19 Best Sports WordPress Themes 2020

Allow us to paraphrase an old saying: “Politics divides people, while sport brings them together.” Nowhere is this sentiment more appropriate than when designing your own sports WordPress website. A successful design will unite your team’s fans as one, and offer them all of the information they need to cheer on their heroes at the next match. Though, this dream is all for nought if you don’t know what to look for in a suitable theme.

It’s simple – you’re looking for functionality and features that enable fans to make contact with you, gather information about your team, and purchase official merchandise effortlessly. This means you’ll want a number of social engagement options, sections for league tables, fixtures, and player information, and a quality e-commerce solution you can rely on. A page builder plugin to design your site and extensive customization options are nice, but not strictly necessary.

We understand that narrowing down the available choices is tough – that’s why we’ve curated this list of the very best sports themes available. With a little digging, your ideal theme could be among them!

Big Slam

When you’re building a sports website, you’ll want to get visitors pumped about your club or team by injecting your design with as much excitement and branding as possible. The best way to accomplish this is to go with a sports theme that offers lots of customization options – such as Big Slam.

Although Big Slam is primarily focused on basketball, it also works well for just about any sport you’re involved in. This theme makes it a breeze to create custom event pages to keep visitors updated on all your team’s latest games, as well as player lists to feature your key talent. You can even create dedicated pages for individual players, games, and teams – a process made simple through the wide variety of demo content at your disposal.

Big Slam also makes use of a few key plugins to expand its functionality. For example, it’s fully compatible with SportsPress, which offers features such as game results, automated standings, and player rankings. In addition, it incorporates the GoodLayers page builder to provide you with an easy drag-and-drop editor. Finally, there are a wide variety of customization options to take advantage of during the design process, such as various headers, navigation styles, sidebars, and skin colors.

If you want near-total control over your design, along with a suite of handy features specifically designed for sports websites, Big Slam is a theme worth trying out.

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Real Soccer


Real Soccer is a beautiful sports magazine theme customized especially to suit soccer-based websites.

Real Soccer’s design makes heavy use of big, bold images: perfect for showcasing team and player shots on your website. It also stays consistent in terms of color. Minimal and complemented with great typography, Real Soccer’s design is a real treat to the eyes.

On the functionality front, Real Soccer is fully stocked. It has the capability to create detailed player profiles, league standings tables, and fixtures & results. Match reports, Google fonts and WooCommerce integration make the theme even better. The $23 Master Slider is included in the purchase package free of cost.

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Forget the visuals Splash conjures up – that of swimming pools and high dives – and think about the swish of a basketball hitting nothing but net. The question is: Does this theme score all three points, or is it just a big, fat air ball?

Upon loading the homepage, you’re greeted by an eye-catching display courtesy of the bundled Slider Revolution plugin. The navigation menu almost floats on top, and it’s an impactful first impression. The rest of your page layouts can be built using the bundled Visual Composer plugin, with a multitude of further customizations found within the WordPress Customizer.

Splash also provides integration with the popular SportsPress plugin. This provides league tables, fixture lists, and player and team profiles to give fans all of the information they’ll need to root on your team.

While we’ll stay away from cliches about this theme making a splash, it’s certainly powerful and flexible enough to create a solid team website. Splash should be added it to your shortlist, but be prepared to end your search early!

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WP Soccer


Grassroots sports teams are the lifeblood of their respective games, but they often don’t have the means to compel fans to attend their next game. That’s where WP Soccer can help.

At first glance, WP Soccer looks like it would be suited to a magazine format, covering a wide variety of teams within a league, for example. While you certainly could do that, this theme is best suited to showcasing single teams.

WP Soccer has two predesigned homepages and six color styles. The included Themeum Soccer plugin enables you to add pages for teams, fixture lists, player lists (including individual player profiles) and league tables. By using custom shortcodes, this data can be displayed anywhere on your site. There’s also an add-on within the included Visual Composer plugin to display a countdown timer for your next fixture – a thoughtful addition.

In another nice touch, the Themeum Poll plugin is included to help you create fan polls, enabling your supporters to interact directly with you and become more invested in your team. Google Fonts support, WooCommerce compatibility, importable demo content and the included FlexSlider plugin round out this impressively feature-packed theme.

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Sports themes often fall into two categories. There are fan sites dedicated to a particular club or league, and team ‘showcase’ sites offering visitors extensive information such as fixture schedules, results, and highlights. Oxigeno falls squarely into the latter category.

