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22 Best Job Board WordPress Themes 2024

Job board WordPress themes come in all shapes and sizes. From websites that allow you and your visitors to post traditional job listings and receive applications online through to fully functioning freelancer marketplaces.

Whether you want to create a resource that can help put employers in touch with freelancers from around the world, or simply list the current employment opportunities at your organization, there are plenty of suitable options to choose from.

If you are looking for a way to generate an income online, these themes will help you build a resource that your users will be willing to pay for. Many of them include options for monetizing your website.

Below you will find themes with a range of different capabilities, to suit all types of job board and employment-related projects.

1. Jobify

Jobify is a job board theme featuring frontend submissions and WooCommerce integration.

It is a great-looking theme that works closely with the free WP Job Manager plugin in order to enable you to build a functional job listings website using WordPress. By using a standalone plugin to deliver much of the basic job board features, it does give you some room for changing themes in the future, without losing access to the features your site has come to rely on. The theme also integrates with a number of premium plugins which can help you add even more features to your job board such as paid listings and restricted access.

Jobify uses a homepage widget area which means you can easily drag and drop the different content widgets into place in order to determine what is featured on your site’s homepage. This can include widgets such as image and content sliders, blog posts, maps and stats to name just a few. Jobify also includes a few options for easily customizing the colors of the theme. You can also import dummy content to flesh out the site before adding your own content.

If you like the idea of using plugins to add the necessary functionality to your site, helping to keep your content and presentation separate, Jobify has the upper hand.

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2. Civi

Civi has everything needed for creating professional job boards. 

The varied selection of demos in the Civi package makes this theme ideal for creating job boards for a range of vacancies and employment opportunities. Whether you want to create a niche job board that specializes in a certain field, such as IT jobs, remote opportunities, or freelance roles, or you want to build a more general-purpose site, Civi should meet your needs. 

One of the key features of Civi is the different ways it can display job listings after a user has performed a search. As well as using the library of search results page templates, you can also customize this important part of your site so that it works in the way that you want. You can also easily personalize the other templates that come with Civi, thanks to support for the leading Elementor page builder plugin.

Civi is packed with features for both job seekers and recruiters.

3. WorkScout

WorkScout is a job board WordPress theme that’s powered by the flexible WP Job Manager plugin.

As well as harnessing the power of WP Job Manager and its library of extensions and add-ons, WorkScout also integrates with the leading WooCommerce eCommerce plugin for WordPress. This means that when it comes to monetizing your website, you are spoilt for choice.

All of the features and design elements of WorkScout and its compatible plugins combine to help you build a fully functioning jobs website with WordPress, where employers and employees can connect to fill their vacancies and advance their careers.

Both job seekers and recruiters can create user profiles, add their details to your website, and then post their resumes and opportunities online. Job alerts can be created and the detailed search options make it easy for job hunters to keep track of what’s on offer and submit an application as quickly as possible.

The WorkScout theme has a design and visual style that wouldn’t look out of place on the leading national and international employment portals. Thanks to the flexible homepage layout, you can choose exactly what content greets your visitors when they arrive at your website. The individual job listing templates are all skillfully designed to ensure that job seekers can absorb the essential information as quickly possible, without any distractions.

Overall, the WorkScout theme combines all the features you need to create a great job board website, with a professional design that will reassure your target audience that your site can be trusted with their data.

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4. Freeio

Freeio can help you build a freelance-focused job board site.

Thanks to a good selection of varied demos, Freeio works well for creating sites for freelancers that provide a range of services. Due to this, whatever type of freelance job board site you want to build or whatever your design preferences are, Freeio should be a good option. The design is highly customizable, too.

To ensure that your job board site provides a positive user experience, this theme includes a useful set of features. Some examples include invoice generation, a freelance portfolio builder, payment processor support, and identity verification. Whatever way you want to set up your job board, there’s a good chance you can achieve your goals with Freeio. 

The well-designed Freeio templates will give your job board a professional look.

5. Superio

Superio is an all-in-one job board WordPress theme.

Thanks to supporting integration with many leading job board websites, you can easily import listings from a range of sources into your job board website with the Superio theme. You can, of course, give your team and other users the ability to add their listings to your site, too. Superio is a very flexible theme and can be set up in exactly the way that you want.

