22 Best WordPress Themes for Architects 2019

It takes no massive leap to see how designing a structure and creating a website have a lot in common. Both require organization, a clear plan of action, and a wealth of creative thinking to produce a worthy end result. However, while you may know exactly how to get cracking when planning a new structure, designing your website may leave you scratching your head.

The key elements you’ll need are clear with a little thought. You’ll want to show off your work with an appropriate portfolio that offers design flexibility and some themes will offer jaw-dropping visuals for those looking for something that will really stand out.

You’ll also want a design that matches your brand – so think about running the rule over your contender’s font, color, and layout options. While a page builder plugin and a myriad of Google Fonts are nice, if the theme looks good to you right out of the box you’ll be up and running a little quicker.

If you’re struggling to find a suitable theme, we’re here to help! In this collection, we’ve scoured the web to bring you more than 20 of the best themes for architects the WordPress theme market has to offer!


Good architects know that while bold statements and visuals are important, it’s the small details that sell. Your website needs to excel in the little things as well, which is where a theme such as Inteco comes in handy.

Most of Inteco’s six home page headers offer huge (almost full-page) image placeholders, letting you display your most impressive work upfront. After that, you’ll find that each layout focuses on a different need. For example, one might help you showcase your other work, while another can be perfect for selling your business through positioning statements.

While each layout looks similar on the surface, the subtle differences make them valuable to many different types of architect sites. Of course, you’re also able to populate your site with a number of key pages, such as a contact page, an About page, and a well-designed portfolio. If that’s not enough, there’s also a built-in drag-and-drop page builder to help you create a layout matching your exact requirements.

As we said at the beginning, the little flourishes matter, and are usually what make for a standout theme. Inteco is no exception, and we can think of little competition for an architect theme offering the same level of style and substance.

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Multipurpose themes often claim they can cater to all niches – after all, it’s an appealing selling point. However, Infinite takes a different tack. Rather than appeal to every niche, this multipurpose theme narrows in on helping creatives – including architects – to produce stunning websites, with no coding skills required.

Infinite offers a custom drag-and-drop page builder, over 20 demo templates, and plenty of customization options. What’s more, the bundled Slider Revolution plugin is a popular choice for creating stunning full screen displays of your work.

As for the portfolio section, it will certainly do your work justice. The grid display is clean and prominent, and each individual page offers an almost full screen header, along with a sleek design as you scroll through. The portfolio section stands tall among other themes, and could seal the deal for many.

In conclusion, Infinite comes close to being the ultimate multipurpose theme for creatives. It offers great depth of functionality, and has enough versatility to potentially remain your go-to theme for a long time. Check it out – it could be perfect for you!

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MIES is a stunner. It offers the kind of design aesthetic that wouldn't look out of place representing top architecture firms.

That's not to say that it is an overly elaborate theme, because it's not. MIES adopts parallax scrolling, rich imagery and well-utilized dynamic CSS effects to produce a design that appears quite stunning without being overwhelming.

However, its key selling point – a heavy use of imagery – could be its downfall for some. In short, if you do not have a healthy selection of top quality images to draw from, your website could end up looking not nearly as impressive as the MIES demo does. But if you've got the portfolio, this could be the ideal theme for you.

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Kalium takes the less-is-more approach to heart with its bold, minimal design. Huge images dominate the pages, with very little text to clutter up the white space. Though designed as a portfolio site for creatives, Kalium is still useful for showcasing business projects and even has a demo just for architects.

Portraying your work in a contemporary, unique setting is easy with Kalium. It comes loaded with layouts, templates, skins, Google Fonts, icon fonts, footer styles and shortcodes. And customization is a breeze with the included Visual Composer plugin. For a fast setup, you also have a one-click demo import option available.

If that wasn't enough, Kalium also provides a variety of hover styles and animation effects in addition to parallax backgrounds. Two slider plugins are included for designing your slideshows and galleries: Revolution Slider and LayerSlider. And don’t panic if you have a custom designed font – you can upload that to use with Kalium.

Getting your name and your work out in front of people is easy with social media integration and WPML plugin compatibility, although navigating to your project pages may take a moment as the menu isn’t prominently displayed.

All in all, this responsive and retina-ready theme is a fantastic option for showcasing your project portfolio.

