20 Free Parallax WordPress Themes 2020

What can a parallax theme offer you? Well, all sorts of things, really. A snazzy design, for starters. It also makes your site look distinctly modern and interactive. The scrolling adds dimension to a site. It makes it feel more alive. That’s why I’ve put together this collection of free parallax WordPress themes for you. There’s 20 of them to browse through, experiment with, and all around enjoy!

And if you want more features than the following free themes can offer, I highly recommend you check out our list of the 35 best premium parallax themes. You won’t regret it!



Just because you take your business seriously doesn’t mean your WordPress theme has to be stodgy and old-fashioned. Moesia from aThemes is proof enough of that. Now you can build the online presence you’ve always wanted without succumbing to the stereotypical corporate layout.

This theme features 11 pre-defined blocks from which you can select to build a homepage that fits your requirements. Each block can feature a parallax background image and custom colors. The blog page comes with two layout options. You can also set a custom header, add social icons, add custom widgets, and more. And of course, it’s fully responsive.

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Alizee by aThemes is many things rolled into one. It sports a parallax header, of course, but it also has toggable menus, custom widgets, and the option to pick from a variety of layouts. It’s grid-based and has a Masonry layout that’s Pinterest inspired and so completely up-to-date with all the latest design trends you (and your clients) might be looking for.

This theme offers many opportunities to customize as well. Add your logo, swap out the colors, add a favicon, use Font Awesome Icons, and enable (or disable) custom strolling. Build the site that suits your needs whether that be a quick portfolio or a travel log. It’s up to you!

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Delightfully simple, yet oh-so-functional, the Hemingway theme by Anders Norén is responsive and perfect for bloggers. It features a two column design that makes your content stand out. Upload a custom full-width header that features parallax scrolling and fully captures your brand. Add a logo and set custom colors. Add your own widgets and select from a variety of page templates.

Hemingway is translation ready, retina-ready, and the perfect platform for getting your voice out there with some style. You can even set Sticky Posts to keep your best, most timeless content at the top.

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A free parallax list goes incomplete without a mention of the Integral theme. This gem delivers a beautiful business website for companies that want to display services, employees, clients, and even past work. The free and responsive theme contains all content on a single page, creating a more elegant and user-friendly interface. Start by choosing between light and dark sections, then move on by selecting from the rich color scheme. The smooth parallax effect enhances the clean and minimal design, while the custom background adds more creativity to your website.

The theme features translation support and threaded comments. Opt for up to two columns, and utilize the full width template if you plan on featuring an individual product or landing page. The custom header comes in handy, while the custom menu is sure to guide people to the most relevant categories, products, services, or contact information. The header area has overlaying text and buttons for call to actions, while you can also generate a full portfolio with featured images and links to the past projects you’ve worked on.

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Venture Lite


The Venture Lite theme comes from the folks at Nimbus Themes, and it provides a beautiful one page WordPress theme for those who would like to consider implementing parallax elements onto their page. Overall, the parallax effects are used to generate a more creative outlook for your business, since it moves around a little bit as people scroll through the website. Parallax has been shown to not slow down your website much, and it can improve how many conversions you receive. The theme is perfect for creative agencies, small businesses, freelancers and larger, established companies. The responsive layout reveals information in the most professional way possible, regardless of what type of device is being used. So if someone is trying to look at your blog from a smartphone, they shouldn’t have any problems.

The modern, flat and minimal form lets off an appeasing mood for your users. Overall, you shouldn’t see any problems with customers finding content, since the theme is so organized and clean. The header is one of the standout features, since it provides a solid introduction to your website. Buttons make for wonderful call to actions, while the bold text is sure to grab attention from new visitors. You’ll notice towards the top of the site that you can place a logo on the upper left hand corner. The navigational buttons send users to different parts of the homepage, while the blog is there to improve on the number of people who stick around for a longer period of time. Along with custom backgrounds, custom menus, threaded comments and translation tools, the Venture Lite WordPress theme is certainly worth checking out.

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AccessPress Parallax


Consider the AccessPress Parallax theme if you’re tired of free themes without solid coding. This one is quite the gem, with beautiful frontend designs, a remarkable header for displaying imagery and text, and a developer who actually knows what he’s doing. The theme has already received a decent number of quality reviews in the WordPress database, and it provides a solid responsive layout for people to take out their phones and quickly view what type of content your website has to offer. The parallax header is one of the main features, considering you don’t have to customize anything in the CSS to make this happen. The advanced theme option panel includes an area to customize a featured slider, which is sure to grab attention when users come to your site. Upload your own imagery, and utilize the various effects and overlaying items. The advanced post settings are great for boosting your SEO, while the Google Maps integration means so much for companies with brick and mortar locations.

