27 Best Personal Blog WordPress Themes 2023

While WordPress is a full-featured content management system, when people think of blogging platforms, it’s the first solution that springs to mind – and for good reason. First, WordPress’ editing options and blog management features trample all over the competition. Furthermore, the ability to extend its functionality with the right theme and plugins makes it a tantalizing proposition for any webmaster.

A theme suited to blogging shouldn’t be too difficult to find either, given WordPress’ history. Given that creating and managing your content will be no problem, you’ll likely want to base your purchasing decision on other factors. You’ll primarily be looking for additional customization options, and also whether the bundled plugins will enhance both your site’s design and your visitors’ experience.

Below, we’ve dug through countless themes to bring you the best personal and creative choices for blogs available today.

1. The Fox

The Fox is a minimal WordPress theme for content creators.

Whether you want to start your own personal blog or give your existing one a design refresh, The Fox is a great candidate. As this is a news, magazine, and personal blog theme, it’s packed with eye-catching templates for your posts and articles. While the demos are minimal in terms of their design, they all have different layouts and display properties to give you a good array of options.

The demos also cover a range of blog topics, such as travel, wellness, and science. There are also designs for creating more newsy blogs as well as traditional personal blogs. You also get a lot of creative control over how your blog will look, including a selection of custom add-ons for the Elementor page builder plugin.

Whether your blog is big or small, The Fox can give it the design it deserves.

2. Johannes

Johannes is a multi-concept personal blog and magazine WordPress theme.

With a strong focus on publishing content in all its forms, Johannes gives you lots of options for how your personal blog will look. For starters, there are 14 different homepage layouts to choose from, making it likely that you’ll find an option that’s appealing. In addition to the homepage layouts, there are also numerous options for blog posts and other content you’ll publish on your site if you choose Johannes for your project. The pre-built layouts don’t just apply to your articles though. With this theme, you can also choose from a selection of different header layouts for your site, multiple pagination styles, and panels for displaying any advertising.

When it comes to deciding whether to display a sidebar or not, or which site of your site to position it on, Johannes gives you the ability to choose each time you publish a new piece of content on your blog. You also have the option of enabling the stick sidebars feature, if there’s a particular widget that you would like permanently on display, no matter how far the visitor has scrolled down the page.

If you want to adjust the look of your personal blog, then the WordPress Customizer is packed with controls when using the Johannes theme. In fact, it’s fair to say that almost everything about your blog can be customized, all without ever having to edit any code. However, if you do want to add any custom CSS to your website, it can be easily applied to your blog through the WordPress Customizer interface.

Johannes has lots of the features that make magazine themes so popular, all packaged in a design that’s suitable for personal blogs.

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3. Soledad

Blogging is no longer just about documenting your opinions and interacting with commenters. With the advent of social media, the emphasis is now on connectivity – and Soledad helps you to both engage and connect with all who visit your website.

Firstly, designing your blog will be no problem – there are over 250 demos ready to download, covering all manner of niches and industries. Along with six header styles and five article layouts, there is also a choice of two mega menu styles for creating feature-rich navigation. Furthermore, there are another 250 tweaks that can be made from the WordPress Customizer.

The true dealmaker, though, is Soledad’s social media integration. Numerous widgets are available, including a Facebook widget, and three sliders for showcasing your Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. These all enable visitors to connect with every aspect of your brand through your website, potentially increasing traffic levels.

Overall, for those looking to create a hub for their brand, along with extensive customization options, Soledad could be ideal.

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4. Schematic

Schematic is aimed at magazine and personal blog owners.

The demos of Schematic all work well for blogs, and their designs cover a range of styles. While most of them have minimal designs, there are some demos in the Schematic package that are more toward the other end of the spectrum. There are designs that are ideal for anyone who wants to put themselves front and center on their blog, as well as designs that are more suited to those who would rather let their content take center stage.

One thing the demos do all have in common is that they have homepage designs that are perfect for showcasing your best or latest content in an interesting way. The demo homepage layouts will show blog posts from multiple categories, complete with featured images. However, you can easily customize them so that they look exactly how you want them to.

Schematic has some other useful features to enhance your personal blog.

5. Yaffo

If you want to launch a stylish blog to showcase your personal life and share what you get up to with your audience, Yaffo was built with this purpose in mind.

