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34 Best eCommerce WordPress Themes 2023

These days more and more retailers are adding or moving to online stores, and they’re always looking for ways to sell or market themselves online. Online selling is a corner of the internet that is growing quickly, with no signs of slowing down, and it’s a great way to reach a wide customer base.

Small sellers may not have the infrastructure to support sprawling websites as major retailers do or the budget to pay developers, but they still want to stand out from the crowd. WordPress is one option for filling that niche, as a number of its themes are being designed with eCommerce in mind.

Here is a list we’ve compiled of our favorite eCommerce themes, running the gamut from simple online stores to multipurpose websites. You’re sure to find something here that will meet your online selling needs!

To learn more about eCommerce with WordPress, also check out our tutorials on how to create a new store from scratch and optimize an existing one for performance.

1. Botiga

Botiga is a sleek, modern eCommerce theme that offers an easy solution for showcasing and highlighting your products.

It features a minimalist, elegant design that is versatile enough for just about any brand. It comes with plenty of customization options, a user-friendly admin interface, and a one-click demo importer. You also get access to multiple listing and checkout styles, three product gallery designs, and various product cart layouts.

Another highlight is that Botiga includes product search, recommendation, and filter features. You can also leverage badge styles to draw attention to special deals and discounts. This can improve your customers’ shopping experience while making it easier to promote specific items. 

If you want to add a blog to your online shop, you can choose from Botiga’s six blog archive layouts. All in all, this theme is a quality option for building a visually appealing and user-friendly storefront.

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2. Metro

Metro is a minimal eCommerce theme with seven different homepage designs.

Before we get to the design and templates that come with Metro, it’s worth highlighting that this theme comes with a pack of premium add-ons for WooCommerce. Because of this, you can instantly add some useful functionality to your online shop that you would otherwise have to pay extra to access. Examples of these add-ons include the product variation swatches extension and the production variation gallery module, details of which you can view on the theme website.

Thanks to the selection of homepage templates and other layouts in the Metro package, you can use this theme to make many different types of online shops with WordPress. As the overall design and style of the Metro theme can be described as minimal, the templates in the package lend themselves to a wide range of products and brands. Thanks to this, no matter what type of eCommerce business you run or you’d like to start, there’s a good chance that you’ll find a suitable set of templates here.

If you do check out the Metro store demos, you’ll see that they’ve been configured to promote fashion items, accessories, and furniture. Therefore, if you’re selling any of these types of products or similar items, then Metro should be ready to go. However, as mentioned, the minimal design of this theme makes it ideal for almost any type of product, so don’t be put off if the type of items you sell aren’t represented in the demos.

While you do get access to some stylish and minimal homepage layouts, the Metro theme also comes with lots of product pages, including individual product page templates and product category layouts. In fact, there are multiple templates for all of the pages your online shop is likely to need, including the cart, checkout, and customer account sections. As you build your store, you can simply pick and choose from the available options to get your site looking just how you’d like it.

Metro combines useful eCommerce tools with a full set of templates to give your store the look it needs.

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3. Divi

In today’s competitive market, an eCommerce website has to do more than merely present a functional storefront; it also needs to be stunning to look at. With the astonishingly popular Divi (our review), there’s plenty of power on hand to create a gorgeous-looking online store.

Divi is an immensely popular theme, suited to all manner of applications. However, when coupled with the bundled WooCommerce plugin, it’s transformed into an eCommerce beast. The native drag-and-drop page builder (called the Divi Builder) enables you to get your hands dirty when designing layouts, with an almost limitless array of options at your disposal. For those who wish to get up and running straight away, there are a number of pre-built layouts, covering homepages, portfolios, eCommerce storefronts, and much more.

In a nutshell, Divi’s versatility is its greatest asset – and there are thousands of existing customers who feel the same way. If you’re looking for a powerful and popular theme for your eCommerce website, it is one of the very best on the market.

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4. Astra

Astra has multiple eCommerce demos for your online store.

This popular WordPress theme (see our Astra vs Divi comparison) is a very good choice for anyone starting a new eCommerce store or looking for a fresh design for their existing shop. To help you make your website a success, Astra comes with lots of useful features. Some examples include extras for enhancing the navigation of your site, a wealth of customization options and tools, and a large library of editable templates.