Since the theme is primarily for businesses, it makes senses that a few modules are built right into the structure. For example, it lets you post testimonials from people you have worked with in the past. In addition, the portfolio has filtering tools and thumbnail images that reveal work you’ve done in the past. Talk about your services, and accompany those columns with sleek icons. Your team is also featured if you’d like, showing photos and descriptions of what these people do for you on the backend. The custom logo and favicon settings are easy to play around with, while the CSS animation module opens up all kinds of options for more advanced users. Keep in mind that the theme is completely translation friendly. So if you’d like to connect with people from around the world, give it a go. Along with WooCommerce support for making money and bbPress compatibility, the AccessPress Parallax theme is in a league of its own.

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The Himalayas theme is yet another stunning parallax theme without the hefty price tag. The layout, as you can see from the screenshot above, is closer to that of a premium solution than it is to a free one. You can find a beautiful logo area for uploading your brand image and customizing what else you’d like to change about the website. The header includes a standard navigational button, with a search bar for improving the overall guidance system. The header offers parallax effects, but the main reason we like it is because the images look so darn nice in the fullwidth header. The bold text is wonderful for explaining what your site is all about, and the buttons come in handy for shifting people to other parts of your site. You’ll also notice that the majority of the content is consolidated to a single page, combining well with the overall responsive nature of the theme.

We recommend the Himalayas WordPress theme for small businesses, portfolios, freelancers and photography studios. We like it for these types of organizations and people because scrolling through the homepage is just about all your users need. You don’t have to confuse them by having dozens of pages scattered throughout the site. It’s all about keeping the focus on the homepage, and that’s it. A custom menu is nothing to write home about, but it’s nice to see in a free theme. Featured images are shown on the homepage, and the sidebar is fully customizable. Threaded comments boost the conversation on your site, and the translation ready features simply round out the overall impressiveness of the theme.

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Many of the free parallax WordPress themes on the market have one page configurations as well. Allegiant is no different, as it offers a beautiful header module with parallax effects and slider options. For example, you could upload one image to show off the parallax feature. Or you could upload multiple images that move to the left as a slideshow. Regardless of the one you go with, you’re bound to grab attention and capture more leads. Because of these tools, the Allegiant WordPress theme is recommended for agencies and other small businesses, since it offers quick updates with some powerful visual features. The neutral theme provides a few simple content modules with the help of the CPO Content Types plugin. It’s a companion plugin, so it was made to work perfectly with Allegiant. For example, you have the option to insert images and information about your best employees, and it allows for testimonials from past clients.

The WooCommerce integration is an impressive feature, considering you can highlight your products with the parallax effect, then send users to the product pages. Yoast SEO works nicely with Allegiant as well, boosting your search engine rankings and empowering you to think more about your internet presence. The full width template is recommended for both eCommerce stores and regular business websites. The one page layout seems to work better with the wide layout, and it removes any of the clutter that comes with sidebars. That said, you do have the option to insert a sidebar if it’s needed. The main reason people go with the Allegiant theme is to take advantage of all the content blocks. We talked about some of them, but you can also create a full homepage portfolio, along with a list of your services or products. Overall, Allegiant is a highly flexible WordPress theme without too many bells and whistles.

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Now what I like about the OneEngine theme by EngineThemes is its versatility. You can use it for just about anything, making it so very worth the download. This single-page theme is easy to manage from a backend perspective and includes an intuitive layout builder so you can drag-and-drop your pages into existence, right before your very eyes.

With a parallax background, smart carousel, over 60 animations, 600+ Google Fonts, and a built-in contact form, you can build anything you set your mind to here. Go ahead and be creative. In fact, I bet you’ll find it hard not to be creative with this theme in your toolkit.

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If you need something lightweight but still totally functional, Radiate by ThemeGrill is an excellent option. It has a parallax header image so you’ll be right in line with 2014 trends, and is retina ready and responsive. Basically, your site will look good no matter how it’s accessed.

Other features include a custom background, custom CSS, color options, and more. It’s translation ready, too. While you can use Radiate for pretty much any purpose, it’s designed for blogging and it lives up to that task well, offering plenty of opportunities to showcase your content and your unique perspective.

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Pilot Fish


Simple. That’s the best word to describe Pilot Fish by Daniel Zhao. This theme is meant for portfolio creation when all you really want to do is highlight your work. It skips over the pomp and circumstance and lets you put your best work on display. No more, no less. Features include custom post types for highlighting current projects, parallax scrolling, and a responsive layout.

This theme supports numerous post formats, custom menus, and is translation ready. Newer features include custom category and custom tags listings for your projects, which means you can have several project archive pages if need be. Now you can build the portfolio you’ve always wanted without getting bogged down with excess features.

