31 Best App Showcase WordPress Themes 2019

Your latest app or product will no doubt represent a milestone in your career, but following the development stage, there’s often very little time to create a website to showcase it. You’ll need a suitable theme, but the wrong choice will quickly send those leads you were hoping for elsewhere.

Choosing a theme to showcase your latest product is not necessarily easy, given the vast array of apps, products, and themes out there. That being said, you’ll definitely want to assess any available design options for suitability. An easy way to create landing pages and testimonials, along with advanced gallery options and support, will also be high on the list.

With that in mind, we’ve collected over 30 of the best app and product showcase themes on the market – so we’re confident you’ll have no trouble finding the right theme for you.


The concept of software is as old as computers themselves. However, apps are a relatively new technology. As such, a fully modern website is a must for promoting your app online.

Exponent could be the answer you're looking for. There are many demo layouts to choose from, including several distinctive options specifically designed for app showcase sites. While the demo layouts are strong as-is, you can also tweak them as much as needed, and even create your own custom designs using the built-in drag-and-drop page builder.

In addition, this theme is compatible with the popular e-commerce solution WooCommerce, and provides support to help you make your site multilingual. Plus, it’s both responsive and fast – which will give your visitors a taste of what to expect from the app itself.

Presenting your app to customers effectively requires a modern, lightweight, and cleanly coded theme. Exponent checks all of those boxes, so we encourage you to check out the demo today!

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After countless hours of research and development, your latest product is ready to launch – the only thing now is to market it. For a theme focused on lead generation and showcasing your product, consider Stratus.

Theme customizations are made from a Dashboard admin panel, with a drag-and-drop page builder enabling you to create almost any layout (including landing pages). Header customization is also easy – you can choose from a sticky header, or a transparent header based on user scrolling. Parallax background images, a full color palette, and the choice of over 700 Google Fonts are also included.

In addition, Stratus includes over 25 shortcodes for added functionality – including accordions and tabs for ‘FAQ’ sections, Google Map embeds, slider carousels, and image boxes to create galleries.

The developers of Stratus have also included a downloadable Photoshop file for site mockups, and a child theme so that any tweaks you make aren’t compromised by theme updates. Finally, if you like certain aspects of the demo content, it can be imported from an XML file via the Dashboard.

All in all, Stratus is a theme you can confidently employ for showcasing your newest product or service.

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Massive Dynamic

Your latest app is ready to launch – and the temptation to quickly create a showcase website using a bare-bones theme could be too strong to ignore. However, by giving the same care to your website as you have your app, you may stand a greater chance of converting leads to sales. Massive Dynamic is the theme to help you.

It’s apt that this theme is called Massive Dynamic. There are a whopping 70 shortcodes available to build your page, along with a drag-and-drop layout creator called Massive Builder for further customization. Rather than the straightforward boxed or full-width designs found in other themes, however, Massive Dynamic enables you to create page widths of any size. Its flexibility is very impressive, and you’ll have no trouble creating almost any layout imaginable.

Finally, the inclusion of the bundled MailChimp and Contact Form 7 plugins means the email addresses you collect from interested customers can be managed directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Massive Dynamic has definitely jostled itself to the front of the queue, and positioned itself as a first choice theme not only for showcasing your app, but for designing your entire website.

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A poorly designed website will hinder your attempts to turn a profit, regardless of all the time and effort you’ve put into your app. What’s required is a theme offering standout presentation, and Arlo is certainly slick.

In order to maximize customer conversions, you’ll want to look into designing a landing page – and with Arlo it’s easy when using the bundled Visual Composer plugin. If you need to get up and running quickly, there are 12 home page designs and a number of pre-built layouts to choose from.

In addition, there are a multitude of elements to help make your website pop (such as pricing tables and testimonial carousels), and number of impressive scrolling animations to impress potential customers. Arlo also comes bundled with the WooCommerce plugin, for selling products directly from your website.

The competition among app developers is fierce, and it’s no different for theme developers. Arlo has rightly cemented its place as a frontrunner in a field crowded with quality options.

