54 Best Photography WordPress Themes 2019

Your photos are no doubt striking and captivating, but in order to for them to achieve maximum impact online, your website must have a design that does them justice. With the plethora of themes out there to choose from, however, you may find yourself chasing your tail to find the right one.

Picking a specific theme for your needs as a photographer is the ideal solution – you’ll be looking for design and typography that flatters rather than overpowers your images, with slider options aplenty, and a myriad of customization options.

Help is at hand! Below, we’ve gathered over 50 of the very best themes to showcase your photography portfolio – so within this collection, you’ll be practically guaranteed to find something suitable.


When it comes to choosing a theme for a particular niche – such as photography – there are two schools of thought. A niche-specific theme can be a solid choice, but can also be limited in terms of features. With a multipurpose theme like Uncode, you still get the functionality required to make your images sparkle, while having a wealth of additional options at your fingertips.

While Uncode isn’t strictly designed for photography, it offers plenty of useful features for this type of website. For example, there are dedicated templates (or ‘concepts’) for photography sites, which provide almost everything you need to get up and running. For more specific design requirements, you can use the bundled WPBakery Page Builder plugin to make whatever tweaks you like.

Depending on the template you choose, there are also a wealth of demo pages included (such as About, Services, and Contact). These come ready with different preset layouts, which you can choose from depending on your needs. There are also a number of header options, some of which let you display media (with numerous animations and styles available). You’ll also likely value all of the portfolio and gallery features on offer, which are obviously vital for a photography website.

Whenever there’s a list of top-quality themes, Uncode can often be found within, regardless of the niche in question. It’s a useful theme with plenty of power, and is definitely a go-to solution for creating a photography website.

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Oshine markets itself as a “multi-layout, multi-purpose” WordPress portfolio theme featuring no less than 42 unique demos.

That might sound like a recipe for complete overwhelm, but in reality, the abundance of choice enables you to pick a design that features your photography in a way that feels close to perfect for your particular creative needs. Practically every imaginable layout is covered in the 42 demos on offer, which will give you a clear vision for how your photography might slot into the theme.

The latest version of Oshine is the result of a very successful run to date. The theme we see today has come about as a result of thousands of sales; it is clear that the developers have reinvested their efforts as a result of the theme's initial success, to your benefit.

Just about any feature you might dream up in terms of theme customizability are on offer: drag-and-drop page builder, theme options panel with Google Fonts integration, multiple layout combinations, integrated slider, multiple blog layouts, video backgrounds, and much more. That aside, Oshine is of course retina-ready, responsive, and WooCommerce and WPML compatible.

It truly appears that no stone has been left unturned during Oshine's development. Not only does it look fantastic (with more than enough inspiration through its 42 demos), it offers just about everything you could possibly need to mould the theme to your specific requirements.

I've only scratched the surface here; it would be remiss of you not to take a closer look at this truly impressive theme.

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Multipurpose themes sometimes get a bad rap – there’s no questioning their flexibility, but that quality can often cause an offering to lack the focus needed to excel in any particular niche. However, TheGem is the exception – if you could cut it open, it would bleed quality, regardless of its application.

We could talk all day long about TheGem’s customization options. There are a myriad of font and color choices, along with six header styles, and a plethora of demo pages to help you get up and running in a flash. If that isn’t enough, TheGem also comes bundled with three outstanding slider plugins – Slider Revolution, LayerSlider, and NivoSlider – to help you create stunning hero screens with compelling calls to action.

There are also a number of portfolio pages to choose from, with some photography-specific designs on hand including various masonry and grid layouts that all look stunning. For further design customization, the bundled Visual Composer plugin can be pressed into service – enabling you to create almost any layout design imaginable.

For the majority of themes, “specialization not generalization” rings true. However, there’s always one theme to break the mold, and TheGem is it. Add it to your shortlist, and be prepared to give up the pretence that you’ll be looking any further!

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Photography is a niche that can be classified as both a hobby and a profession. That means both professional photographers and more casual artists need access to a top-quality theme for showcasing their work. That’s where Inspiro comes into the picture.

This theme provides practically everything a photographer needs to successfully show others what they do. There are six demos available, catering to a variety of styles. What’s more, the theme’s developers have recognized that videographers fall into a very similar bracket, so there’s a demo for that niche too.

When it comes to functionality, Inspiro includes fullscreen headers, video backgrounds, gallery modules, slideshow widgets, and much more besides. This theme supports the free Beaver Builder plugin, and also is compatible with the Unyson Page Builder – meaning you have plenty of options for building your layout.

Overall, Inspiro is a simple theme with basic functionality. However, it does its job well. In our opinion, it’s a solid and well-rounded option for your photography website, and the included features represent pretty much everything you’ll need for displaying and selling your work online.

