15 Best Laravel Admin Templates 2022

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These free and premium Laravel admin templates aim to help you build your own dashboard or admin area.

They are ideal for creating backends for apps, SaaS products, user portals, and more. Whatever type of project you’re working on, you should be able to find a good set of templates here.

The number of templates, components, and apps that you get access to varies from product to product. Understandably, the free Laravel admin templates have fewer features than the premium ones. However, they’re still worth checking out, as you might find that a free option has everything you need for your project.

If you want to speed up development time, using a Laravel admin template set is a great way to do so. They can also be helpful for anyone who wants to learn more about creating apps, thanks to the documentation and templates you get access to.

Regardless of your goals, as these templates can be easily customized, you shouldn’t be creatively constrained in any way, despite having so much pre-built content to work with.

1. Argon Dashboard Laravel (free)

Argon Dashboard Laravel is a Bootstrap admin dashboard for the Laravel framework.

This package combines well-designed frontend templates with an integrated Laravel backend. The color choices of this set of templates have been made to give your admin area or dashboard a bright and vibrant look, so if that’s something that appeals, Argon Dashboard Laravel could be just what you’re looking for.

The sample pages that come with this template pack are ideal for providing you with inspiration or giving you something to show clients without having to code anything yourself. You can use them as they are or customize them as much or as little as you want. The developers of Argon Dashboard Laravel have done their best to ensure that you’re not limited in any way when using their product.

As the templates that come with Argon Dashboard Laravel include a landing page design, this pack could be good if you’re looking for something that can help you promote your app or SaaS product as well as build the dashboard and admin area. With 16 different page templates in the free Argon Dashboard Laravel package, you should find plenty of content to help you get started on your project.

To ensure that your pages not only look good but have lots of useful features, the free version of Argon Dashboard Laravel comes with 100 elements and four plugins. Thanks to this, adding icons, graphs, charts, and tables to your pages is easy and straightforward.

The instructions that come with Argon Dashboard Laravel are very clear and easy to follow. Due to this, whether you’re new to using admin templates or need a quick refresher, Argon Dashboard Laravel should be a good choice.

This free Laravel admin template has a fully modern design and a competitive set of features.

2. Velzon

Velzon has multiple different layout options for your project.

With admin template designs that are described by the creators of Velzon as minimal, material, modern, and creative, it’s fair to say that this package should have something for everyone. When setting up your admin pages, you can choose from seven different layouts, including vertical and horizontal options as well as multi-column layouts. Setting the sidebar width is easy, too, as is choosing between the light and dark modes.

As you’d expect from a modern Laravel admin template, Velzon has multiple apps. Some examples include the calendar, chat, and kanban board options. With a focus on creating admin areas for SaaS, CRM, eCommerce, and project management interfaces, Velzon is a great example of a well-rounded Laravel admin template pack.

Velzon is fully compatible with the leading desktop and mobile browsers.

3. Materialize

Materialize has a good selection of demos to help kick start your admin area or dashboard.

If you are looking for a library of high-quality templates for your project that are ready to go, then Materialize comes highly recommended. The demos of this premium Laravel and HTML admin template pack should have everything that’s needed for most projects, including pre-built pages and features. Once you’ve opened up one of the Materialize demos, you’ll see that these are fully formed packages that will take you a long way towards completing your admin area or dashboard.

All of the Materialize demos include lots of pages for you to use for your dashboard. Each one also features lots of widgets, components, and elements that you can either keep or remove from the pages as needed. As well as being nicely designed, all of the features of Materialize have been built with usability in mind. Thanks to this, no matter the abilities of your users, they should be able to make the most of your dashboard or admin area.

Applications aren’t lacking with this Laravel and HTML admin template set. Some examples of those apps that you can add to your dashboard if you choose Materialize include mail, chat, and calendar tools. There are also a few options for adding a task manager to your dashboard, including a to-do list mode and a Kanban option. Adding a file manager, contact manager, and invoicing system to your dashboard is covered by the core functionality of Materialize as well. If you check out the demos and view these apps, you’ll see that they are each packed with lots of features. These apps aren’t just there to make up the numbers but are full functionality tools to make your admin area or dashboard more useful for your users.

