16 Best Car Rental WordPress Themes 2019

If you want to create a professional looking website for your car rental business then this collection should provide you with a suitable WordPress theme.

With at least one complete website demo that’s been designed specifically for creating a car rental website, these themes can really help simplify and accelerate the process of establishing a high-quality online presence for your business. In fact, some of the car rental WordPress themes in this collection have multiple pre-built website demos, giving you even more options for your site.

As well as stylish designs, all of the themes in this collection either include or can be easily integrated with an online booking system that allows your visitors to check the availability of your vehicles and make a payment online. However, enabling this functionality is entirely optional and you can just as easily create a website that simply promotes your car rental business by sharing your contact details online.

When it comes to customization options, these car rental WordPress themes aren’t limited. Many of these themes include page builder tools, and if they don’t, they will all work with the best third-party plugins of this type. Also, thanks to their theme options and control panels, you can quickly and effortlessly make many changes to the appearance of your website, even when choosing an off the shelf theme.

With so many good options to choose from, you’re sure to find a car rental WordPress theme in this collection that’s perfect for your project.

Grand Car Rental

Grand Car Rental is well suited to creating all types of car rental websites with WordPress.

No matter what type of vehicles you rent out, from low priced options to luxury limousines, the Grand Car Rental WordPress theme should be able to help you create a professional website that's sure to appeal to your target audience. To help you ensure your website has the right look, this theme comes with an impressive selection of pre-built templates to suit a range of preferences. However, regardless of which template you choose for your website from the Grand Car Rental package, your site will be easy to navigate and ready to display your inventory online.

When it comes to ensuring your visitors can find the type of car rental they're looking for, this theme includes a powerful search tool that’s integrated into its design. Thanks to this, your target audience can easily search according to a range of criteria, including vehicle brand, type of car, and then sort by price to find exactly what they’re looking for. Alternatively, the Grand Car Rental theme is also configured to accommodate visitors who aren’t sure of what type of car they want to rent, giving these potential customers the ability to browse the listings on your site without the need to enter any criteria.

As well as the design and layout of the Grand Car Rental theme, you also get access to lots of useful features to help you convert more of your visitors into customers. Some examples include the ability to easily publish multiple pricing options for each vehicle, such as the daily, weekly, and monthly rates, a module that displays similar vehicles to the one the visitor is currently looking at, and a customizable booking form that makes it easy to collect all the data you need to confirm a reservation.

Grand Car Rental is a highly rated option that should meet your requirements for creating a professional vehicle rental website with WordPress.

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Car Rental

Car Rental is a highly customizable WordPress theme for creating a unique website for your business.

Although the Car Rental WordPress theme includes some high-quality pre-built website templates, it should also appeal to those who want to create a personalized site. This is due to how easy it is to customize this theme, regardless of whether you’ve used WordPress before or not.

Some of the features that will help you make your car rental website stand out from the crowd include the ability to change all of the colors of the theme through a visual interface, great support for the WordPress Customizer tool, and the inclusion of a powerful drag-and-drop website editor. Thanks to the visual builder tool that comes with this theme, you can easily edit any of the pages on your site, including the pre-built templates that make up Car Rental, and modify them to match your vision. As all of this work takes place through an intuitive front-end interface, getting started is very straightforward.

In addition to the customization options, Car Rental provides you with all the templates your website should need. Among the library of pre-built content – that can all be imported into your WordPress website in just a few clicks – including vehicle display templates, interactive content forms, and layouts for publishing staff profiles and customer feedback. You can also easily embed videos into your pages with this theme, giving you a good opportunity to showcase your vehicles or provide potential customers will any extra information you want to share with them.

If you’re new to WordPress, or would just like some extra assistance, there’s a library of tutorial videos to help you to create your website with Car Rental.

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Wheelsberry features a landing page style layout that displays all the relevant information in one location.

Thanks to the default layout of the Wheelsberry theme homepage, your visitors will be able to access everything they need, all on one page. Instead of getting lost trying to navigate a badly organized website, as soon as a potential customer arrives at your website, the landing page style design of your homepage will ensure your visitors are able to make a car rental booking as easily as possible.

Although you have a lot of creative control over the final design of your website, if you do use the default Wheelsberry homepage layout, your visitors will be able to use the large full width slider to scroll or swipe through your available vehicles, enter their details into the online booking form, and browse your services to ensure they can find the type of rental package they're looking for. Other elements that make up the default homepage layout include a section for displaying customer feedback and testimonials, a custom Google Map that shows your locations, and links to your social media profiles. Although as mentioned, you can easily choose which of these theme sections to show or hide on your car rental website.

