21 Best vCard WordPress Themes 2020

If you want to find a new job or land more clients then creating a personal resume website or online portfolio is highly recommended. Thanks to this collection of the best vCard WordPress themes, building such as website has never been easier.

By choosing one of the WordPress vCard themes in this collection, you’ll be able to quickly launch your very own personal website to promote your skills, qualifications, experience, and services. Each of these themes includes at least one vCard website demo that can be quickly imported into your WordPress dashboard. In fact, some of these themes include over 10 demo personal resume websites, giving you lots of options for your own vCard website.

As well as stylish homepage designs, the pre-built demos in these themes also include templates for your resume, portfolio, and the other essential content any good vCard website needs. Online forms are included as standard to ensure that potential clients and employees can quickly get in touch if they like what they see. Some of these themes also include drag-and-drop page builders to simplify the process of personalizing your portfolio website. But even if a theme doesn’t include this feature, your website can be easily customized through a control panel.

Whether you’re looking for a new employer or you’re trying to grow your freelance business, this collection of the best vCard WordPress themes will help you create a suitable website. Just check out the demos, choose the theme you like the most, and then start adding your own content to the pre-built layouts.


Aveo has a one-click demo installer to help you quickly launch your vCard website with WordPress.

Designed to look great on smartphones and tablets, as well as desktops and laptops, the Aveo WordPress theme is fully mobile responsive. Thanks to this, regardless of which of the two main Aveo website demos you choose to use for your website, all of your visitors will be able to access your content and view your qualifications and other attributes.

In addition to the two main homepage designs in the Aveo theme package, you can also choose to import the multi-page or animated version of each option. So whether you want to make your work and completed projects the main focus of your vCard website, or instead put your personal profile at the center of your site, Aveo gives you the option.

As well as choosing between the different layout modes, Aveo has a good set of customization options to help you personalize your resume or vCard website. As well as using the color picker to quickly set the main tones for your website, you can also use the theme settings and options to customize your website further. Aveo also includes a drag-and-drop page builder tool to give you the ability to customize the demo content or create your own unique designs for the pages and posts on your website. The 67 page transition effects will ensure the animations on your site work in the way that you want.

Designed for both personal resume websites and online portfolios, Aveo is a versatile vCard WordPress theme.

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Promotion is another lovely vCard theme that comes with 5 different demos. Promotion is fully animated and makes use of a full range of scrolling effects. One of the design’s drawbacks, however, is its use of serif typography in one of the designs. The serif font does not at all work alongside the rest of the design; sans serif options are usually much better for themes in this niche.

650 Font Awesome icons and print resume capability feature in this theme along with fullscreen video and slider backgrounds. Video tutorials and a support forum help you to figure out how to personalize the theme to your liking.

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Personage is an elegant business card theme that comes in multiple design variations with unique elements. The standard demo has an interesting structure, centering almost everything in the design. The design is beautiful with its fluid scrolling, lovely animation effects, and reliance on white space.

Personage comes with full-blown video tutorials for their customers (considering the complexity of the design, you’ll probably need them!). A print resume button allows prospective employers to easily get your resume on file.

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Unique, with its three main layouts and set of customization options, is ideal for creating unique vCard websites.

Designed to help you promote yourself and your skills online, the Unique WordPress theme comes in two color variations. However, as well as the light and dark color schemes, the theme options control panel gives you full control over the color settings of your site. Thanks to this, your website can be tailored to appeal to your target audience or match your personality.

When setting up your website, you can import the pre-built Unique content in your WordPress dashboard in just a few clicks. After that, you can choose whether you want a vertical or horizontal navigation area. You also have the option of displaying the navigation bar at the bottom of your website as well as the more traditional top of the page location. Thanks to the animation effects, when a visitors does click on a navigation link, the transition effect as the next page displayed is sure to catch the attention of your audience.

As Unique is packed with interesting layouts for each of its pages, it’s good to see that there’s a drag-and-drop page builder included in the theme package. Thanks to this, you can easily edit the demo content and replace it with your own text and images, all through an intuitive user interface. Adding new page layouts to your site is just as straightforward with this stylish vCard WordPress theme. As you might expect, everything about this theme, and your website is fully mobile responsive for maximum usability.

Unique also has good video support to help you add this type of content to your online resume website.

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Mak is a personal portfolio and resume WordPress theme that’s ideal for creating vCard websites.