With a long list of features and more than 6,000 sales, Materialize is a popular Laravel template set.

4. Vuexy

Vuexy comes with light and dark modes to help set the right tone for your dashboard.

The demos that make up the Vuexy HTML and Laravel package give you lots of options for how your dashboard will look. They can all be customized to ensure you’re able to build a unique solution for your project. However, if you’re looking for a set of templates that is fully formed and ready to go, Vuexy meets that criteria too.

If you browse the Vuexy demos, you’ll see that as well as being available in light and dark variations, there are also multiple layout configurations to choose from. So whether a vertical layout or a horizontal option would work better for your project, both are available with Vuexy, along with a few other modes.

As all of the templates are built on BootstrapVue, your dashboard will be mobile-friendly and responsive if you choose to work with Vuexy. This template pack also fully supports internationalization so that you can publish your dashboard and its apps in the language your project requires.

In addition to being highly mobile responsive, Vuexy has a few other usability features in its toolkit. This includes lazy loading of images and other elements to improve page speed, a clean and modern design to avoid a cluttered user interface, and optional collapsible navigation areas to give your users more room to view your content.

To help speed up and simplify the customization process, Vuexy has a built-in customizer tool. Thanks to the controls of the customizer, making adjustments to how your admin area or dashboard looks has rarely been easier. If you need to get even more creative with your designs, Vuexy is fully documented to make the underlying code more accessible. Due to this, you should find it easy to adjust the overall design of Vuexy to match your branding or color preferences, as well as make any other changes you deem necessary.

Vuexy has a good set of applications and advanced cards to suit a wide range of admin areas and dashboard interfaces.

5. Skote

Skote is a flexible Laravel template package with lots of useful features.

The selection and design of the Skote admin templates is probably the highlight of this Laravel admin pack. With eight different layouts and three modes, you should be able to build your admin area or dashboard interface without having to carry out any customization work.

There are dark and light modes to choose from as well as designs with horizontal and vertical navigation areas. Due to this, whatever your requirements or preferences are, Skote should be suitable for your project. As Skote has full support for RTL text, this package is also suitable for languages that run from right to left. The sidebar can be easily switched to the right-hand side of your interface too.

If you look at the demos, you’ll see that they include a lot of assets. These assets and digital files are available upon request from the creators of Skote, giving you a way to easily edit these elements with the supported software, such as Adobe XD and Sketch.

Like many of the best Laravel admin templates, Skote comes with a number of useful pre-built apps that you can use in the dashboard. Popular options include the chat and mail apps as well as the invoicing and task-list tools. The design of these apps shares the same high-quality appearance as the rest of the Skote content, ensuring that any apps you decide to use integrate seamlessly with the rest of your admin area.

Other features of Skote include the large number of fonts that it supports, the cross-browser compatibility, and the mobile-friendliness that you get from building on the Bootstrap framework.  The developers of Skote also commit to providing a one-day support turnaround service to ensure that your queries don’t go unanswered for long.

Designed especially for SaaS-based projects, Skote should be able to help make your workflow more efficient.

6. Material Dashboard Laravel (free)

Material Dashboard Laravel aims to help you create admin pages that use the Material Design style for free.

With a style that’s been inspired by the popular Material Design from Google, the free Material Dashboard Laravel admin template pack is a good option for anyone who’s on a budget but still wants their dashboard to have a premium look.

If you haven’t heard of the Material Design style, you might actually be familiar with it without realizing it. If you’ve used any Google products lately, including Google Docs and Android, you’ve used services with this kind of interface before. Key characteristics of Material Design include subtle animations, ripples, and notifications, as well as a fast-loading design style that’s sure to keep your users happy. If you’d like to know more, you can check out the Material Dashboard Laravel demo and experience the templates for yourself.

