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23 Best Booking WordPress Themes 2021

The best booking WordPress themes in this collection will help you create a website that can accept and manage bookings and reservations online.

As the themes cover a wide range of styles and purposes, whether you want to create a hotel or accommodation booking website or a site to accept appointments for the services you provide, you’re sure to find a suitable option here.

Also, all of these themes are highly flexible, giving you lots of freedom over how the online booking system of your website is configured. Thanks to this, you can define the pricing, availability, and other settings of the bookings and appointments. You can easily enable online payments too, or instead, choose to handle things in person when the time comes.

As many of these WordPress booking themes include more than one pre-built website that you can import into your site, do check out their online demos to see exactly what’s available.

1. Homey

Homey is a flexible all-in-one booking platform with multiple website demos.

Thanks to the varied selection of demos in the Homey package, it’s possible to create a wide range of booking websites with this theme. Among the options are pre-built websites for booking accommodation, boat rentals, and workspaces. Once you’ve chosen a demo from the available options, it can be imported into your website in just a few clicks, leaving you to start adding your content, uploading your listings, and applying your branding to the site.

When it comes to configuring how your bookings are presented on your website, you get lots of options with Homey. As this theme includes a full set of online booking forms, as well as other useful features like availability calendars and an instant booking tool, you should have no trouble creating a website that looks and behaves in a way to rival the sites of the market leaders. If you want your site to appear trustworthy to your potential clients and customers, the professional design and feature list of Homey can help.

Although the selection of demos has arguably been produced to a very high standard, if you do want to personalize them, you can easily do so through the theme options control panel. With so many settings and controls to play with, almost every aspect of your online bookings website can be customized at the touch of a button. For more hands-on customization work, the powerful Elementor page builder is included in the Homey theme package, making it possible to open any of the pre-built content for editing through a visual interface.

Homey has so many features that it’s highly likely to be a good choice for your online bookings website.

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2. Kingo

Kingo is another feature-packed option that favorably compares with the other booking WordPress themes in this collection.

Aimed at small businesses of all varieties that need to be able to take bookings online, Kingo includes all the features required for this type of project. The impressive selection of pre-built website demos ensures that Kingo is suitable for a range of websites, including sites for accountants, lawyers, contractors, and accommodation providers. In fact, with so many demos to choose from, whatever type of appointments or reservations you want to accept online, Kingo could be a good match. However, you’re not limited to using the demos as they come. Kingo comes with a powerful page builder tool to help you adjust the pre-built content to suit your preferences.

Thanks to the online booking system of the Kingo theme, you get full control over the type of appointments or reservations that can be made through your site. When setting up your site, you can choose how long bookings can be, whether there needs to be a break between bookings, and how your users can pay for their reservation. If you want to sell products and services from your website too, whether they’re attached to the online booking system or not, Kingo has full ecommerce support to make it happen.

A particularly useful feature of Kingo, and one not found in every online booking WordPress theme is the A/B testing tool. With the ability to run split tests on your website, you’ll be able to find out which copy, design, and other choices work best with your audience when it comes to the conversion rates of your site.  So if you want to know which types of call to action gets the most clicks from your visitors, then this theme can help you find out.

Kingo has a design to help you promote your services, with the features needed to accept bookings online.

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3. Hotera

Hotera is a resort and hotel WordPress theme with a built-in booking system.

There are five different demos in the Hotera theme package, covering city hotels, beach resorts, and mountain hotels, to name just a few of the options. As well as lots of other elements, the demos all include an online booking form as part of their homepage templates. Thanks to this, your potential guests can perform a quick search to check the availability of your rooms as soon as they arrive at your site. Depending on how you choose to configure your website, guests can then send an email to get more information about their visit or make a booking directly through your website.

The other sections of the homepage layouts give you lots of opportunities to share information about your hotel or resort. Some of the demos feature large full-screen sliders that can be used to automatically display a slideshow of photos while others include support for easily adding video footage of your resort to your website.

