35 Best Portfolio WordPress Themes 2020

A decent portfolio must cover a lot of bases. Apart from actually showcasing your work, the text alongside each piece must give the right level of context. Not only that, it must also be designed well enough to catch people’s attention without shifting focus away from the work itself.

Finding a suitable theme among the myriad available could be difficult, especially if you’re unsure of the functionality you require. You’re looking for a simple way to organize and display your work, along with attractive typography and design options. You may also consider whether a theme is bundled with slider and/or lightbox plugins, to further enhance your work.

Rather than wade through theme after theme, however, let us offer you our pick of the bunch – below we’ve provided over 30 of the best options available for showcasing your portfolio.



Regardless of your niche, a theme with a rock solid foundation of quality coding and fantastic support enables you to focus on the task of building your website. If the developer can throw an easy to use and powerful interface into the bargain – much like Divi (review) – you’ve hit the jackpot.

Elegant Themes is a major WordPress theme developer, and Divi is one of the most popular multipurpose solutions. Here we’ll focus on its portfolio-building capabilities. Although its basic grid and one-column layouts are functional, they still ooze class. However, it’s the full-width versions that really excite us. Portfolios can be displayed in a checkerboard style or a carousel, and you can also take advantage of the bundled drag-and-drop Divi Builder to create stunning pages for each entry.

Divi is one of the most popular, powerful, flexible, and well-supported themes around – and because of that, regardless of your niche, you’ll be getting a world-class theme for your website.

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Plenty of themes claim to be flexible, but do they truly back up that claim? There’s no debate among existing Oshine users – they already know how powerful and flexible this theme can be.

Although it’s marketed as a multipurpose theme, Oshine is really focused on creatives such as photographers and designers. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the options for building a portfolio. Notice that we said “options” rather than layout choices. That’s because you can choose to build your portfolio from the ground up, setting options such as the section gutters, columns, overlays, and more.

In addition, there are eight hover choices and seven title styles. You can even display your work in a number of different carousels, sliders, galleries, and lightboxes. Simply put, practically any portfolio layout is possible with Oshine, and it will satisfy even the most demanding designers.

In a realm where themes are often marketed as flexible, it’s often disappointing when they fall short of expectations. Not so with Oshine – it’s a superlative theme, completely up to the task of displaying your portfolio with the highest quality and flexibility.

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Portfolios are all about putting your creativity on display. They need to show who you are and what you can do, all in a few pages. To pull it off, you need a theme that bleeds creativity — Asata could be your pick.

This theme includes a modest six, ready-to-go website designs you can use to set up your portfolio. The options include home pages with galleries to display your work and pricing tables. You also get contact pages, About Me sections, and much more. Most of the designs are similar in that they’re colorful, modern, and make excellent use of white space to highlight key elements.

Asata comes with some interesting features out of the box, such as loading animations you can set up for each page. You’ll also get multiple premium plugins bundled in, including Slider Revolution and WPBakery Page Builder. With the latter, you can easily customize any aspect of your portfolio in minutes through drag-and-drop functionality — no code required.

Setting up a portfolio shouldn’t take forever. With the right theme, you get access to features that makes customization easier and a choice of ready-to-go designs that enable you to save setup time. Asata ticks both those boxes, so check it out — the theme could make your business boom!

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An appealing portfolio can win you new business, so a theme to help present your work well is a must. With customizable branding options and an array of stylish layouts, Uncode may fit the bill.

A theme designed to showcase your work would be nothing without a number of layout options, and Uncode delivers on all counts. There are over 16 portfolio and blog post layouts built-in (all with custom options), and over 70 ways to display content – including masonry, metro, and carousel layouts. Media is displayed within a lightbox provided by the bundled iLightBox plugin, and the LayerSlider and Revolution Slider plugins can prominently display any work you’re proud of.

Page layouts are handled with the included Visual Composer plugin – this version being tailored to provide some streamlined layout options – and six menu styles, enabling you to create the right navigation to suit your site. There are also extensive font choices available from Google Fonts, Font Squirrel, Fontdeck, and Typekit. If you want to hit the ground running, the developers have provided over 30 demos to install, all with one-click import.

Additionally, the developers have provided extensive online documentation and a set of narrated video tutorials, to give you a helping hand if needed.