Most sports themes focus on ‘national’ sports, such as baseball, basketball, football, and soccer. However, it’s nice to see Oxigeno cover other popular sports too, such as swimming. Of course, you’re free to create a site for whichever sport you’re intending to focus on, using the bundled Bold Builder plugin. There are also plenty of ways to customize your layout further, such as a collection of Google Fonts, and a built-in menu and header builder.

However, in our opinion, Oxigeno feels less polished than many similar themes. If you take a look at elements such as the footer in the theme’s demo, for example, you can argue that this isn’t the best looking of sports-focused options.

Overall, Oxigeno is a solid ‘journeyman’ theme. It covers the basics, although it doesn’t perform spectacularly on any front. Even so, it’s worth investigating further, as it may offer the combined features and functionality you need. Just be aware that you’ll likely need to take some extra time to refine its default look.

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Sporty is a premium WordPress theme that has a unique design perfect for a sports blog or club website.

This theme is ready for an international audience. Your content can be translated into numerous languages with the WPML plugin. The powerful admin panel will help you to customize your site with virtually unlimited color choices and Google Font support.

A new feature allows you to add your YouTube username and your videos and playlists will import automatically. The gallery plugin ($15 value) is included at no additional cost. Sporty is also fully responsive and well documented.

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Covering a similar sort of ground to WP Soccer, KickOff is for those who want to create a ‘hub’ for their teams or leagues, but don’t want the heavy news reporting style of GoodLife.

KickOff enables you to showcase your important content front and center with an array of slider plugins – bxSlider, FlexSlider, Nivo Slider and Revolution Slider. For a large navigation menu full of important, media-rich content, the Mega Menu plugin is also included.

KickOff focuses heavily on teams, players, and their upcoming fixtures. The Dashboard includes management for all of the above, and with the included Xpress Page Builder, you can choose to display information within a one-page layout. The fixture countdown timer is a nice touch, and combined with a compatible plugin such as the Event Manager plugin to show your upcoming fixtures, it gives visitors a sense of urgency.

It’s not just all fixtures and statistics though; you can include full-width video backgrounds – perhaps to display sublime touchdowns, interceptions, or slam dunks – and Flickr feed integration in widgetized areas.

With the inclusion of the Contact Form 7 plugin and MailChimp integration for keeping in touch with email subscribers, KickOff has nearly everything covered. Along with a large color palette, extensive documentation and WooCommerce compatibility, KickOff is the near-perfect choice to showcase your team or league.

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The world of soccer is fast-paced and action-packed. Keeping up with literally hundreds of upcoming matches, player profiles, game results, and more is important. As such, you need a theme built with soccer at its core — enter Khelo.

Out of the box, Khelo ships with four home page layouts and a broad range of internal sections. For most of its pages, Khelo focuses on providing you with designs that enable you to share large amounts of soccer-related data. This includes game result pages, team breakdowns, player profiles, and more. The designs are modern and clean, which makes them a good fit for up-and-coming soccer clubs that need to look professional.

Given that soccer is a global sport, Khelo adapts by being ready for translation to practically any language you choose. The theme also ships with a breaking news scroll widget, match highlights video templates, point tables, and many more elements you can use to create the ultimate soccer website.

If you need a theme that adapts to the unique needs of a soccer club, Khelo offers the style and functionality you need. Check it out and see for yourself!

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Sports Club


Sports Club is another theme that, like GoodLife, will appeal to those wanting to focus on a particular league or sport.

With chunky fonts and two slider plugins included (Layer Slider and Revolution Slider), Sports Club looks perhaps a little too similar to the other themes in this collection. Indeed, with the included Visual Content Composer plugin, you can quite easily create an all-too-familiar website.

However, by running the gamut of color options and choosing one of the hundreds of Google Fonts included, you can create a site that looks relatively unique. Furthermore, Sports Club is one of the only themes to offer parallax scrolling background images – something to consider if you’re looking to set your site apart.

Sports Club doesn’t excel at focusing on teams and players like KickOff, nor news content like GoodLife. However, it does excel by pushing current information about your league into the spotlight. If your visitors need such information at a glance, Sports Club could be the right choice.

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FC United

Nothing can beat the rush of seeing your favorite sports team win a match. However, creating the perfect website to showcase your team could be pretty close. FC United may be able to help you.

This theme includes layouts for almost every type of sports website. You have designs for sports pubs, football clubs and schools, news sites, and more. Most sports websites are heavy on statistics and numbers, and all of these layouts enable you to display match reports, league tables, and other number-crunching information.

