36 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes 2018

These days more and more retailers are adding or moving to online stores, and they’re always looking for ways to sell or market themselves online. Online selling is a corner of the internet that is growing quickly, with no signs of slowing down, and it’s a great way to reach a wide customer base.

Small sellers may not have the infrastructure to support sprawling websites like major retailers do, or the budget to pay developers, but they still want to stand out from the crowd. WordPress is one option for filling that niche, as a number of its themes are being designed with eCommerce in mind. Here is a list we've compiled of our favorite eCommerce themes, running the gamut from simple online stores to multipurpose websites. You're sure to find something here that will meet your online selling needs!



Shopkeeper is a gorgeous multipurpose eCommerce theme, striking in its simplicity and bold design. The home page contains a full-screen in-your-face slider, courtesy of the included Slider Revolution plugin, which makes this theme the perfect choice for wowing your visitors.

If the full-page slider packs too big a punch for your taste, you can easily change it – Shopkeeper comes with 10 different home page layouts, plus a pre-built “coming soon” page. In addition, it provides dozens of layouts for shop pages, product demos, portfolio, blog and others (even a wishlist). And with a wide range of header styles and fully customizable design options, you'll have no problem creating the look you want for your site.

Similar to many other themes, Shopkeeper is fully integrated with the WooCommerce plugin and supports translation with the WPML plugin. It's extremely easy to navigate and is also responsive to screen size. And it's easy for you, the site owner, to get help with the extensive documentation, regular updates and a committed support staff.

You don't have to use Shopkeeper just as a store – it's also excellent for building a product catalog, managing inventory or displaying a portfolio. That's what makes it ideal for shop owners and entrepreneurs alike.

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Succeeding in e-commerce requires expert knowledge – of your products, your customers, and especially when creating a fantastic-looking website. There are plenty of resources out there to cover the first two, and for your website, Get Bowtied’s Merchandiser (review) could be the ideal solution.

Powered by WooCommerce, this theme has been designed with simplicity and streamlined functionality in mind. Layouts are tweaked directly from the Customizer, with design options including a handpicked selection of Google Fonts, a customizable header, and a mega menu for feature-rich navigation. If you have more specific layout requirements, Merchandiser comes bundled with the Visual Composer plugin, enabling you to build your pages using a drag-and-drop interface.

Overall, if you’re looking for a theme that can offer comprehensive functionality with powerful design options, you’ll need to call in the experts – and with Merchandiser, Get Bowtied are arguably leading the way.

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Almost every e-commerce store owner knows the value of using the right images to promote products. However, sales depend just as much on the design of your website as they do on the quality of your product photography. Fortunately, TheGem has you covered.

While this theme is marketed as a multipurpose solution, TheGem offers full design integration with WooCommerce. There are a number of prebuilt layouts included, and by employing the bundled Visual Composer plugin you can create almost any layout to match your unique requirements.

TheGem showcases products beautifully. A neat rollover effect reveals an alternative image when a site visitor hovers their mouse over the product thumbnail. In addition, product pages include a review section, counters to show off product statistics, and an Add to Wishlist button.

For creating your e-commerce store, TheGem truly shines. Add it to your wish list and don’t be surprised if your theme search leads right you back to it!

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Marketed as the ultimate WooCommerce theme, Nitro is certainly a theme worth checking out. It includes templates for fashion, electronics, furniture, sports, and jewelry, with three new designs released each month. All the designs are minimalist and clean, putting the focus on the products.

Nitro complements its attractive design with powerful eCommerce functionality. Built-in features include promo popups, live search, out of stock alerts, wishlists, and size charts. It supports a variety of page layouts and is compatible with the Visual Composer plugin for all your design customization needs.

If you sell any kind of product with WooCommerce, then Nitro is a theme you ought to consider.

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A key element of any successful e-commerce site is a hassle-free user experience. If potential customers can’t navigate your storefront easily, they’ll likely go elsewhere – impacting your sales and profits. By taking advantage of Flatsome’s powerful design capabilities, your website can offer users an enjoyable and easy shopping experience.