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A wedding is usually designed to be a classy affair. This ideal permeates every aspect of the special day, including the photography. By extension, your wedding photography website will also need to radiate professionalism and class – something Milea does very well.

This theme isn’t focused solely on wedding photography, but its design and demo content make it perfectly suited to that use. There’s also a built-in drag-and-drop page builder, which will let you create a layout matching your specific requirements. This gives you the opportunity to add testimonial sections, ‘About Me’ blurbs, Instagram feeds, and much more.

Milea offers plenty of features to help you promote your services and make a connection with clients, no matter what type of photographer you are. The bundled MailChimp integration is a perfect example, making it easy to conduct email outreach via the site itself.

Overall, Milea is a standout theme for promoting your wedding photography and similar projects. What’s more, aThemes readers can get 15% off of all Flothemes’ products by entering the code ATHEMES15 at checkout!

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Visuals are arguably the thing that matters most when it comes to your photography site. As such, your theme should set you up for success – something that Photographer does very well.

There are eight default home pages to choose from in this theme, all of which prioritize prominent visuals. You can choose from among various layouts that include photowalls, Ken Burns effects, and even a unique ‘fast fades’ style.

Photographer also includes a plethora of settings to help customize your site to perfection. There are hundreds of Google Fonts to choose from, for example, along with lots of social media icons for connecting your site to the rest of your online presence.

All in all, Photographer includes a lot of excellent ways to showcase your images. So if you’re looking for a standout design as the foundation for your site, we recommend checking it out!

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A photography theme needs to strike a balance between offering an attractive design yet largely letting the photography itself do the talking. Exposure – arguably more than most – achieves exactly that.

This theme's design provides framing for the photography without overpowering the imagery that you choose to use. The above-fold is dominated by a full-width image slider that extends underneath the opaque header and navigation bar. Below that, plain pastel colors and elegant typography offers a beautiful framework for additional photographs.

Fortunately, the theme's elegant design extends through all of its pages, with the all-important gallery page especially well considered.

Design elements aside, Exposure offers a plethora of theme customization options, shortcodes, and even an events calendar. This one definitely belongs on your shortlist.

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Photocrati includes more than 60 homepage styles, gallery management, blogging, e-commerce tools, iPhone/iPad compatibility, copyright protection, built-in SEO tools and is easy to customize. This single-solution theme allows you to have a website, galleries, blog and sell all in one.

Photocrati does not have a “design.” This theme actually has 60+ unique templates that are ready to use based on the type of images you plan to showcase. (With this many options, it is no wonder the theme is used by more than 18,000 photographers and artists.)

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When you think of ‘fashion’, what words pop into your head? Terms like sleek, stylish, and modern probably come to mind. If you’re working with fashion photography, your website should also fit those descriptors.

That’s where Azalea comes into the picture. Any content created for use in the fashion industry needs to ‘wow’, and having a choice of 12 stunning home page layouts helps you do just that. However, if you have a more specific design in mind, the bundled WPBakery Page Builder plugin has your back.

Of course, a portfolio photography theme would be nothing without a plethora of ways to display your work, and Azalea doesn’t disappoint on that front. You can create a showcase portfolio using the theme’s ‘list’ feature, or for clients already ‘on the hook’, use built-in proofing functionality to hasten the payment process.

In a nutshell, Azalea does the simple things well. It’s great for winning work, and also does plenty to keep customers rolling in. Our advice is to check out the demo and see it in action for yourself!

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If you browse a number of photography websites, you’ll see that they all serve different purposes. Some are designed to showcase your work prominently, while others are lead generators. Photosy, on the other hand, aims to be a jack of all trades.

Much like many other themes in this genre, you can create a custom layout using the bundled Visual Composer page builder plugin. Furthermore, you can choose between five default header styles, incorporate practically any font from Google’s collection, and much more. There’s no shortage of options when it comes to customization.

Photosy’s real selling point, however, is its incredibly flexible demo layout collection. You can choose from nearly 30 designs, each fulfilling a different role. For example, you can display a simple contact form, incorporate a split-screen slider, or create a clean-looking portfolio. You can also combine elements (or ‘blocks’) from each of these demo layouts, meaning that you can easily build the site you need without even touching the page builder.

We like Photosy, and we think you will too. It straddles a line between power and efficiency, and will be excellent if you want a compelling looking site that you can put together quickly.

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While creativity is likely one of your strengths, when it comes to web design you may be tempted to outsource the work. After all, there are only so many hours in the day. While a professional design usually requires a robust budget, however, a theme such as Objectiv could put this task well within your reach.

This theme has been designed to help you get your site up and running in a flash, no matter how much (or how little) previous experience you might have. There are plenty of demo designs to choose from, and many home page layouts. In addition, the bundled WPBakery Page Builder plugin can help you create a layout to meet your exact requirements.

