29 Best Shopify Themes 2020

Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms around and these themes give you an easy way to apply a stylish design to your store.

In fact, the Shopify themes in this collection can turn a generic instance of Shopify into a highly professional looking ecommerce store while also providing some extra essential ecommerce features. Whether you’re creating a store to promote a single product, starting out with a small inventory, or already have a large catalog of items to sell online, this varied selection of Shopify themes is sure to include more than a few designs that are suitable for your project.

In fact, many of these Shopify themes include multiple designs in their packages. These designs are often very different from one another so it’s well worth exploring the individual demos that make up a single Shopify theme to ensure you’re not unintentionally overlooking the perfect design for your store.

When viewing the previews for these themes, it’s a good idea to see how they look on a smartphone device by using the viewport switcher on the demo page. This enables you to experience your store as your mobile visitors will, helping you to get a better idea if the design will work with your products.

Many of these themes include some type of customization options, whether that’s the ability to choose from predefined color schemes, the option of creating your own custom color palettes, or a drag-and-drop builder that makes it easy to redesign your store.


Avone is a true multi-purpose Shopify theme for creating all types of online stores.

With over 18 complete online store demos, there’s a good chance that Avone will work well for your Shopify store. You can see all of the available demos on the Avone website but to give you some idea, they include fashion, footwear, and furniture stores. The designs are fairly minimal and provide your Shopify site with a clean and modern look, no matter what type of products you’ll be selling.

However, not only is Avone packed with pre-built store content but it's also highly flexible. To help you customize your Shopify store, there are reportedly over 1,000 theme options for you to work with, covering almost every display setting for your website. Defining the logo positioning, adjusting the sidebar content, and setting up the mega menu are just some of the ways you can personalize your store with this theme. Thanks to this, if you can’t find a store demo that’s perfect for your project, you should be able to create a custom solution with Avone.

Whether you’re new to using Shopify or not, the good news is that this theme can be applied to your store in just a few clicks. Once you’ve imported the demo content, you can then start uploading your products and configuring the way your Shopify store works. You won’t have to worry about whether smartphone users can shop at your store either, as this theme is fully mobile responsive to handle screens of all sizes.

Avone is packed full of great ecommerce and general-purpose website features that should help make your store a success.

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Universe is a multi-purpose Shopify theme that comes in two main variations for your store.

Whether you decide on the light Earth mode or the dark Mars option, your ecommerce store is sure to have a stylish appearance if you choose the Universe Shopify theme. Regardless of what type of online shop you want to create or what products you want to sell, the multi-purpose Universe could be a suitable option.

On the Universe demo site, you can see exactly what this theme has to offer. For starters, your Shopify store could feature a large full-width slider above the fold, ready to greet your visitors with some high-quality photographs of your products or just some inspirational images that help tell the story of your brand. Editing the demo slider and adding your own content is very straightforward.

The rest of the homepage of your store – if you choose to use the demo layout – could include a panel that displays your featured products, a section for promoting your recommended product collections, and space for listing any items that are on offer. You can also easily display a selection of logos from the brands that you stock or places your store has been mentioned. If you want to use content marketing to grow your audience, then you can also display the latest posts from your blog on your homepage too.

Some of the other reasons to consider the Universe Shopify theme include the support for video backgrounds, the ability to create interactive product carousels, and Google Maps and YouTube integration. There are lots of ecommerce related features too, including product image zoom, the ability to display related products, and a slide-out shopping cart display. Universe has good social media integration features as well.

Universe is easy to setup and simple to customize, making it a theme for all types of ecommerce projects.

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Porto is a popular ecommerce theme for creating a wide range of online stores with Shopify.

Now on version 2, the Porto Shopify theme has been updated to deliver an even more intuitive user experience. From installing the theme to putting the final touches to the design appearance, everything about using Porto has been improved in the recent update. There are also now countless pre-built header combinations to choose from, including fixed and floating options. If you prefer a vertical sidebar menu for your store, then that’s possible too with Porto. You can also enable the optional mega menu feature to start adding a range of content types to your drop down menus, including product images and more.

Apart from the customization options, one of the best reasons to choose the Porto Shopify theme is the impressive selection of pre-built store demos. With over 20 different designs to choose from, for most stores, you should be able to simply import a design then start uploading your products. With Porto, you get a good mix of general purpose designs alongside product specific demos covering furniture, gadgets, and sports equipment stores. The designs are all mobile friendly as is the case for most of the Shopify themes in this collection.

