21 Best Review WordPress Themes 2021

Many people use the internet to research and shop for a variety of products and services. However, it can be difficult to know who the best resources and sellers are. To help consumers find reputable websites, review sites have begun popping up, and they are gaining in popularity at an exponential rate.

For your own review site, consider using WordPress. It has a number of themes available that have been designed specifically for review sites. With that in mind, we’ve compiled this list of the best review site themes for WordPress. The chances are high that you’ll find something to meet your needs below.

1. Zeen

If you’re wondering how important the concept of ‘leading lines’ is to a review site, the answer is “a lot” – and that’s an understatement. The developers of Zeen understand this, and have created a theme that aims to guide the reader, rather than bombarding them with content.

Right away, you’ll notice that Zeen looks gorgeous, no matter which of the many demo layouts you opt for. You can also create your own custom layout by using the built-in Tipi Builder drag-and-drop plugin. With this tool, you’re able to develop practically any complex design you can think of.

Some of the demo layouts feature elements that draw the reader in and lead them to further content. This is primarily achieved through sliding and ‘sticky’ elements. Plus, there’s also a visual theme options panel that helps you create your site while viewing it as it will be seen by visitors.

If that’s not enough, there’s a wealth of bundled add-ons and other features that are well worth checking out. All in all, Zeen is a very stylish theme with immense value out of the box. We’d argue that it places practically everything you need to create a stellar review website right at your fingertips!

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2. Networker

When you’re building a website for the technology industry, you’re probably looking for specific design and functionality. The Networker theme can provide you with an all-in-one solution for this niche.

Networker is a tech news WordPress theme that boasts a dark, magazine-style look. It comes with six visually appealing demos that are easy to install, a dark mode to enhance the viewing experience, more than 10 post archive layouts, and video backgrounds. It’s also easy to customize, offering unlimited custom fonts, over 1,900 Adobe Fonts, and more than 800 Google Fonts.

While this theme may not be designed specifically for review sites, it’s a very flexible choice if you work in the tech industry. It provides high-quality display and optimization features, including auto-loading posts, analytics support, and rich social media integrations.

All in all, Networker is a solid choice if you want to create stunning and interactive review posts for your tech blog.

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3. 15Zine


15Zine is a fresh, contemporary magazine theme that easily doubles as a review theme. Designed by Cubell, 15Zine doesn’t just enable you to present your content professionally – it helps you tell stories that speak to the needs of your visitors.

15Zine is packed with design options that will enable you to build your site to get it looking the way you want. Use the drag-and-drop builder for your layouts, choose an image style for your posts, or showcase your content with the Trending megamenu. The demo has dozens of pages you can choose from for your design. Compatible with the WooCommerce, WPML and bbPress plugins (to name just a few), 15Zine is not lacking in versatility..

The review part of 15Zine is no lightweight either. You have three different styles, unlimited numbers of criteria, pros and cons, and options for including score subtitles. Admin controls mean you can turn off user reviews and change who can see a posted review.

As a review theme, 15Zine has a cleaner look than most, making it an appealing option.

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4. Gillion

Reviews can be a simple niche to get involved in, especially when it comes to your website’s design. Gillion demonstrates just how simple things can be. It offers a no-frills way of creating a review site, while still having plenty of attractive qualities.

Even though the theme’s inherent characteristics might be simple, your choice of layout isn’t. There are over 17 demo templates to choose from, with more added often. It’s also easy to create your layouts, which you’ll do using the WPBakery Page Builder plugin.

As for the review pages, they’re free from unneeded complexity, which is great for helping readers quickly assimilate your content. However, you do get to add an easy-on-the-eyes summary box to each review, via the included custom post type.

Gillion is refreshing in its no-nonsense approach. We’d recommend this theme if you’re looking to get up and running quickly, although it’s flexible enough to employ on more complex sites too.

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5. Extra

One of the biggest challenges you will face when starting your own review is creating a compelling design. This can be a time-consuming and costly process on top of your other responsibilities. However, choosing a theme with practically all of the functionality you’ll need for success – such as Extra – is a good place to start.

Not only does the theme provide an instantly elegant design, it also fully integrates with the bundled Divi Builder plugin. This offers straightforward drag-and-drop layout creating, including modules built specifically for bloggers and online publications. You can quickly adjust fonts, size, colors, spacing, and more with just a few clicks.

In addition, Extra doesn’t limit you to a single static design unlike some themes. Instead, it offers a number of pre-built layouts (for example, seven different blog layouts), with the freedom to tailor them completely to your unique requirements. It’s perfect for displaying multimedia content, selling products with WooCommerce integration, and more.

All in all, for anyone looking to build a beautiful, interactive, and responsive online review site, Extra has almost everything you’ll need. As such, this is one theme destined for your shortlist!

