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18 Best Small Business WordPress Themes 2024

Every small business needs a good website – at least those that are looking for more clients and customers. However, not all small business owners have the time or money to invest in the process of commissioning a bespoke website.

Now though, thanks to WordPress, creating the perfect website to promote your business needn’t take long or cost much money at all. By choosing the right WordPress theme from the options below, you could have a high quality website up and running in next to no time at all.

While the idea of using an off the shelf website template might sound like it would result in a standard looking design that has been used all over the internet, this couldn’t be further from the truth. This is because many of the small business WordPress themes in this collection include multiple templates and designs, not to mention a wide variety of customization options and settings.

This all means that even if you choose a very popular theme from the collection below, there is still plenty of opportunity to build a unique website with a custom design that fully matches your brand and identity of your business. As the entire project, from installation, through to configuration and customization takes place via a user friendly interface, with no need to write any code, there is nothing stopping you from getting your new website online today.

After you’ve taken a look at the features, designs, and versatility of these WordPress themes, you’ll be left wondering why you didn’t get your website up and running sooner.

1. Sydney

Sydney is one of our own themes and it’s a great choice for any small business that is looking for a clean and modern design for their website.

This theme features an attention grabbing home page background image slider that can be used to showcase your best work, or alternatively, just offer up some eye catching imagery that helps convey the ethos of your brand. This slider can also be added to any of your inner pages, making it something that you can use as and when needed throughout your site.

Sydney makes good use of the tried and tested long form home page layout. Which elements are included on your home page, as well as how they are ordered and configured is entirely up to you. However, if you check out the demo version of this theme, you can get a good idea of how Sydney can be used to connect with your target customer base and then promote what you have to offer to them.

One particularly nice home page element is the time line module. This feature can be used to illustrate the history of your business and share how’ve grown over the years – something that might come in handy when trying to demonstrate to potential clients and customers just what you have to offer them.

Other features of Sydney that you will find useful when building your business website include: additional page templates, custom widgets for your sidebars and home page, great support for the WordPress Customizer tool, and full support for the WooCommerce online store builder plugin.

Sydney has a great look and feel that is sure to help you create a website that demonstrates your brand, connects with your audience, and brings in new business.

2. Divi

Divi is the flagship theme from the Elegant Themes team and it’s arguably one of the most versatile WordPress themes out there.

Whatever services or products you offer, and no matter what the core focus of your business is, Divi should be able to help you build the perfect website to grow your revenue.

This theme is packed with a range of high quality page layouts, as well as a bespoke drag and drop page builder tool. This combination gives you plenty of templates to use when building your website, as well as the ability to customize them, or create your own from scratch, all without editing any code directly.

The Divi builder tool includes a wide range of modules. These modules can be inserted into your posts and pages, helping you to easily add many interactive elements to your website. A sample of these modules includes: sliders, testimonials, animated counters, pricing tables, call to action buttons, and plenty more.

The demo versions of the theme, as well as the real life examples of Divi in action prove the point that no matter what area your business is in, this theme can help you build a unique website that will connect with your target audience.

The full list of features and benefits of choosing Divi are too many to mention here; however, you can check out everything this theme has to offer in detail by reading our hands-on Divi review.

In order to purchase Divi, you will need to join the Elegant Themes membership club. However, this gives you access to one other theme and two high quality premium plugins that will also help you grow your business.

3. X

X gives Divi a run for its money, thanks to a comparable set of features and a high level of flexibility.

With this small business theme, you now get access to a bespoke page builder tool.  This isn’t your average page builder tool though. With the Cornerstone WordPress page builder, you can create your custom layouts through an intuitive frontend editor, complete with a live preview facility.

X is fully integrated with the WooCommerce plugin and comes with four unique shop designs so that you can quickly add eCommerce functionality and a professional-looking online shop to your small business website. In addition to the four unique shop designs, you get access to 15 pre-designed full site demos that you can download from the X Design Cloud.

Since its launch, the X theme has continued to be updated on a regular basis. This means new features are being added all the time, as well as improved compatibility with third-party plugins and the latest version of WordPress. If you want a rundown of all those features, as well as an insight into how easy this theme is to use, be sure to check out our detailed X WordPress theme review.

