57 Best Business WordPress Themes 2018

Running a business is time-consuming, and at last count there were still only 24 hours in the day. Apportioning your time is important – otherwise your customer base goes elsewhere for their services, and all of your hard work is for nothing.

One of the aspects of your business needing the most attention is arguably your website. And while having an online presence is absolutely essential, you may struggle in finding the right theme for your needs.

Choosing a suitable theme for your business isn’t hard if you know what to look for. A solid bundled contact form plugin enables customers to make contact with you, and a means of displaying your business and location information prominently is also essential. If it ties in with your business’ approach, you may also want to assess a theme’s social media integration. Finally, layout design flexibility is a good idea if you envisage a website redesign in the future.

Below, we’ve scoured the internet so you don’t have to, and presented over 50 of the very best in themes out there suitable for your business.



Divi is a clean, responsive theme that’s versatile and easy to use. Suitable for both corporate and creative businesses, this Elegant Themes design gives you maximum flexibility. If the thought of theme customization makes you nervous, you can rest assured knowing that the Divi Builder lets you drag and drop elements to build pages without even looking at code.

You may not have the need to customize, however, since the theme ships pre-loaded with layouts for sales pages, FAQs, case studies and more. Integrated product page layouts and eCommerce modules let you get your shop up and running in a flash. Smooth, simple transitions give the theme finesse while maintaining a professional look.

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X is a feature-packed multipurpose theme on the cutting-edge of WordPress development. It comes with 4 totally different designs built-in (with more on the way) and is fully responsive. Read our detailed review of X to find out if it is the last theme you will ever need.

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Massive Dynamic


One aspect of a successful business is how it adapts to its chosen market, and a business website theme that does the same is guaranteed to be popular. For Massive Dynamic, it seems as though the future is going to be bright.

On first viewing, Massive Dynamic has a very Genesis-like design, complete with chunky headers, crisp typography, and good use of both full-screen image sliders and white space. Layouts are created with the drag-and-drop Massive Builder, and its flexibility – enabling almost limitless header and page design – is certainly a standout feature.

It isn’t all roses, however. Massive Dynamic’s scrolling is jerky and inaccurate – which may be a consequence of activating the theme’s smooth scrolling option – but if this functionality is flawed, it may not be useful to many people.

That being said, with more than 70 shortcodes to help design your website, along with the spectacularly flexible Massive Builder at your disposal, Massive Dynamic is a definite front runner for your cash.

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Digital Pro


Businesses are often akin to a Swan – the furious pedalling underneath the water hides the graceful beauty displayed above. And like both your business and the Swan, your website should also look effortless to visitors, while having power underneath. Digital Pro is the theme to provide both.

Built on the Genesis framework, Digital Pro offers a number of layout options, all accessed from the Theme Customizer panel. The pages themselves make good use of white space, and typography is clean and clear to read. There are also a number of custom page templates and theme options to choose from if you’re looking to get up and running quickly.

Overall, for businesses with simple needs, there’s little to find fault with in Digital Pro – and its Genesis pedigree means you’ll be getting a solid theme to base your website around.

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Sydney Pro

Sydney Pro is a feature-packed expansion of our free Sydney theme. Its uncluttered structure and parallax backgrounds create a pleasant experience, great for freelancers and businesses alike.

This theme contains all the same customization options of the free version – full color and layout control with Theme Customizer and access to Google fonts – but with the addition of support for the Crelly slider plugin, five page templates and the ability to customize images and colors for individual pages. Sydney Pro also includes 16 custom widgets, giving you greater design flexibility.

Sydney Pro’s sticky header bar allows for quick navigation between pages, no matter how far down you've scrolled, which is an appreciated boost to the user experience. Finally, social media icons and translation readiness make Sydney Pro a fantastic option for sharing your site with anyone and everyone.

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It’s crucial for your business website to establish a first impression of professionalism. Bold imagery and a clean, minimalistic layout is a great way to achieve this – epitomized by POFO.

This fast, feature-heavy theme offers more than 25 demos and over 200 layout templates to get you up and running quickly. The bundled WPBakery Page Builder plugin lets you drag and drop layout elements such as headers, images, menus, and more into place with ease.