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If you’ve been looking for a magazine theme that sports parallax features then you’ll love Inkzine by Rohit Tripathi. In fact, it has a parallax header, custom widgets, and full-width pages, which makes for a truly immersive experience for your visitors. It also has a responsive layout, which is so important for magazines, especially, since readers will definitely be accessing it from their phones and tablets.

Inkzine is built on Bootstrap 3.0, so you know it’s reliable and made to last. Plus, it’s translation ready. Now you have no excuses for not creating the publication you’ve always wanted to create.

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Invert Lite


Clean and easy-to-use, Invert Lite is a free business theme that offers all the right features for the corporate-minded among us. But that’s not to say it’s lacking in style. Quite the contrary. This theme developed by SketchThemes offers plenty of structure to make building a site for your company a straightforward process while throwing in enough customization options to ensure you get the tailored look and fit you need.

It comes with three custom page templates, a parallax section, a custom logo and favicon, social icons, a call-to-action, featured text, custom admin options, and more. It’s also SEO optimized so you can make your mark in the SERPs right from the start. I really can’t believe this one’s free.

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Well, I said I was bringing you free parallax WordPress themes and take a look at this one — it’s right there in the name! Parallax is a theme from CyberChimps WordPress Themes that makes it straightforward to build precisely the kind of site you want to. It’s responsive, so your content is going to look exactly as you intended, always. The parallax scrolling effect lets you showcase high-quality background images, as is the trend right now in site design.

It also comes with drag-and-drop features (that are touch-friendly, by the way) that let you control how each and every page looks individually. You really can’t ask much more from a free theme.

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Dellow is simply gorgeous. This responsive theme has all the elements of a very traditional blog, sidebar and all, with distinctly 2014 touches. For instance, it has a parallax header and a responsive slider, so you can feature your best content in a dynamic way. It also lets you customize the header and footer and select from four different page layouts so you can be certain to get the look you want.

Modify your settings easily from within the admin options panel, add custom widgets, and even set up numbered page navigation, if you wish. Build a blog. Build a magazine. Build the site you’d want to visit.

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Looking for a blog theme that puts that distinctive parallax effect on display? Then you’ll definitely want to check out Sixteen. This is the second theme on our list developed by Rohit Tripathi and it’s well-deserved. Bloggers, especially those who like to offer an artistic perspective, will enjoy this theme in particular. The combination of its parallax header image, responsive slider, grid layout, and customizable header and footer make it an obvious choice.

You can feature your social icons up top and your recent posts are displayed below the header in grid-style, giving visitors a quick snapshot of what your site is all about.

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Bootstrap Parallax


The Bootstrap Parallax theme by Brag Themes is, as you might’ve suspected, built on the Twitter Bootstrap framework so right out of the gate, you know it’s stable and reliable. This theme adds in a streamlined parallax effect that I promise will be love at first sight. It’s also responsive and offers a full-width page template so you really make the most of users’ screens.

Other features include a site map page template, a color box lightbox, plenty of theme options, widgets, and all the features you’ve come to know and love from Twitter Bootstrap.

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Foodeez Lite


Doesn’t it make your mouth water just looking at it? Foodeez Lite by SketchThemes is perfectly suited for restauranteurs, foodies, and hotels. It’s classy, elegant, and tailor made for everything related to the hospitality industry. Now you can show off your signature dishes in a convenient, straightforward way. And the output is just plain gorgeous.

But enough fluff. Foodeez Lite is responsive, offers a full-width header with background image, floating navigation, a parallax section for showing off your “Dish of the Day,” and easy-to-spot social icons. You can also feature your contact info at the top and a search button. Even upper crust recipe bloggers can make use of this classy theme.

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Here’s yet another theme from Rohit Tripathi. Man, he’s on a roll! Aldehyde is a magazine style theme that offers a responsive layout that comes equipped with a number of features we’ve come to expect from premium themes. It sports a parallax header, responsive slider, customizable header and footer, and four distinct page layouts to give you genuine control over your site.

It also has numbered page navigation, which is really helpful when producing a magazine that features a lot of content. Add custom widgets, a time display, and feel free to adjust settings to your heart’s content: the admin panel is robust but simple.

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Advertica Lite


Giving your business a beautiful site has never been so simple. And you can thank Advertica Lite for that. Developed by SketchThemes, this business theme is fully responsive, built on Bootstrap, and offers a parallax section that lets you display your best projects in a truly creative way.

The eye-catching design also has a Latest Projects section so you can always keep your prospects up-to-date on your work, featured boxes for highlighting your best services or benefits, and an admin panel that’s super intuitive. The footer is also great, featuring a unique design to which you can add widgets. You can also add client logos, custom menus, sticky posts, sidebars, a persistent header, and more. It even has threaded comment support. Can someone tell me how this theme is free again?

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