7 Best Team Members Plugins for WordPress 2021

Looking for a way to showcase team members on your WordPress site? In this post, we’ll compare seven team members plugins for WordPress that can help you do just that.

These plugins will help you showcase team members as part of an existing page. Or, you can also use these plugins to create a dedicated page for your team members, complete with functionality to divide team members into different categories and help visitors find specific people.

For each plugin on this list, I’ll share:

  • The plugin’s key features
  • Some examples of what the team members showcase actually looks like
  • A look at the backend interface where you’ll add team members
  • Price information

Let’s dig in…

1. TeamPress

TeamPress plugin

TeamPress is a premium team member plugin at CodeCanyon that helps you display team members in a variety of different ways.

One nice thing about this plugin is that it includes AJAX filters that make it easy for people to interact with your team member showcase without requiring any page reloads.

Key Features

  • 60+ different team member layouts to choose from, including grid, list, table, and carousel views
  • AJAX search and filter (e.g. search team members without needing to reload the page)
  • AJAX load more
  • Display more information in a lightbox, modal, or collapse
  • Full control over colors and fonts
  • Display team members with a shortcode or widget
  • Support for popular page builders, including Elementor, SiteOrigin, and WPBakery Page Builder

Example Of Team Members List

Again, TeamPress offers a variety of different styles, so there’s no single look.

Here’s an example of what a basic grid looks like, along with AJAX pagination, search, and filter options to filter by the first letter of a team member’s name:


And here’s a look at what a team member carousel looks like (people can see more information in a lightbox popup):

TeamPress example

How You Add Team Members

You’ll add team members using an interface that looks a lot like creating a new post or page. Beyond adding content, uploading images, and choosing categories, you also get a new Team Info meta box that lets you add information like a team member’s position, contact information, etc.

TeamPress backend


TeamPress costs $24 with standard Envato licensing.

More Info / Download Demo

2. The Team Pro

The Team Pro

The Team Pro is a popular WordPress team member showcase plugin at CodeCanyon, where it’s been purchased over 4,400 times. Across those sales, it has maintained a 4.67-star rating (out of 5), which is pretty solid.

Like TeamPress, you can use The Team Pro to display your team members in a variety of different ways. Personally, I found The Team Pro to have some of the best-looking designs of any plugin on this list.

Key Features

  • 8 preset team member layouts – drawer, modal, grid, circles, cards, list, table, and slide-in
  • Multiple style options for each layout
  • Responsive and touch-enabled
  • WPBakery Page Builder integration
  • Create multiple teams and assign team members to different teams

One thing you’re missing, though, is options for search/filter. So if you have a really large team, you might want to skip this plugin and go with a different plugin that makes it easier to find specific team members.

Example Of Team Members List

Again, you have some flexibility here because of the different layout options.

Let me show you one of my favorites, though. The grid style below is used by a lot of startups and creates a neat effect. As a visitor hovers over a team member’s picture, more information will appear:

The Team Pro example

If a visitor clicks on one of the team members, a drawer slide-out will appear with even more information:

Definitely a neat effect!

How You Add Team Members

Adding team members is easy – it’s basically the regular WordPress editor, along with new options for a team member’s information:

Team Showcase interface

You can also create multiple teams and assign team members to different teams.


The Team Pro costs $24 with standard Envato licensing.

More Info / Download Demo

3. Heroes Assemble

Heroes Assemble

Beyond having a fun name, Heroes Assemble makes it easy to display team members anywhere on your site.

One unique feature of this plugin is that it lets you add “skill bars” to team members. So if you like that functionality, that might be a reason to go with Heroes Assemble (I’ll show you an example of this below).

Key Features

  • 10 different grid styles/layouts to control your team member showcase
  • 12 different color skins
  • Skill bars
  • AJAX filters
  • Modal popup feature that displays more information for team members
  • Built-in shortcode generator

Example Of Team Members List

Again, Heroes Assemble offers 10 different styles.

Here’s what the first style looks like – note the AJAX filter at the top:

Heroes Assemble example

If a visitor clicks on a specific team member, a modal slide-out appears with more information about that person:

Heroes Assemble popup

Pretty slick!

How You Add Team Members

Like the previous two plugins, you’ll add your team members in the familiar WordPress editor interface, along with a meta box to add contact information, social media profiles, position, and more:


Heroes Assemble costs $18 with standard Envato licensing.

More Info / Download Demo

4. Team Showcase

Team Showcase plugin

By the numbers, Team Showcase is the most popular team members plugin at CodeCanyon. It has over 5,400 sales and has maintained a 4.69-star rating on over 290 reviews.

The developer, cmoreira, also has a number of other popular showcase plugins, so you have some good experience backing this plugin.

Team Showcase has some neat features – like drag-and-drop ordering for team members – that most other plugins don’t have.

Key Features

  • 4 different layouts/styles – grid, hover grid, pager (unique), table. Each layout has different themes that can help you further customize it.
  • Lots of customization options for the number of columns, image shapes, colors, etc.
  • AJAX category filter
  • AJAX pagination
  • Option to create a new page for each team member (Google can index this page, which opens some cool SEO opportunities)
  • Embed via shortcode, widget, or PHP function
  • Option to add custom fields to collect unique team member information

Example Of Team Members List

As I mentioned above, I think Team Showcase’s Pager layout is its most unique layout. With this layout, you get both a team member grid and detailed information for individual team members.

