9 Best Knowledge Base & Wiki WordPress Themes 2024

Creating a knowledge base website or wiki can be an effective way to support your users, members, clients, and customers. Although you could build this type of website by using a standard WordPress theme, if you choose one of the options from this collection of the best knowledge base and wiki WordPress themes, you should find it much easier to complete your project.

The right knowledge base theme will help you create a website that provides your audience with the answers to their questions and solutions to their problems, hopefully reducing the number of queries you have to deal with. Instead of replying to emails and support tickets one by one, you can publish the content online and help multiple people at once.

The knowledge base WordPress themes in this collection not only have appropriate templates for your website, but they also have useful features that make it easier to manage this type of content, including FAQs, discussion forums, and online documentation.

If you want to create a website to support your products and services, then these themes can definitely help.

1. KnowAll

KnowAll is a premium knowledge base WordPress theme from the HeroThemes team.

KnowAll does more than simply give your website an attractive look and feel. This theme aims to provide you with everything needed to run an effective knowledge base website with WordPress.

Depending on how you configure your online knowledge base, your visitors can be greeted with an AJAX-powered live search tool, followed by links to your most popular help topics. Adding downloadable attachments to any of the articles is straightforward with KnowAll, making it easy to support your audience in a number of different ways.

To ensure your WordPress knowledge base website matches your branding and fits in with the rest of your online content, there are a number of code-free customization options you can make use of. You’ll also find a useful set of reporting tools to help you monitor how effective your knowledge base and its content are at helping your audience. Other tools to help you evaluate your website include easy-to-use feedback forms on each article and search analytics for monitoring whether your visitors can find what they are looking for.

If you want to support your products and services in style, while giving your visitors an easy way to help themselves before they open a support ticket, KnowAll, with its professional design and useful set of features, is well worth considering.

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2. Heroic Knowledge Base (plugin)

Heroic Knowledge Base adds all the features to your site that you will need to create a fully functioning knowledge base. By choosing this plugin, you can use any WordPress theme you like to build your online support resource.

As well as making it as easy as possible to add your knowledge base content to your website, this plugin has lots of features that will enable you to offer a positive user experience to your visitors. This includes an AJAX-powered search tool that improves the effectiveness and speed of the search functionally, article feedback features that allow your visitors to rate your content, easy article attachments for providing files and additional content to your visitors, and a number of widgets for displaying knowledge base content and links in your sidebars.

Heroic Knowledge Base is highly configurable and includes a detailed set of options and controls for making it work in the way that you want. You also get a user-friendly drag and drop editor for arranging your content in the right order. The online documentation helps to make sure that you will have no problems setting this plugin up on your website.

To ensure that your knowledge base content fits in with your WordPress theme of choice and the rest of your website, the plugin includes a number of different visual templates for controlling the appearance of your articles. You are also free to add your own custom CSS in order to gain even more control over how your knowledge base content will look.

So far the Heroic Knowledge Base plugin has been used on nearly 5,000 websites and the user list includes some impressive names. If you choose this plugin you will be in great company, with sites like Crazy Egg, OptimizePress, and Restaruant.com all using this plugin to power the online documentation sections of their websites.

Heroic Knowledge Base gives you the option of building a website that is solely used as a knowledge base as well as adding these features to an existing website or blog while you can still use your favorite WordPress theme.

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3. Docy

Docy is a documentation and knowledge base WordPress theme.

As this theme has lots of interactive features, it’s a great choice for making a knowledge base and wiki-type website where you and your team can communicate with your users or customers. Depending on how you configure your website and this theme, your audience can also communicate back to you. Some options for facilitating this include activating the discussion forums which are excellent for support communications as well as making the wiki content editable by your visitors.

If you want to create a help desk website to support your service or product, Docy was built for that type of project, too. As you can combine the help desk features with the knowledge base and wiki functionality, you can use the Docy theme in many different ways.

Docy has templates for publishing a wide range of content types on your website.

