20 Best Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes 2020

WordPress themes optimized for AdSense come in many shapes and sizes. From blogs and news portal themes to online magazine and review website templates, there are plenty of options in this collection. However, one thing these themes all have in common is their suitability for monetization with Google AdSense.

These themes all make it incredibly easy to display and manage Google AdSense adverts on your website. In most cases, you can simply enter the relevant code snippet from Google into your website’s new control panel. Then the theme will take care of displaying those adverts in key locations throughout your site. By using tried and tested advert display options, choosing one of these AdSense optimized themes should help increase your website’s revenue.

Other features found in some of the best Google AdSense optimized themes include a selection of high-quality homepage designs and templates for your site’s inner pages, countless customization options and settings, as well as some kind of page builder tool for creating your own custom page designs.

These themes have all been built to a high standard with the main focus of helping you increase the revenue your site generates while still offering a positive user experience.

MH Magazine

mh magazine wordpress theme

MH Magazine is a fully mobile responsive AdSense-optimized WordPress theme that will ensure your website generates click-based revenue, no matter what devices your visitors are using.

Some of the features you’ll find in MH Magazine include an array of custom widgets for enhancing and upgrading your sidebars, footers, and the other widgetized areas of your site. This AdSense-ready WordPress theme also gives you lots of advanced content layouts to choose from, full color control over your website, and lots of other customization options.

Setting up the homepage of your website with MH Magazine is no longer a chore either. This AdSense-ready WordPress theme lets you easily arrange the elements of your front-page, all through a user-friendly drag and drop interface. The intuitive FlexSlider 2 content slideshow tool makes adding post and image sliders to your website a breeze too. The news ticker is another handy feature that will help draw visitors into your site.

Perhaps the most important part of any website monetized by advertising is how easy it is to manage and display those ads on your site. Thankfully, MH Magazine doesn’t disappoint in this department. You’ll find plenty of ad locations, of all shapes and sizes, as well as 26 widget areas for displaying your AdSense or other types of ad content to your visitors.

There are 12 demos of MH Magazine available that show the flexibility of this theme which you can use to create editorial websites for any content genre. No matter what type of website you are building, MH Magazine should cover your needs.

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Jannah is a WordPress magazine theme that’s ideal for earning money from Google AdSense.

With 22 Google AdSense optimized website demos to choose from, Jannah is a blogging and magazine theme that should appeal to a wide audience. Whether you’re publishing content about sports and travel or health and gadgets, Jannah has a pre-built website demo that can be imported into your WordPress installation in just a few clicks. Each time you publish a new article, you can choose from a library of content template to ensure it has the right look.

All the included plugins are imported alongside the demo content too, enabling you to start using tools like Slider Revolution, LayerSlider, and the custom-made page builder tool to create your website. Jannah also provides you with an array of customization settings and options. For example, when setting up your website, you can choose from a selection of different header designs and layouts. There are also hundreds of fonts to work with. The page layout dimensions can be easily tweaked to make sure your site not only looks great but earns the maximum amount of ad revenue from your audience.

Whether your audience are accessing your site on a full-size screen or a smartphone device, they’ll have no trouble viewing your content or clicking on your adverts. The customizable mobile navigation makes it easy to create menus specifically for smartphone users, while the AMP compatibility will ensure your content loads as quickly as possible on handheld devices. You can even activate the mobile notifications feature and give your audience the ability to opt into receiving sites as notifications across on their devices.

The Jannah feature list is very impressive and is well worth examining to see everything that this Google AdSense optimized theme has to offer.

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The Fox

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Goliath is a news and magazine WordPress theme that’s been optimized for Google AdSense.

To give you plenty of options for how your WordPress website will look, Goliath comes with a small but well-formed selection of demos. You can preview these demos on the theme website, but to give you an idea of who Goliath is aimed at, you’ll find options for news sites, sports blogs, and tech-focused magazines.

The demo homepages have layouts that will be familiar to anyone who has looked at the latest news and magazine themes, as they have been designed to display a large number of article excerpts on the front page of your site. Along with the main homepage layouts, there are also templates for publishing professional-looking reviews on your website as well as options for adding a forum to your site via the use of the free bbPress plugin.

