28 Best Church WordPress Themes 2019

If faith comes through hearing, then you must convey your message clearly – whether that’s via a sermon, a Bible passage, personal testimony, or any other means of communication. It stands to reason, therefore, that your church website should also be focused on conveying your message with clarity. However, with no idea about what to look for in a suitable theme, the way forward may seem a bit hazy.

There are a number of elements you church website’s theme will need, and they’re all common sense requirements. For a start, you’ll need some way to administer and display a church calendar. If you accept donations, you may also want a flexible option for collecting them online. There are other elements that are nice but not strictly necessary – an attractive blog for sharing written messages, and an audio embed option for sharing your recent sermons with those who can’t reach your church.

If you’re still stumped moving forward, don’t worry! We’ve scoured the internet to bring you over 30 of the very best church themes, and we’ve no doubt the right one for you is among them!


In many ways, running a church or ministry can be compared to running a business. You have to work hard to grab people’s attention, and then convince them you’re the perfect fit for their needs. Saved can help make sure your church website attracts the right audience.

There’s a uniqueness about this theme that warrants attention. For example, the default home page lays elements out in a way that’s different from many other themes. There’s a rather thin intro section (which can also display video), and a prominent strip showcasing upcoming events, highlighting the next one by showing a Google Map of its location. This will be ideal for churches that often run community events.

Saved also has plenty of options when it comes to customization. There are full color palettes for both main and accent colors, and a selection of quality Google Fonts to help tweak your typography to your exact requirements. What’s more, by activating the bundled Church Theme Content plugin, you can take advantage of custom post types for displaying sermons and team members, along with the aforementioned events.

Saved is a solid option if you’re looking to put your community outreach first. In addition, there are enough customization options to create an inviting, welcoming website for your church or ministry. We give it our seal of approval, and it’s well worth your consideration.

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Benevolence is a beautiful WordPress theme well suited for your church or non-profit organization.

This theme is fully responsive and was built using HTML5 and CSS3 technologies ensuring it loads fast and will make your website future-proof. There are eleven custom post types to choose from so that you can format your website to fit the needs of your church. It comes translation and multilingual ready; no plugin needed.

There are many church-specific features included such as Sermons, Ministries, Sponsors and Projects. The news, photo galleries and events features are also useful for a religious or non-profit organization to showcase what's going on, as well as what's coming up.

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Salvation is a warm and friendly theme with a full-screen slider that immediately puts you into a state of ease.

Aside from being able to convey the welcoming ‘feel' that you are no doubt hoping to achieve, Salvation is also surprisingly functional. It integrates events management features which enable visitors to make reservations. You can also display upcoming services and events, and even raise money for your cause with the ready to go PayPal integration.

To further spread the reach of your message, there is a fully functional audio player as well as a translation tool. Salvation does its best to bring your church service into the digital realm and is a worthy option.

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Changing the modern perception of religion has been a pressing issue over the past few years, and adapting each faith’s fundamentals to an increasingly technological world has been a challenge. Your website can be a vital tool in this endeavor, and with a theme such as TheGem, designing a captivating and modern website should be no issue.

While TheGem isn’t strictly a church-specific theme – it offers a number of demo layouts that serve a variety of niches – there’s plenty here to help promote your ministry. For starters, there are two dedicated layouts to choose from, both of which can be customized further using the bundled Visual Composer page builder plugin.

Your headers and footers are also flexible, and it should be no trouble to find a design to suit your needs. What’s more, you can display events on your site using the bundled Events Calendar plugin, and offer audio recordings of your latest sermons directly on the page (using the options found within the dedicated admin panel).

While TheGem hasn’t been designed for churches per se, the developers have made plenty of effort to cater to their needs. This theme is definitely one to add to your shortlist, and could end up being ideal for a modern ministry with big plans for the future.

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Maranatha is a beautiful, modern church theme that will inspire your congregation to get more involved with their home congregation.

A good church theme should not just be a place where people go to find out what time Sunday services start. A good church theme should be a source of inspiration and guidance to all who visit your website, whether they are members of your church or not. That’s one reason why Maranatha – which enables you to organize your sermons in five different ways (including by books from Scripture or on themes such as Family, Sin, or Jesus’ life) – is such a powerful theme to work with.