Flatsome is based around the bundled WooCommerce plugin, and combined with the built-in page builder, your website will have enough customization options under the hood to satisfy all but the most demanding of designers. Flatsome also incorporates a slider element into its page builder, rather than offering one as a bundled plugin – further increasing the creative power at your fingertips.

Flatsome’s functionality can be expanded further with two optional plugins – one that adds a user wish list, and the other incorporating a live search function into your site.

If you’re looking for a WooCommerce powered solution for your store, with comprehensive design options that can be expanded upon further, you can’t go far wrong with Flatsome.

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Visual appearance matters a great deal when building an e-commerce store. Since customers can’t interact with your products, all they have to go on is what they can see. That’s why Neto helps you present both your business and products in a stylish, modern way.

Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice control over your site to achieve an awesome look. Neto offers plenty of features to help you fully customize your online store. This includes support for several page builder plugins, a number of theme options, and a ton of color choices and settings. You’ll also get access to a flexible page customizer and custom widgets that make it easy to create just about any layout you desire.

Of course, once you draw potential customers in with your design and products, you’ll need to provide a smooth user experience if you want them to stick around. Neto has you covered here as well. This theme is SEO-friendly, and designed for maximum speed and performance. If you do need some assistance, the developers offer support through their dedicated forums.

If you’d like to show off your catalogue on a site that customers will enjoy using, Neto is one theme you might want to try out.

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In today’s competitive market, an e-commerce website has to do more than merely present a functional storefront; it also needs to be stunning to look at. With the astonishingly popular Divi (review), there’s plenty of power on hand to create a gorgeous looking online store.

Divi is an immensely popular theme, suited to all manner of applications. However, when coupled with the bundled WooCommerce plugin, it’s transformed into an e-commerce beast. The native drag-and-drop page builder (called the Divi Builder) enables you to get your hands dirty when designing layouts, with an almost limitless array of options at your disposal. For those who wish to get up and running straight away, there are a number of pre-built layouts, covering homepages, portfolios, e-commerce storefronts, and much more.

In a nutshell, Divi’s versatility is its greatest asset – and there are thousands of existing customers who feel the same way. If you’re looking for a powerful and popular theme for your e-commerce website, it is one of the very best on the market.

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While minimalism might not initially seem the most natural fit for an online store, it can be ideal since it puts the focus entirely on your products. For example, Claue is a simple, minimalist theme that’s specifically geared towards fashion stores.

Claue is all about showing your products off to visitors and encouraging them to buy. You can enable customers to select different product variations such as color and size, and then view corresponding images. Also, you can easily create product bundles and promote items that are frequently bought together, to encourage visitors to add more to their cart. To bring more customers to your store in the first place, you can integrate it with social media and promote your products over your feeds.

What’s more, there are plenty of options that will help you build and customize your shop to your exact requirements. To begin with, there are many demos to choose from, and numerous theme options to personalize your site. You can use Visual Composer to include product details and even videos, and if you want you can easily add filters that enable customers to search for items with specific attributes.

All-in-all, Claue is a flexible, highly-customizable theme that includes quite a few features to help create a smooth browsing experience for your customers. If you’re looking for a modern, minimalist theme that’s perfectly suited to a clothing store or other fashion site, Claue might just be for you.

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Flatshop is a beautiful e-commerce theme from Themify with a minimal design.

Not all e-commerce themes look good with minimal designs, but Flatshop pulls off the effect quite well. The theme has a unique type of navigation — alongside the top menu is a menu icon. When that icon is clicked, a whole new menu appears on the side of the display in a linear format. Check it out in the demo.

Themify's famous drag and drop page builder is included in this theme, along with a fullscreen slider. Once integrated with WooCommerce, the theme allows you to custom style each one of the products you add to your shop. A product lightbox allows front end users to glance through the major features of a product without having to redirect to a new page.

