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11 Best Wedding Planner WordPress Themes 2021

If you’re a wedding planner then you’ll need a suitable website to promote your services online. Although you could create your website from scratch, this collection of the best wedding planner WordPress themes includes lots of great options for building a professional looking site that’s sure to resonate with your target audience.

Many of the themes in this collection have at least one ready-made demo that’s been designed especially for launching a wedding planner website with WordPress. Some of these themes even have multiple options to choose from, including lots of templates for all the pages your website is likely to need, such as contact pages, templates for describing your services, and pages for publishing your portfolio and sharing your work with potential clients.

Although the pre-built content found in these themes looks great, the items featured here are all easy to customize. Due to this, adding your branding and making other adjustments to these themes is very straightforward. So if you want to ensure your website has a unique look, despite using an off-the-shelf theme, that’s entirely possible with these options.

Thanks to these stylish wedding planner WordPress themes, launching a website for your business has never been easier.

1. Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner is ideal for creating a wide range of different wedding-related websites with WordPress.

There are actually eight different homepage designs in the Wedding Planner theme package that you can choose from for your website. If you check out the demos, you’ll see that all of the eight options have feature-packed homepage layouts that will help you promote your wedding planner business and services online. The layouts are all full width to take advantage of the space available to them and include useful sections and widgets, such as image sliders, portfolio grids, testimonial panels, and contact forms to name just a few.

When you’re building your wedding planner website with this theme, you’re not limited to choosing just one homepage layout from the pack. Instead, you can mix and match the different sections and elements from the library of layouts to create your own unique design. As the Wedding Planner theme includes the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin, you can open up any of the templates in the theme package and start editing them through a visual interface. Now, regardless of your level of web design experience, you should have no trouble creating a website that’s right for promoting your wedding planner services.

Other features that make the Wedding Planner theme a compelling choice include the Google Maps integration that helps you display where your business is located or the areas you work in, the multilingual plugin support for publishing your website content in more than one language, and the fully mobile responsive design that ensures your potential clients can access your wedding planner website on their smartphones and tablets.

The best feature of this wedding planner theme, though, is its pre-built content, so be sure to check out the online demos to see how your website could look.

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2. Plan My Day

Plan My Day is a wedding agency WordPress theme that’s aimed at wedding planners who need a stylish website.

To help you create the right type of website, there are three main variations in the Plan My Day theme package to choose from. All three of the designs have been created to a high standard, however, they are different enough from each other to make Plan My Day a theme that should appeal to a wide audience.

In keeping with the latest trends in web design, the homepages of the demos in the Plan My Day package are full of useful sections and elements to help you promote your services and turn more visitors into clients. Apart from the large area for displaying a full-width photograph and welcome message, the homepage layouts include text and icon sections where you can list out your key features and services. After that, there’s a panel for introducing your business and sharing some of your story. You can also easily publish testimonials and feedback from previous clients to show visitors that your work has been appreciated by many happy couples. Thanks to the portfolio section on the homepage layouts, sharing photographs and other content from your completed jobs is very straightforward too.

Other templates in the Plan My Day package help you publish other useful content on your website, including a page about your services, complete with an optional pricing table that can be used to list out and compare your different packages, as well as the team member profile page where you can introduce yourself and the people you work with.

Plan My Day also has full ecommerce support. Thanks to being built to integrate with the popular WooCommerce online shop builder plugin, as well as having a library of high-quality ecommerce templates, you can easily publish your services and packages on your website and give your visitors the option of booking and paying for them online. You can also list optional upgrades to your packages, like souvenirs, craft wedding gifts, and other relevant items.

As Plan my Day has recently been updated, it’s a great option for anyone looking for a wedding planner WordPress theme with a fully modern design.

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3. Banquet

Banquet is primarily a wedding catering and event planning WordPress theme.

Whether you’re just starting out and building your first website or you need to give your existing wedding planner website a refresh, Banquet is sure to be able to help you establish a credible online presence.