While you’ll get lots of templates to work with if you choose the Goliath theme, there’s also good support for monetizing your website with Google AdSense and other types of pay-per-click advertising. To help you manage your adverts and their code, you can enter all the relevant details into the Goliath control panel, and then let the theme take care of displaying your ads in the right places around your site. You can easily manage and display banner adverts in your content too.

If you want more control over how your website looks, along with the ability to customize where the Google AdSense and other averts are displayed, Goliath is highly flexible. As this theme comes with the powerful Visual Composer page builder plugin, all of the templates that make up the demos can be edited with this tool. Another useful premium plugin that’s included in the Goliath package is Slider Revolution.

Goliath has good Google AdSense support allowing you to display ads in a number of different ways on your site.

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Newspaper has been created for websites that feature a steady stream of content, whether that is news, reviews, or just a high-frequency blog. Newspaper also has strong support for embedding YouTube videos making it a real multimedia powerhouse. Readers can even provide feedback on your content by using the rating system. Whether you’re new to WordPress or an experienced user, you should find Newspaper an accessible AdSense-optimized theme.

While there is good support for displaying adverts, especially those from AdSense and HTML banners, if you want to expand the scope of your website then the developers have made sure that it integrates well with the top eCommerce, discussion forum, and social networking plugins.

Publishing your adverts with the Newspaper theme is as simple as adding the code to the relevant boxes and then letting the theme do the rest. Newspaper will even automatically detect Google AdSense code and ensure those adverts are displayed responsively, for readers on smartphone and tablet devices. In the latest versions, the tagDiv Composer drag-and-drop page builder tool has been added, giving you an easy way to customize your website on the frontend. With the release of Newspaper version 9, you have the tagDiv Cloud Library that gathers over 420 ready-made templates for posts and pages. Edit your articles, author, search, category or 404 pages right on the front end of your site.

The Newspaper theme comes with a large selection of templates and layouts, giving you lots of flexibility on how your content is published and your adverts are displayed.

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JNews is a WordPress online newspaper and magazine theme with good Google AdSense support.

Whether you want to create a basic blog, a busy online newspaper, or a multi-author magazine, JNews has all the features you should need. When it comes to monetization options, this theme isn’t lacking. Google AdSense is the obvious choice for anyone who wants to monetize their content website, and thanks to the AdSense ad manager, JNews really simplifies the process of displaying advertising on your WordPress website.

However, when it comes to monetization options, you’re not just limited to AdSense with the JNews theme. This theme also has full ecommerce support, making it easy to add products for sale to your website. Due to the flexibility of the WooCommerce plugin JNews was built to integrate with, you can just as easily sell digital downloads as you can promote physical products on your website. However you decide to monetize your website, JNews is fully mobile responsive so it won’t matter what device your visitors are using to access your content.

It also doesn’t matter what type of content you’ll be publishing on your website, or what topics you’ll be covering. JNews comes with a good set of templates that cover a range of styles, including demos for tech-focused content, sports-related articles, travel blogs, and much more. The demos have all been designed to a high standard, so be sure to check them out to see how your website could look if you choose JNews. If you do need to make any changes to the pre-built content, all of the templates are compatible with the powerful Elementor page builder plugin, giving you an easy way to edit their layouts and designs.

The pre-built website demos and features of JNews make this a very competitive Google AdSense WordPress theme.

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Herald is a news portal and magazine WordPress theme that’s been optimized for achieving high click-through rates with AdSense.

Thanks to the six different Herald demos, you can quickly alter your website to suit a range of topics. With fashion, sports, and tech among the options, you can publish content on a variety of subjects with the Herald theme.  Furthermore, the advanced theme options control panel gives you countless choices for presenting your content. In fact, there are reportedly over 500 different configurations available, therefore, no two articles need ever look the same. Having the freedom to construct your own custom post layout for each article you publish can not only make your content more engaging. It can also help you display your AdSense adverts in the right place, for the highest click-through rates and greatest income earning potential.