There are also a number of page templates to help you create content quickly. These include About, Contact, and Proofing pages. With them, you can flesh out your site and add in key information, without saving to start from scratch.

Objectiv is designed to help you create a sleek-looking site in a hurry. As such, it’s one theme that’s well worth your attention.

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Photo Me


Extensive functionality and a myriad of bundled plugins are all well and good, but for some it may be overkill. Photo Me offers the bare essentials, but with potentially all the customization options you need to present your work in its best light.

Layouts in Photo Me are created with a custom drag-and-drop page builder, with four pre-defined header options, and mega menu support to create content-rich navigation. Landing page-style layouts are also easily created with the page builder, with the option for parallax background images if you desire. Also, the bundled Revolution Slider plugin enables full-width images, to prominently display your photos to visitors.

Photo Me includes over 50 gallery and portfolio templates, along with six blog templates – so there’s no worry about having a common design – and extensive social media integration options, including Flickr and Instagram.

Color customization for any element is possible with a full color palette, and over 500 Google Fonts mean you’ll easily find the right typography to flatter your photos. To get up and running immediately, the developers (ThemeGoods) have included eight demos, all with one-click import. Also included is a child theme, so that any customizations you make aren’t wiped away when updating Photo Me.

Finally, ThemeGoods have offered extensive documentation along with priority support for when you need a helping hand.

In total, Photo Me is a solid theme without any undesired bells and whistles, which is well worth considering to showcase your work.

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Ztudio X

Impact is a necessary element of memorable, long-lasting photography. It’s also important for many other aspects of branding, such as your website. With this in mind, the creatively-named Ztudio X could be just what you need.

Unlike with many other themes, this one doesn't offer a lot of demo templates. However, that’s not an issue, mainly because what's on hand is so usable. Even the basic demo is complete with bold typography, as well as ample space for your images. There are also layouts dedicated to solo photographers and minimalist designers.

What’s more, by using the built-in Goodlayers Page Builder, you can adapt a pre-existing design however you’d like, or even create a layout from scratch. There are nearly 20 header styles to choose from, and a number of handy portfolio and gallery features. Overall, the comprehensive customization options enable you to tweak your design to your heart’s content.

Agencies and creatives will love Ztudio X. Particularly if you have a predefined idea of what your website should look like, you’ll appreciate the wealth of design options at your disposal. All in all, this theme is a fantastic choice, regardless of your business’ setup.

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Maintaining an air of professionalism is vital for photographers and their clients. As such, you’ll constantly need to find new ways to deliver the very highest quality. This applies to your website as much as to your work. Fortunately, Aurel’s functionality can provide you with a top-notch online presence.

Of course, your own skill as a photographer plays a huge part in your site’s impact. However, Aurel’s design options help to enhance your images, turning a decent website into a stellar one. There are nearly 200 pages, albums, and galleries at your disposal, letting you quickly create your site with no worries about poor design elements creeping in. What’s more, the bundled Elementor plugin lets you create a layout that matches your vision.

However, this theme’s standout feature in our opinion is Aurel’s Photo Proofing option. It gives your clients the opportunity to choose the photos they want, from within an attractive and easy-to-use interface. You can also password-protect any proofing gallery, to keep public eyes away from client projects.

On paper, Aurel has a lot in common with other themes in this niche. However, there’s a sheen of quality to Aurel’s feature set, which makes it a go-to theme for photographers.

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Choosing a minimalist, simple theme to showcase your photography sounds easy. However, given how competitive the theme market is, you’ll often be saddled with features you don’t want or need. Pinhole – much like the camera it’s named after – is a no-frills, yet highly useful theme to showcase your work effectively.

Compared to other themes, Pinhole has a carefully chosen feature set. There are five home page designs, which mix and match elements from five header styles and 30 different layouts. These include popular designs such as masonry and grid layouts, along with a fully justified option. Each can display up to four columns, and there are a number of different text styles to select.

Other than that, there’s little else of note to discuss. However, to judge Pinhole on that fact alone misses the point. A simple theme is often hard to come by, yet this one ticks all of the right boxes without adding complex, confusing, or unnecessary functionality. Pinhole is a refreshing option, and one that will enable you to display your work quickly and without fuss.

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Any effective photography site should be designed to put the focus where it matters most – on the pictures themselves. Whether you’re running a personal photo blog or a large commercial site, Eram makes sure that your images do the talking.

Setting up a website with Eram is a simple prospect. There are nine demos to choose from, each with its own unique design and organization. Add to that the various layouts, and you have a wide range of options for creating a visually distinctive site. The design process is streamlined via the drag-and-drop page builder and the live gallery builder, both of which let you make changes easily and see them immediately.

Although this theme could be used for many applications, it is most effective for any site that relies heavily on photo galleries. Eram offers nine gallery types with different features and functionalities, including the option to scroll vertically or horizontally through the images. You can add multiple types of galleries to your site, and protect them with passwords if you desire.