There are plenty of other features that will make this theme a great fit for your church: an in-depth events calendar can be organized to include scheduled Sunday school classes, children’s catechisms, charity events, and more. The ministries section in this theme is a great place to keep your flock up to date with all of the different work you do within your community. If your church takes part in missions around the world, you can upload blog posts detailing your congregation’s work, as well as keep people up to date on upcoming trips that you have planned. And in case someone new visits your website, Google Maps integration makes it easy for them to find your church and show up for their first service.

The price isn't cheap, but thanks to a great array of useful features and a beautiful, sleek design, Maranatha is a wonderful theme for your church.

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X is a breathtaking theme with lots of thoughtful design additions and plenty of features that make it a great choice for your church.

X is one of the top-rated and best-selling themes of any type available, probably thanks in large part to the vast array of customization options available to you. Four separate design stacks give you hundreds of pre-made layouts and templates to choose from when you build your website. These layouts are easy to work with and make it simple to create webpages for your church that feature the important services and work you do. Create an entire database of sermons that your pastor has delivered and display them in classic infinite scrolling blog post fashion, or separate sermons into categories such as topics, date given, or theme. You can get your congregation involved with your ministries by creating smooth, parallax scrolling pages devoted to your different missions. And never worry about your congregation missing services, speaking events, and classes by posting a deeply customizable events calendar that lets everyone know what’s going on.

If you want to inspire your congregants with great sermons posted online, keep them up to date with events happening in your community, and get everyone involved in your church, X is a great theme to use for your church.

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For all of the direct, one-on-one outreach you carry out, it’s your website that will arguably draw the most attention. With the right design, it can become an online hub for both existing and new members of your congregation. To achieve this, you’ll need a solid theme as your site’s base – such as Creed.

This theme is actually part of a larger collection of themes called The Core. It’s a multipurpose tool, with specific elements to help promote your church. You can create layouts using the included visual builder, although there are already dedicated pages for sermons, events, donations, and much more. You can import any of this demo content with just one click.

There are a myriad of customizations on offer, including many color options for just about any aspect of your website. This means you can tailor your design to your unique requirements, without having to compromise. What’s more, Creed is compatible with WPML (which enables you to translate your content into multiple languages), and includes the Unyson SEO module, enabling you to potentially rank higher in search engines.

All in all, Creed has practically everything you require in order to create a compelling website for your church or ministry. There’s plenty of value on offer, and we’ve only touched on what’s included. This theme is a front runner, and should definitely be a part of your shortlist.

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My Religion


As the world has evolved, so have the ways in which we communicate. While only 30 years ago we’d have been lost without a payphone, nowadays if you don’t have a smartphone you’re practically a hermit. My Religion is a theme for those keeping pace with the changing times and looking to reach everyone, everywhere.

Religion, as a whole, is constantly working to remain relevant, and this theme can definitely help your church in that regard. The default layout is full-width, with chunky headers to hammer your message home. My Religion also includes the popular Slider Revolution plugin for creating a call to action that will get your congregation moving.

In addition, My Religion leaves no stone unturned with regard to functionality. There’s a custom post type for displaying sermons (which include video, audio, and download links), full support for the Events Calendar plugin, and the ability to collect donations with the CMSMasters’ Donation plugin.

There’s little fault to find with My Religion. It has a modern look with clean typography and all of the functionality you’ll need to reach new and existing members of your congregation. It’s one for the shortlist, although given its quality, you may end your search early!

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Church and Events


Church and Events is a parallax style theme designed primarily for churches and events (as you would reasonably assume).

The eye-catching layered slider is the highlight of the theme, but the remainder of the design is suitably impressive too. For example, the featured sermon gets special treatment with its ability to be displayed via video, audio, PDF, and hyperlink to another source.

Church and Events is also perfect for beginners, as it includes 23 HD video tutorials to help you with the setup process.

This theme gives you enough options to put together a breathtaking website for your congregation or special event. Keep it simple and you can truly focus on what this theme has to offer.

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Holy Church

If you think that your church’s website should just display a few pictures and talk a little about next week’s schedule, you should take a look at the Holy Church theme for inspiration. This theme offers many features to help you create not just a website, but a central hub for everything related to your church or ministry.

The default, bright design showcases a few standout elements. These include the framed border containing clickable elements, and the large hero text dotted around the layout. What’s more, there’s plenty of functionality under the hood to get excited about.