Hotera also has features for promoting offers and deals for your hotel on your website. You can use the panels in the templates to share the details of any promotions that are available as well as add pop-ups and other elements that your visitors won’t miss to your site. Displaying feedback from guests via the testimonials tool is another way to promote your hotel or resort via your website.

When setting up your website with Hotera, you can use the freemium Elementor page builder plugin to edit the templates that make up the demos. As Elementor is one of the most popular drag-and-drop content editor plugins available today, it’s great to see that Hotera is fully compatible with it.

Although designed for resorts and hotels, Hotera is suitable for any short-term accommodation website.

4. Bellevue

Bellevue is a hotel and bed and breakfast WordPress theme with an online booking system.

The demos in the Bellevue package cover a range of design styles, helping to ensure this theme appeals to a wide range of hotel, bed and breakfast, and other accommodation providers. From chalets and beach houses to apartments and hotels, the pre-built website demos that make up Bellevue cover a range of businesses. So whether you just want to create a website to rent out a spare bedroom or you’re building a site for a hotel, Bellevue should be a good option.

All of the Bellevue demos include lots of pre-built content and templates to ensure that you’re able to add the necessary pages to your website. Some examples of these templates include landing page designs, online booking forms, availability checkers, package layouts, and much more. There’s also a full set of blogging templates too so that you can share your latest news with your visitors.

Although the idea of setting up an online booking platform might seem daunting, Bellevue aims to simplify the process as much as possible. Thanks to the setup guide, the theme will walk you through the steps required to get your website up and running, and configured in the way that you want.  As the online reservation system of this theme is powered by the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin, you get full control over how this aspect of your website works. This includes whether or not you want to enable the optional integration with third-party calendaring systems like iCal or accept online and offline payments.

As well as customizing how the booking system works, you can also take control of the design of your website. Bellevue is another online booking WordPress theme to be built around the impressive Elementor plugin, letting you edit the pre-built content through a drag-and-drop visual interface. You also get access to a wide array of settings and options that allow you to modify your site in other ways, such as changing the fonts and adjusting the colors.

No matter the size or scope of your project, Bellevue has the templates and features to help you create the right online booking website.

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5. WP Rentals

WP Rentals lets you list and accept bookings for accommodation, items, and services through your WordPress website.

The demos in the WP Rentals theme package give you a quick way to create a booking website for hiring out equipment as well as accepting appointment bookings online. You can also use this theme for longer bookings, such as hotel and accommodation stays, thanks to the other demos it contains. The booking system that’s integrated into WP Rentals is highly flexible, making it very likely that whatever type of reservations you want to work with, you can configure the system to suit. This includes support for hourly bookings. Pricing can be configured exactly how you want it, with discounts for longer bookings available as well as other options.

In addition to the online booking system that works in the back-end of your website, WP Rentals includes a stylish set of front-end online booking forms. These forms are all fully mobile responsive to ensure that your visitors can make a reservation on their smartphone, or whatever type of device they’re using. These forms can also be customized to match the type of bookings you want to make available on your website. Another nice feature of WP Rentals is the ability to enable instant bookings on your website. If you enable this feature for a specific item on your site, then the booking will be placed and secured as soon as it’s submitted by the user, rather than waiting for approval from the site manager or the person who has listed the item.

To help your visitors find the right item they’re looking for, whether its equipment hire, a type of accommodation, or something else, WP Rentals has a powerful search tool. Thanks to the filters and other search features finding the desired options is very straightforward.

The features listed on the WP Rentals website will give you a clear idea of just how flexible this theme is.

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6. Hotel Xenia

Hotel Xenia is a hotel and resort WordPress theme with online booking capabilities.

If you need to create a website for a luxury hotel, resort, or another type of accommodation, then Hotel Xenia is a theme that was built for this exact type of project. While it doesn’t have a fully automated online booking system, the templates do include online forms that make it easy for your visitors to submit their booking requests. These requests are then sent directly to the site admin or another designated recipient, giving them the opportunity to confirm or reject the booking. They can also reply to the email to get in touch to discuss the matter further. If this sounds like a booking system that meets your requirements, then Hotel Xenia could be the theme for you. If you’d rather use a more automated online booking system, then you could always install one of the many plugins of this type available for WordPress, to add this functionality to your hotel or resort website.