The Mak package includes three different personal website demos and each of them can be set up in either light or dark modes. As this theme has been relatively recently released, the style and overall design of the personal website demos are very modern. Thanks to this, any personal portfolio or online resume website you create with Mak should have a fully up-to-date look.

Although the three websites demos are different from each other, they do share some similar features. For one, they all have homepage layouts that are packed with useful elements. Some examples of these elements include an About Me section, which has links to the portfolio pages and a downloadable resume; a Services panel that lets you highlight your skills or the areas you work in; and icons that can be set up to link to your social media profiles.

You can also easily add a contact form to the homepage of your website with this vCard WordPress theme, giving your visitors a quick way to get in touch. The Mak theme also comes with a full set of blog templates so you can share your latest news and thoughts directly on your website.

If you want to customize the pre-built content of this theme, the Elementor page builder is included in the package. All of the pre-built templates can be opened up for editing in the Elementor interface, enabling you to move things around, add new modules, and carry out other customization tasks. You can also make other changes to the appearance of your website, through the theme options control panel, helping you to create a unique website that reflects your personality.

Whatever type of audience you’d like your site to appeal to, Mak should be able to help you create the right personal website with WordPress.

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Helion is a creative personal portfolio theme that’s ideal for creating vCard websites.

With pre-built content for launching portfolio, CV, and vCard websites, you get a lot of options for your personal online presence when you choose the Helion theme. As it includes demos for creating digital agency and architecture sites too, there’s a good range of templates to draw from when building your site.

Among the demos that would work well for building vCard websites with WordPress, the ‘Personal’, ‘Graphic Designer’, and ‘Concept Artist’ options are all suitable choices. However, as mentioned, there are other demos in the Helion package that you can use as the foundation for your personal vCard website.

If you do find that one of the other Helion demos catches your eye, besides the more obvious vCard-friendly options, you can easily adjust the templates to make them more suitable for your project. As Helion has been built to integrate seamlessly with the popular Elementor page builder plugin, you can open up all of the pre-built content that comes with this theme and edit it as little, or as much, as you need to.

Making other changes to the appearance of your vCard website, such as the fonts, colors, and layout settings, is all taken care of via the user-friendly WordPress Customizer interface. Thanks to this, it’s easy to add your own personality and style to the pre-built templates and overall appearance of the Helion theme. If you want to add some immersive slideshow presentations to your website, to promote your work or share other content, you can use the premium Slider Revolution plugin that’s included in the theme package.

With a good selection of personal website demos, the Helion vCard WordPress theme has something for everyone.

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Certy has a mobile-first design that will deliver a smooth experience to your smartphone using visitors.

If you think that recruiters and potential employers might be accessing your resume website on the go, then it’s vital that you choose a mobile-friendly vCard WordPress theme. Thankfully, as mentioned, this theme isn’t just responsive, it’s mobile first, meaning it has been designed with smartphone users in mind rather than just as an afterthought. Of course, your website will still look great on laptops, desktops, and other larger displays. However, it will also be very easy to use on small screen devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

In the Certy theme package, you’ll find website designs for a range of resumes, including developers, designers, doctors, and other service providers. Therefore, whatever type of employment or opportunity you’re looking for, this theme could help you create the right type of website to promote your skills. To help your resume website stand out from the competition, this vCard WordPress theme includes animation effects and mouse-triggered hover effects. The pre-built templates also include visual elements that should catch the eye of your visitors, such as the check marks, icons, and tooltips.

To ensure that everybody using the Certy theme can add their own content to the resume templates, you get access to a resume builder when setting up your online vCard website. Thanks to this, you can simply enter your information into the appropriate fields and then let the theme take care of the rest. If you check out the Certy demo, you can get a better idea of how your resume could look with this vCard theme. Skill charts, education and employment timelines, and interactive maps are just some of the other elements you can add to your website with the Certy theme.

Certy is highly customizable to ensure your resume and vCard website matches your personality.

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One Page Pro

One Page Pro is a WordPress theme that’s ready to help you launch your own professional CV or vCard website.

Among the three One Page Pro website demos is the CV option that’s been designed especially for promoting your skills and abilities online. So if you’re looking for a WordPress theme that could help you find new employment and work opportunities, One Page Pro could be a suitable choice. Thanks to the full-screen layout of the One Page Pro CV demo, you can make great use of the space available to you by displaying photographs and other images that will help your vCard website appeal to prospective employers. The long form one page website design does a great job of leading visitors through your resume as they scroll down the page. When they reach the bottom of the layout, they can then use the integrated contact form to send you a message and start a conversation.