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An oft-forgotten aspect of developing an app is creating its sales website. A stellar website created with a standout theme such as TheGem can increase leads and ultimately boost sales.

Regardless of your app’s niche, TheGem has almost everything you’ll need to create a stunning website. It’s a flexible beast, and customization options are plentiful. For starters, you can choose from six header layouts, a number of menu styles, and employ a top information bar for sharing your contact details and social media links. There are also more than 150 demo layouts to choose from, and if you have your own design requirements, you can press the bundled Visual Composer plugin into service.

In addition, you can create eye-catching hero sliders with the bundled Slider Revolution and LayerSlider plugins, and add additional useful elements such as pricing tables, contact forms, testimonial carousels, and accordions – which are perfect for FAQ sections.

It’s a well-worn phrase, but TheGem really does have everything you need to create your app’s website quickly and easily. You can put this one at the top of your shortlist and even consider ending your search early!

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Naturally, your app’s new website should be as sleek, fast, and user-friendly as the product itself. You’ll also want to create an attention-grabbing landing page that highlights your app’s best features right off the bat. LandKit is a heavy-hitter in both of these regards.

LandKit is extremely flexible, with plenty of layout and color customization. The bundled Hybrid Composer page builder plugin lets you drag-and-drop page sections, headers, menus, and more. LandKit also includes 13 home page templates and nine demos to help get you up and running quickly, including a layout catering specifically to app showcase sites.

A standout feature of LandKit is its options to let potential customers to interact with your site. In addition to being fully compatible with WooCommerce, it includes components for creating your own custom contact forms. What’s more, LandKit has been coded and optimized to ensure lightning-fast loading times.

If you’re looking to create an awesome first impression for your new app, LandKit should certainly make your theme shortlist. It’s well worth the price tag!

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It has taken many sleepless nights, but your product is finally ready to launch. All that's left now is to market it effectively with a stellar website. For this, you’ll need a theme that delivers exceptional performance, oozes simplicity, and compels visitors to take action – enter Native.

This theme has a sleek interface that comes equipped with a myriad of pre-built templates. While you don’t have to customize these layouts, they can be tweaked to your unique requirements using the bundled Visual Composer page builder plugin. Of course, you can also build your own specific layouts – there are almost no limits for creativity with Native.

What’s more, you can also implement dozens of pre-defined header styles on your site (which can be customized further), and make use of incredible effects (such as a parallax feature) to design a landing page that’ll generate leads and maximize conversions.

While Native appears to be another ‘me too’ app showcase theme on the surface, it offers almost everything you’ll need to create your site. If you’re looking for a theme offering comprehensive functionality for a competitive price, Native could be a solid choice for you.

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CleanApp is an application showcase theme that works on iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices. The theme comes with some great scrolling effects, fluid responsiveness, a parallax scrolling section, testimonials with ratings, contact form and Google map integration. The theme includes unlimited color options and comes with three skins — red, blue and yellow — “out of the box.”

CleanApp has a great sleek interface and will work great as the coming soon or preview page for any type of mobile application. It also includes a ton of great add-ons and features so you can get everything you need in a single theme.

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When it comes to converting visitors into paid customers, landing pages are king. While there are plenty of one-page themes available to showcase your app, very few are as polished and slick as Foundry.

The developer of Foundry, TommusRhodus, has gone to great lengths to create a gorgeous looking theme, complete with plenty of flexibility. There are over 20 home page templates, and a myriad of menu and footer designs to choose from. If you have unique layout requirements in mind, Foundry enables you to create them with the bundled Visual Composer plugin.

Along with a selection of built-in modal pop-ups (suitable for customer signups) and a cookie consent module, TommusRhodus really has offered almost everything to create your app’s website without hassle.

Foundry is quite simply on the top table when it comes to app showcase themes, and well worthy of your cash.

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Once your app is ready to launch, it’s vitally important that you have a website ready to go – after all, it’s the first place you’ll direct potential customers to. With that in mind, if you need a simple yet functional theme, consider ReTouch.

This theme’s main focus is on creating a landing page-style layout without any superfluous features. And while there are elements to include team member and company biographies, testimonials, and image carousels, customization options are minimal – ReTouch only offers six color variations, all in striking shades of red, blue, green, pink, and black.