Overall, Uncode is a near-perfect theme for displaying your portfolio with style.

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There are two paths to follow when creating a portfolio site: you can either use a niche-specific theme, or a multipurpose option. The knee-jerk reaction is to opt for something designed for the type of site you’re creating. However, a large-scale theme such as TheGem can have a lot more to offer under the hood.

This theme is particularly well suited to portfolios that are heavy on visuals. TheGem includes four different layouts, each of which puts images front and center. You can use these to get a quality portfolio up and running in no time, although you can also spend as much time as you like tweaking them to meet your specific requirements.

To that end, the bundled Visual Composer page builder plugin provides a drag-and-drop interface and a wealth of ‘content blocks’ to help you create layouts. What’s more, managing your portfolio on the WordPress back end is a breeze.

We’ve written about TheGem plenty of times here at aThemes, but it’s worth mentioning again. This theme is a top-drawer choice regardless of your requirements, and we’d recommend checking it out further.

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In a nutshell, Werkstatt is a modern creative portfolio theme with a range of stunning layout options. It maintains a chic and minimalist look while offering endless possibilities for showcasing your images and designs.

No less than fifteen portfolio templates, all benefitting from a drag-and-drop interface, make customization a cinch. And with 19 gorgeous one-click demos, all you have to do is add your content and you’re up and running. Every demo is created using Visual Composer, and each element can be moved from one to another with ease. With this kind of control, creating a truly unique site is no challenge. Werkstatt also has full WooCommerce support, should you want to sell your products or services from your website.

The possibilities with this theme are practically endless. It offers numerous pre-built layouts and plenty of customization features to make them your own. If you want to add a blog section to your site you can select from seven pre-built styles. Finally, there are also over 3,000 fonts to ensure your text is as beautiful as your imagery. In conclusion, Werkstatt arguably has everything you need to create a uniquely impactful portfolio website, and is well worth your consideration.

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Every freelancer dreams of growth. You want to expand your client list, income, freedom, and myriad other things. If this rings true to you, Growth could be the perfect theme.

The central theme here is all about showcasing your best work. To do this, Growth relies on a modern design used on its multiple demo sites. You can easily import any of the theme’s pre-built portfolios and add your own work. Top it off with your qualifications and a good headshot, and you’re ready to hunt jobs!

However, Growth isn’t just about style. It integrates out of the box with the Elementor page builder plugin, which makes it easy to customize your layouts using drag-and-drop functionality. As such, you can tweak almost any element you see on the page so it suits your overall style and vision.

If you’re struggling to find new clients as a freelancer, your portfolio might be in need of a ‘pick-me-up.’ Growth might just be the perfect theme to help you land your next big project, so check it out and see what you think!

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What do you like about a strong piece of creative work? We’d bet that attention-grabbing elements are high on the list. Fortunately, with a theme such as Penumbra, you can create a website that helps to enhance your work and make it stand out.

In its default configuration, this theme is ideal for high-art portfolios. The combination of typography, color, and ‘microinterations’ lends itself well to showcasing pinpoint angles and bolder palettes.

On the subject of microinteractions, you might notice that the background text includes a slight parallax effect. This is subtly done, but it helps lead the eye to the right areas – even tiny movements help a website become more dynamic and captivating.

There’s plenty more on offer in Penumbra, but overall, it’s a theme that does one thing very well. When it comes to showcasing a striking portfolio, it might be just what you need!

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If you’re a creative person, you may be looking for a theme to help you showcase your talents. Whether you need to feature a photography portfolio, a gallery of restaurant dishes, or high-resolution images of your beautiful products, Bridge may be perfect for you.

Bridge is designed from the ground up for creatives, packed with no less than 376 demo sites that you can pick from as a starting point. It also features modules for creating web magazines, listing websites, and visually-stunning blogs and shops. In addition, this theme offers a comprehensive admin panel, social media integration, and SEO optimization, along with several bundled plugins (including Visual Composer and LayerSlider).

The wealth of demo sites and layout concepts on offer truly make Bridge stand out from the crowd. Each is fully customizable to match your needs, and step-by-step instructive video tutorials make the learning process quick. This theme also has plugins available specifically for news, restaurant, and listing sites, as well as for enabling front-end login functionality.