POFO is also ideal if you wish to add e-commerce to your website. The bundled WooCommerce plugin lets you set up a powerful storefront, while the theme is also compatible with the MailChimp plugin – great for rolling out an email marketing campaign alongside your latest product.

Overall, if you’re looking for a flexible, intuitive, and lightweight business site theme, POFO is well worth considering.

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Navy is a multi-purpose business theme with a professional, approachable design. Hero images combined with white space, icons, and easy to read text result in a clean and sleek look perfect for any modern business.

Getting started is simple with 12 attractive, functional home pages ready for one-click install. There are also 22 page templates awaiting your content, including portfolio, shop, and client pages. If you need to customize the pre-built layouts or create your own from scratch, you can do so easily using the drag-and-drop Visual Composer plugin, which is included.

If you’re looking to create a more unique look, Navy has lots to experiment with, including six header styles and a myriad number of Google Fonts. You can also add interest and intrigue with sliders from the Slider Revolution plugin, video backgrounds, and parallax scrolling. It also packs the Essential Grid plugin to help you further enhance and organize your site’s layout.

Navy has definitely been designed with business owners in mind. With an intuitive design and template pages like testimonials, quotes, and pricing, building your business website can be a breeze.

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The connotations associated with the word “business” – sharp suits and boardroom meetings – aren’t applicable to every company. TheGem enables you to promote your services, while staying true to the friendly approach you’ve cultivated.

Truth be told, TheGem can be either all-business or breezy and informal. By mixing and matching the functionality of the bundled Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, and LayerSlider plugins, almost any layout can be created. While TheGem is suitable for any kind of business, given the gorgeous-looking portfolio and site-wide animations, creative professionals will get the most out of it.

There’s something refreshing about TheGem, and it stands out due to its informal default look. This is a true diamond, and is one theme that definitely deserves your attention.

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According to its description, Fullpane is a theme inspired by the Themify Parallax theme, the iPhone 5C and the JOBS movie site. It's a unique take on a vertical scroll site, in that each section snaps in place to fill the screen.

Since it’s such a versatile theme, Themify provides several demos to showcase Fullpane’s capabilities. While this theme’s design might be overkill for a more traditional business, its advanced features and animations are well suited to personal portfolios or more creative companies.

As you would expect, Fullpane is responsive and retina ready. You can customize to your heart’s content using the Themify Builder and any combination of custom menus, pre-designed post types and blog layouts.

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Zerif Pro


Zerif Pro is a clean and striking theme which manages to offer a professional look and feel while maintaining a personality.

The theme looks great straight out of the box, but it also comes packed with customization options to make personalization a breeze. You get an advanced Theme Options Panel where you can effortlessly update settings such as logos, colors and the layout without needing to touch any code. Alongside this you have access to unlimited colors and custom theme widgets, allowing to you achieve the exact look your business requires without having to spend an extra cent.

If however you do want to tweak the theme design a little more, Zerif Pro has been created with clean and validated code. This means that anyone with basic HTML knowledge can make design changes to the template, to create a truly unique website.

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Scalia is a classy and modern multi-purpose theme with practically unlimited options for customization, making it an excellent choice for any business.

In addition to being responsive and retina-ready, Scalia has five basic design options: multi-purpose, shop, blog, parallax landing and one-pager (which is great for portfolios). It offers more than 150 page templates and layouts, as well as the Visual Composer page builder and several slider plugins. Scalia also includes plenty of shortcodes, widgets and other content elements. Besides all this, you can make your site memorable with full-width parallax effects and a flexible header and footer.

Scalia is configured for ease of use right out of the box, and provides extensive documentation and free support. Rounding out its offerings are the WooCommerce shopping plugin, search engine optimization, and WPML for translation readiness.

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Moesia Pro


Moesia is known for being a beautiful, striking theme. Moesia Pro manages to take this up a notch with a visually stunning experience which will help you showcase your business with style.

First impressions for any business are important, and this is taken care of with Moesia Pro’s full page header, which can be used for a static image, video or slider. This is complemented by the theme’s highly polished animations which are usable throughout. These include number counters and graphs, which are perfect for showcasing data in a highly engaging way.

Looks aside, Moesia Pro has upgraded its front page blocks so that you can feature Dribbble, Instagram and Flickr, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your social networks into your website experience.

At only $30, Moesia Pro really is a steal. It offers a high-end looking website which is a considerable step up from Moesia, whilst still maintaining an effortless user experience.

