34 Best Magazine WordPress Themes 2020

WordPress is a superb platform for magazine sites. Many well-known news and magazine sites – such as Variety, BBC America, Quartz, Fortune, CNN, Reuters, The New York Times, and TechCrunch – use WordPress to achieve their powerful and beautiful designs.

Below we’ve compiled a list of 34 of the best WordPress magazine themes to help you create a powerful and unique site for whatever niche you’re in. All the themes listed below are fully responsive and highly customizable. Most of them offer a variety of color options, fonts, widgets and great plugins. Perhaps most importantly, they are easy to set up and customize.

Check them out! We hope you find the perfect theme to create the next big magazine site.

1. Newspaper

Finding a suitable user-friendly theme for your magazine website can be tough. Fortunately, Newspaper could be all you need for high-traffic websites, such as blogs and magazines, that frequently post across multiple channels.

This best news and magazine WordPress theme currently has over 85,000 happy customers. Layouts can be created in two ways – either through the specially crafted tagDiv Composer page builder or with the Visual Composer plugin, which comes bundled with the theme. If you’d like to get your website up and running quickly, you can simply choose from over 80 unique pre-built demos. It’s just as easy for you to build a website with Newspaper as it is for your visitors to browse through the finished product.

To tweak your design further, the built-in Theme Panel includes a plethora of options that enable you to fine-tune your site to your exact requirements. What’s more, Newspaper includes several ways to monetize your site, and it’s also fully optimized for Google AdSense. If that’s not enough, it offers over 40 social media integrations – enabling you to share your posts on many platforms. Furthermore, Newspaper is a fast theme, flexible and optimized for speed. With the new custom tailored tagDiv AMP plugin the site’s pages turn into a simplified mobile version.

All in all, Newspaper can be ideal for news-related websites with high traffic. It combines gorgeous elements with intuitive settings and will enable you to build almost any kind of online publication. It’s a theme you should check out today!

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2. Zeen

In music, producers use high-frequency sounds to keep you hooked and listening to a particular song. In web design, on the other hand, keeping visitors glued to the page is often the job of microinteractions and animations. With a theme like Zeen, you’ll get access to these in abundance.

This theme is primarily designed for magazine formats. There are many demo layouts on offer, however, encompassing the wide variety of niches that make up that style. Each one can be customized using the built-in Tipi Builder tool, and there are plenty of theme options accessible via a dedicated panel.

Zeen offers a plethora of additional features, such as MailChimp integration, AMP-compatible pages, and much more. Perhaps its best attribute is the aforementioned microinteractions and animations. The way elements transition across the page is smooth, and no screen space goes unwasted. You could even consider them the equivalent of ‘leading lines’, as the eye has a tendency to follow wherever the page nudges it to go.

Overall, Zeen is a theme that’s likely to impress you. In fact, it reached 100 sales within the first 12 hours of going live, which is a ThemeForest record. Its quality is apparent, and we definitely recommend that you check it out further!

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3. Extra


Extra is a stellar theme that utilizes drag-and-drop content building and stylish design for a great user experience, whether for an online magazine or other media website.

There are plenty of unique features in this theme to make it a solid choice for your website, especially if your focus is on media. Extra uses the advanced Divi Builder plugin as a fulcrum for creating layouts from your homepage to syndicated columns to image and video galleries and more. The spectrum for customization with this theme is vast; dozens of modules designed especially for media outlets give you plenty of options to build a website to your exact preferences.

There are over 40 unique content modules at your disposal, enabling you and your team to create standard news stories featuring text and accompanied by images or videos. If your website uses advertising as a platform for revenue, you can plug advertisements directly into your content stream rather than restricting ad placement to conventional locations on your page (such as sidebars or headers). Other extremely useful module options include call to action buttons to help boost subscriptions, ‘person’ modules that highlight key members of your editing team and/or regular contributors, and slider modules that support parallax as well as video backgrounds for a jaw-dropping user navigation experience.

There are also modules developed to support e-commerce, corporate websites, SaaS subscription pages, and portfolio sections for creative professionals or agencies. In other words, Extra not only is a standout theme for media publications, but is fully capable of being used as a theme for just about any type of website.

If you’d like to know more about this theme, you can read our in-depth Extra review here.

