5 Best Intranet WordPress Themes 2018

If you need to create a secure space where your staff, members, or other people from your community can congregate, this collection of the best intranet WordPress themes can help.

With the rise in popularity of social networks like Facebook, many web users now have higher expectations than ever before when using intranets or online community hubs. Thankfully, these themes include all the communication, networking, and interactive features your web savvy users will be familiar with. However, these themes all give you a good amount of control over how your intranet or community website works, allowing you to enable and disable features according to the needs of your project.

Thanks to the built in functionality of these themes, once your intranet is set up, your users will be able to log in, access the secure content, connect with each other, and interact with the optional features such as events calendars, project management tools, discussion boards, file storage facilities and much more.

Many of these themes also include more than one pre-built demo, helping you create an intranet with WordPress that has the right look for your organization. You’ll also find a good set of customization settings and tools to simplify the process of personalizing your intranet or community website.

Creating a professional intranet website has never been easier or more affordable with these WordPress themes. Whichever one you choose, you’ll be well on the way to launching your own secure intranet or community website with WordPress.


Woffice is multi-purpose intranet and extranet WordPress theme that includes all the features you should need.

With two main demos and a quick installation process, Woffice will help you setup your intranet without much effort at all. The optional and customizable login pages will keep your private content secure, while the Woffice dashboard area will ensure your users can find all the information they need.

Among the many features of the Woffice theme is its ability to help you manage projects online, add events to a calendaring system, and publish content on an internal wiki. As Woffice has all the community functionality you’d expect from one of the best intranet WordPress themes, it’s easy to support multiple user accounts, create spaces for your users to communicate, and manage their accounts themselves. The community features of Woffice are powered by the tried and tested bbPress and BuddyPress plugins, two extensible tools that can turn a WordPress into a social network style portal.

Although Woffice is a feature packed WordPress theme, many of these features are provided as optional extensions. This gives you the ability to turn off the functionality you won’t be using in order to ensure your intranet is running smoothly without any unnecessary overheads or distractions. Woffice is a powerhouse of an intranet-building tool. It’s highly recommended that you try out the online demo to see how this theme works and exactly what it has to offer. You also get access to a full set of user documentation to help you build an intranet with WordPress.

Woffice was first released two years ago and has been constantly updated and improved ever since.

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Thrive is a WordPress theme for setting up a professional intranet and online community websites.

The main Thrive demo has a modern corporate design that will appeal to anyone creating an intranet for a business, charity, non-profit, or some other agency. However, the other Thrive demos help make this theme a good choice for creating online communities and portals for non-work related activities, such as sports clubs, and those with shared interests. As Thrive includes the powerful Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder tool, you can easily tweak any of the pre-built demos and designs to match your project.

To ensure your intranet or online community website has all the features your users will need and expect, Thrive includes a full suite of communication tools. Powered by the BuddyPress WordPress plugin, these features of your site allow your users to create profiles, form connections with each other, post information on their timelines, and upload photos. File sharing is possible through your new intranet with the Thrive theme, as is live chat with full moderation capabilities. All of this functionality can be configured to ensure your intranet or community website works in the way that you want.

When it comes to publishing content inside of your intranet or online community hub, Thrive gives you plenty of options. The built in wiki, knowledge base, and blogging tools help you publish information in the right format for your audience. There’s also an interactive events management and calendaring tool.

Thrive has all the privacy options and setting to ensure your members and their content is safe and secure.

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Alliance will help you launch your private intranet with WordPress in just a few clicks.

Thanks to the one-click importer, you can add all the features, tools, and content templates to your WordPress website needed to turn it into an intranet site. Once that task is complete, you can start setting up the user rights that will define who can access which parts of your intranet. You can import user accounts in bulk to make it easy for your staff to access the intranet or give your users the ability to sign-up and create their accounts themselves.

The dashboard functionality gives your users an instant overview of the latest news and developments from your intranet. Once logged in, users can view any personal notifications, such as new messages or activity from other users, access or upload files securely, and check out the latest entries in the events calendar.

Another useful component of Alliance is its ability to deliver online courses and learning materials. If you choose to use this feature, you can create courses, assign users teacher and instructor roles, and deliver training materials to your staff. The quiz tools give you the option of assessing your students.

With Alliance, you also get full control over how the user dashboard looks and works. There are actually three dashboard designs to choose from. However, each layout can be customized using the drag-and-drop Visual Composer page builder tool. You can also quickly select from three pre-defined color schemes or create your own custom palettes.

The online Alliance demo provides a great overview of how this theme works, giving you a good opportunity to decide if this is the right tool to help you launch an intranet or community hub with WordPress.

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Micro Office

Micro Office has three website layouts to ensure your WordPress-powered intranet has the right design and features.

After choosing which website mode is best for your project, you can import all the necessary components into your WordPress website in just a few clicks. Like the best themes in this collection, your intranet will be accessed through a purpose-built dashboard. The design of this central hub is mobile responsive, just like the rest of the theme. Thanks to this, your users can access their accounts and the content of your intranet of a range of devices.

Once a user has logged in, they can quickly view the latest activity in the feed section of the dashboard. This can include any messages they’ve been sent, an overview of what their contacts have been doing, and links to any new content that’s been added to the intranet since their last visit.

Through the Micro Office tools and features, you can create different spaces in your intranet for your community and organization to share information and resources. Through the file storage area, you can upload documents for others to view, edit, or download. The community elements help you setup discussion forums for your users to share their thoughts and questions. Adding online courses and training materials to your intranet is also possible with the Micro Office WordPress theme.

Micro Office has a very modern design that will help it appeal to organizations that need an innovative intranet or secure online community space.

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BuddyApp  is a mobile-first community WordPress theme for creating intranets and interactive websites.

As this theme is mobile first, your intranet or extranet will be highly mobile friendly. If your users need to access your portal and its content on the go, then this theme is a great choice. Even if that isn’t the case, the rising number of users who primarily access the internet on their smartphones will ensure that your intranet is accommodating to their needs.

Some of the features that should make your intranet a useful and valued tool for your users include live notifications that indicate there’s something new for them to check out, a live search feature that makes it very easy to find content, a live chat tool for instant messaging within your portal, and a discussion forum for posting and responding to messages. Enabling Facebook registrations and logins is an optional feature with BuddyApp.

As BuddyApp has been built around the powerful BuddyPress plugin, you can enable a wide range of social networking style features to make your site more interactive. This includes detailed user profiles, user timelines and activity feeds, photo galleries, and private messaging. As part of the core functionality of BuddyApp, you and your users can also upload and mange files in an advanced way, publish useful content to the knowledgebase area, and access the events manager. The design of BuddyApp can also be fully customized through the theme options and with the Visual Composer page builder plugin.

BuddyApp is a well-supported and regularly updated intranet theme that’s ideal for building responsive online hubs.

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