12 Best Free Hotel WordPress Themes 2021

If you’re running a hotel or similar establishment, having a high-quality website is crucial. Your site will act as a preview of what people can expect from their stay, and either encourage them to book a room or nudge them into looking elsewhere.

With the right theme, building a WordPress site that attracts both new and returning guests isn’t hard. There’s a booming market of hotel-specific themes, as well as plenty of business- and general-purpose options that will do the trick. Plus, while some of the best themes are premium, many others won’t cost a penny.

With that in mind, let’s look at 12 of the top free WordPress themes for hotel websites!

1. Astra


It’s easy for one hotel to seem much like the next, so you need to find a way to distinguish your establishment from the rest. One of the best ways to do so can be by starting with a highly-customizable theme. Enter Astra — one of the most popular free WordPress themes.

It’s a flexible multipurpose option that’s designed to be molded in almost any way you desire. To accomplish this, it provides lots of layout, header, color, and typography options. You can start with a template and add your own branding and content or customize nearly every aspect of your hotel’s website.

Astra is also built to be compatible with popular page builders, such as Elementor and Beaver Builder. This can make designing your site much simpler. There are even a few hotel-specific starter sites on offer, which come with pages for showing off your rooms, a Book Now option, and more.

No matter what type of site you’re building, you really can’t go wrong with Astra. The only downside is that it can be a little overwhelming due to its expansive feature set. Still, it’s a great option if you’re looking to develop your hotel site using a page builder.

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2. Palmeria

Palmeria Free Hotel WordPress Theme

Your hotel’s website needs to do more than just provide information about your rooms and services. Visitors will expect the option to book their rooms online. However, WordPress doesn’t provide a feature like this by default, so it’s handy if you can add it to your site via your theme. That’s where Palmeria comes into the picture.

It’s advertised as a ‘booking theme’ since it comes with built-in functionality for enabling reservations. It will enable potential guests to search for rooms and use forms to book their stay. What’s more, Palmeria has a clean and appealing design. This theme has a simple look and lots of white space, so you can show off pictures of your hotel. There is also some demo content available to get you started, although less than what you’ll get with many other themes.

If you want a no-fuss, user-friendly booking system for your hotel website, Palmeria can get the job done. It saves you from having to install an extra plugin for that purpose and looks great at the same time.

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3. Travern

Tavern Free Hotel WordPress Theme

One of the ways to make your website stand out is to go beyond simply providing information about your hotel. Instead, you can use it to tell a story about what guests can expect from their stay. If that sounds like the approach you want to take, Travern is worth checking out.

This theme is designed to help you communicate key information about your hotel in an organic, narrative-like way. For instance, there’s a prominent featured slider you can use to introduce potential guests to your establishment, walking them through your rooms and amenities.

Travern also places a heavy focus on looks, with a bold default style that uses contrasting colors to attract attention. Of course, you can customize this with your own branding and imagery. Plus, the theme comes with the pages and features you’ll need to communicate information about your hotel and accept reservations.

Overall, Traven is a solid pick if you want to show what’s unique about your establishment, and help visitors get to know it before their stay.

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4. Hotel Galaxy

Hotel Galaxy

Your hotel website needs to be more than just pretty — it has to support and bolster your business. That means doing its part to attract guests your way and provide them with a top-notch experience. Using a theme such as Hotel Galaxy, you may be able to meet your vision.

Hotel Galaxy is a theme with a strong focus on responsive design. This helps to ensure that your site will look right and work smoothly on all devices. That’s a key factor since many potential guests are likely to look you up and even book reservations on their phones.

This theme is also highly customizable and has a stylish look that suggests cleanliness — a good concept to associate with your hotel. While it doesn’t come with booking features out of the box, it does offer compatibility with the Advanced Booking Calendar plugin.

In a nutshell, Hotel Galaxy isn’t fancy, but it offers all the basics and does so in a stylish way. As such, it’s a theme to consider if you’re prioritizing mobile responsiveness and SEO-friendliness.

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5. Courtyard


Some websites benefit from high-energy, complex themes. However, hotels and similar industries are often better served by simpler themes that put the focus squarely on the content. With this in mind, you may want to check out Courtyard.

It’s an attractive theme with a minimalist aesthetic, which gets out of the way rather than attracting attention. This enables you to keep visitors focused on high-quality images of your establishment and information about your amenities and services.

