11 Best WordPress Themes for Selling eBooks 2024

If you want to sell eBooks online, whether it’s just one book that you’ve written or a range of eBooks from other authors, these themes will provide you with everything you should need.  Thanks to the pre-built content and features of these themes, your website should not only look great but have all the functionality required to sell online.

These themes work equally well for promoting your books and linking to the stores where they can be purchased. They also integrate with one or more eCommerce plugins, so you can sell digital downloads directly from your website, too.

Although the pre-built website demos from these themes have been designed to a very high standard, they can also be easily customized. This means that once you’ve imported a demo into your WordPress Dashboard, you can either use it as it is or personalize it through the theme options control panels. Some of these themes for selling eBooks with WordPress also include page builder tools, giving you even more control over the design of your website. Therefore, if you see a demo that’s almost perfect for your project, it shouldn’t take much effort to tweak it until it’s a better match.

If you want to promote your latest eBook online or sell books directly from your website, you should be able to find a suitable theme in this collection.

1. Sydney

Sydney is a powerful eBook-friendly eCommerce theme.

Whether you want to sell eBooks online or create an author site that lists your eBooks for sale, Sydney has all the templates and features you should need. The Author demo of Sydney is perfect for quickly setting up a professional-looking online presence. As well as making it easy to publish information about yourself, the Author demo also has templates for displaying the details of your books and listing them for sale.

If you want to create an eCommerce store that sells eBooks, one of the online store demos might be a better option. Regardless of which Sydney demo you choose, you’ll get access to plenty of useful eCommerce features, including support for publishing advanced customer reviews, a floating add-to-cart button, and a product wish list tool. WooCommerce support makes it easy to sell eBooks with Sydney.

2. Divi

Divi is a multipurpose WordPress theme with some attractive templates for selling eBooks.

One of the best features of Divi is its huge and ever-expanding library of pre-built website templates. Among the options is a design that’s perfect for creating a website for selling eBooks online. Although this option works really well for this type of project, there are also lots of other templates that might also be suitable for selling eBooks online, depending on your preferences.

Aside from the library of templates, another reason why Divi is so popular is the bespoke page builder that’s integrated into this theme. The Divi Builder could be one of the most advanced visual editors available for WordPress, giving you complete creative control over the design of your website. As well as its intuitive drag-and-drop page builder interface, this tool is packed with elements and modules that you can insert into your pages. Therefore, if you want to add call-to-action buttons to help you promote your eBooks, or publish video players to provide a visual introduction to your website and its books, it’s all very straightforward with Divi.

A further reason to consider this theme for your eBook website is the Divi Leads tool. This split testing tool allows you to quickly set up A/B tests to find out which elements in your content, or versions of your pages, get the highest conversion rates from your audience. Thanks to this, you could easily create two versions of a buy button for your eBook, then let Divi Leads show one button to half of your visitors and the other button to the other half. Then, whichever one gets more clicks is shown permanently to all visitors. If you want to sell more eBooks from your website, optimization features like this can really come in handy.

Divi has a great design and integrates with all of the WordPress eCommerce plugins to help you sell eBooks online.

3. Exponent

Exponent is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with a website design that’s optimized for selling eBooks online.

Although there are 22 complete website demos in the Exponent package, it’s the design that’s been built to help you sell eBooks online that is of most interest here. However, that doesn’t mean you should completely overlook the other 21 website demos. Many of them contain templates, elements, and other features that could be useful for your eBook website. Thanks to the flexibility of this theme, you can easily mix and match the elements from the different demos to create the perfect website for your project.

However, if you check out the eBook website demo in the Exponent package, you might discover that it has everything you need to build your WordPress website for selling eBooks. For example, the book demo has a homepage that’s well-optimized for generating sales. The main section that’s displayed at the top of the homepage layout has space for displaying the cover of your eBook alongside a buy now button.

As your visitors scroll down the homepage of your website, they’ll see the logos of places you or your book have been featured. There’s also plenty of room for promoting your book, such as through the use of icons and text, bullet point lists, and an author profile. The default eBook homepage template includes a section for displaying testimonials and reviews, giving you an easy way to share feedback with your potential readers. Finally, the homepage layout ends with another call to action that encourages your visitors to purchase your eBook.

