7 Best Question and Answer WordPress Themes 2022

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If you want to create a website where questions and answers can be published, then the themes in this collection will provide you with everything you need.

As these are interactive question and answer WordPress themes, both you and your visitors can post content on your website. Depending on how you configure these themes, the user-generated content on your website could be publically available to all, or the access could be restricted so that only logged-in users can see it.

Through integration with popular interactive WordPress plugins, such as bbPress and BuddyPress, these themes make it easy to add discussion forums and social networking features to your website. You can also use plugins like WooCommerce to charge users a fee in exchange for access to your content as well as carry out other financial transitions on your website.

The WordPress question and answer themes in this collection cover a range of styles and purposes so be sure to check out their demos to see how your website could look. They can all be customized to varying degrees, too, so bear that in mind when exploring their templates.

1. Ask Me


Ask Me features a bold and modern design that closely follows the flat user interface and material design trend. However, thanks to the included prebuilt color schemes and custom color picker tool, you are free to give your site its own flavor and personality.

The style of the Ask Me theme extends to the entire site, including the registration, login, and question and answer submission pages. This helps your website deliver a consistent user experience to your visitors while strengthening your brand with every new page view.

This Q&A theme includes three homepage layouts, enabling you to pick the right style for your website, simply by clicking a button. Each user gets their own profile page, as well as the ability to earn points for helping their fellow users.

Those who submit questions can help the rest of the community by marking the best answer as their favorite response. The ability to follow questions enables other visitors to keep up to date with the answers as they are submitted.

With a fully mobile responsive design, your community can post questions and answers on the go, helping to create a fast-paced online resource that serves a real purpose. It’s even possible to add products to your website, thanks to the support for the leading WooCommerce store builder plugin.

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2. Lore

Lore is a knowledge base theme that’s perfect for creating question and answer websites.

Designed for knowledge base websites, publishing online documentation, and creating discussion forum sites, Lore is a very versatile question and answer WordPress theme. To help you organize your content, whether that’s support documentation or questions and answers, Lore makes good use of the built-in WordPress taxonomy functionality, including tags, categories, and any custom options you need to create.

Lore also has a good selection of blog post templates for publishing a range of articles on your site as well as templates for adding an FAQ section. When it comes to managing the content on your site, the admin interface of the theme that you access through your WordPress dashboard is clearly laid out and easy to understand.

Your visitors should find it just as easy to add content to your site if you give them the ability to do so. Thanks to the front-end forms, it doesn’t matter whether or not your visitors have used WordPress before, as all the work takes place through well-designed forms.

If you check out the Lore demo, you’ll quickly see how easy it is to navigate websites built with this theme. Thanks to the dropdown menus, in-content links, and other navigational features, your visitors should be able to find the information they’re looking for on your website in no time at all. If you’d like to publish your content in multiple languages, Lore works with all the best WordPress multilingual plugins, and also supports RTL languages.

Lore has a clean and modern interface and design to ensure your website is easy to use.

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3. Discy

Discy is a premium social question and answers WordPress theme.

If you’re planning on creating the next Quora or you just want to launch an online space where your audience can ask each other questions, then the Discy theme could be the tool you’re looking for. More than just a WordPress theme, Discy includes all the features your site will need in order to become a success. In addition to the question and answer features, Discy is also customizable, ensuring you’re able to give your website the right look and feel.

When it comes to the features you can implement on your question and answer website when using this theme, some of the options include answer voting to help the best content stand out from the crowd, user profile pages to give visitors the ability to find out more about those publishing solutions, and a user points and badges system to reward and encourage interaction. Other features, such as the filtering and searching tool, as well as the content tagging, will help your audience find exactly what they’re looking for on your site. Down and upvoting is included too, giving your users the ability to rate the answers that are submitted.

As well as the question and answer features, Discy has lots of tools to help you take control of the design of your website. For example, you can choose from a range of color options to define how your site looks, as well as set the layouts properties of the page designs. You can also use the library of page templates to control the appearance of each piece of content on your site.

With an impressive combination of features and design elements, Discy has everything you should need, in one package.

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4. Manual

Manual is a multipurpose online documentation and question and answer WordPress theme.

For those looking for a theme that will help them launch their own help desk or support site for their business or services, Manual is well worth checking out. Depending on how you set up this theme, you could create a discussion forum, an online knowledge base, or a document repository, to name just a few. However, with Manual, you don’t have to choose just one type of site to build, as you can combine all of its features to make one multifunctional website.

