22 Best WordPress Themes for Artists 2021

As an artist, you know the feeling a striking visual can invoke in people. And while the artwork you create will no doubt convey your intended message, your website must also present your portfolio in the right light. By neglecting your website’s design, you may as well draw a curtain over your best work.

A theme to display your artwork must have the right balance of functionality and customization, enabling you to craft the best design to complement your art. However, finding the needle within the haystack can be nigh-on impossible if you don’t know where to look.

Fortunately, the hard work has been done for you – we’ve sorted through the vast pile of themes developed with the needs of artists in mind, bringing you 21 of the best on the market today.

1. Divi


If you’ve been around WordPress for more than five minutes, you’ve no doubt heard of Divi. This multipurpose theme has a stellar reputation, but given its wide scope, can it really be suitable for artists?

The answer is: yes! For a start, your inner designer will be unleashed once you explore the monolithic Divi Builder. This drag-and-drop page builder includes over 46 content elements for building your pages. However, if you’d like to get up and running as quickly as possible, there are also over 20 pre-built layouts to choose from.

Displaying your portfolio is also no problem. Divi includes a number of customizable templates for doing so. There are full-width gallery, grid, and carousel layouts (with boxed versions available), and your portfolio can be filterable as well. The layouts are basic, but look stunning, and can be tweaked to perfection with the in-built Divi Builder options.

There’s no doubt that Divi delivers. We’re pleased to say it can be the ideal choice for artists who need design flexibility and power, and we wholeheartedly recommend it for creating your website.

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2. Kalium

As an artist, a standout website is paramount for capturing attention and offering a snapshot of your style. As such, a killer theme such as Kalium will arguably be the most important website choice you’ll make.

Although other themes offer modern functionality and features, Kalium feels as though it’s on the ‘bleeding edge’. Plus, it’s easily configurable to your needs. To get started quickly, you can install one of 13 pre-built demos, although you’re also able to create your own layout using the bundled Visual Composer plugin. As for design customization, you can choose from over 1,500 fonts courtesy of Google and FontSquirrel, and with a premium upgrade you can also add over 2,500 Typekit fonts.

Of course, that’s not all. Kalium includes a dedicated admin panel that enables you to customize design elements such as colors, headers and footers, blog and portfolio pages, your storefront, and much more besides. Finally, the theme has been translated into 16 languages, and is fully compatible with the WPML plugin.

Overall, Kalium has a number of elements that feel familiar to other themes. However, this theme has an air of quality that many others just can’t match. We can wholeheartedly recommend Kalium, and urge you to check it out pronto!

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3. Stockholm

The Swedish are known for their preference for minimalism, so it’s no surprise that Stockholm is focused on that approach. When it comes to showcasing your work, therefore, it won’t get in the way.

There is an absolute wealth of demo templates to choose from with this theme, encompassing businesses, landing pages, e-commerce stores, and much more. The portfolio layouts come across as larger than life, mainly due to the bold fonts and high-contrast color schemes. Stockholm also bundles in the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin, which lets you create a layout that matches your unique requirements.

In a nutshell, Stockholm offers a simple way to show off your artistry in an attractive yet minimal style. If you want your work to take center stage, you may want to check out this theme’s demo!

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4. Blaze

As you browse through the almost limitless number of available themes, you’ll find that many focus on the same sub-niches – usually quirky design agencies or freelancers. However, for those specializing in more serious concepts, you’ll need a theme that can do your work justice, such as Blaze.

When you first open up one of the 12 demo layouts, you’ll likely notice the almost total absence of color from any of the templates. This monochrome approach is ideal for more formal works. Of course, it can also be changed to your exact needs via the built-in admin panel, along with a number of other elements. For even deeper tweaking of your design and layout, the bundled Visual Composer plugin provides plenty of options. All the demo layouts can be installed with one-click, and are fully customizable.

Due to the default color scheme, media will look prominent – making this an ideal portfolio theme. Rollovers are smooth, and for the most part the default headings are bold and clear. This is definitely a theme for showcasing your work at the expense of all else – although given the bundled plugins and back-end options, the world is your oyster in this regard.

In short, Blaze provides an option that’s distinct from many other themes. It’s a great-looking solution, and should be considered by those wishing to display their work prominently, regardless of their style of work.

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5. Uncode


Artists can fall into a wide range of categories – graphic designers, painters, musicians, and filmographers, to name a few. In Uncode, you’ll find a theme designed to appeal to any type of creative – with flexible layout design, stylish visual elements, and extensive branding options.