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4. Independent

Despite what you may at first assume, this theme is not connected to the British newspaper of the same name. However, Independent does let you publish news, stories, articles, and more – no matter what your exact niche might be.

There are over 17 different demo templates included within Independent. Among the standard choices (such as magazine, food, and technology styles), you’ll also find options for newer industries such as video gaming and cryptocurrency. Of course, with the bundled WPBakery Page Builder plugin, you can create whatever layout suits your fancy.

When it comes to page layouts, the sky’s the limit. There are practically unlimited header styles to choose from, as well as page designs focused on helping you generate ad revenue. You can rest easy knowing that your site’s monetization strategy can be implemented via Independent.

Themes are always a personal choice, but when it comes to Independent, we can safely say that it’s a standout pick for your magazine or news site. Check out the demo, and see for yourself!

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5. The Issue

If you want your magazine site to become a success, you have two primary tasks. You need to create interesting and high-quality content, and then show it off in the best possible light. While you’re on your own with the first task, The Issue can help with the latter.

This theme is all about helping you display your content in a way that’s organized, attractive, and unique. To do that, it starts by giving you a ton of demo content to work with, including page sections, header styles, article types, and more. Then, it enables you to customize all of those elements to your heart’s content.

Plus, you’ll find plenty of features that will help you make your content look amazing. That includes a number of custom widgets, lightbox gallery options, various typography choices, and more. There’s even built-in advertising functionality, giving you a quick-and-easy way to monetize your articles.

When you’re looking for a dedicated magazine theme, The Issue stands out above many of its competitors. We’d suggest checking out its demo, and seeing it in action for yourself!

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6. The Fox

The Fox is a modern, flexible and fully responsive WordPress theme that gives you freedom to create a truly unique site.

The Fox comes with a variety of layouts to help you attain a distinctive design, including Real Newspaper, Grid Layout, Pinterest-like Masonry blog and Listing Layout. You can also choose a layout for each category. In terms of blog post layouts, you can use the customizer to change the default layout (a two-column layout like a real newspaper) to one-column traditional blog post layouts. You can also play around with image layouts. For example, you can insert a vertical image in your posts for aesthetics, or to make optimal use of space. The Fox certainly delivers flexibility when it comes to layouts.

Other design features include various fonts (Google, Typekit, or even your own), a drag-and-drop gallery, a selection of widgets, and much more. You have close to 100 options when it comes to design customization.

Although the features list may sound overwhelming, The Fox is an intuitive and easy-to-use WordPress theme.

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7. Pixwell

Whether you’re a food, fashion, or travel blogger, you don’t want to rely solely on social media to communicate with your readers. You want them to engage with you directly on your page — a potential job for Pixwell.

The theme is packed with features to help you share your content in a stunning, fully responsive layout. You can easily install demo content in just one click, and the drag-and-drop built-in Ruby Composer lets you create a modern design without any coding knowledge. The layout options are practically unlimited, too, with hundreds of available customization options. There is also the ability to create eye-catching galleries and choose from over 800 Google Fonts to meet your vision.

Pixwell has plenty of functionality related to blogging, too, such as bookmarks to save your content for later or the option to react to your posts with emojis. You can also monetize your magazine through affiliate networks such as Amazon Associates or place ads via Google AdSense anywhere on your site.

All in all, Pixwell is a robust, fast-loading theme for business-savvy bloggers and magazines. Its flexible design can adapt to any niche and help you share your content with a wider audience, so it’s worth a closer look.

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8. MH Magazine

mh magazine wordpress theme

Magazine websites are often bustling with eye-catching content, but if your design isn’t engaging, you may find visitors go elsewhere for their news. For a theme offering a clean design and a flexible layout, look to MH Magazine.

This theme comes with 26 widget locations available and a fully widgetized front page template to make use of the various built-in custom widgets to display your content, social media, YouTube videos, and more. There are also sections to display prominent advertising to your website’s visitors.

Styling your page is possible with a selection of Google Fonts, a myriad of color options, and a custom logo uploader – so your site’s branding isn’t compromised by style restrictions.

MH Magazine also bundles the FlexSlider 2 plugin, allowing you to display important posts and articles prominently, and a jQuery news ticker – for shorter, yet important items of interest.

All in all, MH Magazine is a very worthy contender if you need an uncluttered yet flexible design for your magazine website.