Some of the features you’ll be able to use on your store if you choose this Shopify theme include RTL support for creating a store in a right to left language, a testimonial slider for sharing feedback from clients, a slider tool for creating interactive product displays, AJAX loading for a fluid user experience, and Google Fonts integration for greater typography options.

Porto is available across multiple ecommerce platforms making it a tried and tested Shopify theme.

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Wokiee is a flexible multi-purpose Shopify theme built for creating almost any type of ecommerce store.

If you’re looking for a premium Shopify theme that will give you full control over the design of your online shop, regardless of your web design experience, then Wokiee is definitely one you should take a closer look at. If you visit the Wokiee demo page, you’ll see that you get access to a varied selection of layouts for your store. Also, as this is a recently released Shopify theme, all of these store designs are fully modern and up to date. In fact, with over 27 eye-catching homepage layouts to choose from, there’s a good chance you’ll find one that matches your brand.

Among the online store demos that make up the Wokiee package, you’ll find templates that are well suited to building a store selling gadgets, sports equipment, weapons, furniture, and books to name just a few. You’ll also find lots of more general purpose store templates that should work well with almost any type of inventory. In addition to the Shopify store homepage designs, the Wokiee theme package also includes templates for the inner pages of your online shop. These layouts cover the product category pages, the individual product displays, and all the other types of content a good ecommerce store needs.

When setting up your website, you also have the option of adding your own personal twist to the design of your store. Thanks to the selection of pre-built header layouts, you can give this important part of your website a unique look featuring your choice of colors and logo. Tweaking the other visual properties of your store is also straightforward with this customizable Shopify theme. Wokiee isn’t short on useful ecommerce features either, with mega menus, AJAX search, color swatches, and social media integration, plus many more features to help you create a successful store.

Wokiee combines a great selection of pre-built content with valuable ecommerce tools to help enhance your store.

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Shella is a premium Shopify theme aimed at anyone creating an online fashion store.

If you’re working on an online fashion store and you’d like a theme that has been built with you in mind, Shella should be a good option. One of the best reasons to consider this flexible Shopify theme is the selection of pre-built content you get access to when you purchase Shella. This library of pre-built content includes 15 different homepage designs, each with their own unique style. Some of the options in this category include layouts that feature large full-screen sliders, others with video players for showcasing your products, and designs that make great use of sliders to promote your inventory.

In addition to the homepage layouts for the front of your store, Shella also gives you lots of options for how your products are displayed. The large selection of ecommerce templates covers the product category pages as well as the individual product pages. With so many different designs to work with, you’re sure to find the right templates for your brand.

However, you’re not just limited to the pre-built content with Shella. Although the templates all look great, you also have the option of using the builder tool to customize them or create your own designs from scratch. So if you’re looking for a theme for your ecommerce store that’s ready to go, while also offering a good level of creative freedom, the Shella Shopify theme is hard to beat. Thanks to these customization options, you’ll be able to produce unique banners for your store to promote your latest offers, build your own custom slideshows, and define your own color schemes, all through an intuitive user interface.

Shella works well for almost any type of fashion-related ecommerce store, with many different templates to choose from.

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Lezada can be used for a wide range of products and stores, thanks to its multi-purpose features.

With over 200 homepage variations to choose from, Lezada is a true multi-purpose Shopify theme that really can be used to create almost any type of online store. You can view all of the different homepage layouts on the Lezada website, but some examples of the types of Shopify stores you can create with this theme include bicycle, cosmetics, electronics, jewelry, and sports shops.

The design of the pre-built ecommerce content is very modern and is sure to give your online shop a professional and trustworthy appearance. The Lezada package also includes a selection of blog layouts to help you add this type of component to your website. There’s a premium slideshow builder tool included with Lezada too, giving you more options for creating content and displaying your products online.

Lezada has good Instagram support as well, making it possible to promote your products on this popular social network. Another useful feature of Lezada is the product comparison tool that can help your visitors find the right products at your store. There’s also a wish list feature that will help you add this feature to your website and encourage your visitors to start curating the products they’re most interested in. Furthermore, this theme can be used to create an affiliate or dropshipping store that promotes products sold elsewhere

To ensure that you’re able to use Lezada to create your Shopify store, anyone who purchases this theme can request for the developers of this theme to set up their online shop for free. Therefore, if you think you might need assistance, especially when it comes to using Lezada features like the deal of the day widget, the look book display, or the product quick view, you can get help directly from the theme creators.