Although the One Page Pro pre-built website design looks great, you have the option of using the GoodLayers drag-and-drop page builder tool to customize the demo content through an easy-to-use interface. Thanks to this, you can not only easily edit the pre-built layouts, but also create your own custom page designs and then insert your choice of useful elements, such as call-to-action buttons, skill charts, file downloads, and more. There’s also a good selection of header styles to work with, increasing your chances of finding the right layout for your site’s navigation area.

As you might expect from a modern WordPress theme, One Page Pro works perfectly on all modern devices, regardless of their screen size. Not only will this keep your visitors happy, but it will also help your website adhere to search engine guidelines that require mobile-friendly designs.

If you want to create a one-page online resume that uses a full-width layout, One Page Pro is worth checking out.

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RyanCV is a CV, resume, and vCard WordPress theme for individuals who want to promote themselves online.

The RyanCV theme includes a few different designs for your resume or vCard website. These design options include light and dark variations of the main demo as well as designs with slightly different layouts. You can also use the simple vCard demo if you’re not ready to build a full website but would still like to have a presence online to display your key information, such as your name, contact details, link to a downloadable CV, and a photograph.

However, the other demos are much more interesting, and if you’re ready to launch your personal resume website, they are ready and waiting. Most of these demos have a similar layout, with a scrollable area that can be used to list your skills, services, and any other information. The portfolio section should come in handy if you have any work you’d like to share. There are also blog templates too, giving you a way to keep your visitors up to date with what you’ve been working on lately.

Other elements of the RyanCV theme include the testimonials slider for publishing references from previous employers, the employment timeline that makes it easy to share your history, and the portfolio grid for displaying excerpts from the main portfolio area of your site. If you want to make changes to the appearance of your vCard website, you can quickly alter the background colors, adjust the fonts, and even edit the code. There’s also a drag-and-drop page builder tool integrated into the RyanCV theme, too.

To help you get started, RyanCV comes with a video tutorial covering installing the theme and creating your website.

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Premium Layers


Premium Layers is a very stylish WordPress resume theme with design features that are somehow reminiscent of a smartphone’s display screen. The navigational menu is especially influential in causing this look, with its wide range of coloration and icons next to each menu link’s text. Premium Layers has a boxed design and comes with an expandable and filterable portfolio.

8 preset skins, several animation effects, and Font Awesome icons are built into the theme. The code is optimized for both speed and search engine friendliness.

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Glitche is another purpose-built resume and vCard WordPress theme, this time with a minimal design.

If you want to ensure your vCard website has a timeless look, then the Glitche theme could be a good option. Thanks to the minimal design of Glitche, there won’t be much on your website that can go out of date when it comes to its overall design and style.

The default design mainly consists of nicely formatted text and contrasting background colors. However, you can make your website a little more eye-catching by using the video background support to add this type of feature to your pages. There are also a few animation effects in use too, helping to make your personal resume website stand out from the crowd.

When setting up your website, you can choose from the multi-page or one-page version of this theme. Both options do a good job of letting you display all the information you need to promote yourself and your skills and services online. If you want to add a portfolio to your website, then that’s all part of the functionality of the Glitche theme as well. To enable you to make any changes to the layout of your site, you can use the flexible layout builder tool that’s included in the package. Another customization option is creating your own custom color schemes to give your site the right look.

Glitche is easy to set up, thanks to its one-click demo importer tool and library of online documentation.

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CVIT is a multi-purpose CV, resume, and vCard WordPress theme that aims to appeal to a wide audience.

Whether you’re a developer, designer, writer, or some other type of freelancer or employee, the CVIT theme could help you market your skills and services more effectively. With three main homepage demos to choose from, including a design with a video background and one with a built-in slider, CVIT gives you a good opportunity to show off your work and abilities online.

Regardless of which website demo you choose, you’ll have no trouble replacing the demo content with your own text, images, videos, and other types of content to launch a unique and professional online resume website. Changing the colors, fonts, and other display properties of this theme is very straightforward too, giving you a good amount of creative control over your vCard website.

Some of the additional features of CVIT that might be of interest include the hire me form that gives your visitors an easy way to get in touch if they like what they see, as well as the case studies template to help you publish completed projects on your website. You can also publish client feedback and testimonials on your resume site, using the included content templates.