Astra also has a strong focus on performance, with optimized code for fast loading times and small files for quick downloads. In addition to lots of eCommerce templates, Astra comes with a library of blog and portfolio templates for sharing your latest news and showcasing your products.

The WooCommerce-compatible features of Astra are worth a closer look.

5. MinimogWP

MinimogWP can help you sell almost any product online.

Thanks to a huge library of eCommerce demos, you can build a wide range of online stores with this theme. With general-purpose demos as well as more niche options, whether you’re just selling one type of product or a large variety of items, MinimogWP should work for your eCommerce store.

While the demos are well designed, the eCommerce features of MinimogWP are very impressive. Some of the tools you can use on your store if you choose this theme include product bundles, quantity discounts, sale countdown timers, and 360-degree product views. MinimogWP also has multivendor support, giving you the option of letting people sign up at your store and list their products for sale.

The video tutorials that come with MinimogWP will help you make the most of this theme.

6. Machic

Machic is a WooCommerce theme for selling electronics online.

The many Machic demos have all been built for displaying and promoting electronics products online with WordPress. The demos cover a range of styles and are suitable for stores with small and large inventories. If you want to promote a few select products, then there’s a demo for that. Alternatively, if you run a store with a huge product range, Machic and its templates are suitable for that type of project, too.

Machic has good marketplace support. Due to this, it’s a solid option for anyone who wants to let multiple vendors sign up and list their products for sale on their site. Elementor support makes this a theme that’s easy to customize, whether that’s a little or a lot.

Machic gives you many different ways to display your products on your website.

7. Goya

Goya is a modern and minimalist general-purpose eCommerce WordPress theme. They offer two demos for fashion and home decor stores but the neutral designs of the demos make it easy to adapt them for any kind of online store.

Both of the demos come with a good selection of templates for your website. The homepage templates are very attractive and give you lots of opportunities to welcome your customers, introduce them to your business, and share some of your products. You can also publish testimonials and reviews from your previous customers, adding social proof and credibility to your store.

Plus, Goya has lots of online store-related templates. For example, there are multiple shop layouts for displaying lists of your products. When it comes to the individual product page templates, there’s a good range of options, including full-width layouts, more traditional fixed-width designs, and many other styles.

To help you showcase your products, there are also features like a carousel, zoom, and video pop-up tools. By combining some or all of these features, you should be able to display your products in the best way for your store and target audience.

It’s really worth checking out the Goya demos to see what type of store you could create with this theme.

8. Shoptimizer

Shoptimizer is a WooCommerce theme from CommerceGurus built around the twin objectives of speed and conversions.

Research has shown that even a one-second delay results in a 7% reduction in conversions, so it’s great to see that Shoptimizer scores incredibly well across all the major speed benchmarking services. To help keep your store loading as quickly as possible, Shoptimizer has the ability to automatically minify its stylesheet, delivering a dramatic improvement on loading times. Key pages load almost instantly and the theme feels very responsive as a result. Combined with a good web host, this theme should reduce the chances of your visitors hitting the back button due to long loading times.

CommerceGurus has added a number of conversion-focused features too, including a distraction-free checkout option, trust badges beside key call-to-action buttons, and a call-me-back option.

Furthermore, this theme has been designed to be ‘mobile-first’ to ensure smartphone users are able to shop with ease at your store. This mobile-first approach is becoming of increasing importance when it comes to SEO as search engines like Google give preference in their listings to sites that are mobile-friendly.

When it comes to designing your own pages, the lean Elementor page builder is deployed, allowing users to easily create beautiful layouts. You can use this tool to add your own custom page designs to your eCommerce store, as well as customizing the existing content. There are also numerous theme options within the customizer which makes it easy to quickly change fonts, colors, and other settings, and see the results instantly.

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9. TheGem

Almost every eCommerce store owner knows the value of using the right images to promote products. However, sales depend just as much on the design of your website as they do on the quality of your product photography. Fortunately, TheGem has you covered.

While this theme is marketed as a multipurpose solution, TheGem offers full design integration with WooCommerce. There are a number of pre-built layouts included, and by employing the bundled WPBakery Page Builder plugin, you can create almost any layout to match your unique requirements.

TheGem showcases products beautifully. A neat rollover effect reveals an alternative image when a site visitor hovers their mouse over the product thumbnail. In addition, product pages include a review section, counters to show off product statistics, and an Add to Wishlist button.

