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9 Best WordPress Themes for Plumbers 2023

If you need to create a website to promote your plumbing services, this collection of the best WordPress themes for plumbers should provide you with all the necessary tools.

All of these themes have at least one pre-built website demo that’s been designed specifically for creating plumbing websites with WordPress, with some themes having multiple options to choose from. Once you have made a choice, you can then upload the theme files, import the demo content, and start adding your own text and images to your website.

If you want more creative control over how your website looks, all of these themes can be easily modified through the Customizer interface. Some also include powerful drag-and-drop content editing tools that give you even more creative control. Thanks to this, tasks such as adding your own branding and applying your color scheme to your website are very straightforward. Other features to look out for include online appointment booking tools, forms for requesting callbacks, and the ability to collect payments online.

With so many great options to choose from, there’s something for everyone in this collection of the best WordPress plumber themes.

1. Sydney

Sydney comes with a complete plumber site demo with an eye-catching design.

The Sydney plumber starter site is packed with features that are focused on generating leads for your business, all wrapped up in a stylish design. The default homepage layout includes photos that showcase your skills and elements for inspiring your visitors to take action. If you’re looking for a theme that includes many calls-to-actions, such as request-a-quote buttons and placeholders for displaying your phone number, the Sydney plumber starter site is well worth checking out.

In addition to the conversion-focused homepage template, you also get pricing and service page templates. As all of the Sydney templates were built to be customized with the Elementor page builder plugin, you get full control over the design of your site, all through the user-friendly interface of this popular tool.

Whether you’re new to web design or not, Sydney will help you get a new site online.

2. Buildguy

Buildguy is a flexible WordPress theme for all types of trades including plumbers. With five demos available, you can opt for the plumber demo or simply adjust one of the others to fit your needs.

Regardless of which Buildguy demo you choose, you’ll be getting access to a well-designed set of templates that make it easy to build your site. To help you edit the templates and tweak the design of your site, Buildguy works with the Elementor page builder plugin and you’ll get total creative freedom over how your website looks, regardless of your coding skills.

If you want to create an online store that sells plumbing equipment, Buildguy was designed for that purpose too as the theme is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. You can also use this plugin to collect payments for your plumbing services through your website, giving you a way to accept bookings online that are secured with full or partial payment.

Buildguy is a professional-looking WordPress theme for plumbers that’s very easy to customize.

3. Plumbio

Plumbio is a WordPress theme for creating plumbing service websites.

Designed to help you grow your business by promoting your services more effectively online, Plumbio is a WordPress theme that plumbers should definitely check out. Thanks to its varied range of templates, Plumbio works really well for both solo plumbers that work for themselves and companies that have teams of plumbers on standby to provide their services.

Even if you’re totally new to building websites, you should be able to get a stylish and professional-looking online presence established using this theme. The setup process is very straightforward, and there’s lots of documentation to help you complete your website project. More advanced users will appreciate the customization options of Plumbio, including support for the Elementor page builder plugin.

Plumbio has all the templates any good plumber website should need.

4. Hendy

Hendy has a modern and professional-looking plumber site demo.

If you decide that the Hendy plumber site demo is right for your project, you could have your new site up and running in no time at all. The plumber demo has templates for all the pages your site is likely to need. Thanks to this, you can easily publish information about your services, the areas you work in, and feedback from people you’ve done jobs for.

Hendy will display your contact details throughout your site, ensuring that your visitors can always see how to get in touch. If you do want to take booking inquiries through your site, the ready-to-go online form makes it possible. If you’re new to building websites, then the Hendy documentation will help you get started and finish your new site.

If you need to make any changes to the Hendy templates, you can use the user-friendly Elementor page builder plugin to do so.

Hendy has just the right design for creating sites for plumbers.

5. Fixology

Fixology is a handyman WordPress theme that’s aimed at plumbers who need a professional website.

The selection of Fixology website demos makes this theme a good choice for a range of different projects, including helping plumbers launch a lead generation site for their services. Regardless of which of the pre-built website designs and layouts you choose, you’ll be able to lay foundations for your new plumbing website in no time at all. In addition to the homepage options, the Fixology theme is packed with pre-designed templates for all the other pages your website is sure to need.

Among the 10+ webpage templates in the Fixology theme package, you’ll find designs for the about, services, contact, and team member profile sections of your new website. Furthermore, as all of these templates can be customized using the included WPBakery Page Builder plugin, you can quickly adjust them to better suit your needs or give them a complete overhaul to repurpose them for the other content your site might need. As well as the premium page builder tool, the Slider Revolution plugin is included with Fixology to help you add interactive slideshow presentations to your website. As these two tools are included at no extra cost, Fixology is a great value option in this collection of the best WordPress themes for plumbers.

Another useful plugin-related feature of Fixology is the compatibility with the popular Events Calendar extension for WordPress. If you choose to enable this plugin on your site, you can start taking online bookings for your plumbing services. As this is a powerful plugin, you need never worry about being double booked again. For those who’d rather handle bookings manually, the integrated contact form gives your potential clients the ability to send inquiries via email instead.

Fixology is a highly flexible WordPress theme for plumbers that’s backed up with some great features.