When it comes to handling the eCommerce functionality of your eBook website, this theme has been built to integrate with the powerful WooCommerce plugin. Thanks to this, you get full control over how your eBooks are sold, such as which payment gateway or processor is used, how taxes and discounts are applied, plus much more.

Exponent is a powerful theme and thanks to the eBook demo, it’s a great choice for selling digital products online.

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4. Bookory

Bookory is a WooCommerce-powered eBook store theme.

Thanks to high levels of WooCommerce and Dokan integration support, you can easily set up an online store selling eBooks with the Bookory theme. While WooCommerce takes care of the core eCommerce functionality required for this type of project, other supported plugins and WooCommerce add-ons let you do things such as build a multi-vendor marketplace for selling eBooks and other digital downloads. 

To help you build an eBook store that works for your brand and goals, Bookory has a good range of demos to choose from. The demos all include lots of templates for the inner pages of your store, including multiple product page templates. There’s a good set of eCommerce features, too, including product comparison, wishlist, and product quick view. 

Bookory should have everything you need to launch your eBook store.

5. Cognio

Cognio is a modern landing page theme for selling eBooks online with WordPress.

If you have a new eBook that you’d like to promote to the world, then the Cognio theme will help you create an effective website. As Cognio can accurately be described as a landing page theme, the focus of the main homepage templates is on encouraging your visitors to take action. Depending on how you configure your website, that action could include buying your eBook, or something else, such as signing up to receive a free chapter or watching a video presentation about the book.

As Cognio has a video player feature, you can easily upload a range of media in this format to help you promote your book. The integrated newsletter signup forms should come in handy, too, giving you a way to keep in touch with your visitors after they’ve left your site. In fact, as it’s fair to say that all authors should have an email newsletter that they can use to let their fans know when they’ve released a new eBook, the email marketing service integration of Cognio could be one of its most important features. The Cognio templates include optional online forms as well, making it possible for your visitors to send you a message if they need to.

If you plan to add a blog to your eBook promotional website, then Cognio comes with a stylish set of blog post templates. Thanks to this, you can easily publish your latest news, share samples of your writing, and publish anything else you think your audience will be interested in, all in a stylish format. As the blog post templates include support for displaying videos and sliders, you can mix up this content to make it more appealing to your visitors.

Cognio has all the eCommerce support you’ll need to sell eBooks directly from your website.

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6. Leona

Leona works well for creating many different sites that sell and promote eBooks online.

As a writer, rather than a web designer, you might think that creating a website to promote your latest eBook is going to be a difficult task. However, with a theme like Leona, that really isn’t the case. Thanks to the templates that come with this book author WordPress theme, you may well get access to all of the pages your site requires, without having to make any changes to the overall design of Leona.

Some examples of the ready-go-to templates that you get access to with Leona include pages for showcasing your current list of titles as well as any upcoming projects, announcing your events and book tours, and offering samples of your books that your visitors can download to get a taste of your writing. Publishing an author biography is also easy, thanks to the template that was built especially for this purpose.

If you want to sell books directly from your website or point your visitors in the direction of where your titles are available to buy, Leona has all the necessary features for this. Thanks to the support for the WooCommerce online store builder plugin, you can easily list your products for sale and then either deliver them automatically after purchase in a downloadable digital format or manage the distribution of your printed books.

While Leona definitely has a lot of useful features, setting up this theme is far from difficult. Simply upload the theme package to your WordPress dashboard and then import the demo content. If you need any assistance with creating your author website, the online documentation will help, while the theme developers are on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Leona has a design and style that will appeal to authors writing books in a wide range of genres.

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7. Cosonix


Cosonix features eight unique homepage demos that make it easy to get your site up and running without too many settings and options to explore.

While this theme can be used for a range of purposes, such as building an agency website or an online portfolio, there are two attractive eBook templates included that are ready to go. Although any of the other pre-built demos can be easily tweaked to meet your needs, having two eBook landing pages on offer will make your life easier.

Depending on which of the Cosonix eBook templates you use, your website can either feature above the fold, an animated homepage slider that can be used to promote your book in style, or an email opt-in form to help grow your prelaunch email list.

As the Cosonix theme has been built with customization in mind, all of the templates can easily be reconfigured to ensure they meet your needs. The included premium WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder plugin makes it easy to edit any of the pre-built templates or create your own from scratch – all without the need to write any code.

The pre-built demos of Cosonix can be applied to your WordPress website in just a few clicks, giving you an easy way to get your website online with minimal time or effort required.