For creating your eCommerce store, TheGem truly shines. Add it to your wish list and don’t be surprised if your theme search leads right you back to it!

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10. MyDecor

MyDecor has lots of eCommerce features for your store.

Thanks to its eCommerce features, including customer reviews, marketplace support, and product hover functionality, you should be able to build a fully functional eCommerce store with MyDecor. Other features, such as infinite scroll, powerful product filtering, and the ability to run your store in catalog mode, also help to make MyDecor a competitive option.

Regarding demos and templates, MyDecor might not have as many as some of the competition. However, the demos you get access to have very high-quality designs. It’s true that the demos have been configured for selling furniture and other similar types of items; however, if you like the design and layout of them, they can be easily adapted to work for other products. Elementor can be used to customize almost every aspect of this theme.

MyDecor comes with a number of custom elements for Elementor.

11. GoStore

GoStore is another theme that works really well for electronic goods.

The GoStore demos have all been set up with dummy content that compromises mainly electronic products. However, if your store doesn’t fall exactly into that category, don’t be deterred. GoStore should be suitable for many other types of products.

If you do find that GoStore has the right design for your store, then you’ll be pleased to know that this theme has some useful eCommerce features. Some examples include the product quick view, the Ajax-powered search, and the infinite scroll product category page designs, to name just a few. GoStore has multivendor support, should you wish to start an online marketplace with WordPress.

Shoppers can easily filter your products using the custom widgets of GoStore.

12. Hongo

Hongo is a multipurpose eCommerce WordPress theme that can help you sell any type of product online.

With lots of pre-built stores and styles of templates, Hongo should work for almost any type of eCommerce project and be suitable for listing all types of products. The 10 store demos are a mixture of purpose-built options that are focused on a particular type of product, such as jewelry, lingerie, or furniture, as well as a few more general-purpose designs that are suitable for a wide range of items. However, even the purpose-built store demos can be easily adjusted and repurposed for selling other categories of products.

As well as the selection of pre-built store demos, Hongo users can also choose from seven product page styles. Thanks to this, when it comes to publishing a product on your website, you can quickly select the layout that works the best for that particular item. There are also multiple blogging templates to work with, so if you want to announce new product lines or share other news with your visitors, it’s easy to do so with Hongo.

Ecommerce features aren’t in short supply with Hongo. As well as all the pre-built content, you can also ensure that your store functions like the other large online retailers out there, while also looking the part. Some examples of these useful eCommerce features include powerful product filtering to help your customers find what they’re looking for and a product quick view for effortlessly inspecting your items. As you might expect from a popular eCommerce WordPress theme, everything about Hongo is easy to adjust, customize, and improve as necessary.

If you want a large library of eCommerce templates to choose from as well as lots of features, Hongo is a good option.

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13. Riode

Riode is a multipurpose eCommerce WordPress theme that has over 45 store demos.

From fitness equipment and gadgets to clothing and beauty products, plus lots more, Riode has a demo for most types of eCommerce projects. They also offer generic demos that aren’t focused on any particular type of product.

Riode comes bundled with the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin. This easy-to-use tool gives you the ability to customize your store in many different ways, editing the templates and creating new page designs from scratch. It is also compatible with the Elementor page builder plugin, if you’d rather use that tool instead.

This theme comes with many features such as stylish CSS3 animation effects for giving your store an eye-catching design, mega menu functionality for enhancing your drop-down menus, and a live search tool that makes it even easier for your customers to find what they’re looking for. As Riode was built to work with the popular WooCommerce plugins, you can use the huge library of extensions for this tool to add even more eCommerce features to your store and get it working exactly how you want.

Riode uses all the latest ecommerce features to help you build a modern online store with WordPress.

14. Yobazar

Yobazar has been designed to help anyone launch a fashion store.

The demos and overall design of Yobazar are aimed at anyone who wants to start their own eCommerce store selling items relating to fashion, such as clothing, accessories, and jewelry, to name just a few. The templates of Yobazar can be described as bold. They use large images and slideshows to grab the attention of visitors. Their layouts stretch from edge to edge of the browser window, enabling you to fit lots of products on the screen at any one time.

You can easily edit Yobazar and its templates if they don’t quite match your vision. Elementor is the supported page builder tool for carrying out this work, giving you lots of creative options. It’s worth considering choosing Yobazar even if the design isn’t a perfect match for your requirements as it has many eCommerce features that are sure to enhance your store.