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6. JNews

Multipurpose themes are a common choice for those looking to create sites in a variety of niches. If this sounds like you, JNews covers a number of bases, while still functioning well as a review theme.

In fact, JNews doesn’t just handle reviews, but incorporates several related niches – newspapers and landing pages, for example. The common elements in each of the many demo layouts are a saturated home page and plenty of visuals. Some of these may seem garish at first glance, but the wealth of features is a common approach for sites dealing in current content.

As with many other themes, you’ll create your site using the bundled WPBakery Page Builder plugin. However, JNews also supports WordPress’ new Block Editor, letting you work within a familiar and native interface. Either option affords you plenty of options for customization and branding.

You may operate with a particular niche, but that doesn’t mean your theme has to restrict you. JNews offer plenty to help you create a review site, no matter what your area of focus is. We encourage you to check it out right away!

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7. InHype

There are many types of review themes available. If you’re looking for one that’s especially fitting for your blog or magazine-style site, InHype might be the solution for you.

InHype is a blog and magazine theme that hasn’t been around for long but has already earned an average five-star rating. It comes with 38 homepage blocks, various demos with different theme settings, a drag-and-drop builder, and over 20 single post headers. It also offers unlimited site headers, extensive documentation, and speed optimization features.

One aspect of InHype that I particularly appreciate is that it includes a review demo and a post ratings and review feature. You can categorize review posts by type such as electronics, entertainment, restaurants, etc. You’ll also get access to unlimited customization options so that you can easily tailor these reviews to fit your brand and style.

InHype is worth checking out for anyone building a blog or magazine site. However, it can be especially relevant if you use your site to review products and services.

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8. NewsMag


NewsMag is a highly versatile, gorgeous-looking magazine theme that offers you the possibility to publish everything from listicles, to photo galleries, to long form journalistic pieces. There are six distinct demo sites on offer, so it’s easy to set up your website with minimal fuss – not to mention that there’s plenty of inspiration for you to customize as you please.

The option to include a fullscreen image as the background for your homepage makes NewsMag a great choice if your publication is heavily reliant on high-resolution photography. If that’s not your style, you can create a masonry grid of articles, plus feature sidebar content to include columns and other text-only pieces. If you want to display your content on your homepage without thinking too much about it, you have 14 different block layouts to choose from. Using this theme’s page builder makes creating a custom layout simple, enabling you to embed sliding photo galleries, news videos, ratings-based reviews, and clickable ads wherever you want.

If creating pages from scratch isn’t so appealing to you, a wide number of layouts exist for you to easily create articles in a number of different formats. For BuzzFeed-style listicle creations, NewsMag offers four different layouts that vary between sliding image galleries to single page scrolling lists. There are also multiple templates for creating simple posts featuring single images and conventional text-based articles.

In other words, if your publication features a bit of everything, you should consider using NewsMag.

Other important features:

  • Integrated WooCommerce plugin for selling online
  • Smart sidebar automatically adjusts to column size
  • Fully responsive sticky menu for better, elegant navigation
  • Custom-made social counter encourages visitors to share your content

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9. ReHub


REHub is a modern multipurpose theme from Sizam Design. Besides being great as a review site, you could also use it for your blog, shop or magazine. Jam-packed with content, it has a wide range of potential uses.

REHub comes with a lot of capability for customization. It’s compatible with three shopping plugins (WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and Ecwid), and even has demo pages designed for each one. You’re provided with several designs for comparison pages, post formats and top posts, as well as more than ten content blocks for the home page and plenty of header customization options. Shortcodes galore give you even more customization ability.

Other aspects of REHub that we think you’ll like are the various branding and advertising options, and the ability to add a catalogue to your site. You might also appreciate the compatibility with bbPress and WPML plugins for easy content sharing and community building.

For a well-rounded review site, REHub is an excellent choice.

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10. Huber

When creating a truly outstanding review website, it’s vital to choose a theme that encourages user interaction. You need to create dynamic, dedicated, and interesting pages, or visitors will look elsewhere. Fortunately, Huber makes building an engaging review site super easy.

Huber’s streamlined interface enables you to show an overall score based on various categories. For example, a video game could receive an overall score based on sub-scores for gameplay, audio quality, graphics, and more. Readers can also leave their reviews, and because the theme offers a way to follow your site, your readers can stay up to date with the content they are interested in. Huber is also bundled with the WordPress Popular Posts plugin, so you can gauge which of your posts are trending.

Out of the box, Huber is also bundled with the Visual Composer plugin, enabling simple drag-and-drop layout creation. There’s also a large degree of customization freedom, with a plethora of fonts, Font Awesome icons, page layouts, and color schemes.

