15 Best Kindergarten WordPress Themes 2023

With this collection of the best kindergarten WordPress themes, creating a child-focused website just got a lot easier.

Thanks to the design and appearance of these themes, your visitors will instantly recognize the purpose of your website. Whether you’re building a site to promote a nursery, kindergarten, or daycare center, or you want to promote your services as a childminder or nanny, these themes can help you create a professional website with the right look and feel. As many of these kindergarten themes include full eCommerce support, they’re also ideal for making a website to sell child-related products online.

Other features to look out for when choosing a kindergarten theme include a good set of customization options that allow you to modify the colors, fonts, and other settings of your site. Some of these themes also include page builder tools that make it easier to redesign the demo content and layouts that make up the theme. Slideshow builder tools are another popular extra found in some of the kindergarten themes here.

To find the right theme for your project, be sure to check out the homepage demos and view the inner page layouts and designs to see which theme best matches your requirements.

1. StarKid

StarKid works well for a number of children’s educational websites including a kindergarten site.

Thanks to the three varied website demos in the StarKid package, you get a good range of options for how your kindergarten site could look if you choose this theme. As you might expect from a kindergarten WordPress theme, the color scheme and other visual properties and decorations are all well suited to creating this type of website. However, this is a flexible theme, so you do have the option of making any changes you want, without much effort at all. In fact, as this theme was built to work with the Elementor page builder plugin, you can open up all of the templates for editing through this visual editor.

While this theme works especially well for creating a website to promote your kindergarten and attract new children, it can also be used to support those who attend your facility. Thanks to compatibility with LearnPress, one of the leading learning management system plugins for WordPress, you can start creating courses, managing registrations, and much more if you decide to install this plugin alongside the StarKid theme. To facilitate this, StarKid comes with all the eLearning templates you should ever need.

Even if you don’t want to deliver courses from your kindergarten website, StarKid is still worth adding to your shortlist. The library of templates is very nicely designed, while the design of your site will be fully mobile responsive if you choose to install this theme. It’s even possible to use StarKid with a WordPress multilingual plugin and start translating your content into more than one language to attract a wider audience. If you choose to translate your site, the right-to-left text support should come in handy as well.

StarKid is an impressive kindergarten WordPress theme that’s packed with features and content.

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2. Smarty


Smarty is a versatile option in this collection of kindergarten WordPress themes.

Built for schools, colleges, and other places of learning, Smarty is ideal for highlighting the educational aspects of your kindergarten. With two demos to choose from, kindergartens and preschools will find the second option the best for their business.

Whichever of the Smarty demos you choose you can easily customize the look and feel of your site. This kindergarten theme includes four predefined color skins to choose from. There are also three pre-built footer layouts to make use of as well as six custom content pages. Like most kindergarten WordPress themes, you’ll also find a page builder tool included in the package.

Smarty gives you the creative freedom to build the kindergarten website you need while providing you with plenty of useful pre-built content.

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3. Baby Kids

Baby Kids has been built for creating websites for primary schools; however, it’s also a great choice for kindergarten sites.

Baby Kids features a modern and stylish design that wouldn’t look out of place on a high-quality corporate website. However, thanks to its bright and friendly color scheme Baby Kids is perfectly aimed at its target audience: parents and carers looking for a safe and welcoming nursery for their children.

To help you highlight the best features of your kindergarten, the Baby Kids theme has a full-width slideshow on its homepage. You’re free to replace this slider with a static image. However, the slideshow does a great job of displaying photos from your nursery and the reasons why your visitors should sign-up. This slideshow is powered by the premium Slider Revolution plugin, which is included in the theme package at no extra cost.

The rest of the homepage features give you an opportunity to list upcoming events, publish the details of your staff and teachers, and share the latest news from your blog. However, the default homepage configuration of Baby Kids can easily be customized through the theme options and settings or by using the included premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin. You can also create custom color palettes for your website through the theme options panel. The included timetable tool will help you keep your current parents up to date.

Baby Kids has all the page templates and demo content you’ll need to attract new parents while also supporting your existing patrons.

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4. Los Ninos

Are you looking for a kindergarten theme that supports remote learning? Los Ninos can help you offer online courses through your site.

