you the option of creating unlimited custom combinations to deliver the right look for your project. For those who need even greater creative freedom over the appearance of their admin panels, the editable PSD files are included in the MaterialPro package.

When it comes to choosing which modules and elements are present on your custom admin panel, MaterialPro doesn’t disappoint. Through the selection of application modules, you can easily add chat, inbox, message composition, and contact widgets to your dashboard layout. Buttons, graphs, tabs, progress bars, and timelines are just some of the stylish elements you can incorporate into your design. Creating custom forms and adding them to the layout is straightforward too. As well as enabling you to design the main dashboard, MaterialPro also includes a library of page templates for the login, registration, and profile pages your site will need, plus much more.

MaterialPro isn’t just focused on helping you add a visually impressive dashboard to your project; it also has a valuable set of features to ensure it functions in the way that you want.

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2. Codebase

Codebase is a flexible framework designed to help you create the custom dashboard your project demands.

Whether you’re designing a custom dashboard for a website or you need to create professional pages and control panels for your product, Codebase has the style and features that are worth checking out. The modular design enables you to quickly pick and choose which elements to include on your pages. As Flexbox is used throughout Codebase, it’s easy to ensure your UI and its elements are all perfectly aligned and in the right place.

The typography options and settings are another notable feature of Codebase, with live previews of each font on hand to help you make the right choices for your project. There are also countless ready-made elements that can be inserted into your templates, often with multiple variations of each to choose from. Buttons, simple line icons, animated icons, tabs, ribbons, timeline widgets, and more are all ready to be inserted into your page designs. For those who need more control over their designs, the Codebase CSS framework has been built using Saas.

As you’d expect from one of the best bootstrap admin templates available today, Codebase is fully mobile responsive. Due to this, your pages will work as intended regardless of the screen size or device they’re being viewed on. Furthermore, all the images you see in the Codebase demo are included in the package and are available for use in your project.

Codebase is a multi-purpose UI kit that should be suitable for a range of projects that need custom dashboards.

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3. Metronic

Metronic is a well-established and popular admin theme that’s been kept fully up to date since its initial release.

Despite being launched in 2013, Metronic has been constantly updated to help secure its position as the best-selling admin template at the busy ThemeForest marketplace. With over 53,000 sales to date and a near perfect 4.89 average rating out of 5, if you’re looking for a tried and tested option, this is one of the best on the market.

However, despite being so popular, if you do choose Metronic there’s no reason why your admin panels have to look the same as any of the other projects using this theme. With seven admin themes in the package, each of which can be highly customized, there’s plenty of opportunity for personalization. In fact, with over 1,500 UI features and 1,000 pre-built pages, creating a unique admin area for your project is well within the scope of Metronic.

Each of the main admin themes come in a variety of configurations, including a material design option, one with rounded corners, a right to left (RTL) text mode, and an AngularJS version. There are also designs with different sidebar styles, optional horizontal menus, and much more. Each option is fully mobile responsive and thanks to the regular updates, your Metronic-powered dashboard will work on the latest smartphone and tablet devices. To ensure this theme has stayed modern, there’s also a selection of the latest and most useful dashboard plugins included in the package.

With over three years of constant development resulting in a regular stream of updates and improvements, Metronic has a track record you can rely on.

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4. Pages

Pages is another popular bootstrap admin template for creating modern dashboards for your projects.

Built with the aim of being the fastest and most simple way to design a dashboard user interface for your website or app, Pages is packed with useful features. For starters, the Pages framework is highly customizable. Each layout that’s included in the package can be used as the starting point for your own unique designs. Through the settings, you can easily choose from a range of color skins, menu types, and module layouts.

If you’re looking for a way to quickly enhance the visual appeal of your dashboard, Pages gives you a good selection of animation effects to experiment with. This feature can be used to provide instant feedback to users when they complete an action or let them know there’s something they need to do. There’s also a full library of modern icons that can be used throughout your UI design. As Pages is fully responsive and retina ready, your custom dashboard will look its best regardless of whether it’s being viewed on the smallest smartphone screens or the largest high-end monitors.