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Corporate is a responsive theme for freelancers, agencies and corporations that want to grow their businesses. It can help you showcase your portfolio, team members and services.

The theme has a light, clean design and offers a number of customization options, including unlimited colors, sidebars and backgrounds. Among the usual content elements on offer are an animated ‘experience display’, pricing table, subscription box and contact form. Other additions include parallax scrolling, social media icons, FontAwesome icons, shortcodes, and a related posts widget.

It’s compatible with the Mega Menu, Review Pro and Subscribe Pro plugins, and for those that like to get their hands dirty, it offers clean commented code for easy editing. Not only SEO ready, Corporate uses Schema integration for search indexing and has been optimized for readability and reduced bounce rate.

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Consultancy typically requires solid people skills. You have to charm your client into siding with your expertise, while at the same time helping them deliver an improved service. With that in mind, the Consulting theme offers a bright, casual design that may help in bringing your stellar relationship skills to the fore.

This theme offers a relaxed approach to presenting your business. The default color scheme of yellow and blue, combined with chunky font headers and clear body text, makes for an easy to read website. Consulting offers nine demo layouts, and any of these can be customized further using the bundled Visual Composer plugin. Of course, it can also be used to create almost any layout you have in mind, and coupled with the bundled Slider Revolution plugin, you have a very powerful theme at your fingertips.

Overall, Consulting is a well-built theme that will appeal to those focusing on showcasing the human element of their business.

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Creative service providers are often at the cutting edge of their fields. Whether you’re a web developer, graphic designer, or tech startup, you’ll need the right theme to put the focus on your business, with enough ‘wow’ factor to generate interest. In other words, you’ll need a theme such as Uplift.

The first impressions of Uplift are that it’s smooth to scroll through, with clear to read text. If they’re our initial thoughts, they’ll likely be the clients’ too. While the default color scheme is rather monochrome – accented with only a hint of grey and blue – it can be altered using the built-in page builder. The drag-and-drop interface also enables you to create almost any layout possible, and will definitely appeal to those with a creative bent.

A unique and standout feature of Uplift is its animations – especially when displaying team profiles. Clicking on an individual member opens their profile in a slide-in menu; it’s certainly not something we’ve seen in many other themes.

In summary, Uplift will suit a creative type looking to promote both themselves and their business with a modern and unique design.

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A business theme doesn’t always have to offer a marquee plugin or feature to impress – often, solid functionality suitable for the task at hand wins the day. With TheFox, you’ll not only get stellar foundations, but a modern design suitable for showcasing creative work too.

There’s plenty in this theme to appeal to the layout tinkerers, with an extensive admin panel for tweaking all manner of design elements. TheFox has over 30 demos to choose from, and if you’re looking for further layout customization, you can press the bundled Visual Composer plugin into service.

TheFox shines when presenting team profiles, About pages, and portfolios – each has more layouts available than many other themes we’ve seen, and there’s no doubt that you’ll find a way to present your staff and services to match your overall philosophy.

Overall, there’s lots to like about TheFox – it’s a well-designed theme that could be ideal for your creative business.

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When looking to promote any creative service, the right theme is crucial for presenting your business as current and relevant. Corpus offers a stylish design – perfect for a business with a modern outlook.

On its surface, Corpus is similar to other well designed themes on this list, including some of the same bundled plugins. Layouts can be designed using the Visual Composer plugin, and pages can include full-screen, interactive sliders using the Slider Revolution plugin. However, it’s the little things that help this theme stand out.

Corpus includes plenty of additions that can enhance your site. There are numerous animations throughout – when opening the navigation menu, for example – that look impressive. Furthermore, the inclusion of an additional slide-in menu for showcasing information such as your company philosophy or contact details is a stellar touch, and it isn’t found in many other themes.

Finally, Corpus has gorgeous looking portfolio and team pages. Individual team profiles are bright and inviting, while portfolio items are large and prominent, with ‘like’ counters for each entry.

Overall, Corpus is well recommended for creatives seeking a cutting edge design to complement their work.

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Multipurpose themes have a hard role to fulfill – their all-encompassing focus means developers have to work extra hard to make them stand out from the pack. Tower, unfortunately, doesn’t offer a standout feature, and feels more like a ‘best of the rest’ offering than anything else.