If you’re looking to create a gallery-centric website, Eram is worth checking out. It will enable you to easily create a fast, responsive website that looks professional and attractive.

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A stylish design isn’t just necessary for your photography website, it’s paramount. After all, a layout that lacks visual appeal will erode the trust your potential customers have in your abilities. Fortunately, Kreativa is one theme that can help you create a photography site with a standout layout and design.

This theme is packed to the gills with features, starting with two choices of skins – light and dark. From there, you get to select either a vertical or horizontal menu layout, and take your pick from a plethora of home page designs. You can opt for a photo wall, a slideshow with a Ken Burns effect, full-screen videos, and much more. In addition, pages can be tailored to your exact requirements using the built-in page builder.

Kreativa also includes a few more features that will likely seal the deal for many photographers. For example, this theme offers integrated events management and photo proofing – which will prove invaluable when discussing projects with clients.

Kreativa is focused on offering a gorgeous look and displaying your work to maximum effect, while keeping out of its way as much as possible. In short, this is an excellent go-to choice when deciding on a theme for your photography website.

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While there are many photography themes available, it’s fair to say that a lot of them look very similar. Novo is designed to buck that trend, by providing sleek, stylish, and modern visuals.

Novo’s default home page is an exercise in how to pack as much onto a page as possible, while keeping the focus on your images and service offerings. The approach used here is to fill as many edges of the screen as possible with navigation, social links, slider controls, and more. There’s even a slide-out menu that gives you another opportunity to share contact information, your latest work, and a small blurb introducing yourself.

All this functionality is available via the bundled Visual Composer plugin – a leading drag-and-drop page builder. However, you also get four menu options, and over 20 different page templates to help create your website’s infrastructure. You’re not simply limited to a stunning home page, but have other built-in ways to provide value to your readers.

Overall, Novo is a very solid photography theme. We love its unique method of presenting your work. If you believe your images should stand out, this should be a key theme on your shortlist!

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As a photographer, it should be inherently clear that the most important element of your website should be the images you produce. With a theme such as Timber, your photos are definitely placed front and center.

The front page of Timber will leave visitors in no doubt as to what your website’s focus is – the only element is a full-screen slider showcasing your images. Rolling over the edge of the screen displays customizable transitions to move between each image, and if you include a relevant call to action within the theme’s admin panel, visitors can click through to each project in question.

Each project is presented in a filmstrip style, and clicking each image enables you to view it full-screen mode, with navigation of the image controlled by your mouse movements. There are other display choices – such as a more traditional full-screen slider, or masonry-style gallery – but the filmstrip is such an impressive option, you may not want to consider the rest. Finally, the choice of over 600 Google Fonts will enable you to match what little text is on display to your overall brand.

Overall, Timber is a near-perfect theme for those who believe that it’s their photos that do all the talking.

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Even if your photos are incredible, poor on-screen presentation can rob them of their full visual effect. Whizz is a powerful, versatile, and well-supported theme that features plenty of options to create a stunning website.

Whizz includes 16 album layouts and 22 gallery layouts, as well as the option to download your galleries (useful if you want to backup your photos quickly or reformat them for other applications). As for creating page layouts, Whizz has enough customization options to offer virtually limitless possibilities. What’s more, because Whizz comes with the Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder plugin, you can start building your unique layouts with ease.

If you’re also selling work via your site, this WooCommerce compatible theme lets you add gorgeous product carousels, neat pricing tables, and prominent testimonials. For upcoming events you need to build hype for, Whizz has six event page demos to choose from. Both videos and photos can be added to these pages, as well as notifications for visitors if the event has been postponed or cancelled.

If you’re looking for a photography theme that’s both simple to use yet still permits a broad scope for creative freedom, look no further than Whizz. In our opinion, it should definitely make your shortlist of themes to consider!

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Your website and service can often seem like a one way street – you upload your work, then wait for the traffic, plaudits, and money to come in. With Kinetika, however, the focus is on enabling you and your clients to use your website as a collaborative medium, rather than a one-dimensional showcase.

Kinetika’s homepage offers a number of ways to display your work. You can choose from a full-width slider, embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo, display a photo wall, or show a particle slideshow. It’s the latter that looks the most impressive, but whether it distracts visitors from your work is for you to decide.

The portfolio options are plentiful, with a number of display options available such as masonry and worktype layouts, but Kinetika also includes a proofing gallery layout. This is ideal for collaborating with clients, enabling them to choose the photos they like from a recent shoot, and make comments to you within the gallery itself.

Overall, Kinetika is ideal for photographers who primarily work online, but like to deal with people directly.

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Grand Photography


Grand Photography is a dedicated photography theme, and it shows both in design and functionality. It offers a one-click demo install so you can be showcasing your work in no time.