When it comes to customizing your car rental website, the Wheelsberry theme makes it easy to change the default colors to match your preferences and business branding. You can also personalize the booking form to ensure it works with your business, as well as reorganize the menus to direct visitors to your most important pages. Editing the slider is very straightforward too, helping you to promote your most popular car rental opportunities on the homepage of your website. Furthermore, as you might expect from a popular WordPress theme, everything about your website will be fully mobile friendly if you choose Wheelsberry for your project.

If you want to create a car rental website with WordPress that’s highly focused on generating new customers, Wheelsberry is worth a closer look.

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Motors can be considered a multi-purpose option in the car rental WordPress themes category.

Designed for creating more than just a simple car rental website, the Motors theme has good support for listing vehicles for sale as well. Therefore, if your business offers more than car rentals, Motors could be of interest. However, even if your website is focused solely on renting out vehicles, Motors has lots of features you're sure to find useful.

Among the components that have made Motors so popular to date, is its library of modern website templates, useful widgets, and wealth of customization options. Thanks to this, when creating your car rental website with WordPress, Motors gives you 10 pre-built site demos to choose from, each of which can be imported into your site in just a few clicks. Regardless of which demo you do choose, your website will benefit from a powerful search tool that makes it easy for your visitors to filter and sort your inventory to see what’s available and find the right type of car to rent.

When it comes to presenting your vehicles in an appealing way, whether you’re offering cars, motorbikes, or even boats to your audience, the templates in the Motors theme package will make sure your listings look great. As well as displaying photos and pricing information, the templates are designed to highlight the key features of your cars, providing your audience with all the information they need to make a decision.

Other website elements like Google Maps integration and financial calculators ensure your potential clients can easily find where you’re located as well as see how much each vehicle will cost to rent, according to their requirements. If you do want to collect payments online, the PayPal integration will facilitate this, ensuring your customers can make a booking online and secure their choice of vehicle.

If you want access to a WordPress theme that’s packed with features and options, then Motors should meet your needs.

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City Cruise

City Cruise is aimed more at the luxury end of the car rental market but it’s easy to customize for a range of projects.

With three pre-built websites to choose from, City Cruise certainly isn’t short on creative options. However, the designs of those website demos are focused on limousine rentals, rather than standard cars. Among the options is a design for wedding limo rentals as well as one for renting business limousines. Therefore, if you want to create a website for a limousine rental business, then City Cruise is a great choice.

Thanks to the customization options of this theme, City Cruise can easily be adjusted to suit rental businesses that offer other types of vehicles. For example, due to the inclusion of the powerful WPBakery Page Builder plugin, you can easily edit all of the templates in the City Cruise package through a drag-and-drop user interface. There’s also a premium slider tool in the theme package, giving you a way to edit the demo slideshows or create your own slider to showcase your range of vehicles. Like many of the car rental WordPress themes showcased here, you can also adjust the logos, colors, and fonts of your website through the WordPress Customizer interface. Thanks to this, applying your existing branding to your website is very straightforward.

However, if you choose City Cruise for your website, you might not even have to carry out any customization work. Thanks to a library of useful inner page templates that include designs for promoting your fleet, sharing information about your business, and highlighting your team members, to name just a few, City Cruise is definitely a theme that’s ready to go. Just upload the files to your WordPress Dashboard, import one of the demo websites, and then start adding your own content.

Despite being built for creating limousines rental websites, City Cruise works well for all types of vehicle hire sites.

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Limo King

Limo King is another strong option for creating a limo rental website with WordPress.

With a stylish design, the Limo King theme should do a good job of promoting your limousine rental business online. In fact, with two pre-built website demos to choose from, there’s a good chance that the appearance of this theme will be compatible with your design preferences. However, if you do need to make any changes to the appearance of your website, the GoodLayers drag-and-drop page builder tool is integrated into the theme package for carrying out customization work.

Thanks to the customization tools and options, you can easily convert the Limo King theme into something more suitable for regular car rentals, or simply use the personalization features to change the colors, fonts, and other aspects of the theme. As all of the inner page templates in the Limo King package, including the rates pages, the online booking form layout, and the contact page, are all compatible with the page builder tool, they can all be easily adjusted too if necessary. Adding other content to your pages, like a blog, portfolio, or online store section is possible too, thanks to the library of templates in the package. In fact, thanks to the full support for the leading WooCommerce plugin, you can easily sell your services directly to your visitors and collect payments online, all from your website.