Lezada is a very versatile Shopify theme that’s suitable for creating almost any type of ecommerce store.

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Yanka is a fashion-focused theme for building ecommerce stores with Shopify.

With over 18 pre-built fashion store demos, Yanka certainly gives you lots of options for your Shopify store. Each of the store demos includes a stylish and modern homepage layout that’s sure to give your online shop a premium look. The homepage designs are packed with useful elements, including sliders, product grids, product collection information, and other ways to display your inventory on the front of your store.

Alongside the impressive library of homepage layouts, Yanka also includes a range of templates for all the inner pages of your Shopify store. Thanks to this, each time you publish a new product or create a new category for your inventory, you can choose from multiple layout options. In addition to the nine listing styles, there are nine product page styles, and a set of blog templates to help you share your latest news on your store and engage in content marketing to grow your audience. If you want to add a blog to your Shopify store, Yanka has all the templates you should need for that too. Adding a portfolio to your website is easy as well, giving you an opportunity to show off work in progress items, or showcase other projects you’ve been involved in. There are other page templates too, so be sure to check out the Yanka demo to find out more.

Ecommerce features aren’t lacking either. If you choose Yanka for your Shopify store, you can add features like product quick views to help your visitors to easily inspect your items, a size guide table to minimize returns, and a live search tool for suggesting related products to potential customers. The Instagram integration functionality can help you leverage this popular social media platform to sell even more products online.

Yanka is a well-rounded package for creating stylish online fashion shops with Shopify.

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Goodwin is a fresh new Shopify theme for creating all types of online stores.

With over 14 ready-made homepage layouts and over 50 templates for the other pages your online store will need, Goodwin should appeal to a wide range of online shop owners. As the designs really do cover a wide range of projects, whether you’re selling t-shirts online, listing electronics and gadgets for sale, or your store stocks homeware items and accessories, Goodwin is well worth checking out.

Even if your products aren’t covered by the pre-built content, Goodwin could still be a good choice. Thanks to the library of over 70 widgets, you can drag and drop these useful modules into your store design to ensure it looks the way that you want. There are also 12 different header and footer designs to choose from, giving you even more creative options for your store. So even though the pre-built homepages and other templates in the Goodwin theme package look great, as you can see, you’re definitely not limited to using them for your store.

Some of the ecommerce features that you might want to use add to your store if you choose Goodwin as your Shopify theme include an advanced add to cart button that should help encourage your visitors to become customers, an easy way to publish customer reviews on your website, and a new banner generation tool for promoting your best products and offers. You can also use the integrated slider tool to create custom product displays or produce photo and video slideshows to enhance your brand. Furthermore, as Goodwin is fully mobile responsive, smartphone users can make purchases at your store just as easily as laptop and desktop computer users.

Thanks to the versatility of Goodwin, this theme should work well with almost any type of Shopify store.

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Mobilia provides you with four different designs to help you create a stylish ecommerce store with Shopify.

Thanks to the four pre-built website designs that make up the Mobilia theme, you can quickly create an online store selling products related to wine, fashion accessories, tea, and clothing. However, regardless of which mode you select, you’ll have the option of displaying a full-width video on the homepage of your website, giving you a great opportunity to welcome your new visitors and tell the story of your brand. Displaying a full-width slider is another option with this theme.

The rest of your homepage can be set up to display your best products, information about your history, and other important items your visitors might be interested in. Once a visitor clicks through to a product category page, they can scroll through the various items that are available. The quick shop button makes it very easy to get an instant preview of an item and find out more, without having to leave the current page. If a shopper does want to know more, they can check out the individual product page, which comes complete with a related products section.

Other useful features of this popular Shopify theme include social media integration with an Instagram feed widget, a customizable sidebar, and Disqus powered blog comments.

The layouts of Mobilia have been designed to a high standard and as the name suggests, your Shopify store will be fully mobile responsive with this theme.

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Belle is a versatile multi-purpose Shopify theme with a modern full-width design.

If you check out the Belle Shopify store demos, you’ll instantly see that this highly-rated theme has a stunning style and appearance that's sure to captivate your audience. Although the 11 store template in the Belle package are varied in their design, they do all share a fully up to date look that includes many different full-width layouts, stylish product grids, and lots of useful ecommerce related features.