Thanks to a good selection of high-quality templates, Hotel Xenia is suitable for building a range of modern hotel, resort, and other accommodation websites. Among the options are a purpose-built city hotel website demo and a luxury resort site demo. If either of these two demos looks right for your project, you can quickly import them into your WordPress dashboard in just a few clicks.

As the demos come with most, if not all, of the templates a stylish hotel or resort website needs, you should be able to get your online presence up and running in very little time at all. If you find there are some templates you need that aren’t included, then you can use the premium page builder plugin that comes with Hotel Xenia to add them to your website.

The attractive templates of Hotel Xenia are the highlight of this WordPress theme.

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7. Gast

Gast has multiple demos for your accommodation booking website.

As this theme and its booking system are highly flexible, it can be configured to work for most scenarios. There’s no need for any coding skills when setting up your website with Gast as all of the accommodation settings are adjusted via a dashboard. Depending on how much of your booking system you want to put online, Gast gives you the ability to simply share your room availability, or go all the way and let your guests making a booking and submit payment through your website. As Gast can be used with multiple payment gateways, you get a lot of control over how payments are collected on your website.

Depending on which of the Gast demos you choose, the homepage of your accommodation website could include a prominent booking form. Displayed at the top of the homepage, this booking form lets your visitors quickly enter the dates for their stay and the number of guests. The accommodation availability is shown and, if you enable it, a booking can be made online.

The rest of the homepage layouts include space for showcasing the different rooms or types of accommodation that’s available, sections for highlighting the facilities, and a guest book feature for sharing feedback from people who’ve stayed at your accommodation. If you run events at your accommodation, you can use the events support of this theme to publish their details on your website as well. A contact form and interactive Google Map are included, too, for good measure.

If you need to edit any of the templates, such as adding or removing items or changing their order, you can do so via the supported Beaver Builder plugin.

Gast has some high-quality templates that should be able to help you to effectively promote all your accommodation online.

8. Hoteller

Hoteller is a WordPress theme for creating hotel websites with online booking systems.

Although some of the themes in this collection let you create websites to handle all types of bookings, this one is focused solely on building hotel and other accommodation booking websites.  Therefore, if you’re working on this type of website and you want a theme that was developed specifically for your needs, then Hoteller could be just what you’re looking for.

To help you decide if Hoteller is the right option for your project, it’s best to start with the pre-built website demos in the theme package. With six different designs to choose from so far, there’s a good chance you’ll find a suitable option for your site. Among the demos, you’ll find a design built for city hotels, one for luxury hotels, and another for beach hotels. However, as the designs are all highly flexible, if you don’t see one that’s a perfect match for your vision, you should be able to easily adjust one of the demos to meet your requirements.

Although the pre-built designs and content of the Hoteller theme are highly attractive, the online booking system is perhaps an even more impressive feature. Thanks to the integrated online booking system, if you choose this theme for your hotel or resort website, your visitors can easily make a reservation, pay a deposit, or settle the total amount online. Due to the way this online booking WordPress theme works, you get full control over how reservations can be made on your website, including setting the rates, length of stay, and upgrades and optional extras to name just a few. Your guests should appreciate your website as they can log in at any point and check their reservations and also print out their details if necessary.

Hoteller has a powerful booking system combined with stylish website templates for creating premium hotel websites.

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9. Entrepreneur

entrepreneur booking wordpress theme

Entrepreneur could be the obvious choice for anyone offering bookable services online from their website.

While some of the options in this collection of the best booking WordPress themes focus on accommodation sites, such as hotel websites, Entrepreneur is for those business owners, service providers, and freelancers who want their target audience to be able to schedule an appointment through their WordPress website.