For example, the bundled ThemeREX Donations plugin lets you accept financial support from your visitors. Also, with the included WPBakery Page Builder plugin, you can create practically any type of section imaginable – including dedicated contact forms, team profiles, streamable audio players for sermons and other events, and much more.

Church websites have evolved with the times. Now, they’re expected to be an essential factor for encouraging attendance. With the right design, Holy Church can help you not only increase physical attendance and donations, but also engagement across the board.

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The work of the church extends beyond the physical walls of the church building – and if you want to extend the reach of your church to the digital realm, Grace could be the theme to help you do just that.

The developers of Grace know that a standout website needs to have a modern look. For this reason, they’ve provided the choice of three modern home page layouts, including a full-width template. If you’d like to create your own layout, you can do so with the bundled Visual Composer plugin. Furthermore, with the inclusion of the Slider Revolution and Swiper Slider plugins, you can create visually compelling and engaging calls to action, all from your WordPress dashboard.

Grace has a number of elements designed to help you share your message, including integration with the Events Calendar plugin. However, one area where Grace falls short is that it doesn’t make it as easy to display your sermons in various formats as some of the other examples in this collection.

Overall, Grace is a solid choice for creating your religious website. Although, if you’d like to offer audio sermons on your website, you may want to look elsewhere.

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Bethlehem is an inspiring, highly customizable, minimalist theme packed with intuitive and useful features.

You can make your congregation feel welcome with bold font and display text options, plenty of space for high resolution photos and galleries, and embedded sermon recordings through media players such as SoundCloud. Eight different header styles are available for you to convey the feel you want to inspire in every member and visitor to your church, and a simple yet powerful Megamenu option enables you to create the perfect navigation tool for your site.

Plenty of high-quality premium plugins such as Slider Revolution, Visual Composer, and PSD Design are included in the Bethlehem theme package. From the dashboard you can easily add content, including donation drives, ministries, and sermons. Better still, integration with some of the best time saver tools on the web, such as Events Manager, WooCommerce, GiveWP, and Testimonials, is only one click away.

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Adore Church


Adore Church dominates above the fold with a striking full-width slider that draws you in. However, as you scroll towards the bottom, the astonishing effect starts to diminish somewhat. It's not bad per se, just less impressive.

Adore Church uses the power of the Mega Menu, which allows you to create massive dropdown menus with embedded media and multiple columns. Another high quality feature is the live event booking layout, which creatively displays a ticket booking feature.

Adore Church does a lot and perhaps almost manages to tie most of it together. On a positive note, they do swing for the fences and try to implement features you won't often see elsewhere, which is to be commended.

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NativeChurch seems to be geared towards the younger generation.

It isn’t as image heavy as the other themes on this list, which could be a good thing. And while so many themes try to wow you with their design, NativeChurch goes the opposite route and relies on function over form.

This theme is feature-heavy and includes a built-in events manager plugin, a sermons manger, and a payment system built for collecting donations. It doesn’t put a lot of focus on design and instead enables you to reach your congregation in the most efficient way possible.

Sometimes you don’t need a lot of flair when your message is powerful enough. That being the case for you, NativeChurch is a solid option.

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Exodus is the second of three themes on this list developed by churchthemes.com, and is also their second most recent offering. It is a flexible theme, designed to adapt to the biggest and smallest of screens.

WordPress' theme customizer plays a major part in Exodus' functionality, as you can use it to edit colors, fonts, the logo and more – all without touching a line of code. And as you would expect from a church theme, Exodus has you covered on church-specific features: sermons, events, locations and profiles of staff and leaders.

As with all churchthemes.com offerings, you can expect comprehensive documentation, one-to-one email support and a 45-day money back guarantee.

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Deeds is a highly responsive drag-and-drop theme that could be well suited to your church or non-profit organization.

There are eight church-specific homepage options, including Sermons, Ministries, Donations and Church Events. The news, photo galleries and events features are especially useful for a religious or non-profit organization to showcase weekly happenings, upcoming events and fundraisers, making it easier for your whole congregation to stay up-to-date on what is going on and coming up.

This very flexible theme includes premium plugins such as Visual Composer, Layer Slider, and Revolution Slider, which ensure a seamless and beautiful user experience. Sensible color palette combinations and Font Awesome icons ensure a clean and simple aesthetic that inspires your members. Nine separate header style layouts to choose from enable you to format your website to fit the needs of your church or nonprofit.

