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7 Best WordPress Pricing Table Plugins 2021

The WordPress pricing table plugins in this collection will help you present information about your prices and products in a format that’s easy to digest.

Whether you want to create a table to compare your own products and services, or you want to make your reviews and other content more appealing to your readers, installing one of these WordPress pricing table plugins can definitely help. With the right tool, you’ll be able to create your own responsive comparison tables from inside your WordPress dashboard.

When browsing the different plugins, be sure to check out the pre-built tables and templates that are included in the packages. Although these WordPress pricing table plugins include a good range of customization options, choosing a tool with a pre-built template that’s close to your requirements can help save you time and effort.

With free and paid options in this collection, including some very feature-rich plugins, there’s sure to be a suitable tool for everyone in this guide. Furthermore, many of the free plugins can be upgraded by purchasing a premium license and unlocking even more features when the time is right.

So if you’re ready to make it easier for your visitors to find what they’re looking for, or make a decision on which item to purchase, these pricing table plugins should provide you with everything you need.

Best Free WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

1. Easy Pricing Tables

Easy Pricing Tables is one of the most widely-used free WordPress pricing table plugins. It will provide you with everything needed to add price comparison tables to your WordPress website.

The user interface of this plugin makes it surprisingly easy to create professional-looking pricing tables in WordPress. Once you’ve created a table, it can be inserted into any of your posts, pages, and other areas of your website using shortcodes. Thanks to this, whenever you update a table, every instance of that table on your website is updated too, without any extra work required on your part – ideal for keeping your pricing pages up to date and in-sync with each other.

Easy Pricing Tables 01

When it comes to customizing the appearance of your tables, the Easy Pricing Tables plugin gives you a good amount of control over how they look. Through the controls, you can easily adjust the font size, colors, and border settings. Another nice feature of the Easy Pricing Tables plugin is the ability to drag and drop the position of the columns to quickly change their order.

Although you don’t get as much creative freedom as you do with some of the premium pricing table plugins, it’s still possible to ensure your tables stand out or blend in with the rest of your site as appropriate.

Easy Pricing Tables 02

As you’d expect from a popular WordPress pricing table plugin, this free option will work with any well-coded WordPress theme. Furthermore, the tables generated by this plugin are all mobile-friendly to ensure visitors accessing your site on smartphones and tablets can view and interact with your pricing tables without any problems.

Easy Pricing Tables 03

Easy Pricing Tables has very positive ratings, and there’s also a premium upgrade available should you need access to more features in the future.

More Info / Download Demo

2. Responsive Pricing Table

Responsive Pricing Table is another popular free WordPress pricing table plugin with an optional paid upgrade available.

When creating your tables with this plugin, you can choose from a good selection of fields for your tables, including the title, subtitle, description, and price. You can also define the pricing field as being a one-time fee or a purchase that requires a recurring payment. Adding icons to your table columns and rows is straightforward too, as is inserting text and button links into the table cells. It’s also possible to highlight a column in your table to present it as the recommended option, helping to catch the attention of your visitors.

Responsive Pricing Table 01

The user interface for creating the tables integrates nicely into the WordPress Dashboard, making it feel like a part of your site rather than a third-party add-on. As usual, a shortcode is created for each table, giving you a quick and easy way to add the pricing and comparison tables to your website.

In addition to the user-friendly table creation interface, the actual tables you can produce with this free plugin have a very professional appearance. So if you’re worried about not being able to create pricing tables that your visitors will trust with a free tool, there’s no need to be concerned about the abilities of the Responsive Pricing Table plugin. As the name suggests, any tables you create with this plugin are fully responsive to accommodate the mobile visitors to your website.

Responsive Pricing Table 02

If you like the look of this plugin but need more features, such as additional pre-built table skins and designs, hover-activated tooltips, and an improved way to automatically even out the table column heights, then there is an affordable paid version available that starts at $19.99 per year. As it’s easy to migrate your data from the free version to the paid plugin, it’s worth starting out with the free plugin and seeing how you get on.

Responsive Pricing Table 03

The Responsive Pricing Table plugin really simplifies the process of creating a high-quality looking comparison table in WordPress.

More Info / Download Demo

3. Pricing Table

Pricing Table makes it very easy to add pricing tables to your site, with various styles for you to choose from.

Once installed on your site, this plugin adds a modern drag-and-drop table builder to your WordPress website to help you create tables that visually compare different pricing options. To help you get started as quickly as possible, the Pricing Table plugin includes some templates that you can use as the foundation of your table, before carrying out the customization work through the editor. It’s also possible to edit the CSS for any table, giving you even more control over their appearance.

Pricing Table Plugin 01

When you’re creating your tables, it’s possible to add as many rows and columns to them as needed. The number of individual tables you can create on your site isn’t limited either. While some plugins reserve the ability to add hover-activated tooltips to the tables for those who choose to upgrade to the paid version, the free Pricing Table plugin includes this feature as standard. You can even insert images and videos into your tables, making them more visually appealing and hopefully more likely to generate a sale or sign up from your audience. As with any modern plugin of this type, all the tables generated are fully mobile-responsive.

Pricing Table Plugin 02

If you’re looking for inspiration for the design of your comparison tables, or you want to see what this plugin can do, there are some varied examples on the plugin website. It’s safe to say that this plugin can be used to create a wide range of tables for your WordPress website, including simple pricing tables that just include text to detailed comparison tables that allow you to list all the features and properties of a selection of products, along with images and videos.