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6. TheGem

TheGem comes with a few different website demos that would be perfect for plumbers.

There are over 90 pre-built websites that make up the TheGem theme package, including a few impressive options that should have everything that’s needed to create a site for a plumber. However, as there are a few other demos that have been designed for launching sites for service providers and tradesmen, it’s well worth checking out all of the options to see which one best matches your requirements.

Whichever demo from TheGem theme you do choose, you’ll not only get access to a stylish homepage for your website that will give it a professional look but you’ll also be able to quickly add all the other pages your site is likely to need. These additional templates in TheGem library of pre-built content cover the about, services, and contact pages for your plumber website as well as lots of other options that you’re free to import.

If you do need to make any changes to the design of your site or the layouts of the pre-built templates, it’s very easy to do so. As TheGem comes equipped with a powerful drag-and-drop page builder tool, you can simply open up any of the templates and edit them through a visual interface. Creating new pages from scratch is an option too.

Another reason to consider TheGem is that it makes it easy to import a good selection of useful elements into your pages, such as pricing tables, image galleries, email forms, and more. As everything has been built to work well together, even if you don’t have an eye for design, you shouldn’t run into any problems when editing the pre-built content or adding new elements to the existing pages.

TheGem has pre-built content for all types of projects, making it a great theme for promoting your plumbing services online.

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7. Plumbing

Plumbing is a modern repair and construction theme that has everything plumbers should need to create an effective website.

The pre-built website demo of the Plumbing theme is packed with useful elements to help you promote your services online. The large welcome message and background image on the default homepage layout do a great job of setting the tone for your website, helping you connect with your target audience as soon as they arrive. Depending on how you configure your site, you can either display a full-width slider at the top of your homepage or use a static image.

As your visitors scroll down the homepage layout, they can view the details of the services you offer, information about successful projects you’ve worked on, and get an introduction to your team members. However, even if you’re working alone, this section, like the other parts of the Plumbing theme homepage, can be easily adjusted or removed to suit your preferences. Publishing those essential testimonials is another core feature of the Plumbing theme homepage layout, ensuring you’re able to demonstrate your experience to potential clients. You can even display a discount coupon on your website to help encourage new clients to take a chance on your services.

To ensure you’re able to add additional pages to your website, this WordPress theme for plumbers has lots of useful templates. Some examples include the services, certificates, and contact page designs. As this theme has been built around the powerful WPBakery Page Builder tool, you can use this drag-and-drop content editor to customize any of the pre-built content in the Plumbing package. Carrying out other site customization tasks like uploading your logo, adjusting the color scheme, and changing the fonts are all taken care of through the intuitive WordPress Customizer interface.

Whether you’re looking for an off-the-shelf solution or a theme you can easily customize, Plumbing is well worth a closer look.

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8. Plumber Pro

Plumber Pro aims to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to get in touch.

With the ability to publish your contact telephone number in the header and footer of your site, combined with an optional form that allows visitors to request a callback, Plumber Pro has been set up to help you generate as many new client leads from your website as possible. Adding extra key information like your business hours and areas of expertise to your website is just as straightforward when using the demo content from the Plumber Pro package.

You can also use the modular homepage layout and its pre-built design to introduce yourself to your website visitors, publish testimonials, and share your thoughts via the blog.  Thanks to the drag-and-drop page builder plugin in the Plumber Pro package, you can get as creative as you want with the design of your website, all through an intuitive front-end user interface. Slider Revolution is on hand too to help you create any slideshows your website might need.

For even more functionality, this theme has been built to work with the WooCommerce online store builder plugin. Therefore, if you want to sell products and services from your website, such as plumbing equipment and supplies, it’s not a problem with Plumber Pro. You can also translate your website content into more than one language and then display the different versions of your site to users based on their location through the supported integration with the popular WPML WordPress multilingual plugin.

With all the essentials taken care of, if you like the design of Plumber Pro, this theme could be the perfect choice for your website.

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9. Blue Collar

Blue Collar has been designed to help handymen launch websites as quickly as possible.

With four pre-built website demos that all work especially well for plumbers, Blue Collar gives you a good amount of choice when setting up your site. Regardless of which of the homepage layouts you do decide to use, your website will be populated with useful design elements and features. Testimonials, contact forms, and service lists are just some of the sections the default homepage layouts of the Blue Collar WordPress theme contain. There’s also a newsletter signup form that’s good for giving your visitors a way to keep up with your latest developments and promotions.

If you want to add a blog to your website and share tips and advice with your target audience then you’ll be pleased to learn that Blue Collar has all the necessary features and content templates to help you get started. The selection of custom widgets makes it easy to add a range of elements to your sidebars and the other widget-ready areas of your site.

You can also use the theme options framework panel to customize how your blog and the rest of your website look. Being able to quickly adjust the fonts, colors, images, and other settings ensure you won’t have to spend long configuring your plumbing services website to match your branding. The drag-and-drop page builder tool should come in handy too, for anyone who wants to personalize their new website even further.

As Blue Collar has a fully mobile responsive design, it’s ideal for those who want their website to be accessible by all.

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