10 Best WordPress Appointment Booking Plugins 2020

Many types of websites can benefit from having an online appointment booking system. Thankfully, if you’re using WordPress then adding this functionality to your website couldn’t be easier. By choosing one of the WordPress appointment booking plugins from this collection, you’ll be able to upgrade your website in just a few clicks.

The plugins in this collection are all very flexible tools. Therefore, whether you’re looking for a way to simply take bookings for yourself or manage the appointments of an entire team, the best WordPress appointment booking plugins can help. Some of these tools can also be used to accept and manage long-term bookings, such as accommodation and other types of rentals.

As these plugins all includes lots of customization options and settings, they can all be tailored to meet your requirements. Taking payments online is possible too, as is integration with your preferred third-party calendaring system. The best plugins for appointment bookings should also work well with any WordPress theme, while also being fully mobile friendly.

If you want to start taking bookings from your website or create an online appointment and booking management system, you might be surprised at how much these plugins can help.


Amelia aims to solve the problems of website owners who need a robust online appointment booking system.

To help this plugin stand out from the competition, Amelia has been built to include lots of features that aren’t commonly found in some other WordPress appointment booking plugins. For example, with Amelia you can easily manage appointments at multiple business locations. So if you run a chain of clinics, you can use this plugin to allow your clients to book into the location they want to visit all from a central website.

Another useful feature of this plugin is the easy way users can add multiple services or types of appointments. This gives you the ability to offer a range of services from your website, allowing your visitors to choose which ones to book. Amelia can also handle multiple employees, who can each accept and manage their own bookings. You also get a good amount of control over which hours and days are available for taking appointments, including the ability to add custom holidays.

As Amelia integrates with PayPal and Stripe, you can process payments from your online appointment booking system with this plugin. Each service or session you make available to your calendar can have its own pricing details. The user interface also makes it very easy to see, at a glance, which appointments have been booked and which slots are still available. The dashboard reporting tools should come in handy for anyone who wants to track how productive they have been. You can check out the front and back-end demos of Amelia on the plugin page to get a better idea of how this powerful tool works.

Thanks to its long list of features, Amelia should work well for any type of business that needs an online booking system.

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Bookly Booking Plugin

Bookly Booking Plugin is a popular WordPress booking plugin for adding an appointment system to your website.

This tool includes everything needed to start taking appointment bookings from your existing WordPress website or creating an online booking system from scratch with the help of WordPress. When setting up the system, you can choose to enable multiple service providers, who can each have their own calendar for accepting appointments. This is a very useful feature if your website has been created for a business or team project.

Through the settings of this plugin, you can easily define the periods when bookings can be made, the duration of the time slots, and almost everything else you could think of when creating an online calendar and scheduling system. You also have the freedom of setting a limit on how far in advance users can book an appointment, as well as creating custom categories to help manage the different bookings in your calendar. Collecting payments is also part of the functionality of this plugin, helping you ensure your appointments are all paid for in advance or a deposit has been received.

Publishing the forms and calendars on your website is very straightforward, too. You also have a good set of customization options to work with for modifying the appearance of the plugin content. The user interface of the Bookly Booking Plugin is easy to use, whether managing or making appointments on your website. Smartphone users will find that the responsive design of this plugin makes booking an appointment on the go and hassle-free experience.

You can get a better idea of how this powerful tool works by trying the online admin demo on the Bookly Booking Plugin webpage.

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Booked can be configured to support almost every type of appointment and booking through your WordPress website.

As well as syncing with external calendar feeds, such as those from Google, Outlook, and iCal, Booked makes it very easy to enable visitors to your website to add bookings into your system. Visitors can also use the Add to Calendar button to quickly insert their appointments into their own tool of choice. Through the settings you can choose to allow guests and registered users to access your calendars and submission forms, giving you a good amount of control over who can make appointments. If you do enable user registrations, your users can log in and manage their profiles online, with the option of adding personal information, such as contact details or health information, that's relevant to the services you provide.

Accepting payments as part of the reservation process is also an option with the Booked appointment management plugin. Thanks to the WooCommerce integration, you can use this popular ecommerce plugin to collect full and partial payments from your users. The library of shortcodes gives you a quick way to insert the calenders and forms into your posts and pages, with the option of protecting them from certain user roles or opening them up to the general public.

Some other features of the Booked plugin that you might find useful include the ability to color code the different calendars on your site for easy identification, the option of enabling appointment buffering to avoid bookings being made too close together, and a quick way to block out certain dates, such as holidays and other dates and times.

Whatever type of appointments and bookings you want to take through your website, Booked should be flexible enough to meet your needs.

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Modern Events Calendar

Modern Events Calendar is a popular appointment booking and scheduling calendar tool for WordPress.

If you’d appreciate lots of options for publishing your calendars and displaying dates and schedules on your website, Modern Events Calendar could be the plugin for you. Among the options for displaying your content from this plugin, are the agenda, list, grid, timetable, single event, and widget views to name just a few. You can see them all in action on the, Modern Events Calendar website as well as preview them on your smartphone to observe how responsive they are.