You won’t find a plethora of bundled plugins, either – Contact Form 7 (freely available on WordPress.org) is ReTouch’s only offering. As such, if you’re in need of functionality beyond the basics that WordPress and ReTouch offers, you’ll need to go hunting for free and/or premium plugins.

That said, if your main focus is on creating a showcase landing page for your app without bloated features, ReTouch is worthy of your consideration.

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Appster makes it very easy to create a professional landing page to promote your mobile app or other types of software.

The parallax scrolling one-page layout allows your visitors to see everything your product has to offer them, without ever having to leave the homepage of your website.

The homepage layout has 12 different sections which gives you plenty of options for what content you display to your visitors. Whether you want to feature customer reviews and testimonials, pricing tables, team member profiles, and a whole lot more on the homepage, Appster has it covered.

The options and builder tools on the back-end of this theme are all well designed and documented to help you get started straightaway, and have your website to promote your app online without delay.

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Agile is one of the most popular themes of its kind on ThemeForest. The theme includes seven post types, infinite color schemes, parallax and video sections, smartphone sliders, unlimited heading styles, WooCommerce integration and page sections. The theme is designed to be customized, and much of the customization can be done with one click.

Agile features a flat and bold design that can work for almost any type of website. The design is sharp and features clean typography and clean space and lines, perfect for showcasing you app.

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AppTheme is a corporate portfolio theme designed to help companies show off their work and mobile applications. The fully-responsive theme includes sections for an image portfolio, services and testimonials. Every element in this theme is customizable with an unlimited color palette, unlimited background options, more than 600 Google fonts and parallax scrolling effects. The theme is also optimized for search engines and getting the most clicks for you.

AppTheme is designed with a flat style and includes plenty of bright color, striking icons and clean typography. It installs in one-click and can have your site up and running quickly.

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Research and development into your product has stemmed from one thing: trying to give customers what they want. With Fusion, its developers have gone the extra mile to offer you almost everything you could need in one theme.

LiveMesh studied a number of real world landing pages when designing Fusion, and it shows. The two home page designs are customizable, with the included SiteOrigin drag-and-drop page builder plugin, a full color palette, and over 500 Google Fonts.

If you fancy getting your hands dirty with code, a custom CSS panel is accessible from a dashboard admin panel. And with a child theme included, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your customizations will not be affected when Fusion is updated.

In terms of further functionality, Fusion offers the choice of three sliders to showcase prominent content to your visitors, and the header can be heavily customized, again from a dashboard admin panel.

The developers of Fusion have provided full documentation to get you up and running, and an active support forum to help you along the way. Overall, if you’re looking for a well thought-out theme that provides almost everything you require to create a website, Fusion may be for you.

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Appica 2


Consumers lives are ruled more and more by smartphones, which means there’s a greater need for apps – ideally yours. Appica 2 takes things to the extreme – modelling itself on several leading smartphone operating systems to hammer the point home.

Quite simply, Appica 2 is stunning. There are three fundamental designs – based around iOS, Android, and Windows Phone – that look to ape their respective platforms. The theme carries it off with aplomb, with elements modelled on Google’s Material Design and an iOS-style slide-in menu both looking impressive.

Appica 2 is one of the only themes we’ve seen that showcases the full potential of the bundled Visual Composer and Slider Revolution plugins – for example, check out the awesome hero display as you launch each version. It really shows off what’s capable with Appica 2 (given a little bit of elbow grease).

Overall, we’re in awe. Appica 2 has won awards for its design, and so it should. It’s yet another theme that leapfrogs the rest of the competition to demand your attention – and if captivates you, imagine what it will do to your potential customers.

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When it comes to launching an app, some businesses go full Barnum and Bailey, while others prefer to slowly seep into the public’s conscience. While each has its benefits, Landy prefers the understated approach.

There’s not a lot of flash with Landy, with the focus on designing an appealing layout using one of over 14 home page layouts. To help build your page, there are a myriad of custom home page items to choose from such as text, video, and slider elements, and a testimonials widget. None of it sounds exciting, but the idea is to help sell your app by creating a high-converting functional layout, rather than providing transitions and other effects that only offer a short-term ‘wow’ factor.