The pre-built website designs in the Entrepreneur package include sites for consultants, coaches, personal trainers, stylists, and barbers. There’s also a slightly more generic small business website demo that can work well for a wider range of projects. Furthermore, as these designs can all be adjusted without too much effort, even if, for example, the personal trainer demo appeals, but you’re offering business advice, you can quickly tweak the templates to meet your needs. So no matter what type of service you’re offering, whether it’s delivered in person or online, Entrepreneur should be able to help you get your website up and running with relative ease.

When it comes to configuring what types of bookings you’ll be accepting through your WordPress website, the functionality of the Entrepreneur theme gives you full control. This is vital as you can easily create custom availability slots, set up discounts and premium rates, and also enable the mandatory deposit requirement. Another useful aspect of the Entrepreneur theme is the ability to run multiple booking calendars on your website.  Therefore, if you’re using your website to promote the services of a team, each member can have their own calendar.  The WooCommerce powered online booking system also has the ability to send out automated email reminders to ensure nobody misses an appointment by accident.

Entrepreneur will appeal to anyone who wants to schedule appointments and bookings for their services online.

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10. Alloggio

Alloggio is a booking theme for hotels and other types of short-stay accommodation.

With demos for hotels, B&Bs, hostels, and resorts, Alloggio should be the theme that can help you promote your accommodation online and take bookings through your new website. All of the demos have a classy and classic design that’s sure to give your website a premium look. If you want to attract guests that are looking for somewhere timeless to stay, this theme has the right type of design.

All of the demos have homepage layouts that do a great job of showcasing what your accommodation has to offer, as soon as someone arrives at your site. As your potential guests scroll down the homepage template, they can see a photo gallery of your accommodation, a form for checking availability, and details of the type of rooms on offer.

You can also use the icon set to display the key facilities of your accommodation in a format that’s easy for everyone to understand. Adding videos to your homepages is encouraged by this theme, thanks to the video player widgets included in some of the templates.

When it comes to online booking features, Alloggio includes reservation forms with the ability to add extra services to each booking. You can also set up seasonal pricing so that your rates are adjusted to match demand throughout the year. Sharing an availability calendar on your site is an option, too, if you choose Alloggio.

You can customize all of the Alloggio templates to ensure that your website has the right look for your accommodation and your target audience.

11. Hotel Booking

Hotel Booking keeps things simple with a strong focus on helping people create hotel websites with WordPress.

Although the name suggests this theme is just for creating hotel websites, you can actually use this one for all types of accommodation-related sites. The pre-built website demos in the Hotel Booking package make it fairly quick and easy to launch sites for hotels, chalets, and apartments. However, if your project doesn’t fall into one of those categories, you could still find the Hotel Booking useful for your website.

One reason why Hotel Booking could be a good option for your site is the inclusion of the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin. With this tool on board, you can adjust the pre-built content, turning the hotel website demo into something that would be suitable for a bed and breakfast site, for example, through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. So whether you just want to slightly adjust one of the Hotel Booking demos or completely transform it, you can do so with this theme.

Another reason why you should consider this theme is the online booking system that’s integrated into its core. Regardless of how you configure the customer-facing part of your website, the back-end of the theme makes it possible for you to list multiple types of accommodation offers on your website, including a range of rooms, packages, and even locations. You have full control over how the pricing is managed, including the ability to set premium rates for certain periods, offer seasonal discounts, or reduce prices for those booking longer stays.  Handling taxes, discount coupons, and payment collection is all part of the functionality of this theme, making it an option that should work with most hotel-related businesses. If you need any assistance setting any of this up, the Hotel Booking theme comes with a library of tutorial videos to help you build the website you need.

If you need to build a hotel or accommodation website with a flexible online booking system, this theme can help.

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12. Book Your Travel

Book Your Travel has some great features and impressive hotel- and travel-related templates.

As the name suggests, this is a travel booking WordPress theme. Thanks to a full-featured online booking tool, you can start the process of automating your reservation system if you choose this theme. As part of this functionality, you can add an availability checker to your site, advanced search filtering, and the ability to accept bookings online. As this theme has multivendor support, you can also use it to build a website where other users can sign up and add their own bookable items. This could include accommodation, travel adventures, or most other things you can think of. However, you don’t have to enable the multivendor mode if you don’t want to.