When it comes to deciding which data and content are displayed in your dashboard, Pages doesn’t disappoint. There’s a growing selection of widgets to choose from, including an interactive calendar, a form builder, sales and stock trackers, charts, graphs, and many more options. As well as the main dashboard templates, there are also a number of pre-built page templates to work with, including login and registration pages, gallery pages, error pages, and a lock screen design.

Pages is supported by a wealth of online documentation and if you’d like to know more, be sure to check out the online demo of this admin template.

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5. Material Dashboard Pro

Material Dashboard Pro is a popular Bootstrap admin kit inspired by the Material Design style from Google.

Thanks to the collapsible menus and different sidebar layouts, Material Dashboard Pro is ideal for projects that need to display a lot of options and elements without overwhelming their users. The user interface is not only tastefully designed, making it a good option for corporate projects, but it also features a selection of well-executed animations to help keep the attention of users.

As well as the pre-built dashboard main page, Material Dashboard Pro also includes a good selection of pages for the other panels of your admin area. Thanks to this, you can easily add pricing tables and package pages to your project, outlining the different plans available. There’s also a timeline-style template that makes it easy to see a series of events in chronological order. You’ll also find registration, login, and lock screen templates to ensure every page of your dashboard has a consistent look. In fact, with 27 sample pages to work with, you should find everything you need to build your project in the Material Dashboard Pro package.

Adding a wide range of elements to your pages is straightforward too with this Bootstrap admin template. There are 200 components to work with, including multiple button designs, a selection of grid layouts and styles, alerts and notification panels, and custom panels to help you build out your own admin page templates. Thanks to the pre-built forms, you can easily work these elements into your designs, while the form wizard makes it possible to design your own custom layouts. Table layouts aren’t in short supply either with the DataTables.net support opening up a whole world of integration and presentation possibilities.

The Material Dashboard Pro admin template is packed with useful features and elements that can be previewed through the online demo.

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6. RippleUI

RippleUI is a flexible Bootstrap admin template for dashboards, SaaS interfaces, and more.

Thanks to a logically organized file structure, and a focus on clean code, the RippleUI creators have tried to ensure that this set of admin templates is as easy-to-understand as possible and suitable for almost any purpose. Everything about RippleUI has been built to load as quickly as possible, with the goal of preventing your admin panels or app interface from suffering any performance issues while still looking great.

RippleUI is fully mobile responsive for an intuitive user experience on almost any modern device. Thanks to this, all of the features of your templates, such as the forms and their, radio buttons and checkboxes, for example, will be accessible to all. You can also use the functionality of RippleUI to add calendar and mail app integration to your pages as well as customize how the text on your pages look, through the use of the supported open source fonts.

You can get a better idea of the type of admin pages you could create by checking out the RippleUI online demo. If you do, you’ll be able to view the list of page templates included in this package, such as the login pages, error templates, and more. You also get access to a library of elements for your pages, with the list including multiple buttons, badges, progress bars, and more. Adding tables and forms to your templates is easy too with RippleUI, as is creating charts to present data from a range of sources. The overall look and feel of your user interface can be enhanced by using the optional animation effects as well.

If you’re looking for a highly modern admin template package that’s also well documented, RippleUI is a strong contender.

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7. Sing App

Sing App is a Bootstrap admin dashboard template with hundreds of elements and pages to work with.

The package of this premium admin dashboard template is packed with page layouts and other useful elements to help you save time when adding this component to your project. If you check out the live preview of the Sing App template, you’ll get a good idea of exactly what this product can do. By using this template in its default state, your dashboard will be teaming with widgets and panels to provide you and your users with all the data they need, all in an easy to digest format.

Some examples of these widgets and panels include the analytics options that cover revenue breakdown, app performance, and page views. However, due to the varied selection of widgets, even if those ones aren’t relevant to your project, the other options, such as the calendar, notifications, and daily task list might be. It’s also worth pointing out that the default dashboard configuration comes in two main variations, immediately giving you two pre-built options for your site. However, the customization options don’t end there.

