27 Best Landing Page WordPress Themes 2021

After months of development and research, your latest product is ready. You’d like to give it the best possible chance to succeed in your chosen marketplace by creating a landing page – but without additional plugins, most themes don’t offer suitable functionality out of the box.

A landing page is a fantastic way to showcase your latest product. Visitors to your site can see images, watch video, and read user testimonials and tech specs, all in one place – and all the while you get to send them down the sales funnel, ready and waiting at the end to exchange their interest into cold, hard cash.

Fortunately, there are plenty of WordPress themes that enable you to create stylish and engaging landing pages with ease. Below, you’ll find the best of them to start building interest, generating leads, and making that all-important sale.

1. Landkit

Landing pages are a great way to convert people on the fence about your product or service into full-fledged, paying customers. It goes without saying that a compelling design goes a long way towards boosting sales. LandKit could be just the theme to help you achieve that.

There are 12 home page designs to choose from within LandKit, and each can be installed with one click. This is a great way to get started quickly, or to simply discover what you can do with the theme. To tweak your landing page further, you can use the bundled Hybrid Composer plugin to construct it, choosing from over 70 different elements and 12 header styles.

There’s much more on offer with LandKit, including a selection of Google and Typekit fonts, hundreds of menu options and icons, a portfolio builder, comprehensive documentation, round-the-clock support, and a wealth of additional elements and features.

While many themes promise much but deliver below expectations, LandKit can hold its head up high. It’s a stellar theme for building not only a landing page, but an entire website. Plus, it’s a steal for the price!

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2. Divi App

On the surface, landing pages seem simple: write a captivating headline, add a hero image, and display a number of calls to action throughout. However, choose the wrong theme and you’ll quickly find yourself with a headache. With Divi’s power, there’s no chance that you’ll end up reaching for the aspirin.

As one of the most popular themes on the market, Divi has a well-earned reputation of offering quality design and top-notch support — as evidenced by its almost fanatical customer base. The centerpiece of the theme is the Divi Builder, an integrated drag-and-drop page builder that includes virtually everything you’ll need to create your website. Furthermore, each element can be heavily customized to your exact design requirements. For those that want to get started straight away, there are 18 pre-made layouts to choose from.

Divi also comes bundled with a split testing tool called Divi Leads, enabling you to test different layouts to maximize conversions — perfect for creating high-converting landing pages.

Overall, it’s hard to find anything negative to say about Divi. It’s such a versatile and feature-rich theme that you could pay three times as much and still be getting a great deal. Add it to your shortlist and you won’t be disappointed.

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3. Brisk

Landing pages play a pivotal role on most websites and often sink or swim based on the theme used to design them. As a popular multipurpose option, Brisk has a lot to offer.

With this theme, you get over 30 templates and 120 widgets, giving you plenty of options for designing a page to convert visitors. In addition, it comes with the Elementor page builder plugin. This means that you can build your page visually without any coding, thanks to a simple drag-and-drop interface.

The clean, modern layouts are ideal for both small and large sites as well as landing pages. In addition to the generic landing page template, Brisk offers a ‘dark’ landing page that can help you showcase your products in a dramatic and eye-catching way. No matter what style you choose, your Brisk landing page can include payment gateways for crypto and traditional currencies as well as security management and compliance tools.

All in all, the Brisk landing page layouts are sleek, flexible, and highly customizable. While this theme only offers two premade templates for this purpose, it provides the features and functionality you’ll need to make your landing page your own.

4. Landing


It doesn’t take more than a glance to see that Landing is the fruit of considerable labor. One might not unreasonably call it the ultimate landing pages theme for WordPress, given the breadth and depth of its functionality and flexibility.

Visually speaking, Landing is dominated by full screen media and a scrolling parallax effect. It’s pretty well executed, but nothing new in itself. Where Landing truly shines is in its drag and drop layout builder, coupled with a plethora of landing page templates.

You’re likely to be able to find a landing page design specific to your requirements. Once you’ve found it, you can import the demo data, then just replace it as you see fit with your own copy and media. If you’re not particularly tech-savvy and you want a theme to hold your hand through the design process, Landing could be for you.