Slider Revolution is included for anyone who wants to get really creative with slideshows.

15. Kalium

A lot of eCommerce themes focus solely on presenting a simple and functional look. However, there are subsections of sellers out there requiring more of a unique, relaxed feel for their websites, and Kalium looks to be the theme that caters to them.

This theme is simply presented, and geared towards those selling products such as homemade arts and crafts, or creatives looking for a non-formal vibe. It’s lovely to look at, with a good use of white space giving enough room for each element, and a playful-looking default font to further increase the calming vibe.

Finally, there are over 30 portfolio layouts to choose from – ideal for those who need to showcase their work as well as their products, wrapped up in beautiful design.

Kalium is gorgeous to look at and simple to use, and it’s well worth your consideration if you’re a creative looking for a welcoming atmosphere for your website.

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16. Marketo

Marketo can be used to create single and multivendor online stores that sell a wide range of products.

Whether it will just be you who is selling products from your store or you’d like to create a multivendor marketplace where other sellers can sign up and list their products for sale, Marketo was built with you in mind. To handle the multivendor functionality, this theme has been built to work with all the necessary tools, including the Dokan plugin that adds these features to your WordPress website.

Even if you don’t want to create a multivendor marketplace, Marketo shouldn’t be overlooked. Thanks to a recent update, there are now even more store demos to choose from. Some examples include grocery stores, furniture shops, and sites selling gadgets, to name just a few. Once you’ve made a selection, the demo and all of its templates and settings can be imported into your WordPress dashboard in just a few clicks.

Changing the overall style of your site only takes a few clicks as well. Thanks to the pre-defined color schemes, you can quickly switch the branding of your online store by choosing one of the available options. Like many of the best eCommerce themes out there, you’re not limited to using the pre-defined schemes and can easily create your own if you feel the need.

For those with more specific ideas of how their store should look, the powerful Elementor page builder plugin is the tool that’s supported by Marketo. Due to this, you can open up the templates that make up the Marketo demos and start customizing them through a fully modern drag-and-drop user interface. Whether you want a set of demos and templates that are ready to go or you want to build a unique single or multivendor marketplace, Marketo should definitely be on your shortlist of eCommerce themes to consider.

Marketo has lots more useful features, so be sure to check out the full spec sheet for all the details.

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17. Shopkeeper

Shopkeeper is a gorgeous multipurpose eCommerce theme, striking in its simplicity and bold design. The home page contains a full-screen in-your-face slider, courtesy of the included Slider Revolution plugin, which makes this theme the perfect choice for wowing your visitors.

If the full-page slider packs too big a punch for your taste, you can easily change it – Shopkeeper comes with 10 different home page layouts, plus a pre-built “coming soon” page. In addition, it provides dozens of layouts for shop pages, product demos, portfolio, blog and others (even a wishlist). And with a wide range of header styles and fully customizable design options, you’ll have no problem creating the look you want for your site.

Similar to many other themes, Shopkeeper is fully integrated with the WooCommerce plugin and supports translation with the WPML plugin. It’s extremely easy to navigate and is also responsive to screen size. And it’s easy for you, the site owner, to get help with the extensive documentation, regular updates, and a committed support staff.

You don’t have to use Shopkeeper just as a store – it’s also excellent for building a product catalog, managing inventory or displaying a portfolio. That’s what makes it ideal for shop owners and entrepreneurs alike.

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18. Flatsome

A key element of any successful eCommerce site is a hassle-free user experience. If potential customers can’t navigate your storefront easily, they’ll likely go elsewhere – impacting your sales and profits. By taking advantage of Flatsome’s powerful design capabilities, your website can offer users an enjoyable and easy shopping experience.

Flatsome is based around the bundled WooCommerce plugin, and combined with the built-in page builder, your website will have enough customization options under the hood to satisfy all but the most demanding of designers. Flatsome also incorporates a slider element into its page builder, rather than offering one as a bundled plugin – further increasing the creative power at your fingertips.

Flatsome’s functionality can be expanded further with two optional plugins – one that adds a user wish list, and the other incorporating a live search function into your site.

If you’re looking for a WooCommerce powered solution for your store, with comprehensive design options that can be expanded upon further, you can’t go far wrong with Flatsome.

