12 Best Wedding Photography WordPress Themes 2020

Thanks to this collection of the best wedding photographer WordPress themes, creating a website to promote your services online has never been easier.

Designed to help you share your portfolio online and also promote your services in a stylish online environment, these WordPress themes for creating wedding photography websites all look great. Not only that, but they all have useful features to help you promote your services and land more clients. For example, some of these themes include online booking systems that automate the process of taking on new clients, while others feature good social media integration for simplifying the process of displaying your photos on your website.

Furthermore, these WordPress themes for wedding photographers can all be customized in some way. Some options let you carry out basic customizations, such as changing the colors and fonts in use on your site, while others include premium drag-and-drop page builder tools that make it easy to edit any of the layouts and templates that make up the theme. Due to this, you’ll be able to create a custom wedding photography website for your business.

Although all of these themes can be used to create a wedding photography website, some of them also include demos for creating other types of photography sites that you can adjust to suit your goals. Also, if you’re looking for even more options for your website, be sure to check out our collection of the best photography WordPress themes.

1. Wiso

Wiso is a premium WordPress theme that includes lots of pre-built photography website demos.

To help you find the right design for your site, the Wiso theme includes over 30 different website demos. These demos cover a wide range of styles, and they can be imported into your WordPress website in just a few clicks. Some of the options include designs that feature sliders on their homepages, minimal website layouts, and many different grid layouts to help you display your photos in the best possible way.

As the Wiso demos are fairly neutral, they can all be used to create a wedding photography website with WordPress. All you have to do is choose your favorite demo and then replace the placeholder text and images with your own content. As the demos and pre-built content of Wiso include lots of features to help you promote your services online and attract new clients, this theme should be suitable for anyone who wants to grow their business. For example, by using the pre-built templates and layouts, you can easily add multiple portfolio galleries to your site to show off your skills, you can also display testimonials from happy clients, and accept booking enquires through your contact page.

Another interesting feature of Wiso that you should find useful is the ability to create proofing galleries on your website. Thanks to this feature, you can privately share galleries with your clients. Once you’ve sent them the password, they can view your work, before providing you with private feedback. As this feature is built into the theme, creating these password protected galleries is very straightforward. You can also watermark your photographs to ensure they aren’t reused without your permission.

If you’re looking for a flexible theme with lots of layouts and templates, Wiso is a suitable option.

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2. Wedding Industry

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3. Inspiro

Inspiro has a design that’s been created especially for making your photographs the focal point of your website.

If you’re working with video as well as photos, then Inspiro could be a good choice for your portfolio. This theme actually has multiple pre-built website demos that suit a range of projects, including a wedding photography services website. However, most of the designs share a large full-width video and photo slider as their main feature, giving you an eye-catching way to welcome visitors to your website. Once your visitors have scrolled past the slider, they can interact with a selection of content from your portfolio, with the ability to filter the photos by using the tabs.

Later on, the default homepage layout of the wedding photography demo has a section for sharing information about yourself, along with a large photo. You can also use the social media integration widget to display a horizontal banner of the latest photos from your Instagram account. Therefore, if you’re marketing your services on Instagram, you can easily repurpose that content into the design of your website.

When it comes to publishing your wedding photography portfolio online, Inspiro has a good selection of gallery templates for you to work with. This should help you display your photos and video content in the best way possible for your audience. If you want to tweak the appearance of your portfolio, Inspiro does have a well-featured theme options control panel for personalizing your site. Other reasons to consider Inspiro include the selection of blog post templates, the pre-built contact page, and the WooCommerce support that lets you take payments for your services or sell products online.

As well as the wedding photography demo, the other pre-built options in the Inspiro package are well worth checking out.

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4. Mono

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5. Timber

Timber is a good all-round photography WordPress theme with lots of features for wedding photographers.

Although Timber has just the one website demo, it is very easy to customize and can be quickly adjusted to suit a range of photography websites. Therefore, if you like the overall look of the Timber theme and want to use it for your wedding photography site, the process for doing so is very straightforward.

If you take a look at the demo, you’ll see that it has an interesting layout. The default filmstrip-style format will definitely give your photography website a unique look, with a side-scrolling slider that’s ideal for showcasing a few of your key photos. However, in addition to the homepage layout, there are also other templates for displaying your portfolio in full, ensuring that you’re able to give your website visitors and potential new clients a good overview of your photographic abilities. Of these other templates, the full-screen slider mode is another particularly eye-catching option, while the thumbnail layout is more conventional in its approach.