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5. Appilo

Translating app design to websites is a tough challenge. This is one of the reasons for the plethora of cookie-cutter landing pages. However, using Appilo, you might be able to design an app landing page with a unique look.

Appilo enables you to import one of six ready-to-go landing page designs. Although each design has a different style, you can recognize a clear ‘tech startup’ aesthetic. The theme uses eye-catching colors, includes a lot of negative space, and is designed to help you get more conversions.

If you’re an Elementor page builder plugin user, you’ll be pleased with the bundled 50+ elements included within Appilo. You also get access to dedicated support, while the intuitive color-switcher helps you to customize your designs.

New apps need a lot of attention to stand out in the market, and an excellent landing page is a great way to get it. Appilo is a great choice of theme for your project and is well worth checking out.

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6. Engin

Built with entrepreneurs in mind, Engin is the perfect landing page theme for showcasing your small business’ offers. Whether you sell physical products, digital downloads, or professional services, this theme will help you highlight their features with ease.

Instead of relying on third-party plugins, Engin provides its own custom page builder, Hybrid Composer. It offers dozens of pre-built elements geared towards e-commerce and business sites. This theme also has grid and masonry layouts for portfolios and hundreds of menu options for easy navigation from your landing pages to other parts of your site.

Engin is performance-optimized too, with a Pingdom Tools score of 99 out of the box. As long as you follow best practices when customizing your templates, you should have blazing fast landing pages that provide a top-notch user experience for your visitors.

Your business site has nothing to lose and a lot to gain from Engin’s addition to your site. Even if you’re new to website management, you should be able to pick this theme up fairly quickly.

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7. Stratus


One of the final steps for your finished product is convincing people to buy it with a strong landing page. For a theme focused not only on design, but on generating leads from your landing page, look to Stratus.

Customizations are accessed from a dashboard admin panel, and in addition to parallax background images, a full color palette, and over 700 Google Fonts, Stratus’ custom drag-and-drop page builder enables you to create almost any landing page layout.

For prominently displaying information ‘above the fold’, Stratus enables easy header customization – with the choice of either a sticky or transparent header based on user scrolling. Full-screen images and calls to action can be displayed prominently with the bundled Master Slider Pro plugin. To help convert leads to sales, Stratus is compatible with the Formidable Forms plugin, and includes a number of form templates to get you up and running.

Themovation have provided a downloadable Photoshop file for landing page mockups, along with a child theme, so that your customizations aren’t compromised by theme updates. If you like any aspect of the demo content, it can be imported from an XML file within the dashboard.

Overall, Stratus is a well-thought out theme, and offers you almost everything to create a strong landing page and turn leads into sales.

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8. Smartic

It’s vital to showcase your products in a way that will generate interest from your target audience. One of the best ways to do that is to build a powerful and effective landing page — something a theme such as Smartic can help you with.

Smartic is a WooCommerce landing page theme with an impressive five-star average rating on ThemeForest. It comes with more than 36 landing page demos and 18 stylish homepage demos, making it easy to find one to match your specific industry. It also includes support for the Elementor page builder plugin.

Thanks to its WooCommerce-ready design, Smartic lets you effortlessly create effective single-product landing pages. You’ll get access to advanced mega menus, instant search and quick view features, product videos and 360 product views, and much more. This theme is also compatible with WPClever’s WooCommerce plugins, which can enhance your store’s online visibility.

If you’re looking to showcase your WooCommerce products, Smartic is well worth a look. This flexible theme makes building a landing page for your specific niche quick and simple.

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9. TheGem

Top to bottom, your landing page should ‘wow’ visitors. After all, this will be the first impression – and a great first impression delivered by a theme such as TheGem could increase interest and ultimately improve conversions.

The first element in a good landing page is a strong hero section, and in this regard, TheGem has you covered. It comes bundled with three high-quality slider plugins to create full screen calls to action – Slider Revolution, LayerSlider, and NivoSlider. When it comes to the rest of your layout, you can choose from one of over 400 demo templates, and if you have specific requirements you can employ the bundled Visual Composer plugin to create almost any layout imaginable.

In addition, TheGem can utilize video backgrounds, and includes elements such as pricing tables to help showcase your products and services.

