9 Best Crowdfunding WordPress Themes 2017



Campaignify has been designed to help you build a great looking website which can promote a single crowdfunding campaign. With this theme your homepage can feature an attractive counter that displays the total raised so far, how much is left to go, and the number of days left.

By using this theme to publish your campaign, you can get access to all the excellent features of the best crowdfunding services, without having to adhere to their guidelines and restrictions, while also preventing your visitors from being distracted by the other campaigns you are sharing the site with.

Campaignify boasts a quick setup process so you can get your campaign online in no time at all and starting raising money for your project. Also, by using this theme you will be able to ensure your website is fully responsive so that your prospective investors can sign up and begin supporting you, no matter where they are and what device they are using.

The appealing design of this site can easily be tweaked to suit a range of projects including technology, artistic, and non-profit campaigns, making it a very versatile option. The theme has also been built to integrate with a range of useful plugins that make it easy to collect payments from your backers via a number of methods.  In addition, the theme integrates with the purpose built Fundify Crowdfunding plugin, which is used to handle all the crowdfunding features.

Campaignify has a great look and feel that will ensure your project gets the presentation it deserves, while still being a theme that is very easy to setup and use.

Price: $55
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Fundify goes one step further than Campaignify and allows you to build a complete crowdfunding website with WordPress. This theme lets you create a site where you can publish multiple campaigns, and also invite other users to join and promote their own campaigns.

Getting started with Fundify is very easy and when it comes to starting a new campaign it’s just a case of setting the goal amount and target date, and then defining some backer rewards to persuade visitors to invest in the project.

This theme integrates with the Fundify Crowdfunding plugin and also the Easy Digital Downloads plugin, with the latter being used to handle the checkout process and collecting contributions. There is also the option of integrating Fundify with the premium WePay payment gateways plugins. Doing this allows you to collect pledged payments once your goal has been met, rather than at the time the pledges are made..

Other features include a responsive design for mobile compatibility, front end campaign submissions, custom widgets, and support for the free PayPal Standard Payments plugin.

If you want to promote multiple campaigns on your own, or those from others, Fundify has all the features and design elements you need.

Price: $60
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Franklin is a very professional looking theme that will suit anyone who is serious about crowdfunding their next project.

A site built using this WordPress theme can contain multiple campaigns, each from different authors. The individual campaign pages are elegantly designed and make it very easy to see the key details of the projects. There is support for full width videos to help better promote each campaign, and the campaign creator gets their own profile on the site to ensure readers can get a deeper understanding of the project and the people behind it.

All the standard crowdfunding features are present, including setting targets, goals, and deadlines. By using free plugins, pledges can be collected instantly, while integrating with premium plugins allows you to accept pre-approved pledges that are only paid when the goal is met.

Theme features include six preset color pallets to choose from, a color picker, eight background textures, six custom widgets, crisp retina-ready graphics, and a 100% mobile first responsive design.

Whether you want to promote a single campaign or multiple projects from multiple authors, Franklin is a great looking choice.

Price: $45
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Backer is a theme for hosting multiple projects that are in search of funding. Through your website visitors can browse the projects that have been added in order to find one they want to support. Alternatively they can create their own project in the hope of finding backers and getting enough funding to launch.

The Backer crowdfunding theme makes use of the popular IgnitionDeck plugin which adds all the necessary features to your site. The plugin comes in free and premium versions, depending on your needs.

The modern, clean, and minimalistic design of the Backer theme makes it a great choice for a range of different projects, and its neutral appearance shouldn’t deter would-be users from signing up.

With custom graphics to display the amounts raised so far, project countdown timers, retina ready images, and a highly responsive design, Backer has everything you need for building a professional crowdfunding website with WordPress.

Price: $53
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FUNDER aims to make it as simple as possible to create a new campaign on your crowdfunding WordPress website. Its takes just four steps to launch a new campaign, so whether it’s you the site owner, or a visitor, creating a new campaign, there won’t be anything getting in the way.

