19 Best WordPress Themes for Startups 2021

This collection of the best WordPress themes for startups will help you launch a professional website, no matter the focus of your business.

Whether your startup is working on a new app, service, SaaS, or some other venture, there’s likely to be multiple themes in this collection that are a good match for your project. In fact, many of these themes include numerous website demos, giving you plenty of options to check out.

While browsing the many website demos offered by this collection of themes, bear in mind that nearly all of their designs can be customized. As most of the WordPress themes for startups in this collection include either a page builder tool or a selection of website customization options, you can easily make changes to the appearance of your website. There should be no need to edit any code yourself in order to create a custom website with these themes.

As well as the homepage demos, be sure to check out the pre-made inner page designs. Having access to the right demo content can save you lots of time and effort, preventing you from creating the pages your site needs from scratch.

Hopefully, you’ll have no difficulty finding a suitable WordPress theme for your startup website, the only problem might be narrowing your shortlist down to one.

1. Exponent

Exponent has a complete demo created especially for building startup websites with WordPress.

Among the 20 pre-built website demos that make up the Exponent theme package is one that should provide you with everything you need when creating a site for your startup with WordPress. Thanks to the purpose-built startup website demo, you can quickly lay the foundation for your new site, before replacing the placeholder content with your own text and images. Any other changes that you need to make to your startup WordPress website can be made through the WordPress Customizer interface and theme options control panel. You also have the option of firing up the closely integrated drag-and-drop page builder plugin and using the visual editor to customize any of the templates that make up the Exponent demos.

As well as the pre-built content and customization features that make up this theme, there are plenty of other reasons to consider Exponent. For starters, this theme has been coded to load as quickly as possible, and according to the developers, despite being packed with features won’t slow down your site. This is achieved partly through the included optimization features, such as image lazy loading, full support for the best WordPress caching plugins, and on-demand JavaScript loading.

This startup WordPress theme also has full GDPR support, ensuring your website is compliant with the latest data protection regulations, with very little effort required on your part. If you want to sell items from your website or collect payments, Exponent has been built around the popular WooCommerce plugin that can add all the necessary ecommerce features to your website. To help you create the website you envision, there’s a full online knowledgebase documenting how to use Exponent.

If your startup website needs a fully modern and up to date look, Exponent could be a good choice.

More Info / Download Demo

2. Signflow

Signflow has a varied selection of pre-built website demos to help you find the right design for your startup

The different homepage designs share a common style but their content and layouts give you lots of options to choose from when creating your website. The homepage sections can easily be adjusted or added and removed to help you get the layout just right. With sections that include video background areas, client and customer testimonials, service grids, and content sliders, you can populate your homepage design with the modules that your project demands.

As well as the homepage designs, templates for the inner pages of your site aren’t in short supply either. Using the selection of different about, services, contact, and pricing templates makes it easy to add this essential information to your site. Publishing an online portfolio of your completed projects, as well as adding a blog to your startup website is straightforward too with the Signflow theme. The full ecommerce support gives you the option of adding an online store to your website or listing a few items for sale, such as physical products or digital downloads.

If the pages in the Signflow theme portfolio don’t match your vision, then adjusting them is very easy. As part of the customization process, you can insert a wide range of elements into the pre-built content including progress bars, countdown timers, background video displays, content boxes, and much more. Signflow also gives you a good selection of header layouts to work with as well as sliders and other interactive sections for your website. Customizing the other aspects of your site, like the fonts, colors, and other visual settings is straightforward too.

Signflow is a good general purpose WordPress theme for startups with a design that should appeal to a wide audience.

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3. Saasland

Saasland has over 30 website demos, including many that are ideal for startups.

If you browse the demos of Saasland you’ll see that there’s more than a handful that should work really well for creating interesting-looking startup websites. Due to this, regardless of what type of startup you’re building a website for, Saasland and its pre-built content could be a good option.

All of the demos have been designed to a very high standard, using background gradient displays to create that classic startup or digital agency look. Animation effects are used appropriately, too, giving your website an eye-catching design that should hopefully entice your visitors to explore your content further. Depending on which demo you choose, your startup website could feature a range of layouts, including a split-screen mode, one with a large header slider, and a one-page format that displays all of your content on a single page.