There is no doubt that X is packed with features, but it’s the stylish designs and high levels of customizability on offer that help make it stand out from the crowd.

4. Sultin

Sultin will help consultants quickly establish an online presence.

If you want to land more consultancy clients or need to build a website for a consultancy business, then Sultin was created just for you. The homepage templates have been designed to include all of the essential elements for any small business website, including space to welcome your visitors, share information about your services, and publish feedback from your clients.

Other optional parts of the homepage designs include a case studies section for sharing the details of projects you’ve worked on and a panel for displaying the profiles of your staff. The inner page templates make it quick and easy to explain and promote your services, publish your contact details, and answer any frequently asked questions. 

Everything can be customized with Elementor for maximum creative freedom.

5. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is another theme that makes it easy to setup a website with online booking and scheduling.

There are a number of demo versions of Entrepreneur that you can try out, showing how this theme could be used for a number of different types of business. This includes hair stylists, physicians, coaches, personal trainers, consultants, contractors, as well as a more general and multipurpose format.

Whatever type of business you are building a website for, if you do choose this theme, you can offer your visitors a mobile friendly online booking system, a stylish contact and online quote request form, an attractive way to show off your portfolio, and a range of page layouts to name just a few.

If your business revolves around appointments and timeslots, or you just like the look of this theme, then the visual design of Entrepreneur is backed up with some genuinely useful features that could make all the difference to your WordPress website.

6. Ekko

Ekko is a truly multipurpose WordPress theme that will appeal to small business owners.

With demos covering a wide range of small businesses, from software companies and digital agencies to restaurants and beauty salons, it feels like Ekko has a set of templates for everyone. With over 50 complete website demos, Ekko is a theme that should have a broad appeal. If you are looking for inspiration for your website or would like to see how Ekko is being used by other businesses, there’s a list of sites that have been built with this theme on the Ekko website.

If you’re new to building websites with WordPress, Ekko has a one-click demo importer tool that’s very easy to use. Once you’ve uploaded the theme package and chosen a demo, it won’t take you long to get that content into your WordPress dashboard, ready for you to use for your site. If you’re happy with the look of the Ekko demos, you’re free to use them as they are. However, for those who want to customize them, this theme is packed with options and settings to help you personalize your new site.

To enable you to customize the Ekko demos and templates, the popular WPBakery Page Builder plugin comes with this theme at no extra cost. Due to this, you get an easy way to edit the pre-built content of Ekko to create a unique website with an off-the-shelf theme.

Another reason to consider Ekko is its high levels of eCommerce support. All of the best small business themes make it possible to create an online shop or add products to your website. However, Ekko does a really good job of integrating with the powerful WooCommerce plugin to add all the necessary eCommerce features to your site. A selection of well-designed shop templates and product page layouts help to demonstrate this.

Ekko is a popular WordPress theme for small businesses that’s regularly updated and well supported.

7. Avada

Avada is the number one best-selling WordPress theme of all time over at the ThemeForest marketplace.

However, just because this theme has been purchased over 650,000 times, it doesn’t mean there are countless identical websites out there all powered by this theme. Thanks to the features and capabilities of Avada, it is very unlikely that any two websites built with this theme will look the same.

With an impressive selection of pre-built demos that can be imported in just one click, a visual page builder tool, and a powerful theme options control panel, there is a great deal of flexibility on offer with this theme. This also isn’t a theme that has been launched and then left to sit in the repository. Avada has been constantly updated since its release and now includes even more great features than ever before, with more on the way.

Avada is described as the Swiss army knife of themes, and with so many layouts, template, settings, and options, it’s easy to see why. Pretty much any website feature you can think of, or area of your site you’d like to customize, is included with Avada.

If you are looking for a truly multipurpose theme that can be modified to perfectly promote your business, Avada is well worth taking for a test drive.

8. Corpkit

Corpkit is a theme for small businesses and solo workers.

Thanks to a good selection of business-focused demos, Corpkit is ideal for anyone who needs to launch a professional-looking website. The demos work really well for small businesses and agencies as well as consultants and freelancers who are working solo. 

