16 Best Car Dealer WordPress Themes 2023

If you’re building a car dealer or vehicle listings website, then the WordPress themes in this collection can help you do so quickly and easily.

Many of these themes are packed with useful features. These features not only allow you to list the automobiles you have for sale, but they also give your visitors the opportunity to do so too. If you do enable this feature, your visitors can create a profile and then add their own cars to the website, all through the front-end user submission forms. If you do choose to accept user-generated listings, then there are plenty of monetization options you can make use of.

Other popular features found in these car dealer WordPress themes include advanced search tools, easy importing of car listings, VIN decoder tools for quick listings creation, eCommerce support for the creation of multiple payment plans for accepting listing submissions, and plenty of customization options to ensure your website looks the way that you want.

1. Automotive


Automotive is an aesthetically appealing theme that includes all the features you need to manage a car dealership online.

The design of this theme has been carefully devised to appeal to those working in the automotive industry, as well as those in the market for a new motor vehicle. The clean and clear interface is easy to browse and does a great job of showcasing cars from a range of manufacturers and styles.

The search tools make it very easy for visitors to find the vehicles they are looking for while filtering out those that don’t match their criteria. Prospective car buyers can even compare multiple vehicles on their shortlist to get a clearer picture of which one is the best option for their needs. Automotive also includes a loan calculator to let visitors quickly see their financial options without having to leave your website and go elsewhere.

If a potential customer does find a model that interests them, the theme includes six customized contact forms. This includes forms for requesting more information, scheduling a test drive, making an offer, and initiating a trade-in appraisal.

On the backend, site owners get access to an easy-to-use inventory management system. This makes it easy to keep track of your stock levels, and then share that information with your visitors. As this theme includes the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin at no extra cost, you can easily build custom page layouts and fill them with advanced page elements, all without the need to write any code.

With 30+ editable Photoshop files included in the package and a number of layout options, creating a personalized car dealership website with WordPress and the Automotive theme isn’t a problem.

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2. Divi

Divi has a set of templates that are perfect for car dealer websites.

The Divi car dealer layout pack has seven individual templates. In addition to the stylish and feature-rich homepage template, the pack has a useful landing page design as well as about and contact page layouts. The templates for displaying a single listing and multiple listings are well designed, making it easy to showcase the cars you have for sale.

If you want to edit the templates, you can use the integrated Divi Builder tool. This powerful feature gives you full control over all aspects of your site, including the header, footer, and archive templates. Divi also comes with a split-testing tool to help with conversion optimization of your content.

In addition to the car dealer templates, Divi also comes with hundreds of other editable templates.

3. Kallyas

Kallyas is a creative multipurpose theme with over 70 demos, including one for car dealer websites.

If you’d like a large library of templates to make use of when building your car dealer website, Kallyas should be on your shortlist. Each of the options in the growing selection of website demos not only includes a stylish homepage layout but also comes with all the other pages a modern website will need. While there’s only one purpose-built car dealer website demo in the Kallyas package, you might find that some of the templates from the other demos are relevant for your website.

With the car dealer demo, you get access to a feature-rich homepage layout that will do a great job of giving your site a professional look. The homepage comes equipped with a powerful search tool that simplifies the process of filtering your inventory so that potential customers can find the type of vehicles they’re looking for.

As Kallyas is a full-featured eCommerce theme, you can apply lots of the functionality found in the best online stores to your car dealer website. This includes the ability to publish vehicle listings that make it easy for your customers to view your cars in a range of colors, a vehicle comparison tool, and a product slider that lets you display a large number of items in a relatively small space on your homepage.

Kallyas has all the features anyone should need when launching their own car dealership website with WordPress.

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4. Voiture

Voiture has lots of templates for your car dealer website.

As Voiture has many different listings templates, you get to choose the right designs and layouts for your car dealer website. Interestingly, this theme also has a front-end user dashboard that can be used to display key metrics about your car dealer website, including profile views and the number of inquiries received. If you want to give your users user-friendly insights into the listings, then this feature should be of interest.