To help you sell more items and services from your website and connect with your audience more effectively, Saasland comes with a support desk and chat plugin. If you decide to use this optional feature, you can communicate with your visitors, one-to-one, in real-time via the chat widget. This tool can do a lot more besides this, so it’s a nice extra to get access to with your purchase of Saasland.

Like many of the best themes for startups, Saasland is fully compatible with the latest page builder plugins for WordPress. While you should be able to use any of these tools to create custom content for your website, Elementor is the page builder recommended specifically by the Saasland team. Thanks to this, you can open up any of the Saasland templates for editing through the user-friendly interface of this plugin.

Software and product-based startups should find that Saasland has everything they need for their website.

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4. Fintech WP

Fintech WP is primarily a WordPress theme for startups operating in the financial technology and services sectors.

However, with eight high-quality website demos to choose from, all of which can be customized with the included drag-and-drop page builder tool, Fintech WP could be used to create a varied selection of modern startup websites with WordPress. In fact, many of the pre-built demos have business-focused designs that should appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Thanks to the one-click demo content importer tool, you should have no trouble transforming a fresh installation of WordPress into a fully featured startup website. Once you’ve imported one of the demos, you can then start personalizing the overall appearance of your site through the theme options control panel, before replacing the demo content with your own.

As mentioned, Fintech WP includes a drag-and-drop page builder plugin, which comes in the form of the premium Visual Composer tool. Visual Composer is one of the most popular page builder plugins for WordPress and gives you the ability to re-design any of the existing pages of the Fintech WP theme or create your own custom designs from scratch. Although the library of pre-built content supplied with this theme looks great, if you do need to make any changes, you shouldn’t have any problem doing so. Fintech WP also comes with the powerful Slider Revolution tool, enabling you to create advanced slideshows for your website.

Fintech WP is a multi-purpose WordPress theme for startups so is well worth checking out.

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5. LandKit

LandKit has multiple pre-built website demos that are ideal for promoting startups online.

In the LandKit theme package, you’ll find a stylish collection of modern website designs including options for creating SaaS, digital product, and app showcase websites. There are plenty more options too and as this theme is highly customizable, it wouldn’t take much effort at all to start customizing the other pre-built website designs to match your startup website vision. Whatever the focus of your startup, there’s sure to be a suitable design in the LandKit theme package and if not, you can easily create one.

Those who are looking for a tool that can help them create a custom startup website with WordPress should find LandKit a good option. As well as the pre-built website designs, this theme also includes a powerful page builder in the form of the Hybrid Composer tool. With over 70 custom elements that you can easily insert into your pages, not to mention the intuitive drag-and-drop page builder interface, creating custom page designs or an entire bespoke website is entirely within the scope of this feature-packed WordPress theme for startups.

Some of the other reasons to consider this powerful theme include its fully mobile responsive design and its multilingual support. Now, not only will your website be legible on smartphone devices, but it will also adapt to deliver a truly user-friendly experience, no matter what screen size it is being viewed on. Publishing your website and its content in more than one language is an option too, and thanks to the RTL text support, there shouldn’t be any limitations when it comes to the languages you can use on your site.

Whether you’re looking for an off the shelf solution that’s ready to go or a theme that will help you create a custom startup website, LandKit covers both options.

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6. Talkie

Talkie is a tech startup WordPress theme that makes good use of sliders in its templates.

If you’d like to use sliders to share content about your startup on your WordPress website, Talkie is a suitable theme. As the premium Slider Revolution plugin is included in the Talkie theme package at no extra cost, you get access to a powerful tool for creating your own custom slideshows. Not only that but as the demos of Talkie include ready-made sliders, you can easily edit them to add your own content. The sliders support text, images, and video, giving you lots of creative scope when it comes to publishing slideshows on your website. As well as sliders, you can also easily display videos on your website, thanks to the integrated video player module.

One of the main reasons to choose Talkie for your startup website is its stylish templates. However, these templates don’t just look good, they’re all easily customizable, too. As you can access lots of settings and options through the WordPress Customizer interface, you can personalize many aspects of your website in ways that you might not be able to do with some other themes. You can also use the supported Elementor page builder plugin to edit the design and layout of your content, including the demo templates of Talkie.