It’s clear that the inspiration behind Tower is the Avada theme. The default layout has a similar small font choice and bright accent color, while other elements (such as team profiles and page header shadows) could have been taken directly from it. Unfortunately, we found scrolling jerky and slightly unresponsive, so take this into consideration if you’re planning on splashing your cash.

In a nutshell, while Tower is a decent theme, there’s nothing unique of note to earmark it for your consideration – which is unfortunate, given its solid and functional foundations.

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Forward-thinking businesses will no doubt be looking for a current, progressive design, and while some multipurpose themes on this list lack in their design aspects, this does not ring true for Foundry.

This theme offers over 25 demos (called ‘concepts’), each focusing on a specific industry niche. Furthermore, the bundled Visual Composer plugin ensures a great deal of flexibility in terms of customization. We’d say that these extensive design options, coupled with the impressive-looking case study and portfolio pages, means creatives and forward-thinkers will love Foundry.

Scrolling is a little slow by default thanks to the ‘smooth scroll' feature, though this can be disabled. There are also no marquee plugins or functionality – but given the outstanding design options, that’s no real negative.

All in all, Foundry is a fantastic theme, with much to offer a business looking for flexible layout options, and attractive design.

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Simple, yet elegant – a recipe for success not only for businesses, but also for WordPress themes appealing to creatives. And with both of these elements present in Jupiter, just like its namesake, it’s set to go stratospheric.

There’s plenty to offer creative types with Jupiter, especially those working with visual media, such as graphic designers, filmmakers, and photographers. There’s a gorgeous looking layout for case studies, which could easily be adapted to other types of projects, and the portfolio layouts are crisp and bold. Furthermore, your work can be prominently displayed with the bundled EdgeSlider plugin, enabling you to create full-screen displays with an engaging call to action.

Unfortunately, we found that Jupiter’s response was slow and jerky when utilizing parallax scrolling, but scrolling otherwise was very smooth – especially when there was a lot happening on the page, which highlights its development under the hood.

In short, if you’re creative and looking for a modern and stylish website, Jupiter’s functionality could well win you over.

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The finance industry is built on trust, and as such, it’s vital that you choose the right theme to portray your business in the best possible light. To achieve this, Broker is one such theme we urge you to consider.

When it comes to functionality, there’s nothing overly flashy or standout about Broker – and that’s a good thing. This theme’s value is in its overall look and feel, with its default font and color scheme complementing an understated design. Testimonial pages are clear, and case study pages are set out to focus on the challenges, solutions, and results you provide, rather than any superfluous information.

Overall, while there’s not much flash with Broker, that’s missing the point. If your business’ currency is trust and dependability, this theme will suit you down to the ground.

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The Vellum theme lets you go from zero to launch in no time. Thanks to the theme's pre-loaded Starter Kits, you can pick a site type (from a list of 12) and import demo content with one click. Then all you have to do is replace the demo content with your own and you’re good to go.

Vellum also comes pre-packed with third-party extras, including UberMenu, Slider Revolution and Visual Composer. Add those to the theme’s custom audio player, unlimited styling options and contact form builder, and you have everything you need for your business site in one robust package.

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Zero is a flexible business theme – it’s great for your blog, portfolio, photography and more.

A clean and minimalist responsive design helps to make your content pop on any device. The theme offers three different home page options to choose from along with some beautiful transition effects. There’s a sticky menu, scrolling animation and numerous font icons to select from too.

The extensive documentation also comes with snapshots and step-by-step instructions so you can get your site set up and running quickly and customized to your exact style.

There are also a bunch of premium plugins included at no additional cost, including the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer. Furthermore, Zero is powered by the Tesla Framework, allowing you to easily customize your look without any advanced programming skills necessary.

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Dependable and trustworthy are two traits that should sum up any conscientious business owner to potential clients. For a theme that can help you realize a website that promotes those traits, consider Unicon.

In its default layout and color scheme, Unicon comes across as very solid without being overly stuffy. Its clean design and no fuss layout will definitely appeal to those who want to convince clients they’re up to the task. However, you don’t have to settle for a purely functional design – with the bundled Visual Composer plugin, almost any layout is possible.