Pricing Table Plugin 03

Like the other free options in this guide to the best WordPress pricing table plugins, there’s also a paid upgrade available for those who want to unlock additional features. As this is already a feature-packed free pricing table plugin, upgrading just gives you access to more table templates and role restriction functionality to help you control which WordPress users on your site can work with the tables.

More Info / Download Demo

4. WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder Plugin

WP Table Builder is available as a free plugin and a premium option with more features.

The free version is suitable for creating a range of tables. Thanks to its drag-and-drop interface, it’s easy to build and edit any tables that you want to add to your posts and pages. Adding elements to your tables is straightforward, due to the available selection that includes images, buttons, and star ratings. You can also add custom HTML to your table as well.

If you upgrade to the paid version of WP Table Builder, you can choose from a library of pre-built tables to help speed up your workflow. It’s also easy to migrate from another WordPress table plugin if you want to switch to WP Table Builder. The ability to import CSV files gives you a quick way to set up tables, too.

WP Table Builder is a plugin that gives you a user-friendly way to add custom tables to your content.

More Info / Download Demo

Best Premium WordPress Pricing Tables Plugins

1. Go Pricing

Go Pricing is one of the most popular premium WordPress pricing table plugins available today.

One of the highlights of the Go Pricing plugin is the control it gives you over the appearance of your tables. Without the need for any coding, it’s possible to customize all aspects of your tables, including giving your table headers and content a unique visual style. You can also create your own custom color combinations so that the tables work well with your site and the offers you’re promoting.

Go Pricing Plugin 01

If you’d rather use an off-the-shelf design for your pricing tables, this plugin has over 250 demo templates for you to choose from. There’s no need to start from scratch, and if you find a suitable design, you can have a live pricing table on your site very quickly. As this is a highly flexible plugin, it’s easy to personalize any of the demo templates to ensure they match your requirements.

Go Pricing Plugin 02

As part of the customization and creation process, you have the option of adding images and videos to your tables to make them more informative to your visitors. Go Pricing has been built to work with Beaver Builder, Elementor, and WPBakery Page Builder — three of the leading page builder plugins for WordPress — to give you the ability to insert the tables into your custom content designs. Go Pricing will also work with any well-coded WordPress theme, ensuring it should integrate seamlessly with your existing website.

Go Pricing Plugin 03

With so many great features, it’s no wonder that Go Pricing is the most popular WordPress pricing table plugin at the CodeCanyon marketplace.

More Info / Download Demo

2. ARPrice

ARPrice has over 300 templates to help you find the right design for your pricing tables.

If you’ve seen a pricing table on another website that you’d like to emulate for your project, or maybe you just want a large selection of options to choose from, then the growing library of templates from ARPrice should be of interest. With so many styles available, not to mention all of the customization options, you’re sure to be able to publish the right type of comparison table on your WordPress website with this plugin.

ARPrice Plugin 01

Among those important customization features, you’ll find an unlimited number of color options, optional CSS3 based ribbons, and a selection of over 2,400 font icons that you are free to insert into your pricing tables as needed. There are also animation effects that can help make your tables more eye-catching to your visitors.

If you are offering subscription plans, then the ability to add a button that toggles the price between the monthly and yearly payment options should be of interest. When it comes to closing the sale, the PayPal “buy now” button integration should simplify the process of collecting a payment from your customers.

ARPrice Plugin 02

All of the ARPrice plugin customization options can be accessed through a real-time template editor that simplifies the process of personalizing your pricing tables. Through this interface, you get a live preview of how your tables will look as you customize them. Then, once you’re ready, you can insert the tables into your content using the shortcodes or take advantage of the compatibility with the drag-and-drop WPBakery Page Builder and Cornerstone tools to add them to your custom page designs.

ARPrice Plugin 03

With extra features like analytics and statistics for your tables, ARPrice should help you generate more sales from your website.

More Info / Download Demo

3. CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables

CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables is another well-established pricing table plugin.

With a long list of features, this is one of the most competitive pricing table plugins for WordPress available today. As all of the tables are constructed using HTML and CSS only, their designs are fully responsive to ensure they look great on any size screen. The CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables plugin also has an impressive selection of templates and customization options for creating a wide range of tables.

CSS3 Pricing Table Plugin 01

Through the plugin settings, you’ll have no trouble creating full-width detailed product comparisons, compact pricing tables, and even designs with integrated sliders for scrolling through tables with lots of columns. You can also quickly add animation effects to your tables, such as columns that increase in size when the mouse cursor hovers over them.

Inserting icons and symbols into the table cells is straightforward too, and thanks to the large choice of fonts, there are lots of options for adjusting the style of the text in your tables. Adding ribbons to the table columns to make them stand out or for providing more information is another useful feature of the CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables plugin.

Many of the possible table configurations are displayed on the plugin demo page, doing a good job of showcasing what this pricing comparison builder can do.

CSS3 Pricing Table Plugin 02

If you’re moving from another pricing table plugin then you could be able to use the import feature of CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables to quickly transfer your data across. Another use for this feature is importing data from other sources to quickly generate one or more tables for your WordPress website. You can also add drop-down menus to your tables that let your visitors quickly change the information being displayed.

CSS3 Pricing Table Plugin 03

This pricing table plugin can do a lot. You can view video walkthroughs of the admin panel and the end-results of what CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables can produce on their website to see how powerful it is.

More Info / Download Demo

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