Uncode’s design is based around an included version of the Visual Composer plugin, tailored to provide you with only the layout options you need, and six menu styles – including an off-canvas option to keep your menu from obstructing your content. With the included LayerSlider and Revolution Slider plugins, you can display your best work prominently, and images can be showcased within a customizable lightbox, courtesy of the bundled iLightBox plugin.

The theme has extensive font choices from Google Fonts, Typekit, Font Squirrel, and Fontdeck, and the option for a cutting-edge SVG logo – so your branding can be pin-sharp, regardless of the users’ device.

To appeal to as many creatives as possible, Uncode has enhanced media library support, enabling integration with Spotify, SoundCloud, Instagram, and more.

Finally, the developers have also included 30-plus demos (each with one-click import) in order to help you get up and running in a hurry. If you need further assistance, their website has extensive documentation, along with a number of narrated video tutorials.

In a nutshell, Uncode is a commendable and worthy theme for all creative types showcasing their work.

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6. Weston


Weston is a multipurpose theme for creatives that packs in the functionality and includes a couple of popular plugins to help you enhance your website’s design.

Themes focused on creatives are often minimalist, and in that regard, Weston doesn’t disappoint. There are 12 demo layouts, called ‘concepts’, to choose from, typography is clear and easy to read throughout, and negative space is used to perfection. It’s understated, meaning all of the focus is placed on your work – just as it should be. For further layout tweaking, you can press the bundled Visual Composer plugin into service, and create compelling visuals that incorporate your work by utilizing the Slider Revolution plugin.

As for the portfolio, there are really only two: a masonry layout and a four-column design. However, what Weston lacks in number of choices, it makes up for with excellent design – they all look sleek and stylish, and the masonry layout also comes with a full-width template. The single project pages also look lovely, with your work displayed prominently without overwhelming any associated textual content.

Weston is minimalist at heart, and that includes its design and overall functionality. However, it’s just the ticket for minimalists, and could even find a home with those needing something busier, given its bundled plugins.

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7. Werkstatt

Creative themes often fall into two camps – visual-heavy or text-based. However, it’s not often that you find extremes at either end. Werkstatt looks to buck that trend, and succeeds in providing a stellar-looking theme in the process.

As we alluded to, this theme is completely focused on visuals, to the point that there is little space for additional text. This makes it an excellent portfolio theme. The default layout offers a full-screen masonry grid for your portfolio’s elements, so showcasing your very best work is going to be easy. There are other demo templates to choose from, including some that look more ‘traditional’, but each has a unique style that many other themes can’t replicate.

As you’re designing your site, you can use the demo templates in their default setup, or tweak your layouts further (or build your own) using the bundled Visual Composer plugin. There are also a number of pre-built portfolio styles to choose from, along with a myriad of customization options to make sure your portfolio matches your initial concept.

In a nutshell, while Werkstatt is capable of providing a solid foundation for many types of sites, it really excels at portfolios. We think it’s one of the best available for showcasing your work, and as such, should be at the very top of your shortlist!

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8. Amedeo

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but you can’t deny that some themes are just more striking than others. If you’re looking for a theme to leave visitors speechless, Amedeo is a great choice.

This theme ships with over a dozen demos you can import, including layouts for gallery landing pages, online art shops, and more. Every design features a tasteful pastel color palette, with a big emphasis on green highlights that make certain elements ‘pop.’

No theme should be only about looks, though. As such, Amedeo comes bundled with the WooCommerce and Contact Form 7 plugins, to help you set up an e-commerce store and let visitors contact you respectively. Combine these tools with its classic design, and you can easily build online shops that are miles ahead of the competition when it comes to style.

If you’re looking for a beautiful theme that also packs a lot of features under the hood, consider ‘swiping right’ on Amedeo!

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9. Art

If you believe art should speak for itself, you need a minimalist theme that lets your images do the talking. This is where Art comes into the picture.

This theme is all about minimalism, and this shows in every one of the included demo layouts. In most cases, your galleries take center stage, using plenty of negative space to help draw the eyes where you want them to go.

Despite its outward minimalism, there’s a lot going on under the hood. Amedeo includes a drag-and-drop builder with multiple types of galleries and also comes with plenty of options to customize your website’s typography.

Overall, if you want a website that looks simple yet still includes all of the powerful features you need to draw an audience, Art might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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10. Illustrator

You wouldn’t tell a painter how to showcase his art or a photographer where to hang his pictures. If you’re an artist, you need full creative freedom — something a theme such as Illustrator offers in spades.