To ensure that your blog has the right look, Yaffo comes with nine ready-made blog demos. When browsing these demos, you’ll notice that the creators of Yaffo aren’t afraid to use whitespace in their layouts. If you’re looking for a theme with a clean and uncluttered design, this could be the theme for you.

It’s fair to say that the Yaffo demos all share a similar style, and due to this, you don’t get a massively varied range of options when it comes to choosing how your personal blog will look. However, despite being similar, the demos are different enough from each other, implementing the theme features in a range of ways.  Plus, you can customize any aspect of the design. 

Some of the features that make up this theme, and have been used in the demos, include email opt-in forms to help you grow your email list, social media feeds for sharing your latest photos from Instagram, and sliders that give your visitors an easy way to scroll through a selection of your posts.

Yaffo has a good selection of layouts and templates for publishing blog content online.

6. Behold

Behold will help you share your personal thoughts and news in style.

With a good selection of templates and demos, Behold should have everything you need to launch a good-looking personal blog in no time. The different single blog post templates let you choose from a range of interesting designs each time you publish a new article on your site. There are also multiple post archive templates that give you lots of options on how your lists of articles are displayed to your audience.

When setting up your blog, you can choose from multiple headers and navigation styles to get this important part of your site looking just right. Behold also comes with the premium Slider Revolution plugin so that you can use carousels and slideshows to showcase your content.

As Behold works with Elementor, you get full creative control over your personal blog.

7. Blogxer

Blogxer is a personal blog and magazine WordPress theme with a good range of pre-built content and templates.

As Blogxer comes with 12 homepage layouts and 15 templates for the inner pages of your site, you should be able to find a way to use this theme to create the type of personal blog you’ve been planning to launch. Although the Blogxer templates are all different enough, they do share a common approach to design that gives your content plenty of room to breathe on the screen. Therefore, if you’re looking for a personal blog theme that leans more towards the minimal end of the design spectrum, the online demos of Blogxer are certainly worth trying out.

Another useful aspect of Blogxer that bloggers and content creators should appreciate is the extended support for the updated WordPress Editor. As part of this functionality, you’ll be able to use all of the features of this enhanced editor to create stylish blog posts and pages for your website. Although support for one of the core WordPress components might sound trivial, not all themes have been updated to take full advantage of the new Editor. Therefore, this is definitely something that makes this theme worth recommending.

However, with Blogxer, you’re not just limited to using the default WordPress Editor. This theme comes with the powerful Elementor page builder plugin. Not only that, but all of the theme templates are fully compatible with Elementor, allowing you to open them up for editing in order to personalize them so that they match your vision. There are also a few different ways that the headers and footers on your site can be customized too, further helping you to make this theme your own. Another added bonus of this theme is its support for the WooCommerce plugin, giving you the ability to sell products and services directly from your personal blog, either now or at some point in the future.

With a varied selection of pre-built content, Blogxer should appeal to a wide audience.

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8. Blueprint

Blueprint can be viewed in either light or dark mode.

In addition to giving you multiple demos to choose from for your personal blog, you can also easily switch the design from light to dark mode. Your visitors can also make the change themselves, using the intuitive toggle that’s added to your blog by default when using Blueprint. The night or dark mode can be applied to your WordPress dashboard, too, giving you the option of creating content through a more eye-friendly interface.

As well as choosing the colors and viewing modes, you can also select from a range of archive page layouts. These templates define how the parts of your site that display multiple blog posts look, such as the blog homepage and category pages. The layouts include a range of column options and different navigation controls.

Blueprint works well for publishing written and video content on your blog.

9. Newspaper

If you want to get your blog, magazine, or news site off the ground quickly, you’ll need the right foundation. That means opting for a theme that not only looks good but also provides all the features you’ll require to get started – such as Newspaper.

Newspaper’s goal is to provide a complete package for building your site and filling it up with content. To kick-start the process, it includes more than 50 pre-built demo sites that will completely transform your site’s look. You’ll also get access to 30 single-post templates, along with a large library of elements, such as playlists, author boxes, and social counters.