If you want to dig deeper into stats, FC United enables you to set up individual player profiles to bring a personal touch to your site. Combine that with the bundled Elementor page builder plugin, and you get a highly versatile theme both from a design standpoint and a visual one.

Sports websites require a lot more functionality than you may realize. If you’re looking for a theme that can both help you handle large amounts of data and is highly customizable, FC United can help put your club on the map!

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Many of the themes featured in this collection are focused on the day-to-day activity of your team. However, if growing the business side of your team is just as important as what happens on the field, consider AllStar.

This theme offers the fixtures, league tables, and player profiles that other themes offer, but additionally, AllStar focuses on marketing your team’s brand.

With the included Revolution Slider plugin, you can give visitors a clear call to action (perhaps linking to your contact page, your about page, or even a link to donations). The bundled CleanTabs plugin (something we haven’t seen included in other themes) means you can create accordion-style FAQ sections. This enables you to display FAQs on-site, deliver mission statements, or just about anything else you can think of.

Customization options in AllStar are plentiful, and tinkering is encouraged with the inclusion of a child theme. Pages are created with a custom drag-and-drop page builder, and the theme also includes a header builder with over 40 different options for customization. With the included the Final Call CSS plugin, you can also add CSS styling straight from the Dashboard.

Demo content has been included within the theme, but with over 700 webfonts and a full color palette, AllStar has you covered with practically any customizations you require. And with extensive documentation available straight from the Dashboard and the admin panel’s contextual help, you’ll be up and running in no time.

AllStar is well recommended for teams who need to focus on who they are, rather than what they do.

More Info / Download Demo



Champion is a striking theme with a clean, simple layout built for sports clubs and organizations; especially football and soccer. The gallery slider filling the home page immediately catches the eye, but beyond it you can see a well-planned design.

Based on the Bootstrap grid and constructed with HTML5 and CSS3, Champion is 100% responsive. It features a breaking news line, the Slider Revolution plugin and social network integration, as well as areas for displaying partner logos and club prizes. Customization features include five header options, two gallery layouts, more than 600 Google fonts and the WordPress Live Customizer.

Champion is compatible with SportsPress and offers management for points tables, fixtures, teams and players. It also supports the WooCommerce shopping plugin and WPML for ready translation. Bonus features include free technical support and the ability to import content from the demo.

More Info / Download Demo



SportAK is an alternative to the other team-based themes on this list (WP Soccer and KickOff), and suits those who have already decided on their choice of plugins to enhance functionality.

The customization of SportAK is similar to other themes (i.e. with millions of colors accessible from a color palette, along with a selection of fonts), but is enhanced by the included Visual Composer plugin. Also included is the WP Less plugin, which helps with coding your CSS from the Dashboard. However, because this plugin has its own coding conventions, it is not really suitable for beginners to CSS.

SportAK includes the free JP Widget Visibility plugin, enabling control over which pages widgets appear on. However, given that it is no longer supported, any future updates to WordPress may cause problems and leave you looking for an suitable alternative.

Contact Form 7 and Yet Another Related Posts Plugin are two other plugins bundled with this theme, but given that they are both available on (as with JP Widget Visibility), they do not add ‘premium’ value. In short, this theme is often found wanting in terms of its bundled plugins when compared to alternatives.

Even with the smart addition of an embedded Google Map in the footer (based on your teams’ address), SportAK is arguably only a lesser alternative to the likes of WP Soccer and KickOff.

More Info / Download Demo

The League

The world of sports is action-packed and fast-paced. As such, your website has to keep track of team rosters, schedules, player profiles, and much more. To do this, you need a theme built for sports. The League might just be the star you’re looking for.

Every layout on offer in The League is all about sharing information. The theme comes with five different post layouts and eight article styles you can use to keep your audience informed. All the layouts are easy to read and fully responsive.

The League also bundles in a number of useful plugins, including Theia Post Slider and Theia Sticky Sidebar, which enable you to share even more information on your pages. You also get access to a custom scoreboard you can use to display the latest game results, which is probably the first thing visitors are looking for when browsing your site.

The League might not win any awards for beauty, but it more than makes up for it in brawn — or functionality in this case. If you don’t want any problems keeping your fans up-to-date with the latest team news, check this theme out!

More Info / Download Demo

Sports Team Theme


Sports Team Theme is ideal for a club, little league, or school team that wants a custom website, but doesn’t come equipped with programming skills.

With this WordPress theme and plugin, anyone can set up a team website in a matter of minutes and it’ll look great. All you need to do is enter your team’s information to get started. You can also easily customize your site with your team colors and logo. Use the sports related backgrounds and pre-selected fonts to tie your new website together.