The homepage template of the wedding planner demo leads with a full-screen slider that’s ideal for sharing large photos of the weddings and events that you’ve planned. Further down are spaces for sharing feedback that you’ve received from clients, details about your services, and a panel for introducing yourself to your potential new clients. The online form on the homepage design gives your visitors a quick way to get in touch to request more information or a call back.

The other pages in the wedding planner demo have been just as well-designed. Thanks to the inclusion of these templates, you can easily add about, services, and contact pages to your website, each with their own interesting designs and layouts.

Banquet has some really nicely designed templates that are sure to elevate the appearance of your website.

4. Divi

Divi can be used to create a custom wedding planner website with WordPress in no time at all.

Thanks to a pre-built wedding planner website demo among its library of layout packs, Divi has everything you’ll need to quickly launch a professional-looking site to promote your services online. As the Divi wedding planner website layout pack has templates for the home, about, contact, and service pages, you should have everything you need to get started and beyond. With additional templates that cover the blog and gallery areas of your site as well as a conversion-focused landing page, this wedding planner theme doesn’t just look great, but it could help you grow your business too.

All of the templates that you get access to with Divi can be edited using the bespoke page builder tool that’s integrated into this theme. Thanks to this, you can open up all of the pages of your site and start making changes to them through an impressive front-end user interface. As well as adjusting the layouts, you can also add a selection of modules and elements to your pages, making them even more visually appealing and effective at helping you land more clients.

Divi has been designed to work with all the best ecommerce plugins too. Therefore, if you want to collect payments through your website, such as a deposit for your services or for other transactions, it’s very straightforward with this wedding planner WordPress theme.

When you purchase Divi, you also get access to some useful plugins that make it easy to add email opt-in forms to your website for generating more subscribers for your mailing list and a social media tool that can be used to encourage your visitors to share your website with their followers, and hopefully increase the number of people who reach your wedding planner site.

While the pre-built wedding planner templates are ready for most projects, they can also be edited with the tools that come with Divi.

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5. Alis

Alis works well for creating websites for weddings as well as building wedding planner sites.

Whether you’re planning your own wedding or you’re a wedding planner that needs a professional looking website, the Alis theme is worth taking a closer look at. Not only does the pre-built homepage layout of this theme look great, but you also get access to a stylish collection of portfolio templates. These can be used to show off photographs of the weddings you’ve planned and other events you’ve worked on. In fact, the Alis theme includes a paid portfolio builder plugin that provides you with lots of extra useful functionality in this area.

As well as the pre-built content, there are lots of other reasons to consider Alis for your website. Like many of the options in this collection of wedding planner WordPress themes, Alis includes a powerful drag-and-drop page builder tool that gives you full control over the appearance of your website. You also get access to a detailed set of customization controls that let you personalize how your website looks, including changing the fonts, adjusting the colors, and making other site-wide modifications.

If you’re new to WordPress, this theme could be a good option. Thanks to access to the WP101 video tutorial series that included with your purchase, you can watch these guides to find out how to use WordPress and set your site up in the way that you want. When you purchase the Alis theme, responsive support from the developers is included as part of the package as well, giving you someone to turn to should you run into any problems with your wedding planner website.

The Alis theme also includes a collection of premium stock photography that you can use for free and without attribution throughout your website. Therefore, if you don’t yet have a portfolio of suitable photos to promote your services, this theme should provide you with enough visual content to get started and populate your wedding planner website.

Thanks to the premium add-ons that you get access to as part of the package, Alis is a great value WordPress wedding planner theme.

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6. Dreama

Dreama is a highly flexible engagement and wedding planner WordPress theme.

If you’d like a lot of different options for how your wedding planner website will look, Dreama is a theme you should consider. Thanks to 20 different homepage layouts, all of which have been built to a very high standard, you can browse the available templates to find the one that works best for your wedding planner business. As this is a purpose-built wedding planner theme, all of the templates in the Dreama package will work for this type of website. This includes not only the homepage designs but also all of the templates for the other pages your website will need.