Limo King is a well-established limousine rental WordPress theme that has been regularly updated to remain modern and relevant.

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Etalon is a multi-concept WordPress theme with a purpose-built car rental website demo.

If you check out the Etalon website demos you’ll quickly see how versatile and creative this theme is. However, if you’re reading this guide, the one demo you’ll be most interested in is the stylish option for creating a professional car rental website with WordPress. Thankfully, this demo has all the essential elements a successful car rental site will need, such as a slider for showcasing your most popular vehicles, a search tool for finding exactly the right rental option, and extras like a pricing table, a video player, and an interactive Google Map.

While you might not need the other pre-built website demos that make up Elaton, there are benefits to having access to them. For one, you can easily import the templates from the other demos, if you find an option that includes a particular page you’d like to add to your website. Also, when choosing a multipurpose WordPress theme like Etalon, you also often get access to even more features than you usually would with a single purpose theme. In the case of this theme, the feature list is very long, including useful extras like a popup contact form, a tool for easily publishing and maintaining your opening hours, and a testimonial carousel that lets you show off the great things your customers have been saying about you.

Although the Etalon car rental website demo looks great, you do get access to the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin. Due to this, almost every aspect of your website can be customized should the need arise. Also, WPBakery Page Builder is packed with useful elements that can be inserted into your content, such as email optin forms, pricing tables, and media sliders, giving you even more options for how your site will look.

If you’re looking for a theme with almost unlimited creative possibilities, the multi-purpose Elation is a strong contender.

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Transfers is a car hire WordPress theme with full ecommerce support and an online booking system.

Although the Transfers theme only has one website demo, it can be easily adjusted to meet your needs.  Furthermore, the pre-built homepage design is packed with useful features that should provide you with everything your project demands. For example, on the homepage, you’ll find an online booking form, a grid layout for highlighting the best features of your business, an image gallery for displaying photographs of your vehicles, and a section for publishing the logos of companies or partners you’ve worked with.

However, aside from the relevant design and content found in the Transfers theme car hire website demo, you also get access to a fully functional online rental booking system. Thanks to this, your website will not only do a good job of promoting your business, but it can also be used to handle bookings from your customers. Car rental business owners are sure to appreciate the accurate availability checker functionality of the online booking tool as it reduces the risk of cars being double booked or incorrect data being shown to potential customers.

Another great aspect of the Transfers theme is that through the supported ecommerce integrations, you can potentially choose from over 100 gateways for collecting payments from your customers. This means that no matter which company you want to use as your payment processor, you should be able to do so with Transfers. This is especially useful if you’re based in a location isn’t covered by mainstream payment gateways and your options are more limited. As the Transfers theme is built around the popular WooCommerce ecommerce toolkit for WordPress, you don’t have to worry about the integrity of your payment collection system.

With a powerful and fully customizable payment and pricing system, Transfers gives you full control over your business.

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Cars4Rent covers a range of vehicle hire based businesses including taxi services and regular car rentals.

The two pre-built website demos that make up the Cars4Rent package are certainly focused on car rental related businesses. However, they are general enough to work for a range of different markets, including limo rentals, taxi services, and car hire clubs, to name just a few. This flexibility is especially true, thanks to all the customization options available in this theme.

If you do check out the Cars4Rent demos, the first thing you’ll notice is the large full-screen slider that does a great job of showcasing photos related to your business. Your visitors can either scroll or swipe through the slides or check out the rest of the homepage to view your cars and find out more about your business. The vehicle display section is especially impressive, thanks to the stylish design and user-friendly filtering options. If you have different types of vehicles to offer your customers, then this element will make it easier for your audience to find what they are looking for.

If you do need to make any changes to the overall design of your website once you’ve installed the Cars4Rent theme, the ever popular WPBakery Page Builder plugin is on hand to help you carry out any customization work. Through the user interface of this tool, you can open up any of the pre-built templates for editing through a front-end drag-and-drop interface. You can also make other changes to your site through the built-in WordPress Customizer, including changing logos, adjusting fonts, and modifying the colors. Another premium tool at your disposal, when it comes to editing your car rental website, is the Slider Revolution plugin. Included at no extra cost, this slideshow builder gives you the ability to quickly create immersive presentations that can be used to promote your business online.

Cars4Rent combines a good set of features with a stylish design to help your car rental website stand out from the competition.

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Chauffer works well for both car rental websites and businesses providing driving services.