Illustrator includes 15 unique home page designs, mostly geared towards illustrators. Its style is whimsical, yet modern, and this also shows in its portfolio layouts. With Illustrator, you get to choose from over 10 unique layouts to showcase your work. This diversity makes it a solid option for artists of all stripes.

The theme also includes some interesting functionality out of the box, including social media sharing integration, testimonial sliders, parallax sections, and even custom infographic shortcodes.

If you’re looking for a theme that’s stylish, yet also offers a broad range of features to better enable you to showcase your art, Illustrator will be worth checking out.

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11. Elegant


Elegant does a great job of living up to its name. Having said that, how elegant your website ends up looking is largely down to the imagery you use, because Elegant is a full-width theme that provides a practically blank canvas for your artwork.

Developed by Themify, Elegant comes complete with their proprietary drag-and-drop website builder, which means that you don’t need much in the way of technical chops to put your site together. Furthermore, it doesn’t skimp on page templates, with options available for blog posts, a features page, an agency page, an artist page, a magazine page and an e-commerce store.

From a more practical perspective, Elegant has a 30 day money back guarantee and a year of support and updates, and you get a free alternative theme thrown in with your purchase.

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12. Smilte

While modern websites look great, you’d be forgiven for spotting the similarities in design from site to site. If you want something truly unique for your portfolio, Smiltè could be the theme to help you.

Out of the box, the theme includes dozens of portfolio designs you can set up with a few clicks. Each design is truly unique, but they all share one thing in common – their amazing use of color. Smiltè emphasizes pastel colors, and its default designs use blue accents beautifully throughout.

Smiltè comes bundled with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, which makes it easy to create and customize your design to suit your needs. It also includes advanced slider functionality, so you can wow visitors with all your best work, all in the one place.

If you’re looking for a colorful, beautiful theme that doesn’t skimp on features, Smiltè might just be the perfect option for you – take a look and see what it has to offer!

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13. Bolge

You don’t see many design agencies with boring websites, and it’s not a coincidence. If you can’t ‘wow’ visitors at first glance, you’ll need help from the right theme. Bolge could be the one for you.

This theme empowers you to create a stylish agency website with over 18 unique home page designs and 25 portfolio layouts. Although every layout is unique, they all share a wonderful pastel color palette, excellent use of typography, and each includes a number of places to add an eye-catching Call To Action (CTA.)

Bolge comes bundled with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, which means you can customize any of your page elements in seconds. What’s more, you can take your favorite parts from each demo layout to create the design agency website of your dreams.

In a nutshell, success in part requires a theme that looks better than your competition. In our opinion, Bolge might just live up to your standard!

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14. Leedo

A modern website requires a contemporary solution. In this case, the solution could be a theme designed to showcase a portfolio, event website, and more – Leedo may be the answer.

Every one of this theme’s demo layouts bleeds color. The layouts themselves admittedly don’t break the mold, but the excellent use of negative space and impactful colors make for designs that are bound to catch your visitor’s eyes.

What’s more, you get to play with a visual portfolio editor that enables you to customize any of those layouts to your heart’s content. The theme comes bundled with the WooCommerce e-commerce plugin, which is great if you’re looking to sell products and services from your website.

A lot of themes sacrifice style for the sake of functionality, but Leedo proves you can have both. Give it a try and add a little bit of color to your life!

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15. Artday

Art galleries are usually all light and clean lines, surrounded by beautiful works of art. It’s not an easy feat for a website to replicate that feeling, but with Artday, you might be on the right track.

Artday offers a modern take on an online store. You get to showcase your prints, paintings, and other types of art using minimalistic galleries and beautiful product pages. Both include clean lightboxes and description sections.

However, unlike many other themes, Artday doesn’t ship with pre-built pages. Instead, it empowers you to build a store to your liking by integrating tightly with WooCommerce. It offers features such as custom headers and sliders, email pop-ups, and support for the bundled Visual Composer plugin. With the last tool, you can easily customize your online store’s design practically any way you want.

If you’re looking for a theme that enables you to showcase and sell your art, with access to powerful features, run an expert eye over Artday.

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16. Crafts & Arts

Whether you just want to show off your art or make a living selling it online, you need the right theme. Ideally, you’d choose one that lets you do both — this is precisely where Crafts & Arts comes in.