Any of many items from the library of UI elements can easily be added to the templates, ensuring you’re able to craft the right dashboard for your website or software app. Some of the available UI elements that you can work with include alerts, carousels, icons, and much more. You can also add charts, graphs, and tables to your dashboard with very little effort if you choose the Sing App template package. There’s also good support for ecommerce projects and other apps and services that generate revenue.

With so many features, it’s hard to adequately describe Sing App. Suffice to say it’s a great choice for a wide range of projects.

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8. Stack

Stack is a fresh new bootstrap admin template with seven ready to use flexible dashboard designs.

Simply download Stack, choose one of the pre-built designs, and start customizing it to quickly build your own bespoke dashboard UI. For those who want more control over the appearance of their dashboard, Stack also makes it possible to customize almost every aspect of your interface. Modifying the headers and footers is straightforward, as is creating custom color schemes and building bespoke forms.

Alongside the customization options, Stack includes animations to make the graphs and charts of the dashboard catch the attention of your users. There’s also an advanced search feature to ensure users can quickly find what they’re looking for. Thanks to the offline builder tool, you don’t even need to be connected to the internet to start creating your custom dashboard with Stack.

To ensure maximum compatibility, Stack has been built to work with a range of browsers, screen sizes, resolutions, and mobile devices. The responsive layouts can also be configured to display their content differently, depending on which device it is being viewed on. This includes the ability to change the order of elements or hide certain sections on smaller screens to improve the user experience. How ever your audience will be accessing your admin panel, they shouldn’t have any problems.

Although Stack already boasts a competitive feature list, plenty of new features are scheduled for future updates making this a great investment.

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9. Azia Admin

Azia Admin has 10 pre-built dashboards to provide you with lots of options for your project.

The pre-built content of Azia Admin suits many different types of projects, making this a versatile admin template package. Some of the ways these templates were intended to be used include a web analytics dashboard, a sales monitoring dashboard, and an event management dashboard. You can also use Azia Admin for creating dashboards for ad campaigns, help desk management, and finance monitoring. There are other options, too, so be sure to check out the Azia Admin demos.

All of the dashboards have stylish designs that are packed with useful elements. The use of animations can help make your graphs and charts look more interesting while the attractive color schemes are sure to give your dashboards a more visually appealing appearance.

Among the elements and components that you can include in your pages when using Azia Admin include a range of charts and graphs, alerts, buttons, progress bars, and more. You can also add many types of forms to your pages to ensure that you’re able to collect all of the data that you need from your users.

Like many of the other popular Bootstrap admin templates, Azia Admin comes with some useful apps. These apps make it easy to add interactive tools to your pages, such as a mailbox, a chat channel, and a calendar. You can also implement a contact manager that your users should find useful. Other features, such as the Google Maps support, data table builder, and Chart.JS support give you even more options for your dashboard and admin pages.

Azia Admin has a good set of features to ensure that your dashboard is useful and looks good.

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10. Monster Admin

Monster Admin has an impressive seven admin demos that cover a range of visual styles.

Depending on the type of app you’re working on and the data you want to display, you should be able to use one of the Monster Admin demos as the foundation for your user interface. Once you’ve chosen a demo, you can then set about customizing it using the six color schemes or creating your own custom palettes. You can also switch from light to dark sidebars or vice versa and choose from the 3,000+ font icons.

When it comes to assembling the elements you’ll be using on your dashboard, Monster Admin again doesn’t disappoint. With almost 500 UI components to work with, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the right widgets for your dashboard. Chat apps, calendar widgets, sales graphs, and notification streams are just some of the features you can add to your admin panel with Monster Admin.

With Monster Admin you’re not limited to creating a single page for your admin panel. As this is a versatile option, you’ll have over 100 pre-built page templates to choose from, covering many popular scenarios and content types. Like the main admin demos, all the page templates are highly customizable.