In addition to the online booking system, this theme comes with all of the templates your website should need. Whether you want to build a website to promote a beach resort, an eco lodge, or countless other travel and accommodation opportunities online, you should find a suitable demo among the 26 options you get with Book Your Travel.

Even though this theme has been around for a few years, as all of the demos and their templates are regularly updated, they all have fully modern designs that are sure to impress your target audience. If any of those templates need adjusting, then don’t worry, the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin is included in the theme package at no extra cost. So whether you want to make a few design tweaks or use this theme as the foundation for your own booking-ready website, it’s entirely possible with Book Your Travel.

With such a long feature list, there isn’t much you won’t be able to do with Book Your Travel and its supported plugins.

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13. Listeo

Listeo is a multi-purpose directory and listings WordPress theme with an online booking system.

The Listeo theme aims to provide you with everything needed to launch a fully functional online directory or listings website with WordPress. Whether you want to list all the local businesses or tourist attractions in your area, build a directory of online providers delivering a particular service, or any other type of listings websites, Listeo could be the theme you need. Listeo actually has six different modes for you to choose from, including an Airbnb-style accommodation booking option. However, the other designs are all focused on helping you start your own online directory or listings website.

As part of the functionality of this theme, it’s not only easy to manage the listings on your site, regardless of whether it’s you or your users who are publishing them but Listeo also has everything needed to accept bookings for the listings in your directory. Thanks to this, you could create a site for web designers to list their services, then give your visitors the ability to book their services through your portal. Depending on how you configure this aspect of your site, you can choose to collect one-time payments from your users for letting them post their listings on your site or set up monthly recurring membership fees that give them unlimited access to your directory. You can also decide to charge your visitors a fee instead, turning your directory website into a private listings site. Alternatively, you can make your site freely available to all and monetize it in other ways, such as by displaying adverts to your visitors.

To ensure that your audience can use your website, the Listeo theme includes a set of well-designed templates for the account management and other admin areas of your site. Thanks to this, visitors should find it easy to sign up, log in, and start adding listings to your WordPress website.

If you want to launch an online directory website that can also accept bookings, Listeo has all the necessary features.

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14. Turbo

turbo booking wordpress theme

Turbo is a WordPress theme that will help you create a vehicle rental and booking website.

No matter what type of vehicles you’re renting out, you should be able to give your website the right look and feel with the pre-built content in the Turbo package. The seven demos you can choose from include one for bicycle rental sites, one for motorbikes, and a few different ones for car rentals. There’s also an online listings website demo that can help you and your visitors create multiple listings, offering their vehicles for rent or via some other kind of arrangement, all through your WordPress website. While the pre-built website demos of this theme look great, the features they include ensure your website will have the necessary functionality to accept and manage bookings online with WordPress.

Some of the templates of this theme include multiple grid layouts for listing your rental opportunities as well as designs that make it easy for your visitors to search and create a booking from their desktop or smartphone devices. You can even enable an optional location finder feature that lets your users set pickup and drop off points as part of their booking. So whether you’re creating a website for an Uber-type service or you’re prepared to deliver the vehicles that your customers are booking, the Turbo theme has the capabilities to facilitate this.

When it comes to adding your inventory to your website, Turbo has a useful timesaving feature. By giving you the ability to create one listing, then duplicate it multiple times to use as the foundation for other listings, you can quickly add all your vehicles or other rental opportunities to your WordPress website. The Turbo theme also integrates with the Google Calendar service, helping you add this powerful tool to your online bookings site.

If you’ll be offering vehicle-related bookings and rentals to your visitors, Turbo was built specifically for this purpose.

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15. Birdily

Birdily is a booking WordPress theme aimed at travel agencies and tour guides.

If the bookings that you want to take on your WordPress website are related to travel and tours, then the Birdily theme could have everything you need. Thanks to the two main demos in the Birdily theme package, you can quickly get started on your new website, simply by importing the pre-built content. Once you’ve done that, your WordPress installation will have been transformed into a stylish travel agency website, ready for you to add your own content to.