Finally, translation plugins, PayPal integration, and many other useful integrations make Deeds an ideal choice for multi-lingual congregations, fundraising drives, and other activities that your church takes part in.

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As a church, it’s part of your mission to provide guidance. Therefore, it stands to reason that your website should also guide visitors towards their destination. Blessing could be the theme to help you achieve that goal.

This theme has a modern ‘feel’ to it, and its default layout uses full-screen sliders, naked navigation, and a one-page layout. There’s not as much variety as there could be, since all three home page choices are quite similar. Even so, the bundled Visual Composer plugin can help you create practically any layout you want.

You’ll also find a selection of dedicated pre-built pages to help you effectively cater to your visitors’ needs. For example, you can display sermons in audio format, showcase events, and much more.

In a nutshell, this theme covers all the bases in terms of functionality, even if it doesn’t offer much that’s new. Blessing is a theme worth considering if you’re looking to promote your church’s activities, and you don’t have a lot of specialized needs.

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Spiritual is a fully responsive and retina-ready theme that balances functionality and design. Standard features like the Events Calendar and custom shortcodes provide high-level functionality, while the theme customizer enables you to easily make custom design changes.

Plugins provide most of Spiritual’s functionality. The Events Calendar plugin comes in handy when you need to quickly and easily create events, accept bookings and manage attendees to your sermons and other special events. The custom shortcodes plugin enables you to build custom pages with functional elements. Add to this an advanced blog that supports six post types and you have all you need to create as small or large a site (in terms of complexity) as needed.

WordPress’ Theme Customizer enables you change most theme-related design elements, including layouts, colors and fonts. There is also a decent range of design choices, including 470+ icon fonts, 600+ Google Fonts, and a sidebar generator (to give a unique layout to each page).

Additional features like an advanced portfolio (to create two, three or four column portfolio galleries) round Spiritual’s balance between functionality and elegant design.

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Another premium responsive theme release from CSSIgniter, Prayer is a solid church theme with good capability but a somewhat lacking appearance.

The theme design is a little too block-like, with very little room for multiple colors or elegant typography. However, the structure does, in some way, lend to the overall design in the case of the widgetized homepage. On the functionality front, Prayer is all you could ask for, with complete sermon management (supports audio, video, and text transcripts), news templates, event posts, gallery capability, and a dedicated location page format.

Localization support is built-in. Like with all CSSIgniter themes, you can either buy Prayer for a one-time fee ($39), or choose the $49/year club membership option that gives you access to all the themes.

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Resurrect is the first theme to be released by churchthemes.com. The theme is mobile-friendly and a joy to customize (see for yourself in the demo). You can choose between a light or dark color scheme, use a custom background, and pick your favorite fonts from a hand-picked selection. If you have a logo, you can upload that or, if you don't have one, simply use your church's name as text.

It's also got all the functionality church websites need built-in. You can upload your sermons and make them searchable, publicize your events, publish staff profiles, display photo galleries, write a blog and more.

As with Exodus (above), Resurrect comes complete with comprehensive documentation, one-to-one email support and a 45-day money back guarantee.

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Outreach Pro


Outreach Pro by StudioPress is another great looking responsive WordPress theme from the popular theme development studio.

Much like Evangelist, Outreach Pro has little to offer on the dedicated church-type website functionality front, but a whole host of options and advantages in its design. All StudioPress themes are designed with structure, clear columns, and vibrant colors — Outreach Pro is no different.

The theme, however, is a bit pricey at $99.95. For that much, you would assume that you would get at least a few dedicated capabilities that a church would require, like sermon management.

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Real Church


Real Church is one of the most functional church WordPress themes I've ever come across.

Sermon management is taken to an all-new level in Real Church with support for audio sermons, video sermons, and transcripts as attachments or as PDFs. 7 custom post types feature in the theme: event, sermon, gallery, portfolio, testimonial, price, and pastor. The event type allows you to provide the vitals of the event, such as the start & end times. A Google map showing the location of the event can also be inserted into the post. The special pastor post types allows you to write about and feature various pastors on your church's website.

Pages are built with a drag ‘n' drop page builder. Over 450 font styles are available, with a built-in translator and multiple shortcodes at your disposal.