Overall, Bridge has the power and customizability needed to create a truly stunning website, especially for those who prefer to use stunning colors and powerful images.

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Photography portfolios might seem like a simple concept, but creating a truly excellent website can be a challenge. It’s not just about uploading a few images and calling it a day, you also need to ‘wow’ viewers. In short, Timber can help.

Timber enables you to showcase your images using different types of galleries and views. You can use thumbnails, horizontal galleries, and even full-screen layouts. Whatever approach you want to use, Timber offers some stylish navigation in the form of smooth transition effects. The theme also includes incredibly in-depth details pages for each picture, in case you want to add project-specific information.

Timber doesn’t offer many customization options beyond the basics we’ve already mentioned. However, it does integrate with the free WooCommerce plugin out of the box, which makes it an excellent option if you’re looking for a theme that’ll enable you to sell prints or digital files.

Overall, Timber offers a way to achieve two key goals of a photography website: showing off your work and selling it. Its combination of features is a winning formula, so it is well worth adding to your shortlist.

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If you were asked to describe a portfolio theme, what would come to mind? We bet that you’d mention minimalism, contrast, and monochrome color schemes. However, prepare to turn that expectation on its head – Sahel has arrived.

With this theme, the traditional blacks and whites give way to pastel and bold tones. Another difference is Sahel’s approach to minimalism. The theme’s focus is to make your work front and center, while providing movement and leading lines across your website. It’s certainly unique, and coupled with the wealth of demo templates that are included, you can create something that will stand out from the crowd.

Using Sahel is an all-around enjoyable experience. It’s different, and perfect for those with contemporary work that needs to grab people’s attention. We encourage you to check out the demo, and see for yourself!

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Above all, a strong portfolio needs to place your work front and center. Fortunately, there are many solutions on the market offering to help you do exactly that. If you’re feeling like the available options are a little ‘samey’, however, you may want to consider Zugan.

Of course, this theme isn’t just for personal portfolios. It’s also ideal for small- and mid-sized businesses that want to show off what they can do. As such, there are a few different demo layouts to choose from, including key elements such as full-screen sliders, testimonial sections, dedicated space to discuss your services, and much more.

Zugan also excels in helping you create a site with a polished and professional look. This is partly due to the default font and layout choices, but also heavily relies on what developers would refer to as Zugan’s ‘core’. You can build custom layouts using the Elementor page builder plugin, for instance, and there’s compatibility with popular plugins such as Yoast SEO, WPML, and WooCommerce.

Overall, this theme gives the impression that if you were to drop it, there wouldn’t be a dent. This is due to the stellar work Zugan’s developers have put into this theme, and we’d recommend it to anyone looking to showcase both their portfolio and business!

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A truly outstanding portfolio theme will harmonize gorgeous imagery with effortless navigability. Though most portfolio themes offer plenty of ways to arrange bold, striking imagery, optimizing the user’s experience could take work. Fortunately, this is not the case with Pofo.

Out of the box, the WPBakery Page Builder plugin (formerly Visual Composer) is bundled with Pofo, enabling you to drag and drop site layout elements with ease. Also bundled with Pofo is the Slider Revolution plugin, which lets you build gorgeous, responsive portfolio content. Pofo also includes more than 25 demo templates to help you get up and running quickly.

Pofo stands apart from the competition due to its flexible customizations and outstanding performance. Its myriad demos, menu options, and header sets make it ideal for building a site regardless of your requirements. The theme is also compatible with the W3 Total Cache plugin and integrates smoothly with WooCommerce too!

While the wealth of options Pofo offers could be daunting, it’s going to be ideal for anyone looking to create a robust portfolio site that is scalable and flexible. In short, Pofo is a worthy consideration for your portfolio website.

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Creative work requires a unique presentation. The way you display your work is so vital, in fact, that in some cases it takes precedence over everything else. When standing out among your competitors is that important, a theme like Collective can be essential for displaying your portfolio effectively.

The visuals in this theme are certainly attention-grabbing. Since first impressions matter, there are a number of home page designs to choose from, most of which are fullscreen. Many include features like descriptive overlays, vertical sliders, and much more. Some are even powered by bundled plugins to help you further customize your content’s look – such as the Slider Revolution and WPBakery Page Builder plugins.