Of course, you don’t have to stop there. You can also use the included tagDiv Composer page builder to make custom changes, via a simple drag-and-drop editor. You can tweak page layouts, design sidebars, headers, footers, and much more. This lets you build a fully unique site, without any coding skills required.

What’s more, Newspaper includes plenty of supplemental features and options that are perfect for news sites and blogs. It supports advertisements, for example, enabling you to include both Google AdSense and banner ads on your site. There’s also a customizable reviews feature, and you can let readers leave ratings that are based on stars, percentages, or points. Plus, Newspaper is fully responsive, GDPR-compatible, and integrates well with social media sites.

The best thing about Newspaper is that it’s designed from the ground up to meet the needs of online content creators. For bloggers, journalists, and the like, this is a theme that can save both time and effort, while helping you create a site that resonates with readers!

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10. CheerUp

CheerUp labels itself as a theme suitable for a wide variety of blogs, complemented by “luxury design options” that enable over a hundred possible layout combinations. So it certainly talks the talk, but does it walk the walk?

Although CheerUp has a lot to offer, you’ll want to appreciate its general style to justify taking a closer look. If you’re looking for a striking, minimalistic design driven by heavy use of imagery, it’s certainly an option worth considering. Furthermore, rather than boasting any particular standout design features, this theme is more a sum of its parts, with elegant color palettes and understated typography.

In terms of versatility, CheerUp certainly does have a lot to boast about in one respect – a wide variety of demo layouts give you the opportunity to pick a design that works for you, without having to go to the trouble of trying out different options yourself to see if the end result is as you hoped. However, it’s clear the developers are aiming this theme at personal bloggers in the fashion and beauty niches – the typical alpha male blogger isn’t likely to give CheerUp a second thought.

That said, for its intended audience, CheerUp is a versatile and full-featured theme, packed with all of the usual options you would expect available, and will be a more than viable option for the right customer.

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11. Chloé

Chloé is an elegant personal and lifestyle blogging theme.

If you want to share the latest updates from your life on a blog with a stylish design, then Chloé is worth exploring. As well as demos that are more neutral and would be perfect for lifestyle blogs, there are also demos that have a focus on food, travel, beauty, and investing. The demo designs all look great out of the box. However, you can easily make a few changes to the style of your blog when setting it up, such as choosing from the different post layouts, selecting a header style, and deciding which archive layout variation to use.

When a visitor arrives at your blog, they can easily switch between day or light mode and night or dark mode. Thanks to this, they can browse your site in their preferred mode, preventing eye strain when visiting your blog in the evening. Some of the other features of Chloé, such as the Instagram integration and the email newsletter sign-up form, are more reasons to check out this theme.

Chloé is a very well-rounded personal blog and lifestyle WordPress theme.

12. Bjorn

Bjorn is a personal blogging theme that gives you seven different blog layouts to choose from.

Designed for bloggers and online magazines, the Bjorn demo makes it easy to see the different ways that this theme can be configured. The six main website demos should give you some inspiration for your project and if you do find a mode that matches your vision, you can easily import the layout into your website in just a few clicks.

As part of the Bjorn demo content, you’ll not only have access to a stylish homepage layout for your blog or magazine but also multiple blog post layouts to choose from each time you publish a new piece of content on your website. There is also a selection of different headers that can be combined with the other pre-built layouts and templates. This results in almost unlimited design combinations for your website and its content. You also have the freedom to choose the position of your logo from a number of different options.

Another highlight of the Bjorn blogging and magazine WordPress theme is the featured posts slider. In fact, there are over 10 featured content slider designs to choose from, giving you lots of options when it comes to promoting your most important or newest content on your website. The slideshows are powered by the premium Slider Revolution plugin, which is included in the Bjorn theme package at no extra cost. You can view these post sliders in action on the Bjorn demo page, but like the rest of this theme, they are all fully mobile responsive and touchscreen compatible.

Bjorn is a fully modern magazine and blogging WordPress theme that’s packed with stylish templates and useful features.

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13. Rima

Social media, killer content, and a pleasing layout – these are practically the ‘Holy Trinity’ for bloggers. Finding all three in a single theme can be tough work. However, Rima is an excellent start.

Given the specific feature set a blogger needs, there’s always a danger of copying another theme’s style and design, and you’ll often find that many look similar on the surface. Rima is no different in this regard. The default layout is monochrome, with a number of other layouts offering different (but familiar) options.