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19. Mixxcazt

Mixxcazt has creative eCommerce demos for producing a wide range of online shops.

With 30 unique online shop demos, Mixxcazt is an eCommerce theme that should be appealing to many different types of businesses. The demos cover sports equipment, electronics, and food products to name just a few.

This theme offers features that should help you to enhance your store such as advanced mega menus, product filters, and the ability to publish time-sensitive promotions on your website. Plus, Mixxcazt comes with templates for all the other pages your site is likely to need.

As Mixxcazt is compatible with the Elementor plugin, you get a good amount of creative freedom over how the finished design of your store will look. It’s also possible to customize your store in other ways, such as by using the theme options and settings that control things like the colors, fonts, and other visual properties of your website.

20. Savoy

This theme’s namesake is a five-star establishment in central London. It’s apt, therefore, that Savoy is a high-quality theme for classy eCommerce websites.

There are plenty of customization options at hand with this attractive, minimalist theme. You can select from seven different headers styles, and six store layouts including the popular infinite scroll option. If these designs aren’t what you had in mind, the bundled WPBakery Page Builder plugin can help you create almost any design imaginable.

In addition, by employing the bundled Slider Revolution plugin, you can prominently showcase any of your products and create high-converting calls to action.

Given its functionality and customization, Savoy is no slouch. It’s a quality, minimalist theme for eCommerce stores with class, and should be added to your shortlist pronto!

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21. Tonda

Tonda is a stylish eCommerce theme for listing premium products and high-end experiences.

This eCommerce WordPress theme comes in six main varieties, increasing the chances of Tonda being a good match for your online store website. While the designs are different, the elegant style of Tonda runs through each of them, making this theme an obvious choice for those selling items in the arts and crafts, fashion, accessories, and jewelry product spaces. However, as the overall design and appearance of the Tonda theme is pretty neutral, it should work well with a wide range of inventories, brands, and target audiences.

After you’ve chosen one of the Tonda store demos, you can quickly import it into your WordPress website. Thanks to the close integration with the popular WooCommerce plugin, adding products to your store is very easy. You can either enter them manually or import them in bulk into your WordPress website. However, thanks to the large library of add-ons for WooCommerce, if you want to add products to your store in another way, there’s sure to be an extension that can help. In fact, if there’s any feature at all that you want to add to your eCommerce store, this theme and the WooCommerce tools should be able to make it possible.

Another highlight of the Tonda theme is a drop-down cart widget that makes it very easy for your customers to see what items they’ve added to their shopping cart at any time during their journey on your website. There’s also a handy product quick view mode that lets your shoppers instantly get a better look at a product without having to load a new page. Extras like the interactive store locator widget and the pop-up newsletter sign-up form should come in handy too.

The list of Tonda features is very long so if you like the design, this could be the theme to help you launch your online shop with WordPress.

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22. Cerato

Cerato is a multipurpose drag-and-drop WooCommerce WordPress theme.

If you’re looking for a highly flexible eCommerce theme, then Cerato could have everything you need. The developers of this theme have decided to build it around the powerful Elementor page builder plugin. What this means is that you can use the intuitive drag-and-drop editor of this tool to customize all of the templates that make up this theme, as well as use Elementor to add your own new and unique content designs to your online store.

Although the Elementor plugin is free to use, Cerato comes with a set of add-ons for this page builder, making it even more powerful than before. There’s also a selection of other premium plugins in the Cerato package that you’re sure to find useful. One of those tools is the Facebook Messenger Live Chat add-on that gives you the ability to communicate with the visitors to your store through this popular platform. There’s also a WhatsApp-based chat tool for extra communication options. Furthermore, you can use a paid add-on that’s included at no extra cost to add product swatches to your website, giving you more options for showcasing the items that are for sale at your store.

As Cerato is a highly flexible eCommerce theme, you can set your website up in marketplace mode if you want. Doing so will allow other vendors to sign up and start selling their products at your store. You don’t have to use this theme in that way if you don’t want to, but it’s a nice extra to have.

Another way that this theme should appeal to a wide audience is the large library of eCommerce demos that come with it. Thanks to this, you could probably create a store for selling almost any type of product online, including fashion items, electronics, and food.

The bundle of premium add-ons that are included with Cerato makes this a great-value eCommerce theme.

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23. Halena

Halena is a modern eCommerce WordPress theme that’s ideal for creating minimal online stores.