Finally, portfolio page layouts are very modern and stylish, but think of them as case study layouts and you’ll no doubt see how they can showcase your work to potential clients.

In a nutshell, for businesses looking to create a website that exudes dependability and with solid functionality to match, Unicon could fit the bill.

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The7 is a responsive multipurpose theme that can grow and change with your business. Just looking at the numbers, this theme boasts two design styles, four header layouts, 600+ available fonts, unlimited background colors and 12 included skins.

If that weren't enough, The7 comes pre-loaded with the Layer Slider, Slider Revolutions, Visual Composer and Go Pricing Tables premium plugins in addition to WooCommerce support. As the demo shows, this theme is flexible enough to use as a business, creative, blog or shopping site.

Tons of shortcode options and styles let you design your site to suit your individual tastes. Whether you want parallax functionality, a landing page style design or a more straightforward layout, it’s all possible with The7.

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With more than 230,000 downloads, Avada is one of the most popular business themes around, and with good reason. It's WooCommerce enabled, so you can use it as a store. It's fully responsive and retina ready, has premium sliders and includes five header designs.

The theme's demo features an impressive 28 homepage styles and a multitude of page template options. If you're interested in including a portfolio on your site, there's no shortage of options there either. You can choose to have a classic layout, a grid layout and more.

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When it comes to increasing conversions and sales, landing pages are a proven commodity. With a suitable one-page theme such as Roxima, your landing page is your website – rather than just one cog in the wheel.

If you’re familiar with one-page websites, the functionality of Roxima won’t surprise you. Your layout is built using a drag-and-drop page builder, accessed directly from WordPress’ Customizer, with a multitude of design options at your disposal.

While other themes look to enhance their functionality with bundled plugins, Roxima includes almost everything you need to create your website out of the box. Along with a number of custom widgets (including a pricing table), there’s also a built-in custom slider – again accessed from the WordPress Customizer.

Roxima is a theme with power and flexibility that also offers a simple approach to building your website. If you have requirements matching its strengths, this theme should feature very highly on your shortlist.

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Enfold is responsive, retina ready, and allows you to install demo content with the click of a button. And if you like having options, you'll get more than you bargained for with this theme. There are so many potential combinations, you could easily redesign your site over and over without repeating.

The demo shows 11 different homepage designs, nine portfolio layouts, six blog layouts and a variety of page styles. Enfold’s shortcodes, pre-loaded skins and layout builder let you customize even further. Functionality-wise, the theme supports WooCommerce, Form Builder, GravityForms and bbPress.

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This is a seriously impressive WordPress theme – 100% responsive and mobile ready, great customization options, a home page constructor, and much more. If you are looking to create a striking online home for your business, Codeus might be what you're looking for. It doesn't hurt that my opinion is shared by many others – at the time of writing, Codeus has a near-perfect rating on ThemeForest.

You'll find the theme especially impressive if you are not particularly experienced in web design, as it makes the process of creating a unique design a cinch. Codeus comes complete with an advanced admin panel, two striking skins, multiple page layouts and a choice of boxed or wide layouts, enabling you to create something that's perfect for your needs with just a few clicks.

Finally, detailed documentation, free future updates and comprehensive customer support ensures that Codeus can be your theme of choice for a long time.

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If you're looking to put your best foot forward with your business' online presence, you could do far worse than Grecko – it is a seriously slick theme.

Grecko is so feature-packed that it's difficult to know where to start – it is fully responsive, retina ready and touchscreen friendly. To put it another way, it is a future-proof theme.

It isn't just about functionality though – as business themes go, Grecko is right up there in terms of professionalism and simply looking great. Best of all, configuration options are extensive, including a changeable header image, sliders, two styles of navigation menus, a menu configurator, interactive AJAX search and much more.

Check out Grecko now to discover all of the features we didn't even have room to include here.

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If you're looking for a theme that has an outwardly corporate feel, you'll want to take a look at BusinessTwo. This theme uses a subdued gray palette to convey professionalism while at the same time including functionality that keeps it modern.

In addition to portfolio and product page layouts, BusinessTwo gives you the ability to set up your homepage with a wide or boxed slider.

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Company is a fresh responsive theme that combines modern user experience design with classic business sense. The theme’s slider includes animated transitions that add pizzazz without going over the top.