Overall, Landy is refreshing in its approach – a theme focused on providing the elements you actually need, rather than the effects you don’t. If you value substance over style, Landy is well worth your consideration.

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Appdev is a fully-responsive one-page theme for showcasing apps. The theme comes with 70+ shortcodes, 500+ fonts, parallax sections and includes the PSD files for added customization. The theme also has a smart lava-lamp menu, mobile slider, plenty of widgets and cool animations and hover effects.

Appdev is a feature-packed design. It features a panel-style design, which is common with parallax features, and plenty of open space for a fun and customizable website experience for the launch of an iOS or Android app.

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Quite simply, landing pages are the tool for maximizing conversions when showcasing your app. Done right, they can convince people to get on-board and hopefully open their wallets – and KeySoft could be the theme to help you.

There’s only one word to describe KeySoft: businesslike. If you’ve browsed the websites of OptinMonster and Unbounce, you’ll feel right at home. There are nine header variations to choose from, either showcasing the app itself, its dashboard (if it has one), or a signup form. Furthermore, while you get the choice of both image and video backgrounds, you can also choose a cool ‘particles’ animated background – which could be ideal if your app is especially tech-focused.

The rest of your page’s layouts are put together with the bundled Visual Composer plugin. KeySoft bundles a number of Visual Composer add-ons that enable you to add elements such as pricing tables and team profiles, and social proof indicators such as testimonials and client lists.

Overall, KeySoft’s headers look gorgeous, and the elements provided by its bundled plugins offer almost everything you need to build your website. We’re impressed with KeySoft, and we think you will be too.

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Apley is a responsive app showcase theme with eight possible layout options. The theme is translation-ready, includes shortcodes, offers plenty of customization options, custom homepages and CSS3 scrolling effects. You can change almost any aspect of this theme to make it match your app style and design.

Apley has a sleek interface with a refined look and feel. The dynamic design features fun panels and cool scrolling so you can show off different aspects of your app design.

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Tapptastic is a responsive and retina-ready theme for smartphone developers that need to promote an iPad, iPhone or Andriod mobile application. The theme comes packed with features including an image and video slider, screens that are easy to replace and interchange, Icon Fonts integration, a variety of of built-in page layouts (About Us, Contact, Blog and Gallery) and it’s all built on the the Twitter Bootstrap framework for ease of use.

Tapptastic has a clean interface with bright colors and a modern iOS 7 design framework. The style is flat and includes blurs and transparencies Apple users have come to expect.

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Mobera is a retina-ready app showcase theme with lots of features, including WPML support, Google fonts and plenty of shortcodes. Plus this theme includes two premium plugins: Revolution Slider ($15 value) and Visual Composer ($30 value). The theme is customizable with multiple color schemes and “smart skinning” and all the other modern theme features you would expect.

Mobera features a simple and bright interface with fun elements such as trendy ghost buttons and plenty of textures to make your app showcase site shine.

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Your product has been designed to impress – after all, an impressive product will mean more customers willing to buy it. For a theme that offers smart design choices to set your website apart from the crowd, consider AppStack.

With a number of color options and a robust page builder accessible via an admin panel, AppStack offers similar functionality to other themes on this list. However, its unique selling point is what the developers call a ‘points of interest’ section. This lets you display a product image with any number of clickable and animated buttons – enabling you to showcase your products’ functionality, explain features, or any other information that you feel is important. The effect is impressive, and isn’t something available in most other themes.

Along with full documentation, the theme also has an active support forum – so getting started is a breeze, and further questions can be answered quickly.

Overall, for a theme that enables you to create a website with a clean, modern design with impressive animations, look to AppStack.

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Delicious has a very appealing visual design that will help to make users of the most high end smartphones feel at home when they arrive at your website.

The homepage full screen animated slider makes it very easy to highlight the best features of your apps or software, while the three colour variants on offer make switching the overall accent of your site very simple.