Whether you want to create a standard car rental website with WordPress or build an online presence for your driving service business, Chauffer should have everything you need. To ensure your website has the right look, one that will appeal to your target audience, there are four different variations to choose from in the Chauffer theme package. Depending on which of the four demos you choose, your website could display an online booking form as its key feature, or instead, lead with information about your business to help encourage your visitors to get in touch.

The booking form of Chauffer is worth a closer look as it has support for general bookings as well as hourly and flat rate bookings. Thanks to this, whatever type of business model you're using, or how your customers want to interact with your services, the Chauffer online booking form should work well with your requirements.

Aside from the optional online booking form, the rest of the default homepage layouts include a slider for displaying your vehicles along with some key details about idea options, as well as a news section that can be used to share the latest content from your blog and a testimonials slider to display feedback from your happy customers. In addition to the homepage layouts of the Chauffer theme, you also get access to a good selection of templates for the rest of your website. This includes multiple variations for pages like the fleet section of your site, the about page, and the service explanations.

Other reasons to consider Chauffer for your car rental WordPress website project include support for collecting payments online, a drag-and-drop page builder tool, and an advanced theme options panel that gives you full control over your website.

Chauffer is ideal for websites offering driver services while still being suitable for more traditional car rental businesses.

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Limo Rent

Limo Rent is aimed at businesses operating in the car rental space that need a high-quality website to promote their services.

Although the name might suggest that this theme has been built solely for limousine rental business, it works equally well for all types of other vehicle rental service providers. In fact, thanks to the three complete and very different website demos in the Limo Rent package, there should be a suitable option for your business, no matter what type of services you offer and who you are target audience is. Each of the demos that make up this theme include a feature-packed homepage design, that come complete with vehicle comparison tables, sections for publishing your operating hours and location, and an online booking form for accepting inquiries from your customers. The demos all have a good selection of templates for the inner pages that your car rental WordPress website might need, such as an option for displaying your fleet, one for publishing your servers, and a set of templates for adding a blog to your website.

If you’d like to get more hands-on with your website, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Limo Rent comes with the best-selling WPBakery Page Builder plugin, included at no extra cost. Now you can create your own feature-rich page designs from scratch with this tool or edit any of the Limo Rent templates to add your own personal touch to their appearance. This drag-and-drop page builder also provides you with a large library of content modules that can be used to enhance your website in many different ways. Although this might sound complicated, WPBakery Page Builder is easy to use and furthermore, Limo Rent comes with a library of tutorial videos to help everyone get up to speed, even the most inexperienced WordPress users.

If you’d like to see what your website could look like if you chose this theme, you can view the demos on the Limo Rent site.

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Ireca is a WordPress theme with an online rental system that’s suitable for a wide range of businesses, including car rental companies.

Whatever type of vehicle your business rents out, Ireca should be ready to help you promote those rental opportunities online. However, if you are planning to create a WordPress car rental website, there’s a purpose-built demo that’s ready to be imported into your site in just a few clicks. Although you could use any of the Ireca demos, and then customize your choice through the theme options and settings, the car rental demo is the obvious choice and should be able to help you get your new website up and running as quickly as possible.

When previewing the car rental demo, you’ll notice that the default layout includes a full-screen slider that’s ideal for showcasing your main vehicles. As the slideshows have been built with the powerful Slider Revolution, you can use this premium plugin to add animations and other eye-catching effects to your homepage sliders. As you can see from the demo, the default slider users these effects to promote the key features of the cars on offer, hopefully encouraging more of your visitors to make a booking and choose one of your promoted vehicles.

The default homepage layout also features an interactive grid that can be used to display more of your inventory, complete with filter controls that let your visitors quickly find the type of car they’re interested in. If you want a design for your website that can really help you grow your business, Ireca is one of the car rental WordPress themes in this collection with a strong focus on conversions.

Ireca has lots of useful features, including an online booking system, to help you take your business online.

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Rentacar aims to make it as easy as possible to take control of the appearance of your car rental website.

With a set of pre-defined color schemes to choose from, not to mention a facility for entering your own custom colors, Rentacar can easily be adjusted to match the branding of your car rental business. Changing the fonts used on your site is very straightforward too, making this one of the most flexible options in this collection of the best car rental WordPress themes. However, as you can see for yourself from the Rentacar website demos, the default colors, fonts, and other settings work well together so if you don’t want to carry out any customization work, there’s certainly no need to.