To smooth the registration and login process, Voiture supports social media logins, including compatibility with sites such as Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn. You can also easily integrate your site and its listings with Google Maps, helping your visitors to see where your cars are located.

Voiture works well, whether you want to sell cars directly from your website or promote your offline dealership.

5. Vehica

Vehica works well for creating both vehicle directories and car dealer websites.

As you get seven different car-dealer-friendly website demos in the Vehica package, this is a theme that’s likely to appeal to a wide audience. The different demos have their own styles and focus. Some use sliders and grids to display the cars that are available in a format that’s easy for visitors to browse, while others use search tools to let your visitors quickly find the type of vehicle they are most interested in.

When adding listings to your car dealer website, Vehica lets you include a lot of information about each entry. Thanks to this, you’re not limited to simply adding some text and images. Instead, you can use the custom fields to add lots of extra information about each car, including the make, model, color, and more, all in a format that’s easy for your visitors to digest. As these fields can be used for searching and filtering your inventory, your visitors can easily find or ignore all cars with a specific set of features, such as mileage, number of doors, or cylinders.

To enhance your listings pages, you can upload reports that your visitors can access by clicking a button. You can also add videos, location maps, and contact forms to the individual listings pages that your visitors can use to find out more about each vehicle that’s for sale. The related listings widget is another useful feature as it displays links to other similar cars on your website.

Vehica has a very high-quality design that makes it ideal for creating professional-looking car dealer websites.

6. Motors


Motors will help you get your car dealership website or online directory up and running as easily as possible. With a selection of well-designed demos to choose from, you can find something that suits you with no problems.

To help you with customization, the Motors car dealer WordPress theme includes a drag-and-drop builder tool for creating custom page layouts. There are also five predefined color skins to choose from and a range of page layouts and templates.

Notable features of this theme include the ability to add a vehicle comparison tool to your website, an interactive finance calculator, and the ability to collect payments for services and products online. The eCommerce aspects of your website will be powered by the leading WooCommerce WordPress plugin, giving you almost unlimited options for how this feature of your website works.

Motors is a highly versatile theme for anyone in the automotive industry who needs a professional website.

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8. IdealAuto

IdealAuto is a multipurpose vehicle-focused WordPress theme.

As well as being perfect for car dealer websites, IdealAuto also works well for vehicle hire, car wash, and other types of automobile-related websites. The car dealer demo of IdealAuto has the right type of design to make it immediately clear what type of website your visitors have landed at, as soon as they arrive.

The default homepage layout of the car dealer demo has space for displaying your featured vehicles in an eye-catching format. Just below the fold, there’s a search tool that lets users enter multiple criteria to filter the listings from your online car dealer database. Other sections of the homepage include a panel of featured listings, information about your services, and a widget to help visitors find your dealer locations.

IdealAuto has a comparison tool to let your visitors compare your listings.

8. Revus

Revus works well for creating large and small car dealer websites with WordPress.

If you have multiple cars and other vehicles that you’d like to promote online, then the main car dealer demo of Revus could be a good option for your website. This demo has lots of stylish pre-built templates to ensure that you have everything that’s needed to launch your new site.

Not only does Revus have a well-designed template for the front page of your car dealer site, but you’ll also find a few different layouts for displaying a list of your cars as well as a template for the individual vehicle page. The templates include useful elements such as an image gallery for sharing photos of the car, support for adding video footage, and a table for listing the vehicle specifications. You’ll also find a tabbed section for sharing more details about the car in a space-saving format.

Other elements that you can add to your website with Revus include the financing calculator that gives your visitors a quick way to get an idea of how much a particular car might cost them to purchase and a contact form on the sidebar of your site that enables visitors to send off a message about a specific vehicle.

If you want to edit any of the layouts and templates that come with Revus, this isn’t difficult to do. As this theme includes the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin, you can open up the templates and customize them through an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface.

Revus comes with a complete car dealer website demo that you can quickly import with just a few clicks.

9. CaLeader

CaLeader has three different website demos to help you get your car dealer business online, including one that is purpose-built for car dealers.