Timber comes with two about templates as well, giving you a quick way to add this vital content to your website. These templates include sections for displaying full-screen photos, testimonial sliders, and links to your social media profiles, making it easy for your clients to get the full story on your career and services.

If you want to add a journal or blog to your website, Timber has all the templates necessary for that too. There’s full ecommerce support in the package as well, giving you the option of collecting payments online or selling digital and physical products to your visitors with ease.

Timber has a distinctive look that could help set your wedding photography website apart from the competition.

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6. Solene

Solene is a purpose-built wedding photography theme with an elegant design.

If you’re looking for a theme that does one thing and does that one thing very well, you might want to think about using Solene for your wedding photography website. Instead of trying to appeal to photographers of all types, Solene focuses all of its attention on helping you to launch the best website possible for your wedding photography business.

As you get 12 different wedding photography homepage layouts in the Solene package, you’re definitely spoilt for choice with this theme. The homepage layouts all have their own style while also sharing an elegant approach to design that’s perfect for creating wedding photography websites. The homepages come in a variety of formats including options with full-screen sliders, interesting grid layouts, and gallery carousels. However, what they all have in common is a design that’s perfect for showcasing the type of photos you can capture at weddings with a number of elements to help you promote your services.

In addition to the homepage layouts, you also get templates for all the other pages your wedding photography website will probably need. This includes multiple gallery and portfolio layouts for sharing your photos, and templates for introducing yourself to your potential new clients and describing how you work. You can also use the optional pricing tables to publish the details of your packages on your website in an easy-to-read format. Adding other elements to your website, such as a blog or online shop, can be achieved using the core functionality of this stylish theme.

To help you customize this theme and ensure that your website is a good reflection of your personality, all of the Solene templates can be edited with both the Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder plugins. Thanks to this, you can use either tool to create a unique wedding photography website with an off-the-shelf theme.

Solene is a great example of an all-in-one wedding photography website builder theme.

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7. Kirsten

Kirsten is a purpose built wedding photographers theme with a modern and responsive design.

If you’d like your photographs to be the main component of your website, Kirsten could be a good option for your project. With a large full-width slider as the focal point of the default homepage layout, if you want to display your best photographs in an eye-catching way that your visitors can’t ignore, this theme is certainly worth a closer look. As well as the animated slider, the rest of the default homepage layout has lots of useful features to help you display your photos in interesting ways. Furthermore, you can also easily display the logos of clients or partners you’ve worked with or any awards you’ve been given.

If you’re worried about smartphone users being able to access your portfolio and view your content, then there’s no need. The Kirsten wedding photography theme has been built with mobile users in mind. In fact, everything about this theme will ensure your site looks great on small screen devices, including the contact form that lets potential clients get in touch to find out more about your services.  This theme is also search engine friendly too, helping to increase your chances of being found by people searching for your services online.

When it comes to customization options, Kirsten is up there with the best wedding photography WordPress themes. For starters, you get access to a control panel that’s packed with settings and options for personalizing your website. Then there’s the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin that’s included at no extra cost. With access to this visual editor tool, you’ll have no problems editing the pre-built content that makes up the Kristen theme package.

Kirsten is a well-rounded option that isn’t lacking any important features, so if you like the design, this could be the theme for you.

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8. PH

PH is a photography portfolio WordPress theme that’s been built especially for wedding photographers.

If you check out the PH website demo, you’ll instantly see that this theme has a timeless design. Therefore if you think your target audience will appreciate working with someone who can offer a premium wedding photography service, then this theme could be a good option for creating the right type of website. The large homepage slider is the first thing that your potential clients will notice as soon as they arrive at your online photography portfolio website. By adding your best work to this slider, you can be sure that your visitors won’t be able to miss seeing your abilities behind the camera.

As your visitors scroll down the page, the default homepage layout gives you more opportunities to share additional content from your portfolio. As adding custom galleries of photo collections to your website is very straightforward with this theme, you can quickly arrange your content into highly visible displays. Other sections on the homepage layout include a panel for adding text about your services, an Instagram section that automatically displays the latest photographs from your feed, and a footer area that contains links to the other pages on your site.

When it comes to adding those extra pages to your site, PH has templates for the most common pieces of content you’ll likely to want to publish. This includes a selection of about page templates, multiple gallery styles, and a few different portfolio templates. You can also use the pre-built content to publish pages that cover your pricing, testimonials, and contact details. You can even add private galleries to your website that only your clients can access.