With Crafts & Arts, you get to play with four unique home page designs. Most of them feature large grid galleries to let you show off your best work. There’s also a portfolio layout you can use to share your biggest accomplishments — perfect if you’re applying for creative work. Overall, the design is minimal, which helps to keep attention on your work.

Crafts & Arts bundles in several plugins, including Revolution Slider, Contact Form 7, Events Calendar, and the WPBakery Page Builder. The theme comes with over 150 custom elements you can use to populate your designs, such as portfolio categories, custom details, and more. Plus, it integrates with the free WooCommerce plugin, which makes it an excellent option to sell your art online.

All in all, we think Crafts & Arts is going to appeal if you want to bypass online marketplaces and set up shop for yourself. If this sounds like you, the theme is well worth a closer look.

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17. Red Art

You’d be forgiven for thinking that your website should appear functional, especially if you look at business-focused websites. Enter Red Art, where modern design meets artistic sensibilities.

This theme shines when it comes to photography websites and portfolio layouts. It packs in dozens of design options and demos to choose from, any of which looks professional enough for a business website. This means you can use the theme to promote your services, and you can also set up an online e-commerce store using the bundled WooCommerce plugin.

Considering how versatile its designs are, Red Art also needs functionality to match that style. Fortunately, the bundled Visual Composer plugin lets you easily customize any of its layouts, even if you don’t have any experience building websites.

If you want a theme that can help you both show off your work and profit from it, you need a versatile option such as Red Art – check it out for yourself!

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18. Alona


Alona is evocative of artistry at first glance – the design itself is effectively ‘framed’ within the browser window. This creates a pleasing effect that is bound to catch the eye of your visitors.

This theme isn’t short on templates or functionality either. There are two homepage designs and four different portfolio styles to choose from, and you’ll also find a blog template along with an (admittedly underwhelming) Services page. Alona also comes packaged with a modest selection of shortcodes.

With its unique ‘frame’ design, Alona offers something a little different to the usual theme fare and is well worth consideration.

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19. Artist


If nothing else, you can commend the developers of Artist for creating something unique. In a world where flat, minimalistic design is well and truly en vogue, Artist is a bit more, well, artistic.

Of course, choosing to adopt a unique, strong style means that Artist won’t appeal to everyone. There are also arguably limitations in terms of what media you can use with this theme – many images simply won’t sit well within the context of the design.

If you find yourself immediately drawn to Artist then it may well be the right choice for you, but one might feel that it won’t be right for the majority of people.

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20. King Size


King Size, as you might reasonably expect from the name, features a full-width, image heavy design.

The main image on the homepage is in fact a slider, enabling you to feature key pieces of art in all their glory to new visitors. The lapel-styled navigation menu is superimposed over the image, meaning that you can’t really have an awful lot going on on that particular part of the screen.

Themes like King Size really succeed or fail on how well the design has been implemented beyond the homepage, and it doesn’t fail to impress on that front. Highlights include six different gallery types, a custom portfolio post type, support for various shortcodes and much more. It’s clear that a great deal of care and attention has been put into the design of King Size, and its striking homepage gives you good reason to consider it carefully.

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21. Zass

Being an artist has never been easy. However, having an online marketplace to promote your work is a boon. If you can’t find the right marketplace, you can create it using the right theme. Zass might be the perfect option to help you pull it off.

This theme caters to single stores and fully-fledged online marketplaces for multiple vendors. As such, it includes a multitude of pre-built store designs you can use, all of which are highly minimalistic to keep the focus on the products.

With Zass, while you get a theme that’s WooCommerce compatible, you’ll find the WP Marketplace plugin bundled in. This enables you to transform your store into a platform where anyone can sell their art. Thanks to Zass, vendors can keep track of sales, reviews, and much more.

Overall, Zass is a fantastic option that includes almost all the functionality you need. As such, take a look at the demo and prepare to open your wallet!

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22. Filtered


At first glance, Filtered is not a theme that inspires. It is quite reminiscent of the official WordPress Twenty Twelve theme, with its box layout and rounded corners, and the textured background seems rather dated compared to many of the flashier full-image background designs.

So is there anything to redeem this theme? That’s up to you, but competition is intense in the world of theme development, and Filtered probably only appeals to a narrow range of people. Beyond the overly-familiar design, the text will be too small for some people’s eyes and the typography is uninspiring.

Furthermore, Filtered’s $59 price tag places it in a higher pricing bracket than most other options as well. You can expect the all the usual bells and whistles – responsive design, theme customization, custom page templates and so on, but few people are likely to find this their top pick.

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