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Animated elements and microinteractions are a common sight on many web pages. They evoke a contemporary feel, which is ideal if your architectural work is modern. If that’s the style you’re looking for, Dessau could be the perfect fit.

This theme has demo layouts in the double digits, and they all demonstrate geometric precision. It’s clear that Dessau’s overall goal is to help you showcase your work in the best possible light, rather than distract you with unnecessary features.

Even so, there are plenty of options available. For example, the aforementioned animated elements help guide visitors to the most important information and sections. What’s more, there’s a wealth of portfolio layouts to choose from. If that’s not enough, you can even create a custom layout using the bundled WPBakery Page Builder.

Overall, Dessau is ideal for showcasing modern architectural work – especially in a portfolio. If that sounds like what you need, we encourage you to check it out!

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Maximizing your budget is a long-standing priority for many creatives. To put it bluntly, the goal is often to get a 5-star look on a Motel 6 budget. Many themes tap into this desire by promising a lot, only to fall short in the end. However, Architekt offers up a worthy contender.

The home page is dominated by a full screen slider, and there are three slider plugins bundled with Architekt: Slider Revolution, Layer Slider, and the developer’s own solution. The rest of the layout features a number of easing and fading animations (which all look smooth and refined), and overlapping sections that are becoming commonplace, but are still rare enough to be impressive.

The portfolio feature is quite simple, but its design is in keeping with the rest of the theme’s look. Although there are no layout choices available, each individual page can utilize the built-in drag-and-drop page builder to create almost any layout design you wish.

Architekt has balanced flair and functionality in the right way. The animations are measured, the eye-catching elements are used tastefully to enhance the design, and the portfolio focuses on your work rather than flashy graphics. It’s a fitting choice for a professional architect, and should be one of your first ports of call.

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Any architecture theme worth its salt should establish the same sense of welcoming spaciousness as the structures you’re showcasing. You also want to give potential clients a sense of what they could effectively transform a space into, and going with a minimalist theme (such as Oshine) is a perfect way to achieve this.

Although this multipurpose theme isn’t exclusively targeted at architects, it does come with four slick architecture layouts to choose from. The bundled Tatsu front-end page builder enables you to instantly view how the changes you make to your site will look. You also have the option to add a number of menu styles, including sliding, overlay, as well as unique 3D types. Video backdrops are also easily implemented through the WordPress dashboard.

What’s more, Oshine features over 600 Google Fonts, and is bundled with a selection of premium slider plugins to help enhance the visuals of your site even further.

As with the case with any multipurpose theme, Oshine isn’t going to include some of the dedicated features offered by exclusively architecture-focused themes. However, it does have enough to help showcase your services for maximum impact.

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There’s been a fascination with the Golden Ratio for centuries, with the result of its calculations being found throughout design and nature. That being said, does Ratio fit the pattern, or is it more of an imperfect circle?

With this theme, there’s a little bit of a mismatch between the portfolio and gallery pages, and the rest of the design. Starting with the ways to display your work, there are numerous layout choices at your fingertips with six different column, masonry, and Pinterest-style templates on offer. Individual pages also look crisp and elegant with images taking center stage and additional information sitting prominently below.

However, elsewhere Ratio looks a little bland. The different page layouts look a little too business-like for our tastes, and the font size that worked so well in the portfolio looks too small here. Scrolling could be smoother, and header and slider elements are oversized and too prevalent.

It’s not that Ratio is a poor theme, just that it’s lacking refinement throughout. Nonetheless, it’s a solid choice for showcasing your portfolio if you can get past a few rather bland design aspects.

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It goes without saying that architecture is predominantly visual. For that reason, if your website lacks stunning visuals and plenty of engaging elements, it can have a negative effect on your perceived abilities. Architecturer is a theme that can help you avoid that problem, especially if you want those visuals to be front and center.

There are several things to like about this theme’s default demo right away. These include the opportunity to display the best aspects of your work via the full-width header, the ‘type-on effect’ hero text on the home page, and the asymmetrical portfolio elements. Combined, all three give this theme an air of being something different and unique.

However, if you’re not a fan of the default look, Architecturer provides a wealth of other demos, all easily imported via a one-click install feature. There are also a number of portfolio designs to choose from, and even gallery layouts for those with a lot of work to showcase. Finally, each of these layouts can be customized using the popular (and bundled) Elementor page builder plugin.