Other useful features of the Herald AdSense optimized WordPress theme include smart images which respond intelligently to the size of the screen they are being viewed on. You can also use this theme to design custom headers for your website, including the right blend of content and links to help aid your visitors when navigating your site. If you’d like to publish reviews on your news website or use this theme to create a reviews website, then the built-in review functionality should appeal. This feature makes it easy to add star ratings to your content, along with custom review criteria.

Herald is a feature packed WordPress theme that anyone creating a content-rich news or magazine style website will appreciate.

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HotNews has been designed with site speed in mind in order to help your site’s ranking in the search engines and improve user engagement.

There are two completely different layouts to choose from, with one design more suited towards those creating a viral content sharing website, while the other design will appeal more to those publishing regular blog posts and news articles.

Whichever layout you choose, both options make it easy to display AdSense adverts on your website, with dedicated spaces in a range of sizes located strategically throughout the theme. Other features include the ability to create unlimited colour schemes for total website personalisation, integrated social media sharing buttons, and a selection of custom widgets.

As HotNews is from the MyThemeShop team, it can be yours, along with 60+ other themes for just $67.

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Admania has recently been updated to take full advantage of the latest version of the WordPress editor.

Although Admania has been around for a while, it has just had a refresh to not only bring its templates fully up-to-date but to also ensure that it works with the new WordPress block editor. What this means in practice is that you can use all of the blocks that come with the default WordPress editor to insert useful elements into your pages. Not only that but Admania also now comes with a widget-based homepage builder interface that gives you full control over how this most important area of your website looks.

This theme now has 16 different layouts that have each been optimized to not only look great but also generate the most clicks on your adverts from your audience. Whether you want to create a blog, a magazine site, or an online news portal, Admania has multiple variations of each type of website to choose from.

One particularly interesting feature of Admania is the ad manager that lets you add and edit your adverts through a live front-end editor. Thanks to this, you can see how your adverts will look while you work on them, rather than having to save the control panel settings, and then refresh your site to see them in action. Through the ad manager, you can also control exactly where each ad is shown on your site, such as on the homepage, in blog posts, and on other parts of your website. There’s the option of displaying sticky ads too, ensuring that your monetized content is always visible.

With features such as an ad blocker and support for ad rotation, Admania is a sophisticated AdSense optimized WordPress theme.

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Magazine Pro


Magazine Pro is from StudioPress and is a child theme for the ever popular Genesis Framework. This means your WordPress website will be powered by one of the most developer friendly, well coded theme frameworks on the market.

Not only does Magazine Pro have a great looking design, but it comes with a selection of page templates which allow you to easily apply a range of layouts to your posts and pages. There are also four colour styles to choose from, as well as a responsive design.

The clean design of Magazine Pro will make your content and adverts stand out, helping them to grab the attention of your visitors.

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Newsmag is another Google AdSense WordPress theme for news and magazine website.

Newsmag is a popular option that has racked up close to 10,000 sales since its initial release back in 2014. Despite being available for a good few years now, Newsmag has been regularly updated throughout that time, ensuring this theme always has a fully modern look and set of features.

Now that version 3 of Newsmag is available, you’ll get access to a whole host of new features to help your site succeed. As part of the new design, integrating content from YouTube on your website is now even easier than ever before.  Using videos alongside your written content can really help you to upgrade your news or magazine website with not much extra effort required. You also get more layouts and templates to choose from when publishing your articles with the latest version of the Newsmag theme. But just like before, you can still customize any of the pre-built content using the included Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder plugin.

When it comes to monetizing your website, Newsmag includes an intelligent advert feature. Thanks to this, you get 10 predefined ad spots to make use of. Each spot has been strategically placed in your content layouts for the highest click-through rates possible. Simply insert your AdSense code once. Then sit back and let Newsmag control when and where your adverts are displayed.

Newsmag has gone from strength to strength since its initial release and is now one of the most powerful and feature rich AdSense optimized WordPress themes available today.

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Redmag is a theme focused on creating entertainment news sites that are optimized for AdSense.

If you want to create a blog, news, or another type of content-rich website that’s monetized with Google AdSense, Redmag certainly meets that criteria. To help you make more money from your content, this theme is well-optimized for displaying pay per click adverts from networks like Google AdSense. One example of how Redmag could help you earn more from your traffic is the number of ad locations located around this theme. With more options for controlling how adverts are displayed on your website, you’ll have a greater chance of finding the configuration that works best with your content and audience.