As Superio has a large library of templates, every aspect of your job board website will share a uniform look. In some cases, there are multiple versions of each template, such as the job listings and employer profiles pages, to choose from, giving you a few different options for how your content will look. You can also enable paid listings or keep your site free. Email alerts can be enabled to keep your audience up to date.

Superio integrates with WooCommerce to handle payment processing.

6. Nokri

Nokri is a WordPress job board theme with a fully modern design.

Nokri comes with all the features and tools you should need to create a fully functioning job board website with WordPress. The available templates cover not only the homepage of your site but all the job board pages, including the user dashboards, candidate resume profile pages, and the company information pages.

Some of the features you can enable for your job board include social media logins to simplify the process of registering at your site, resume upload and storage to make it easier for job seekers to submit an application, and a good selection of payment processor options that let you decide how payments are collected from your users.

There are also apps available for purchase that accompany the Nokri theme, allowing you to create mobile versions of your job board for the Android and iOS platforms. Thanks to this, you can try and increase your reach and the size of your audience by publishing job board apps at the Apple Store and the Google Play store without too much extra financial investment required.

Nokri can be configured to work in a wide range of different ways, making it a good option for many online job board projects.

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7. Workup

Workup has lots of job board templates that you can edit with the supported drag-and-drop page builder.

If you have a specific vision for your job board website that’s not covered by the themes in this collection, then the Workup theme and its tight integration with the Elementor page builder plugin might be of interest. While the pre-built content of Workup does look good, it can easily be customized through this supported visual editor.

Speaking of the Workup demos, you get five different homepage designs to choose from for your job board with this theme. They each have highly modern designs that are sure to give your job board a professional look. With search bars, featured listings, and category menus, these homepages are all ready to go. With controls that cover the fonts, colors, and layout settings of your site, you should be able to get your job board looking just how you want it to with this theme.

To help enhance your online job board, Workup does come with some useful features. Some examples include support for free and paid listings, the ability to enable social media logins to help smooth the registration process, and email alerts to keep job seekers up to date.

Workup comes with some helpful sidebars too, making it possible to add links, search tools, and other job board-related content and elements to the sidebar areas of your website. Both job seekers and recruiters get access to a nicely designed dashboard once they sign up, giving them a central location to manage their applications and listings.

Workup will appeal to anyone looking for an off-the-shelf theme that’s ready to go as well as those seeking a theme they can easily customize.

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8. JobBox

JobBox is a job board theme with some interesting career-focused features.

If you’d like your site to do more than just help people find jobs and additionally provide career support, JobBox is a theme you should take a closer look at. Due to the way this theme works, your visitors can sign up at the career portal, create a profile, and then use those profiles to further their careers, promote their services, and apply for jobs. 

The good selection of templates that come with JobBox ensures that you and your users are able to publish content in the way that they want. For example, the selection of job listings and candidate details templates should help everyone who uses your site to achieve their goals of hiring or getting hired. If you’d like to monetize your job board, JobBox can help with that, too.

All of the templates can be fully edited with Elementor.

9. Careerfy

Careerfy is a job board WordPress theme with a good range of website demos to choose from. The job board demo websites cover a range of industries, so whatever types of roles you want to promote on your site, there’s a high chance you’ll find a suitable design with Careerfy. Some examples include designs aimed at startup jobs, roles in the auto industry, and service positions.

Careerfy has lots of useful features to help make your job board a success. Some examples of these features include the ability to easily set application deadlines, functionality for tracking applications, and an easy-to-use front-end submission form sequence. You can also enable the optional social media integration that allows your users to log in and apply for roles via LinkedIn and Facebook. To help you populate your job board with content, you can import listings from sites like Indeed.com.

Other useful features of Careerfy include a resume builder tool, geolocation search functionality to help your users find vacancies where they are based, and job alerts to keep your visitors updated on the latest listings. If you want to monetize your job board, the support for the WooCommerce plugin gives you plenty of options, including charging users a fee to publish or access listings.

Careerfy really can be used to create almost any type of job board website with WordPress.

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10. Workio

With a professional and business-friendly look, Workio is a great theme for building a corporate online job board with WordPress. You get seven online job board demos in the Workio package, increasing the chances that you’ll find the perfect set of templates for your website.