This fun and colorful theme offers four main demos for kindergarten websites. Its intuitive interface enables you to set the fonts and colors of your site and customize individual elements. It also offers a large selection of pre-built blocks, including widgets for testimonials, meet the team, Instagram feeds, and more. Plus, the theme is compatible with Elementor, so you can make any changes to your site’s design using the drag-and-drop page builder.

Additionally, Los Ninos lets you create subscription-based content. This is ideal if you want to offer online courses for parents and children, or teacher training. It also integrates with a timetable plugin to help you create and manage online class schedules.

With Los Ninos, you get complete e-learning functionality for your kindergarten website.

5. Kidzo

Kidzo works well for a range of child-related sites.

If you want to give your kindergarten site a fun yet professional design, then Kidzo should meet your requirements. Among the Kidzo demos, you’ll find an option that’s perfect for setting up a kindergarten site. That demo has templates for all the pages a good kindergarten site is likely to need, including a page for publishing the details of the staff, a template for sharing photos of the facilities, and a ready-made design for displaying other essential information such as the location of the kindergarten.

While the templates of Kidzo are very much suitable for this type of site, you can easily adjust them using the powerful Elementor page builder plugin. If you want to publish your site content in more than one language, then the multilingual plugin support of Kidzo is sure to be useful.

Kidzo is ready to go and ideal for building engaging kindergarten sites.

6. Enfant

Enfant is a flexible education theme that’s been designed for creating kindergarten websites with WordPress.

Thanks to its four homepage variations, Enfant is ideal for creating a kindergarten company website, a child-related blog, or a general-purpose kindergarten or education website with WordPress. The homepage designs all have a bright style and appearance that’s appropriate for this type of website. However, the pre-built Enfant content has all been destined to a high standard to make it clear to your audience that you’re a professional organization.

However you choose to use this theme, Enfant makes it easy to get started. By using the one-click demo content installer feature, you can get your kindergarten WordPress website up and running in no time at all. Once the import job has completed, you can start adding your own unique content to your new website. Thanks to premium tools such as WPBakery Page Builder, Slider Revolution, and Essential Grid, you’ll have access to some of the best creative WordPress plugins at no extra cost. Now you really can build a bespoke WordPress kindergarten website without having to view a single line of code.

Some of the other useful features of the Enfant WordPress theme include the custom post types and templates for publishing staff, courses, and events information on your website. You can also use the WooCommerce plugin to add items for sale that are available for purchase from your website, including merchandise and other relevant equipment.

Enfant works well for creating both simple kindergarten promotional websites and fully-featured educational sites with WordPress.

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7. Bebio

Bebio is a baby care services and kindergarten WordPress theme with a playful design.

While the design of Bebio will appeal to anyone looking for a fun yet professional child care facility for their young child, the features and functionality of this theme will provide you with all you need to ensure your website is an effective tool for promoting your business.

Some of these features include a stylish set of templates for adding a range of different types of content to your website, a number of pre-built slideshows that you can edit with the included Slider Revolution tool and use to display photos and videos of your facilities, and full eCommerce support for collecting payments online, directly from your website.

Although Bebio comes with a number of pre-built website designs that would be ideal for kindergartens, it also has a powerful page builder tool integrated into it. Thanks to this, you can easily edit those templates to give your kindergarten or daycare center website a unique look. Making other cosmetic changes to your website, such as adjusting the colors, changing the fonts, and uploading your logos, are all carried out through the intuitive control panel interface.

Adding useful elements to your pages, such as interactive Google Maps to help your visitors find their way to your location, pricing tables for displaying your child care packages in a format that makes them easy to compare, and a planner that lets you share the details of upcoming events at your kindergarten is all covered by the pre-built content and features of this theme. Sharing testimonials, publishing profiles of your staff, and displaying a contact form on your website is all part of the core functionality of Bebio too.

If you’re looking for a kindergarten theme that combines an appropriate design with lots of useful features, be sure to check out Bebio.

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8. Skole

Skole is a kindergarten and preschool WordPress theme with a very appropriate design.

The design and overall style of Skole are suitable for building websites for kindergartens and preschools. The color choices and font selection work really well for this type of website, while the layouts have been built with user experience and simplicity in mind. As soon as someone arrives at your site looking for a kindergarten for their child, they’ll know they’ve found the right place. Not only that, but they should find it easy to navigate your site and consume the content they’re looking for, thanks to the well-designed user interface. Your website will also look great and be easy to use on smaller-screen devices, ensuring that no users are prevented from accessing your site.