Some examples of the ecommerce features and functionality that you’ll get access to if you choose Belle for your store include the ability to easily create multiple variants of your products, covering the colors, styles, and other properties, as well as the option of displaying real-time sales details to your customers to let them know that someone has just bought a product or that a certain number of the product they're looking at was sold in the last 24 hours.

These sales notifications can be seen in use on many successful ecommerce stores and it’s a feature that can be easily customized to ensure that you’re only showing the sort of information that will appeal to your audience, and hopefully, drive more sales. Other useful ecommerce features, like product quick views, a live autocomplete product search bar, and the ability to display countdown timers for products with limited availability are included in the Belle Shopify theme as well.

As mentioned, Belle comes with 11 store designs for you to choose from. However, this is also a highly flexible Shopify theme, making customizing the design of your store very straightforward. No coding skills are necessary when it comes to personalizing this theme, thanks to the visual interface that lets you change colors, adjust fonts, and customize your store in other ways.

If you’re looking for one of the most feature-rich Shopify themes available at the moment, then Belle is well worth checking out.

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Basel is another popular Shopify theme with multiple store demos to provide you with plenty of creative options.

With 20 ecommerce store demos to choose from, Basel is ideal for a range of Shopify powered online stores. From fashion and furniture to cars and electronics, the selection of Basel demos is certainly varied. Through the different designs, you should find it easy to create a professional looking full-width store that could feature a large homepage slider, product carousels, store location maps, client or partner logo displays, and much more.

In addition to all the premium store templates, Basel also includes a drag-and-drop page builder to help you design a custom storefront for your Shopify website. Thanks to this you can redesign any of the pre-built content that makes up this Shopify theme. This tool can be used in conjunction with the control panel of theme settings to ensure your site matches your branding. Also, regardless of which of the pre-built store demos you choose, you can also create a custom header layout to add the right navigation system to your Shopify website. AJAX is another optional feature you can make use of, giving you the ability to enable seamless product and search results displays.

To help ensure your store has a professional feel, Basel also includes product quick views, support for product bundles, 360 product views, the ability to add items to the cart without having to visit the individual product pages, and a fully mobile friendly design.

As well as the full store demos, you can also add a coming soon and under maintenance theme to your Shopify store with Basel.

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Banita is a customizable ecommerce theme for creating any type of online store with Shopify.

Although the default Banita store demo has been configured as a fashion and clothing online shop, you can easily use this theme for a wide range of different Shopify stores. Thanks to the library of different headers, footers, and widgets, you can quickly and effortlessly choose which elements you’d like to use for your store. You can then drag and drop your choice of elements into position to start building your own custom store. You can also use the colors settings to apply your own custom color scheme to the store.

Another useful feature of Banita that will help you set your store up in the way that you want is the banner generator tool. With this feature at your disposal, you should find it easy to design custom banners for promoting offers and products from your store. There’s a video tutorial on the Banita website that will walk you through the capabilities of the banner editor and explain how to get the most from this tool.

A feature of this theme that you might be interested in if you’re not quite ready to launch your store, is the ability to run your Shopify website in catalog mode. This allows you to disable the cart and login functionality, while still giving your visitors the ability to browse your inventory. Anyone using social media to promote their store should find the Instagram and YouTube integration coming in handy when sharing content from those platforms on your store website.

Banita is packed full of ecommerce features as well as lots of customization tools to help you launch the right type of store with Shopify.

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Icon has been designed for stores and brands with lots of visual content they want to showcase.

Thanks to the full-width layouts that ship with the Icon Shopify theme, if you have lots of photos and other visual content you’d like to incorporate into the design of your store, this could be a good option. The default homepage configuration gives you the ability to either display a large full-width photo as the background image or add a multi-image slider to the page. In fact, the slideshow tool in the Icon package can also be used to display multiple products in one location.

Other features you can add to your store with the Icon theme include the large drop down menu that can be used to display more than just basic text links to your audience. Hopefully, this enhanced menu should encourage your shoppers to visit more pages on our site. If you’re using social media and Instagram in particular to build your brand, then the feed that displays the latest photos from your Instagram account in your store should come in handy.

When it comes to displaying your products, Icon includes a quick view feature that makes it easy for your visitors to get a better look at an item without leaving the main page. Shoppers can also zoom in on the product photos and scroll through multiple items using the vertical product image slider. Flipping between products is easy too, thanks to the next and previous buttons.