As all of the demo homepages feature detailed search tools, it should be easy for your visitors to find what they’re looking for. Once they’ve performed a search, they can use the filter tools to narrow the results even further so that they can really hone in on the right type of listings for their skills and preferences.

Thanks to a good set of high-quality inner page templates, the job listings pages are all well-presented making them not only look nice but also ensure they’re easy to read. There’s also an interactive map listing feature that lets you display the job listings on a map, giving your visitors a convenient way to find vacancies and positions in the locations that are of most interest to them.

The other templates that come with Workio give you a quick way to publish a list of employers, either sorted in alphabetical order or displayed in other ways, the ability to allow candidates to create profiles and display them on your website, and add a blog and FAQ to your site.

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11. JobSeek

Jobseek is a flexible job board WordPress theme that has two different demo modes to help you quickly build the right kind of employment website for your needs.

While both demo versions of the Jobseek theme make use of the popular WP Job Manager WordPress plugin, the advanced demo uses the power of the commercial upgrades for WP Job Manager to allow your users to do more on your site. This includes managing their resumes online, creating job alerts, setting application deadlines, and lots more of the functionality you’d find on a professional job board website.

However, that’s not to say that using the basic demo mode of the Jobseek theme means you are significantly limited. Without installing the optional premium plugins and add-ons, you and your users can still create company profiles, post job vacancies, and apply for employment opportunities online.

The design of Jobseek is highly professional and will do a good job of attracting both high-caliber candidates and employers. The front-end submission forms help deliver a user-friendly and consistent experience, while the search and filtering tools make finding the right listings very straightforward.

Due to the flexible nature of this theme, it’s ideally suited to both creating a standalone jobs board website and taking care of the recruiting needs of a company or agency. Whether you want to build a revenue-generating employment portal or hire a team for your startup, Jobseek is a suitable choice that is well worth exploring in more detail.

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12. CareerUp

CareerUp is another job board theme that prides itself on not requiring you to install any additional plugins. It offers six different website demos for you to choose from.

To deliver on its promise as an all-in-one WordPress job board theme, CareerUp has lots of features baked into its core functionality. For other features you might need, relevant third-party plugins are included and can be installed in just a few clicks. These add-ons include the powerful Slider Revolution plugin and a tool for integrating your job board with MailChimp, one of the most popular email marketing services in operation today.

The Elementor page builder plugin is another tool that can be activated in just a few clicks when setting up your website with CareerUp. Doing so is recommended, as Elementor gives you the ability to edit the CareerUp templates through a modern and intuitive visual editor interface.

When it comes to job board functionality, CareerUp has a powerful advanced search and filtering tool to ensure that your users can find the listings they’re most interested in. You can also use the map view to display your listings based on location, making your site more useful for those seeking employment in a specific area. CareerUp supports video uploads too, giving both employers and job seekers the ability to submit videos with their job listings and applications.

Other features, such as the job suggestions tool that helps visitors find relevant listings and the resume manager, should make your online job board even more appealing to your target audience.

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13. JobMonster


JobMonster includes all the features you will need to run a successful job board website, without having to rely on any third-party services or plugins.

Everything you need to get started has been hard-coded into the JobMonster theme. All of those tools and features have been built from the ground up, making this theme a great choice for anyone looking for an all-in-one package for managing their online employment resource.

To ensure that your website is as easy to use as possible, from both the perspective of administrators and visitors, this theme uses front-end submissions forms throughout. This makes it very straightforward to submit resumes and job listings – an essential feature of any successful job board website.

When using JobMonster, Google Maps can easily be integrated into each listing in order to display the available vacancies on a clickable map. JobMonster also includes two home page configurations, as well as support for the free eCommerce WooCommerce plugin. This then gives you plenty of additional options for how you choose to monetize your website.

JobMonster is packed with plenty of employment-related features, as well as lots of other useful tools such as the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin, that will help you get your website online as easily and stylishly as possible.

More Info / Download Demo

14. PetSitter


PetSitter has been created for anyone building a job board website that focuses on publishing pet-related employment opportunities. Thanks to its design, use of icons, and pet-related terminology, this theme works great out of the box for building a job board website for animal workers.

When it comes to personalizing the website you are building with PetSitter, the use of the Redux Theme Options control panel makes it very easy to modify a wide range of elements on your site. Through the theme options and settings, you can choose from over 600 fonts that are available, thanks to the integration with the free Google Fonts service.