However, there are a lot of choices for personalizing your blog and making it stand out. You can customize its font choices using practically anything from the Google Font library, for example, and even create your own layout using the bundled WPBakery and Elementor page builder plugins.

Rima also includes a number of developer-created widgets to help you engage with readers and promote your other outlets. For example, there are dedicated widgets for Twitter and Instagram, and even a Subscribe widget to help you keep visitors coming back.

Personal blogging is a notoriously difficult and saturated niche to break into. However, Rima offers plenty to help you stand out. Your content is (of course) up to you, but this theme gives you a framework with which to go out and find an audience.

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14. Typology

Typology is a minimal blogging theme that’s designed to look great without relying on images.

If you’d rather focus on writing content rather than searching for the perfect images to accompany your words, Typology could be the right theme for you. Thanks to the stylish typography settings of this theme, the text in your blog posts and pages will be used to enhance the look and overall appearance of your website. This formatting, including creative use of drop caps, should reduce your reliance on images to improve the presentation of your content.

Other design effects that you can rely on when using Typology include the ability to choose between the ever-popular material design trend or the classic flat UI style. When setting up your website, you also get to choose which sections are displayed on the homepage of your blog. Through the intuitive control panel, you can easily enable or disable the intro sections on the blog post archive layout, choose which posts are displayed, including the most popular or most commented articles, and a few other layout options. Furthermore, each time you post a new article on your blog, you can choose the perfect layout for that piece of content from the available designs.

As typography is such a strong element of this theme, it should come as no surprise to learn that Typology gives you a great amount of control over which fonts are in use on your website. Through the typeface settings, you are able to choose from over 600 Google Fonts, change the text sizes, and many other typography options. The customization options don’t end there though, the Typology color controls make it easy to create unlimited color variations for your website, ensuring your blog matches your branding or personal style.

If you’re looking for a fast-loading minimal WordPress theme for your blog, take a closer look at Typology.

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15. Malina

Personal blogging is just that – personal. As such, you’ll want to find a theme that provides a familiar User Experience (UX), while also letting you customize it to your exact specifications. With that in mind, Malina could be just the theme you need.

There are six ‘concepts’ to choose from when initially setting up your site, and there’s enough choice on offer to suit practically everyone. Each puts images front and center, although the bundled WPBakery Page Builder plugin also gives you the opportunity to create your own custom layouts.

Malina is a simple theme to use, with few additional options available besides the standard font and color choices. This is not a bad thing at all, since it means you can get up and running quickly. That doesn’t mean it lacks some unique design options, however. We’re particularly fond of the sliding animations, which draw attention to specific sections and are perfect for promoting key products and services.

Malina is an excellent all-in-one personal blogging theme, with a more stylish appearance than many other competitors. That makes it an ideal option for those looking to stand out!

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16. TheBlogger

TheBlogger could be a good choice for anyone who wants to create a custom personal blog with WordPress.

Thanks to the regular updates that this theme has received since its initial launch, you now get access to an impressive selection of blog website demos that can be imported into your WordPress dashboard in just a few clicks. The personal blog demos of TheBlogger are ideal for a range of projects, including food, travel, lifestyle, and general-purpose blogs. There’s also a stylish blog demo that’s aimed at helping users promote their services and skills and hopefully land more clients or other opportunities via their blog.

Regardless of which website demo from TheBlogger theme you choose, you’ll have a full set of pre-built homepage and post layouts to choose from. Showing off your portfolio is easy too, thanks to the library of page templates. The social media integration should also come in handy, particularly if you are active on visual networks like Instagram or Pinterest. The Instagram feed is particularly eye-catching and well worth considering adding to your site.

As well as all the pre-built content that makes up TheBlogger, there’s also a library of shortcodes to make use of. Through this inbuilt functionality, you can easily add tabs, toggles, accordions, alerts, buttons, and more to your content, with just a click or two. You can view these shortcodes in action on the TheBlogger demo if you’d like a better idea of how you can use them on your website.

Regardless of what style of personal blog you want to create, TheBlogger could have a pre-built demo that’s just right for your project.