The included page builder also lets you tailor your layout to your exact needs, although there are four demos and 12 home page layouts to get you started. Each provides a selection of template pages and practically unlimited portfolio layouts, which are ideal for showing off your work regardless of your niche or industry.

All in all, Collective takes a number of features that could be tough to implement separately, and makes it a breeze to fit them all together. A highly stylish portfolio is at your fingertips with this theme, and it’s well worth your consideration!

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Looking for your next theme can be frustrating, since so many use similar design elements and the same bundled plugins to achieve their aims. Bifrost is different, however, and arguably offers you greater freedom in the process.

We’ll start with the biggest difference between this theme and its competitors – it was built using the bundled Elementor page builder plugin. This is a high-quality tool for creating websites with no coding required, and can simplify a lot of the design work for you.

For example, you’ll get many pre-built ‘elements’ to help you add the right functionality to your site. Also, Elementor includes a powerful header and footer builder, which means you can customize the whole of your site, rather than just specific sections.

All in all, Bifrost would be ‘just another theme’ without its choice of page builder plugin. However, the inclusion of that tool means you’re getting one of the more flexible and powerful themes on the market – a perfect excuse to check out the demo!

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Many themes force you to choose between ease of use and flexibility. Not so with LEVELUP, which manages to balance user-friendliness with a wide range of features and enough customization options to create a unique, functional design.

LEVELUP is a multipurpose theme that comes with over 60 pre-made templates and pages to get you started. To add creativity and multimedia content to your website, you can make use of video and live backgrounds as well as sliders, thanks to the bundled Revolution Slider and Royal Slider plugins.

To better serve customers who will be using a range of devices to connect to your site, LEVELUP makes it easy to set up key structural elements with different positioning, sizing, and functionality for different screen types. These elements include headers, backgrounds, logos, and icons.

With an approachable design – which makes it easy to use despite the many powerful features available – combined with a reputation for reliable customer support, LEVELUP is a theme to check out if you’re looking for something creative and flexible.

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If you know what you’re doing, a multipurpose theme incorporating a snazzy portfolio design can be carefully implemented and serve as a well-thought out solution for displaying your work. However, pick a purpose-built theme such as Adios and you’ll be confident that you’re getting a solution focused on presenting your portfolio in its best light.

Another theme riding on the coattails of the minimalist design bandwagon, Adios nonetheless attempts to stand out by offering nine thoughtful home page layouts. As for the portfolio designs, there are four choices for displaying your work – the ubiquitous grid and masonry layouts, along with a neat horizontal design. Given its focus, we would have expected to see more choices, but those that are available are gorgeous to look at and will do justice to your body of work.

It’s puzzling that a theme marketed as portfolio-centric offers so little choice for displaying your work, but that being said, there’s enough here to make Adios a go-to theme – especially for low-concept creatives.

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It’s worth remembering that your portfolio isn’t the only thing that should stand out on your website. The presentation of the rest of the site is just as important, and can help convey the overall message you intend to deliver. Enter Assemble.

This theme exudes style and class, and has an air of Scandinavian minimalism. The stunning visuals go even further with a plethora of portfolio styles on offer. The standard portfolio layouts (such as grid and masonry) are gorgeous as is, but the other varieties are much more head-turning. We’re especially impressed by the Split Slider Showcase, and the way its transition animation breathes life into static pages is something to see for yourself.

If your portfolio has an artsy bent, Assemble will enhance its presentation. However, if your work is a little less refined, this theme will elevate it a few notches due to its stunning design and animations. It’s definitely one for the shortlist.

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If you place great emphasis on flexibility when it comes to building a portfolio, but still want to work on a user-friendly interface, Arnold is a stellar option. Simple and neat, the theme could be ideal for creative professionals looking to create a gorgeous website.

Arnold’s polished, minimalist front end conceals a plethora of useful customization features, making it easy to create a unique website. There are 600 Google Fonts, over 400 Font Awesome icons, myriad page layout configurations, eight header options, and virtually unlimited color schemes included.

However, what makes Arnold really stand out is its intuitive custom portfolio builder, which lets you organize (and add images to) your portfolio in seconds using a drag and drop interface. What’s more, you can also scale images based on their best orientation. This is particularly handy if you are displaying a variety of items, and want to ensure that each product can be seen in detail.