With the PetSitter theme, you get access to a library of over 40 shortcodes for adding page elements to your site and formatting the text in your posts. There are also front-end submissions forms for allowing your visitors to register their account, and start posting their listings, or responding to the advertised position, without having to access the WordPress dashboard area and back-end pages.

When it comes to the job board functionality, the animal-friendly PetSitter theme makes use of the free WP Job Manager plugin. This gives you all the features you need to create and manage a fully functioning employment listings website with WordPress. For those that need additional functionality, there is a range of extensions available for the plugin to make your website even more useful.

If you want to build a website that puts pet sitters in touch with pet owners, then the PetSitter theme has been created just for you.

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15. Jobhunt

Jobhunt is a job board WordPress theme built for use with the WP Job Manager plugin. Thanks to this, the Jobhunt theme takes care of providing all the templates and other elements to govern how your website will look, while the WP Job Manager plugin handles all the functionality your site will need.

The Jobhunt theme has five different homepage layouts and designs for you to choose from. While these layouts have their own distinctive looks, they do share some of the same features, including a live search tool to simplify the process of finding relevant listings, a category panel for viewing related jobs, and a selection of the featured listings that your audience might be most interested in.

If you want to display user testimonials on your website, publish animated stats on your homepage, or include a frequently asked questions panel in your pages, Jobhunt has all the widgets to make this possible. When setting up your job board site with this theme, you can also choose from a varied selection of pre-built header and footer layouts to ensure you have full control over how these areas of your site look. You get a few different job listing templates and layouts to work with too.

Thanks to features such as job listing sorting and filtering, geolocation support for displaying local listings, and the ability to publish paid listings via WooCommerce integration, Jobhunt is a very well-rounded job board WordPress theme that should work for any project of this type.

Jobhunt has lots of features to make your website a useful resource for both job seekers and recruiters alike.

More Info / Download Demo

16. JobCareer


JobCareer aims to help you build a job board website that is focused on both job seekers and employers.

With this theme, your job seekers will be able to easily create their resumes using the integrated builder tool, publish them online, create targeted CVs and cover letters for specific vacancies, and carry out detailed searches on your site. Registered job seekers can even create their own shortlists, which they can manage through their user dashboards.

Employers aren’t overlooked by the JobCareer theme either. Those with vacancies to fill can submit their listings on your website through the intuitive front-end forms, search resumes that job seekers have uploaded, and easily keep track of applications that have been made to their listings.

As the job board site manager, you also get plenty of options for how your website functions. Through the JobCareer settings, you can create free and paid listings packages, with optional premium upgrades, such as featured listings. With this theme, the payment collection process is automated, so once you’ve defined your pricing structure, your website will send out an invoice and facilitate the payment process.

When creating your job board website with JobCareer, you also get plenty of design customization settings and options to make use of. This includes unlimited color options, over 700 fonts to choose from, and a drag-and-drop page builder tool for creating advanced layouts for your content.

JobCareer is an all-in-one job board theme that includes all the plugins and features you’ll need to complete this type of project.

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17. Micro Jobs


Micro Jobs is another popular option for creating your own freelance marketplace, where service providers and their clients can find each other and start working together.

Depending on how you choose to configure your website, your project could follow the budget marketplace model of sites like Fiverr or use a more flexible pricing system, such as those found at sites like Upwork or PeoplePerHour.

Micro Jobs includes plenty of monetization options. From simply collecting a percentage of each of the transactions completed on your site to offering optional premium upgrades, such as featured listings and bulk purchasing discounts, you get lots of options as to how your job board marketplace website will make money.

To help encourage users to join your website, the Micro Jobs theme includes a feedback and rating system.  Now both freelancers and their clients can rate each other in order to help make your website look more trustworthy. There is also a fund release system that can go a long way towards reducing the risk of payments being collected before the job is finished to the client’s level of satisfaction.

Micro Jobs is a flexible theme that is packed with useful features that can help you create a busy and fully-functioning freelance marketplace with WordPress.

More Info / Download Demo

18. Job Board


Job Board is an all-in-one app-theme for building a job directory website with WordPress. After the 1-click installation, both jobs and resumes can be created and managed on the site, with custom categories available for organizing both types of content more effectively.