With a classic full-width layout and great use of fonts, PH is ideal for anyone who wants to connect with clients who have planned a more traditional wedding service.

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9. Vivagh

Vivagh comes with three pre-built wedding photography demos to help you launch the perfect website.

Thanks to the three wedding photography website demos in the Vivagh theme package, there’s a good chance you’ll find a design that’s suitable for your project. The two main styles represented in the demos include a full-width mode that’s ideal for showing off one large image from your portfolio at a time, alongside a grid layout design that lets you display multiple photos at once.

However, whichever of the three demos you choose, your homepage can be used to share the best work from your wedding photography portfolio in a range of different styles. Through the use of sliders, different layout styles, and parallax scrolling, you won’t be short of interesting ways to present your photographs with this theme. As well as excerpts from your portfolio, other content you can add to your homepage with the Vivagh theme includes client testimonials, details of your photography packages, and your all-important contact details.

Although the homepage layouts of the demos look great, you’re not limited to using them as they are. With Vivagh, you get access to some useful theme customization options to help you make your website look the way that you want. One way the Vivagh theme achieves this is by giving you access to over 150 shortcodes. These shortcodes can be inserted into your content at the touch of a button, allowing you to display a wide range of elements in your posts and pages. Some examples of what these shortcodes can do include displaying image carousels, call to action buttons, pricing tables, and more. There are also multiple header layouts to choose from, giving you a good amount of control over how the navigation area of your website looks and is arranged. Furthermore, the powerful WPBakery Page Builder plugin is included in the Vivagh theme package, enabling you to edit any of the demo pages through the visual editor interface of this tool.

Vivagh is ideal for both those seeking an off the shelf theme that’s ready to go as well as anyone who wants to create a custom wedding photography website with WordPress.

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10. Reflector

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11. Framed

Framed is another propose built theme for creating wedding photography websites with WordPress.

When building your website with Framed, you’ll find an impressive selection of pre-built site demos to choose from. All of these demos have been created for launching photography websites with WordPress, however, among the options, you’ll find a pre-built wedding photography demo to help you launch your new site as quickly as possible. This demo has a unique look that should do a good job of separating your website from the competition. The default homepage layout uses an interesting background effect, along with some stylish gallery layouts for displaying content from your portfolio.

Another useful feature of the Framed theme is the ability to display photographs from your Flickr and Instagram accounts on your website. So if you’re uploading regular content to Instagram or Flickr, then this theme will take all of the effort out of publishing those photos on your website. Simply enter your account details and these widgets will take care of the rest.

In the Framed package, you’ll also find templates for the other pages your wedding photography website might need. This includes an about page where you can introduce yourself to potential clients, a portfolio section where you can share more of your work, and an online system for accepting bookings. Thanks to the booking features of this theme, you can easily share your availability online, giving your visitors the ability to make a booking online. The booking form that’s integrated into the online calendar lets you collect all the relevant information from your clients. Once you’ve shot their wedding and prepared the photographs, you can privately share your work with your clients through the password protected gallery feature of this theme.

Framed is a professional photography WordPress theme with a fully functioning wedding photography website demo.

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12. Luminis

Luminis works well for a range of photography related websites, including websites for wedding photographers.

So whether you want to promote yourself as a freelance wedding photographer or create a website for your photographic studio, Luminis has the pre-built content to help. As well as using the purpose built wedding photography templates for your website, you can also borrow elements from the other demos that make up the Luminis theme package. However, if you’re looking for a straightforward way to launch your new site, importing the wedding demo is the obvious option.

When setting up your website, you can choose from many different portfolio templates and layouts. You can also customize the display settings of your site by using the theme options control panel to adjust the fonts, colors, and other properties. Thanks to the ability to access these controls through the WordPress Customizer interface, everyone should be able to personalize their wedding photography website with the Luminis theme.

Like some of the other options in this collection of wedding photography WordPress themes, Luminis includes the features necessary to display content from your Instagram account on your website. This gives you another way to share your best photographs with the visitors to your website. Adding a blog to your website is easy too, giving you another opportunity to share interesting content with your potential clients. Promoting your different services and packages is straightforward too, thanks to the pricing table templates.

If you’re looking for a WordPress theme for wedding photographers, Luminis and its collection of portfolio layouts should be of interest.

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