4. Docly

Docly is a knowledge base WordPress theme that can be used to create help desk forums, thanks to its integration with the bbPress plugin. As bbPress can be extended with its library of add-ons, you can create almost any type of discussion forum for your website when building it with this theme.

Docly also has everything you need to add a wiki and knowledge base to your website. With three main demos to choose from, you should be able to find one with a suitable design for your needs.

The Docly layouts have been designed to be user-friendly and allow your visitors to quickly find what they’re looking for. The templates have been created with a focus on readability so that your audience won’t have to worry about being able to read your content, no matter what device they’re using.

Features like the collapsible FAQ section, the document navigation system, and the powerful search tool, all combine to give your website a professional look for supporting your products and services online. Docly works with the Elementor page builder plugin too, giving you the option of opening the templates for editing in a drag-and-drop editor.

Docly is ideal for publishing documentation and other content online to support your project.

5. Lore

Lore is a lightweight theme that aims to help you launch a fast-loading knowledge base website with WordPress.

Although first released a few years ago, Lore has recently been updated and refreshed so that it can compete with the most modern knowledge base WordPress themes available today. Thanks to some stylish font and color choices, your knowledge base website will have a professional look and feel if you choose this theme and use the default settings. However, as this is a flexible theme, you do get a good amount of control over its properties, such as the fonts, colors, and layout settings. Therefore, if you’re looking for a knowledge base theme that looks great out of the box, but still has plenty of scope for personalization, Lore should meet your requirements.

If you do choose Lore for your website, you can quickly import the demo site into your WordPress dashboard. After that, you can begin adding content to your site through the custom post types that handle all the knowledge base and FAQ entries. These post types fully support attachments so that you can upload files to your content that are easily accessible to your visitors. The theme also includes a full set of blog post templates, allowing you to add a blog to your website that can be used to publish the latest news and updates about your project.

Another useful feature of the Lore knowledge base theme is the support for the leading WordPress discussion forum plugins. Thanks to this, if you enable a free plugin like bbPress, you can use the Lore templates to add a nicely presented support forum to your website where your visitors can create topics and respond to posts.

Lore is a flexible theme that would work well for knowledge bases, online documentation sites, and support forums, to name just a few.

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6. Tikidocs

Tikidocs is another stylish knowledge base and support forum WordPress theme with some great features.

If you check out the demo of the Tikidocs theme, you’ll see that the pre-built content sticks to the traditional knowledge base website design style. This means that if you use this theme in its default configuration, your website will have a search box followed by links to the most popular sections of your knowledge base. To help your visitors find exactly what they’re looking for, the search box does have live search functionality, so as your visitors start typing, relevant results are immediately displayed, based on their input.

While the default Tikidocs configuration does look great, you get a few other options with this theme. For example, there are two main knowledge base layouts to choose from, plus a number of different layouts and templates for the other types of content you might publish on your website, including the category pages, single knowledge base entries, and the blog section of your site. Tikidocs also has a set of templates for adding a portfolio to your website, giving you an opportunity to showcase your products or completed projects. As well as adding a single changelog to your knowledge base website, you can also create one for each item in your portfolio. So if you are supporting multiple products, Tikidocs could be a good choice.

Like many knowledge base WordPress themes, Tikidocs has full support for the popular bbPress discussion forum plugin. Thanks to this, you can easily add a support forum to your website. If you do so, all of the forum content will have the same presentation and display properties as the rest of your site to help you deliver a consistent user experience to your visitors.

With elements like pricing tables and testimonials, Tikidocs can also help you promote your products and services online.

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7. Manual

Manual is a knowledge base theme designed for help desk and education projects.

This theme comes with a varied selection of website demos to help you get your knowledge base up and running with the least amount of effort possible. Some of the demos work really well for creating knowledge bases for educational projects, such as online learning platforms or schools. There are also options that are particularly well suited to building knowledge bases and online resource platforms for software applications and similar types of projects. There are other demos, too, so whichever type of knowledge base website you want to build, be sure to check out all of the pre-built content from Manual to see if this theme aligns with your goals.