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9. Johannes

Regardless of their other qualities, many magazine themes struggle when it comes to providing unique layouts. It takes a brave theme – such as Johannes – to try and do something different.

You’ll notice that even the header for this theme is radically designed. The hero image is encased in a unusually-shaped frame, which immediately catches the eye. Coupled with the tasteful typography and other ‘microelements’, there’s a degree of style here not found in many other themes.

In its default guise, Johannes suits tech blogs and other ‘modern’ nichees. However, you can always customize its design to meet your own requirements, by using its included theme options. It’s also refreshing to see that this theme has been designed without the need for additional page builder plugins – it makes Johannes leaner under the hood than a lot of its competitors.

There are a few other useful touches to this theme, such as a sticky Call To Action box in the sidebar, and a widget that displays the number of blog posts in each category. There’s plenty on offer with Johannes, and we’d recommend checking out the demo to see all of it in action!

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10. Journo

Although print publications are on the wane, digital magazines still need to provide the same level of style and ‘on-point’ branding as ever before. From first glance, Journo can’t be accused of shirking its responsibilities.

You can get an idea of the inspiration behind this theme from taking a look at the Scandinavian-sounding names for each of its nine demos. A pared-back design brief is the order of the day, although the WPBakery Page Builder plugin can be used for molding the templates to meet any custom requirements you may have.

Journo certain has a feel of the ‘cool hipster’ about it, and we can see echoes of Variety magazine in its default design. This means fashion and lifestyle sites will likely gravitate to this theme, although plenty of other creative niches should find the layouts on offer useful.

As with many other themes, the value in Journo is based around its included templates. This is not a bad thing, and the page builder functionality means that the flexibility to change things up is ready and waiting. We recommend checking out the demo and deciding for yourself.

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11. MagPlus

Running a successful magazine site means always putting your readers’ needs first. That requires making sure their reading experience is a positive one, and trying to reach as many potential audience members as possible.

MagPlus is a targeted WordPress theme that knows what modern magazine websites need, and provides exactly those features. It is translation-ready and integrates well with multi-language plugins, for example, and it includes Right to Left (RTL) language options. This enables you to attract and serve readers from all across the globe.

Further, this theme is well-optimized for search engines, meaning that people will be more easily able to find your content. Once they’re on your site, they’ll have a great experience thanks to MagPlus’ fast loading times. To make your own experience easier, this theme comes packed with a huge variety of pre-built layouts and elements, so you can build a site that reflects your style and niche.

All in all, MagPlus makes it simple to design a site that reflects your content, and is quick and responsive at the same time.

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12. GridLove

While there are no shortage of attractive magazine themes available, finding easy to use navigation and good aesthetics in the same package is a little more difficult. Fortunately, GridLove combines neat, flexible design with customization options to let you create a user-friendly layout.

For starters, the theme features a built-in intuitive drag-and-drop module system to help you create and organize your layouts. It also lets you customize your posts to your heart’s content, featuring a great selection of layout and formatting types, fonts, and color schemes to choose from.

To maximize the monetization potential of your site, GridLove enables you place banner ads on individual posts or pages. What’s more, you can highlight sponsored posts so that they stand out to visitors.

Overall, if you have a fairly large-scale publication with plenty of sponsored posts that need showcasing, GridLove could suit you. This, coupled with the built-in options to creating your layouts makes GridLove a great choice if you are looking to get more cash for your content.

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13. PenNews

To maximize the readership of your online magazine, your articles need to be both attention-grabbing and extremely easy to read. Striking the optimal balance can be tricky, but with PenNews, it is possible to achieve.

To get up and running quickly, PenNews offers over 30 gorgeous demo layouts based around art, sports, fitness, and lifestyle niches (just to name a few). If you have unique layout requirements, the bundled WPBakery Page Builder plugin (formerly Visual Composer) makes this as easy as dragging and dropping elements in place.

What distinguishes PenNews from other magazine themes is that it blends high-customizability with streamlined optimization. For starters, the theme is Google AMP supported to help speed up your page loading times on mobile devices. What’s more, you can create virtually unlimited in-feed ad sections, making the theme perfect for affiliate marketing.

Given the flexibility, power, and monetization potential PenNews offers, it’s certainly worth considering. If you’re looking to get a professional and scalable online publication off the ground quickly, PenNews is one of the best themes on the market.