We review a lot of themes, but Architecturer is a real standout. It’s a stellar theme, and with its back-end building tools, you should have no roadblocks to building a quality architectural website.

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It’s a brave developer that looks to marry minimalist and maximalist design techniques in one theme. However, CTHthemes attempt to do just that with Monolit. Unfortunately, the implementation leaves a little to be desired.

There are several home page layouts to choose from including a slider and video header. Each layout can also be used in a one-page array, perfect for landing pages to maximize conversions. Layouts are created using the bundled Visual Composer plugin, and there are snazzy design elements on tap such as overlapping sections – previously difficult to do without flexing a seriously stacked coding bicep.

However, Monolit does have its faults. For a start, there’s not only a skinny header bar, but a vertical sidebar too. It hems in the content leaving the whole page feeling a bit cramped, even though the theme is full screen. In addition, the scrolling and parallax effects are entirely overwhelming – there’s far too much moving around. If there was ever an example of design flair gone wild purely for its own sake, Monolit is it.

Furthermore, there are only three portfolio templates to choose from, and the implementation is rather basic. What’s more, each entry is displayed as a popup, including any additional information. We’re just not sure that potential customers were at the forefront of the developers’ minds here.

Monolit promised so much. Minimalist techniques coupled with the positives of a busier design sounds exciting. Unfortunately for Monolit, there’s far too much focus on style over substance. It’s not completely without merit, but in our opinion it would need to have its features seriously pruned by the end user before being pressed into service.

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As with any well-designed home, a good theme for architecture or interior design should be welcoming, easy to navigate, and immaculate. As far as we’re concerned, Maison achieves this in spades.

The theme features 12 customizable home page options, a number of portfolio layouts (which feature a slick array of hover animations), and an extensive set of predesigned blog templates. With the bundled Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder plugin, you can create beautiful layouts, catalogues, and single product pages with ease. Maison is also retina-ready, and its content to white space ratio feels well-balanced, meaning the overall look is as smooth as polished marble regardless of the screen size.

If you are looking to sell from your website, Maison includes Twitter and Instagram widgets, and a full gamut of social media icons, letting you share your stunning posts effortlessly and expand your readership.

Overall, Maison is certainly worth considering if you want to give your site an air of sophistication without breaking your budget.

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The Architect


As an architect you need your design to let your work speak volumes for you, so you don't have to. The Architect does just that – it merges clean lines and soft colors to elegantly highlight your message and portfolio.

This theme has practically endless color schemes to match your brand. At its core, the main focus is on displaying your project portfolio, although it could be used for more if you’re willing to be creative.

The use of white space creates a sense of ease while browsing the site. This is one theme that’s easy on the eyes. It’s also beautifully responsive and manages to keep the focus on your portfolio even as the screen gets smaller. A great option!

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Arctic has a sharp and clean design that is more than suitable for architects and creatives to showcase their work.

This theme is fully responsive and retina-ready, ensuring your current projects will look amazing on virtually any device. Arctic is compatible with the latest WooCommerce options. There are light and dark skins to choose from and you can also select from top or bottom page navigation.

Easily add a slider or full-width videos inside the homepage or on your project pages to showcase your latest designs. You can import the dummy data to get up and running in no time.

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If you want to showcase your architecture or interior design business with large, high-definition, well-presented images, Prague is a superb choice. Combining a sleek, minimalist style with plenty of features, it establishes a sheen of professionalism that many other architecture themes lack.

This theme comes with a number of demos, as well as some essential pages (such as an About and Contact page to name just a few). Prague’s excellent array of portfolio page layouts are outstanding, with ten options to choose from – including three parallax designs, which add a sense of depth and movement to your site. Whether you want to create before-and-after comparison pictures, a project timeline, or a film strip gallery with big images and minimal text, Prague is well suited to the task.

In addition, the bundled Slider Revolution plugin enables you to display your media in a variety of silky-smooth, eye-catching ways. In addition, this theme gives you the option to add a video backdrop to the home page. In short, you have practically all of the tools you need to create a visually attractive website.

All in all, Prague is more than worth the price tag for crafting attention-grabbing portfolio pages. However, you may want to consider exploring other options if you value creative freedom when creating your layouts.

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Arch has an impressive display. This clean and minimalist theme has been designed for architects, but will easily suit other businesses as well.