When it comes to accepting bookings through your WordPress website, this theme was built to work with all of the best booking plugins available today, including the popular Booked plugin. As a result, you can configure this aspect of your travel or tour website to work in exactly the way that you want, letting your customers book their place on one of your tours, holidays, or some other experience.

Birdily also works with the popular events calendar plugins for WordPress, giving you a quick and easy way to publish events and other key dates on your website. Therefore, if you run regular scheduled tours or trips, you can use this functionality to let your visitors keep an eye on what’s upcoming.

Although Birdily is packed with pre-built content, including two stylish homepage layouts, it’s also a highly customizable theme. As part of this, you get access to multiple header layouts that you can apply to your site, a header and footer layout that lets you customize these key areas of your website, and flexible color settings for configuring the overall style of your site through an intuitive set of controls. Birdily has also been built for maximum compatibility with the popular Elementor page builder plugin, giving you even more creative freedom when it comes to building your website and customizing this travel booking WordPress theme.

If you want to promote and take bookings for your travel trips and tours online, check out Birdily.

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16. Traveler

Traveler is an online booking WordPress theme for all types of travel-related websites.

Thanks to the one-click importer tool, you can quickly transfer one of the Traveler theme demos into your WordPress Dashoard. However, with so many good website demos to choose from, you might find it hard to make a final decision. The demos cover single hotel websites, sites for listing multiple hotels, directory sites for listing local attractions, and lots more. You can even use this theme for creating a rentals website with WordPress, giving you the ability to hire out holiday equipment to your customers.

If you can’t decide on a single demo to use as the foundation for your website, you can always mix and match the different elements of the demos to create the perfect solution. This is relatively straightforward, thanks to the included customization options of this theme which make it possible to take control of how your site will look. You can also use the form builder tool to ensure your online booking forms capture the right data for the services or products you’re offering through your website. Full payments or partial deposits for any reservations can be easily processed, thanks to the support for the leading payment gateways, such as PayPal, Stripe, and others.

Other interesting features of the Traveler booking system WordPress themes includes the ability to set up your own affiliate system for rewarding those who send customers to your website, membership functionality for letting your visitors sign up and start adding their own listings to your site, and support for the leading multilingual plugins that allow you to publish your content in more than one language.

Traveler has lots of pre-built content to cover a wide range of websites in the travel industry.

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17. Hotello

Hotello is a relatively newly released WordPress hotel booking theme with a modern design.

Created by the busy StylemixThemes team, Hotello is likely to follow in the footsteps of their other popular themes and become a best seller in the hotel booking WordPress themes category. The five website demos all have a modern and stylish look that will help make this theme an appealing option for hotel owners who need a website that will effectively present their business online.

As all of the Hotello website demos are focused on holiday, business, and other short-stay accommodation options, there’s a good chance one of them will be suitable for your website. All of the homepages of the Hotello demos have lots of useful features to help you promote your hotel or another type of business, including plenty of space for displaying enticing photographs, sections for highlighting the key reasons to make a booking, and of course, powerful search tools to ensure your visitors can make the bookings and reservations they want to.

In addition to having a booking system that’s easy for your customers to use, Hotello also makes processing the reservations very straightforward. As everything takes place in the back-end of your WordPress website, you can view and manage all the bookings in one central location. Furthermore, if you want to delegate certain tasks to your team, you can easily create an account for them with the appropriate user role and let them log in and complete the tasks assigned to them.

Another useful feature of Hotello is the online bookings calendar that the theme displays in the WordPress Dashboard. Thanks to its easy-to-understand interface, any of your team can quickly check all the bookings at your hotel and see the current availability status. Also as this theme has the ability to generate and send automatic emails to customers, another job will be taken off your hands once your WordPress hotel booking website goes live.

To see if this is the theme for you, or to get some inspiration for your website, be sure to check out the Hotello online demos.

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18. Hotel Master

Hotel Master is aimed at hotels that want to take their booking and reservation system online.

This theme has been designed for hotels and other similar types of accommodation providers that need a premium website. The small but stylish selection of website demos all work perfectly for hotel and accommodation rental websites.