The only thing that might not be so hot about Real Church is its looks. They'll definitely do in a pinch, but they really aren't very striking or memorable to me. At $50, though, the functionality Real Church offers is a steal.

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In our experience, many church themes are slowly shifting their focus from simple, passive information hubs to multimedia conversion sites. Just browsing through this list should be proof enough. Therefore, a theme such as Salvation needs to do a lot of work in order to stand out.

The first thing you’ll notice about Salvation is its bright and airy default color scheme. The light and friendly style is likely to work well for many church-related sites. Of course, you’re not stuck with the default look. The theme’s dedicated options panel contains plenty of customizations you can use to create something unique.

There’s also lots of additional functionality included, which can be accessed through a variety of dedicated widgets and post types. For example, you can use the PayPal widget to solicit donations, and there’s even an audio post type to help you offer recordings of sermons on your site.

Overall, Salvation is a fairly simple theme, with an attractive look and some useful features. It could be a solid choice for showcasing a traditional church, although you may want to look elsewhere for a more cutting-edge ministry.

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Our Church


Our Church is an easy to use and well-designed theme suitable for any church site.

The multiple customizable design and styling options help to create a distinctive and modern site. Customizable design elements like seemingly unlimited color options, 600+ Google Fonts and 600+ icons can be easily implemented using the drag-and-drop Visual Composer plugin. And if you don’t want to play around with design elements (including parallax scrolling), you can choose from 40+ predefined layouts.

Our Church also enables you to easily set up important functionality. Custom posts are available for you to create sections for sermons, events and prayer lists/resources; all you need to do is add the content. You also create an event calendar with Google Calendar integration to display your schedules and operating hours.

All in all, Our Church offers impressive functionality against a backdrop of an elegant and responsive design.

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Forgiven is a responsive theme that can empower any type of church, especially contemporary churches, to create a well-designed and functional site. The theme relies on various premium plugins to achieve an interactive and modern design, and has quite a few features to display key content.

The premium plugins offer interactive design elements to create a visually appealing site. The Visual Composer plugin enables you to drag-and-drop page and post elements to quickly create distinctive pages. The Envira Gallery, Soliloquy Slider and Slider Revolution plugins enable you to add custom animated content galleries and sliders to any page or post. Complement these elements with the right colors, fonts and styling to achieve a contemporary site.

Forgiven also provides custom posts to quickly setup key content pages like sermons and lectures. The custom posts enable you to input lectures, events, sermons, and meetings in text, video or audio formats. You can use the Events Calendar WordPress plugin to set up a complete event and activities calendar.

This functionality, coupled with the customizable design features, makes Forgiven a great choice for any church site.

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Hopes is a highly customizable and responsive theme most suitable for building an interactive church site.

The advanced theme options panel, shortcodes and a drag-and-drop Visual Composer enable you to easily build a modern site. You can use the theme options panel to implement just about any color combination or layout, not to mention various other design changes you may want to make. Shortcodes cater to more detailed typography changes and advanced layout styling needs. These various options enable you to mix and match the multiple design elements on offer to create distinct pages.

In addition to the numerous design choices, Hopes includes the Slider Revolution plugin to help produce a more interactive theme. You can use it to organize and elegantly showcase your Church events, meetings and any other media you want to display.

Hopes also relies on various plugins like Business Hours Pro (to display business and office hours, and other church meeting timings), Church Theme Content (to quickly display sermons, events, people and locations) and the Events Calendar (for all event management functions) to deliver functionality.

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  1. Great selection of themes, and several of them looks awsome! I have a friend working on a project for a local church, and this list will be perfect for that project, and I will send him the link!

  2. Hello!

    All these themes are beautiful!
    I have a question:
    what we get after purchasing a theme, a zip file (the source code)?
    what is the language of these themes? english? because I want one in french

    1. Hi Rija,

      Yes, you will get a zip file to upload to your WordPress site. The default language of all the themes is English, but some of them can be translated into other languages, including French, quite easily. To be sure, click through to the theme details page of the themes you like the look of and read the full description: if the theme is translatable, usually it will say somewhere. You can always ask the theme author to be doubly sure.

  3. we purchased saint church about 2 months ago i was trying to install and there are files missing and cant install”please advise”?
    Installing the theme…

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme install failed.

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