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Atelier delivers a high-end look that you'd expect from a premium eCommerce theme. As its name suggests, this theme serves as a studio for creating and displaying your products or services. It comes equipped with a variety of tools you can use to design your site the way you want.

Atelier includes and supports a number of popular plugins, such as Yoast, BuddyPress, Visual Composer, Gravity Forms, Revolution Slider and Go Responsive Pricing Tables. It also has a large number of layouts to choose from, with seven demos, three product pages, 10 headers and more. Shortcodes and a child theme are included as well for easy customization.

With its slick parallax effects and responsive, retina-ready design, Atelier brings a 21st century twist to a craftsman's workshop. It's excellent for selling almost any type of product, from art prints to food to magazines. And as it’s built with HTML5, pages are clean and quick to load..

Atelier gives you what you need for a smoothly designed, trendy-looking online store.

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Let’s face it – you’re a store owner, not a web designer. There are countless themes out there with extensive customization options, but all that potential tweaking takes valuable time away from the real moneymaker – selling your items. The developers of Hugo recognize this, and have created a simple theme with a ‘hipster’ look that enables you to get your store up and running quickly.

Homepages are designed using a drag-and-drop page builder, and along with a modern and easy to read default font, there are multiple color schemes to choose from. Like other themes on this list, Hugo’s storefront is centered around the bundled WooCommerce plugin, meaning all of that platform’s capabilities are also at your full disposal.

In a nutshell, Hugo focuses on the job of selling your items rather than endless customization, and will no doubt appeal to those who want to spend more time selling, and less time tinkering.

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When you’re building an online store, it’s key to choose a theme that simultaneously provides the functionality you need while stripping out anything superfluous. Eva strikes an excellent balance in this regard – it’s an e-commerce theme with a lot of useful functionality, but it doesn't overwhelm you with options.

No matter what type of store you’re building or what you’ll be selling, you can easily take advantage of Eva’s core offerings. For example, there is a custom shopping cart feature that provides a smooth user experience, as well as a quick search bar with plenty of advanced options. You can create individual product pages and include text, images, and more – and you can even create a ‘quick view’ version of each product.

There are also many customization options to help you design a site that meets your exact requirements. These include a drag-and-drop page builder (courtesy of Visual Composer) and an advanced options panel, plus loads of built-in font and color choices. If you want, you can even design custom menus and sidebars or add a ‘sticky header’ to your site.

Eva doesn’t constrain you to a particular type of store or niche, but it is optimized for the needs of e-commerce sites. If you want a flexible theme that helps you design a minimalist, user-focused online store, it could be the perfect theme for you.

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North is an impressive eCommerce theme, with all its focus on a beautiful customer experience. It sports clean, minimalist layouts with plenty of white space and greets visitors with a full-page slider on the home page. A few tastefully designed parallax effects mesh well and create an elegant overall look.

This theme pulls out all the stops on integration with the WooCommerce plugin by including several plugins intended to maximize what WooCommerce can do, such as Table Rate Shipping, PDF Invoice, Product Filter and Dynamic Pricing & Discounts. The Visual Composer plugin is also included, so you can easily customize your site's look and feel. And, to easily market your products to any customer in the world, North supports the WPML plugin and is multilingual ready with WooCommerce.

North is a fantastic theme for showcasing your products. It's highly responsive and easy to use, and you can install the demo with just one click. For a well-designed online store and blog that looks professional and modern without being busy, North will guide you in the right direction.

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Aurum is another excellent eCommerce theme for showcasing your products. While it does have blog pages, it really shines in its store design. You can feature products right on the home page by using content blocks; possibilities include – but aren't limited to – showing off what's popular, what's on sale and what's top rated.

Aurum is packed with demos, page layouts and header styles, so it's very easy to customize your look. Using the Visual Composer plugin gives you access to a number of shortcodes and other customization options as well. The sticky menu is a nice touch for easy navigation. The design is responsive and retina-ready, and supports several popular slider plugins. It also integrates well with social media platforms, and is compatible with the WPML plugin, making it easy to share your products.