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17. Lets Blog

Lets Blog is for the creative in search of a clean, elegant, retina-ready, and fully responsive blog or magazine website. It lets you play around with multiple customizable elements to create an elegant minimalistic site that looks great on all devices.

The theme is focused on creating a custom feel and quality experience. The built-in live customizer means that you can customize various elements from color to background to fonts and see these changes live. The two slider and 10 blog layout options coupled with over 500+ Google Fonts give you many design options.

Let’s Blog was also designed with SEO in mind; it has been optimally coded for easy search engine crawling and indexing. Better still, it has passed Google’s mobile compatibility check, so you’ll enjoy greater visibility and better mobile performance.

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18. Akea

Akea is a minimal WordPress theme that’s great for creating stylish personal blogs.

The three homepage layouts in the Akea theme package give you a good range of options for how your personal blog will look. Depending on which one you choose, the homepage of your blog could feature a traditional horizontal navigation area or a slightly less common vertical menu area. However, whichever layout style you choose, you can easily control what content is displayed in your navigation and menu area and how it’s presented.

Another feature that you can enable for the homepage of your blog is the post slider. This full-width slider can display your latest posts, or a choice of your preferred articles, in an interactive slider format that your visitors can scroll through using their mouse or touchscreen device. As the slider can be configured to display the featured images from your posts as well as the title and description, this feature should encourage visitors to explore your content.

If you want to monetize your personal blog, the Akea theme has sections built into its layouts that give you the option of displaying adverts to your audience. Although this feature is entirely optional, you can choose not to monetize your site in this way, or at all. Promoting your email newsletter on your blog is easy too, thanks to the opt-in forms that can be displayed before, after, and in your posts and pages. Akea comes with lots of other useful modules that you can insert into your blog, such as social media feeds, image galleries, and lists of your most popular posts.

Akea is also fully compatible with the latest features of the newly updated WordPress editor and comes with a drag-and-drop page builder.

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19. Contentberg

Contentberg is a personal blog theme that is optimized for content marketing.

If you’d like to use content marketing to grow the audience of your personal blog, look no further than Contentberg. To help you harness the power of content marketing, Contentberg aims to make it as easy as possible for you to publish articles on your website that your target audience can find and appreciate. Thanks to a great selection of templates, your content will look appealing to your visitors while also following the latest search engine guidelines to improve your chances of ranking well on Google.

As Contentberg comes with multiple demos, you should hopefully be able to find one that’s a good match for your personal blog. The overall style of the Contentberg templates can be described as clean and minimal, giving your content plenty of room to breathe. Whitespace is well used throughout the Contentberg templates. However, if you’d like to brighten things up a bit, you can use the theme options and settings to change the default configuration.

While Contentberg definitely has some stylish homepage layouts for you to choose from for your personal blog, there are also some appealing individual article templates in the theme package. Thanks to this, each time you publish a new article on your website, you can choose from a number of layout options to help you present your blog post in the right way. Furthermore, with Contentberg, you’re not limited to just using the templates. You can use the good levels of support for the latest version of the WordPress editor to design your own block-based content layouts. As this theme is fully mobile responsive, any custom designs you do create will look great on smartphones and desktop devices alike. The built-in Google AMP support will help with this, too.

If you plan to publish lots of articles on your personal blog, be sure to check out the Contentberg demos.

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20. Olsen

With WordPress’ evolution, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the humble blogging theme is dead in the water. However, nothing could be further from the truth – as Olsen proves.

A theme for fashion bloggers, Olsen tries to utilize lots of white space to separate content. However, with both a left and right sidebar employed, the content feels a little cluttered. Removing a sidebar makes things better, but the default small typography choices still don’t help to give the feeling of space. Fonts can be easily customized though, as can the layout – with 11 different design choices at your disposal.

Finally, Olsen provides Instagram feed integration, and also a smart section at the end of blog posts to display the products mentioned throughout – ideal for those using affiliate links.

All in all, Olsen is a solid theme with good customization, with just the right level of functionality to appeal to bloggers of all types.

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21. Brookside

Brookside has some attractive personal blog and magazine site templates among its library of demos.

As this blogging theme has quite a wide target audience, including personal bloggers and people who want to start their own online magazine, you get access to lots of different content-focused templates and features in the Brookside package.