When it comes to adding supplementary content to your website, such as a blog or portfolio, Talkie has the templates for that as well. There are a number of different layouts for the blog and portfolio, such as multiple grid layouts, including a masonry variation. Other features like parallax scrolling, mega menus, and custom widgets combine to make Talkie an even more appealing WordPress theme for startups.

Talkie is easy to use, thanks to its one-click demo importer and helpful documentation.

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7. Fluid

Fluid has been created to build websites for apps, digital businesses, and startups.

Thanks to the nine homepage demos, you get a good range of options when it comes to deciding how your visitors will be greeted when they arrive at your website. Although the different homepage designs span the app, agency, studio, and startup categories, there’s a good amount of crossover between the demos making them all well suited to creating a startup website with WordPress.

As well as creating a website to promote your startup, you can also build an online store with the Fluid theme or simply list products and services for sale on your startup website. If the focus of your startup is creating products then the ecommerce functionality of Fluid should come in handy.

As well as all the ecommerce templates your online shop will need, Fluid also includes pre-built content for all the other pages your startup website is likely to require. In addition to the varied homepage designs, there are also layouts and template for the about, contact, services, careers, FAQ, and portfolio pages. Like some of the other items in this collection of WordPress themes for startups, Fluid also has a full set of blog templates to help you provide your audience with regular updates about your business.

Fluid is packed with customization tools and features, including a wealth of theme settings and the powerful Visual Composer page builder plugin.

More Info / Download Demo

8. Sparks

Sparks is another purpose-built WordPress theme for creating websites for apps, startups, and other digital businesses.

Among the 12 homepage demos, you’ll find a few options for promoting mobile apps – something you should appreciate if your startup is focused on this type of technology. These homepage designs tend to have traditional app-style landing page layouts, with space for an app screenshot and links to the two leading app stores.

If your startup is focused on providing a service or more traditional product, then the Sparks WordPress theme could still be a good choice. There are a number of homepage layouts that make it easy to explain the details of your startup, display partner logos, client and customer feedback, team member profiles, pricing information, plus many more useful page elements. You’ll also get access to pre-built templates for the inner pages of your site, including essential content such as your about, contact, portfolio, and ecommerce pages.

When it comes to carrying out customization work, you can use the drag-and-drop Visual Composer plugin that’s included in the package to edit the demo content. There are also a large number of site customization settings available through the theme options control panel. Thanks to this your creative freedom won’t be curtailed, despite choosing an off the shelf WordPress theme.

Whether you’re creating a product showcase website, an app landing page, or some other type of site for your digital business, Sparks should have the right demo content to help.

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9. Sassico

Sassico has both multi-page and single-page website layouts in its library of startup demos.

With demos that have been built for creating websites for startup software companies, agencies, and SaaS businesses, Sassico is a good example of an all-round, general-purpose startup WordPress theme. The design of the templates sticks to the tried-and-tested digital marketing style appearance, giving your startup website an immediately recognizable look. However, as you can edit these templates by using the supported Elementor page builder, you can easily add your own personality and branding to them.

Although many themes work with Elementor, Sassico comes with a few add-ons for this popular content editor. Thanks to this, you can use Elementor to create a mega menu for your site, choose from over 40 custom modules, and access more than 200 preset blocks. There’s also extra contact form builder functionality for Elementor to give you more options for adding online forms to your pages.

In addition to using Elementor to customize the demo content, you can also choose from 12 different header styles when setting up your website. There are five footer layouts, too, helping you to get the design of your site just right. The premium Slider Revolution plugin comes with Sassico as well, giving you the ability to edit the demo sliders of the theme templates in addition to creating your own interactive presentations from scratch.

With other features, such as landing page templates for effectively promoting your startup product or service, optional Google Maps integration, and parallax scrolling effects, Sassico is a well-rounded WordPress theme.

More Info / Download Demo

10. Jevelin

Jevelin is a true multi-purpose WordPress theme with a few different demos for startup websites.

The purpose built Jevelin startup demo includes everything you’d expect to find on a modern startup website. There’s the large homepage image that’s displayed above the fold that can be used to welcome your visitors. Once they start scrolling down the page, your visitors will be able to see the optional slider displaying the key information about your project. There’s also a section on the homepage that contains the latest news from your blog.