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14. Indigo

Although a magazine website isn’t a physical product, there still needs to be a flow to its content if you want to hook and engage readers. In addition, it’s vital to provide complementary visuals and pathways to your social media channels. Indigo could be the theme to help you implement all of those elements.

The default heading font in this theme could be considered out of place depending on your specific niche, but it offers a ‘preppy’ look that suits a wide range of subjects. Since the headings are so prominent, the theme is able to take a more minimalist approach with the rest of the space. As such, articles stand out well, as do sidebar features.

As we mentioned earlier, linking to social media is also important – especially for a magazine site. Fortunately, Indigo includes an Instagram widget for your site’s sidebar and footer, and a social media widget for the header. For those who want to maximize their ‘time on site’ metrics, Indigo is also compatible with the Jetpack plugin’s Infinite Scroll feature.

Overall, Indigo is minimal, clean, and focused. These are three excellent benefits, which make this theme well worth adding to your shortlist.

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15. Bimber

The internet permeates our daily lives, to the point where ‘going viral’ (or being ‘internet famous’) is a viable goal for many people. There’s sound business strategy behind this desire, as the additional traffic can net you increased revenue. What’s more, a dedicated theme – such as Bimber – can help you cultivate viral content easily.

This magazine theme is media-heavy – as you’d expect – with surprisingly small text. However, the default pages are easy to read and digest, which is important for the ‘time on site’ metrics that viral magazine sites live by. If you’d like to tweak the layout, however, there are plenty of options to help you do so via the WordPress Customizer. There are also a number of demos covering various magazine niches, so you can get up and running quickly.

There’s plenty more on offer to help you create and publish viral content. For example, you can create polls, quizzes, and user-curated lists with the bundled Snax plugin, and you’ll have a number of social sharing options courtesy of the included MashShare plugin. Bimber also integrates the myCRED plugin, giving you a ranking system that will keep visitors engaged with your content for longer.

There are many magazine themes worth considering, but none are quite like Bimber. This theme is ideal for those wishing to create, curate, and collate viral content!

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16. Opinion

There are plenty of online magazines and news sites out there. If you want yours to stand out from the crowd, you’re going to need more than quality content. You’ll also want a website that keeps people engaged, which is something Opinion is well-practiced at.

Opinion is designed to help you put together a modern, stylish, and compelling article-based website. There are hundreds of pre-designed layouts to choose from, many of which look both unique and attractive. You also have a great deal of control over your site’s sidebars, widgets, and other key elements.

In addition, this theme doesn’t neglect the practical side of building a website. There’s a module system that helps you organize and group articles, and even display those groups on a single page. Plus, the advanced filtering features will help your readers find the exact content they need, based on categories, tags, dates, and so on.

If you’re looking to create a bustling online magazine, Opinion can take you pretty far. It can help your content look good and make it more accessible at the same time.

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17. Jannah

A key aspect of any magazine website is its ability to attract and keep each visitor’s attention. Thanks to its wide variety of features, Jannah could be the ideal theme to help you achieve this goal.

Although many magazine websites have familiar layouts, this theme encourages you to change things up. Along with a built-in page builder, there are a number of layout options for your pages (all fully customizable), and almost 1,000 Google fonts to choose from. If you’re in a hurry to get started, there are also over 20 niche-specific demo layouts, with more on the way.

While Jannah is strong when it comes to customization, there’s a lot of additional functionality included to enhance your visitors’ experiences. For example, you can offer readers desktop notifications, to provide them with up-to-the-minute news headlines. There are also elements designed to improve readability, such as ‘hotspots’ that help with navigation in long-form posts.

In fact, there’s so much that comes out of the box with Jannah that we’d need an entire page to describe it all! Overall, Jannah has all of the required attributes of a standout theme – plentiful customization, a thoughtful feature set, and stylish looks.

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18. Herald

With so many magazine sites, it’s crucial to grab your reader’s attention right off the bat. To do this, you’ll need bold visuals, a natural breakdown of content, clearly divided subsections, and lightning-quick loading times. Herald could provide you with an excellent way to achieve this.

While this theme features demos for fashion, sports, technology, and other publications, Herald works just as well as a news portal as it does a magazine theme. The scope for customization is huge, including over 500 different post layouts to choose from, as well as a number of custom post types, and support for high-definition logos and icons. Also, if you work with multiple authors, Herald makes it super simple to display their profiles, as well as the categories they are associated with.