This theme has also been optimized for the latest version of the WordPress editor, enabling you to make the most of the newest content blocks that have been added lately. So if you want to experience everything that the WordPress content creation interface now has to offer, this theme can help with that.

In addition to being able to insert a wide range of WordPress blocks and widgets into your content, Brookside also comes with its own selection of custom widgets. These widgets can be inserted into your sidebar, as well as many other parts of your website, and can be used to display your profile and about me information, a slider of your latest posts, and the content you’ve posted to social networks such as Instagram or Twitter.

As you might expect from a well-rated premium WordPress theme, Brookside does have lots of customization options. Due to this, you get a lot of creative control over your website and the ability to get your personal blog looking just how you want it to. While Brookside doesn’t come with a page builder tool, it should work with all of the best plugins of this type, including the powerful free Elementor plugin.

While most of the best personal blog themes will work very well with the popular WooCommerce plugin to help you add a shop to your website, Brookside has more eCommerce-related features than most. For example, this theme has a full eCommerce store demo in its package, giving you access to lots of online shop templates that you can incorporate into your blog. Thanks to this, you can add a fully-fledged eCommerce shop area to your blog, allowing you to sell a wide range of digital and physical items through a well-designed storefront.

Brookside has a varied selection of templates, so it’s well worth browsing its demos to see what it can do.

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22. Once

Once is a clean and elegant personal blogging theme for WordPress that’s packed with layouts and templates.

The six different personal blog concepts in the Once package cover a range of styles, so it should work well for occasional and full-time bloggers alike. Whether you want to test the waters and start your own blog for fun or you’re looking for a new theme for your established and busy personal blog, Once is a theme that’s well worth checking out.

Although the different Once demos have been built around certain topics, such as travel and food, it doesn’t really matter what you’ll be blogging about. Thanks to the neutral and minimal design of Once, you can easily use this theme for almost any type of personal blog. If you do want to customize the appearance of this theme, you can easily do so, giving you the option to make the minimal design more eye-catching. However, as the demos do look very appealing, you might find the pre-built content is exactly what you’re looking for.

When setting up your blog, Once gives you a lot of control over how it will look. The multiple page layouts make it easy to choose which side of your site the sidebars will be displayed on, or whether you want to go full width without a sidebar at all. Other features, such as the ability to enable automatic post-loading and support for eye-catching video backgrounds, give you even more options for your blog. Then there are all the settings and options that you can access through the WordPress Customizer interface that gives you control over the fonts, colors, and other properties of your blog.

All in all, Once is a stylish personal blogging theme that gives you a lot of control over how your posts are presented.

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23. Alia

Trying to find an effective balance between easy setup and quality appearance can be a challenging task. Usually, you have to sacrifice one or the other to some extent. However, Alia represents a strong middle ground.

Unlike other minimalist themes, the focus here is on getting you up and running with a high-quality look. As such, there’s just one default layout and the bare minimum of options. You’d usually expect this to mean that the frontend looks ‘functional’ in appearance, but you’d be wrong.

In fact, this is probably one of the better-looking themes around. The font choices are superb, with line and letter spacing being practically perfect. In fact, every element sits comfortably on the page, and while there are few customization options, we’d suggest that you won’t need them.

That may be a bold claim, but Alia is targeted at a very specific audience. In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a quick setup, a minimum of customizations, and a compelling appearance, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better theme than Alia.

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24. Veen

Veen is another minimal and lightweight personal blog theme that’s focused on delivering fast loading times.

If you don’t want to slow your blog down with fancy effects and visual elements, then you might want to consider using Veen. This theme doesn’t do away with all visual flourishes, but it definitely doesn’t go overboard when it comes to implementing all of the latest web design trends. The benefit of this, of course, is that your personal blog should load as quickly as possible while also being very easy to use on smartphones and other smaller-screen devices.

If you want to avoid alienating a growing portion of internet users, then choosing a fast theme with a clean user interface might well be the way to go. While the theme sales page does feature some impressive scores from site speed testing services such as Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom, and GTmetrix, your results may vary depending on many factors, including your choice of web host and what third-party plugins you decide to install. However, if you are focused on creating a fast-loading personal blog, Veen probably won’t get in your way.