This theme has a clean, bright, minimalist look that will serve you well in displaying your offerings. Its parallax effects add a dash of pizzazz to what is already a beautiful theme.

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There’s nothing wrong with an understated look, as evidenced by a number of other themes on this list. However, their humble design may not suit your own requirements – so if you’re looking for an ultra-cool design powered by WooCommerce, Walker could be ideal.

This theme looks bold and trendy, with 15 homepage layouts and five header types to choose from. Further layout customizations can be made using the bundled Visual Composer plugin, so Walker certainly doesn’t scrimp on customization options. Overall, this theme has a chunky aesthetic, with bold default font choices and a monochrome color scheme, topped off with some stylish animations and parallax scrolling functionality.

In a nutshell, there’s much to like about Walker. It’s ideal for those seeking both a penetrating look and flexible design options for their storefront.

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A lot of e-commerce themes focus solely on presenting a simple and functional look. However, there are subsections of sellers out there requiring more of a unique, relaxed feel for their websites, and Kalium looks to be the theme that caters to them.

This theme is simply presented, and geared towards those selling products such as homemade arts and crafts, or creatives looking for a non-formal vibe. It’s lovely to look at, with a good use of white space giving enough room for each element, and a playful looking default font to further increase the calming vibe.

Finally, there are over 30 portfolio layouts to choose from – ideal for those who need to showcase their work as well as their products, wrapped up in beautiful design.

Kalium is gorgeous to look at and simple to use, and it’s well worth your consideration if you’re a creative looking for a welcoming atmosphere for your website.

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There are always a plethora of themes to choose from in any niche – especially one as popular as e-commerce – and the need to deliver a theme that doesn’t scream “Me too!” is high. While BiShop is a solid contender, it may not offer enough to become your first choice.

There’s a lot to like about BiShop; with three homepage layouts to choose from and full WooCommerce integration, it has solid e-commerce foundations. However, the likeable aspects of BiShop can all be found within many other available themes due to its bundled plugin collection – Visual Composer for almost limitless layout customization, and Slider Revolution for full-screen sliders with prominent calls to action. Unfortunately, there’s little else on offer to persuade you to splash the cash.

All in all, while BiShop is solid, it has to fight its way past similar themes offering the same kind of functionality – and depending on your specific requirements, it may get lost in the shuffle.

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The quicker you get your e-commerce website set up, the sooner you can begin making a profit. Fortunately, Depot enables you to get your online store live in no time, without sacrificing quality in the process.

The main way Depot accomplishes this is by providing a wide variety of demo content to get you started. You can simply import the content you’d like to try out via a single click, then use it as-is or customize it to your tastes. There are 12 homepage styles to choose from, as well as multiple layout options for your shop pages. In addition, there are many header, footer, and menu choices at your disposal. If you do decide to personalize the starter content, you’ll benefit from access to useful widgets, shortcodes, and other tools.

Of course, while an easy design process is helpful, it’s just as important to ensure an excellent user experience. Depot enables you to create a store that’s easy to search and navigate, and also shows off your products. You can feature new products, include various search filters, and make use of carousel sliders. If you want, you can even let customers create accounts to save their information and preferences.

Overall, Depot is a theme offering almost everything you’ll need to create an e-commerce site. It’s easy to use, flexible, and packed full of useful features – and it enables you to create an online store that’s visually appealing and user-friendly.

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While they all have the same general goal, e-commerce websites don’t all have the same needs. In fact, you’ll often require a flexible theme in order to make your storefront stand out. Vitrine could be that theme.

“Flexible” is the first word that comes to mind to describe Vitrine. First, there are a wealth of demo templates to choose from, and each has been designed to showcase your products prominently. For deeper customization options you can select from a myriad of header and menu designs, or use the dedicated admin panel to modify colors, fonts, image attributes, and a whole host of other customizations.