When creating your content site with Redmag, you get three different homepage layouts to choose from. Although they are different, they all share a long-form design that will show a large number of your articles on the homepage of your site. Hopefully, by using this type of layout, you’ll increase the likeliness of your visitors clicking through to one of your inner pages. When they do click through to an article, or when they arrive at your site via an inner page, they will see a nicely formatted page that includes text, images, and adverts, depending on your preferences. As Redmag comes with a number of single page templates for your articles, you can choose the right layout for each individual piece of content.

To ensure that your website has the same features as the major players in the entertainment news space, Redmag comes with lots of useful widgets. Some examples include widgets for displaying your trending articles, your most popular articles, and some of your hottest videos.

The Redmag AdSense locations are strategically located for more clicks and less negative impact on the user experience.

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Best is another fast loading WordPress theme from MyThemeShop that is focused on increased site speed and high advert click through rates.

The theme comes with a good selection of styling options that makes it easy to configure in order to suit your branding and the type of content you are publishing. Other features of the Best theme include parallax scrolling, a floating navigation menu with integrated MegaMenu functionality, and multiple single post layouts.

As well as the whole layout of the site being fully responsive, the content slider also supports touch screen interfaces to allow mobile users to easily scan through your featured posts. New WordPress users will appreciate the narrated video tutorials and extensive documentation.

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Truemag is a magazine style WordPress theme that has been optimised for those monetising their website with adverts, especially those using Google AdSense.

The advert spaces come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, with all the most popular options covered. These include sidebar adverts, space under the post title, above the main post content area, and a sticky sidebar widget that is always on display as readers scroll down the page.

Truemag also uses a responsive layout to ensure the adverts on your site are correctly served to your visitors, no matter what device they are using. Other features of this magazine layout theme include the option to use a full width or boxed layout, a choice of colour skins, and strong WooCommerce integration.

To make it easier to show relevant content and adverts in the site’s sidebar areas, this theme allows you to create multiple sidebars, with the ability to define exactly which posts they are shown alongside.

If you are creating a website with lots of content and a busy publishing schedule, then this magazine layout WordPress theme gives you plenty of options covering how adverts are displayed.

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Wise Mag

Wise Mag can help you create a website that’s monetized in many ways, including with Google AdSense.

With good support for displaying affiliate links on your website, such as an affiliate disclaimer that lets your visitors know how your website is monetized, Wise Mag has also been optimized for Google AdSense. Thanks to this, you should find it easy to insert new adverts into your website and its content, without having to edit your theme files or look at any code.

When setting up your website with Wise Mag, you get three pre-defined homepage templates to choose from. These templates have been designed for content-rich websites, such as blogs, online magazines, and news sites, so if you’re creating that type of WordPress website, Wise Mag can help. The homepage templates display lots of snippets from your website, giving your visitors a wide range of content to browse as soon as they arrive at your site.

Wise Mag also comes with a good selection of page and post templates, helping you to present your content in the best possible way, each time you add a new article to your site. Thanks to the AdSense-friendly features of Wise Mag, these templates all include lots of locations for displaying your adverts. As you’d expect from a theme of this type, adding and managing the Google AdSense code for your site is very straightforward, due to the user-friendly control panel of Wise Mag.

To help you deliver a positive user experience to your visitors, Wise Mag interestingly comes with a live chat plugin. If you choose to enable this optional feature on your site, your visitors can chat with you in real-time, should any problems arise, they experience any issues, or for any other reason. Another way that you can make your site more interactive with Wise Mag is by using the support for the bbPress plugin to add a discussion forum to your site. As you can display adverts in your forum area, you can easily monetize this content too.

With lots of useful extras, such as a coming soon and an under maintenance page template, Wise Mag is a versatile WordPress theme that’s ready for displaying Google AdSense content.

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Grimag is an ad optimised magazine theme for WordPress that seamlessly integrates with a number of plugins for those who want to build a community around their website.