Whenever a visitor clicks on a team member in a grid, their information appears in the “detail box”:

Team Showcase example

One other unique thing here is the “themes”. These let you quickly change up your showcase’s looks. For example, you could add this highlighting to team members’ names by choosing a different theme:

Different ehemes

How You Add Team Members

When you go to add a new team member, you’ll get various meta boxes where you can add a variety of information:

Team Showcase backend

You can then use drag-and-drop to arrange team members in the main team member list.


Team Showcase costs $17 with standard Envato licensing.

More Info / Download Demo

5. Team Members

Team Members plugins

Team Members is the first free team member showcase plugin on this list. It’s available at WordPress.org, where it’s active on over 40,000 websites and has a 4.2-star rating.

Beyond that free version, there’s also a Pro version that tacks on more functionality.

Team Members is a little more limited in the types of layouts that it offers. But if you just want a standard grid layout, it’s a solid free option.

Key Features

I’ll start with the features in the free version:

  • Unlimited team members
  • Create multiple separate teams
  • Grid layout
  • Customize the number of columns, alignment, etc.

And if you go Pro, you’ll also get access to these features:

  • Display picture on hover
  • Member height “equalizing” (to create a better grid – otherwise team members might have different heights)
  • Full-width pictures
  • Picture filters
  • More social media links for each team member

Example Of Team Members List

Again, Team Members really only has one core layout – the grid:

Team Members example

You can customize the number of columns – but there aren’t any of the more creative layouts that you saw with some other plugins.

How You Add Team Members

Unlike all the other plugins, Team Members has more of a custom interface. I found it easier to use because you can add multiple team members from the same interface (that is – no page reloads needed).

So overall – this one has my favorite backend interface of any plugin on this list:

Team Members backend

You can also create multiple separate teams to organize your team members.


You can get started with Team Members for free at WordPress.org.

If you want access to more functionality, the Pro version starts at just $19, which is comparable to the team member plugins at CodeCanyon.

More Info / Download Demo

6. Team


The creatively named Team plugin is another free WordPress team members plugin that you can find at WordPress.org.

If you need more functionality than the free version can offer, there’s also an affordable premium version.

One unique feature in the Pro version is the ability to assign team members to an actual WordPress account and then display each team member’s latest posts. This makes it an especially good option to display a team of writers because you can include each writer’s latest blog posts.

Key Features

I’ll start with the features in the free version at WordPress.org:

  • 6 different layouts, including 4 grid, 1 isotope, and 1 carousel.
  • Square or rounded profile images
  • Embed via shortcode, widget, or PHP function
  • Order by title, date, or menu order

If you go Pro, you’ll get access to:

  • 33 layouts – 14 grid, 1 table, 9 isotope, 9 carousel.
  • Drag-and-drop team member ordering
  • Add a grayscale filter to images
  • Customize social icons
  • Skill fields with progress bar
  • Pagination
  • Display members by department
  • Popup with details for a single member
  • Assign a team member to a WordPress user account (and display a team member’s latest posts in the popup)

Example Of Team Members List

Here’s an example of what the basic grid looks like:

Team example

And here’s an example of the team member carousel slider:

Another Team example

How You Add Team Members

Like many of the others, you’ll add your team members in the regular WordPress editor with some meta boxes that let you add team member information:


There’s a limited free version of Team available at WordPress.org. After that, the Pro version costs $17 to unlock all of the functionality.

More Info / Download Demo

7. Creative Team Showcase

Creative Team Showcase

The name – Creative Team Showcase – is a pretty good descriptor for what this plugin does.

That is, it helps you display a team member showcase with some creative and unique designs.

If you want your team member showcase to have an eye-catching design, that would be a reason to choose this plugin – its designs are definitely more unique than any of the other plugins on this list.

Key Features

  • 6 different team layouts
  • Drag-and-drop team member ordering
  • Lots of style/color customization options
  • WPBakery Page Builder integration
  • AJAX category filter

Example Of Team Members List

As I mentioned, Creative Team Showcase has some really unique layouts.

One example is this Mosaic layout:


And this Hexagonal layout is also quite unique. Note the addition of the AJAX category filters:


I’ll show you one more because it’s probably the most out-there option on the list! The Wave layout has your team members slide across the screen as a visitor scrolls down:


This creates a really cool effect – it’s much more impactful if you see it live, so click here to go straight to that demo.


Creative Team Showcase costs $25 with standard Envato licensing.

More Info / Download Demo

Which WordPress Team Member Plugin Should You Use?

Ok, so which of these WordPress team member showcase plugins is right for you?

Let’s run through some scenarios…

First off, if you want the most unique layout options, Creative Team Showcase is definitely the winner, though I also like some of the offerings in Team Showcase and The Team Pro.

For the best free team members plugin, I’d say go with Team Members if you just want a simple grid, or Team if you want more flexibility when it comes to layouts.

Beyond that, all the other plugins also have something to offer. To make your choice, you should pay attention to the layout/style options, as well as features like AJAX category filters, search, and pagination (especially if you have a large team).

Have any questions about these team members plugins? Let us know in the comments!

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