In addition, there are some helpful elements to enhance your site’s ability to convert customers. You can add custom tabs to your product pages, percentage sale icons, featured videos, creative animations to implement microinteractions, and much more besides.

Although an e-commerce storefront has a very specific focus, that doesn’t mean it has to look similar to its competitors. Vitrine is an excellent choice for creating a unique store that converts visits into sales. Make sure you check it out pronto!

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Effortless style is a solid goal for many – both for fashion-conscious people and those running an e-commerce website. For a design that looks gorgeous with little effort, Gear could be the theme for you.

This theme’s developers promote the concept of minimalism which sums Gear up well. Other than some well-chosen default fonts and color schemes, and parallax scrolling for background images, Gear has few other design options. Other flourishes such as borders are also minimal, which means focus is on the important elements – your products.

Overall, there’s little lurking under the hood with Gear – however, rather than this being a negative, it’s going to be an overwhelming positive for those who need a stylish website, but have little time to customize.

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If you’re looking to own a car, you don’t attach an engine to a skateboard. However, when it comes to choosing an e-commerce theme, many simply settle for one adapted to the task at hand. For those who want a theme built from the ground up, solely with e-commerce in mind, consider Basel.

Built around WooCommerce, Basel offers ten different storefront demo layouts (all installed with one click), covering all manner of niches. Each page can contain a lot of content, but none of it feels cluttered or overwhelming – a testament to the clever use of white space and the smart default typography choices.

Product collections can be displayed in a number of different ways (though our favorite is the masonry view), and product page descriptions could almost be described as mini landing pages. Each description can display full-width images, hero sections, calls to action, and much more besides, to immerse the customer in their potential purchase.

Finally, Basel bundles a number of thoughtful plugins – the standout of which is WishList, which (as you would expect) enables customers to create and manage wish lists on your site.

In a nutshell, Basel is one of the front runners when it comes to e-commerce WordPress themes, offering a stylish look and superb functionality for creating your website.

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Crux is a novel e-commerce theme.

Like Retail Therapy, Crux also has its own special way of persuading users to browse products by category. Except this time, it does it in a much more stylish way (check it out in the demo). When you hover your mouse over the featured image of a product, the image darkens and two “add to cart” and “details” buttons fly in from the top and bottom of the image, respectively.

Built on the Stag Framework, Crux is rock-solid from an SEO and speed standpoint. With the Stag Custom Sidebars plugin, you can create an unlimited number of shortcodes. The normally $15 Layer Slider is included free of extra cost. The home page is completely widgetized, and Crux has been stylized for both WooCommerce and Gravity Forms. Font Awesome icons, 14 PSDs, and several custom shortcodes and widgets (found in the incldued StagTools plugin) are all available for use.

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A number of themes on this list look to offer streamlined functionality, but this is sometimes at the expense of great-looking design. If you’re searching for a theme that looks cool and modern with minimal tweaking needed, breathe easy and consider Oxygen.

The design focus of Oxygen is space – font sizes are dainty, and the black on white color scheme offers a ‘widescreen’ feel. There are six header styles to choose from, and a number of default layouts – and for further design requirements you can press the bundled Visual Composer plugin into service.

Furthermore, Oxygen supports a number of other plugins, such as the YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier plugin to enable users to view products up-close, and two plugins to let users build product wish lists.

Overall, while many themes offer minimal functionality by design, not many can also offer the look of Oxygen – and because of that, it’s well worth your consideration.

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Hudson is a unique TeslaThemes release with several e-commerce-inspired design features.

Hudson's design is quite minimal, which therefore highlights the price tags and purchase buttons of each product featured on the homepage all the more. Up at the top right corner of the website is a “My Cart” button. When you hover your mouse over it, a small, but stylized, tooltip box pops up that tells you how many products are in your cart, as well as giving you links to both your cart page and checkout. Next to the My Cart button is the number of products in your cart in parentheses and the currency worth of your cart.