Your landing page should be impressive, and to create one you’ll need a standout theme such as TheGem. It’s definitely a stellar offering, and is well worthy of your consideration.

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10. Innovio

A landing page is in some ways similar to a short story. For starters, it has a beginning, middle, and end. It also needs to take the reader on a journey – in this case from visitor to customer.

However, landing pages also need to visually engage visitors, to encourage them to take the next step. Innovio could be the theme to help you achieve that. There are plenty of familiar-looking elements to this theme – including strong heading text, well-formatted body text, and a bold default color scheme.

You might call the design ‘minimalist’, but in reality, it’s just simplified. At the same time, there are still a number of demo layouts to choose from, covering plenty of tech-based niches. We’d argue that Innovio isn’t just useful for those in the tech industry, however, and there are plenty of businesses that could benefit from this theme’s templates.

Overall, Innovio delivers a pleasant landing page design combined with a functional set of features. As such, we encourage you to check out its demo!

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11. Foton

Landing pages are excellent ways to share information about products and encourage people to purchase them. If you’re in the business of developing and providing apps, and you’re looking to create a dedicated landing page, Foton could be the theme to help you out.

There are nine demo layouts available with Foton, and all focus on providing the elements needed for business-related projects. While these layouts may be all you need to get up and running quickly, they can also be adapted to your specific requirements using the bundled WPBakery Page Builder plugin. Of course, this theme can also be used to build a website from scratch if you prefer.

Sometimes, bundled plugins can indicate a theme’s lack of built-in functionality. In Foton’s case, however, most of the extra tools included with the theme are relevant and useful. For example, WooCommerce is almost a necessity if you’re looking to sell online, while Slider Revolution will let you showcase carousels and other important elements to your visitors.

Overall, Foton is a very slick and feature-packed theme. It could be just what you need to show off not only a specific app, but your company as well. If Foton sounds like it may provide what you require, we suggest checking out the demo!

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12. Thrive Architect (plugin)


Thrive Architect is, at its core, a page builder plugin. If you’ve ever used these types of plugins, getting to grips with this one should be simple.

However, Thrive Architect is different from other page builder plugins, in that it’s built with landing pages in mind. You can use over 260 custom-built layouts for sales pages, launch countdowns, lead collections, upcoming webinars, and much more. The broad selection means there’s likely a page that fits your vision. Although some look outdated by modern design standards, the vast majority are perfect for setting up a quick landing page.

Your overall results with Thrive Architect will improve the longer you spend with it. You can use a simple system of columns, rows, and modules to build landing pages, and there’s a great deal of flexibility when it comes to using columns.

The plugin also includes modules you may not see anywhere else, such as countdown timers, credit card icons, content reveals, guarantee boxes, and more. Even so, implementing a call to action (CTA) is easy to set up and customize, and it’s here where Thrive Architect is a standout tool.

You can also integrate Thrive Architect’s landing pages with a broad range of services, such as email marketing platforms. The plugin also supports integration with Zapier, which opens the door to even more connections between services.

In practice, you can use any page builder plugin to build a landing page or even none at all. However, if you’re looking for a builder with unique features to help you design high-converting landing pages rapidly, Thrive Architect could be ideal.

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13. Pillar


Pillar is a multipurpose theme with a bevvy of pre-built layouts to choose from. Within those you’ll find nine landing page templates, each tailored to suit listings, products, or services.

With a chic, modern backdrop and tons of customization, you have everything you need to create just about any website. Pillar has over 110 ready to use demo pages and offers one-click installation to make everything quick and simple. When you need to make changes, or if you’d prefer to start from scratch, editing is a breeze with the bundled Visual Composer plugin.

You can tailor all of your pages to exactly fit your needs with over 150 unique content blocks. Carefully curated font pairs and over 2,000 premium icons will no doubt help you along the way. Features like SEO-friendly markup and integrated MailChimp support make this an ideal choice to help you generate and convert leads.

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14. Urip


While important considerations for some are how many plugins are bundled with a theme, or how many widgets and sidebars you can create, for others the look is just as important (as it should be!). For a theme focused on enabling extensive customization of your landing page, consider Urip.