With over 140 pre-built gallery and page options, you’re sure to be able to find the perfect way to display your work. Additional features such as parallax scrolling and video backgrounds enable you to use your creativity to create a visually stunning layout. You can also choose from six menu styles to help craft a user-friendly experience.

This theme was clearly built with commercial photographers in mind. The advanced gallery editor enables you to upload photos in bulk, then drag and drop to rearrange. You also have the option of protected passwords for each client, and clients can easily approve or reject images in a gallery.

A custom event post type means you can add events and let people know about the time, date, and location of exhibitions. And if you want to sell directly from your site, the theme is WooCommerce compatible.

There’s a lot to be said for having a theme that’s dedicated to your trade. Grand Photography has plenty of features to help any professional photographer succeed.

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The best photography is often striking and emotive, and your website should be the same. However, TwoFold takes things one step further and looks to place your photography front and center – something it achieves without breaking a sweat.

Minimalism is the name of the game with TwoFold. The homepage has no room for descriptive text, leaving your photography to do the work via a built-in slider – and there are plenty of transitions to choose from.

Along with a simple full screen option, which can display thumbnails or apply a Ken Burns effect to your images, there are some stunning and unique animations on offer – the split screen and cube transitions are very cool, and unique from most other themes.

If you’re reading this, you’ll likely be looking for a modern theme that’s visually stimulating to boot. TwoFold should be one of the first themes you peruse – highly recommended for photographers who want their work to take center stage.

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There are times when all that is required to display your work is solid basic functionality, wrapped up in a modern, clean design. If you’re looking for a theme without the bells and whistles, but with visual appeal, consider Superba.

Like some other themes in this list, Superba’s homepage is dominated by a full-screen slider with a number of options for displaying your work, including mosaic and masonry views. However, Superba also enables you to create a splash page – so important upcoming projects or offers can be prominently displayed to your visitors before they get into the main site.

The rest of the site is pretty standard – there’s an about page, a blog, and a portfolio – and while the functionality is basic, with the custom page builder your site can match almost any layout requirements you have.

In a nutshell, Superba is ideal for hobbyists or students who need a well-designed and modern-looking website to showcase their work.

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By giving their theme such an obvious name, this theme’s developers (ThemeGoods) are potentially banking on one thing: that Photography encompasses everything you’ll need in a theme to display your work.

With its tiny font size and full-screen galleries (courtesy of the bundled Revolution Slider plugin), Photography almost has a widescreen feel. The fonts themselves, along with their color and size, can be changed within the dashboard admin panel – as can the layout with Photography’s custom page builder.

The focus of this theme, however, is on gallery presentation. There are over 40 different layouts to choose from – including full-screen and parallax backgrounds, split screen, and a number of different column choices. Similar choices are available for portfolios too, and unlike most other themes, Photography includes a photo proofing layout for making collaborative choices, either within a team or with clients.

Finally, Photography’s integration with social media, along with the aforementioned photo proofing options, mean this theme is well-suited for those who enjoy collaborating on their work, rather than undertaking solo projects.

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It has to be said that the majority of themes on this list are rather masculine – browse the other options, and you’ll find strong lettering and bold color schemes. However, Aster looks to provide a different approach.

The overall design of Aster is very floral and feminine. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if you wish to change this aspect, you can upload your own background image to match your branding. If you do like certain aspects of the demo content, the developers have made it available with a one-click install.

On Aster’s homepage, the developers state that “100+ shortcodes and unlimited layouts…are a bad idea”. With that in mind, they’ve provided only the functionality they think you’ll need for your site. There’s a simple carousel slider for displaying your work in three sizes, and a client area with proofing options, similar to some of the other themes on this list. Other than that, there’s little to differentiate Aster from other themes.

Overall, Aster will suit those looking for softer branding for their business, without a lot of undesired bells and whistles.

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Clear and bold – these terms can describe great photography as well as a top-notch website. Finding a theme that provides both can be tough, but Kinatrix is a strong contender.

This theme kicks things off with a number of template home pages to help get you up and running quickly. What’s more, there are also nearly 15 fullscreen variations to choose from, all centered around displaying your work in an attractive manner.

For example, you can create portfolio carousels, Ken Burns effects, videos, and even slider displays (courtesy of the bundled Slider Revolution plugin). To tweak these layouts further, or create your own, there’s also a dedicated page builder. This lets you drag-and-drop elements into place wherever you like.

What’s more, the photography-centric features of Kinatrix are impressive. You’ll find photo-proofing options (including password protection) that help you refine your images and keep them safe. There are also e-commerce capabilities via the bundled WooCommerce plugin, and there’s a robust events manager so you can publicize any upcoming personal appearances.

Overall, Kinatrix has thought of practically everything you’ll need to create a stellar photography website, and it’s definitely worth a closer look.

