7 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins 2022

On the hunt for the best live chat plugin for your WordPress site?

In this post, I go hands-on with 7 popular live chat plugins to help you find the solution that’s right for your needs.

I’ll highlight:

  • Each tool’s key features
  • What the setup process is like, and how the live chat interface looks on both the frontend and backend
  • Pricing information

Finally, it’s important to note that most of these live chat tools are technically external services that are easy to integrate into WordPress thanks to dedicated plugins at Most of the time, that’s actually good, as you get the reliability of their servers to power your chat (and you won’t waste your own server’s resources).

Ready to get chatting? Let’s dive in.

1. LiveChat

LiveChat is a feature-rich premium live chat service that, in terms of depth of functionality and interface, is probably the best all-around live chat plugin on this list.

Of course, that doesn’t mean another tool isn’t better for your unique situation — this one just does a lot of things well and has a great interface.

While LiveChat doesn’t offer a free plan, it does have a 14-day free trial (no credit card required), which means you can test everything out without spending a dime.

LiveChat Key Features

  • Great design throughout the interface, as well as the chat widgets
  • Customize the looks/colors of the chatbox
  • Chat via web app or mobile/desktop apps on all major platforms
  • Automation, including automatic greetings and triggers
  • Canned responses
  • Message sneak-peek to see what a visitor is typing before they hit send
  • File sharing
  • Visitor tracking/analytics
  • Show a chat feedback survey after a chat
  • Personalization that lets you greet customers by name
  • Built-in ticketing support
  • Reports and analytics
  • eCommerce-focused features, including a sales tracker
  • Integrates with 130+ tools

LiveChat Setup and Interface

Once you install and activate the LiveChat plugin at, it will prompt you to connect to your LiveChat account or create a new account.

After syncing the two, the plugin gives you a couple of options in WordPress to hide the chat for mobile or guest visitors, but you’ll perform most actions in the LiveChat web dashboard which, again, is really well designed.

Here’s what the chat widget looks like on my test site with the default settings:

Livechat example

And here’s what it looks like to chat with people from the web interface:

Livechat interface

This interface also houses a bunch of other helpful stuff, like a lightweight CRM and a built-in ticketing desk.

LiveChat Price

After the 14-day free trial, LiveChat’s plans start at $16 per month (annually) or $19 per month (month-to-month). That price is per “seat”, which is basically a “logged-in agent”.

So for $19 per month, you can have as many agent accounts as you want, but only one of those agents can be logged in at a time.

The “per seat” prices go up from there if you want more features.

P.S. aThemes readers can get 30% off their first payment after the 14-day free trial by using our link.

More Info / Download Integration Plugin

2. Tawk.To LiveChat is one of the most popular live chat services in the world thanks, in part, to this one very attractive feature:

All the functionality is free!

What’s more, it actually has a good feature set that can rival pricier tools. No, it’s not a non-profit, and I’ll explain how they make money at the end.

But if you’re specifically looking for a free live chat plugin, is definitely going to be one of your best options. Key Features

  • Unlimited agents
  • Chat via a web interface, Windows and Mac desktop apps, or native mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Built-in ticketing support
  • Canned responses
  • Automatic triggers that let you proactively chat with visitors
  • File uploads
  • Unlimited chat history storage
  • Message “sneak peek” to see what visitors are typing before they hit send
  • Detailed analytics
  • Supports 27 different languages Setup and Interface

To get started, you’ll sign up for a free account. Then, you can sync it to your WordPress site by installing the dedicated plugin from and entering your username/password in the plugin’s interface.

From there, you can choose which live chat widget you want to display, as well as basic visibility options such as hiding the widget on certain pages:

tawkto settings

After that, you’ll do everything else in the web dashboard, including:

  • Customizing how your widget looks
  • Setting up automation rules
  • Configuring other basic settings

Here’s what the live chat widget looks like with the default settings:

Tawkto example

And then here’s what it looks like to respond to a message from the web dashboard:

Tawkto interface Price

All the functionality in is 100% free, which again, is a pretty big benefit of Yes, even the advanced features. I really mean 100% free. is able to offer this because they use a different business model compared to other tools. There are two ways how makes money, and these are the only situations you’ll have to pay:

  1. If you want to remove the small “Powered by” text at the bottom of your widget, you’ll need to pay $12 per month.
  2. You can hire people to answer your live chats for $1 per hour per agent. This is totally optional.