If you like the look of the Icon Shopify theme, then you’ll be pleased to know that it comes with all the stock images used in the demo version.

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Fastor is packed with useful features to help you create the perfect Shopify store for your ecommerce business.

It’s hard to decide whether the selection of store demos or the feature list of Fastor is the most impressive aspect of this Shopify theme. However, with pre-built store designs for businesses selling sports equipment, computers, fashion items, grocery, holidays, health-related services, and much more, Fastor should have a design for everyone.  As well as the Shopify store designs that have an obvious focus, Fastor also has general purpose store layouts that make this an even more versatile theme. Whether you want to create a store selling multiple products or just one, Fastor has a design to match.

As mentioned, the selection of pre-built store demos is only rivaled by the Fastor feature list. With this theme, you can ensure your website loads as quickly as possible thanks to its clean and optimized code. You can also harness the power of notifications on your Shopify store, thanks to the built-in popups tool. This feature can help you bring new products to the attention of your visitors as well as encourage your shoppers to share your products on social media. Searching your store is easy too with the Fastor theme. The live search has an auto-complete feature that helps visitors enter the right query to find the products you have in stock. You can also customize the product filtering settings to make it easy for shoppers to focus in on one particular type of item.

Checking out the Fastor library of Shopify demos is highly recommended as there’s sure to be a design that matches your store.

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Ella has been created to help you launch a stylish fashion and apparel online store with Shopify.

With a large banner section to take advantage of, you can easily showcase your best and most eye-catching products with the default Ella homepage design. The rest of your Shopify store homepage can feature a range of different sections, depending on your needs. Some of the options available to you include a grid display of your latest products, collection info sections that introduce a new set of products, trending items, and a feed of your photos from Instagram.

As well as the pre-built store layouts, you’ll also find a powerful mega menu builder. Now you can add more content to your drop-down menus, including photos and product images. You can also use the lookbook feature to create custom product collections, complete with a large banner image and introductory text. Adding a blog to your store is easy, thanks to the different article templates and layouts. There’s also a useful FAQ template for publishing answers to the questions your shoppers might have.

Some of the other Ella features you can take advantage of if you choose this theme for your Shopify store include a drop-down shopping cart menu item that makes it easy for shoppers to see what’s in their basket, a newsletter popup optin form that integrates with popular email marketing services like MailChimp, and a full set of customization options for controlling the colors of your store.

If your store will be listing fashion and clothing related products then Ella and its online demo are well worth a look.

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Parallax has a big and bold design that’s perfect for stores that want to build their brand as well as promote their products.

The different sections on the default Parallax homepage demos can each have a unique background image that helps tell the story of your brand or displays your products in more detail. Furthermore, as this Shopify theme makes use of the parallax scrolling effect, as your visitors move up or down the page, the way the images appear to move is sure to catch their attention

When setting up your store homepage with the Parallax Shopify theme, you can choose from a good selection of pre-built sections. As well as a large full-width image slider, you can also add excerpts from your latest blog posts to your homepage layout, display featured products, add custom text and image layouts that share your brand’s story, and display logos of companies you’re associated with. You can also add full-width video players to your store, making it easy to share footage of your products or other promotional content with your audience. Another available option is enabling the promotional banner that can display links to your latest products, promote discount codes, or share other important information in a hard to ignore location.

All the best modern ecommerce features and techniques are available for your store if you choose the Parallax Shopify theme. Easy and flexible product filtering is on hand, as is a slide out shopping cart that makes adding products to a shopper’s basket as friction-free as possible. You can also enable a sticky navigation bar so that your visitors never need to look far for a link to another page at your store.

As well as the main Parallax demo, this popular Shopify theme also now includes three additional styles for your store.

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Split has a very distinctive design that’s ideal for ecommerce stores that want to make a memorable impression on their visitors.

The name of this theme refers to its split screen design and it’s certainly a different type of layout to many of the other options in this collection of the best Shopify themes. Therefore if you’re in the process of creating an ecommerce store that needs a unique design, Split could be able to provide a solid foundation. This theme also uses popular web design trends such as the parallax scrolling effect, full-width layouts and images, plus hover activated animations.

With Split, you get a good amount of control over the layouts of your store's homepage and the sections it contains. Some of the available options include customer testimonials, full-width product grids, blog post excerpts, and other useful items. Whatever elements you do decide to add to your homepage layout, your Shopify store should be fully mobile responsive to ensure smartphone and tablet users can purchase products from your website without any problems.