The monetization potential of Herald is another major plus. Aside from enabling you to include banner ads, the theme features customizable modules to integrate aspects of e-commerce. Herald is compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce, and lets you add a cart to your site’s header. Built-in social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and other popular sites are also included, making it much easier to grow your readership (and potential customer base).

In a nutshell, Herald is an excellent choice as it allows you to build an online magazine your way. In our view, it’s excellent value for money, and well worth your consideration.

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19. Soledad


The relationship between text and visual media has always been vital in creating engaging and compelling content – and it’s just as important for websites today as it was for formats in the past. For a theme that helps give focus to your media as well as your writing, consider Soledad.

There are six header layouts to choose from – including one incorporating ad space. The navigation includes two mega menu styles to display feature-rich content to visitors, atop which sits a news ticker that displays a quick overview of your latest articles.

Soledad also offers a slider for displaying prominent media and content at the top of pages, along with a SoundCloud audio post type. There are also a number of widgets for displaying your various social media accounts.

In a nutshell, Soledad is a solid choice for complementing your writing with prominently displayed images, video, and audio content, presented in a stylish magazine format.

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20. Voice

Voice offers a beautiful mixture of blog and magazine, perfect for a comprehensive online publication, but also flexible enough to be used as a personal blog.

As with other themes by the talented folks at Meks, Voice seamlessly combines user-friendly content creation tools with elegant and functional design. The excellent Advanced Theme Options Panel enables you to setup your website and begin posting blogs and articles in minutes. Practically unlimited branding options make customizing Voice to match your branding’s style and color scheme simple and straightforward. With seven main layouts for your post listings and three more layouts for featured area posts, your magazine will look exactly the way you want.

Along with design and content creation features that come as standard with any great website theme, Voice features certain tools that were created specifically with online publications in mind. Smart post listings enable you to create as many topic-specific modules as you like, depending on how many different sections your publication has. Within each module, smart filters categorize posts, which drives your site visitors through to additional content they might be interested in. Because so many online publications rely on ad revenue, this theme’s intuitive pagination design, JavaScript advertising widgets (which are compatible with Google Adsense and other advertising or affiliate marketing networks), and related posts plugin will ensure that your website’s advertising revenue potential is maximized.

An intuitive user interface, streamlined aesthetic, and publication-friendly tools make Voice an excellent theme option for your online publication.

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21. Newsmag Pro


A good magazine theme should be laid out logically, offer a functional design, and above all, look captivating. While Newsmag PRO can place a tick next to the first two elements, it’s the final requirement that leaves us with a lingering doubt.

It’d be too harsh to say that Newsmag PRO looks bland. After all, magazine websites are found in all manner of different niches. What’s more, it offers a myriad of customization options. There’s a full color palette and over 600 Google Fonts to help match your website to your brand, along with built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) settings to enable you to improve your search engine ranking.

In addition, Newsmag PRO comes bundled with a number of essential elements to help display your content. There’s a post slider to display your latest posts, a news ticker for showcasing news snippets, and social media integration that enables users to share your content across the web.

Newsmag PRO isn’t a bad theme by any means, but it’s not a chameleon like some of its rivals. There’s just no denying its utilitarian aesthetic – especially compared to its more modern-looking competitors.

If you appreciate a purely functional design, along with thoughtfully chosen features, give Newsmag PRO a whirl – it could very well be the right theme for you.

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22. 15Zine

15Zine is a flexible reviews and magazine theme loaded with many useful features for your WordPress site. Anyone can easily and quickly set up beautiful pages using the drag-and-drop page builder and other easy-to-use customizable tools.

You can jazz up your posts using 15Zine’s featured image style system, which offers plenty of featured image styles along with an eye-catching parallax option. Arguably one of the best features of this theme is the exclusive ‘Trending’ mega menu option, which enables you to showcase your most widely viewed posts of the moment.

15Zine, although very easy to use, is also cutting-edge. For example, the Ajax instant search function cuts down on time wasted filtering through content, and you can further monetize your site using the in-built advertisement system.

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23. Flex Mag


Simplicity and power. That’s the promise of Flex Mag, a fully responsive and retina-ready news and magazine theme.