Like many of the best knowledge base WordPress themes out there, Manual is easy to customize. To help you with this, Manual has been built to work with the Elementor page builder plugin. Due to this, you can open up all of the Manual templates for editing with this powerful and popular website customization tool.

To ensure that your knowledge base works in the way that you want, this theme is compatible with a range of third-party WordPress plugins. Thanks to this, you can easily add FAQs, discussion forums, and online learning content if your project requires it. When using this theme, you can quickly make some or all of your website private so that only selected users, such as your clients, customers, or members, can access it.

Unlike some of the other options in this collection, Manual has been around for a good few years now. This means that many people have purchased and used this theme to build their websites. Due to this, you should be getting access to a theme that’s been extensively tried and tested, with any bugs or issues reported to the creators of Manual for fixing. As Manual is regularly updated, it’s highly likely that any future problems, if they arise, will be quickly resolved.

If you’re looking for a knowledge base theme with lots of demos, take a look at Manual.

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8. InfoCenter

InfoCenter works well for creating knowledge base and question and answer sites with WordPress.

If you need to create a website to support your customers, clients, or users, then InfoCenter could help you get your project online. The theme package includes a fully-featured knowledge base website demo that you can import into your WordPress dashboard and use as the foundation for your own site. When setting up your website, you can choose from three different homepage variations, which you can see for yourself on the InfoCenter online demo. You can even log in to the demo to see what your website will be like for your visitors to use if you choose InfoCenter.

As InfoCenter can be used to publish a range of online documentation and support materials, the package includes a good set of templates for these parts of your site. With these InfoCenter templates, your FAQ – or frequently asked questions – can be displayed on a single page that you can refer your users to. Thanks to the smooth scrolling accordion feature, the answers to the questions posted on your FAQ page can be quickly displayed at the touch of a button.

There’s also a set of templates that work with the bbPress plugin to enable you to add a support forum to your website. If you do make your website interactive in this way, and you’re leveraging your community to help answer questions posted by other users, you might appreciate the ability to mark one response as the best answer. This makes it easier for your other users to quickly find the most helpful solution. Furthermore, if any answers aren’t helpful or are even abusive, they can easily be flagged for removal via the report button.

InfoCenter also comes with a selection of useful widgets that make it easy to add interactive elements to your website. Some examples include the login form, a widget that displays the top authors on your site, and one for displaying a list of popular questions and blog posts. There’s also a handy related questions widget that displays links to similar articles after each FAQ, to help your visitors find relevant material on your site.

InfoCenter has a strong focus on content organization to help your visitors find what they’re looking for.

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9. Wikb

Wikb aims to help you launch a knowledge base and help desk website with WordPress.

If you have customers or users that you need to support while they’re using your products or services, then the Wikb theme was built with you in mind. This theme also works well for setting up an online space where you can publish content to help your staff, community, or any other group of people.

The design of the Wikb templates is well-suited to this type of product. The overall style is serious yet welcoming, making it clear to your visitors that they can trust the information you’ve published while still feeling at home on your website. As all of the templates have a very modern design, any website that you create with Wikb should have a positive impact on your brand.

Through the features of Wikb and its recommended plugins, you can add lots of content to your website and present it in a range of different ways. For example, thanks to the discussion forum functionality, you can quickly set up a space where your users or customer can sign up and start sharing information, asking for help, and discussing your products and services.

Wikb has high levels of ecommerce support, too, making it ideal for promoting your portfolio of products and services to your existing users and new visitors to your website. By enabling the WooCommerce plugin and its library of add-ons, you can configure the ecommerce aspect of your website in almost any way that you want. Publishing product pages, pricing tables, and other online shop content are all taken care of by the Wikb library of templates.

Wikb can be configured and set up in a number of different ways making it suitable for a wide range of projects.

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