While the CaLeader demos do look good, they can be easily customized to make them even better suited to your car dealer website. The selection of pre-built color schemes makes it possible to quickly adjust the overall appearance of your site in just a few clicks. For those with more specific requirements, you can use the Elementor page builder plugin that this theme integrates closely with to edit the individual templates of the CaLeader demos.

This theme has lots of functionality that will help you produce a professional and easy-to-use car dealer website with WordPress. Some examples of this include the pre-built booking forms that give your visitors a quick way to schedule a visit to your car dealership or arrange a test drive in one of your vehicles and the powerful search tool that simplifies the experience of browsing your inventory.

CaLeader has full eCommerce support, too, enabling you to carry out financial transactions through your website.

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10. MyListing

MyListing will help you create any type of listings website with WordPress, including a car dealer portal.

With this theme, you can easily organize your listings by location, category, or some other custom taxonomy. Another useful feature is the listing type creator tool that lets you define exactly what information is stored in each entry on your website. Due to this, you can easily configure your website to handle a wide range of cars, other vehicles, and related products.

You also get access to the powerful Elementor page builder tool so that you can quickly and effortlessly customize almost every aspect of your car dealer website. From adjusting page layouts to creating new content designs, MyListing is a highly flexible theme.

When it comes to monetizing your car dealer website, MyListing provides you with many different options. Thanks to the field visibility feature, you can easily connect each listing field with a pricing plan. Now you can offer your users the option of paying extra to be able to add more information to their lists, such as a website URL or additional photographs. Creating multiple pricing plans is very straightforward, thanks to the tools included in the theme. You can also easily sell advertising spots on your website, providing you with another way to generate revenue from your car dealer portal.

As MyListing can be used for a wide range of purposes, you get access to a varied feature list when choosing this WordPress theme for your car dealership.

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11. Car Dealer

Car Dealer has 10 customizable homepage designs to help you launch the right type of automotive website.

All 10+ homepage variations have a fully modern look and feel. As this is a feature-rich WordPress theme, you also get access to a full set of customization options. Thanks to this you can easily tweak or completely overhaul the entire design of the pre-built website content that ships with the Car Dealer WordPress theme.

Part of the customization options that make up this theme include the powerful WPBakery Page Builder plugin. Not only does the inclusion of this premium drag-and-drop page builder save you money, but it also ensures you can personalize any of the pages on your website through a drag-and-drop editor. The detailed theme options control panel also provides plenty of scope for website customization.

When it comes to setting up your car dealer website, you have the option of importing the vehicle details using a CSV file or using the Edmunds VIN format. This can help you quickly populate your website with the content your visitors will be expecting to find. Car Dealer has plenty of options for displaying vehicles on your website. Visitors can use the drag-and-drop interface to compare the different cars as well as filter the listings and leave reviews. You also have the option of enabling dynamic PDF brochure generation for each listing, allowing your visitors to download the details of any vehicles that catch their eye.

Car Dealer has an impressive selection of general-purpose and vehicle listing-focused features to help you create a professional automobile listings website with WordPress.

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12. Motodeal

Motodeal has multiple demos for all different types of car dealer websites. Thanks to all of this demo content, Motodeal is a multipurpose car dealer WordPress theme that should appeal to a wide audience.

The demos all feature stylish and professional-looking homepage designs. There are also templates for all of the other pages you’d expect a car dealer website to have. Some examples include the listing pages that display all of the cars in an easy-to-read format, the individual car detail pages, and the parts of your site where you share the details about your business. If you need to make any further changes to your site, Motodeal works with the Elementor page builder plugin.

To help your visitors find the cars they’re looking for, Motodeal comes with a comparison tool. You can also enable the vehicle review feature that gives your visitors a way to leave their feedback on the items that you have for sale on your website. The finance calculator is another useful aspect of this theme that makes it easy for people to see what sort of cars they can afford. If you want to offer a trade-in service, Motodeal comes with all of the pre-built forms that can help you accept offers from your customers via your website.

Motodeal has so many templates that there’s a high chance you’ll be able to build the right type of website for your business with this theme.