Job listings can also be organized using the included job types. However, users are free to create their own additional types for creating a more relevant structure for their site’s listings. As job listings are submitted via the frontend submission forms, the forms can be edited to include any additional fields that are required for handling the type of listings your site features.

Your site can be monetized by charging a fee for submissions. You get the option to create a number of payment levels and pricing packages ranging from a single submission through to multiple listing packages and ongoing subscriptions. You can even create discount coupons to help promote your site and assist in generating interest in your service. As the theme comes with support for multiple payment gateways, you get plenty of options for collecting payments.  

If you want an easy-to-set-up, all-in-one job board solution, then this app-theme from Templatic is a great choice.

More Info / Download Demo

19. Cariera

Cariera has a fully-formed website demo to help you quickly launch an online job board with WordPress.

Built around the popular WP Job Manager WordPress plugin, Cariera provides the templates while this addon provides the necessary functionality to help you build a website where you and others can publish employment opportunities, plus a lot more.

Thanks to the 12 homepage layouts that come with Cariera, you definitely get a good range of options for how your website could look. Depending on which one you choose, your website could list the latest vacancies on your homepage or give your visitors the opportunity to search for the listings they’re most interested in. You can even shift the focus of your website so that it’s more of a candidate board than a job board. This theme also works with the Elementor website builder plugin to help you customize your job board.

If you want to monetize your job board website, Cariera can help with that too. There are ready-made templates for publishing the details of your pricing packages and you can also create different payment options.

Other job board-related features of Cariera include the ability to accept applications through your website, self-management of listings by employers and employees, a bookmarking tool that lets visitors save listings they’re interested in, and job alerts that can be set up to keep users up to date with the latest listings.

More Info / Download Demo

20. Job Board Theme


While the Job Board Theme can be used to list regular vacancies and accept applications and resumes, the ability for applicants to bid on jobs in a freelance-style helps this theme stand out from the competition. As with sites like Upwork, the theme provides an internal messaging system for those working together on a contract or application, allowing them to communicate with each other.

With Job Board Theme, you also get lots of options for customizing the colors and fonts using the built-in tool and the theme even comes with access to a selection of child themes for applying a totally different design to your site.

Whether you want to create a job bidding site or just a regular employment listings site, Job Board Theme gives you plenty of options for doing so.

More Info / Download Demo

WordPress Job Board Plugins

21. WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager is a free-to-use WordPress plugin which will add all the features to your website to turn it into an online jobs board. To help the features of the plugin feel more like a core part of your website rather than a third-party addon, it makes use of the native WordPress user interface for its admin pages.

WP Job Manager aims to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to sign up and submit their listings or applications, thanks to the use of front-end submissions forms that take on the styling and appearance of your chosen theme. The plugin also makes use of AJAX filtering to make it even easier for your visitors to search for the job listings they are interested in applying to.

There is plenty of helpful online documentation available for the free plugin and there is a growing list of premium addons available for those who need more power and functionality for their job board website.

Many job board websites have been built using WP Job Manager, making it a solid choice for anyone planning to start their own employment listings website powered by WordPress.

More Info / Download

22. WPJobBoard

WPJobBoard is another plugin that can add all the necessary features and functionality to turn your WordPress website into an online job board. Whether you want to build a website with the sole purpose of being an online job board, or you simply want to post the current vacancies available at your company on its website, WPJobBoard could be just the tool you are looking for.

While your visitors will find it easy to submit their employment listings and post their job seeker applications, the premium WPJobBoard plugin does include some advanced features that will help you to build a professional employment website. These include allowing employers to create their own detailed profiles which can help job seekers find out more about the companies behind the listings.

Job seekers can also create their own profiles and upload their resumes. These details can then be browsed by employers, giving them the ability to seek out and headhunt prospective new recruits. Candidates can manage their own profiles through their dashboard, as well as view their submitted application history.

WPJobBoard includes a good selection of options for helping you to monetize your job board website. From charging employers for the privilege of browsing the resumes published on your site through to offering membership packages that cover the ability to publish multiple job vacancies, there are plenty of options available for making money from your online job board.

While the WPJobBoard plugin should work with any well-coded WordPress theme, the price of the plugin does include the purpose-built Jobelon theme.

More Info / Download Demo

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