Although there’s just one purpose built startup demo, there are other options that would work well for a startup website. For example, the Classic, Creative, and Corporate demos are obvious choices for creating startup websites with WordPress and Jevelin. However, thanks to all the customization options on offer, it would be possible to modify any of the other demos to better suit this type of project.

Most of the global site modification work can be carried out through the custom theme options panel. While the drag-and-drop page builder tool can be used to edit the Jevelin demo content. You also get access to over 40 custom shortcodes that can be used to insert a wide range of useful modules or elements into any of your posts or pages. Slider Revolution is included too, giving you a powerful tool for creating animated and interactive slideshow presentations – something that could come in useful when demonstrating your startup product.

If you choose Jevelin for your startup website, you’ll get all the great benefits of picking a multi-purpose WordPress theme.

More Info / Download Demo

11. Stack

Stack is a newly released multi-purpose theme that’s well suited to creating startup websites with WordPress.

To help ensure this a competitive multi-purpose WordPress theme, the developers of Stack have included over 30 different homepage and website demos in the package. A good amount of these demos are ideal for creating a startup website, no matter the type of product or service being offered. If you head over to the Stack theme homepage, you can view the pre-made designs and explore the website demos this theme includes.

Some possible startup-friendly Stack demos you might want to consider include the software landing page design, the agency demo, the studio portfolio mode, and the video homepage demo. In addition, if you want to create a website for a coworking startup with WordPress, Stack has a demo that’s been built specifically for this purpose.

As well as homepage demos, Stack is packed with content layouts and templates for the other pages your Startup website will need. This makes adding about, contact, services, careers, and pricing information and pages to your site very straightforward. You’ll also find a library of blog post templates, covering the blog archive pages and templates for the individual posts. Full ecommerce support is provided thanks to the integration with WooCommerce and a set of online shop templates, giving you everything you need to sell products and services from your site – great for validating your ideas and generating revenue for your startup.

Stack has all the pre-built content and templates you should need alongside a good set of customization tools and features.

More Info / Download Demo

12. Atomlab

Atomlab is a multi-purpose startup WordPress theme creating websites of many different styles.

Unlike some of the other options in this collection of the best WordPress themes for startups, Atomlab has 21 homepage designs that are all suitable for this type of project. Thanks to this, there’s a high chance you’ll be able to find a design that’s a good match for your startup website vision. It’s not just a varied selection of pre-built homepage designs that make up the Atomlab package though. You also get access to 61 inner page templates for the rest of your website with this modern WordPress theme for startups.

Portfolio layouts aren’t lacking either, with over 14 unique layouts to choose from, while the 11 blog designs make it easy to start publishing your latest news and updates on your website. When setting up your site, Atomlab also gives you the option of selecting from a range of different header layouts, ensuring you’re able to get the navigation of your site just right. If you want to sell products and services from your website, then Atomlab has all the ecommerce templates you will need, all of which work with the leading WooCommerce online store builder plugin for WordPress.

Although the pre-built content can be mixed and matched to help you design a custom looking website, Atomlab gives you the option of taking more a hands-on approach to the appearance of your site. The powerful WPBakery Page Builder plugin, previously known as Visual Composer, is included in the Atomlab package. Thanks to this you can customize any of the demo content in a front-end editor. Creating your own page designs from scratch is also straightforward too, due to the power of this premium tool.

Atomlab could be a good choice, for those looking for an off the shelf design as well as anyone who wants the ability to create a custom website for their startup.

More Info / Download Demo

13. StartIT

StartIT is a flexible WordPress theme for creating websites for startups in the technology sector.

The 21 homepage designs are all well suited to tech startups, making this theme a particularly good choice for a certain type of project. However, no matter what type of startup website you’re creating, it’s well worth checking out the StartIT demos to see if any are a good match for your project.

The StartIT homepage designs come in a range of formats, including landing pages designs for creating pre-launch awareness about your project, app-style homepage layouts, more traditional business and corporate templates, and much more.

With StartIT, you also get stylish designs for the inner pages of your website. Therefore, you should be able to easily build a complete website simply by picking and choosing from the library of templates. If you want to create more of a bespoke website to show off your creative talents, StartIT won’t disappoint either.