The developers, Ninetheme, have put customization in Urip front and center. From the custom admin panel you can tweak almost any element – among other options, there is a full color palette, and over 600 Google Fonts. If you can’t find the right typeface within those, the admin panel enables you to upload custom fonts.

Urip includes 15 custom sections (including testimonials and carousels), and almost all included elements have a shortcode – enabling you to place elements almost anywhere within your design. Prominent calls to action can be created with the bundled Revolution Slider plugin, and If you need to customize your landing page even further, you can do so with the bundled Visual Composer plugin.

Ninetheme are looking to get you started quickly – they offer video tutorials alongside extensive documentation, and the demo content has been made available via a one-click option in the admin panel. With free lifetime updates included in the price, Ninetheme have committed to development over the long-term.

In Urip, Ninetheme have created a workhorse landing page theme, while sidestepping the bloat found with other themes. If you’re looking for a heavily customizable theme without unnecessary features, Urip is ideal.

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15. WebOn

The right landing page can mean the difference between a bounce and a conversion, so it’s important to choose the right theme as its foundation. If you’re looking to design an effective landing page, WebOn is a theme to check out.

This landing page theme is relatively new to the market, but it boasts some powerful features and designs that make it worth a look. In addition to a contemporary multipurpose design, the theme comes with 11 ready-made templates. It also includes support for a variety of popular plugins, including WooCommerce, Elementor, Slider Revolution, and Contact Form 7.

WebOn is primarily built for designers and agencies in the tech industry. It includes templates for app and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) landing pages as well as e-commerce features for building an online store.

WebOn doesn’t offer as many features and pre-made designs as some of the alternatives. However, it’s a strong contender if you’re looking for a relatively simple theme that you can still customize.

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16. vApp

Landing pages are much more complex than most people give them credit for. Within one page, you need to reel visitors in, take them on a journey, and convince them to convert. It’s a lot to ask from a single theme, so your choice needs to be right — vApp to the rescue!

Out of the box, vApp includes 20 unique website demos and 14 internal pages you can import in a matter of minutes. The focus here is on landing pages though, and vApp offers all sorts of different designs, such as mobile app pages and fintech options. In each case, the designs are unique, and their use of color is sure to make you stand out among competitors.

vApp includes custom features that can help you showcase app screenshots, and it integrates with the WooCommerce plugin, so you can make sales from the off. Beyond this, the theme is fully compatible with the bundled Elementor Page Builder plugin, making it easy to customize.

Overall, if you’re about to launch an app and you’re looking for the perfect theme to help you showcase it with a gorgeous landing page, you’d do well to check out vApp. Take a look pronto!

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17. Pergo

Pergo is a Bootstrap-based landing page theme for startups, freelancers, and creative professionals. Even if you don’t have much technical knowledge, it’s easy to customize and highly flexible for use across many industries.

This theme ships with over 30 landing page layouts, eight pre-built inner pages, and more than 80 unique design blocks. You also have your choice of 18 demos for a wide variety of sites, including events, e-books, construction, and online classes. What’s more, Pergo comes bundled with the Visual Composer page builder plugin for a seamless drag-and-drop editing experience.

An especially handy feature of this landing page theme is that it comes with built-in A/B testing functionality. You can easily create variations of your landing pages and track analytics to determine how your visitors are using your site.

All in all, Pergo is a quality pick for businesses of all kinds in need of landing pages for their sites. You can easily refine it to meet your needs no matter what your specialty is, and as such deserves a closer look.

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18. Ayro

When it comes to customer conversions, a well-designed landing page is crucial – and with a flexible theme such as Ayro you can create a stunning design.

Ayro is definitely not a one-trick pony, as evidenced by the wealth of demo sites available. For landing pages, we’re focusing on the one-page layout demo, which you can import to your site with one click to get up and running in a hurry. For additional design tweaks (or if you have your own design requirements), you can press the bundled Visual Composer plugin into service.

The theme is highly customizable, with over 600 Google Fonts to choose from, and a selection of custom shortcodes (including Google Maps, counters, and interactive elements) to enhance the look of your website. In addition, Ayro offers smooth scrolling, has impressive animations – especially on its portfolio pages – and looks gorgeous on high-resolution displays.