In a nutshell, Arnold is a superb choice for showcasing your portfolio for maximum appeal, giving you a much easier job of earning exposure for your portfolio.

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The current trend in web design is toward minimalism, but those espousing the format often forget one thing: when it comes to your portfolio, your website can only be as minimalist as your work. With that in mind, Notio is ideal for showcasing ornate, complex, and intricate creative works.

There are a plethora of portfolio layouts in Notio, although the developers are loathe to call them templates. Each design is created using the bundled Visual Composer plugin, so in reality, almost any layout is at your fingertips.

The designs themselves are based on a masonry grid layout, each thumbnail appearing almost larger than life on the screen. We particularly like the non-standard designs – the vertical and horizontal full screen portfolio layouts are imposing, while the text-based styles are punkish and edgy.

If you’re creating work on the cutting edge that’s loud, busy, or ornate, you’ll love Notio. It’s quirky and cool, and does enough to deserve your attention.

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Another example of a minimalist portfolio theme, Bramble doesn’t have the eye-catching animations of other examples in this collection, but it can still turn heads nonetheless.

Bramble offers nine different homepage layouts to choose from, but we’re focusing on its portfolio layout. Rather than the common horizontal header, this theme utilizes a left-hand navigation that is just a little too narrow for our liking. Unlike a theme such as Twenty Fifteen, the navigation here doesn’t feel balanced by the rest of the page – it leaves you looking for a button to expand a slide-in menu instead.

On to the portfolio layouts. They’re chunky and prominent, and the designs are simple variations on grid or masonry style layouts. However, this is no bad thing, as the designs don’t detract from the most important element: your work.

All in all, Bramble is a solid theme that will cater to fans of minimalism. Navigation menu aside, this is one to add to your shortlist pronto.

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Putting together the perfect portfolio is an art form. You need to find a way to make your best pieces shine without taking the limelight away from other elements. In many cases, it’s best to go with a pared-down, sparse approach — precisely what Segovia offers.

You can choose from over 20 pre-built portfolio layouts here, each with a vibrant color palette. The simple navigation scheme and base layout mean a bold visual portfolio will be the best fit. This same aesthetic extends to other design elements within the theme, including options for pricing and service pages, contact forms, and more.

Using Segovia, you can create password-protected galleries to display clients’ custom work. The theme also integrates with both the free Elementor page builder and WooCommerce e-commerce plugins. This means you can even set up a store to generate income.

Overall, Segovia takes no attention away from your work, yet still provides plenty of functionality under the hood. Bold and bright portfolios will find their ideal match here, so check this one out pronto!

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Let’s face it — many online portfolios can be rather ‘cookie-cutter’ in design. You’ll usually find a few pictures of the site owner and their work, a contact page, and that’s it. If you want to break the mold and build something unique, Vavo could be the theme to make that happen.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice Vavo approaches portfolio design from an interesting angle. The theme includes eight pre-built website layouts you can select from. Each comes with custom animations and typography, all featuring highly minimalistic design. The results look much more professional than what you’d expect from any old portfolio.

Since typography is critical to Vavo, the theme bundles in the Typography Manager plugin, which lets you import and set up Google Fonts, Adobe Typekit, and other third-party resources. Vavo also comes with its own built-in page builder, which supports all the custom animations we mentioned earlier.

On the whole, a unique portfolio can impact a business positively. As such, if you’re ready to take a leap and build a portfolio that’s going to catch the eye of everyone who visits, Vavo could be worth adding to your shortlist.

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Kalium is designed with portfolios in mind, so it’s a perfect choice for creative professionals.

The theme has multiple styles which can be manipulated easily using the Visual Composer, Revolution Slider and LayerSlider plugins – all premium plugins, included in the price, thus saving $63. Also included on the back end is a number of configurable options such as custom fonts, site icons, footer styles, color customization, and social media integration.

Meanwhile, on the retina-ready front end, CSS3 animations are used in a minimalistic way to create a very enjoyable browsing experience. This extends across menus, social media icons and search, which animate in a simple yet effective way to draw the visitor’s attention.