If your brand and products work well with a minimal approach to design, then this stylish eCommerce theme should be on your shortlist. The clean design not only ensures your website loads quickly on a range of devices but also gives your products plenty of room to breathe on the page. If the items in your store look great, then the minimal Halena eCommerce theme could be a good match.

However, that’s not to say that the Halena theme doesn’t have an interesting design. On the contrary, this theme has lots of nice little design touches that will help to impress your visitors and potential new customers. Thanks to the custom-built product quick view mode, your visitors can instantly get a better view of your items, while the AJAX-powered filtering tool makes narrowing down your inventory very straightforward. The hotspot pins are equally impressive, giving your shoppers a quick way to find out more about each item in your store.

Furthermore, like many of the best eCommerce WordPress themes, Halena also comes with a good selection of pre-built layouts for all the pages your store will need. Thanks to this, you not only get a range of options for displaying your projects, but also, all the essential pages, such as the shopping cart, checkout, and customer account areas are all taken care of for you.

If you need to make any changes to any of the Halena pre-built content, this stylish eCommerce WordPress theme package includes the powerful WPBakery Page Builder plugin. With this drag-and-drop content editor at your disposal, you can easily tweak the pre-built templates as well as create your own unique page designs from scratch or by using the library of WPBakery Page Builder templates.

Halena has an impressive eCommerce feature list to help you create a modern online shop with WordPress.

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24. Blance

Blance is a clean and minimal eCommerce WordPress theme that’s powered by the popular WooCommerce plugin.

With six stylish homepage designs in the Blance theme package, you have a few different options for how the front page of your eCommerce store looks. Among these storefront options, is a layout that displays a selection of your best products to visitors as soon as they arrive at your website. There’s also a design that features a large full-width image that can be used to display a photo of your products being used or worn.

When setting up your eCommerce WordPress website, you can also choose from a selection of different header layouts. Thanks to this, you have the option of displaying a large logo in the header of your site or opt for more discrete branding of your online store. The Blance theme is packed with other useful customization options and design choices to help you get your store looking just the way you want. Thankfully, all of this personalization work takes place through a user-friendly interface that anyone you should be able to pick up, regardless of their level of WordPress experience.

Some of the other online shop-focused features that have helped Blance earn a place in this collection of the best eCommerce WordPress themes include the trending products widget and the listing quick view mode. Thanks to these features, you can easily promote your most popular products to your visitors, as soon as they arrive at your site, as well as give your shoppers a way to instantly check out more of the photos and key details of your inventory. Shoppers can also add items to their cart in just one click, without any page loads, thanks to the AJAX-powered eCommerce functionality of this stylish WordPress theme.

As long as your products would suit a stylish and minimal design, Blance could be a good option for your eCommerce store.

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25. Claue

While minimalism might not initially seem the most natural fit for an online store, it can be ideal since it puts the focus entirely on your products. For example, Claue is a simple, minimalist theme that’s specifically geared towards fashion stores.

Claue is all about showing your products off to visitors and encouraging them to buy. You can enable customers to select different product variations such as color and size, and then view corresponding images. Also, you can easily create product bundles and promote items that are frequently bought together, to encourage visitors to add more to their cart. To bring more customers to your store in the first place, you can integrate it with social media and promote your products over your feeds.

What’s more, there are plenty of options that will help you build and customize your shop to your exact requirements. To begin with, there are many demos to choose from, and numerous theme options to personalize your site. You can use WPBakery Page Builder to include product details and even videos, and if you want you can easily add filters that enable customers to search for items with specific attributes.

All-in-all, Claue is a flexible, highly-customizable theme that includes quite a few features to help create a smooth browsing experience for your customers. If you’re looking for a modern, minimalist theme that’s perfectly suited to a clothing store or other fashion site, Claue might just be for you.

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26. Konte

Konte is another impressive minimal WooCommerce theme, but this time aimed at fashion stores.

Although some of the Konte demos have been set up for selling furniture, most of the pre-built templates have been loaded with fashion-related products, such as clothing and accessories. Of course, you’re free to replace the demo content with any product information you like, and due to this, no matter what you’re selling online, Konte could still be a very good choice for your eCommerce shop.

One reason why you should consider Konte is the range of design styles that are in use throughout the multiple store demos. While the main demo sticks to the tried-and-tested format that’s very popular with the best minimal eCommerce themes, the other options include some more unique, and perhaps, interesting layouts.

