6 Best Podcast WordPress Themes 2018

Podcasts are growing in popularity and starting your own podcast can be a great way to grow your brand, connect with your target audience, or simply entertain your listeners. Thanks to this collection of the best podcast WordPress themes, creating a website to accompany your podcast has never been easier.

With a varied selection of designs to choose from, it doesn’t matter what the topic of your podcast is, you should be able to find a suitable WordPress theme here. As well as great designs, these themes all make it easy to promote your podcast and its episodes from your website. Whether you’re hosting the audio files yourself or using one of the many dedicated podcast streaming services, you should have no trouble displaying your content on your website. As these themes integrate with the best podcast hosting services, you won’t even have to manually add each new episode to your website as the RSS feeds will take care of that for you.

Some of these themes have great support for video podcasts as well as audio-only recordings. You'll also find that all of these themes include a full set of blogging templates so that you can blog alongside your podcast. Publishing show notes, sponsorship details, and podcast host profiles are also covered by most of these themes. When it comes to customization options, you should be able to modify the appearance of these themes without too much effort.

So if you’re looking for a way to promote your podcast, publish show notes for each episode, and better connect with your listeners, using one of the podcast WordPress themes below to create a website is the obvious choice.



Podcaster should have everything you’re likely to need in order to launch a website for your podcast.

The Podcaster WordPress theme comes in four main varieties to help you create a stylish podcast website. Depending on which design you choose, you’ll be able to easily produce a homepage that does a great job of promoting your podcast. As well as links to the main podcast repositories, the homepage of your podcast website can also include a feed of your latest episodes, links to posts from your blog, and a custom footer section with links to the other pages on your site.

The other templates in the Podcaster theme package include designs for publishing your podcast archives, author pages, and a full set of blog post templates. When adding new episodes to your website, you have the option of uploading a featured image for each one as well as adding a description and show notes. Thanks to the theme customization options, you can easily personalize the appearance of your podcast website when using Podcaster. These settings cover the fonts, colors, logo, and header areas of your site, helping you ensure your website matches your podcast branding.

When it comes to displaying podcasts on your WordPress website, the Podcaster theme has been optimized for the best plugins, including Seriously Simple Podcasting. However, any good WordPress podcasting plugin should work with this theme.

Podcaster has been regularly updated since its initial release to help you create a modern podcasting website with WordPress.

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Dixie is a podcast and audio WordPress theme with a classic design to help you build your audience.

With a fully featured audio player on the feature list plus much more, Dixie has everything you need to start sharing your latest episodes and tracks online. To give you other options for publishing your podcast on your website, this theme integrates with Libsyn, Podbean, Spreaker, and other services. There’s also good video support for those that are vlogging or publishing video content alongside their podcast.

The default Dixie homepage design has everything you should need to introduce your visitors to your podcast, promote your latest episodes, and connect with your audience. The main homepage header section features a player that makes it easy to find the newest episode from your series, followed by a list of the previous episodes. There are also sections for displaying the profiles of your team members, publishing information about your podcast, and inviting your visitors to join your email newsletter. As the Dixie podcasting theme integrates with all the best email marketing services, you can easily connect your newsletter service account to your website.

To help ensure your website has the right design for your podcast, the Dixie package includes the powerful Elementor drag-and-drop page builder tool. Due to this, you can open any of the Dixie page templates and start editing them through an intuitive front-end user interface. The Elementor plugin also includes its own set of pre-built page templates to give you a quick way to add new content to your site. Your website can be easily personalized thanks to the support for the WordPress Customizer tool.

Dixie is an all-in-one package that can help you launch a website for your podcast in just a few clicks.

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Viseo is a flexible WordPress theme for creating news, video, and podcasting websites.

The Viseo theme demo website can be imported into your WordPress site in just a few clicks. Once the import has finished, you’ll then have a stylish website with all the pages you should need to get started. As one of the highlights of the Viseo theme is its design, it should come as no surprise to learn that the default homepage layout will give your podcast website a professional and attractive look. One of the key components of the main Viseo homepage layout is the full screen slider. Designed to preview your best or latest audio or video content, the Viseo homepage slider is ideal for grabbing the attention of your visitors as soon as they arrive at your site.