More Info / Download Integration Plugin

3. Support Board

Support Board is a new WordPress live chat plugin that offers an easy setup process and a native WordPress solution that stores all of your data on your own servers. You can chat right from your WordPress dashboard or there’s a Slack integration so that you can respond from Slack. Or, you can also create chatbots using a Dialogflow integration if you want to automate things.

It’s a premium plugin, but it offers a very professional experience. It also comes with a one-time fee rather than recurring fees that most SaaS live chat tools charge.

Support Board Key Features

  • Native WordPress plugin – all your data is stored on your WordPress site’s server
  • Respond directly from WordPress
  • Modern interface on frontend and backend
  • Slack integration to chat with visitors from Slack
  • Dialogflow integration to create your own automatic chatbots
  • Canned responses
  • Built-in localization options for translating your chatbox
  • Add scheduled availability
  • Create unlimited agents
  • Require WordPress registration to use live chat
  • File uploads

Support Board Setup and Interface

Setting up Support Board is super simple — you literally just install and activate the plugin and you’re ready to start chatting.

Here’s what the default chat widget looks like:

Support Board chat box

And here’s what it looks like to respond to chats from your WordPress dashboard:

Support Board chat interface

To further configure your site’s chat, you can open the plugin’s settings to access lots of options:

Supprt Board settings

You’ll also get a separate interface to manage all of your support agents.

Support Board Price

Support Board is a premium plugin that’s available for sale through Envato’s CodeCanyon marketplace.

You’ll pay just $59 for the core plugin for lifetime updates on a single site.

The Slack and Dialogflow extensions are separate purchases at $29 each. Both extensions also offer lifetime updates.

More Info / Download

4. Drift

Drift is a live chat service that’s a bit more focused on helping you generate sales, rather than just offering customer support. Because of this focus, you get some unique features, like conversational lead gen forms that can replace traditional forms on your site.

It has a limited free plan, but the paid plans are definitely geared more towards businesses based on the price.

Drift Key Features

  • Chat via a web dashboard or native mobile apps
  • Customize the design of the chatbox
  • Collect information from visitors via conversational live chat, as an alternative to a traditional lead gen form
  • Create automatic sales sequences
  • Visitors can book meetings via chat
  • Chatbot

Drift Setup and Interface

To get started, you’ll register for a free Drift account and generate its JavaScript embed code. Then, you can paste that embed code into the integration plugin at to activate live chat.

Here’s what the default chat widget looks like:

Drift example

And here’s what it looks like to chat from the Drift web dashboard:

Drift interface

Drift Price

Drift has a limited free plan that supports live chat and meeting booking. After that, paid plans start at $40 per month for one live chat seat. Each additional live chat seat beyond that first one costs an extra $20 per month.

More Info / Download Integration Plugin

5. Zendesk Chat

Formerly known as Zopim, Zendesk Chat is the live chat solution from the popular helpdesk/knowledge base service of the same name (Zendesk).

Personally, I think the chatbox styling looks a little dated, especially compared to some other tools on this list. But on the plus side, it’s got a solid feature set and has a limited free plan that you can use.

Zendesk Chat Key Features

  • Chat via a web dashboard or native mobile apps
  • Customize the chatbox
  • Automatic triggers to engage customers
  • Visitor tracking
  • Chat analytics, including metrics like “wait time”
  • Integrates with ticketing and social media to offer omnichannel support
  • Chat feedback/ratings
  • Automatic chat translation
  • Chat routing to send messages to different agents based on conditions that you control

Zendesk Chat Setup and Interface

To get started, you’ll register for an account and then sync that account to WordPress via a dedicated integration plugin at

After that, you’ll do everything else in the Zendesk Chat web dashboard.