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Vignette is a responsive theme for photographers with a minimalistic design perfect for showcasing images. The theme includes seven gallery styles and multiple home page options as well as powerful theme options, localization tools, plenty of shortcodes, custom menus and an unlimited color palette.

Vignette's simple design is made for photos with gallery boxes that complement common photo aspect ratios. The simple background also makes it easy for users to focus on the photography, not the aesthetics of your website.

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Many photographers make a living using their skills. However, within that group are a variety of niches, which require different types of websites if you want to maximize leads and conversions. Framed – a theme dedicated solely to professional photographers – could be the ideal solution for your unique site.

This theme comes with seven complete demo websites. Each can be installed with one click, and they cater to various professional photography niches. Plus, they all feature full-screen layouts that put the focus on your work. There are also plenty of slider layouts, so you can choose one that best represents your images.

If you’d like to tweak the design even further, you can do so using the Elementor page builder, one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market. There are also a ton of gallery layouts to choose from, to help you create the perfect portfolio or showcase for your work.

While Framed isn’t perfect, there’s plenty in the box to tempt all but the most picky of photographers. We’d recommend checking this theme out, given that’s it’s both flexible and stylish.

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Photographers can fall into a number of different areas – whether they capture weddings, live events, sports, or more traditional portraits – and they all have different requirements in a theme. While Bow may not meet the requirements of most, they may suit those who need a simple, no-fuss theme for displaying their work.

Some themes on this list have been described as having basic functionality, but Bow takes this to the extreme. The homepage itself acts as your portfolio, with the only other option being to display it as a masonry gallery. You can choose either an image or video as your background, and a collection of over 600 Google Fonts means what little text there is can be tailored to your overall brand.

In a nutshell, it’s clear that Bow is a theme that enables your images to do the talking, at the expense of any additional functionality.

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ThemeGoods produce a number of themes designed with photographers in mind. With Vega, they’ve created a theme for established photographers with a large portfolio, along with vintage-style design.

Vega’s home page is dominated by images, regardless of the layout used. Whether you utilize the gallery wall, multi-image layout, or the bundled Revolution Slider plugin, the majority of screen real estate is taken up by your photos. Galleries have a number of layout options, including metro and masonry, and portfolios can include video alongside images. Finally, landing page-style layouts are a possibility with Vega’s custom drag-and-drop page builder.

If you’re a photographer with little in the way of a portfolio, Vega might not be suitable due to its focus on prominently displaying your photos. For those with a large body of work however, Vega could be ideal.

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The majority of the themes on this list are designed to look classy and stylish. That’s no bad thing, but some photographers may look for a different aesthetic. Enter PixelGrade’s Lens theme, which gives your website a ‘punkish’ approach to displaying your work.

The Lens home page utilizes a vertical navigation section by default, and this allows the rest of the screen to be taken up by a picture wall. Each thumbnail also displays a like counter, which can be toggled from each image’s portfolio page. The portfolio pages don’t contain anything spectacular, but do include a slider option to display both video and images.

The default color scheme is yellow and black, which adds to its punk-style look, while Lens’ default typography gives it just enough sheen to lend an air of professionalism. Finally, there is also a photo proofing layout – vital for collaborating with both colleagues and clients.

To sum up, Lens looks cool and modern. More importantly, it looks totally different to other themes available, and for that reason alone, it’s well worth your consideration.

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If the themes on this list are anything to go by, an oft-forgotten aspect of some photographers’ work are projects creating a high volume of work, such as stock images. ePix is a theme designed to display as many of your images as possible, within a modern, clean design.

There are a number of layouts available with ePix, the majority of which include large, full-screen images. Whether this is using a carousel or the bundled Revolution Slider plugin, your images will be the first aspect of your website that visitors will see. ePix enables you to create a layout and color scheme through a number of ‘skins’, and any further layout customization is possible with the bundled Visual Composer plugin.

Finally, there are a number of gallery layouts, including grid and carousel, and by pressing the ‘stage’ layout into service, you can create a rotating gallery of images, each complete with pricing tags.

All in all, ePix is ideal for those with a high number of images, and a plan to monetize them.

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While photography has long been considered a solitary pastime, recently there have been those entrepreneurial types who offer ‘turnkey’ solutions – complete design solutions including photography, web design, and graphic design. With Story, the focus is on the team, rather than the individual.

This theme is more of a multipurpose offering, with a number of demos covering a multitude of uses. However, its photography showcasing elements compare favorably to other themes on this list.

Story’s home page employs a full-screen slider, each with its own call to action, and text and navigation are understated – meaning your images dominate the screen. The portfolio and gallery pages, however, are concise to say the least – each project entry opens out within an animated pop-up, with little space for additional text. The layout is modern and clean, but there’s little room to showcase the context behind your images.