The creative portfolio layout can be used in other ways in addition to project listings, because Kalium comes with advanced WooCommerce integration. This is in addition to a plethora of other features in the theme, like a maintenance mode, multiple page layouts and parallax support. Naturally, the theme is also completely responsive.

Kalium deserves a mention for bloggers too; the theme remains clean and eye-catching in blog format. Featured images can be impressive but unintrusive, while post and author meta are understated, really fitting into the flow of the page very attractively.

Kalium is fully documented and its back end is as clean and easy to use as the front. This makes it a very easy theme to use for creating beautiful portfolios and possibly even an online store.

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Pitch is branded as the ideal theme for designers and agencies, and there are a myriad of stunning portfolio layouts included to make your work stand out from the competition.

Given that Pitch employs the black on white color scheme that’s so popular among modern designers, your work will take center stage. There are a number of portfolio templates to choose from including grid, masonry, and faux-Pinterest styles. Each layout also comes with an adjoined option, enabling you to create a patchwork-like design. Even the individual portfolio pages have a multitude of display options, based on either animating the text or arranging the accompanying images.

Overall, with the huge number of minimalist themes available, it’s becoming much harder to create an offering that stands out. Fortunately, Pitch does enough, and should be near the very top of your shortlist.

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Portfolio sites often benefit from an air of modern elegance that is difficult to achieve in many themes. Dazzle, however, definitely does not disappoint on this front with its minimalist yet striking design.

This sophisticated theme comes with eight beautifully styled demos and 12 project templates, so you have no shortage of starting points for your design. Customizing your layout is a cinch within the intuitive Visual Composer plugin, which is included along with other premium offerings such as Revolution Slider and Templatera.

Versatile header options and multiple navigation menu designs mean you can showcase your work in an attractive, user friendly manner. You can also wow your visitors with special effects, from parallax backgrounds to on-scroll animated content. And if you want people to buy products directly from your site, Dazzle is WooCommerce compatible, so setting up a store is simple.

This sleek, chic theme has all of the components and functionality needed to create a truly dazzling portfolio.

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Lobo is a highly stylized theme; perfect if your creations will fit into such a design seamlessly.

And for those who are not so au fait with WordPress, Lobo is worth further inspection. It’s a modular theme, which means that you can piece together the contents using a ‘custom module builder’, rather than potentially getting your hands dirty with HTML.

Lobo’s striking and modern-looking design is responsive across multiple devices (the pullout menu is particularly user-friendly for mobile users). It also comes retina-ready, ensuring that your product images will look crisp on high definition displays.

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Clients will have high expectations from a creative agency when it comes to your website. Every page needs to look flawless, and your superior taste needs to shine through with each element. As a tastemaker, you’ll probably find a lot you can appreciate in the Victim theme.

There are six different home page designs included here, and every page is almost monochromatic. The few key elements that shine through helps draw the user to your contact forms and call to actions. You can find this same style in Victim’s other designs, which include options for portfolio grids and service pages.

Victim integrates with WooCommerce, which is ideal if you plan to sell your services online. It’s also easy to customize as it works with the bundled Elementor page builder plugin out of the box.

All in all, if you’re looking for a theme that doesn’t require a lot of tinkering to make your agency look fantastic, consider giving Victim a shot.

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Although Milano has a plethora of layout choices for all manner of visual creatives and agencies, it’s their portfolio designs that we’re focusing on. However, before we discuss that, let’s talk about the theme’s overall design.

We feel a little like a broken record: Milano is a minimalist and monochromatic theme for displaying a stunning visual portfolio. However, there are some eye-catching flourishes. The whole site is framed by a thick white border, enabling a subtle grey accent color to soak up the negative space. The default Lovelo display font is also quirky, and in keeping with the overall aesthetic.

On to the portfolio where there are seven different designs to choose from. None really push the envelope in terms of structure – Milano only offers variations on grid, masonry, and full-width designs – but the hover animations are sweet and smooth. However, we’d have liked to have seen the portfolio given a little more focus – the header is almost full screen, quite bare, and feels a bit like wasted space.

Yes, Milano is another in a long line of minimalist themes, but it offers everything visual creatives need to deliver a standout portfolio. Take it for a spin, and your search for the ideal theme could be over!

