12 Best Single Property WordPress Themes 2019

There are lots of excellent real estate themes for WordPress that cover a wide range of projects, from creating websites for self-employed realtors to building an online presence for large agencies. However, if you have just one property to promote, this collection of the best single property WordPress themes make launching a professional looking website very straightforward.

Covering multiple scenarios, including property sales, long-term rentals, and short-term accommodation, provided you only have one property to promote online, you’re sure to find a suitable option in this collection of single property themes for WordPress. Although it’s worth mentioning that some of these themes are ready to handle multiple properties as well should your portfolio expand in the future.

Although the pre-built single property website demos of these themes look great and have been finished to a high standard, they can all be customized in some way. For example, all of these themes have a set of visual controls that you let adjust the main settings of your site, such as the fonts and some of the colors. However, you’ll also notice that many of these themes also include page builder tools that let you take a much more hands-on approach to the design of your website, with no coding experience necessary.

So whether you’re looking for a single property theme that’s ready to go or you’d like to create a unique website, you’ll be able to find a good solution in this collection.


Kastell has a premium look and feel that makes it a good choice for promoting high-end properties.

If you’re operating in the luxury market or you just want to make your property look as appealing as possible on your website the Kastell single property WordPress theme should be on your shortlist. With six main website demos to choose from – all of which have a classic and clean design – you not only get a good range of options for the appearance of your website with the Kastell theme but also access to some truly useful features.

One of these features gives you the ability to add hover-activated tooltips to your photos that can be used to display additional information about your properties when a visitor moves their mouse cursor over a specific area of the image. Another useful element of Kastell is the ease with which you can add image galleries to your pages, helping you to share accessible photo displays with your audience.

You can also add stylish content elements to your website, using them to highlight the key features of your property – such as the floor space, the number of rooms, and other key details – in eye-catching boxes. The built-in slider tool gives you the option of displaying auto-scrolling displays of photographs or the latest content from your blog. As you might expect from an impressive single property theme, Kastell includes good Google Maps integration for displaying the location and surrounding amenities and attractions.

When it comes to carrying out any customization work, like all good single property WordPress themes, Kastell gives you the ability to adjust the visual properties of your website through an intuitive control panel. For extra flexibility, you also get access to a premium content editor tool in the form of the WPBakery Page Builder plugin. So while the pre-built content that makes up the six Kastell website demos looks great, you’re free to customize them as much as you need.

With six website demos and an impressive library of page templates, Kastell could be the most versatile single property WordPress theme available today.

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Karibu is a purpose-built single property WordPress theme for landlords and real estate agents.

In fact, anyone who needs to create a stylish and professional website to promote a single property should be able to make good use of this theme. So whether you’re selling, renting, or managing a property and want to share the details online, this theme is well worth taking for a test drive.

If you do decide to check out the pre-built Karibu website demo you’ll see that there are actually two main modes to choose from. One has been designed for showcasing a family home, while the other is more suited to promoting luxury penthouse apartments. However, as Karibu is a highly flexible WordPress theme, you can easily adjust it to display the details of other property types or accommodate options.

When the demo websites load, you’ll see that they feature full-width designs that take up the entire browser window. This is great as it gives you a good opportunity to highlight all the reasons why your visitors should consider your property. Thanks to the full-width homepage slider, you can easily upload all the most important photography and any other images related to your property, and then display them above the fold where they are instantly accessible to your audience as soon as they arrive at your site. As images play a vital role in promoting a property, this slider will make it easy for your visitors to get a good picture of your accommodation opportunity.

The rest of the default homepage layouts are packed with useful features that you’d expect to find on a high-quality real estate or accommodation website. This includes details of the property features, information about the neighborhood, and a profile of the agent managing the property. Once you’ve imported the demo content, all you have to do is replace the text and images with your own information.

Karibu gives you two different website designs to choose from as well as lots of customization options to help you create the right website to promote your single property.

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Skyview Complex

Skyview Complex has six complete website demos that cover a range of different property types.

Regardless of what type of property your website needs to promote or who your target audience is, there’s a good chance that the Skyview Complex WordPress theme can help. With six different website demos, each with their own unique style and appearance, you should be able to find a suitable design in this theme package. Furthermore, as all of the Skyview Complex demos can be easily customized using the tool included in the theme package, you should have no problem adjusting the pre-built websites if needed.