It’s because of this, along with the impressive About and Team Member pages, that Story is suited to teams including a photographer, rather than as a showcase for the photographer and their work.

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Skylab has a sleek block-style interface designed for photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, art and creative directors, movie directors and architects. The highly visual responsive design can accommodate multiple galleries and images at a variety of sizes.

Skylab is best-suited for a large number of tight images with it's block format. Every image is displayed in its own square on the homepage. Interior pages offer more customization and photos in gallery-style post formats.

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Border is a responsive theme with a unique style that features full-screen photos with white borders. (The look reminds me of old photographs.) The theme is packed with powerful gallery tools such as fast and smooth animated transitions, plenty of slideshows and gallery options, gallery cover text, portfolio pages, video support and full social media integration.

Border has a fun design that works great for photographers wanting to capture a hint of classic style.

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The term ‘hipster’ has become somewhat derogatory as of late, but when it comes to photography, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being current, yet different. With a theme such as Soho, your website can look just as unique as your images.

The home page has a number of layouts to choose from, with the striped option (where the navigation fills the screen vertically) looking impressive. The pages themselves are framed by black borders, and with the smaller than average font size, each image looks bigger than it actually is. The choice of borders and default typography settings gives your site a cinematic look, and images almost pop out of the screen.

Portfolio and Gallery pages also have several layouts, but in keeping with the site’s aesthetic, it’s the grid view that offer the most striking option.

Summing up, if your images suit a modern design and would be enhanced with a larger than life sheen, Soho could be the ideal.

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There are a huge number of themes out there catering to photographers, each with their own unique selling point. Unfortunately for Insight, it’s not necessarily easy to see how this theme stands out from the rest.

The design itself is simple – a navigation bar at the top, a large slider underneath, and the content below. Unlike practically every other theme on this list, however, there are no dedicated portfolio or gallery pages – it’s the blog layouts that serve as a makeshift portfolio. Because of this, Insight may suit a photographer with a story to tell.

Overall, this theme arguably doesn’t cater to its core audience, and it’s difficult to recommend when there are other themes available in this roundup with functionality more suited to photographers. That said, if you have blogging tendencies, it could be an option worth considering.

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King Size


King Size is a highly customizable theme with a variety of gallery styles, four additional layout styles and easy photo gallery management. The full screen feature supports images and video as well as single of multi-page sliders.

King Size has a classic look to it with a fancier menu and design elements to choose from “out of the box.” What's especially nice about this theme is the large number of photo gallery options — ColorBox, FancyBox, Galleria, prettyPhoto, slideViewer — and you can use as many of them as you like.

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There’s nothing much more striking than a beautifully captured horizon or nature setting, and Borderland’s focus is to showcase all of the landscapes you capture.

The home page is laid out in a landing page style, utilizing a full-screen slider and parallax background images to contrast against the lighter font and accent colors. It’s not just landing pages that are possible, however; there are a number of ways to display your content.

Onto the portfolio pages, and each entry has a stylish rollover thumbnail. The single portfolio page is not all that unique, but as you scroll further down the page, the text scrolls along with you – a clever touch.

All in all, for those looking to showcase stunning images in a classy and stylish setting, check out Borderland.

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eClipse is one of ThemeForest's top-selling photography themes and has a five-star rating. The easy to use theme comes with unlimited home page layouts, image and video support with unlimited color options, dark and light color skins, WooCommerce integration, a responsive framework, a contact form and MailChimp integration.

eClipse has a stylish design that can be customized in a number of ways. (The demo page includes 10 sites using the theme that look nothing alike.) The design works best with lots of images, so make sure to get that camera out and take some pictures.

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Expression has a flexible gallery using jQuery animations and effects with AJAX scrolling features. With unlimited gallery pages and one-click uploads, Expression is easy to use. Plus this theme is responsive and includes unlimited color skin options.

Expression has a beautiful block-style design that has an almost Instagram-style look to it. Blocks allow for images of different shapes and sizes that fit together like a puzzle.

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Coastline is a responsive theme with advanced and modern features such as infinite scrolling and fun left-hand menu navigation. The theme includes Jetpack, a set of features including galleries, social sharing and website statistics. It also includes multiple post formats, shortcodes, custom menus, plenty of color options and is compatible with every browser.

Coastline features a unique design with big images next to sidebar navigation. Square images pop in and out of a grid-based design for different device sizes, so that every image renders beautifully.

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Zoomy is a professional photography theme with a minimalist, fresh design and features including a responsive framework that is retina-ready. This theme includes plenty of custom widgets and social sharing tools. It also includes an almost unlimited number of customization options from background to colors to logos. The theme is built on a 12-column grid and has six page templates, is WPML compatible and includes video support.

Zoomy features an open design with plenty of places to include and show off your images. The white background is great for photography of any style.