Some examples of these templates include designs for the about, contact, portfolio, and blog pages. Thanks to this, you can quickly publish the details of your business and its services, share your contact details, and upload photos of the weddings you’ve planned so far.

If you do take a look at the 20 homepage demos that come with the Dreama theme, you’ll see that your website could include lots of useful elements to help you catch the attention of your visitors. Depending on which homepage templates you decide to use, this could include full-width sliders for sharing photos from the weddings you’ve been involved in, online forms for accepting new client inquiries, and gallery excerpts for adding more photos from your successfully completed wedding projects to your homepage.

If you want to create a website for your own wedding, you can use this theme for that too. So whether you’re offering wedding planning services to clients or you’re planning your own wedding, Dreama is a theme that can help you set up a suitable website with little effort required.

Along with all of the high-quality templates, Dreama also comes with useful tools to help you customize your website.

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7. Gretna Green

Gretna Green has an impressive selection of website demos and pre-built content that’s sure to appeal to your target audience.

As you browse through the different website demos in the Gretna Green theme package, there’s a good chance that one will catch your eye. If you are creating a wedding planner business and services website, then the purpose-built wedding planner demo is a great place to start. However, as the other demos can be easily customized, if one of them is more appealing, then you shouldn’t find it difficult to adjust it to meet your requirements.

Along with the homepage layouts of the Gretna Green demos, you also get access to a library of templates for the inner pages of your website. Among the options, you’ll find a template for publishing the story behind your business, profiles of your team members, a layout for promoting your services, and a stylish contact form page. With a good range of pre-built content to work with, Gretna Green should provide you with everything needed to get started and beyond. Furthermore, the templates can all be enhanced by using the social media widgets to display the latest photos from your Facebook and Instagram account on your website.

Other ways you can personalize your website include inserting the library of elements into your content. As this is another option from this collection of themes that includes a page builder plugin, these elements can all be customized to fit in with the overall design of your website. As well as the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin, the Gretna Green theme package also includes the premium Slider Revolution plugin for adding slideshows to your website. The theme has full ecommerce support too, allowing you to collect payments online, list items for sale, and accept bookings through your website via the add-ons available for the WooCommerce plugin.

If you want to ensure your wedding planner website looks the part, while also having the right features, Gretna Green should be on your shortlist.

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8. The Aisle

The Aisle is a brand new WordPress theme for wedding planners and wedding websites.

If you need to create a website to promote an upcoming wedding as part of your wedding planner duties, then The Aisle is definitely a theme you should consider. Thanks to the pre-built website demos, you can quickly import a ready-made wedding site into your WordPress Dashboard and then add the details of the upcoming big day. Among the demos is a traditional wedding website option as well as a design for creating an online RSVP and invitation site that can be used to let guests confirm their attendance through an online portal – ideal for keeping track of who’s coming and communicating details of the event with guests living overseas.

Conversely, you can also use this theme to create your wedding planner website to promote your services and help you find more clients. So if you’d prefer to have just one theme to master, that you can use for your own website as well as the sites of your clients, The Aisle is another multi-purpose option in this collection of wedding planner themes for WordPress.

After the wedding, you can also use this theme to share the photos from the event, switching the website into portfolio mode at the touch a few buttons. As the entire theme is fully responsive, not only will the visitors be able to view the photos, videos, and other content on their smartphones but it’s also possible to manage the portfolio and gallery on a mobile device.

Customizing your website is straightforward too if you choose The Aisle theme. The popular WPBakery Page Builder is integrated tightly into the theme package, making it easy to open the pre-built content for editing through a drag-and-drop interface. The admin panel is equally powerful, letting you personalize your website in many other ways through the tried and tested WordPress Customizer interface.

As you can create almost any type of wedding website with the content in this theme, The Aisle is a good all-rounder in this category.

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9. Lovus

Lovus is another purpose-built wedding planner theme with multiple homepage designs.