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11. Valenti


Valenti from Cubell is a crisp magazine/review theme with a stunning HD (retina-ready) look. Coupled with infinite scroll options, a detailed mobile optimization function, and a new navigational menu system, Valenti is a review theme to be reckoned with.

The exclusive Valenti Drag & Drop Builder included in the package is ready for user customization — creating and modifying your own unique homepage was never easier.


  • infinite scroll option
  • mobile optimization
  • exclusive Valenti Drag & Drop builder

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12. TheFox

Finding the perfect review theme can be challenging. Instead of hunting down a niche option, sometimes your best choice will be a flexible multipurpose theme such as TheFox.

This theme has been around for a while and has over 11,000 sales and nearly a five-star average rating. It comes with over 30 appealing homepage designs with pre-defined content, the Visual Composer page builder plugin, and a variety of other premium plugins, including Slider Revolution and Contact Form 7. TheFox also includes a powerful admin panel that you can use to manage and configure its settings and options.

Unlike many alternatives, TheFox comes with a built-in mega menu. It also includes unlimited skins and colors, more than 10,000 font icons, and an expansive array of documentation, tutorials, and guides. While some multipurpose themes can be overwhelming and confusing, TheFox provides you with everything you need to use it for maximum effect.

Regardless of what type of site you’re looking to create, I highly recommend considering TheFox. Aside from its extensive design options, it includes a plethora of customization and support features that make it useful for anyone, from beginners to advanced users.

13. Ratency

Take a moment to think about the times you’ve looked for an online review on something you’re interested in. We’d bet that if it wasn’t easy to comprehend quickly, you probably decided to look elsewhere. If you’re concerned about your own visitors doing the same thing, you may want to check out Ratency.

This theme focuses heavily on helping you archive and display your reviews in an organized fashion. The default home page lists all of your site’s existing reviews, with pagination to make long lists more navigable. There are three of these home page designs to choose from.

If you’re looking to create a layout to your custom requirements, on the other hand, you can do so using the bundled Elementor page builder plugin. Ratency also includes a premium collection of add-ons for Elementor (from the Boosted Elements plugin), which are all designed to enhance the functionality of your site.

As for the review pages themselves, you’ll find plenty of options for making your reviews comprehensive. For example, you can add a “pros and cons” box (complete with scores) to each review, which gives ‘skimmers’ quick access to the most important information.

In a nutshell, Ratency is a well-thought-out theme. We’d recommend it for anyone who wants full control over how comprehensive their reviews are, since the sky’s the limit with this theme!

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14. Goliath


As you would expect for a theme with this name, Goliath is a feature-packed magazine and reviews theme with a sleek look and exceptional functionality.

Goliath offers four distinct demo choices for your brand, each with a different focus and layouts, including five homepage setups. The sports theme gives you a homepage that shows off an image slider with multiple categories following below. Among any number of categories are breaking news, different sports, and a useful keyword cloud at the bottom of the page for enhanced search. The fashion theme utilizes a dark skin, which is perfect for showcasing fullscreen images on the homepage, and also features image galleries and five star product review sections. The minimalist black and white tech theme includes a useful “staff picks” in the menu, an image slider in the header, plus categories placed in masonry-style column format.

Besides the demo features, Goliath offers many useful tools. A really useful subsection tool lets you divide your articles into as many sections as you want, with a sidebar navigation menu for readers to skip down or up to whichever part of the article interests them. A trending content banner at the very top of the page features an endless news channel-style ticker of popular articles and posts on your website.

For a review and news website that looks great and gives your readers everything they’re looking for, Goliath is a fantastic choice.

Other important features:

  • Supports the WooCommerce plugin for e-commerce capabilities
  • Optimized for SEO, thanks to integrated Google-rich snippets and meta data
  • “Hot article” feature automatically tags each week’s most popular articles to attract more hits
  • Integrated Visual Composer plugin for deep customization of page layouts

More Info / Download Demo

15. News Magic


News Magic is a responsive and bold news theme from Bdayh that contains a powerful review system, meaning it works great as a review site. The background image on the demo homepage grabs attention immediately, drawing the eye to top posts and a clean-looking header.

Responsive and retina-ready, News Magic has a unique look that you can easily customize. It comes with a plethora of homepage layouts, a drag-and-drop homepage builder, lots of sidebar and color choices, access to hundreds of Google Fonts and ten different category and blog post layouts. News Magic also has a respectable number of shortcodes for customizing the look of your site.

What we think you’ll really like about News Magic is the included Social Counter plugin – it counts the number of subscribers you have from various social networks. When you’re reviewing things, integration with social media is a huge plus as it helps you get the word out quicker to more people. And if you ever need assistance, News Magic provides video tutorials among its support features.

As a well-designed review theme, News Magic works like a charm.