Sports Team Theme makes it easy to build a website that showcases your team’s accomplishments and keeps everyone connected at the same time.

More Info / Download Demo



Sportsline was built with this year’s World Cup in mind. It’s ideal for soccer news, but can be used for other sports blogs or websites as well.

This fully responsive theme allows your content to be read on a multitude of devices. It was built with the highest quality features available and is powered by Bootstrap 3. It’s well documented, but offers free after sales support if you have questions or run into problems. It’s optimized for SEO and comes integrated with Google Adsense.

Sportsline is a great choice for someone looking for a turnkey sports theme that can also boost your ranking in search results.

More Info / Download Demo


Running is a very popular hobby, so it’s no surprise that there are a lot of clubs dedicated to it. If your running club’s website needs a theme to attract new members and update current ones, Endurer could be ideal.

It’s likely that your site’s goal is to get people motivated and moving. Fortunately, this theme does a good job of that with its default layout, and through its various options. The font choices are bold, and larger headings carry ‘battle scar’ style decorations that should get your visitors’ blood pumping. There are also a number of pre-built pages to help you showcase your club further.

In other words, there’s plenty in the box to get you started quickly. However, Endurer isn’t a one-trick pony. It’s a highly-customizable theme, with layouts for portfolios, galleries, and so on. You can also connect this theme to social media and display your accounts on your site, provide search functionality, and much more besides.

All in all, Endurer is likely to suit running clubs of all stripes. It’s perfect for pre-existing clubs with lots of members, although ‘startup’ groups will find plenty here to suit them as well. Take a look at the demo, and prepare to be wowed!

More Info / Download Demo

Goal Club


Goal Club is a clean theme designed for your sports club or organization. It features several styles for easily displaying and managing fixtures, results, players, teams and league points tables.

This theme from Chimpstudio was built with HTML5 and CSS3 to give you a fully responsive layout. Its best design features are the showy gallery slider and the fixed header, which is great for easy navigation between pages. Goal Club includes support for translation plugins and has built-in search engine optimization features. It also uses the WooCommerce plugin to good effect: the shopping page is easy to navigate.

Customization options include unlimited sidebars and menu colors, as well as drag-and-drop functionality for organizing content on your pages. A nice addition you may want to consider taking advantage of is the page for services offered.

More Info / Download Demo

Whistle Sport

Sports clubs are under-represented among WordPress themes. This can create some problems if you’re looking to build a website for this niche specifically. However, there are a few solid options out there, including Whistle Sport.

There are only two home page layouts available with this theme, but they’re both functional – which is to say they’ll work well for the majority of websites. Both include a full-screen header section, with clear navigation and space for contact information. Further down you’ll find team profiles, e-commerce panels, subscription functionality for tiered plans, and much more.

The bundled WPBakery Page Builder plugin will help you create and organize your layout to meet your exact requirements with ease. Whistle Sport also includes a plethora of Google Fonts and other customization options. All of this means there’s little stopping you from creating a unique and stylish website.

Overall, Whistle Sport may be just the ticket for your sports club’s site. It’s functional, flexible when needed, and looks great out of the box. Check out the demo and see for yourself!

More Info / Download Demo



If you’re not affiliated with a particular team – perhaps you want to showcase lots of different local sports – and you’re looking to engage fans with your content, GoodLife may be the theme for you.

GoodLife has three different header styles – including space for displaying adverts – along with a slider accessible from the admin screen and a large, content-rich navigation menu. You can choose from six different layouts for image and video galleries (covering both full and half-width page sizes), and five layouts for your blog content. You can also add a background image, remove the sidebar, and choose between a full-width or boxed featured image. There is also support for infinite scrolling, which can help to boost visitor engagement.

GoodLife is built to share content, integrating with Jetpack to provide social sharing buttons and counters, and it also includes a BuzzFeed-style quiz builder plugin, Viral Quiz Builder.

Along with the previously mentioned plugins, GoodLife also includes Visual Composer for designing your pages to your exact requirements, Maintenance Pro for showing a ‘coming soon’ page to visitors, and Rankie, which tracks keywords useful in search engine ranking and offers powerful reporting options.

While it is strong at delivering news content, GoodLife has a distinct lack of functionality for publishing team and player profiles, league tables, and fixture lists. Overall, though, if you’re covering a lot of different sports in your area or school, GoodLife could be a runner – especially given its included plugins bundle.

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