If you do take a look at the website demos that make up the Rentacar theme, you’ll notice that they cover a few different niches in the car rental industry. Some examples include the airport transfer service website as well as the luxury car hire service option. Regardless of which demo you decide on, your website can include a fully featured online booking tool, a filter for effectively searching your available inventory, and a testimonials section. If you want to add a blog to your website to share your latest news or even list products for sale, Rentacar has all the features and functionality you’ll need to make that possible.

For those that want to get more involved with the creation of their website, Rentacar has some handy tools to help you design your own pages and produce custom slideshows for your site. With the premium WPBakery Page Builder and Slider Revolution plugins included at no extra cost, as well as the Essential Grid layout builder tool, you’ll have access to three of the most popular creative add-ons available for WordPress.

Rentacar delivers a good combination of pre-built content and customization options to help you create the perfect car rental website with WordPress.

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Autozone has been recently updated and totally refreshed to give it a modern look and set of features.

With lots of positive reviews from happy customers, spanning the three years since this theme was first launched, Autozone should be a good choice for anyone looking for a well-established theme for their car rental website. However, despite being on the market for some time, Autozone doesn’t look outdated in any way. With many updates since first becoming available, Autozone compares favorably with some of the newest options in this collection of the leading car rental WordPress themes.

One of the benefits of choosing a more established theme, compared to a newer option, can be the depth of features available. Autozone is no exception in this regards, as the feature list has grown considerably over the years. For example, if you choose this theme for your website, you’ll have over 100 content elements to work with as well as 550 options to configure. However, with a good set of templates included in the car rental website demo, is also a suitable option for anyone looking for a WordPress theme that’s ready to go and doesn’t require any customization work.

If you do decide to choose Autozone and import the car rental website demo into your WordPress Dashboard, you’ll not only get a feature-packed homepage for your site but also many different templates for the inner pages of your website. However, as the homepage layout can display so much information in its default state, you could easily use this theme to create a one-page car rental website with WordPress. There really are countless ways that this theme can be configured, and that’s without mentioning the integrated page builder tool that allows you to get hands-on with your website design, with no need to edit any code directly.

Autozone is firmly focused on creating automobile-related websites, including sites for car rental businesses.

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Turbo includes a number of car rental demos, giving you a few different ready-made options for your website.

With seven complete website demos that all work well for rental businesses, there’s a good chance you’ll find a suitable option in the Turbo theme package. The demos all have different layouts and designs, so you really do get some varied options to choose from with this theme. Thanks to the clear and clean style of this theme, regardless of which demo you do choose, your visitors will be able to easily navigate their way around your website, and hopefully find the right type of vehicle.

Many of the most popular vehicle rental WordPress themes include a booking system or support for adding one to your site, and Turbo is no exception. As Turbo has been built to integrate with a range of plugins for creating car rental sites with online booking systems, your visitors can easily check to see the availability of your vehicles before, depending on how you’ve configured your website, making a full or partial payment online. Built around the powerful WooCommerce ecommerce plugin you have a wide range of options when it comes to setting up a payment gateway or processor for your website as well as the ability to enable features like discount coupons, subscription payments, and many other useful ecommerce extras.

Turbo isn’t lacking in design related tools either. With the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin on hand, you’ll have no trouble customizing the appearance of your car rental website. Google Maps integration is included as standard too, giving you the option of sharing the location of your business using this powerful platform.

Turbo is a theme that’s well documented to help you create the right type of website for your business.

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Rentit comes in two main varieties to help you launch a car rental website with WordPress.

Choosing either the single-page option or the multi-page design will deliver a solid foundation for your car rental WordPress website. Once the demo site has been imported into your dashboard, which should only take a few clicks, you can set to work replacing the sample text and images with your own content. Thanks to the interface of this theme and the tools it includes, you should find it very straightforward to carry out these tasks and get your website ready for launch. A good level of support for the WordPress Customizer interface, not to mention the included WPBakery Page Builder plugin, ensures that everyone should be able to use Rentit to create a suitable website for their business.

As well as the design features of this theme, Rentit has some equally important rental-related features for you to use. This includes an easy way to manage bookings online as well as a straightforward system for adding parameters like minimum and maximum rental lengths, seasonal pricing, and discounts for certain types of bookings. Plus, with WooCommerce providing the underlying ecommerce system, you’ll have plenty of options for how payments are handled, including a wide range of payment gateway choices.

Some other reasons to consider Rentit for your website include a good selection of templates for presenting your cars online, a useful interactive search tool to help your visitors find what they’re looking for, and social media integration options for enabling Facebook logins and easy social sharing.

Rentit is a well-rounded car rental WordPress theme that combines great design with useful features.

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