13. Autozone

Autozone works well for a wide range of automobile and car dealer websites, making it a versatile option.

The car dealership demo has a feature-rich homepage layout that is sure to impress your visitors. Its main feature is a video slideshow which takes up all the space above the fold. This full-screen slider can be configured to display whatever type of content you like, from simple photographs to video presentations and more. As the slideshow is powered by the premium Slider Revolution plugin, you not only get access to this tool at no extra cost, but you can also start creating your own custom sliders for elsewhere on your site.

The rest of the Autozone homepage layout includes sections for displaying your featured automobiles, a slider to share your services, more items from your inventory, and a contact form, as well as many other sections. This stylish car dealer WordPress theme does include a page builder tool too, making it easy to edit any of the demo content, regardless of your web design skills and experience level. In fact, with the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin at your disposal, you should have no trouble customizing the demo content and extending the demo website.

For a great-looking car dealer WordPress theme that works especially well with high-end automobiles, Autozone is well worth checking out.

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14. AutoPro

AutoPro is packed with customizable templates to help you build the right website for your car dealer business. Whether you want to list a few classic cars for sale online or create a large online vehicle marketplace, AutoPro has the pre-built content and features to help you launch the type of site you need.

The eight AutoPro car dealer website demos are all different from each other, but they do share some features. For one, they all include a powerful search tool that makes it very easy for your visitors to quickly filter your inventory to find the type of cars they’re looking for. When it comes to displaying your cars online, AutoPro also includes a good set of different listing templates. There are also over 20 other templates to help you add all the content to your site that it might need.

When building out your website with this theme, AutoPro gives you the option of adding a loan calculator to your car dealer site. You can also enable the test drive request form to encourage more of your visitors to get in touch to arrange a drive in one of your vehicles.

Thanks to support for the leading WordPress marketplace plugins, you do have the option of setting your site up to accept listings from your visitors. If you do enable one of the supported multi-vendor plugins, then your website will take care of everything for you, including collecting listing fees, splitting the profits, and handling any other types of financial transactions related to running an online marketplace.

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15. CarSpot

CarSpot aims to provide you with everything needed to create a fully featured automotive dealership website.

With six website demos covering a range of vehicle and product types, there’s a good chance that CarSpot has a design that’s right for your project. Each of the six demos includes a well-equipped homepage layout as well as templates for the internal pages your website is likely to need. Some notable features include sliders, product grid displays, vehicle comparison widgets, and customer feedback modules. All of the design aspects of your website can be customized with the CarSpot theme, thanks to the control panel settings and WPBakery Page Builder content editor tool.

You can easily add and manage the different listings on your website. These listings can then be displayed to your visitors in a range of different ways, helping you create the right type of online dealership for your business. The intelligent search tool is another useful feature that will ensure your audience is able to find exactly what they’re looking for in your inventory. There’s even an internal messaging system to help your users connect with each other.

Other useful features include the ability to enable bidding on listings through the auction tool, the geo-location abilities that help users find listings near to them, and the seller rating and badges that give your users the confidence to trust your site with their transactions.

CarSpot boasts an impressive set of features that can be configured in many different ways.

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16. Auto CarForYou

Auto CarForYou has three homepage layouts and lots of customization options for you to work with.

On one hand, this theme has a few different demo configurations that you can import into your WordPress dashboard in just a few clicks to get your site ready for launch. On the other hand, you can just as easily use the theme options and settings, as well as the premium WPBakery page builder tool, to customize the demo content and build a unique website that reflects your brand.

Auto CarForYou has been built to work with the leading multilingual WordPress plugins. Due to this, you can easily translate your listings into more than one language, and then display the appropriate version to your audience, based on their preferences or location. By creating a multilingual car dealer website, you should be able to appeal to a wider audience.

Some of the other reasons to consider Auto CarForYou include the loan calculator widget that helps your visitors to see how much they could borrow and on what terms, the widget that lets your visitors make an offer on your listings, and the social sharing integration to help you promote your content on the various social media networks.

Auto CarForYou has lots going for it, so if you’re looking for a feature-rich car dealer theme, this could be a suitable choice.

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