This Bootstrap 4 powered admin panel works with data tables and ecommerce stores so if that sounds good, this could be the right tool for your project.

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11. Limitless

Limitless has been updated to now include even more tools to help you build a custom admin panel based on Bootstrap.

Now on version 1.5, the latest release of Limitless includes five layout variations to help kickstart your Bootstrap custom admin panel project. Each of the five modes can be switched to a Material Design variation to give your dashboard a thoroughly modern look. You can then choose from the custom Material Design inspired color palettes to match the branding of your app or website.

Regardless of which layout variation you choose, you’ll easily be able to add collapsible areas to your sidebar menus. If you have a lot of menu items to display, then Limitless is a good option due to its flexible user interface. You can also use the built-in mega menu functionality to create some really advanced drop down menus that feature more than just text links.

Adding tooltips and other hover activated items and animations to your widgets comes in handy when displaying data in graphs and charts. Thanks to the selection of charting libraries, you get plenty of options when it comes to visualizing data with this popular Bootstrap admin template. There is also a vast library of other types of widgets that can be added to your layouts, including messages, support tickets, latest posts, calendar entries, and events, plus much more. It’s not until you check out the Limitless demos that you really appreciate how many features and effects this template has.

If you like the appearance of the Limitless Bootstrap admin panel starter kit, then the features of this template should provide you with everything you need to create a stylish and functional dashboard.

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12. Porto Admin

Porto Admin is the complete package that was built to help you create a custom admin panel for your project.

Since the first version of Porto Admin was released back in 2014, the library of dashboards in this package has grown and now includes many high-quality options. All of the designs have been refreshed over the years and they are now fully modern and up to date.

Just as the number of templates has grown, so too have the selection of widgets that can be added to your pages. Some of the example templates include the sales forecast modules and other ecommerce related widgets, a range of different chart and graph options, interactive maps, tabs, and other content display modules. Depending on how you configure them, you can give your visitors the option of minimizing each widget to avoid distractions when using your custom control panel.

Everything that you add to your custom admin template can be personalized to match your vision. Changing colors, switching border styles, adjusting sizes, and much more can all be taken care of quickly and effortless with the Porto Admin template. The Google Fonts integration gives you a huge repository of typefaces to choose from when personalizing your dashboard. The creators of Port Admin have also released a few other related products, including an HTML website template. Therefore, if you’d like to give your SaaS, app, or product a consistent design that spans the front and the back ends, these two items could work well together.

With an impressive history of updates and improvements as well as highly positive user feedback, Proto Admin certainly looks like a product that’s here to stay.

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13. Elephant

Elephant has been designed to help you add a modern interface to your web application or online service.

There as six variations of the main Elephant demo, which mainly use different color palettes to each other. This gives you a quick way to choose the option that best matches the color scheme of your project. Once you’ve chosen a theme, you can then select one of the other design variations, including options that feature square elements, rounded elements, right to left (RTL) text formatting, and a flat AngularJS mode.

When your visitors are accessing your dashboard, they’ll have the option of minimizing the sidebar menu to increase the amount of elements they can see on their screen. You can also give them the ability to choose which of the widgets you’ve made available are displayed on their dashboard.

Like many of the other options in this collection of the best Bootstrap admin templates, Elephant has a useful set of widgets for you to choose from. You can add as many widgets to your dashboard as needed, helping you create the admin area that’s right for your project and audience. Among the options, you’ll find a selection of graphical widgets including charts, graphs, tables, social media cards, feeds, maps, and more.

You can also add any of the pre-built UI elements to your design. Again the options are vast, with elements including buttons, badges, cards, dividers, flags, progress bars, and more. They can all be customized to ensure they fit in or contrast with the rest of your dashboard as desired.

Elephant is a useful option that includes all the features you’d expect to find in a modern admin template.

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14. Light Admin

Light Admin has a very clean and minimal design that should appeal to anyone seeking a sleek and modern admin template.