If you want to use the theme to showcase your portfolio, you can choose to display your work in two, three or four columns. Portfolio items are sortable by category, and individual item pages have a project details section where you can specify client, skills and more.

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Flat is a bold theme from the folks at Themify. As the name implies, it’s a flat design theme that’s laid out in horizontal color block sections.

Like their other themes, Flat uses the Themify Builder that lets you drag and drop content modules to easily build your site. Not only can you move the modules around, you can also drag to change the number of columns or adjust column spans. One mind-blowing aspect of the Builder is that you can also edit and move modules on the front end as well.

As you would expect, Flat includes lots of pre-designed templates for multiple uses. Whether you want to use the theme to set up a personal blog, online magazine or corporate site, there are a boatload of shortcodes and tools to fit the bill.

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Universe is an ideal theme for showing off your personal or corporate portfolio. Best suited for photographers and agencies, this responsive theme is built on the powerful Tesla framework, which allows you to customize your site’s look and functionality with ease.

The theme’s overall design is clean and professional. Choose from built-in blog, photo, law or business homepage layouts with or without a slider. Universe also gives you 13 custom posts, eight page templates and built-in shortcodes.

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Collective is a multipurpose responsive theme that can work for a wide range of business types. Built on the TFuse WordPress framework, the theme uses bright colors that are sure to make it stand out.

Collective has a one-click auto-install, so you don't need to fiddle with the theme files if you don’t want to. For various configuration options, it offers eight home background styles, eight color styles and a list of common shortcodes.

At first glance, the top navigation could appear fairly plain, but rolling over any of the options reveals a Mega Menu with submenu options and newsletter sign-up.

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Whether you want to sell products, display your portfolio or give your company an online presence, you’ll find what you need in the Nayma theme. It comes already integrated with WooCommerce, Visual Composer and Slider Revolution, so you can start customizing and selling right away.

It supports one-page or multi-page site layouts in full screen or boxed styles. Nayma also frees you from limitations with a drag-and-drop page builder, modules builder and infinite sidebar options. Multiple blog and portfolio layout styles let you express yourself any way you’d like.

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Quasar is a theme that you really need to experience to appreciate. It’s packed with features and extras, including third-party tools like Curvy Slider, Rock Page Builder and Rock Form Builder.

Curvy Slider takes your site possibilities to a new level by letting you essentially animate your own multi-layer slider. This is a competition-crushing feature that can really set any business site apart.

In addition to the myriad of homepage and portfolio layout options, Quasar also comes with six header models and pretty much any design element you can think of. Beyond design considerations, the theme also takes business functionality into consideration with advanced forms for on-site job application, customer survey and visitor profile.

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Elision is a retina ready, multipurpose theme that features a Qode slider. It lets you create a responsive full screen or fixed height slider with parallax and fade elements animations.

For quick layout creation, the theme includes Visual Composer page builder that lets you drag and drop modules to create a layout. You can also turn Ajax animations on and off. So if you like a site that's straightforward you can choose to have them off, or turn them on to add more interactivity and interest to your site.

Elision is a slick business theme that will get you noticed. It has a ton of extra design elements and interactive tools you can add to create pages that look like infographics.

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eStudio is a fresh looking theme built on solid design principles, so it will always be in style. The theme is fully responsive, so it will display appropriately no matter what device visitors are using.

This theme's homepage design includes an area at the top that you can use to highlight intro text or headlines. Below that is a tabbed feature area where you can showcase images and important content.

eStudio's sortable portfolio page is built with a clean grid design that leads to full width individual project pages. The single page accommodates large images that let you feature your work prominently.

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When it comes to finding a cool, feature-packed business theme, Ruby more than hits the mark. Built by KingKongthemes, Ruby boasts a powerful framework that serves as a launchpad for any design ideas you may want to implement. It has 12 demos that you can import for immediate use, including eight home pages and four full sites. Easily adapted for anything from a corporate site to portfolio, an online shop to a creative concept page – your options are only limited by your ideas.

Ruby isn't short on customization features either. It includes the Visual Composer plugin, which gives you full control over how your site looks. It offers dozens of page and blog layouts, templates, widgets, footer layouts, and sidebar and header options. There are also more than 30 portfolio layouts and styles available. For even more customization, 50 shortcodes are included as well.