The active campaigns are displayed on the homepage, allowing visitors to quickly see the opportunities on offer to them. Alternatively they can use the search tool or filter the campaigns by category to better see what is on offer. There is also a very easy to use one page front end submission form for submitting a campaign to the site.

The individual campaign pages are nicely designed and make it easy to see exactly what the project entails, and who has already become a backer.

FUNDER  has some good features that make it well worth a closer look.

Price: $45
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GoodWork is a feature-rich crowdfunding theme that can equal some of the best-selling multipurpose themes on ThemeForest in terms of its features, design, and the bundled plugins on offer.

This crowdfunding theme makes use of an elegant and minimalistic design, which will help your site project a professional image to backers and campaigners alike. The homepage can display multiple campaigns, or be configured to explain more about the website itself.

GoodWork integrates with WooCommerce, the number one WordPress eCommerce plugin, which is used to handle the checkout and payment aspects of the site. The theme also relies on the IgnitionDeck crowdfunding plugin to add the necessary campaign features to your site.  The bundled premium plugins that come with this theme include the Visual Composer drag and drop page builder, Revolution Slider, and the Fancybox image viewer, with no extra costs involved.

If you plan on adding a blog to your site, then GoodWork will appeal as it includes a range of options for how blog posts are displayed including a Tumblr-style layout, AJAX loading posts, and a few more options.

GoodWork is certainly a good looking, feature-packed option which, thanks to the bundled premium plugins, represents great value.

Price: $55
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Gig is ideal for anyone building a website to promote campaigns with a focus on music and performance. If you want a more personalized and tailored design for your site, as opposed to a generic feel, then Gig could be just what you’ve been looking for.

Gig is more than just a crowdfunding theme, and has all the features necessary to successfully promote a band or musician online. These features include provisions for displaying band member profiles, music, events, and of course a blog.

Thanks to its full support for the IgnitionDeck crowdfunding plugin, adding a campaign to your site related to the band or musician being promoted is very straightforward.

Changing the color accent of the site to match the contents is easy thanks to the color picker, adding image galleries and other multimedia content is also very straightforward thanks to the use of a selection of custom post types.

If you want a good all-round package for promoting a musical project, including their music, band members, and the events they are booked at, which also includes the ability to run crowdfunding campaigns, then Gig has been built especially for you.

Price: $55
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Mission has been created to build a WordPress website that promotes a church online. Therefore it has all the features such a site might ever need, including the ability to run crowdfunding campaigns.

Mission integrates with the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin and the IgnitionDeck crowdfunding plugin to handle orders and pledges, as well as managing the other crowdfunding features of your site.

Customizing the Mission church theme is easy thanks to the good selection of color schemes on offer. There is also a color picker which can be used to create your own color skins.

The theme comes with 50 support videos so setting up your site and making the most of the features on offer is not a problem.

Whether you want to raise money for charity, or crowdfund the building of a new church, Mission is a great theme that ticks all the boxes.

Price: $60
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Be Human


Be Human has been designed for anyone who needs to build a website for a charity or non-profit organization using WordPress. All aspects of promoting a charity online and managing its website can be found in this theme.

When it comes to crowdfunding, the Ignition Deck plugin is used to great effect, making it very easy to create and manage multiple campaigns on your site. The theme also has an area where the latest campaign can be displayed prominently on the website, catching the attention of all who visit the site.

With Be Human, it’s also easy to add an online store to your site using the free WooCommerce plugin. If your charity or non-profit manages or promotes events, then the integration with the WP Event Manager plugin means adding those items to your website is very straightforward too.

When it comes to the visual design of the Be Human WordPress theme, the layout is 100% responsive for use on screens of all sizes, as well as being retina ready for the new generation of high resolution displays. There are also 22 background patterns to choose from, unlimited color options via the color picker, and a selection of shortcodes for inserting various page elements into the content.

If you are building a website for a charity or NGO that needs to feature crowdfunding campaigns, then Be Human is your best option.

Price: $55
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