When deploying the Light Admin bootstrap template, there are eight main layout modes to choose from. Whether you pick the option with a large sidebar menu, the compact design, or the layout with the large header area, you’ll be able to quickly add a fully featured admin area to your project. When setting up your dashboard, you can also easily apply either the light or dark color scheme to match your branding. Adding your logo to the Light Admin templates is straightforward too.

As well as the main dashboard layouts, Light Admin also includes templates for the other pages your admin area might need. Among the available options are a project dashboard, a full chat interface, a pop-up chat option, a task list layout, user profile templates, a calendar view, and an impressive CRM pipeline layout. There’s also an interesting selection of property-focused templates. Therefore, if your project has anything to do with real estate Light Admin could be a great choice.

As you’d expect from a modern Bootstrap admin template, Light Admin is fully mobile responsive to cater to smartphone and tablet users. If you want to ensure your team, users, and target audience can access your product or service, then they’ll be able to do so regardless of their choice of device.

Light Admin is a new Bootstrap admin template that has gotten off to a great start while still having many more useful features planned for the future.

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15. QuantumPro

QuantumPro is a flexible Bootstrap admin template with a good library of impressive pre-built designs.

The dashboard templates have clearly been designed to be a good fit for modern web apps that need a stylish yet intuitive user interface. In the package, you’ll find a few different takes on each of the main dashboard pages your app is likely to need. For example, the variations on the dashboard homepage design give you a selection of options for how this part of your app will look.

As well as the main dashboard template, there are also ecommerce templates for displaying products that are selling well, with other details from your store available too. Furthermore, you can also make use of the financial templates to display sales stats and other economic information about your app or product. Another useful template in the QuantumPro package is the calendar. This gives you an easy way to add a calendar feature to your admin area. Messaging and email templates complete the collection, making this a well-rounded Bootstrap admin template option.

When setting up your admin area, you can choose from a range of different menu layouts with QuantumPro. You can also use the selection of widgets to add lots of useful elements to your admin pages. As the templates are all highly customizable you can easily adjust their appearance, using either the pre-built color palettes or by creating your own combinations. The set of icons give you plenty of options for decorating your pages and their elements. Tools for adding charts and graphs to your dashboard pages are included too, as are a selection of pre-built forms for accepting data from your users.

If you’re looking for a modern Bootstrap admin template for your website or app, then checking out the QuantumPro demo is recommended.

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16. Ample Admin

Ample Admin has three different dashboards to help cover a range of projects and design preferences.

In addition to the three main dashboards, Ample Admin also gives you seven different design modes to work with. Thanks to this, you can almost instantly apply horizontal or vertical navigational areas to your dashboard. There’s also a minimal layout template alongside the more feature rich and expansive modes to choose from. If you need it, the right to left (RTL) option is ready to go. To see them in action, you can check out any of the demos on the preview page for Ample Admin.

As well as the demos, there are also 30 sample pages in the Ample Admin package. For some projects, these pages will be ready to go, while for others they will provide useful inspiration and a helpful starting point for bespoke designs. The pre-built content covers login and registration, user profile, FAQ, pricing, and a selection of error page templates to name just a few. There’s also a mega menu feature for adding content packed drop down navigation areas to your dashboard. The animated icons are a great way to subtly remind your users that they have a new message or an action to perform.

Ample Admin is fully customizable. Whether you choose to edit the pre-built demos or construct your own admin pages, this template should provide you with all the UI elements and widgets your project requires.

Among the 20 elements, you’ll find a selection of different panel designs for displaying content on your dashboard. There’s also a library of buttons for every type of action you’d like your visitors to carry out. The alerts, tabs, and modals, give you plenty of other elements to add to your designs.

Ample Admin certainly has everything you should need in order to create the perfect dashboard for your project but be sure to check out the demos to see if the design style matches your preferences.

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17. Ubold


Ubold is packed with demos and pre-built page templates making this a highly flexible admin panel.