This theme is packed with custom widgets, new post types, shortcodes, and sliders. Several product lists with advanced filters (the “people who viewed this also viewed:” product list, for instance) are included, along with a user account panel and rating system. Social media integration, contact cards, and a contact form all feature in Hudson.

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WooCommerce is now the world's most popular e-commerce solution, which is one reason why Herringbone is an excellent choice for your online store – it was developed specifically for WooThemes' flagship e-commerce platform.

But that's not all. As all good e-commerce websites should be, Herringbone is HTML5 and CSS3 compliant, fully responsive and retina-ready. To put it another way, it will look fantastic on all screen sizes and devices.

Herringbone comes complete with the powerful CSSIgniter Settings Panel, which enables you to easily create your homepage, change color schemes and more. And as with all CSSIgniter themes, you can expect comprehensive support via their well-staffed forum.

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The Retailer


The Retailer is a very popular e-commerce theme with lots of great features.

The Retailer's design is positively stunning. It comes with several unique animations, including thumbnail flipping and another one that makes a slide's featured image move along with your mouse. The site-wide call to action has a revolutionary design.

Packaged along with the theme is the $18 Revolution Slider and the $28 Visual Composer plugin. You get 1-click demo content import, free lifetime support, and solid documentation, plus video walk-throughs. 2 layout options — boxed and wide, are built into the theme along with 650 Google Fonts for the choosing. A child theme is included in the purchase package.

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This theme’s namesake is a five-star establishment in central London. It’s apt, therefore, that Savoy is a high-quality theme for classy e-commerce websites.

There are plenty of customization options at hand with this attractive, minimalist theme. You can select from seven different headers styles, and six store layouts including the popular infinite scroll option. If these designs aren’t what you had in mind, the bundled Visual Composer plugin can help you create almost any design imaginable.

In addition, by employing the bundled Slider Revolution plugin, you can prominently showcase any of your products and create high-converting calls to action.

Given its functionality and customization, Savoy is no slouch. It’s a quality, minimalist theme for e-commerce stores with class, and should be added to your shortlist pronto!

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Neighborhood is a gorgeous e-commerce theme.

Built on Twitter Bootstrap, Neighborhood has a clean but very stylish fullscreen design. It has plenty of white space, an impressive home page slider, and beautiful typography.

Neighborhood comes with a unique “personal shopper” feature that helps visitors browse your products (check it out in the demo). That feature alone is quite impressive, and quite unlike anything I've seen in any other e-commerce theme. You also get wishlist integration and the $15 Revolution Slider. Zoom animation effects, product cataloging, advanced meta options, and Swift Page Builder v2 are included.

More Info / Download Demo



Velo is a minimalist theme that is versatile enough to feature for a creative portfolio or blog, but comes stocked with features that make it particularly favorable if your business relies on e-commerce.

There are three homepage layouts to get you started, with an emphasis on a fullscreen high resolution banner image or embedded video that grabs the attention of your visitors from the moment they hit your website. An immersive mega menu provides a streamlined navigation experience, and seven different blog layouts make this an ideal theme for you if plan on using blogs and social media to gain exposure within your market.

The bread and butter focus of Velo is unquestionably the online shop. Six different product type templates enable you to design product profiles according to your exact preferences. If your business features customizable products – such as bicycles, which are a specific niche focus of this theme – you can quickly add drop-down customization menus so your customers can choose what size, color, or other variations they would prefer for the product they purchase from you. Since customers often find reviews to be indispensable in choosing whether or not to buy, it helps that this theme includes customer reviews with each product, making it even more tempting to choose your brand over another. Along with quality product description profiles you can also set up your shop using one of seven different templates, and order tracking, checkout, and customer account profiles help deliver an optimal ecommerce experience.

With its slick retro-urban design and deep e-commerce customization possibilities, Velo is an ideal theme to build your website around, even if your business has nothing to do with bicycles.