Another useful feature of Split is the newsletter optin form. Depending on your settings, you can display a popup form to encourage your visitors to join your email list. Now you can send them information about new products at your store and any promotions you’re running. There are also some social media features to take advantage of to help grow your followers and persuade your audience to share your content with their followers.

Split has an interesting design that could work well with your products, depending on your brand.

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Kodo is a minimal Shopify ecommerce theme with pre-built designs and a layout builder tool.

If you just need to get your store online as quickly as possible then one of the 11 Kodo Shopify designs is sure to match your needs. However, if you do want to create a stylish store design from scratch, then Kodo and its layout builder tool also make this theme a good option.

Although the Kodo layouts are all wide and spacious, giving your products plenty of room to breathe on the page, you can easily customize many aspects of this theme to ensure it matches your vision. By using either the Shopify drag-and-drop builder or the drag-and-drop header layout designer, you can easily start work on creating a custom store with the Kodo theme. There’s also an equally useful tool for creating a unique footer area for your Shopify store. Switching the color options, setting up a mega menu, and changing the product layouts are some of the areas of your store you’ll have good control over with this theme.

Even if you don’t have time to customize your store, Kodo has lots of other features that make it a recommended Shopify theme. The live search tool is on hand to make it easier for your visitors to find what they’re looking for, while the quick view feature gives users a straightforward way to examine your products. Adding items to their shopping carts is just as easy too, thanks to the AJAX powered functionality that reduces the need for excessive page loads.

Kodo has something for everyone so if you’re looking for a highly flexible Shopify theme, this could be it.

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Retina has four distinct Shopify store demos that are suitable for a range of brands and products.

To help promote this Shopify theme, the four Retina design can be previewed on demo stores selling fashion items, furniture and housewares, and apparel, however, as the designs are all flexible they can easily be modified to match your business.

While the four different store modes each have different looks, they all share some common design elements. Layouts that accommodate full-width images, video players for demonstrating your products in more detail, and content slideshows are just some of the elements you can easily add to your store design with the Retina Shopify theme. Other features you can make use of if you choose this theme include a customer testimonials publishing tool, multi-level menus, flexible product filtering, product image zoom, and Instagram integration for displaying photos from your feed in your store.

Retina also includes a built-in popup display tool that can be used to promote your latest products to encourage visitors to join your email list. You also have the option of enabling the header bar that can also be used to promote products, share store discounts, or simply welcome new visitors to your website. Everything is fully mobile responsive to ensure your Shopify website is just as usable for desktop visitors as it is for mobile users, including the all-important shopping cart and checkout pages.

With four different ecommerce designs to choose from, there’s a good chance Retina could work with your Shopify store.

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District should be a good choice for anyone who wants their store to be able to share product collections in style.

The three pre-built stores that make up the District Shopify theme might have different layouts and designs, but they all share a focus on enabling you to publish product collections that help you curate your best items. The optional full-width homepage slider goes a great job of highlighting your best products but the different collection templates are ideal for bringing together products on the same theme. Whether you’re promoting your products in collections or you just want to make it easy for your visitors to find all your product from the same category, then this feature of District should be appealing.

District has some useful promotional tools in its feature list. Adding popups with custom content, including product displays and email list signup forms is very straightforward with this Shopify theme, as is adding a fixed header banner to your store. The social media integration features should come in handy too, when it comes to promoting your content, building a following, and adding some social proof to your store. The blog templates are useful extra as well, that make it easy to start using content marketing to grow your audience and presence in search engines like Google.

With three very different designs and a great feature list, District should appeal to a wide audience.

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Venue has three styles to your keep your Shopify ecommerce store and its products looking fresh.

If you’d like to find a theme that makes it easy to change the look of your store in just a few clicks, Venue is one option. Whether you have an existing store that needs a refresh or you’d like to launch a new store with a theme that can easily be transformed should your tastes change, then Venue gives you three new designs to play with. To make this a flexible theme that’s ideal for a range of products, none of the three Venue demos are particularly focused on any one type of product. Instead they each have different designs that should work with a wide array of audiences and inventory.