Built on the top of the hugely popular Bootstrap framework, Ubold is not only fully mobile responsive but ready for customization. Through the use of HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery, Ubold offers many different ways to modify this theme. However, if you’re looking for an off the shelf admin template that’s ready to go with little customization required, Ubold could still be a good choice.

Thanks to the large selection of demos, this Bootstrap web app kit should meet many of your demands right out of the box. The light and dark designs provide a range of cosmetic options, while the different navigational styles should cater to your user experience preferences.

If you do check out any of the Ubold demos, you’ll see that this really is a fully featured admin template. The selection of dashboard templates presents you with a choice of layouts for your admin area. The subtle animation effects, particularly on the graphs and charts, will help draw the attention of your users to the most important aspects of your interface.

When it comes to customizing the dashboards and templates or creating your own designs from scratch, Ubold doesn’t disappoint. The selection of UI kit elements is impressive. Thanks to this library, you can easily add buttons, check boxes, videos, progress bars, and much more to your layouts. In many cases, there are multiple variations of each type of element to choose from. Ubold should have everything you need and more to design and launch an admin area for your project.

As well as all the dashboard pages and layouts, Ubold also includes a useful front-end template for your app or website.

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18. Frest

Frest is a Bootstrap admin template that comes in two main color schemes and is packed with templates and components.

When setting up your admin pages with Frest, you can quickly choose between the light and dark color schemes to set the tone for your project. You can also make more individual changes to the appearance of the pages, but the ability to switch the color scheme is a good place to start when it comes to personalizing your app dashboard and admin area.

Some of the other pre-configured options of Frest include the vertical and horizontal menu layouts, the RTL text variations, and a few other options. However, you don’t have to use the pre-built layouts of Frest as they come. Instead, you can easily change the order that the different panels appear on your pages, which panels are included, and which apps are displayed.

With app templates that make it easy to add chat, to-do list, and calendar functionality to your dashboards and admin pages, Frest gives you lots to work with. Other app options that you can take advantage of include the email, invoicing, and file manager tools, helping you to add more useful functionality to your project.

Along with the app templates, you also get a lot of components in the Frest package, such as spinners, pop-overs, maps, and wizards. Thanks to this, it’s easy to populate your pages with many different elements. Adding tables, progress bars, and tabbed areas to your pages is taken care of with the Frest library of components too. Cards aren’t in short supply either, with many types to choose from, including charts and graphs, to name just two.

As well as all of the above, Frest comes with a large library of useful page templates for building your custom admin area.

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19. Cubic Admin

Cubic Admin is an ecommerce-friendly Bootstrap admin template that‘s also suitable for a range of other web apps and dashboards.

As mentioned, if you’re looking for an admin dashboard with a strong ecommerce focus, then Cubic Admin has a lot to offer. The pre-built ecommerce demo is ready for use as the foundation for your own dashboard. In addition to this, Cubic Admin includes a good selection of ecommerce focused dashboard panels, such as sales statistics, orders statuses, and product information, that are ready to be connected to your reporting system. However, that’s not all Cubic Admin is good for.

As Cubic Admin has an additional three dashboard demos to work with, even if you’re not working on an ecommerce related project, this Bootstrap admin template could be a suitable option. Among these dashboard demos, are an analytics version and a design with a very clean layout. Switching the color schemes is easy, thanks to the selection of pre-built skins.

With over 500 UI components in the package, you’re definitely not limited to using the pre-built demos. With Cubic Admin, you can easily add the pre-made panels, portlets, buttons, tabs, carousels, timelines, and ribbons, to name just a few, to your custom admin dashboards and their pages. The selection of widgets is impressive too, giving you quick ways to add chart panels, sortable tables, interactive task lists, and chat boxes to your project.

From ecommerce reporting interfaces to even creating email inboxes, Cubic Admin is a highly versatile Bootstrap admin template.

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20. Altair

Altair is one of the more well-established options in this collection of Bootstrap admin templates.

First available in 2015, Altair has been regularly updated and has proven a popular option since being released. In fact, with 4.87 stars out of 5, it’s fair to say that Altair has been well received by those who’ve used it for their projects.