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Core is a minimalist theme that includes a nice image uploader and multiple post types. The theme features three homepage styles, a full screen slideshow and support for multiple galleries, plus eight custom widgets.

What's different about Core is the design features a mirror-style made popular by Apple. Each image rests on a white background with a light flipped image below it. The look works nicely for a handful of images.

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Like some other themes on this list, Darkroom’s functionality is lacking compared to more full-featured designs, but its reputation is enhanced with the array of layout options available.

There’s actually plenty to like about Darkroom – its default typography and color settings are attractive and classy, and as mentioned, there’s plenty of layout choice. The home page alone has over 13 layouts, including a full-screen slider, video, and a photowall. Portfolio pages are similar too, with so many ways to display your images that you’ll have no trouble creating a layout to suit your content.

If Darkroom didn’t have plenty of layout customization, it would be hard to see what sets it apart from other themes. However much it suffers from a lack of photographer-specific functionality, though, shouldn’t detract from its design strengths out of the box.

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Frame Photography

Frame Photography is a responsive and retina-ready theme with light and dark skin options. The sleek interface features a grid portfolio gallery or masonry style gallery in addition to full screen images and video and image-based homepages. The theme includes Google fonts, an AJAX contact form and plenty of color customization options.
Frame Photography is designed with big images in mind. The theme's frames come into view at the bottom of each slider, which rests on beautifully-designed bottom-of-screen navigation.

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Almera is responsive portfolio theme with amazingly powerful functionality. The theme features a modern, flat-styled interface and is retina-ready. The theme also includes unlimited portfolios and galleries and is fully responsive.

Almera features a grid that looks unlike any of the other featured photo grids. With dramatic differences in the panel sizes, you can really add depth to a variety of photos on a single page.

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Probably the classiest-looking theme on this list, Black Diamond is for those with a fashionable edge to their work.

In contrast to most other themes, Black Diamond employs vertical navigation, with a toggle to slide it off-screen. It clears the way for any one of a number of home page layouts, including a full-screen slider which displays video as well as images, and offers thumbnails to select each slide. Other options for your home page include a masonry photowall and a gallery album view, and they’re just as impressive as the slider.

Finally, there’s little room for text in Black Diamond, unless you utilize the blog pages, but the default typography settings are clear and easily readable – largely down to the default white on black color scheme.

Overall, Black Diamond is an impressive offering, and for those dealing with fashion projects or subjects, it could be ideal.

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Mercury is an easy to use theme that is built using a drag-and-drop builder with 20 gallery templates. The theme includes AJAZ search and a LayerSlider plugin for super user functionality. Mercury is responsive and retina-ready and includes support for an online store.

Mercury is a simply-styled theme with a large image area and standard gallery on the homepage. While the design does not have a lot of bells and whistles, it is rather striking.

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Camilla is a full screen photography theme with plenty of gallery-style options. The theme is a customizable portfolio that allows you to choose how photos will look, the opacity of overlays and text display. It also includes a nice widget area, plenty of color choices, an easy page builder and features such as page and gallery navigation shortcuts, gallery with optional thumbnails, full page background images and pricing tables.

Camilla is a responsive portfolio that you will love the look of as well. The simple theme highlights great photos and comes with three color skins right “out of the box” — light, red and dark.

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Cesar is fully responsive, retina-ready theme with plenty of portfolio and skin options. One of the most unique features is a password-protected gallery option. The theme also includes a LayerSlider slider tool and WooCommerce support.

Cesar features a nice full-screen faded background that can match featured photography for an aesthetic that has depth. The design has an open design and is well-organized.

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BIG Gallery


BIG Gallery is just what you would expect from the name. This responsive theme makes the most of big images in a full screen format. With seven portfolio options and plenty of widgets and icons, this theme can help you create a site with lots of impact.

BIG Gallery's design compliments both large images or video. With the focus on big images, a simple, thin navigation menu is a nice feature.

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Titan is a responsive, retina-ready theme made for photographers that want to showcase and sell their work. The high-contrast design features premium tools such as a password-protected area, the Google Font library and WooCommerce support. With 14 gallery templates and seven portfolio options, this theme is quite customizable as well.

Titan is designed for big high-impact images. It features a simple menu across the top of the screen paired with simple down-screen social media tools and small text in white or black boxes.

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  1. Question, if you or anybody can answer…are some (or all) of these themes by subscription? I currently use Photocrati and even though it’s a pretty good theme, it can get expensive in the long run. In order to get updates, you have to keep paying for it. I’m looking for a good theme that you pay for once and updates are included. Nice list though, I will check these out, thanks.

    1. So it depends. Any theme from ThemeForest will come with lifetime updates. Whereas most of the independent theme shops operate a subscription model whereby you pay for a year of updates/support at a time. So if you really only want to pay once, maybe ThemeForest is the way to go (or an independent that offers lifetime access, like ThemeFuse).

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