For example, one of the demos has a split-screen design that can be used to display your products in a few eye-catching formats. As your visitors swipe, scroll, or click through the slides, the next product and its description are revealed. If you want to give your store a look that will help it stand out from the crowd then this demo is definitely worthy of closer inspection.

The other demos with more traditional homepage layouts still present their elements in interesting ways. This includes offset product displays and subtle animation effects to help capture the attention of your potential customers. The product page templates are a varied mixture of traditional designs and more contemporary layouts that you can pick and choose from in order to present your products in the right way.

With user interface features such as product filters, quick views, and multiple hover styles, you can ensure that your online shop delivers the type of user experience your customers would expect from a high-end eCommerce store.

Konte is fully page builder compatible, too, so if you want to customize the templates, you can do so with relative ease.

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27. Atelier

Atelier delivers a high-end look that you’d expect from a premium eCommerce theme. As its name suggests, this theme serves as a studio for creating and displaying your products or services. It comes equipped with a variety of tools you can use to design your site the way you want.

Atelier includes and supports a number of popular plugins, such as Yoast, BuddyPress, WPBakery Page Builder, Gravity Forms, Revolution Slider, and Go Responsive Pricing Tables. It also has a large number of layouts to choose from, with seven demos, three product pages, 10 headers, and more. Shortcodes and a child theme are included as well for easy customization.

With its slick parallax effects and responsive, retina-ready design, Atelier brings a 21st-century twist to a craftsman’s workshop. It’s excellent for selling almost any type of product, from art prints to food to magazines. And as it’s built with HTML5, pages are clean and quick to load.

Atelier gives you what you need for a smoothly designed, trendy-looking online store.

More Info / Download Demo

28. Eva

When you’re building an online store, it’s key to choose a theme that simultaneously provides the functionality you need while stripping out anything superfluous. Eva strikes an excellent balance in this regard – it’s an eCommerce theme with a lot of useful functionality, but it doesn’t overwhelm you with options.

No matter what type of store you’re building or what you’ll be selling, you can easily take advantage of Eva’s core offerings. For example, there is a custom shopping cart feature that provides a smooth user experience, as well as a quick search bar with plenty of advanced options. You can create individual product pages and include text, images, and more – and you can even create a ‘quick view’ version of each product.

There are also many customization options to help you design a site that meets your exact requirements. These include a drag-and-drop page builder (courtesy of WPBakery) and an advanced options panel, plus loads of built-in font and color choices. If you want, you can even design custom menus and sidebars or add a ‘sticky header’ to your site.

Eva doesn’t constrain you to a particular type of store or niche, but it is optimized for the needs of eCommerce sites. If you want a flexible theme that helps you design a minimalist, user-focused online store, it could be the perfect theme for you.

More Info / Download Demo

29. Aurum

Aurum is another excellent eCommerce theme for showcasing your products. While it does have blog pages, it really shines in its store design. You can feature products right on the home page by using content blocks; possibilities include – but aren’t limited to – showing off what’s popular, what’s on sale, and what’s top-rated.

Aurum is packed with demos, page layouts, and header styles, so it’s very easy to customize your look. The inlcuded WPBakery Page Builder plugin gives you access to a number of shortcodes and other customization options as well. The sticky menu is a nice touch for easy navigation. The design is responsive and retina-ready and supports several popular slider plugins. It also integrates well with social media platforms, and is compatible with the WPML plugin, making it easy to share your products.

This theme has a clean, bright, minimalist look that will serve you well in displaying your offerings. Its parallax effects add a dash of pizzazz to what is already a beautiful theme.

More Info / Download Demo

30. Stockie

Stockie is a true multipurpose eCommerce store theme with a good selection of online shop demos.

The library of online shop demos in the Stockie theme package really does cover a wide range of product types and store designs. Therefore, no matter what you’re selling or what your design preferences are, there should be at least one option that’s a good match among the Stockie demos.

Creating fashion stores, selling gadgets, or promoting the latest items from a luxury brand are just some of the ways this theme can be used to build an online shop with the WooCommerce plugin and the WordPress software. The design styles of the Stockie demos include split-screen slider layouts, one-page options, and clean and minimal templates.