Ruby's other features only add to its appeal. Parallax effects and a responsive, retina-ready design give it a modern look. It supports more than 40 social channels and icons for sharing, and is translation ready via the WPML plugin. Ruby fully supports the Yoast plugin for SEO and also integrates with Google Maps. Available customer support options include documentation, video tutorials, a forum, and direct support.

For a flexible approach and vast customization options, Ruby is an ideal theme for most sites.

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Nimble is a striking theme with a bold presence. It's great for businesses that want to let their personality shine through their website. Nimble comes with five pre-loaded color schemes, but you are free to adjust colorization and more through the theme's ePanel.

Theme templates include image gallery, contact form, sitemap, advanced search, full width, member login, blog and multimedia portfolio. The shortcodes included in this theme are fairly standard, such as list formatting, pricing tables, boxes and more.

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Flawless is a premium responsive theme that's overflowing with functionality. Not only do you have the page builder, but you also are able to scale the content container to any width you specify. Mega Menu is a built-in feature with the theme, which lets you customize the number of columns you want the menu to contain.

You can easily import demo content using the GoodLayers importer plugin that's included. Within the page builder, you can also create parallax sections that you can customize to scroll faster or slower. One of the theme's unique features is the ability to create a landing page out of any page template by simply disabling the header and/or footer. So this removes the need for a separate landing page template.

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Wall Street


If you're looking for a theme that will turn some heads, Wall Street may be for you. Its slick parallax design, subtle animations and ample white space will position your company as a leader, not a follower.

Simple navigation and straightforward content presentation are the hallmarks of the Wall Street theme. In addition to being responsive and easy to customize, it includes post formats to accommodate images, video, audio, quotes, links and standard content.

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Total is a highly rated responsive multipurpose theme that integrates a lot of the functionality that today's online business needs. It has WooCommerce and bbPress integration, drag-and-drop page builder, single and multi-page layouts and a number of customization options.

The theme includes parallax image support in addition to three header styles and four page title display options. With Total, you can choose from six pre-designed color skins or design your own palette options. The theme also includes third-party tools such as Visual Composer, Layer Slider and Slider Revolution.

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Foxy is a responsive eCommerce ready template with lots of personality. You can edit the theme using the Elegant Themes epanel to control navigation, layout, ad management and more.

The theme's tight design is punctuated with striking graphics and bold icons. Pre-loaded page templates include portfolio, image gallery, login page, full width content and contact form. The unique styling of Foxy's blog and product page layouts will add another layer of professionalism to your site.

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Executive Pro


Executive Pro is a theme by StudioPress that runs on the Genesis framework. It comes with seven color styles, three layout options and lets you designate a custom background. It's a fixed width theme that is mobile responsive and developed with HTML5 markup.

Executive Pro is definitely a theme geared toward more corporate companies, with the standard top drop-down navigation, featured slider and three-column content areas. Page layout options let you specify whether you want to have full width content or include a sidebar on the left or right. For page templates options, the theme offers standard blog and archive pages in addition to portfolio and landing pages.

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Business Essentials


Business Essentials is a theme that was built specifically with your business needs in mind. Developers intentionally set the default page width at 980px, knowing that many businesses don't have large monitors or tend to view most websites on laptops.

The theme includes its own admin panel that lets you upload a new stylesheet and override the default one. It also includes page templates that are often overlooked by other themes, such as career opportunities, staff listing and case studies. Carousels and sliders in the theme are swipe enabled for mobile support, further enhancing its responsive design.

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Electra is a responsive theme that's perfect for creative agencies or design studios. Built on the Tesla framework, the theme includes the Revolution Slider plugin that lets you take your homepage slider to the next level.

With Electra, you get 10 custom post styles, six custom widgets and a variety of shortcodes to add functionality where you want it. In addition to seven built-in page templates, you also get a visual form builder so you can easily create and customize forms anywhere on your site.

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Nevada is a full-featured responsive theme from United Themes. You can take a look at three different demo options for this theme: boxed, full width and WooCommerce demo store. Nevada has a nice set of tools including a drag-and-drop page creator, a table manager that lets you easily create and customize tables and a slider manager that lets you manage effects and transitions.

The demo showcases 15 different homepage layout examples, which can give you a good idea of the theme’s capabilities. Page templates include testimonials, team page, client page and more. It also includes a number of post formats such as gallery, audio, link and quote.