As well as the multiple publishing options for displaying the calendars and events to your WordPress website, Modern Events Calendar makes it easy to adjust the appearance and other visual settings of your calendar. You can also control how the calendar content is displayed in the sidebar areas of your site, thanks to the widget settings.

Some other useful features of this appointment booking plugin includes the ability to create repeating events, add countdown timers to events, define color skins for different types of events, and display location maps in the details for each event. Through the settings you can also enable events that last more than one day, or restrict their length to set periods. Collecting payments is part of the core functionality of this plugin too, making it easy to manage tickets or other premium appointments through your WordPress website.

As the Modern Events Calendar tool is compatible with the Visual Composer page builder plugin, you can quickly add the booking forms, appointment lists, and calendars to your custom page designs through the drag-and-drop interface. This plugin has also been built to work with the best WordPress caching plugins, SEO plugins, and multilingual tools.

Modern Events Calendar has a competitive feature list that makes it a popular choice in the WordPress bookings and appointments plugin category.

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Team Booking

Team Booking is a tool that gives you the ability to use Google Calendar as the foundation of your website's appointment booking system.

If you’re already using Google Calendar or you want to choose the best cloud calendaring system to manage your appointments, bookings, and availability then the Team Booking plugin will integrate your WordPress website with this popular system. Once you’ve done so, you can create events in your Google Calendar that will be displayed as free slots on your website. Now you, your team, or your clients and customers can book an appointment in that slot.

Like the best WordPress appointment booking plugins, you get full control over who can do and see what in your booking system. Part of this functionality includes the ability to create custom user roles with different capabilities on your site and in this plugin. Thanks to this, if you have a team accessing your website, such as in a clinic environment, each service provider can manage their own appointment bookings independently. Alternatively, you can delegate certain tasks to specific users.

When setting up your online booking system, you’re free to enable or disable ticketed and scheduled events on your website. You can also collect payments online through your website and the PayPal integration. Offering discount coupons and other promotional campaigns is possible too with the Team Booking WordPress plugin.

Other ways that this plugin can help you implement your appointment booking system with WordPress includes the approval and cancelling system. Through this feature, you and your team can easily manage pending bookings, with the ability to approve or cancel them. Clients and customers can also cancel and reschedule their appointments if you give them the ability to do so. Thanks to the messaging system, everyone is kept in the loop through automated emails.

Team Booking boasts and impressive feature list and wealth of customization options and settings that help you set up your system in the way that you want.

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HBook is a plugin that’s been created specifically for accommodation type bookings and scheduling.

If your website handles accommodation bookings, for entities such as hotels, bed and breakfasts, holiday apartments, and campsites, this could be the plugin to help you manage those types of reservations more effectively. Through the features of this WordPress booking plugin, you can easily set occupancy rates based on how many people will be included in the booking; the ability to create multiple seasons, each with their own rates and availabilities; and options for offering discounts for longer stays.

If you’ve used a site like Airbnb to book accommodation before, you should be familiar with the type of booking system you can create for your website by installing the HBook plugin. In fact, this plugin can integrate and sync with third party services, including Airbnb and Homeaway, as well as Google Calendar and iCal, to keep your bookings up to date across all the platforms you’re working with. You can also easily export your bookings for use elsewhere in CSV format for viewing and manipulating in software like Excel or Google Sheets.

The four demos on the HBook website will give you a good idea of the different ways this plugin can be configured and used on your website. If you take a look at the demos, you’ll be able to see how the HBook forms take on the styling of the WordPress theme that’s being used on the website, helping them integrate seamlessly into the overall design.

If you want to start taking online bookings for accommodation and similar types of arrangements, HBook has the features you’ll need.

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Webba Booking

Webba Booking can be customized for a range of booking related projects with good integration options.

This flexible tool should be good for taking bookings for all types of appointments and arrangements. From short sessions to multi-day bookings, the Webba Booking plugin can be easily configured to meet your requirements. The back and front end interfaces are well designed too, ensuring you and your customers and clients are able to take advantage of your online booking system unobstructed.

To help you ensure that you collect all the essential information when taking or recording a booking, the Webba Booking plugin includes a fully featured form builder tool. Through the form designer and its 80+ customization options, you should have no problem creating the right type of form layout for your business. To make things a bit easier, the 70+ form design presets are sure to come in handy. You can even integrate the Webba Booking tool with your existing WordPress forms plugin, such as the popular Contact Form 7 tool.

Online payments can be easily accepted through the form booking system on your site if you choose this plugin. PayPal and Stripe are the two payment processors supported, giving you plenty of options for collecting and managing transactions.

As well as setting cancelation deadlines with Webba Booking, you can also enable early booking restrictions. This can help you prevent anyone making an appointment without giving you enough time to get ready. Defining buffers between time slots is an option too, safeguarding against multiple appointments in quick succession.

Webba Booking is a popular option that’s been regularly updated over the years to remain a competitive WordPress appointment booking plugin.

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