To help boost your ad click through rates, this theme includes a number of carefully chosen ad placement areas. They have each been designed to blend perfectly with your regular content, while conforming to Adsense placement guidelines. The ad blocks are responsive so your AdSense advertisements will display just as well on a mobile device as they will on a desktop computer.

By integrating the BuddyPress and bbPress plugins with your website you can easily add a discussion forum and social networking features to your site to keep your readers coming back for more.

Grimag is a theme with a number of horizontal and vertical ad spaces that makes use of a modern and minimal design, and comes with two different colour skins to choose from.

More Info / Download Demo


MagPlus has over 40 ready-made website demos to help you create a wide range of AdSense-monetized sties with WordPress.

If you want to create a content-rich blog or magazine with WordPress, that’s also monetized with a service like Google AdSense, then MagPlus has lots of useful features. For starters, the large collection of pre-built website demos are all very impressive. Some of the types of topics they cover include fashion sites, news blogs, food websites, and tech magazines. However, there are many more options so it’s well worth checking out the demo page to see just what MagPlus is capable of. Once you’ve chosen a demo, it can be imported into your WordPress website in just a few clicks, leaving you to configure the theme and start uploading your own content.

To help you get your website looking exactly as you want it, MagPlus comes equipped with a premium drag-and-drop website builder tool. With WPBakery Page Builder – previously known as Visual Composer – in your toolkit, customizing the demo content should be very straightforward. There are also plenty of other customization tools, features, and settings to get to grips with, making MagPlus one of the most flexible AdSense optimized WordPress themes available today.

When it comes to monetization options, there’s great support for displaying Google AdSense adverts on your website. Thanks to a recent update, you can now display Google AdSense adverts on the AMP version of your website. Therefore, if you’re using the Google AMP service to make your website even more mobile friendly, you can still earn money from your blog, magazine, or other types of sites with the MagPlus theme when smartphone and tablet users are accessing your content.

With a huge feature list and lots of positive feedback from users, MagPlus is a great addition to this collection of the best WordPress AdSense themes.

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DizzyMag can be used for a number of different types of website – but however you choose to deploy this theme you can ensure that your website will be optimized for getting the most clicks from your AdSense adverts.

Out of the box, this WordPress theme has been built for creating a modern portfolio, magazine, or reviews website. However, with a bit of creative thinking DizzyMag can be easily tweaked to suit a range of other types of website. The attractive blog post templates also mean that however you use this theme, you can help get more visitors to your website by publishing regular posts alongside your core content.

The AdSense spots on this theme are all responsive so your adverts will be displayed in the best possible way depending on the device your website is being viewed on. This means more clicks and more revenue, no matter how your site is accessed. This AdSense-focused theme has also been built to integrate seamlessly with the free WooCommerce online store builder plugin. This gives you the option of listing your own products on your website, increasing the number of ways you can generate revenue online.

Other notable features of DizzyMag include the ability to add reviews and ratings to each post, attractive image and video galleries, two homepage templates, a range of custom widgets, and a whole lot more.

DizzyMag has been designed for anyone looking for a way to make money online in style and thanks to its versatile nature, it should suit most projects very well.

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TrueMag is a highly flexible video and magazine WordPress theme that comes with 10 pre-built layout configurations.

Whether you are showcasing your video portfolio, or publishing videos from around the web, TrueMag gives you an attractive way of doing so, with the option of monetising that content using AdSense or another advertising network.

TrueMag comes complete with the premium Visual Composer page builder plugin and the Slider Revolution plugin, saving you a total of $49 on their combined retail prices. These two integrations allow you to create your own custom page layouts with ease, and also add powerful content, image, and video sliders and carousels to your site.

With social network, discussion forum, and membership compatibility, building a community around your content is a breeze with TrueMag.

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SympaGrid offers a light and airy design, with the ability to pack a lot of content on to the homepage, without overwhelming visitors. The use of infinite scroll also makes it easy for visitors to see everything that is on offer in one place, without having to visit every section of your website.

The developers have also included a page builder tool in this theme, which allows you to easily add many different types of page elements into your content for more interesting layouts. With support for Google AdSense monetising your site is straightforward, with plenty of ad locations built into the theme.

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