Although Lovus only has six homepage designs, which is less than some of the other options in this collection, there’s still a good chance that you’ll find a suitable template for your website in this theme package. The homepage designs work really well for anyone who wants to create a website to promote their own wedding or their services as a wedding planner. So whether you’ve been tasked with creating a website for a client or you want to build a website to support your own wedding or wedding planner business, this theme should have everything you need.

As the templates make it easy to publish information about the key details of your wedding, such as the dates and location, you can quickly create a resource that the wedding guests will find useful when deciding whether to attend and when planning their attendance. You can embed Google Maps into your website to make it easy for your guests to find the wedding venue. You can also use the pre-built RSVP forms to enable your guests to confirm or decline their invitation.

If you’re building a wedding planner website, you can use the other features to promote your services, such as the pre-built pricing tables that are ideal for highlighting your different packages and the portfolio templates for sharing videos and photos from the weddings you’ve planned for your clients. If you want to share feedback from your clients, you can use the testimonials tool to add this content to your site.

To help you launch your wedding or wedding planner website as quickly as possible, Lovus comes with a one-click importer tool that will lay the foundation for your new site, leaving you to add your own text, videos, and images as needed.

Lovus is highly mobile responsive, too, ensuring that everyone can access your wedding services website.

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10. Fleur

Fleur has a subtle and muted design that will appeal to anyone who needs an elegant wedding planner website.

The design and style of Fleur helps it stand out from the other items in this guide to the best wedding planner WordPress themes.  Opting for understated greys and other gentle tones, compared to some of the brighter and attention-grabbing themes available for wedding planners, Fleur could be the theme you’ve been looking for. However, it’s worth pointing out that if you like the general layouts and list of features of this theme but you’d rather your site was more eye-catching, you can easily adjust the colors, fonts, and other display properties of your website if you choose Fleur for your wedding planner homepage.

Thanks to all the demos in the Fleur package, it’s fair to consider this a multi-purpose WordPress wedding theme. As well as creating wedding planner sites, Fleur is ready to help you quickly launch a wedding announcement site, a bridal store, a site for a wedding cake businesses, and a wedding photographer website to name just a few. Therefore, if you’re a web designer that creates sites for businesses and services providers operating in the wedding industry space, the Fleur theme could be an indispensable tool when it comes to satisfying your clients.

If you do simply want to use this theme to launch a website for your wedding planner business, then the purpose-built demo is ready to go. Just import it into your WordPress Dashboard, replace the demo content with your own text and images, and you could be well on the way to promoting your services online. Tasks like uploading your logo, implementing your business color scheme, and carrying out other personalization work, is very easy with this flexible wedding planner theme.

Regularly updated since its launch, Fleur now has a feature list to rival the best WordPress wedding planner themes available today.

More Info / Download Demo

11. Wedding Day

Wedding Day has a ready-made wedding planner website demo among its library of pre-built content.

If the wedding planner demo looks like it would be a good option for your website, then you should be able to quickly get your site online by importing the pre-built content into your WordPress Dashboard. However, there are other demos in the Wedding Day theme package that you might want to consider for your site. Although these other demos haven’t been created especially for making wedding planner websites, you can easily adjust them with the tools included in the Wedding Day theme package. With the in-house drag-and-drop page builder at your disposal, as well as the array of settings in the theme options control panel, you won’t find it difficult to make this theme your own.

Another useful tool that you get access to with this theme is the slideshow builder. Thanks to this inclusion, you can easily create sliders to show off photographs of the weddings you’ve planned and other relevant visual content. As these sliders are all touchscreen ready, your visitors will be able to scroll through the content on their smartphones, tablets, and other compatible devices. You can also use the portfolio templates in the Wedding Day package to share your completed projects with your potential clients and hopefully turn more of your visitors into paying customers.

If you need any help setting up this theme or even understanding how to use WordPress, Wedding Day could be a good choice. This is because the theme comes with a library of over 20 professional tutorial videos that are well documented and include subtitles to help you get your new site up and running with as little problems as possible.

If you want to see what other users have to say about this theme, you can read their reviews on the Wedding Day product page.

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