We’re impressed by Ayro – it’s highly customizable and looks the business. It should go straight to the top of your shortlist regardless of the other contenders you’re considering.

More Info / Download Demo

19. Sofbox

For businesses specializing in software, landing pages can be particularly tricky. You have to concisely explain the key ins and outs of your technology in terms that anyone can understand with ease. A landing page theme that cuts straight to chase, such as Sofbox, can be ideal for you.

Sofbox delivers on that front and provides ample customization options to boot. The Visual Composer plugin is bundled with the theme, along with more than 30 homepage layouts and 200 unique pre-built elements. This theme is also WooCommerce-compatible and includes multiple product page and shop display options.

You’ll also have selections of blog and portfolio layouts to choose from. JavaScript animations make for engaging visual components, and Google Maps integration is available to help guide visitors to your business’ physical location if necessary.

In our opinion, Sofbox’s unique software landing page layouts will come in handy for any tech agency or freelancer. It’s definitely one to add to your shortlist.

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20. ShiftKey

Launching a new product or business is all about drumming up excitement and building a robust list of leads. To achieve this, you need a theme that combines style with functionality – enter ShiftKey.

A modern website requires a healthy set of customization options. ShiftKey comes out of the box with 15 unique demos you can install in minutes. The landing pages are the stars here, although the theme also includes other page layouts too, such as pricing and About Us pages. For every design, you get to pick from among ten different color schemes, meaning matching the design to your brand is simple.

However, ShiftKey really shines when it comes to functionality. The theme integrates with the MailChimp email marketing platform, to help you connect and engage with potential customers, and it’s built with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind too.

If you’re looking for a versatile theme that packs a punch when it comes to landing pages, ShiftKey could be perfect for your business. Take a look and get ready to start working on your website!

More Info / Download Demo

21. Leadinjection


General purpose themes are perfectly acceptable for many types of websites, but for something as important as a landing page, you may want to turn to a purpose-built product. Leadinjection could be your go-to solution for landing pages.

This theme includes everything you need to create a high-converting landing page, and you can be up and running within minutes by using one of six pre-built layouts. Alternatively, you could create almost any layout imaginable with the bundled Visual Composer plugin.

Leadinjection also includes the leadModal plugin – a modal pop-up tool that displays after a visitor clicks on a button, link, image, or text. What’s more, it can be set to appear after a certain amount of time, or to display when a user begins to exit your site. This feature isn’t offered by many other themes, and it shows that the developers have thought long and hard about what site owners need to increase conversions.

While general purpose themes have their place, a theme that’s designed specifically for the task at hand can often provide better results. When designing landing pages, Leadinjection is undoubtedly a go-to option.

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22. Startit


As we’ve mentioned elsewhere in this list, selecting a theme designed for the task at hand is often a good idea. However, even purpose-built themes needs to stand out in some way, or they will struggle to get noticed. StartIT is hoping it can do enough to get your attention.

There’s plenty to like about StartIT. There are 12 demo layouts to choose from, and the bundled Visual Composer page builder will help you take care of any design tweaks or even allow you to build a completely custom layout. Furthermore, there’s an extensive color palette and over 600 Google Fonts to choose from to match your website to your brand’s style. However, there’s little else where StartIT excels.

For a start, other than Visual Composer, there are no standout features or plugins, and scrolling is jerky – likely due to the parallax backgrounds – but other themes with these elements perform much better in this regard. Finally, the theme’s name is spelled incorrectly in one location on the developer’s demo site – a particularly sloppy oversight.

In a nutshell, StartIT will need to beat out a number of more polished themes to win you over – but it does offer enough design flexibility to make it onto your shortlist (although we’d place it near the bottom).

More Info / Download Demo

23. Scalia


Scalia‘s one-page template was designed to give you an easy way to present your content or promote your products, projects or business. Classy, modern and fully responsive, this theme will let your work stand out and is easy to use right out of the box.

