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14 Best Drag and Drop WordPress Themes 2021

1. Divi

Divi is a highly flexible theme that combines great design with an intuitive, yet powerful page builder tool.

The Divi Builder is not just an add-on to this theme, but is instead tightly integrated into its core. This allows you to quickly build professional looking page layouts with ease, all through a visual, drag and drop interface.

For those that aren’t ready, or don’t need to build their own page layouts from scratch, Divi thankfully ships with 18 high quality pre-made layouts that can be used as is, or modified using the builder.

When creating your layouts with the drag and drop Divi Builder tool, you never have to worry about how your website will look on smaller screen devices, such as smartphones and tablets, as the whole package is fully responsive.

Thanks to the attractive pre-made layouts and impressive library of modules that can be added to your pages, the Divi theme and its drag and drop builder really does give you the freedom to build almost any website you want, without editing any code.

As Divi is an Elegant Themes product, it can be yours along with over 80 themes for one low price.

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2. X

X is one of the best-selling WordPress themes at the leading ThemeForest marketplace and it’s been totally revamped and updated for this year.

As part of the new and improved package, you will find over a dozen premium plugins that can be used to add a whole wealth of useful features to your website. These extensions cover marketing tools, newsletter integrations, sliders, image galleries, and more. Some of these tools have been created exclusively for X. This means that they will integrate seamlessly with this theme, while also not being available elsewhere.

Amongst the third-party integrations you will find the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin. This tool adds a drag and drop page builder to your website which can then be used to create custom layouts from scratch, or be used to modify the existing templates that come with X. As WPBakery also comes with its own extensive library of modules, there really is no limit to the type of pages you can build with this best-selling tool.

X is a package that contains multiple themes within a theme, and thanks to the addition of the drag and drop page builder tool, you can now create as many custom page layouts as your project demands.

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3. Avada

4. Magzine

5. Parallax


Parallax has been created by the Themify team which means it comes complete with their bespoke drag and drop page builder tool.

As well as the power of the builder tool, this theme isn’t lacking in features of its own. As the name suggests you get a one page website that makes use of the impressive parallax scrolling effect.

While this theme is pretty flexible, those looking for a solution for creating an online portfolio or marketing website for an agency will find Parallax a good match for their needs.

When it comes to the included Themify Builder, this tool allows you to create your custom page designs either from the back end of your website, or by using the tool’s front end view and the live preview it gives you. To help you get started, Builder ships with a selection of useful pre-built layouts, while also giving you the ability to save your designs for quick reuse. You can even import and export your designs between sites.

Considering the Themify Builder is available on its own as a plugin for $39 and that you can get all the themes from this theme club for just $79, Parallax is a great value option.

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6. BeTheme

7. Total


Total brings front end drag and drop editing to WordPress, all wrapped up in an attractive design.

As this is a multipurpose WordPress theme, it should be easily adaptable for any project and website you are working on, thanks to the full range of website skins on offer. Furthermore, each of the included skins can be customized through the theme options control panel, or through the integrated page builder tool.

That is not all you get with Total though as this package includes the premium Layer Slider, Slider Revolution, and Page Template Manager plugins. This high level of functionality makes it very easy to create the type of website you need, without having to reinvent the wheel and build your layouts from scratch.

With Total you can choose a skin that matches your requirements, then customize it in order to stamp your personality on the project.

Demo  Download

8. Uncode

9. Bridge


Bridge includes over 50 pre-built configurations which allow you to set your website up based one on the included templates in just a few clicks. If 50 layouts isn’t enough for you, there are even more on the way, helping to make this one of the most multipurpose WordPress themes available.

For even more flexibility, Bridge also comes with the premium WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder plugin. This means that not only can you create your own custom page layouts from scratch, but you can also modify any of the included templates to make them your own.

Bridge includes many of the most popular features found in the best WordPress themes. This includes animated transitions, full screen video backgrounds, content sliders, custom mega menus, a library of shortcodes, and a responsive layout with retina support.

Thanks to the large amount of pre-built website templates, there is little chance that any two websites built with Bridge will look the same.

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10. Leadengine

11. Enfold


Enfold has been created by experienced theme developer Kriesi, one of the leading theme designers at the busy ThemeForest marketplace.

In a bid to build one of the most user friendly WordPress themes available, Enfold was born, and product marries an intuitive set of controls with an attractive design to help it become a very popular drag and drop WordPress theme.

As Enfold comes complete with a selection of pre-built configurations, including restaurant, business, portfolio, blogging, and coming soon website templates, it’s easy to apply a totally unique look and feel to your website at the touch of a few buttons.

However, if you want to go it alone and build your own design, you can still take advantage of the features of Enfold and build your own template by using the integrated drag and drop editor.

Despite its ease of use, Enfold comes with online documentation and narrated videos to help you get your website up and running as quickly as possible.

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12. Valenti


Valenti is another news theme that will be of interest to anyone building a website with a busy content publishing schedule.

To allow you to create the ideal homepage layout that is tailored to the type of content you will be publishing, the Valenti drag and drop builder tool gives you all the power you need. This tool can also be used on the inner pages of your website, giving you plenty of freedom to build the website you want.

Valenti employs many of the latest design features to help make your content stand out from the crowd in a bid to draw busy readers deeper into your website. These little touches include animated hover effects, background image slideshows, parallax scrolling effects, full width featured images, and a range of interesting layout configurations.

The unique visual effects of Valenti and its customization tools make it a great choice for those looking for something different from their WordPress theme.

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13. Cardinal


Cardinal comes with 30 demo configurations which can be applied to your website in just a few clicks. These aren’t just 30 different colour skins, but 30 different types of website which can be used to create a wide number of sites, in many different styles.

For those that demand even more personalization, each of the elements that make up the separate demo sites can be combined and reconfigured to help you create your own custom design. Furthermore, Cardinal includes a drag and drop page builder tool that allows you to go a step further and really customize the individual elements, or even create your own designs from scratch.

To help you build the website you’ve always wanted, Cardinal also ships with a selection of some of the most popular premium plugins, as well compatibility with a whole host of other useful add-ons for WordPress.

Demo  Download

14. Revelance


Revelance is a newly released WordPress theme that has been created especially for anyone building a website for an agency. However, as this is a very flexible theme, the types of agency websites that can be built with Revelance is highly varied.

Whether it’s a creative, design, fashion, PR, or other similar type of agency you are looking to promote online, Revelance and its selection of page template and layout modes can be easily personalized thanks to the integration of a drag and drop page builder tool.

As well as being easy to use, this drag and drop builder is packed with a library of useful elements which can be inserted into place to help you build the pages layouts you need.

With a wealth of features and extensive online documentation, there is no reason why you can’t build the perfect WordPress website with Revelance.

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