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8. AeroLand

AeroLand has multiple demos, including one built specifically for selling eBooks online.

The AeroLand eBook demo features a large full-width slider as its main focal point, giving you a good opportunity to introduce your eBook to your audience as soon as they arrive at your site. As the slider can include text, images, and video content, you’re free to set it up in the best way to promote your eBook.

If you’d like to share a chapter of your eBook, this theme includes a feature that makes this very straightforward. All you have to do is upload the content you want to share to the relevant part of your theme, and AeroLand will do the rest.

The AeroLand eBook homepage also has sections for highlighting some of the key features of your book, including the chapters, the topics covered, or anything else you can think of. If you’d like to publish reviews of your eBooks on the homepage of your website, you can do that too with AeroLand. Another notable element of this theme is the email newsletter signup form that’s included in the templates. As AeroLand integrates with all of the best email marketing services, you can connect your website to your preferred option.

Although AeroLand does have a dedicated eBook website demo, it also has other demos that could be suitable for helping you to promote your latest book. Due to this, it’s well worth checking out the other demos that are available from AeroLand to see which one would work best for your project.

The developers of AeroLand have a YouTube channel as well where they share video content about their themes, giving you a way to get some tips on setting up your eBook website.

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9. Odrin

Odrin is a WordPress theme for writers and authors who’d like to sell their eBooks online.

Rather than being a highly sales-focused eBook theme, Odrin has a design that will help generate interest in your eBooks and then give your audience the opportunity to make a purchase. If you want to share some of the content of your eBook, including introducing characters, publishing excerpts from your book, or anything else you think will help you to promote your work, Odrin could be a good match.

If you take a look at the two website demos that make up the Odrin package, you’ll see that this theme would be a particularly suitable choice for anyone writing fantasy novels featuring orcs and elves. However, if that isn’t the type of book you’re writing, you can easily replace the stock images and other design elements with more suitable options. Doing so could be worthwhile as the pre-built homepage layouts of the Odrin theme have lots of useful elements. For example, if you choose this theme, your eBook website can display reviews from readers, share information about your main characters in a slider format, and display some notes on the author.

To help you promote your novels further, the Odrin theme includes templates for listing upcoming events. This could include sharing the details of traditional book signings and online events such as author question and answer sessions. Alternatively, you could just use the calendar to share the release dates of forthcoming eBooks. It’s a flexible tool so it can be used in any way that you want.

If you want to sell eBooks directly from your website, the popular and free WooCommerce plugin is supported by this theme. As this plugin supports digital downloads, you should have everything you need to start selling eBooks online, including collecting payments via online payment processors like PayPal. If you want to add more eCommerce features to your site, then there are countless extensions for WooCommerce that cover pretty much any type of online store.

The eye-catching page flipper is one of the features that has helped Odrin earn a place in this collection of eBook themes.

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10. Auteur

Auteur is a general-purpose eBook theme that’s aimed at authors and publishers.

This theme can be used in a number of different ways without much effort, including to create a site for an upcoming author to promote a single book, a well-established author who wants to build a site to promote their back catalog, or a publishing company with multiple authors and books they want to list online. Although, as this is a flexible theme, any type of book-related website could be created with Auteur.

The four homepage layouts in the Auteur package do a good job of demonstrating how your website could look if you choose this theme. The author-focused option could be a suitable choice if your personal brand precedes your publications, helping you to use your profile to promote your eBook online.  Another of the demos is designed to make your eBook the main focus of your website, with sections for displaying the cover art as well as experts from the book itself.

There is also a website demo for creating an online book store, which is ideal for selling one or multiple eBooks with WordPress. Creating a book reviews blog, which also offers readers the opportunity to purchase eBooks directly from the site, is another way to use this theme. The 10 blog post templates should come in handy for anyone who wants to start a blog or add one to their eBooks website. If you find that there are any templates that you need that aren’t included, then the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin is on hand to help you create any that your site needs. You can also use the included Slider Revolution premium slideshow builder plugin to add some interactive content to your site as well.

However you want to sell eBooks online, this WordPress theme should provide you with everything you need.

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11. Publisher

Publisher allows you to both showcase and sell digital products.

This responsive theme features two sales options — you can either link your WordPress site to Amazon or make use of the WooCommerce integration.

The Publisher theme also includes plenty of customization options, a blog, and the ability to review products.

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