The Delicious theme has been built to showcase all the best aspects of your apps, from displaying the most popular features and publishing customer reviews, to uploading screenshots. It’s clear to see that everything has been thought of to help you promote your apps in style.

Delicious includes three widgets for displaying custom content and a shortcode builder tool for creating custom layouts for your pages. There are also four blog post templates for publishing different types of content, while the inclusion of the premium LayerSlider plugin makes this package great value.

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Cian embraces the popular flat user interface design style to create an impressive looking app showcase landing page website.

Through the theme options you can easily choose between three powerful full screen backgrounds for your website: image slider, video, or parallax. Other items that can be displayed on your homepage include a newsletter signup, an image gallery, pricing information, contact forms, feature lists, and quotes and feedback from your app users. The blog post templates have been created to the same high standard as the rest of your theme, allowing you to blog about your app in style.

Cian uses lots of CSS3 animated features to keep the attention of your visitors as they scroll down the page, making it a good choice for anyone who wants to retain the focus of their potential customers in a world of distractions.

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Awesome App


Awesome App is a single-page app showcase theme built on the popular Twitter Bootstrap framework, featuring a drag and drop builder, parallax effects and responsive design. The theme includes retina-ready icons, Google fonts and PSD files for easy customization. It also includes a nice contact form and great video tutorials.

Awesome App features a large image area for your app image and plenty of buttons to entice users. The theme also features a fun design “trick,” with a hero image above the menu.

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Applay is a dual-purpose WordPress theme that can either be used to promote your own apps, or build an app store for listing the products from a number of sources.

As well as the two main modes of use for this theme, it also comes with lots of customisation and configuration options for building the exact type of website you want. There are also four app showcase layouts to choose from, and three store layouts on offer.

When choosing this theme you also get access to a selection of templates for the most popular smartphones to enable you to create mock-ups of your app in action. As these templates have been made using CSS3, they are fast loading and fully responsive for display on a range of screen sizes.

Applay includes the Visual Composer page builder tool and comes with WooCommerce support for adding an online store to your website with ease.

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Pandora Box


Pandora Box is a retina-ready and responsive one-page theme built with app developers in mind. The theme includes a 3D slider, more than 600 Google fonts and plenty of plugins (PandoraBox Slider, Sections, Price, Blocks and more). The theme supports a logotype in mobile browsers and plenty of styles for different design frameworks.

Pandora Box features three different design styles for your website – color, pattern or photo background – in a unique style. The overall aesthetic is flat and modern.

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Appr is a minimal theme with a responsive design that includes a subscription form for collecting emails. The theme, which is built on the Twitter Bootstrap framework, has retina support and includes an unlimited number of color and font choices. It includes layered PSDs and specific files for the iPhone 5, Nexus 5, Apple Cinema Display and MacBook Pro/Air.

Appr is built to show off your design and load fast. The sleek design includes lazy loading images. The side menu navigation option is also a nice feature of this theme.

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Crealand is a responsive landing page theme with a slider, video support, slide-out menu and forms to registration or signup. The app showcase theme also includes video support, a rotating Twitter feed widget, slider, slide-out menu and other social integration tools. Use Facebook commenting on the included blog pages and create a custom contact page as well.

Crealand is designed to make a bold statement with a large image area and modern style. Menu tools and social sharing features fit seamlessly into the design, making this theme look like a custom-built website.

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Sublime is a fully-responsive, retina-ready animated theme for app showcase design sites. Built on the Twitter Bootstrap framework, this theme is easy to use and includes a customizer with unlimited colors, more than 800 font options and an unlimited number of sidebars. This theme is translation-ready and also comes with a simple page builder.

Sublime features a simple, yet flat, design style that is modern and works without a lot of photography or screenshots. Bold color helps carry the design.

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App Mojo


App Mojo is a single-page software promotion theme that works for mobile apps or desktops. The theme includes 20 color skins and a skin chooser for ease of use, visual shortcode builder, typography management with integrated Google fonts, a Layer slider, full-width and boxed layout options and video and image gallery support. The theme installs in one click and includes WooCommerce and WPML compatibility.

App Mojo has a classic app showcase design. The interface is simple and includes buttons for the iTunes and Google Play stores.

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