Here’s what the live chatbox looks like by default. Again, I find it a little dated compared to the other tools and think Zendesk Chat could benefit from improving the UI:

Zendesk Chat example

And here’s what it looks like to respond to a chat from the web dashboard:

Zendesk Chat interface

Zendesk Chat Price

Zendesk Chat has a limited free plan that offers basic functionality and one agent. However, you can only have one concurrent chat going at a time on the free plan. That might work if your site is low-traffic, but busy sites will definitely want to remove that limitation.

After that, paid plans start at:

  • $14 per agent per month billed annually
  • $19 per agent per month billed month-to-month

You can also get a 14-day free trial for the premium plans if you want to test out the premium functionality.

More Info / Download Integration Plugin

6. Intercom

With prices starting at $38 per month (and going much higher), Intercom is definitely more focused towards businesses than individuals.

However, if you’re willing to pay, it offers “a new and better way to acquire, engage and retain customers”.

Basically, it’s not just about letting customers live chat with you, Intercom also helps you reach out to customers at the right time and place, with lots of helpful automation triggers and user tracking functionality.

Intercom Key Features

  • Really well-designed chat widgets – the user experience is great
  • Automated messaging based on visitor actions
  • Chat via a web dashboard or mobile apps
  • Schedule messages in advance (good for product launches)
  • Audience targeting
  • Lead and customer profiles
  • A/B test messages (this lets you figure out which messages drive the most users to action)
  • 100+ integrations
  • …plus a whole lot more depending on your plan

Intercom Setup and Interface

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go hands-on because there’s no free plan. But you can see an example below, and you’ve probably interacted with a company that uses Intercom:

intercom example

For example, Kinsta hosting uses Intercom to manage its support.

Intercom Price

Intercom has a ton of different paid plans depending on the exact features that you want.

The cheapest plan is the “Conversation Support – Essential” plan for $38 per month, but plans with more functionality can get into the hundreds per month.

You can also get started with a 14-day free trial, though it does require a credit card.

More Info / Download Integration Plugin

7. Tidio Live Chat

Tido Live Chat is another live chat plugin with a generous free version. In fact, in terms of free live chat plugins, I’d rank Tidio right up there with

Beyond that, it’s got a great modern style for both the frontend and backend, and it also has a super simple setup process. So all around, there’s a lot to like about this tool.

Tidio Live Chat Key Features

  • Great design for the dashboard and chatbox
  • Chat from the web dashboard or mobile apps
  • Customize the chatbox colors
  • Canned responses
  • Chatbot functionality
  • Integrate Facebook Messenger chats in the same spot
  • Visitor tagging
  • Analytics
  • Conversation ratings and feedback

Tidio Live Chat Setup and Interface

Tidio Live Chat’s setup process is super easy — you click a button, enter your account details, and configure your chatbox.

Tidio setup

Then, your live chat is active. Here’s what it looks like by default — again, I’m a big fan of its modern styling:

Tidio example

From there, you can chat with customers and manage all the other settings from the Tidio Live Chat web dashboard:

Tidio interface

Tidio Live Chat Price

Tidio offers most of its features for free, including up to three chat operators and 500 emails per month.

If you need more than that, paid plans start at $10 per month.

More Info / Download Integration Plugin

What’s the Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin for Your Needs?

You definitely don’t need nine separate live chat plugins on your site! So to finish out this post, let’s run through some scenarios to help you pick the right tool for your needs.

First, if you specifically want a free live chat plugin, I’d say that is the best overall free option, with Tidio also being a good choice if you’re on a budget.

If you want a chat plugin to help you actually engage with customers and drive sales, then Drift or Intercom are probably your best options.

Support Board is an excellent solution if you want a native plugin that allows you to store all of your data on your own servers.

Finally, for the best all-purpose live chat plugin, LiveChat is a good option that combines great looks with a deep feature list. There’s no free version, unfortunately, but you do get a 14-day free trial with no credit card required to test things out.

Have any questions about these live chat plugins? Ask away in the comments section!

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