This theme is easy to customize and offers a fully responsive layout, which can be turned on/off based on user preferences. It comes equipped with language support, making it a great fit for a multilingual audience. The custom theme options included will help you to personalize colors and other settings to suit your company's brand.

Demo content and five PSD files are included. Arch has also been cross-browser tested and is child theme ready.

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Architecture is a beautiful premium WordPress theme designed especially for the architect and graphic design industries.

It has a minimal and modern feel and comes with a powerful admin panel. The drag-and-drop page builder will make adding content to your site efficient. The live color changer will help you to quickly see what exact shades will complement your brand or portfolio. Architecture has been optimized for SEO and includes localization support.

There are six footer layouts to choose from and more than 450 fonts available. Easily upload your own logo or backgrounds. There are also five custom post types: gallery, portfolio, testimonial, price and personnel. You can use the included video tutorial to help you set up the demo site in no time too.

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Grand Portfolio


The name of this theme gives a clue as to its focus. Grand Portfolio, quite simply, does exactly what it says on the tin.

Of course, this theme wouldn’t pass muster if it didn’t provide a multitude of ways to display your work, and it certainly delivers. There are a wealth of styles to choose from (including grid, masonry, and an OS X-style Cover Flow option), but it’s the striped and split screen variations that really impress us. They’re not found in many other themes, and it means Grand Portfolio’s value skyrockets for those who want a unique, standout portfolio.

What’s more, scrolling is very smooth, font choices are legible (although small), and the parallax background effect is one of the better implementations we’ve seen.

It’s clear that a lot of thought has been put into Grand Portfolio’s development. It’s a theme you can place your trust in for displaying your work, and it’s worthy of being added to your shortlist pronto!

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Arkitekt is an exquisite corporate WordPress theme made especially for architects.

Arkitekt's design is nothing short of a work of art. Multiple-column structures, nifty animation effects, and attractive coloration makes any website that uses Arkitekt a real feast for the eyes. The sans serif typography adds consistency to the overall effect and complements the rest of the design perfectly.

Search engine ready, Arkitekt's purchase package includes the $30 Visual Composer and the $19 Revolution Slider plugins free of cost. Built on the popular Bootstrap framework, the theme comes with translation ready files and features a powerful theme options panel that includes a child theme, multiple typography options, font icons, and a sidebar creator. Solid documentation and dedicated user support are available to help you with theme configuration.

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Modernist is a simple but powerful WordPress theme made for architects. It was built for people who need a great online presentation of their work and/or company. This high quality theme can be adapted easily for many different fields.

This theme comes with six different page templates and a light or dark version. It has a fully responsive design to help your website look great on any device. Modernist is also optimized for SEO and is social media friendly.

The theme was built using HTML5 and CSS3, making this theme, to the extent possible with web technologies, future-proof. There are eight shortcodes and two custom post types. It also comes with a built in contact form.

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Arche is a vibrant WordPress theme designed for the architecture and graphic design industries.

This premium theme comes with a powerful admin panel and page builder, which allows you to control most aspects of the theme from the control panel. Knowledge of code isn't necessary. The theme is fully responsive and scales beautifully. It is WPML compatible, which provides for multilingual support. Arche is SEO-friendly; the goal is that it will provide you with better positioning in search engines.

There is a 3D slider included. Choose from multiple blog, gallery and portfolio layouts. Use the background manager, logo and font uploaders to customize your site to your exact preferences. Arche also comes equipped with social share to easily share your posts.

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Avanter makes it easy to show off your work as an individual architect or a corporate firm.

It's an easily customizable WordPress theme that comes loaded with premium features. Avanter is fully responsive and retina-ready. It comes WooCommerce ready too – you can quickly build an e-commerce site and start selling products in no time. There are virtually unlimited color schemes to select from using the front-end color picker. Demo content comes included, and there is a detailed help file available.

The Flickr widget will automatically stream your images. Photoshop files are included.

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ARC has an impressive and eye-catching design. It was created for architects, but could be used for various business and corporate websites.

This theme has a completely responsive and modern design. There are also custom jQuery animations.

ARC is highly customizable – all colors can be changed using the color picker in the admin panel. There is a Flickr widget to bring in your latest photos and a working contact form is included. The theme is well documented if you run into problems, and perhaps best of all, it comes with an “under construction” page so that you can work to get your site just right before you launch.

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