As well as the stylish designs of the Skyview Complex demos, this theme is packed with useful property-related features. For example, visitors to your site will have the ability to use the online forms to request a viewing. The form includes fields to help you collect all the information you need about prospective tenants, guests, or buyers. You can also use the built-in functionality of this theme to publish 360-degree panoramic views of your property and its surroundings, helping to generate even more interest from your visitors. You have the option of adding an interactive Google Map to your website too, enabling you to display nearby notable places of interest.

Although the Skyview Complex demos and pre-built templates look great, thanks to the inclusion of the King Composer WordPress plugin, you’ll be able to open up any of this content and start editing it through a visual interface. Therefore, if you need to make any changes or add new pages to your website, this tool is on hand to help. You can also customize other aspects of your website, such as the fonts, colors, and other display properties through the theme options control panel.

The Skyview Complex theme combines lots of attractive pre-built content with a useful set of property-related features.

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Holdings Realty

Holdings Realty keeps things simple with just one pre-built website demo for showcasing a single property.

If you’re looking for a theme that’s not lacking any features or design style and can help you launch your single property website as quickly as possible, Holdings Realty could be a good option. With just one pre-built website demo, there’s no need to agonize over multiple designs. Just upload the theme files, import the demo content, and then start adding your own images and text. You can also make any changes to the design of your website through the theme options control panel. However, as the Holdings Reality theme has a very high quality and professional design, you shouldn’t have much to do.

That’s not to say that Holdings Realty is lacking in customization options. With the powerful Elementor page builder included in the package, you can easily open any of the pre-built templates for editing. Thanks to the drag-and-drop user interface of this tool, everyone should be able to make changes to the design of their website when using the Holdings Reality theme. Due to its library of pre-built page templates, Elementor also makes it easy to add new content to your website. You can also drag and drop any of the modules and widgets included with Element to add more useful elements to your website, such as online forms, countdown timers, or call to action buttons.

In most cases though, the single property website demo of Holdings Realty should be ready for the majority of projects without much, if any, customization work required. For example, the gallery page designs work really well for showcasing the different photos of your property, while the homepage has all the elements you’d expect from this type of theme, including a Google Map and a contact form.

Holdings Realty aims to make launching a single property website as easy as possible without sacrificing features or functionality.

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Solus is a well-established single property WordPress theme that’s generated lots of sales and positive reviews so far.

Although launched a few years ago, Solus has been regularly updated since then and compares positively to the best single property WordPress themes being released today. However, choosing a theme like Solus, that has been tried and tested over the years, could give you more confidence when creating your website, especially with all the positive feedback that users of this theme have shared on the ThemeForest marketplace.

As this theme has been recently updated, your single property WordPress website will have a fully modern look if you choose Solus for your project. If you take a look at the theme demo, you’ll see that a full-screen slider is used to great effect, giving you a good opportunity to share the best photographs of your property with your audience, as soon as they arrive at your site. You also have the ability to display a prominent button on the slider that allows your visitors to schedule a viewing of the property. After the button is clicked, the online contact form is displayed, making it easy for anyone to get in touch and set up a meeting.

Other helpful elements on the Solus demo website include the ability to use Google Maps to generate directions to the property, the photo gallery with built-in lightbox image viewer, and the social media links. As well as the pre-built single property homepage layout, the rest of the theme package includes templates for the about, FAQ, news, and video tour pages. Thanks to the inclusion of the Elementor page builder tool and its own library of templates, you can also easily add extra pages to your website as needed.

Solus has evolved over the years to become a popular option for creating single property WordPress websites.

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Windsor works well for single property websites and for creating sites for apartment complexes.

If you check out the demo page for this theme, you’ll see that there are actually three main pre-built websites to choose from. However, although one of them has been designed for listing multiple properties, the other two are for creating single property websites with WordPress. So whatever stage your property business is at, this theme should help you present your available opportunities online.

The different demo websites all share similar homepage features, including interesting layout choices, useful sections, and easy to use menus. Some of the highlights of these pre-built demos are the hover-activated tooltips that can be applied to your photographs, the image slider for showcasing the best aspects of your property, and the pre-built layouts for displaying the key details of your property in a format that’s easy to read. If you want to make any adjustments or improvements to the pre-built content, the Windsor theme package includes the premium WPBakery Page Builder tool. You can also use the included Slider Revolution plugin to edit the image slideshows or create your own custom sliders.