While the three demos all feature spacious and full-width layouts that give you plenty of room to connect with your audience, they do have very different styles. The Weekend demo, with its choice of colors and fonts is particularly eye catching, but the other two designs are well worth checking out. Adding videos, popups, and optin forms to your store is easy with all of the pre-built Venue designs. The Google Maps integration should be useful if your store has a physical location or you want to share the areas you serve. If you’re looking for inspiration for your store, take a look at the collection of actual businesses that are using this theme on the Venue sales page.

Whichever of the three Venue design you choose, you’ll be giving your Shopify store a high quality appearance.

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Flow has three clean and minimalist designs for you to choose from for your Shopify store.

All of the three Flow store demos have an ultra-modern minimalist design that are sure to appeal to a certain type of shopper. Therefore, if you’re selling high end products or want to give your brand an overhaul, Flow could be the theme for you. As well as the stylish designs of the three Flow homepages that look equally impressive on smartphone and desktop devices, this theme also includes a range of different layouts and templates for the internal pages of your store.

If you check out the Flow demos, you can see the different layouts in action, but suffice to say, they give you plenty of options for how your products and other content is presented on your Shopify website. The product grids can be easily customized to ensure the layout matches your vision for your store. Displaying content from your Instagram feed on your website is easy too, thanks to the flexible widget. The video player modules gives you another opportunity to share other types of content with your audience.

If you’re running any promotions at your store, you can easily advertise them in the optional fixed header bar of this theme. The popup feature can also help you with your marketing efforts, giving you an effective way to grow your email subscriber list or share the details of your latest products.

The full-width layouts of the Flow demos are ideal for showcasing your high end products in style.

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Pipeline is another impressive minimalist Shopify theme with three unique demos for styling your store.

The three Pipeline demos are very different so it’s well worth visiting them on the template website to find out everything that this theme can do. While the demos are different in their appearance, they do share some common features. For example, they all make good use of full-width layouts to present products in interesting ways. They also all have module homepages that are comprised of multiple different sections and areas. This ensures the front page of your store has an engaging look that should hopefully catch the interest of your visitors.

All the Pipeline demos have also been built for handling stores with a large catalogue of products. However, even if you have a small inventory Pipeline could be a good choice. The individual product pages make it easy to upload multiple images for each item that you’re selling, as well as display related products underneath the main descriptions. You can also use multi-column menu to display links to the areas of your store your visitors will be most interested in.

Another useful feature of Pipeline is the fact that the design has been optimized for displaying large images. This could be large photos of your products or other images related to your brand. However, whatever type of images you do publish, they should fit seamlessly into your pages. There’s also a video player module for adding this type of content to your homepage and internal pages – ideal for sharing footage of your products being used or other promotional video content.

Pipeline should appeal to a wide audience of store owners and shoppers thanks to its varied store demos.

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Atlantic comes in four different styles to help you launch the right ecommerce store for your business.

With Atlantic, you can easily add a full-width welcome image, video, or slider to the homepage of your store. The layouts are all optimized for displaying large images, making the Atlantic Shopify theme ideal for showcasing your brand and delivering a memorable user experience. The optional slider tool can be loaded up with your best product images, with each slide containing a link to the relevant item in your inventory.

Other elements that you can add to your homepage with the Atlantic theme include the featured products gird that will display product images and links from items in your catalog. If you’re using the blogging functionality of this theme, you can also choose to display excerpts from your latest blog posts on your homepage. Your homepage can also easily display the latest content from your Instagram account, giving you a way to share some extra content with your visitors.

Mega menus are another popular feature that you can use on your Shopify store with this theme. By using this feature to upgrade your drop down menus, you should be able to tempt your visitors into checking out more of your products and content. You can also enable the quick shop feature to streamline the process of adding products to the shopping cart and helping your shoppers to do more in less time.

With four different styles to work with, it shouldn’t be difficult to setup an ecommerce store with the right design using the Atlantic Shopify theme.

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Testament is another premium Shopify theme with multiple store demos for you to choose from.

With the online demos setup to promote and sell fashion and apparel related products, Testament could be a great choice for a certain type of store. The gallery feature should be especially useful if you have lots of high quality photos of your products. If you have video content too, then Testament could be an even better choice for your store. Those who are blogging about their products or industry should also appreciate this theme, thanks to the varied selection of layouts that can easily be applied to your posts and articles.

Testament aims to help you provide your shoppers with a seamless and intuitive user experience. Part of this involves giving you the option of enabling product quick views on your site, instant add to cart functionality, and streamlined checkouts. Everything about the Testament Shopify theme is mobile friendly, helping you accommodate shoppers on a range of devices.