Thanks to the regular updates this UI kit has received, the demos compare well to the newer options in this collection. When setting up your dashboard, you can also choose between an HTML or AngularJS version of Altair, depending on your needs and preferences. There are right to left (RTL) text versions of each to ensure maximum compatibility with your project.

Altair also offers a good selection of page templates, including invoice layouts, mailbox demos, user profile designs, and more. You’re free to pick and choose from the available custom components, giving you an easy way to add accordions, dropdowns, dynamic grids, and tabs among others, to the pre-built templates and your own custom designs. You can also add a range of other elements to your admin pages, including sliders, date and time pickers, file upload boxes, and a few more.

By following the Material Design guidelines from Google, the developers of Altair have created a modern looking UI kit that’s backed up with some useful features.

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21. Elite Admin

Elite Admin is marketed as a multi-purpose Bootstrap admin template and with 20 demos and over 13 dashboards, it’s hard to disagree.

Rather than simply offering multiple demos with a different layout, like some of the other popular Bootstrap admin templates, Elite Admin includes a selection of demos that have been built for specific types of projects. Among the options are an ecommerce dashboard, a real estate admin area, a hospital admin screen, a university admin design, plus a few other purpose built demos. However, if you’re looking for a more general Bootstrap admin template for your project, Elite Admin doesn’t disappoint here either as there are multiple generic demos to choose from.

If you take a closer look at any of the Elite Admin demos, you’ll find that they include all of the components you’d expect to find in a premium UI toolkit in this category. The widget library is extensive, containing a range of tools that can be easily added to your layouts. Some options include the carousel widget for displaying important information in a slider format, sales graph panels, weather widgets, user profile boxes, and much more.

Another impressive feature of Elite Admin is the mailbox section. Simply enter the email settings and you’ll be able to display messages in your custom admin panel. File uploads are also supported as well as advanced forms and calendar integration.

If you’re looking for a Bootstrap admin template that can do it all, Elite Admin is a strong contender.

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22. Color Admin

Color Admin is a now on version 3 with even more new features added after the recent update.

To help you get started, Color Admin has two main dashboard demos you can use to kick start your project. Both designs are feature packed and this is definitely an admin kit that will appeal to those with a lot of data and content they need to display.

The UI elements library also has lots to offer. There’s a selection of different options for each type of element, including the tree view panels, the typography modules, the button designs, and the modal and notification boxes. Those who need to add forms to their admin panels are well catered to by the Color Admin tool. From basic forms to those with WYSIWYG text entry fields, you can easily add forms to your admin pages with this Bootstrap admin template.

To help add a sense of consistency to your project, Color Admin includes four front end themes for creating the pages non logged in users will see. As the front and back end templates follow popular design trends, such as the Material Design style, it won’t take much effort to ensure your site or app has a fully modern look and feel.

Color Admin is packed with pages that come complete with documented code to simplify the customization process.

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23. Adminto

Adminto is another popular Bootstrap admin dashboard that includes enough templates and demos to help you complete your project.

The six main admin demos look very modern and share a similar style. However, they do have different layouts and navigation styles, giving you a good set of options to work with. The color choices match well and the use of font icons help add some extra flair to the designs. In fact, there are over 1,700 font icons to choose from when setting up your admin pages with Adminto.

As well as the back end admin demos, Adminto also includes a front-end landing page template. This design includes all the elements you’d expect to find in a leading sales page template. As well as the buy buttons and call to actions, the landing page demo includes an icon grid that promotes your best features, screen shot sections to share what’s inside, and a scrolling testimonials slider to display feedback from happy users. There’s also a pricing table section to detail your plans and packages.

Once you’ve chosen an Adminto demo, you can start the process of customizing the designs to suit your project. As the code is fully documented, you should be able to dive right in and begin making changes to the pre-built content. The selection of user interface elements is vast, ensuring you can add all the necessary items to your pages.

Adminto should provide you with everything you need to add stylish and responsive admin pages to your project.

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