Each of the demos contains a good selection of editable templates that should enable you to quickly populate your website with all of the content that it needs. The page builder functionality of this theme ensures that you’re able to edit all of the Hotel Master templates without the need to install any extra plugins. If you want to build a custom hotel website, this feature will definitely come in handy.

When it comes to the online booking functionality of this theme, it’s fair to say that you get access to an advanced system here. You can fully customize how your bookings are offered, such as adding optional and mandatory extras, including cleaning fees and airport transfers to your listings. You can also quickly block out bookings for certain rooms to prevent them from being reserved through your website as well as create multiple rules for the duration and other properties of a booking. Offering consecutive night discounts, creating and managing coupon codes, and generating reports on your availability is all part of the core functionality of this theme, too.

Hotel Master is also a well-established booking theme and has racked up a large number of sales for a theme in this niche. This makes it a good option for anyone who is looking for a tried-and-tested option that many others before them have used for their websites. With so many people using Hotel Master, if anyone does notice a bug or issue with a new release, you can be sure it will be reported to the developers and hopefully fixed before it manages to cause many problems. The positive rating this theme has received from its users suggests that this is the case.

Hotel Master is a great example of a highly functional online booking WordPress theme.

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19. Travel Tour

Travel Tour should be able to help you create the right travel tour management website for your business.

The Travel Tour theme gives you the tools to create multiple tour packages and then list them on your WordPress website. Thanks to the customization features of this theme, you can organize and present your tour packages in almost any way. This could include creating short tours, multi-day packages, or any other type of configuration that your business offers. The demos in the Travel Tour package cover a range of options, including city tours, tour curation websites, and even yachting tours. But as the demos are all highly flexible, whatever type of tours you’re working with, you should be able to mold this theme to meet your needs.

When it comes to handling the tour bookings and reservations, the Travel Tour theme lets you fully customize the online forms. This ensures you’re able to collect all the information you need from your customers, and then store that data for easy retrieval in the back-end of your WordPress Dashboard. With the ability to generate invoices from the data entered into the booking forms, and then email those invoices automatically, you can reduce some of your workload, while also increasing your chances of getting paid on time. You can even export all of your booking data in CSV format, for safekeeping, or to be imported into a spreadsheet app like Excel of Google Sheets. Collecting payments through your WordPress tour website is straightforward too, thanks to the good support for the leading payment processors.

Travel Tour has lots of customization options for the front-end of your website too. Adjusting the colors, uploading your logos, and personalizing the appearance of your site in other ways is all possible through the customization controls of the Travel Tour theme.

You can try out the functionality of this theme, including the admin area, on the Travel Tour demo website.

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20. Embark

Embark is ideal for all types of travel booking sites including creating tour agency websites with WordPress.

The Embark theme gives you six tour-related website demos to choose from. Among these demos, you’ll find an option for creating a walking tour site, an online booking portal for museum tours, and a few other stylish designs that can help you promote your tours and other activities through a website that can also accept reservations and bookings.

If you do check out the Embark demos, you’ll see that if you choose this theme, your website will have a professional design that will help you promote your tours online, while also having the features that will allow you to take bookings from your website without the need for someone to process each transaction manually. Therefore, if you want to focus on organizing great tours, and let your website take care of the admin tasks, this theme can help. However, you also have the option of entering the reservation details yourself, if you’d rather handle the bookings in person.

While the Embark theme demos do look very impressive, with designs that are aimed at tour agencies, you can easily adjust them if necessary. As the powerful Elementor page builder plugin is integrated into the Embark theme package, you can use this drag-and-drop content editor to move items around on the layouts, add new elements, and customize them in many other ways. You also get a good amount of control over the layout and contents of the bookings forms on your site. Thanks to this, you can easily configure them to ensure you’re able to collect all the information you need from your customers and tour participants. Collecting payments online is also a core feature of the Embark theme and its included plugins.

If you want to create a tour agency website with WordPress, that also has an online booking system, Embark is more than up to the task.