To ensure that your content is as helpful and useful as possible, Manual has good support for including attachments in your articles, that your visitors can download. Thanks to this, if you’re sharing drivers or tutorial files, it’s easy to add them to your site with the Manual theme. All your content will be printer-friendly, too, if you choose this theme. You can quickly password protect any area of your site, helping you to keep certain files or documents secure.

Manual has lots of customization settings and options, including hundreds of fonts to choose from. Thanks to this, you should find it easy to set up your question and answer website so that it matches your company branding. To give you even more control over the individual pages on your website, Manual comes with the premium WPBakery drag-and-drop content editor plugin included. You also get access to the Slider Revolution plugin, should you need to add any slideshow presentations to your knowledge base website.

Some other interesting features of Manual include the document stats that let you quickly see how often your content has been accessed and the article feedback widget that allows your visitors to rate your documents with just one click. The social sharing buttons should come in handy, too, if you want to encourage your users to promote your content to their followers on sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Manual has a good set of demos to make it suitable for a range of question and answer sites.

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5. InfoCenter

InfoCenter has a pre-built question and answer website demo to help you quickly launch your site.

Whether you want to create an online knowledgebase website, a Q&A site, or a mixture of both, InfoCenter was built with you in mind. This theme also has components for adding a discussion forum to your website, giving your users a place to post their own questions and answer queries. The content on your site can be enhanced by features like the Ajax voting system that lets your visitors rate the content that you and your users have published. Thanks to this, it’s possible to mark one answer as the best solution, in order to save your users time when looking for an answer to their issue.

When it comes to the design of your question and answer WordPress website, you get three main options to choose from with InfoCenter. As well as the main homepage designs, there are also lots of other templates to work with when building out your site. Some examples include the user panel page, the FAQ section templates, and the discussion forum layouts. The package also includes a selection of 10 widgets that you can add to your pages, making it easy to display dynamic content in the sidebars and other sections of your website.

In addition to the library of online documentation that can support you when using this theme, you can also log in to the demo website and see how InfoCenter works from an admin perspective. This gives you a good opportunity to check out the back-end functionality of this question and answer WordPress theme and see if it’s suitable for your project. You can try out the customization options too.

If you’re looking for a purpose-built question and answer theme that’s ready to go, InfoCenter should be a suitable option.

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6. Flatbase

Flatbase is a question and answer WordPress theme based on the material design style.

The flat user interface and general design of the Flatbase theme are sure to give your question and answer website a modern look. When setting up your new site, you can choose from a selection of demos, including some options with very minimal designs and others with more design elements in use. Thanks to this, you should be able to find a pre-built knowledge base or question and answer template that matches your preferences.

Whichever of the Flatbase demos you do choose, the homepage of your website will include a search bar that uses live search to display relevant results as soon as the visitor starts typing. Other elements on the homepage make it easy to display a well-organized list of links to the most popular documentation on your website. Once you’ve chosen a demo, it can be imported into WordPress in just a few clicks.

As well as the varied selection of homepage designs, Flatbase also has lots of templates for the individual articles you’ll be publishing on your question and answer website. This means that each time you add a new article to your knowledge base or publish another piece of online documentation, you should be able to find a template that works well for your purposes.

If you want to add a discussion forum to your question and answer website, Flatbase has full support for the popular bbPress plugin. After activating this plugin on your website, you can easily start adding a forum where you and your visitors can ask questions and hopefully receive answers to their queries. Flatbase is also fully translation-ready, so if you want to publish your website and its content in another language, that’s possible with this theme. For those who want to create a multilingual question and answer website, Flatbase works with all the leading multilingual WordPress plugins, including WPML.

With lots of demos and templates, you should be able to find a pre-built design that’s right for your site with Flatbase.

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7. Answers


Answers from Templatic themes could turn your WordPress site into a fully-functioning question and answer portal.

Questions and answers can be submitted via the front-end forms, helping to ensure a consistent user experience for those accessing the site. Users can vote on the answers, with the question starter having the ability to declare one response the best answer.

Site owners using this theme can also charge a fee for submissions. The Answers theme integrates with PayPal and makes it a good option for anyone wishing to set up a commercial question and answer website.

With lots of great features, including seven color skins, Answers could be just what you are looking for.

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