Despite all of the useful features of the CVIT theme, your website should load quickly regardless of what type of device it’s being viewed on. Thanks to its mobile-friendly code and layout, smartphone users will feel equally at home on your website as those accessing your site on a desktop display will.

CVIT is packed with optional content elements to help you build a unique personal resume website with WordPress.

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Kerge has eight different demo variations to give you a range of options for your personal vCard website.

The demos in the Kerge theme package are all focused on helping you create a professional and interesting personal website with WordPress. Some of the demos have been configured to work in a one-page format, with all of your information displayed on a single page, while others stick to the more traditional multi-page layout. There are also eye-catching animation effects in use that are triggered on certain actions, such as during a page transition. In fact, there are 67 different animation effects to choose from when configuring your resume website with this theme.

In the demos, you’ll also find popular resume site elements, such as timelines for displaying your education and employment history in chronological order as well as skill graphs for highlighting your abilities in an easy-to-read format. Other useful elements, like an interactive Google Map that can be used to show where you are based and an integrated contact form that lets your visitors quickly send you a message are used in the Kerge demos too. As this is another vCard WordPress theme that has recently been released, all of the demos will give your website a modern and up-to-date look.

Adding a portfolio section to your personal website is easy with the Kerge theme, too. As well as displaying graphics and images, you can also add video and audio content to your online portfolio, thanks to the support for platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud.

If you need to customize the demo content or create more pages for your site, the included drag-and-drop content editor will come in handy. The powerful theme options control panel and its settings are at your disposal too, making light work of personalizing many aspects of this theme and your website.

Overall, Kerge has a stylish design that will give your personal website a professional look.

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BookCard WP


BookCard WP is an amazing responsive vCard theme if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary. Its 3-D folded style layout will wow viewers as they go from the cover page to the three inner pages like browsing a magazine. The interface is clean and well designed, inviting visitors to play around.

With more than 50 predefined styles, 50 portfolio page animation effects and custom shortcodes, this is a vCard template with a lot of options. And don’t worry if you’re concerned the cover page illustration doesn’t reflect what you look like! You can customize it by uploading your own photo or illustration.

More Info / Download Demo


MyCV comes in a number of different color varieties to reflect your personality.

If creating a unique and individual resume website is important to you, the MyCV theme might be a good option in this collection of the best vCard WordPress themes. To help you get the look right for your website, the MyCV theme comes with a range of color schemes. Thanks to this, you can instantly change the overall look of your vCard site to match your own personal style.

If you want to take a more hands-on approach to creating your vCard website, the MyCV theme includes a detailed control panel that lets you customize most aspects of your personal resume site. There’s also a drag-and-drop content editor included in the package, giving all users, regardless of their skill levels, the opportunity to customize the pre-built MyCV templates. The theme includes a selection of custom widgets too, providing a quick way to insert a range of elements into your content. Examples of this include progress bars and resume content. The set of icons gives you another option for adding interesting design elements to your pages as well.

MyCV includes all the elements you’d expect to find in a good vCard WordPress theme including employment timeline templates, online contact forms, and a portfolio section.

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unRovr aims to help you launch your new WordPress resume site in a matter of minutes.

Thanks to its one-click demo importer tool and streamlined installation process, unRovr could be a vCard WordPress theme that appeals to those in a hurry, with a need to get their website online as quickly as possible. However, that’s not all this theme has going for it. Even if you’re not in a rush to launch your new resume site, the design of unRovr could earn this theme a place on your shortlist.

With eight different demo websites to work with, there’s a good chance at least one of them will catch your eye and be a suitable option for your personal resume and vCard website. You can find full-width displays that fill the entire browser window alongside more traditional vCard style layouts that use a boxed design. There are also some really interesting designs that mix multiple layout styles and use animation effects to ensure your site grabs the attention of your audience.

There’s also a combination of font choices used in the different demos, making unRovr a theme that should be a good match for a wide range of personalities. So whether you prefer blocky fonts or more graceful typefaces, unRovr should appeal. However, thanks to the customization options, when it comes how your website looks and your content is presented, you’re not limited at all. All of the templates can be edited through the included Elementor page builder plugin, so it’s possible to make a unique resume website, even though you’re using on an off-the-shelf theme.

The unRovr demos do a good job of modernizing and updating the traditional vCard website layout.