If you’re new to building websites with WordPress, or you’d like a little help setting up this theme, you’ll be pleased to learn that Skole is supported by 23 tutorial videos. These videos walk you through the process of building your new website and getting the most out of this theme. The developers of Skole also claim to deliver timely support updates, with an impressive eight hour average response time to help desk tickets. If you want as much assistance as possible when creating your kindergarten website, Skole should be on your shortlist.

Some of the other reasons to choose Skole include the high levels of support for the popular Elementor page builder plugin, the multilingual support for creating international kindergarten websites that publish their content in more than one language, and the WooCommerce integration for collecting payments online through your website. Skole comes with some useful security features, such as the ability to limit login attempts and a cookie notice for GDPR compliance.

The vibrant and modern design of Skole should help your website stand out from the crowd.

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9. Childit

Childit comes with all of the templates a modern kindergarten website should need.

To ensure that you’re able to launch your kindergarten website with this theme, Childit comes with a pre-built demo that you can import into your WordPress dashboard in just a few clicks. Once you’ve completed this task, you can start adding your own content to the templates, such as images and text. Thanks to templates for adding FAQs, image galleries, and contact pages to your site, Childit should have all the templates you need.

One of the particularly useful features of Childit is the date tool. This feature makes it easy to add a calendar to your website, giving you an effective way to share the details of upcoming events with your audience, such as open days, parents’ evenings, and more. Childit also has a handy widget that gives your website visitors a quick way to book a tour of your kindergarten.

If you keep this feature enabled, your visitors only have to click on the floating button, enter their details in the fly-out form, and then await your response. If you’d like your website to not only be a useful resource for your users but also to help you grow your business, this feature should be appealing. You can also customize the widget to display other useful information, such as your contact details, locations on a map, or anything else you can think of.

All of the Childit templates are fully responsive to ensure you don’t have to worry about how your website will look on smartphones and other small-screen devices. You can see how it will look for yourself by opening the Childit demo on your mobile device. Alternatively, resizing your desktop browser window when viewing the Childit demo will show you how this theme and your website will respond to the smaller viewports of smartphones.

Childit has some great features to make your kindergarten website a success.

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10. Fable

Fable will help your child care or kindergarten website rise above the competition.

The design of Fable might share many of the characteristics of the top kindergarten WordPress themes. However, as well as the bright and welcoming color scheme and easy-to-read typography, you’ll find lots of extra features to help make your website useful to new and returning visitors.

Among the features of Fable, you’ll find full eCommerce support to help you sell merchandise and collect payments for new registrations and upcoming trips. There’s also the ability to publish your website content in multiple languages. Thanks to the support for the WPML WordPress plugin, you can easily create a multilingual website that will help you attract parents and carers from a range of different backgrounds.

As this is a flexible kindergarten WordPress theme, you get five different homepage layouts to choose from when setting up your website. Thanks to the demo content installer, the layouts and templates can be applied to your site in just a few clicks. However, if you need extra assistance, the Fable developers offer a theme setup service in exchange for a small fee.

Fable is ideal for a range of child-care-related projects, including international kindergartens and nurseries.

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11. Kiddy


Kiddy has a colorful and playful design that has helped make it a popular kindergarten WordPress theme.

With an appearance that’s perfectly optimized towards its target audience, Kiddy will help you create a kindergarten or preschool website that resonates with parents looking for a safe and fun place to entrust with their children.

As well as its appropriate design, Kiddy has many features that will make your website a useful resource. This includes a mobile-friendly timetabling tool that helps keep your parents informed of what’s happening when. Your kindergarten website can also feature a contact form that makes it easy for visitors to get in touch. There’s also an integrated Google Map to help people find your kindergarten.

Other useful features of the Kiddy theme include an event-publishing tool for promoting upcoming dates, custom widgets that display your latest social media posts, and a range of page templates. Among these templates, you’ll find designs for publishing your services, staff profiles, answers to frequently asked questions, and an image gallery of your facilities.

If you’re new to setting up your own website with WordPress, you’ll be pleased to learn that Kiddy is accompanied by a series of online documentation and videos that will walk you through the process of getting your site online.

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12. SuperOwly

SuperOwly is a multipurpose preschool, kindergarten, and school WordPress theme.