Testament isn’t missing out on any of the other best ecommerce features either. The custom sidebar areas can be used to display your latest product collections, while the color swatches feature makes it easy for your visitors to quickly view the different variations of your products. You can also display product images in your main navigation drop down areas, thanks to the mega menu feature.

Testament is a good all round Shopify theme with multiple store demos and a solid list of features.

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Blockshop has a spacious grid based design to help you draw attention to the best products at your Shopify store.

When setting up your store with the Blockshop Spotify theme, you can choose from four different designs for your ecommerce website. These designs are ideally suited to stores selling fashion and clothing products as well as food goods with the Deli design. The Moto design has a layout and style that’s particularly well suited to niche fashion brands and accessories. If you have some eye catching photos of your products to showcase, you’ll be sure to enjoy this Blockshop design.

However, with Blockshop, it doesn’t really matter which design you choose as you’ll be getting access to all the best ecommerce features an online store needs. Among the tools to help you enhance your store you’ll find a currency conversion switcher, multi-column drop down menus, a full set of journal or blog templates, and hover activated product image slideshows, all wrapped up an a mobile friendly design. Each product page also features social share buttons to make it easy for your audience to promote your items with their followers on the most popular networks.

With templates for the non-ecommerce pages your store will need, Blockshop covers everything a good Shopify site requires.

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Handy is a mobile first Shopify theme that’s been designed to deliver a highly user friendly smartphone shopping experience.

While all the Shopify themes in this collection are mobile friendly to some degree, Handy takes things one step further with its mobile first design. Of course this Shopify theme will work perfectly well on larger desktop and laptop displays, but unlike some other ecommerce websites out there, shoppers using their smartphones to access your store will enjoy a highly positive user experience. Furthermore, despite being designed specifically for smaller screen devices and mobile ecommerce, Handy doesn’t lack any of the great features you’d expect to find in a leading Shopify theme.

For one, if you choose this theme you can add a full-width touch screen friendly product slider to your website. Not only that, but this slider has an auto play animation that runs as soon as the page is activated. This feature should help catch the attention of your visitors and draw them into your virtual store. The social media feeds make displaying your latest Instagram posts and Tweets on your website straightforward, while the promotional tiles make it easy to highlight certain products on your homepage and throughout your site. Promoting your email list is easy too, thanks to the optin forms and signup widgets.

If you want to ensure that your Shopify store is not only mobile responsive but offers a true mobile ecommerce experience, then Handy could be the theme you’re looking for.

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Empire comes in three main varieties that are well suited to a wide range of products.

As well as the three different designs that make up the Empire Shopify theme, you also get access to a selection of pre-defined color pallets and some controls for creating your own custom color schemes. The modular homepage designs can all be reorganized with sections that can be hidden or enabled depending on your preferences. In fact, with this being such a flexible theme, it’s hard to think of a type of store or product that Empire wouldn’t work well with.

Sharing your Tweets and Instagram posts on your website is easy too with Empire. This can help add interactive elements to your website and ensure new content is displayed to your visitors on an automated basis. Simply enter your account details and a few other settings and then your latest social media content will be displayed on your site. You can also use the social media icons to add links to your profiles on the most popular networks to the footer and other areas of your Shopify store.

Some other reasons to consider this Shopify theme include the live search feature, the advanced product filtering tool, the quick add to cart functionality, and integration with the Shopify product ratings and reviews app for publishing customer feedback on your site.

You can view each of the three Empire variations in action via the theme demo page.

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Palo Alto

Palo Alto, like many of the Shopify themes here, gives you more than one design for your store.

In fact, with three different designs to work with, Palo Alto is another good all-rounder. Whichever demo you do choose, you’ll have the option of adding a video background display to your homepage. Designed to play automatically and showcase your products being used in the wild, this homepage video background section is sure to help your site stand out from the crowd.

The Palo Alto homepage designs can be described as minimal, giving your content lots of room on the page to catch the attention of your shoppers. Background images can be added to any of the homepage sections, giving you the option of keeping things simple or adding some eye candy to the design of your site.

In general, Palo Alto is a great choice for stores that have a small range of product or just a single featured product. Due to the design of this site, you can easily promote a single item as the main option at your store, while also offering a few different variations of that featured product.

If you’re launching a new product on the market, then Palo Alto and its capacity to promote a single featured item makes this theme a good choice.

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