With the powerful Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder tool on board to help you out, editing any of the StartIT theme demos and templates is much easier than you might expect. This premium tool not only includes a front-end WordPress website builder interface, but also an impressive library of useful content modules. Now you can insert a wide range of elements into your pages to make them more interactive and interesting to your visitors.

The StartIT feature list doesn’t end there. If you choose this product, you’ll also get access to the premium LayerSlider WordPress slideshow builder plugin, full ecommerce support via the WooCommerce plugin, and access to a helpful library of user documentation. This all helps makes StartIT one of the most powerful WordPress themes for startups.

With 12 new homepage designs recently added to this theme, StartIT is likely to get better and better over time.

More Info / Download Demo

14. Stratus

Status is a purpose built product showcase theme that’s ideal for launching and promoting apps and other startups.

Whether you’re offering the world a new SaaS, app, digital download, service, or physical product the Stratus WordPress theme should have a suitable homepage design to match. In fact, with nine high-quality website demos to work with, you’ll be spoilt for choice with this WordPress theme for startups.

Once you’ve chosen a startup demo homepage, you can import it into your WordPress website in just a few clicks. You then get to select from the growing library of templates for the inner pages of your site. As this theme has been regularly updated since its launch, new demos and features are added with each new release of Status.

When setting up your website, you also get to choose from a range of layout options and settings. This includes the ability to switch between full width and boxed layouts, enabling a sticky header, and much more. You can also customize the typography on your website, with over 700 fonts from Google to choose from. Editing the colors is just as straightforward too. In fact, the Stratus theme control panel gives you a great deal of control over the appearance of your site, all through a push button interface.

Other features that add more value to this theme include a powerful page builder tool and the premium Master Slider Pro slideshow creation plugin. WooCommerce support is also included too, helping you sell products and services from your website.

With five product showcase homepage designs to choose from, Stratus is a good technology-focused startup WordPress theme.

More Info / Download Demo

15. TheSaas X

TheSaas X is a high-quality WordPress theme aimed at software-focused startups.

If you need a website to create an online presence for your startup or to promote your latest software product, TheSaas X is worth checking out. One of the reasons to consider this theme for startups is the selection of professional-looking homepage and landing page layouts that you get access to when you choose TheSaas X. These templates have fully modern designs that will give your startup website an up-to-date look, while also helping you to grow brand awareness or promote your apps and other products online.

To help you personalize the theme templates and create your own unique page designs from scratch, TheSaas X comes with a set of custom blocks for use in the new Gutenberg editor. These blocks include cover images, blog post excerpts, countdown timers, and call-to-action buttons, to name just a few. Thanks to this, you can assemble your own page designs, simply by dragging and dropping these blocks into your content layout. If you’d like to know more about the page building functionality of TheSaas X, you can check out the content editing experience on the theme demo website.

Some of the other features that could be useful for your startup website include the file-sharing functionality that makes publishing downloadable files on your website very straightforward, as well as the social media icons that you can use to grow your following on sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

Adding an FAQ system to your website is easy too with TheSaas X, making it possible to quickly publish answers to commonly asked questions on your WordPress website. This theme also comes with multiple header layouts to give you full control over this important part of your site.

As TheSaas X was built on the Bootstrap 4 framework, your entire website will be fully mobile responsive if you choose this theme.

More Info / Download Demo

16. Ayro

Ayro has a bright and colorful design that makes it a good standout option in this collection of the best WordPress themes for startups.

If you’re looking for a break from the more serious and sedate startup WordPress themes, then Ayro and its colorful demos could be a good option. This is still a professional WordPress theme. However, the homepages and their fresh and bright designs could be a good match for your startup. Although it’s worth pointing out that the 12 homepage designs and the inner content layouts can all be customized if you want to tone things down a little.

When it comes to customization features, Visual Composer is on hand to help you out. Now you can edit any of the Ayro demo content as well as create your own unique designs through an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface. For carrying out site-wide customizations, you can also modify many aspects of your website through the Ayro theme options control panel. This gives you a quick way to switch fonts, adjust colors, and change the layout settings. More adventurous users can also dive deeper into the settings to make even more changes to their site.

Other notable highlights of the Ayro theme for startups include the Slider Revolution slideshow plugin, portfolio templates, full ecommerce support, and a one-click demo importer tool to help you get up and running as quickly as possible.