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Intrigue is another CSSIgniter theme release.

Intrigue is aptly named, considering that its design is quite intriguing. The choice of background color (black and red) is somewhat unusual for an e-commerce theme, but nevertheless it seems to work quite well. When you hover over the thumbnail of a product that's featured on the home page, there's space for inputted text and a call-to-action button.

7 preset color skins and a plethora of custom widgets are built into Intrigue. Localized and ready for translation, the theme has a refined theme options panel.

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Storebox is a stunning retail theme from Templatic.

Storebox has a very structured design. Designed particularly to host websites selling clothing goods, Storebox comes with sliders and various other options to feature products. The home page is completely widgetized.

For each product, you can set specific attributes (color, size, etc.) and allow visitors to easily choose which variation of the product they want. Multiple payment gateways are integrated, along with the ability to set shipping rates, catalog products, and setup promotions.

Demo | Purchase



Gather is an elegant e-commerce theme from ThemeTrust.

Gather's boxed design actually looks a lot wider than it really is — part of this effect is due to the slightly downsized typography. The design for products featured on the home page is simple and plain. No overly attention grabbing animation effects and just a small red circle with the word “Sale” and an exclamation mark to highlight products with discounted price tags.

Gather's powerful theme options panel includes several custom widgets, quite a few shortcodes, and options for a filterable portfolio. Support is offered for YouTube and Vimeo videos. Three page templates: portfolio, full-width, and archives, are built in along with stylization for WooCommerce.

Demo | Purchase



 e-Commerce is another Templatic theme release.

e-Commerce's design is perfect for websites that sell fashion accessories. It's filled with plenty of white space and comes with both top and side navigation. Prominent on the home page is also the visitor's shopping cart and a checkout button.

e-Commerce comes with functionality identical to what Storebox offers — multiple payment gateways, affiliate management, product taxation, and space for a regular blog.

Demo | Purchase



Femme is a stunning and versatile CSSIgniter release.

CSSIgniter have managed to create a design that can double as that of an e-commerce theme or a magazine/news website. Several different layouts are available to take advantage of this unique design feature.

The theme options panel keeps things simple and makes it easy for customers to make changes and custom configurations. Femme is localized and the purchase package comes with a plugin that has tons of custom shortcodes built in. Optimized for SEO and compatible with every browser, Femme is well worth a second glance.

Demo | Purchase



Agora is a responsive theme with a design that's perfect for e-commerce themes.

Styled for WooCommerce, everything about Agora's design — its slider, featured product positioning, and even its navigational menu — makes it look just right for any website that sells products online. The fullscreen design has lots of white space that's complemented with structured design features.

Over 10 custom widgets are built into the theme, along with 5 page templates, an intuitive theme options panel, and translation-ready files.

Demo | Purchase



StyleShop is a beautiful e-commerce theme designed by ElegantThemes.

StyleShop comes with that trademark vintage look that governs the designs of practically all ElegantThemes releases. The theme's demo is styled beautiful, with intertwining colors and calligraphic typography. The way the price tags of each featured product are displayed is quite unique and well-designed.

Built on a rock-solid, search engine optimized framework, StyleShop comes with complete localization and unlimited color variations. Tons of shortcodes, 7 page templates, and the famous ePanel are included in the theme.

Demo | Purchase



Cheope is a clean, fully functional e-commerce theme.

Unlike most e-commerce themes, Cheope's home page does not include price tags next to each of the featured products. To view the price tags, you have to hover your mouse over the product's thumbnail, which brings up both the price and two linked buttons that will take you to the product page or add the product to your cart. The theme also comes in two varieties — fullscreen and boxed.

Although Cheope's design is more fitting for an e-commerce theme than anything else, Cheope also comes with functionality that allows it to be used for portfolio or corporate websites. It has 9 different portfolio layouts and 3 blog layouts. A custom wishlist plugin gives Cheope wishlist functionality a la Amazon.

Demo | Purchase

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