The goal of Material Dashboard Laravel is to help you save time while still enabling you to create a prototype or working dashboard that has the right look to generate excitement for your project. When it comes to time-saving features, the templates that you get access to with Material Dashboard Laravel make the process of building your dashboard much faster than it would be if you were to start from scratch or choose a lesser product. The ready-to-use components that are included will also speed up your workflow, providing you with useful elements that you can quickly add to your pages. With 60 frontend components for you to work with, you might find that everything you need is included in this free set of Laravel admin templates.

Material Dashboard Laravel was also created for those who want to learn Laravel and would like a set of free templates they can experiment with. The documentation that comes with Material Dashboard Laravel should guide you through the process of understanding how everything works.

Even though it’s a free option, Material Dashboard Laravel still provides you with lots of tools to help you complete your project.

7. Acorn

Acorn has a few different modes for a range of admin and dashboard projects.

If you’re creating an admin area or dashboard for an eCommerce, eLearning, or service provider project, Acorn has some templates you should take a closer look at. It also has a general-purpose option for those not covered by the more focused templates. Thanks to this, Acorn should appeal to a fairly wide audience.

To help you enhance your admin areas and dashboard, Acorn comes with a good amount of plugins. These let you easily add charts, lightboxes, maps, media players, and other features to your pages. As they’ve all been custom-built, these elements will integrate seamlessly with your dashboard. There are also a few different color schemes that you can choose from to quickly change the overall appearance of your templates.

Acorn looks great, and it’s also relatively easy to customize.

8. Frest

Frest has lots of apps and components to help you build your own custom admin dashboard.

Whether you want to use the templates in their default state or edit them to create your own custom dashboard solution, there are plenty of reasons to choose Frest. The main templates come in a range of variations to make this a flexible option. Some examples include the light and dark modes, the horizontal and vertical layouts, and the RTL text support configurations. Depending on your requirements, you shouldn’t have any issues using Frest to create the type of admin area or dashboard that your project demands.

As well as being easy to use from a developer’s perspective, Frest will ensure you’re able to create a dashboard that delivers a positive user experience. If you open up the Frest demos, you’ll see that the navigation system is clearly displayed and follows the structure used by many popular apps and online services. This should make it more likely that your users will be able to interact with the interface and its content without any assistance.

When it comes to the features that you can include in your admin area if you choose Frest, there are lots of useful apps available. Chat, email, and calendars are just some examples from the app selection, with others making it possible to add to-do list tools and file management systems to your dashboard. There are lots of elements available too. These range from basic options, such as text and icon displays, to advanced examples, including carousels and graphs. It’s worth examining the Frest feature list to see if this Laravel admin template package has everything you need.

Frest should appeal to anyone looking for a set of templates with a high-quality design and user-friendly interface.

9. CoreUI Laravel (free)

CoreUI Laravel can help you get started on your admin area or dashboard for free.

Thanks to a generous set of features, the free CoreUI Laravel admin template pack could be enough to help you complete your project or at least make a great start on it. If you need to quickly produce a prototype for your idea, without having to invest any money at this stage, CoreUI Laravel could be a good candidate.

In the package, you’ll find a set of editable templates for your dashboard that cover the login and registration pages as well as a few error pages. You’ll find the dashboard pages, too, and all the variations they come in. These variations cover light and dark modes as well as versions that have been designed for RTL languages. If your audience isn’t using a left-to-right language, CoreUI Laravel would work well.

The CoreUI Laravel admin templates come with all the elements you’d expect from a popular product. This includes a good set of components, such as cards, carousel, and more, a range of button types, and a number of different charts and forms. In addition to being functional, the components and other features of CoreUI Laravel have been designed to a high standard. The menu system has been well implemented, too, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Smartphone users shouldn’t have any problems accessing your dashboard either, as the templates have been built on the responsive Bootstrap framework.