Another interesting feature of this theme is the WooCommerce support. While most good WordPress themes should work with this ecommerce plugin, Windsor has a full set of templates for adding product listings, a shopping cart, and checkout section to your website. Therefore, if you want to collect payments through your single property website, maybe to accept agent fees or deposits, then this theme makes it possible. The core WooCommerce functionality allows you to accept payments via PayPal, but there are lots of add-ons which expand your options for handling online payments.

If you think your website might need to expand and list more than one property in the future, this theme is ready to display multiple properties.

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Luxury Apartment

Luxury Apartment aims to help you promote your premium property online with WordPress.

Although the title of this theme and the way the demo website is set up might make you think this option is only suitable for promoting high-end properties, that’s really not the case. Yes, this theme has what you’ll need to create a website for a luxury apartment, but it can do so much more. Thanks to the ease with which you can edit the demo content, adding your own images and text to the pre-built design and layout is very straightforward. Therefore, whatever type of property you want to display online, this theme can help.

When sharing the details of your property, whether that’s a luxury apartment or family starter home, this theme has the widgets and templates to help you clearly highlight the key details. Thanks to the about section, you can enter the main information about your property, such as the number of bedrooms, the year it was built, or floor space, and then have those displayed in an attractive grid layout, complete with eye-catching icons.

Sharing the location of your property is easy too, thanks to the Google Maps integration and the ability to add custom markers to your maps. This not only lets you display where your property is, but also what attractions are close by. The custom map markers enable you to highlight the nearest schools, malls, bus stops, or any other amenities you think your visitors will find important. Adding an image gallery to your site is easily achievable with the Luxury Apartment single property theme. Simply upload the images, chose their order, and then insert the gallery section into your pages. Now your visitors can browse the gallery thumbnails before clicking on an image to view the full version in a lightbox window.

Luxury Apartment has everything needed to promote a property online as well as share key information about the team managing or dealing with the property sale.

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Housez is a multi-purpose WordPress real estate theme that’s ideal for single property websites.

With 16 different real estate website demos in the Housez theme package, you should have no trouble finding the right option for your single property site. Although there’s only one purpose-built single property website demo in the Housez package, all of the other options can be configured to list just one property. However, if you’re looking for a quick way to launch your real estate or accommodation website, the single property demo is a great place to start.

If you do choose the Housez theme and decide to import the single property demo, your site will include a large full-screen image as its main display feature, which can be used to share the best photographs of your property. As your visitors scroll down the page, past the large photographic display, you can use the pre-built sections to highlight the key aspects of your property in an attractive way, using the icons that are included in the theme package. You can also easily add an image gallery to your homepage, using the pre-built configuration. There’s even a section for displaying your own details, along with a photo to help generate trust and built a connection with your potential buyers or tenants. Another nice feature of the default homepage layout is the ability to publish testimonials from people you’ve worked with, such as vendors, clients, or tenants.

As the Housez theme includes the powerful WPBakery Page Builder plugin at no additional cost, you’re free to edit the pre-built theme content as you see fit, including changing which sections are active on your homepage and the order they are displayed in. Also, as this theme has 16 different website demos, you can also copy any elements from those other demos and easily apply them to your site. You’re really not limited in any way with this theme, and thanks to its large library of pre-built content and templates, you have lots of options for designing a unique single property website.

The multi-purpose real estate Housez theme gives you a lot of pre-built content to work with compared to the average single property WordPress theme.

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Dream Land

Dream Land gives you 3 homepage styles and more than 10 inner page templates to work with.

Whether you’re a real estate agency that's acting on behalf of a client, a homeowner who wants to promote their property themselves, or somewhere in between, this single property real estate WordPress theme could have everything you need. The three homepage designs give you a good selection of options for how this part of your website will look. With different layouts and styles, there should be something for everyone in the Dream Land website demos.

However, if you can’t make a decision on which one to use, you can use the included WPBakery Page Builder plugin to mix and match the various elements from each layout to create your own unique homepage design. The same applies to the library of templates for the inner pages. Customizing the pre-built content is very straightforward with this theme, so when checking out the demos, don’t think you’re constrained by what you see. You can also edit any of the image slideshows using the included premium Slider Revolution plugin and its powerful set of features.

Like some of the other single property real estate WordPress themes in this collection, Dream Land has full support for the leading WPML plugin. As this plugin provides all the functionality needed to create a multilingual website, if you want to appeal to a wider audience, your single property website can easily be translated into multiple languages to achieve this. So if you need to create a website for listing holiday accommodation, then the Dream Land theme could be a suitable choice in this respect.

