9 Best Crowdfunding WordPress Themes 2020

If you want to run your own crowdfunding campaign then these WordPress themes can help you build a suitable website. In fact, with some of the crowdfunding WordPress themes in this collection, you can also let others add their own campaigns to your website.

The designs of the themes in this collection cover a range of causes, industries, and project types so no matter what type of crowdfunding campaign you are planning, you should be able to find a suitable option here.

However, perhaps most importantly, these themes also include all the features needed to accept, manage, and promote the campaigns as well as collect money from investors and sponsors. Many of these crowdfunding WordPress themes also give you multiple options covering how you can handle the money coming into your website, including PayPal, Stripe, and other integrations.

Most of these themes for creating crowdfunding websites have multiple pre-built demos so be sure to check them all out.

1. Backnow

Backnow is a crowdfunding and fundraising WordPress theme with a stylish website demo.

When setting up your crowdfunding website with Backnow, you get a good amount of control over how your site will look. Thanks to the theme options and settings, you can choose from an impressive selection of header layouts for your website. You can also easily adjust the background image or choose a background pattern for your site. As this theme aims to provide you with everything needed to create a professional looking fundraising website with WordPress, you won’t need to add anything extra to your site unless you want to. Of course, you will need to edit the demo text and images to match the details of your campaign, but apart from that, Backnow is ready to go.

If you check out the Backnow demo website, you’ll see that this theme can be used to crowdfund for one campaign or be used to create a crowdfunding platform where users can sign up and publish their own campaigns. Therefore, whether you want to raise funds for your latest project, or you want to create your own crowdfunding business, Backnow is a good option.

To help you and your users monitor and manage their campaigns, Backnow has a highly functional admin dashboard. Through this panel, you can see easy to understand visual representations of the campaigns, including charts and graphs. As this theme was built to integrate with the WP Crowdfunding plugin, all the necessary functionality is available to your site when you choose Backnow for your project. Another plugin that comes with the Backnow theme is the Elementor page builder tool, giving you the ability to customize the design and appearance of your website through a drag-and-drop user interface.

Backnow is an impressive tool for creating a wide range of crowdfunding and fundraising websites with WordPress.

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2. StartupIdea

StartupIdea aims to provide you with everything needed to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Starting with the design of this theme, StartupIdea provides you with two purpose-built website templates that will help you promote your campaign in style. The templates have all the features and sections your website is likely to need, giving you a quick and easy way to launch your campaign. If you want to carry out any customization work, the premium Visual Composer page builder plugin is included in the package, adding a visual editor to WordPress.

StartupIdea isn’t just focused on good design, though. In the theme package, you’ll find all the features required to start and manage a crowdfunding campaign including the ability to collect payments. PayPal and Stripe integration comes as standard, including the ability to use the adaptive payment feature from PayPal.

When it comes to managing your campaigns, the purpose-built WP Crowdfunding plugin included in the package too. This gives you access to a powerful dashboard that makes it easy to see exactly what’s going on at any time. If you want to upgrade to the premium version of the WP Crowdfunding plugin, anyone who purchases StartupIdea gets a discount off the full price.

With lots of customization options, not to mention a good set of crowdfunding features, StartupIdea could be the all-in-one package you’re looking for.

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3. Backer

Backer is another stylish all-in-one crowdfunding website builder for WordPress users.

Packed with all the features you’ll need to create your own website for promoting a single campaign or building a crowdfunding platform where other people can sign up and publish their campaigns, Backer is definitely a theme to consider when working on this type of project.

By using this theme with the recommended WordPress plugins, your website will be able to run multiple campaigns at once, collect funds from your backers, and distribute that money in the way that you want. You can easily define how donations are made and how the funding system works. With options that cover the rewards available to your backers, campaign goals, and much more, there’s no reason why you can’t create your own website to rival the major players in the crowdfunding space.

If you do want to let other users sign up and publish their own campaigns, Backer has all the templates your website will need. Thanks to this, everything, including registering and logging in, creating the campaigns, and monitoring their progress, takes place on the front-end of your website with no need to access the WordPress Dashboard and admin pages. If you want to customize any of the templates that make up the Backer theme, then the process for doing so is very straightforward. Changing the colors, fonts, and other display settings all takes place through an intuitive user interface, ensuring you’re able to configure your site to look the way that you want.

If you’re new to creating websites with WordPress, Backer comes with all the documentation you should need to launch your own crowdfunding site.

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4. FundingPress

FundingPress can help you crowdfund your latest venture, regardless of how big or small your goals are.

With the ability to accept payments through PayPal, Stripe, and WePay, FundingPress has everything needed to raise money right out of the box. After installing the theme on your WordPress website, you can begin creating projects. There’s no limit to the number of projects you can setup, making this a great theme for running one or many campaigns at once.

As well as creating projects, FundingPress gives you the ability to customize your website in many different ways. Switching the color scheme is probably the quickest way to modify your website with FundingPress, however, you can just as easily make other adjustments through the theme options control panel. If you want to get even more creative, there’s a page builder tool at hand to help you design unique content layouts or edit the demo content.