If you like the design and style of CoreUI Laravel but need extra features, there is a paid version available. Paying for the Pro version unlocks more buttons, charts, tables, and widgets, to name just a few. You get access to the premium support service as well.

CoreUI Laravel is aimed at designers and non-designers alike who are looking for some attractive admin templates.

10. NobleUI

NobleUI is a set of admin templates based on the Bootstrap and Laravel frameworks.

The demo dashboard built with NobleUI will give you a clear idea of what your admin area could look like if you choose this admin template package. To cover most scenarios, the NobleUI demo comes in a few different configurations, including light and dark modes, vertical and horizontal options, and an RTL-friendly layout.

If you check out the NobleUI demo, you’ll see that the templates have very clean and modern designs that avoid clutter in exchange for delivering a minimal looking user interface. If this clean style would work well with your product, then NobleUI and its templates should be added to your shortlist.

While some admin templates make heavy use of animations and other eye-catching effects, NobleUI uses them sparingly. Thanks to this, your admin pages and dashboard will still have the dynamic look that animation can bring, without getting in the way of user experience.

When building your admin area with NobleUI, you’ll get access to many components and elements to add to your pages. User interface elements definitely aren’t in short supply, and when it comes to adding things like alerts, badges, buttons, and cards to your pages, there are lots of options to choose from.

As this is a premium Laravel admin template set, it comes with some pre-built apps as well. Thanks to this, adding fully functioning email, chat, calendaring, and image editing tools to your dashboard is covered by the core functionality of NobleUI. The page templates you get access to enable you to publish invoices, user profiles, and pricing information on your dashboard. As everything can be edited, you get full control over how your end product will look.

The NobleUI demo does a really good job of showcasing what this powerful Laravel admin template package can do.

11. Arctic

Arctic is another modern and minimal set of Laravel admin templates with a clean design.

The default palette of Arctic keeps things simple with just five colors used throughout the set of templates and their content. Although you can easily change the colors that are in use, the default configuration should make this a Laravel admin template package that appeals to those who prefer a more minimal approach to design. The font choices are well thought out, too, so the text on the Arctic admin templates has good readability. However, fonts can also be easily customized according to your needs. For making quick changes to your dashboard area, there are light and dark modes to choose from.

Despite the design of Arctic being clean and minimal, the feature list takes the opposite approach. The 90 components, for example, means you’ll be spoilt for choice when deciding which elements to add to your pages. The navigation system options aren’t limited either. So whether you prefer a horizontal or vertical navigation area, or you’d like to use drop-down menus, the user interface features of Arctic give you plenty of options.

The Arctic templates look really good on smartphones and desktop devices, and although the best admin templates are always mobile-friendly, it’s fair to say that the Arctic content renders particularly well on smaller screens. If you think a significant portion of your users will be logging in on smartphones, the clean and minimal design of Arctic will help you to provide them with a smooth and accessible user experience.

In addition to looking good, the pre-built Artic page templates include a good range of content that your dashboard is likely to need.

12. Now UI Dashboard Laravel (free)

Now UI Dashboard Laravel aims to help you get up and running in no time.

With simple installation instructions and a well-rounded set of features, Now UI Dashboard Laravel is an appealing free admin template product. The pre-built templates all look good and have an attractive design. Although you don’t get as many different layout modes as with some other options, if you’re happy with having a vertical navigation area on the left-hand side of your dashboard, Now UI Dashboard Laravel should work well for your project.

Despite being a free Laravel admin template package, you still get access to some useful features. As this includes three plugins, you can add a few different apps to your admin pages — something that isn’t always the case with free template sets. The list of supported fonts is good, too, ensuring that you should be able to get your typography looking exactly how you want it. Changing the default colors is easy as well, making this package a suitable choice for those with specific branding requirements.

As Now UI Dashboard Laravel is free, you can use it on your personal projects and commercial dashboards without spending a penny. If you ever want to upgrade at any point, you can pay for access to premium features of Now UI Dashboard Laravel, including more elements, additional plugins, and a larger library of pre-built admin pages.