Bursting with sliders, layouts, templates, widgets and ready-to-use demo pages, Scalia is extremely adaptable to suit your purpose. It is equipped with the Visual Composer plugin for easy content publishing and customization. Unlimited colors and fonts and more than 400 font icons give you full control over your site’s look and feel. Parallax effects, flexible headers and footers, and three preloader styles give you even more ways to set your content apart from the crowd.

Scalia’s additional benefits include the WooCommerce plugin for shopping, the WPML plugin for translating your content, and the LayerSlider 5 plugin for stunning slideshows. It is also has extensive documentation and free, fast support. And with social media integration, you can easily share what your site is showcasing.

There’s arguably no need to look further than Scalia for a trendy, versatile landing page theme.

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24. Foundry


The developers of Foundry, TommusRhodus, are well known for developing quality themes. By installing their landing page demo – which they call a ‘concept’ –, you can parlay some of that quality design right into your own website.

Throughout Foundry you’ll find well thought-out design and functionality. While there are over 25 concepts to choose from, you can also use the bundled Visual Composer plugin to create almost any layout imaginable.

Along with the some standard tools for creating your layouts, Foundry also offers a number of pre-built image and text templates for creating graphs, charts, and tables. These are a welcome addition, useful for promoting your service’s benefits to customers, and something we haven’t seen in any other theme.

Foundry also offers silky smooth scrolling – although it is a little slow for our tastes – and a host of videos on their YouTube channel to get you up and running straight away.

Overall, we like Foundry a lot – not only due to its cool graph and chart templates, but also because of its polished, professional design. We think it should be one of your first ports of call.

More Info / Download Demo

25. Stack

Sometimes, you only get one shot to convince visitors to give your product or service a chance. This means you need a theme focused on landing pages — Stack could come to the rescue.

This multipurpose theme includes pre-built layouts for business pages, personal blogs, online stores, and more. However, the theme shines when it comes to landing pages. The specific designs used are all built to convince visitors to keep scrolling, find the information they need, discover the call to action, and convert.

Given that landing pages don’t follow a set style, Stack bundles in two different page builder plugins you can choose from: Visual Composer and the exclusive Variant Page Builder. As such, you can select whichever tool you’re most comfortable with to customize your landing page. The theme also includes built-in tools for setting up contact forms, pricing tools, and social media integration.

Overall, Stack could be the perfect option for your next landing page, regardless of your field. Add it to your shortlist, and take a closer look — you won’t be disappointed.

More Info / Download Demo

26. Agile


Agile, designed to showcase apps, can actually be used for a wide variety of purposes – from personal portfolios to corporate sites. With its parallax backgrounds and wide, responsive design, it looks first-rate while functioning as intended.

Agile comes with a range of notable features. For example, it is integrated with the WooCommerce plugin for selling your products and supports slider plugins like Revolution Slider and Nivo Slider for stunning slideshows. It’s also compatible with the WPML translation plugin and is designed with SEO in mind.

Agile offers advanced customization features. It’s bundled with the Visual Composer plugin, giving you practically unlimited layout options, sidebars and color schemes, and access to more than 500 fonts. In addition, you have six custom post types to choose from, options for a single- or multi-page site, and more than 1,500 retina-ready icons. A child theme is also included, along with more than 70 shortcodes.

Bold, flat and ready to do business; Agile will meet your needs, whatever your project.

More Info / Download Demo

27. LandX


LandX is a slick, multipurpose template, excellent for a variety of purposes including – but not limited to – blogging, portfolios and product showcases. Built on the Bootstrap framework with HTML5 and CSS3, LandX is fully responsive and beautifully designed, and is compatible across all browsers.

In terms of customization, LandX gives you variety and versatility. It includes at least four home page styles and unlimited color and Google Font options, as well as eight pre-designed color schemes and more than 700 icons. In addition, LandX gives you a shortcode generator for yet more customization. Parallax scrolling adds a stylish touch to a good, clean design.

Besides its customization features, this theme from themeperch supports a number of plugins, including MailChimp for site subscription, WooCommerce for your selling needs and Revolution Slider for brilliant slideshows. It also includes a pricing table, a working contact form and a video introduction. Its documentation comes with clean, well-commented codes.

A versatile and elegant design, LandX is well suited to showcasing your products.

More Info / Download Demo

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