Dream Land works well for a range of property types, including villas, apartments, houses, and more, making it a theme you should take a closer look at.

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201 Murray

201 Murray comes in two variations for creating single property and multi-property websites with WordPress.

As well as having two main website demos, for single and multi-property websites, the 201 Murray theme is also flexible when it comes to handling property sales and rentals. Therefore, there’s a good chance that this theme will work for your project. However, it’s not all about flexible features. If you check out the 201 Murray demos, you’ll instantly notice that this theme has a stylish design that your audience should appreciate. As inspiring confidence in your visitors is important, especially when dealing with property sales and rentals, its vital that your website has a professional look and feel.

In addition to having a suitable design for this type of website, the 201 Murray layouts and templates all have lots of useful features that will make it easier for your visitors to find the information they’re looking for and take the next step if they're interested in your property. With icon grids to highlight the best features of your property along with online contact forms, your single property website will be highly functional, while also looking the part.

If you want to make any changes to the theme demos and their layouts and templates, 201 Murray doesn’t disappoint in this area either. With a powerful theme control panel that makes it easy to change the site-wide settings of the theme, as well as the premium WPBakery Page Builder tool, there isn’t much about this theme that you won’t be able to change or adapt. You’ll also find the premium Slider Revolution plugin in the 201 Murray theme package, giving you even more creative tools at your disposal. Although no coding experience is needed to personalize this theme, if you are a coder, you’ll find the detailed documentation very helpful when it comes to modifying your website in this way.

201 Murray has some interesting design features that should help your single property website stand out from the competition.

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Foja is another purpose-built single property WordPress theme that’s easy to personalize.

When setting up your new real estate site, you can simply import the pre-built Foja website demo into your WordPress Dashboard and then add your property details to complete the project. Of course, you’re free to customize default theme settings to ensure your website matches your branding and will appeal to your target audience. When it comes to making these changes to the theme, you can work through the intuitive WordPress Customizer interface. Thanks to this, any changes that you make are immediately displayed in the preview panel, helping you to instantly see how your website will look if you publish those changes.

If you want to modify your website beyond just changing the colors, fonts, and logo, then you’ll be pleased to know that Foja comes equipped with a powerful drag-and-drop page builder tool. By using the Elementor plugin, you can open any of the demo templates in this visual editor and then customize them through the front-end interface of the plugin. Adding new pages to your site is just as straightforward, thanks to the library of high-quality content templates included in the Elementor package.

When it comes to real estate related features, Foja doesn’t disappoint. As you might expect from an option included in this collection of the best single property WordPress themes, Foja lets you add an online booking form to your website that allows your visitors to schedule a viewing or request more information. The theme also includes a set of icons that work really well for real estate websites, helping you to highlight the key features of your property using more than just plain text. The built-in image gallery tool should come in handy too, ensuring you’re able to showcase the best photographs of your property.

Foja makes it very easy to launch your single property WordPress website while still having plenty to offer those who need a custom site.

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Apartment WP

Apartment WP is perfect for single property websites and many other types of real estate projects.

If you need to create a single property website but also would like the option of expanding your site in the future, then Apartment WP should be of interest. With everything you're likely to need to list just one property online, whether it’s for sale or available to rent, Apartment WP certainly meets the criteria for inclusion in this collection of single property themes for WordPress. However, if you find yourself managing or selling another property in the future, this theme is more than capable of handling multiple property listings.

However, regardless of how many properties you might be working with, if you choose Apartment WP, you get access to a professional design for your website. Thanks to the background image slider effect, you can easily share photographs of your property or its surroundings to help generate interest from your visitors. You can also highlight the best features of your service or your property by using the icon section. Another useful element of this theme is the sections for displaying the profiles of your team and publishing testimonials and feedback from clients or other people you’ve worked with. Apartment WP also includes multiple templates for listing your property, giving you a few different options for how your main content will look.

As well as working with Google Maps to allow you to publish interactive maps on your website, Apartment WP has also been built to work with the free-to-use and open source OpenStreetMap, giving you another option for adding this type of element to your website. Furthermore, this theme also has full support for the leading WordPress multilingual plugin, giving you the option of listing your property in multiple languages, with automatic language switching based on the visitor's location or browser settings.

With multiple homepage designs and lots of expansion options, Apartment WP is an interesting real estate theme.

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