If you explore the Veen demos and templates, you’ll see that the design of this theme is far from boring despite its minimal style. With multiple blog post templates to choose from, each time you publish a new article, you can ensure that the appearance of your content varies from post to post. This all helps to give your blog a fresh look. Other elements, such as the post sliders, different grid layouts, and carousels, all work to create a dynamic environment on your website.

For most customization options, as well as choosing from the different homepage and blog post templates, there are also four different header styles to work with. This theme has some good monetization features, too, including a header style with its own built-in advertising area and widgets for displaying referral links and other similar types of content.

Veen has good support for the latest version of the WordPress editor, giving you even more creative freedom for your blog.

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25. Ink

Ink from Elite ThemeForest author Codestag is dedicated to enabling bloggers to tell their stories in the most compelling way.

Firstly, this theme is fully responsive and looks stunning on screens of all sizes, including the latest Retina displays. And if your blog is also your business, Ink’s Restrict Content plugin enables you to bill your customers for full access to your content.

To give your blog a unique edge, Ink supports video covers for your articles. As well as being fully compatible with the latest SEO plugins, Ink offers full support for the WordPress Theme Customizer, enabling you to make simple changes to the theme’s design.

Ink is easy to set up, and support is available from a dedicated support desk.

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26. Harmuny

Harmuny has a focus on typography, making it ideal for text-focused personal blogs.

If your blog posts will be long and rich in text content then you might want to try out the Harmuny demos. The developers of this theme have reportedly focused on getting the typography looking just right. If you check out the online demo of Harmuny, you can decide for yourself whether or not they’ve done a good job.

Alongside the main Harmuny personal blog demo, there are also a few other demos that have been created for travel and food blogs. There’s also a dark version of the main demo and a minimal option in the theme package. Harmuny has good RTL text support as well, so if you want to publish your personal blog in a language that runs from right to left, this theme is ready for that type of project.

Overall, most of the Harmuny demos have lots going on, including sliders, content-packed grid layouts, and sidebar widgets. There’s also an Instagram widget that can be used to display the latest photos from your feed in the footer area or elsewhere on your website. However, as the Harmuny theme also has a minimal demo, if you’d rather let your blog post text and images take center stage instead of the overall design of your website, this one might be a better choice for you.

Whichever demo you do choose, though, you’ll be able to add an eCommerce section to your blog, thanks to the good support for the WooCommerce plugin. So if you want to sell one or more physical products or digital downloads from your website, as well as collect payments for your services, Harmuny has all the features needed for that.

When setting up your blog, as well as choosing from the main demos, you can select a header style from the available options and choose which slider format to use. There are three footer styles, too, while the Google Fonts integration gives you hundreds of typefaces to choose from.

Harmuny has a varied selection of blog demos to suit most design preferences.

More Info / Download Demo

27. Ruki

Ruki has a stylish demo that’s ideal for showcasing your design and illustration skills.

Whether you’re a visual artist or you’d like your personal blog to include lots of images, Ruki could be the theme for you. Although there are nine different demos in the Ruki package, they all have focus on creating attractive personal blogs that can incorporate photos, illustrations, and other images into their designs. Some examples of this include the featured images from your posts that are displayed on the archive pages and the header sections on some of the demos that are ideal for promoting your best content in a way that your visitors won’t be able to miss.

If you take a look at some of the homepage layouts from Ruki, you’ll see that they have lots of elements to help you present your content in a visually appealing style. One of the demos, for example, includes an article carousel on its homepage layout. This element will automatically scroll through the posts you’ve decided it will display, giving your visitors a steady stream of new content to check out. The custom widgets that you can add to the sidebar of your personal blog give you another way to get more of your content in front of your visitors. Using these custom widgets lets you display the titles and featured images of your posts in the sidebar of your blog as well as publish a list of links to your blog category pages.

As Ruki has been designed for the latest version of the WordPress editor, you can use the blocks that are available to create stylish designs for your articles. Thanks to this, Ruki doesn’t just give you some attractive homepage designs for your website, but also the ability to craft your own content layouts. Other notable features of Ruki include the social media integration tools that will help you to display content from your account on Instagram on your website and the signup widget that gives your visitors an easy way to join your mailing list.

Ruki has a stunning design that’s sure to impress visitors to your personal blog.

More Info / Download Demo

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