In addition to the stylish homepage templates, there are also many templates for the inner pages of your site, including about, contact, services, and portfolio designs.

Your site can be customized with Elemetnor if you choose Corpkit, and as this theme comes with some custom add-ons for Elementor, you can do even more with this powerful page builder.

For anyone who wants to create a multilingual small business website, Sultin is fully compatible with the leading plugins from this category, including WPML.

All of the Corpkit features combine to make this theme an appealing option.

9. Salient

Salient is another multi-purpose theme that is aimed at the small business owner building a website with WordPress.

This theme has been selling well since its initial release in 2013. Since then Salient has been updated regularly and now includes lots of improvements and new features, both small and large. Over time this has helped increase the number of different types of website that can be built with this theme.

By looking at the different demo versions of Salient, you can quickly get a grasp of how flexible this theme really is. The theme package also includes a page builder tool, which makes it easy to mix and match elements of the demo versions in order to build your own design, or create your site from the ground up.

If you are looking for a flexible theme that you can begin using right away, then the online documentation and walkthrough videos for Salient will help you get started today.

10. Bridge

Bridge comes with 100+ demo variations on offer, so no matter what type of website you are trying to build there is probably a pre-made template ready and waiting for you to use.

However, if while testing out the multiple demo websites available you don’t find what you are looking for, the bundled WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder plugin makes it easy to create your own layouts from scratch. When it comes to included plugins, you will also find the commercial LayerSlider plugin – one of the most popular content slider plugins available for WordPress.

As this theme is fully compatible with the most popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress, if you want to create an online shop, or just add a product or two for sale to your website, then Bridge could be a good choice.

Bridge is so packed with pre-built layouts and configurations that you might find it difficult to choose just one design for your new website.

11. Stockholm

Stockholm gives small business owners plenty to work with when it comes to setting up their own website.

With 20+ multi-concept demos on offer, each easily deployed in just a few clicks, Stockholm is perfect for anyone looking for plenty of options when it comes to how their site looks and is arranged and organized. From full width layouts with full screen image sliders, to fixed vertical navigation panels and parallax scrolling, the Stockholm theme has something for everyone.

Stockholm and its clean and clear design, which is enhanced with some subtle animation effects, is ideal for those looking for a more minimal theme for their business website.

12. Brooklyn

Brooklyn could be the perfect theme for anyone who wants to promote their small business with a series of strong and high quality images.

While this theme can be deployed in one of 13 pre-built layouts, each of the different included configurations of Brooklyn makes use of prominent image placements. This could take the form of full width background images, image slide shows, or masonry grid layouts of portfolio items – it’s really up to you.

There are plenty of examples of Brooklyn being used by those who’ve purchased it on the sales page for this theme. This not only shows off the wealth of features of this theme, but should also provide you with some much needed inspiration for how you could use it on your website.

However you decide to deploy the Brooklyn theme on your website, you should have no trouble creating a professional looking site for your business.

13. BeTheme

BeTheme includes a handy wizard that will have your website and up and running in no time at all. By walking through the different steps that make up the wizard, you can start off by choosing your base layout, selecting a header style and so on, until you’ve configured your website in the way that you want.

However, if that sounds like too much work, you can instead use the one click installer to deploy one of the 100 pre-made layouts to your WordPress website. These 100 layouts covers a huge range of uses, featuring many of the most recent and eye catching web design trends and techniques. Furthermore, each of these layouts can be customized and tweaked in order to ensure they look just the way that you want.

With so many pre-made layouts on offer, there should be something to match any business with the BeTheme for WordPress.

14. Kingo

Kingo is a landing page and booking WordPress theme for small businesses.

If you want to promote your small business online or take bookings through your website, Kingo is a theme that was built with you in mind. The large selection of high-quality demos that come with Kingo all have the online booking functionality integrated into their templates to enable visitors to book your services.

As the Kingo templates cover a wide range of uses, including creating sites for accountants, life coaches, hotels, and restaurants, you can use this theme to build a website that lets your clients or guests make a booking through your WordPress website. The calendar and online booking system has a very user-friendly interface that everyone should be able to use without any problems.