More Info / Download Demo

cvCard WP


cvCard WP is a truly stunning resume WordPress theme that comes with a relatively rare feature in all WordPress themes: a sliding horizontal layout. The very navigational menu of the theme is also built into a slider of sorts (you have to check it out in the demo to fully understand). The rest of the design is virtually impeccable, with a light color scheme, beautiful progress bars, suave icons, and more.

One of cvCard’s more unique features is its timeline ability, which is a great way to quickly and easily show potential employers what jobs you’ve done and when you did them. You also get 50+ CSS3 animations, 30+ social icons, 600+ Google Fonts, and support for self hosted audio and video files.

More Info / Download Demo

Sam Martin

Sam Martin has a fully modern full-screen design that’s sure to give your vCard website a professional look.

This powerful theme has over 10 pre-built website designs that are ideal for showcasing your skills, promoting yourself as a suitable employee, or simply creating an online portfolio. Each demo has its own style that aims to make it a good choice for a different type of service or skill. Some examples include demo websites for developers, designers, writers, personal trainers, photographers, and singers. Thanks to the wide range of options available, even if your area of expertise isn’t on that list, you should still check out the demos to see what other pre-built websites are available.

As mentioned, the Sam Martin theme makes use of the popular full-screen layout. Due to this, you can easily add stylish background images to your pages to help make your personal resume website stand out from the crowd. Even if you don’t have your own set of images, you can quickly find suitable royalty-free photographs and images online. As well as changing the background displays, Sam Martin makes the process of adjusting the other display properties of your website very straightforward. Adjusting the colors, changing the fonts, and modifying the overall theme layout is all covered by the intuitive theme options control panel.

Another highlight of Sam Martin is the inclusion of the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin – previously known as Visual Composer – giving you the ability to edit any of the pre-built theme templates. Speaking of templates, Sam Martin is packed with options that ensure you can add almost any type of content to your vCard website. Publishing your testimonials, portfolio, services, resume, and skills is all covered by the library of Sam Martin templates. For any other pages that you want to add to your site, the drag-and-drop page builder is on hand to help you create them.

Sam Martin is packed with features and is regularly updated, making this a highly competitive vCard WordPress theme.

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Shift is a flat responsive vCard theme with a clean design and straightforward layout. It is set up very similar to the first vCard theme on our list (also named vCard), but includes some advanced features like animations via WPspace widgets and a testimonials section.

Shift comes with both a dark and light version and the ability to pick any accent color. The sortable portfolio lets you feature selected works from a variety of categories. The blog button is a little more pronounced on this theme, but still easy to miss since it’s not labelled until you hover over it.

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Domior has 14 demo pages to simplify the process of creating your own personal vCard website with WordPress.

Again, like some of the other vCard WordPress themes featured here, Domior has pre-built designs for a range of services and industries, such as developers, illustrators, photographers, and general freelancers and job seekers. Therefore, whatever type of vCard, personal resume, or portfolio website you want to create, this theme could be a good option.

If you take a look at the Domior demos, you’ll see that the design incorporates many of the leading trends in web design. Full-screen layouts are used to great effect, as are animations and page layouts divided into contrasting sections. Through the pre-built layouts, it’s quick and easy to add testimonials, feature grids, contact forms, and facts and figures to your website. As the Domior theme has full WooCommerce support, you also have the option of adding products to your website, such as copies of your illustrations or other physical and digital products you’ve created. Adding a blog to your vCard website is made possible by the Domior templates, giving you a way to share your knowledge and personality with your visitors and potential clients and employers.

As well as the high-quality website demos and pre-built content, Domior comes equipped with an integrated page builder tool. Thanks to this, you can quickly edit any of the templates through an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface. In addition to changing the text of the demo content, it’s possible to effortlessly adjust almost all of their visual properties without editing any code. Creating your own unique page designs is just as straightforward with Domior and its page builder tool and library of content elements.

To help you get started, Domior comes with a series of video tutorial to guide you through the theme installation and setup process of your new vCard website.

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Prestige is a full-featured vCard and portfolio theme that could easily be used as a full website. Large navigation tabs on the left sidebar link to different colored pages that load via jQuery animations.

Although you can create an unlimited number of tabs, the demo showcases profile, resume, portfolio, blog, contact and reference pages. One of the nice features of this theme is that there are a few ways to navigate, which makes it less likely that a visitor will overlook something.

Prestige is fully customizable, allowing you to change the page colors and choose from 20 tab icons, seven page transitions and 10 social icons.

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