When visiting your crowdfunding website, your visitors can easily browse your projects and find the ones that they’re most interested in. The front-end forms make it painless for your visitors to become backers of a campaign or even submit a request to start their own. Your audience can use the optional social login feature to access your site using their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts.

If you’re not sure if you have the ability to create a crowdfunding website, FundingPress comes with all the documentation to help you complete your project.

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5. Crowdmerc

CrowdMerc claims to be the ultimate solution for crowdfunding websites, and its feature list makes it hard to disagree.

Whatever type of fundraising project you are working on, there’s a good chance that CrowdMerc can help. With a focus on helping startups, charities, NGOs, and other projects reach their goals, this theme should definitely be on your shortlist. The three unique homepage layouts will instantly help you lay the foundation for your new WordPress crowdfunding website, while the useful set of features will add all the necessary functionality to your site.

One of the core features of CrowdMerc is the built-in fundraising solution. Thanks to this, you can create your own custom fundraising campaigns, publish them on your website, and then start collecting payments from your supporters and backers online. Creating rewards for your sponsors and backers is very straightforward too, helping you encourage your visitors to sign up and make a pledge. You can even promote events on your website, giving you the ability to sell tickets and raise funds for them. Whether you’re listing a single campaign or multiple projects, CrowdMerc is more than up to the task.

Thanks to the modern design of this theme, your website will have a trustworthy and credible appearance that should allay any concerns your visitors might have about signing up and backing one of your campaigns. This intuitive design also makes it easy for your audience to browse the different campaigns running on your website, regardless of the type of device they are using to access your site. If you want to change any aspect of the design of your site, the included page builder tool simplifies the process considerably. You can also use the theme options to adjust the fonts, colors, and other visual properties of your crowdfunding website with CrowdMerc.

Regardless of what you’re raising funds for, the CrowdMerc theme is a feature-rich and attractive option.

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6. Born To Give

Born To Give has more features than the average crowdfunding WordPress theme to give you even greater options.

With a fully featured events management tool and support for the leading multilingual WordPress plugins, Born To Give could be a good choice if you want to combine events with your crowdfunding campaigns while also attempting to appeal to a wider audience in different languages.

If you do want to incorporate events into your website, the management tool makes setting up recurring, free or paid, ticketed, and registration only events very straightforward. The events could be part of your campaigns or just an extra element you offer to your audience. You also get the option of holding the events online or creating in-person meetups.

Born To Give also includes the leading Visual Composer page builder plugin enabling you to customize almost every aspect of the design of your website. The premium Slider Revolution plugin is also in the Born To Give theme package to help you create interactive slideshows to promote your crowdfunding campaigns.

Once you’ve created one or more crowdfunding campaigns on your website, the features of Born To Give make it easy for your audience to make payments. PayPal, Stripe, and the other leading payment gateways can all be integrated with your site in just a few clicks.

If you want to promote a good cause with the ability to raise funds, accept donations, and run crowdfunding campaigns, Born To Give is a powerful theme with a great design.

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7. Funlin

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8. Unity

Unity is a professional crowdfunding theme built to work with the popular Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

To help ensure your website has the right design for the type of campaigns and crowdfunding you’ll be running, Unity gives you four different demos to choose from. However, all of the four Unity demos share a high-quality design that will help portray a professional and trustworthy image to your audience.

As well as giving you the option of using the features of the Easy Digital Downloads plugin, Unity also integrates with the Crowdfunding WordPress plugin from Astoundify. This should ensure you get access to all the features your website will need when it comes to raising funds. Full WooCommerce support is also included as standard with this theme.

Another useful plugin that the Unity theme integrates with is the premium Visual Composer page builder that’s also included in the package. Thanks to this, you can easily customize any of the demo content that makes up this theme. Slider Revolution is part of the package too, helping you add animated slideshows to your website from within your WordPress dashboard. Another way that you can customize the Unity theme is to use the settings and options of the admin control panel. There are also multiple header and footer layouts to choose from when setting up your website.

Unity makes it easy for both you and your visitors to submit and manage crowdfunding campaigns from your WordPress website.

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9. GoodWork

GoodWork is a feature-rich crowdfunding theme that can equal some of the best-selling multipurpose themes on ThemeForest in terms of its features, design, and the bundled plugins on offer.

This crowdfunding theme makes use of an elegant and minimalistic design, which will help your site project a professional image to backers and campaigners alike. The homepage can display multiple campaigns, or be configured to explain more about the website itself.

GoodWork integrates with WooCommerce, the number one WordPress eCommerce plugin, which is used to handle the checkout and payment aspects of the site. The theme also relies on the IgnitionDeck crowdfunding plugin to add the necessary campaign features to your site.  The bundled premium plugins that come with this theme include the Visual Composer drag and drop page builder, Revolution Slider, and the Fancybox image viewer, with no extra costs involved.

If you plan on adding a blog to your site, then GoodWork will appeal as it includes a range of options for how blog posts are displayed including a Tumblr-style layout, AJAX loading posts, and a few more options.

GoodWork is certainly a good looking, feature-packed option which, thanks to the bundled premium plugins, represents great value.

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