Flex Mag has many features, including nine different Featured Posts layouts to present featured content in any way you want, eight article layouts for your post pages, four preset skins (sports, tech, entertainment and fashion) and a custom skin to create your own layout, custom fly-out navigation that gives you Facebook-like fly-out navigation on all devices, and much more. One novel feature that has to be mentioned is the auto-loading posts feature – articles automatically load after one another in real time.

Other key features are drag-and-drop capabilities, myriad color options and ad unit spaces. You can enjoy versatility, power and simplicity with Flex Mag.

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24. The Voux


The Voux is arguably one of the most comprehensive WordPress magazine themes available.

As with other themes of its ilk, The Voux uses the excellent Visual Composer plugin to enable you to quickly and easily customize many design elements of your site. This means that you can create a unique site that is like no other, perfectly tailored to your awesome brand. Custom design elements include news blocks and a variety of widgets. Best of all, your sophisticated layout will look great across all devices.

In addition to the design customizability, The Voux offers key magazine site features. The Mega Menu feature enables you to use tags, categories or sub-categories as a menu source. Another great feature, among many, is the stylish Full Screen Galleries. This feature enables you to create picture galleries similar to those found on popular magazine sites such as People Magazine.

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25. Insight


Insight is a minimal, fully responsive and retina-ready WordPress theme that is fairly easy to use and customize.

Insight relies on various widgets and the Visual Customizer to help give your site a custom design. Using several widgets, you can customize various aspects of your homepage structure, such as setting background images and displaying full width posts. The Visual Customizer enables you to custom tailor your site using the three pre-built color schemes, or you can create your own. You also use the Theme Options panel to easily change almost every detail of the theme. For example, you can set your default post view to a grid layout, or you can opt for a regular blog post view with Featured Images.

Beginner or expert, Insight enables you to easily setup and customize an exquisite site.

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26. Sahifa


Sahifa is an elegant WordPress theme with a powerful admin panel that enables you to configure all theme settings and some 400+ design options.

The theme is simple yet powerful, with highly customizable features. Three site layout options are available: Framed, Wide and Boxed. You can easily change between the layouts to create a design that best serves your needs. Furthermore, the TiePage Builder features a drag-and-drop interface to easily customize your homepage with multiple block layouts. This flexibility extends to content and homepage slideshow layouts, 40+ shortcodes and page templates. Other design features include seemingly unlimited color schemes, 650+ Google Fonts, 35 custom widgets, a variety of sidebars and much more.

There is also a big focus on making content accessible and enjoyable for your user with Sahifa. The Ajax Live Search functionality enables your users to quickly and effectively search for what they’re looking for. Other features like Mega Menus and Menu Icons make it easier for your user to navigate your site.

Sahifa is a simple and feature-rich theme that adapts to a variety of sites. Definitely worth a look.

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27. Click Mag

Click Mag bills itself as a ‘viral theme’, which is a good way to sum up this theme’s purpose and design. It’s intended for use in sites that want to maximize reader clicks, social shares, and ad revenue.

Most of Click Mag’s features are designed to keep users moving through your blog or magazine site’s content at a quick pace. You can easily feature trending posts, and insert a rotating image gallery of articles at the bottom of each page to entice visitors to read more. Both posts and pages can be organized into dynamic slideshows to make content more interactive. There are also a few bundled plugins that focus on driving traffic and increasing clicks. These include the Reviewer WordPress Plugin, which enables you to insert reviews and comparison tables into your posts, and the Theia Sticky Sidebar plugin, which increases the visibility and exposure of sidebar content.

Click Mag should help to drive traffic to your site with its implementation of SEO best practices and social sharing options. To take advantage of all this traffic, the theme offers plenty of ways to incorporate advertisements. The layouts have multiple ad locations in different sizes, and there are even ad-specific widgets. Arguably, this theme’s primary goal is to provide maximum ad exposure through page placement and sidebars, and it shows.

It may be a relatively simple theme, but Click Mag succeeds at what it sets out to do – drive traffic and keep visitors on your site for as long as possible.

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28. GoodLife

Print magazines may have lost some of their popularity, but the online versions are still going strong. If you’re looking to build a stylish, modern magazine or news site – or if you want to improve on your existing site – check out GoodLife.