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Grand Portfolio


Grand Portfolio has been designed to cater to all manner of visual design niches and agencies: photographers, bloggers, musicians, fashion designers, architects, and more. While we’re unconvinced that a theme can offer functionality relevant to so many niches, its portfolio design quality is without question.

Aptly so, Grand Portfolio contains an absolute plethora of different portfolio designs. While the ubiquitous grid and masonry layouts make an appearance, there are some additional outstanding choices on offer. There are numerous variations on a split screen design, an OS X-style Cover Flow option, both striped and horizontal layouts, and a parallax option that has to be seen to be believed.

While Grand Portfolio could be accused of spreading itself a bit too thin with regard to its demo layouts, there’s no questioning its portfolio design. Even the basic layouts look stunning, and for creatives with jaw-dropping visual work to complement it, Grand Portfolio will be an ideal choice for displaying your work.

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If you paid attention at school, you’ll know that a proton is an essential component of atomic science. In contrast, the Proton theme is looking to drop a bomb on the minimalist themes currently on the market.

Proton is a breathe of fresh air. While other themes claim to be minimalist, they’re often missing the two key components that makes the design so appealing: proper selection of fonts and the use of space. Proton excels on both counts – think of a Saatchi & Saatchi designed Twenty Sixteen, and you’re almost there.

Unlike other themes, Proton only provides grid and masonry portfolio designs. There’s a little movement from some tasteful animations, sure, but the focus is on function – a true minimalist approach.

We’re sorry to say that Proton may not appeal to casual users looking to showcase an attention-grabbing portfolio. However, that’s to their detriment and other user’s benefit – Proton’s minimalist design is gorgeous. What’s more, given that so many themes bombard users with fancy layouts and animation, Proton’s measured approach makes it a true standout among portfolio themes.

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Hazel is an amazingly functional and incredibly well designed portfolio theme.

To start with, Hazel’s developers show off the theme’s versatility by creating 35 unique demos, all with different layouts (that’s right: 35!). The screenshot we’ve put up is of the demo entitled “Norah”. The many variations and possibilities the theme offers makes it quite an interesting one to customize. Its portfolio is absolutey exquisite, with neat animation effects and several buttons that come into view when you hover your cursor over a portfolio item.

Megamenus (fullscreen and/or sticky) with anchor functionality, a parallax video slider, an expandable search field, and Ajax page transitions all feature in Hazel. The premium layout builder Visual Composer is included in the theme package free of charge. Besides that, Hazel is stylized for WooCommerce and supports interactive infographics and 6 post formats (standard, audio, video, gallery, link, and quote). Over 30 shortcodes and 600 Google Fonts are integrated with the theme.

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Many of the themes featured in this list are highly stylized and dynamic, but Elegant takes a far more, well, elegant approach.

With that in mind, if you’re looking for something simple yet striking, Elegant is well worth a look. With a full-width design featuring huge images and fonts, Elegant doesn’t pretend to do anything other than draw attention to your content.

I could talk about the different page types (features, agency, shop, etc.), layout type options, image filters and custom header styling, but ultimately Elegant is a theme that will either grab you or leave you somewhat uninspired at first glance.

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Portfolio is a stunning new theme release from MyThemeShop. It incorporates multipurpose functionality and great looks into one portfolio theme.

Despite its brief and rather obvious name, Portfolio is anything but average. Its design redefines simplicity, combined with elegance. Big ‘n bold images fill the filterable & expandable portfolio, but almost the entire remainder of the design is empty space, a perfect complement to the serif typography. Unlike most themes in its niche, Portfolio also comes with a great blog layout, which showcases its versatility as a WordPress theme.

On the functionality front, you get 14 custom widgets, megamenu capability, unlimited sidebars, plus a few different animation and scrolling effects. It’s also translation-ready, packaged with numerous icons, and integrates well with social media.

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Almera is a soft and beautiful WordPress theme perfect for professional photographers and artists. It could also suit a freelancer, fashion model or agency as well.

This theme will impress you from the inside out with its fabulous design and powerful functionality. There are awesome sliders included for you to showcase your current and past projects. There are three different homepage layouts to select from so that you can choose exactly how to present your works in their best light.

The layout constructor makes it easy for you to arrange your pages and posts in a few clicks of your mouse. There is a back-end color picker to customize your website’s colors and twelve default skins to choose from as well.

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