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Hayden is a fresh responsive theme that immediately catches your attention with a full screen slider on the homepage. Its clean design and ample white space serve to accentuate the theme's content.

A sortable portfolio page is great for creative companies or individuals who want to have a professional looking portfolio site. Overall, Hayden is a straightforward easy-to-use theme for anyone looking to project a professional presence without needing to do a lot of set up and customization.

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If you’re looking for a flat design, but want a theme that’s a bit more simple and straightforward, Scroller is a good choice. It has a friendly color scheme and simple top bar navigation.

The homepage is set up with horizontal content sections and a footer block, which lets you feature a good amount of content without overwhelming your visitors. Scroller doesn't have any animation effects, but the theme includes some nice design elements, so you won’t necessarily miss them.

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Agency Pro


The Agency Pro theme by StudioPress includes the Genesis framework and is mobile responsive. It has five pre-loaded color styles, six layout options and the ability to designate a custom background.

Agency Pro has a fluid, light design that gives you the flexibility specify content and sidebar layout or choose full width content. Page templates include blog, landing page columns and archive.

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Impreza is a responsive theme that is retina ready and uses the built-in drag-and-drop Visual Composer. The theme comes with 10 default color styles, but you can customize it to your liking with extensive style and unlimited color options.

The theme is WooCommerce ready and supports horizontal parallax backgrounds. Adding to the value of this theme is the fact that they've also included the Slider Revolution plugin, so you can create an unlimited number of sliders to fit your needs.

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Centum is a clean responsive theme that's reminiscent of some the themes from earlier days of WordPress. It doesn't get bogged down with a lot of bells and whistles, but provides elegant styling with some modern touches.

Packaged with the theme is the Slider Revolution plugin and WooCommerce integration. If you plan to incorporate a portfolio into your site, the theme includes eight different layouts that you can choose from. Overall, Centum is a breath of fresh air for those looking for a more simple business site without overdoing it.

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Sterling is a responsive themes with a modern corporate feel. Whether you're new to WordPress or a pro, you’ll find it equally easy to use the theme’s administration panel to adjust options for your blog, styling, interface and more.

Sterling comes with 18 pre-designed color schemes, nine header/footer designs and five shadow styles. You can also choose to set up your site with a boxed or wide layout. To further customize your site’s look, the theme includes more than 100 shortcodes.

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Swagger is a slick and highly customizable responsive layout that is retina ready. It's built on the Theme Blvd. framework, which has a unique feature in its styles tab. Here you'll be able to select options like your primary color, content area colors and decide between 12 color themes.

In addition to standard sidebar options, this theme also includes the ability to have double sidebars on the left or right. Swagger includes nine pre-designed theme layouts aimed at standard businesses, magazines, design agencies and personal sites. The theme’s layout builder and slider manager let you customize any changes even if you’re not very technically minded.

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  1. Nice list! I’d say that Centrum is my favorite out of what you listed.. Honestly though I really like the theme you use for athemes.com – it’s easy on the eyes 🙂 -Vinny

  2. A nice selection of WordPress themes. I like Crevision in particular, but maybe that’s just the colourful pictures. It has a nice mix between a formal site and a blog. I built my website using udesign which is also nice and the second best selling WordPress theme on Themeforest after Avada which you mention.
    Thanks again,

  3. great work. Responsive is in demand.
    at the first look it all look good to me.
    i’d surly going to review the demo, and test it’s tech score as well. btw thanks for such a good theme.

    this is to add further, swagger seem to be the WINNER on tech grounds.

  4. Quasar wins my heart. wp is the best quick platform to design any kind of website. also if you find a theme as per your need, your website would ROCK.

    i also like you another post about elegant themes, the best part is they offered complete access to all of their theme in just few $$.

    this list is really great, i have bookmarked, and shared on my social network too. many thanks.

  5. Hi! I have a simple question (perhaps too simple) what’s the difference between a ‘boxed’ and a ‘full-width’ layout. Which one should I choose? Does it matter for anything?


  6. Perhaps another simple question, but I’m totally new and dense…what are the differences in licensing? I am using my website to sell items so does that mean I need an extended license or is the extended license for people who are going to modify the template and sell that (the modified template) to someone else? So confused! Thanks!

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