As this theme can be used to build a range of websites, you get access to a large selection of kindergarten-friendly templates. Whether your kindergarten is large or small, SuperOwly and its templates should be able to help you quickly establish a fun but professional-looking online presence for your business.

The purpose-built kindergarten demo of SuperOwly is the obvious choice for readers of this guide. However, the other options, including the school of early learning demo, should work well, too. Once you’ve decided which demo you want to use as the foundation for your website, it won’t be long before you’ve imported the templates and other content into your WordPress dashboard and are ready to start adding your own information to the layouts.

To help you take control of the design of your website, SuperOwly comes equipped with the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin. As this tool lets you make changes to the design of the templates through an easy-to-use interface, you should be able to adjust SuperOwly to match your branding and preferences.

Features such as the events calendar and class timetable widget give you a way to publish this essential content on your website without having to research which tools to use. As everything you should need is included in the theme package or just a click or two away, choosing SuperOwly should help save you time when building your new kindergarten website. Additional content your site might need, such as teacher profiles, photo galleries, and a news blog, are all covered by other templates that come with this theme.

With a good library of templates, SuperOwly will help you to build out a fully-featured kindergarten website.

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13. KidsWorld

KidsWorld is a creative WordPress theme in the preschool and kindergarten category.

This WordPress theme checks all the boxes when it comes to design and style. When using this theme your website will have a bright and cheerful color scheme, a playful but legible font selection, and cute icons and graphics. On a more technical level, the layout of the KidsWorld theme is fully mobile responsive to accommodate a range of screen sizes.

If the default color palette of KidsWorld doesn’t quite match up with the branding of your kindergarten, you’re free to customize the colors of this theme through the options control panel. As well as personalizing the colors, you can also change the layout settings, adjust the typography choices, and choose your own icons. For extra creative control, the WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder plugin is included in the KidsWorld package. You’ll also find the premium Slider Revolution and WordPress Timetable plugins included at no extra cost.

To help upgrade your website content, KidsWorld includes a library of shortcodes. These shortcodes can be used to insert a wide range of elements into your posts and pages. Thanks to this feature, adding pricing tables, promo boxes, buttons, testimonials, and image sliders to your website is very straightforward.

KidsWorld also has full eCommerce support via the leading WooCommerce toolkit, giving you the option of selling items and collecting payments online.

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14. Kids Life

Kids Life is another great example of the high-quality kindergarten WordPress themes that are available today.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Kids Life theme is the full-screen animated homepage slider. While this slider is optional, and can easily be replaced with a slideshow that’s less flashy or even just a static image, the example slider will do a great job of captivating your audience. As both the premium Slider Revolution and LayerSlider plugins are included in the package, you’ll be able to create almost any type of advanced slideshow or online presentation for your website.

Kids Life might only have one demo layout. However, the demo homepage design is packed with useful features and elements. As your visitors scroll down your home page, they can view the key features of your business, find out about your facilities, view your portfolio, check out the latest news from the blog, meet your staff, explore products from your store, and find links to other important content on your site.

Thankfully, the WPBakery Page Builder plugin is included in the theme package, giving you an easy way to add, remove, and modify any of the elements that make up the default homepage configuration. There are also 20 color skins to choose from, giving you a quick and easy way to change the overall appearance of your site.

Thanks to its intuitive demo content importer tool and straightforward setup process, creating a kindergarten website with the Kids Life theme is child’s play.

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15. Happy Kids

Happy Kids certainly is a kindergarten WordPress theme with a bright and cheerful design.

No matter what services in the child-care industry your business is offering, from daycare and preschool facilities to childminding and nannying, Happy Kids can easily be adapted to meet your needs. This theme is also fully compatible with the WooCommerce online shop builder plugin. Thanks to this, Happy Kids is a good choice for creating a child-themed eCommerce store.

Due to the comprehensive homepage design of the theme demo, Happy Kids gives you a great opportunity to express the best attributes of your business to your visitors, as soon as they arrive at your site. With a touchscreen-friendly slider, mini gallery section, and upcoming events calendar, your audience can get a good sense of what you have to offer from the front page of your website.

If you do decide to add an online shop to your website, all the eCommerce pages will share the same design as the rest of your site. This includes the product pages, shopping cart, and checkout pages. Therefore, if you do want to sell products and services directly from your website, Happy Kids is perfectly capable.

Happy Kids is a well-established option in the child-focused WordPress theme category that has been constantly updated since its release.

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