There are lots of product grids and display layouts, too, including some traditional layouts as well as some more interesting and unique options. Using sliders and carousels to display your products is fully supported by the core functionality of Stockie and the premium plugins that are included in the theme package. Among those premium plugins are the WPBakery Page Builder tool and Slider Revolution, giving you lots of options for how your store will look and behave. As this theme was built around the WooCommerce plugin, you can add almost countless extra features to your shop via the huge library of add-ons for this plugin.

Another reason to consider Stockie for your online store is the fact that it’s localization-ready. Thanks to this, you can translate your store into a range of languages, due to the support for the multilingual WPML plugin. So whether you want to translate your store into a language other than English, or you want to display your content in more than one language, Stockie has the functionality to make this possible.

No matter what type of store you want to launch, you could find that Stockie has everything you need.

More Info / Download Demo

31. Depot

The quicker you get your eCommerce website set up, the sooner you can begin making a profit. Fortunately, Depot enables you to get your online store live in no time, without sacrificing quality in the process.

The main way Depot accomplishes this is by providing a wide variety of demo content to get you started. You can simply import the content you’d like to try out via a single click, then use it as-is or customize it to your tastes. There are 12 homepage styles to choose from, as well as multiple layout options for your shop pages. In addition, there are many header, footer, and menu choices at your disposal. If you do decide to personalize the starter content, you’ll benefit from access to useful widgets, shortcodes, and other tools.

Of course, while an easy design process is helpful, it’s just as important to ensure an excellent user experience. Depot enables you to create a store that’s easy to search and navigate, and also shows off your products. You can feature new products, include various search filters, and make use of carousel sliders. If you want, you can even let customers create accounts to save their information and preferences.

Overall, Depot is a theme offering almost everything you’ll need to create an eCommerce site. It’s easy to use, flexible, and packed full of useful features – and it enables you to create an online store that’s visually appealing and user-friendly.

More Info / Download Demo

32. The Hanger

The Hanger is an eCommerce theme for selling fashion and clothing products with WordPress.

If you’re hoping to launch your online store as quickly as possible and you’ll be selling clothes and accessories, The Hanger can help you get up and running in very little time. As there’s just one online store demo in this theme package, you don’t have to agonize over which one to import or which homepage layout to use for your store. Simply import the only option and then start adding your product descriptions.

That being said, despite there only being one online shop demo, your creative freedom won’t be curtailed if you choose The Hanger for your eCommerce store. To quickly change the whole style of your site at the touch of a button, you can choose from either the light or dark color schemes.

If you want to spend a bit more time on customizing the appearance of your store, perhaps setting it up to match your existing branding, you can personalize the pre-defined color schemes to match your preferences. The Hanger comes with the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin, too, for those who are feeling more adventurous and want to take a more hands-on approach to making their eCommerce store.

Regardless of how much work you want to put into getting the design of your store looking just right, you can use the video and written documentation that comes with this theme to navigate your way through all the settings and features.

If you’re looking for an eCommerce theme that keeps things simple, The Hanger is hard to beat.

More Info / Download Demo

33. Oxygen

A number of themes on this list look to offer streamlined functionality, but this is sometimes at the expense of great-looking design. If you’re searching for a theme that looks cool and modern with minimal tweaking needed, breathe easy and consider Oxygen.

The design focus of Oxygen is space – font sizes are dainty, and the black on white color scheme offers a ‘widescreen’ feel. There are six header styles to choose from, and a number of default layouts – and for further design requirements, you can press the bundled WPBakery Page Builder plugin into service.

Furthermore, Oxygen supports a number of other plugins, such as the YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier plugin to enable users to view products up-close, and two plugins to let users build product wish lists.

Overall, while many themes offer minimal functionality by design, not many can also offer the look of Oxygen – and because of that, it’s well worth your consideration.

More Info / Download Demo

34. The Retailer

The Retailer is a very popular eCommerce theme with lots of great features.

The Retailer’s design is positively stunning. It comes with several unique animations, including thumbnail flipping and another one that makes a slide’s featured image move along with your mouse. The site-wide call to action has a revolutionary design.

Packaged along with the theme are the Revolution Slider and WPBakery Page Builder plugins. You get one-click demo content import, free lifetime support, and solid documentation, plus video walk-throughs. Two layout options, boxed and wide, are built into the theme along with 650 Google Fonts for the choosing. A child theme is included in the purchase package.

More Info / Download Demo

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