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21. Hotel Zante

Hotel Zante has a stylish design that’s ideal for beach and resort style hotels that need an online bookings system.

With four different website demos to choose from, Hotel Zante covers a range of projects. However, one thing these demos have in common is that if you’d like your hotel booking website to feature lots of photographs, then this theme gives you many opportunities to display them. As well as full-width sections with background image displays, you can also use the slideshows to showcase the best photographs of your hotel or the surrounding area.

Depending on which demo you choose, you can use the Hotel Zante theme to promote a single hotel and offer online bookings for it, or instead, you could list multiple hotels on your website, with an online booking system that lets your visitors choose where they want to make a reservation. Therefore, whether you need to make a website for one hotel, a chain of resorts, or you want to create a site that lets visitors book at multiple hotels that are owned and operated by many different businesses, the Hotel Zante theme will help you build that type of site.

If you need to edit the pre-built website demos that make up this theme, Hotel Zante includes the best-selling WPBakery Page Builder plugin to help you customize your site. Due to this inclusion, you can use a large library of elements to enhance your pages as well as make adjustments to the layouts and other display settings of your site.

Last but not least, the integrated booking system of Hotel Zante deserves a mention. Like the other popular booking WordPress themes covered here, you can take payments through your website via services like PayPal and Stripe, automatically send out confirmation and reminder emails, and define exactly how bookings can be made.

Due to its design, Hotel Zante is a good choice for creating hotel and resort websites that need a tropical feel.

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22. Adventure Tours

Adventure Tours works well for travel agencies and tour guides that would like an online booking system.

As well as providing you with everything you’re likely to need to create a professional website for your tour agency or travel company, the Adventure Tours theme also has all the features necessary to add an online booking system to your site.

Although the Adventure Tours theme only has one pre-built website demo, it’s packed with features that make it suitable for creating a range of different sites in the travel and tour agency industry. Due to its customizable nature, you can easily remove any unnecessary sections from the pre-built layouts, helping you to refine its focus so that it suits the type of website you want to create. For example, if you don’t want to display the deals and discounts module on the default homepage layout, you can easily disable it. Conversely, if you want to add the interactive map widget to your site, doing so is just as straightforward. Making other visual changes to your site is easy too, thanks to the live WordPress Customizer interface that lets you quickly adjust the colors and other settings of your WordPress tour guide agency website.

As you might expect from a theme with online booking capabilities, you can collect payments through your website with Adventure Tours. This is optional, so if you still want to take bookings over the phone or in person, that’s totally possible too. However, if you want to give your website visitors the ability to secure a place on a tour, make a full or partial payment online, or just check the availability of your tours, that’s all part of what this theme was built to do.

Adventure Tours aims to help you promote your tours and other holiday packages on a stylish website all of your own.

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23. Entrada

Entrada is another WordPress theme that was created for building professional tour agency websites.

With 16 website demos in the Entrada package, you should be able to find a suitable design that matches your vision and goals for your new tour agency site. Whether you’re offering walking tours, sports and activity holidays, or relaxing retreats, there’s a good chance Entrada can help you promote your services and packages online.

The website designs in the Entrada package all include feature-packed homepage layouts that can be used to really connect with your audience and promote your tours and other offers. Each demo homepage includes lots of sections, such as video players, image sliders, testimonials, online booking forms, and more. You can easily customize these layouts and the elements they contain. However, with so many pre-built templates to choose from, you might find a design that’s perfect for your project, saving you from having to do any customization work. But if not, tools like the WPBakery Page Builder and detailed set of theme options are on hand to help.

Entrada is powered by WooCommerce, the leading ecommerce plugin for WordPress. Thanks to this, you can choose from a growing library of add-ons for this plugin that will help you set up your online booking system in exactly the way that you want. So whether you want to sell places on your tours directly through your website or simply promote their details online, Entrada is flexible enough for any eventuality. You can also customize the online booking and inquiry forms that make up the Entrada theme, ensuring you’re able to collect all the information you need from your clients and customers.

With a large set of templates, the online demos of Entrada have lots to offer tour agency websites

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