More Info / Download Demo

16. NanoMag


NanoMag is a great review and magazine theme with an excellent and easy to use page builder, making it an excellent choice for experienced and novice publishers alike.

This theme is designed for multimedia posting, with a publishing engine that enables your content creators to create articles featuring YouTube or Vimeo videos, extensive block quotes, photo galleries, SoundCloud audio streams, or good ol’ fashioned written text.

NanoMag’s homepage comes with six distinct kinds of layouts, all of them optimized to show off media-rich posts thanks to included visual features such as sliders, hovering affects, and Ajax loaders. An easy to use mega menu feature gives you the power to create a custom header navigation menu in four different styles, with options to include article images within the menu as well as 1–10 numerical ratings for review posts. NanoMag also includes a forum creator and user registration/login portal, so if your publication relies on an engaged reader base, you’re all set.

The standout feature of this theme is the page builder, which includes twenty different elements that you can arrange to create the perfect homepage for your website, as well as homepages for minisites or different editorial categories. Some of the more useful elements include the home slider, which displays larger scrolling images – perfect for featured articles and posts – and the recent posts column, which elegantly lists your website’s freshly pressed posts along with featured images.

Definitely consider using this theme if you want a highly functional, slick looking website with plenty of customizability.

Other important features:

  • Unlimited sidebars
  • Supports WooCommerce plugin for online retail
  • Full or boxed width that is fully responsive on all displays

More Info / Download Demo

17. Puzzles


Puzzles is a high-res professional review theme. Its unique look will set you one level above your competitors’ designs with eight different display options, nine color schemes, a long list of custom settings, and flexible post, page, and category setup.

Puzzles has an awful lot of function beneath its sleek hood, too. Unique author options, 3 different rating systems, integrated performance optimization, and SEO friendly code all feature.


  • eight display options
  • nine color schemes
  • 3 rating stystems
  • performance optimization

More Info / Download Demo

18. Vinkmag

When choosing a theme for your online magazine, it’s important to find one with the customization options to make it your own. The good news is that Vinkmag offers layouts and design elements ideal for magazine sites of all types.

This theme is rated highly for news and magazine sites, but there’s plenty more under the hood, and can be used with a wide variety of niches. There’s an option to use a light or dark mode for an instantly different feel to your site, as well as customization options including a header and footer builder, and full integration with Elementor page builder.

In addition, Vinkmag comes with unique block layouts for category pages and colored layer styles for smooth transitions between your content. It can help you create clean and simple websites, although complex and highly interactive layouts are well-within reach.

Overall, Vinkmag is an excellent choice for a variety of publication sites. We encourage you to check out the demo, and be ready to splash the cash!

More Info / Download Demo

19. MagPlus

When it comes to choosing a review theme, it’s important to choose a striking, image-focused layout that can be updated regularly, without readability being impaired. MagPlus lets you achieve this effortlessly.

MagPlus comes with more than 40 page layout templates to choose from, to get started creating content right away. However, the theme includes more than 500 Google Fonts, plenty of header options and virtually limitless color schemes to create a unique look for your site. In addition to offering plenty of customization options, MagPlus also has a broad variety of pre-built layout templates to choose from.

Of course, with so much to tinker with under the hood, you may need to ask a question about a particular feature. With this in mind, MagPlus’ customer support is top-notch in our opinion. You’ll typically get a response within one business day, so you can enjoy peace of mind should you get stuck when using the theme.

On the whole, Mag Plus is a well-rounded, feature-rich theme that’s well worth considering, especially if you place great value on creative freedom.

More Info / Download Demo

20. Sahifa


Sahifa is a retina-ready responsive magazine, news, and review theme. A colorful, rich design, Sahifa allows users to cover a number of different topics and categories in one content-rich website.

9 different page templates. Category-based megamenus. A custom social counter widget. 650+ Google fonts, an intuitive admin panel, and a home page builder. Sahifa clearly gives you one of the biggest bangs for your buck.


  • unique admin panel
  • home page builder
  • 9 page templates
  • megamenus

More Info / Download Demo

21. Gauge


Gauge is a highly functional review theme that blends a spectacular design with amazing capabilities. The theme’s colorful design even includes some 3D elements, as seen in the theme’s footer. Instead of using conventional stars to display a product’s rating, Gauge uses a no-fill pie (check it out in the demo).

With the $25 Visual Composer included, Gauge gets you a whole lot of bang for your buck. One of its especially unique features is hubs, a central page where all the site information on a given topic, e.g. a specific video game, is displayed. Megamenu capability and custom sidebars also feature in the theme.


  • Visual Composer
  • site & user ratings
  • modern rating display
  • front end posting
  • hubs
  • 40+ shortcodes

More Info / Download Demo

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