Just as this theme stands out from the competition, Ayro should be able to help you create a unique startup WordPress website that stands out from your competitors.

More Info / Download Demo

17. Digeco

Digeco is a multipurpose startup agency WordPress theme with good ecommerce support.

At first glance, there might not be much to separate Digeco from the other themes in this collection. The overall design of the Digeco templates follows the traditional style guide for this type of theme. However, after closer inspection, there are quite a few features of Digeco that make this a theme you should definitely consider adding to your shortlist.

The 21 pre-built website demos are a great place to start when evaluating Digeco. Although not every Digeco demo has been specifically created for building a startup website, they should all still be suitable for this type of project. With demos that cover technology, marketing, apps, and social media, regardless of what the focus of your startup is, this theme might just have the right type of templates that you’ll need to launch a successful website.

If there isn’t a demo that’s a perfect match for your vision, customizing Digeco and its templates is very straightforward. Thanks to support for the popular Elementor page builder plugin, you can simply activate this tool and then start editing the pre-built content. Site-wide changes, such as color adjustments and font choices, can be applied through the WordPress Customizer interface to get your site looking exactly how you want. Digeco comes with a child theme, too, giving you a way to safely customize your website without having to worry about theme updates overwriting your modifications.

If you don’t want to use a page builder plugin such as Elementor but would still like to create interesting designs for your blog posts and pages, Digeco can take full advantage of the latest version of the WordPress editor. Thanks to this, you can use all of the editor blocks to design some unique page layouts and content displays.

Digeco should appeal to those seeking a set of ready-made templates as well as anyone who wants to create a custom startup website with WordPress.

More Info / Download Demo

18. Hoshi

Hoshi is described as a modern theme for digital agencies and freelancers but it could work equally well for startups, especially those in the technology sector.

In fact, with 20 pages of pre-built content including many homepage designs, there aren’t many websites you couldn’t create with Hoshi. Among the Hoshi homepage demos, you’ll find an agency mode, a personal freelancer site demo, and a design with a video slider on the homepage. There’s also a more traditional text and image based slideshow demo available too. If you want to create an online store or add ecommerce features to your startup website, there’s a demo for that too.

Hoshi isn’t lacking in pre-built content for the internal pages of your site either. This makes adding a stylish blog to your startup website an effortless task, as does creating a portfolio area to showcase your completed projects. Templates for your contact, about, and services pages are included too. You also get a good selection of custom widgets, covering social media, quick contact forms, latest posts, and more, to help you upgrade your sidebar and footer areas.

The selection of extra tools in the theme package includes the industry standard Visual Composer page builder tool, a powerful Mega Menu builder, and the popular Slider Revolution slideshow designer. This last tool can be seen in use on the Hoshi split screen slider demo and could be a good choice if you’re looking for an original design for your website.

Hoshi has a lot to offer startups and all of its features and functionalities are clearly explained in the online theme documentation.

More Info / Download Demo

19. Incubator

Incubator has a purpose-built startup website demo as well as a few other options for this type of project.

Importing the startup demo that comes with the Incubator theme is a quick way to get to work on your new website. However, if you browse the rest of the demos, you might see some others that are a good match for your requirements. Regardless of which of the Incubator demos you decide to use, your website will enjoy a well-designed and feature-rich homepage template. The startup demo homepage, for example, features a large header area that displays a suitable background image. You’re free to change the demo images, of course, but the ones that are included look really good and could be a great temporary solution while you get your site ready.

Other elements of the Incubator homepage designs include the unique tabbed area that makes it convenient to display your key information using an intuitive user interface as well as the team member profiles section that’s handy for highlighting some of the key people involved in your startup. Inserting images, such as product photos or screenshots, into your homepage and other locations on your site is very straightforward, thanks to the layouts of the demos. There’s good support for videos, too, giving you the option of using different types of media on your website with ease.

As the demos use subtle animation effects that are triggered as your visitors scroll down the page, you should be able to hold the attention of your audience while they browse your website. However, you can easily disable these effects, plus make many other changes to your website, through the theme options and settings of Incubator. This theme comes with the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin at no extra cost, ensuring that you’re able to customize all of the demo templates without the need to edit a line of code yourself.

Incubator has some attractive demos that should work well for your startup website.

More Info / Download Demo


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