Below the slider header section, the default layout has excerpts from your latest blog posts or news articles, complete with a featured image, publication date, and author information. Further down the default homepage layout is a categories section that gives your visitors a quick and easy way to find more content that they’re interested in. The customizable footer section can easily be tweaked to display your own choice of links or content.

As well as the useful pre-built content, Viseo also includes a drag-and-drop page builder tool. Thanks to this you can start customizing the demo content, with the option of creating your own custom page designs from scratch. Viseo isn’t short on website customization options either, giving you the ability to create a custom color schedule for your site.

With good support for video and audio content, Viseo should appeal to publishers of all types.

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Audonic is a great audio-focused WordPress theme that should appeal to podcasters.

Audonic has good support for native audio and video players, ensuring you’ll be able to publish your content on your website without any problems.  Each time you add a new episode or track to your site, you’ll be able to upload a featured image to accompany it. Linking to services like iTunes, SoundCloud, and other podcast and audio hosting sites is straightforward too.

When setting up your new website, you can choose from a range of pre-defined color schemes that should help set the right mood for your content. If you want more control over the design of your site, you also have the option of using the theme control panel to create your own color schemes or adjust the appearance of your site in other ways. While Audonic doesn’t include a drag-and-drop content editor, you’re free to add your own choice of page builder plugin to your site.

Another useful feature of the Audonic podcast theme is the events manager. With this tool at your disposal, you’ll be able to promote upcoming events, including both offline and online occasions. This could include forthcoming podcast episodes, meetups, or any other event you think your audience might be interested in. This theme also has a good set of templates for creating playlists and publishing your episodes online. Thanks to this, you get a varied range of options when setting up this area of your site.

Audonic is a versatile theme that works just as well for a video series as it does for an audio podcast.

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Audioatro is a multi-purpose audio-friendly WordPress theme that’s ideal for podcasters.

While Audioatro works well for a range of audio-related projects, such as music, DJ, and artist websites, the podcasting features have helped earn it a place in this collection of the best podcast WordPress themes. Of the two main website demos in the Audioatro package, one of them has obviously been designed for creating a podcast website with WordPress. However, as this is a flexible theme, the other demo could easily be adjusted to suit your podcasting needs as well.

If you do choose the purpose-built podcasting demo, then your website will feature an interactive content slider on its homepage layout by default. Each of the pages in the slider can be used to take visitors directly to a specific episode, helping you to promote your best podcast recordings. The rest of the default homepage layout of this podcast WordPress theme has been set up to display your latest episodes, complete with a featured image and playback buttons. There are also profiles for the team members working on the podcast as well as sponsorship information and the latest excerpts from the blog.

When it comes to monetization options for your podcast website, the Audioatro theme has good support for the popular WooCommerce online shop builder plugin. Thanks to this, you can easily list items for sale on your website, including physical products and digital downloads. You can also set up subscription payments, donations, and much more, using the add-ons that are available for the WooCommerce plugin.

Audioatro has support for both self-hosted podcasts and external services to help you get your audio content online.

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Castpod is a highly mobile responsive and retina ready podcast WordPress theme.

This professional podcasting WordPress theme not only has a great design, but it also has some useful features that make it easy to setup your website. One of those features is the ability to use an RSS feed to import podcasts from an external source into your website. This then gives your website audience the ability to access your content from external sites like iTunes, Google Play or Stitcher. The inbuilt audio player then makes it easy for your visitors to listen to your podcast from your website.

The design of Castpod is particularly impressive. As well as the stylish homepage design, there are templates for displaying single podcast episodes as well as the back catalog of audio recordings.  As you’d expect, there’s also a full set of blog post templates, making it possible to run a traditional blog alongside your podcast.

The overall design of the Castpod theme has been created to work especially well on smartphone devices. Thanks to this, it’s very easy for your visitors on smaller screen devices to view your podcast episodes and listen to them on the go. If you want to publish your content in more than one language, then you’ll be pleased to know that the Castpod theme works with all the best WordPress multilingual plugins.

Castpod is a good looking podcast WordPress theme that comes with lots of useful user documentation.

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