To make a booking, all your visitors have to do is choose a day and select an appointment or reservation slot from the available options. Once they’ve done that, they can then fill out the form to send you their request. As the booking system is easy to configure, you can make sure that only the times and dates that are permitted are displayed to your visitors.

When it comes to populating the rest of your site with content, you get over 50 page templates to work with when using the Kingo theme. There are also 20 creative slider layouts that you can use to display content in this popular format. The Kingo demos have good support for image and video galleries, making the process of sharing visual content to promote your services very straightforward.

If you want to sell products or collect payments for your services through your website, Kingo has all the necessary ecommerce support and templates to make that possible. This all helps to make Kingo an attractive option for almost any small business that needs a well-designed and highly functional WordPress theme for their website.

Whether or not you need the booking functionality, Kingo is a good option for small business websites.

15. Cesis

Cesis has many different demos for creating a range of small business websites.

As Cesis is packed with demos, including a few that have been built specifically for businesses, it’s an interesting choice for anyone creating a website for their small business. The other demos cover agency, portfolio, and services sites, to name just a few, and depending on your needs, they might be a good option for your site, too.

With Cesis, all of the demos and their individual templates have been designed to a very high standard. Thanks to this, your website will have a truly professional look that’s sure to fill your visitors with confidence. As soon as someone arrives at your site, they should get a sense that they are checking out the online presence of a serious business. That’s not to say that the Cesis demos have a corporate look. It’s true that some of them are more business-focused than others, but regardless of your design preferences, you’re highly likely to find that at least one of the Cesis demos is just what you’re looking for.

In addition to the design of Cesis, this theme comes with lots of useful features to make your website a success. One of those features is the Google Maps integration that makes it easy for your visitors to see where your business is located. Another is the ready-made forms that give your potential new customers or leads a way to quickly get in touch. Whether you want to add a simple contact form, a newsletter sign-up form, or some other type of form to your website, Cesis makes doing so as straightforward as possible.

Cesis is highly customizable as well, thanks to the integration with the powerful WPBakery Page Builder plugin.

16. Enfold

Enfold aims to be the one theme that every small business owner turns to when they need to get their website online ASAP.

This theme comes with a good range of demo version, which can each be installed in just a few clicks. While the number of demo versions on offer is growing all the time; at the moment, the most popular types of business and services are well catered for.

Depending on which pre-built configuration you choose, your website could make use of a bold color scheme with animated effects, or a more traditional look and feel with standard navigational aids. It’s really up to you how you build your website with the Enfold theme, but however you do it, you will end up with mobile friendly site that is easy to customize, while also being very easy for your visitors to find their way around.

17. Unicon

Unicon is a newly released WordPress theme that could be ideal for promoting the services and products of your small business online.

Although this theme has not been available for long, it’s already been updated to include a good range of new features and improved designs. This new content includes upgraded page demos and layouts, new header options, more page elements, improved navigation, and new slider content. This is a good sign and indicates that this theme will be well looked after, after you’ve made your purchase.

In the Unicon theme package, you will find a drag and drop page builder tool, parallax scrolling effects, and the opportunity to add full screen video backgrounds to your posts and pages. This gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to setting up and configuring your website, all through an easy to use set of controls and settings.

Unicon is an impressive new WordPress theme which offers plenty of scope for customization, as well as a good set of features that will help you create a professional website with ease.

18. Bodega

Bodega comes packed with 30 different pre-built demo versions, each one suited to a different type of small business. Therefore if you are looking for a theme that can easily be adapted to the type of services or products you are offering, Bodega could be the one.

After checking out the different demo versions of this theme, if one of them does catch your eye, then the good news is, it can easily be deployed to your WordPress website in just a few clicks. Once you’ve transferred over the demo version, all that’s left to do is add your own content to your site.

However, if you’d like a more bespoke and personalized design for your website, Bodega offers plenty of scope for customization. Thanks to the included page builder tool, you aren’t just restricted to the theme options control panel when it comes to making changes to how your site functions and looks.

Although which features your website will include depends on the demo version you choose, some common features of Bodega include: parallax scrolling, full width layouts, horizontal and vertical sidebars, multiple header styles, slider tools, and much more. Bodega also makes use of optional SVG animations to really help your website stand out from the crowd.

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