When checking out the demo of Now UI Dashboard Laravel, you can log in to get a first-hand experience of what your users will see when they log in. This lets you explore the different elements and components of Now UI Dashboard Laravel and see how features such as the graphs and notifications work.

As Now UI Dashboard Laravel is still on version one, it’s sure to get even better over time.

13. Shreyu

Shreyu is compatible with both the major frontend frameworks (Bootstrap, Angular, Vue, React) and Laravel.

For those who want to use Laravel for their admin area or dashboard, Shreyu will provide you with six different modes for your project. These options include boxed and wide layouts, light and dark modes, and vertical and horizontal navigation areas. There’s also a semi-dark mode for those seeking something different. Once you’ve made a decision, you can quickly use Shreyu to lay the foundation for your new admin area or dashboard.

In addition to the main dashboard template, Shreyu also comes with a good selection of pre-built pages. To save you time and effort, you get access to templates for the user profile, registration, and error pages your dashboard will probably need. There are also user activity, invoice, and pricing templates for including other essential pages in your project. Each page that you add to your dashboard will use the default layout that you defined for your project, leaving you to simply add the content, rather than having to also work on their design each time.

Shreyu comes with lots of elements that make it suitable for a wide range of admin dashboards. There are many different graphs, charts, and other components for reporting data, as well as elements for adding forms, buttons, and message boxes to your pages.

As you might expect from a premium Laravel admin template, Shreyu comes with a selection of useful apps, including email, task manager, and project management tools. The apps all share the modern and minimal design of the Shreyu templates, helping them to seamlessly integrate with the rest of your dashboard.

Shreyu is well documented to support you on your journey to building your own admin dashboard.

14. Endless

Endless has six creative layouts to help you build your admin pages and dashboard.  

This Laravel template set has all the pre-built layouts and configurations you’d expect to find in a premium package, including light and dark modes, compact and wider layouts, and an option that supports RTL languages.

The default color scheme is quite muted, mainly consisting of different shades of blue, grey, and black. Thanks to this, Endless should work well for apps and other projects that require a more serious or professional look. You can, of course, change the colors and other display settings, but if you’re looking for a set of Laravel admin templates that has a subtle style right out of the box, look no further than Endless.

Endless also comes with some starter templates that you can use to create your own pages. As you get access to a good selection of UI components, you can easily add a lot of elements to your pages. The app selection is impressive, too. With apps that cover calendar, FAQ, and chat functionality, to name just a few, you can ensure that your dashboard has some really useful features that your users are sure to appreciate.

Some of the uses for Endless, suggested by its developers, include building a job search tool, an email dashboard, or a blog. The features of Endless would also work well for creating ecommerce stores and customer areas as well as a community portal. You could also combine all of the capabilities of Endless to build a multifunctional dashboard that includes all of these features.

With good support for publishing tables and charts, Endless is also a good option for sharing data in your dashboard.

15. Craftable (free)

Craftable should be a good option for developers who would like some tools to reduce their workload while still retaining lots of creative control.

If you want to take more of a hands-on role in building your admin area or dashboard, rather than relying on pre-built templates, but you also don’t want to start from scratch, Craftable could be a great option. It keeps things simple, avoiding overloading you with features you might not need. You still get access to some user interface components, though.

It’s true that Craftable isn’t as slick as some of the premium Laravel admin templates available here. However, the standard user interface is well designed and provides you with everything you’ll need to get started while ensuring that your dashboard is built on a solid foundation. As the design is based on CoreUI, you might be familiar with the overall look and style of the interface. The Craftable installer is another positive aspect, helping to simplify the process of getting up and running. As you can access Craftable at GitHub, you can easily find out more about its development before deciding whether to use it or not.

Logging in to the online demo of Craftable gives you a good idea of what this free Laravel admin template set is capable of.

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