GoodLife is a highly customizable theme that comes with an array of layout options and other features. The theme has eight demo versions that are designed for different audiences and topics, such as sports, fashion, music, and video games. You can use these demos to get an online magazine or blog up and running quickly, and still ensure that your website looks appealing to readers. To further distinguish your site from the competition, you can select and personalize a variety of layouts for article, gallery, and video pages. Most of these layouts come with sections reserved specifically for advertisements, so you can more easily monetize your content.

Many other aspects of the theme are customizable, including the various sidebar options, multilevel drop-down menus, and menu icons. There are easy ways to prominently display popular posts and stories, and the available full-page sliders and post carousels will keep readers engaged with your content. Those readers can then participate and contribute thanks to GoodLife’s full integration with popular social media networks. This theme is also fully responsive and features dynamic image sizing, so it will look the way you want it to on any device.

GoodLife is definitely worth checking out – it’s a sleek theme with a ton of options, and it has a look and feel that will perfectly suit any magazine or news-oriented site.

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29. Compass

Retina-ready and responsive, Compass has a clean, simple design perfect for showcasing your online magazine content. The home page’s slideshow gallery draws readers’ attention to featured stories, while the ticker above it scrolls through recent headlines. Below the gallery, stories are neatly organized by category with plenty of white space, making the headlines and teasers easy to read.

With Compass you can structure the home page any way you like with the available widgets, and choose from a variety of colors, fonts and layouts for your posts and pages. You can also use the provided shortcodes to format columns, buttons and lists to your liking..

Furthermore, Compass makes it easy to develop your brand. You can upload your logo or even create one with the built-in editor. Add social media icons, search engine optimization and translation readiness, and your magazine content is ready to share all over the world.

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30. SmartMag


SmartMag is a slick magazine style theme with a clean and organized layout. It’s responsive and retina ready, and comes with multiple blog layouts built in.

The theme’s drag-and-drop page builder and simple demo importer make it easy for you to get your site up and running in no time. If you want to use background images with your theme, you can select your site to display in boxed layout or choose the full width layout if you don’t want a background image. For those of you who want to incorporate reviews into your site, SmartMag includes a review system that can either use percentages or points to represent ratings.

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31. Magazine Pro

The Magazine Pro theme by StudioPress is a mobile responsive, fixed-width theme that’s ideal for anyone looking for an easy-to-use publishing platform. Built on the powerful Genesis framework, it has a very clean and minimal design, simple black-and-white styling and a single accent color.

The theme comes with four accent color options, including blue, green, orange and red. Magazine Pro also has six layout choices that let you specify content and sidebar location as well as the ability to use full-width content. The theme is media ready, and gives you the ability to set featured images for your posts as well as a featured story on the homepage. They’ve also thought ahead and included optional ad locations for users who want to feature advertising on their site.

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32. Alpha


WPZOOM describes its Alpha theme as one of the most complex magazine themes from their collection today. It includes two skins: one for magazine and another for newspaper, each giving you completely different looks. Built on the advanced ZOOM framework, this responsive theme includes a featured slideshow, breaking news ticker, post slideshows and custom background and logo options.

Built-in page templates include blog, archives, full-width page and page with left sidebar. Alpha also includes custom shortcodes such as buttons, icon links, info boxes, various columns, list styling and social options. If you’re thinking about including advertising on your site, Alpha has built several banner areas into the template as well.

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33. NewsPlus


NewsPlus is an all-purpose responsive theme that’s packed with features. The theme comes WooCommerse and BuddyPress ready, and has a clean design that’s optimized for SEO and micro formats.

Using Flex Slider, you can create post and content sliders as well as post carousels. To maximize customization options, NewsPlus has individual page and post option panels. There are six custom widgets built in, including Flicker, social icons, recent posts, popular posts, custom categories and mini folio. Social sharing options are also built-in for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. To make installation and setup easy, the theme includes demo content in XML format as well as step-by-step documentation for installation and configuration.

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34. Flat News


Flat News is a responsive news and magazine theme with a flat design and three-column homepage layout. You can easily change the homepage look and layout through the theme’s builder tool, which lets you drag and drop widgets to set up your content areas.

Flat News has an integrated auto thumbnail picker that makes adding videos even easier. Additionally, the theme is set up with SEO best practices in mind, with optimized heading and title tags and rich snippet support. The theme’s scrolling news ticker has the ability to display image thumbnails for each story, which is a nice touch.

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