You can also do a lot to customize Courtyard to match your specific niche and style. It offers custom backgrounds, headers, logos, and menus, as well as a variety of template and layout options.

All in all, this is a theme that’s easy to mold into just about any shape you like. It may be worth your time if you want something that you can easily customize into a unique-looking website.

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6. Hotel Luxury

Hotel Luxury

If you want to get a website up and running quickly for your hotel business, it’s smart to pick a theme that offers a wide selection of features and options. The more your theme provides — such as Hotel Luxury — the less you’ll need to go looking elsewhere for additional plugins and tools.

Hotel Luxury aims to offer a full-package solution for your establishment’s website. To start, you’ll get a simple but appealing look and a well-organized layout. While, of course, it can be customized, the default home page is set up in a way that offers visitors a quick summary of all your key information and obvious ways to find out more.

This theme is also set up with the pages you’ll need to display important details about your rooms, any upcoming events, and so on. You can also manage your room listings, bookings, and reservations through your site.

In a nutshell, Hotel Luxury is a solid pick for most websites in the hotel industry and similar businesses. You’ll get a nice balance of looks and features, and it’s also easy to use.

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7. Hotel WP Lite

Hotel WP Lite

You may already have a picture in your mind of what you’d like your hotel website to look like. This can make it difficult to select a theme, since you may struggle to find one that lets you achieve your goals. However, Hotel WP Lite could help.

This theme is more of a toolbox than anything else, offering a broad set of features and options. It’s designed to be completely customized to meet your specific needs, rather than used as-is out of the box.

As such, you’ll get access to various header and footer options, along with features for building sliders, callouts, galleries, testimonials, contact pages, and more. This theme makes it easy to show off your amenities, display information about your pricing, promote deals and events, and so on. There’s also a complete booking system included.

In other words, there’s a lot packed into Hotel WP Lite. It’s not the best option if you want to get your site up quickly, but is a great choice for those who want to dive in and fully customize their sites.

8. Di Restaurant

Di Restaurant

In many cases, your website will be the first experience people have with your business. It will form a first impression long before guests actually come to stay at your hotel. This means that what your website looks like matters, and Di Restaurant offers a stunning appearance.

For starters, the home page is optimized to show off your establishment and its features in a memorable way. It offers a nice scrolling parallax effect and the option to emphasize key information in callouts. Basic functionality, yet welcome.

Despite the name, this theme ships with a pre-made starter site designed specifically for hotels. It’s also another highly customizable option, providing you with multiple page and footer layouts. There are features to help you set up a blog, add social items, offer ‘quick view’ previews of your rooms and services, and more.

Overall, Di Restaurant is one of the best-looking themes on our list, and it comes with a wide set of functionalities as well. This means you really can’t go wrong with the theme, and we’d recommend adding it to your shortlist.

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9. Resortica Lite

Restorica Lite

One factor that’s easy to overlook when designing your website is performance. It can be easy to get caught up in looks and features, and forget about your site’s usability. However, visitors will expect it to be fast and responsive. Therefore, the theme you choose — such as Resortica Lite — is key.

This theme is built on the Bootstrap framework. It’s an open-source CSS framework designed to help people build responsive sites that perform exceptionally well on mobile devices. Given this, the theme can set your hotel website up for success by ensuring that potential guests visiting through their phones will be able to find information and make bookings quickly.

Resortica Lite is also optimized for search engines. Since site speed plays an important role in SEO, this theme could help you attract more visitors to your hotel site. It also comes ready with a variety of layout options, social media features for connecting your site to your social platforms, and various other handy features.

What’s under the hood matters just as much as what’s visible on the page. Resortica Lite has a lot to offer in that area — and it looks pretty stylish as well. We’d recommend giving it a spin and seeing for yourself!

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10. VW Hotel

VW Hotel

A lot of hotels haven’t been updated in a long time — this applies to both the establishments themselves and their accompanying websites. If you want to communicate the idea that your hotel is up-to-date, one of the best ways to do that is through your choice of theme — such as VW Hotel.

To that end, VW Hotel is a decidedly modern theme. It has a bold, current look with a large scrolling header, fun font choices, and sections divided by attention-grabbing callouts. The default designs are a little busy, but can easily be pared down through the customization process.

VW Hotel lends itself well to pages that aren’t flat and stale but are supplemented with slides, banners, galleries, and the like. It’s also lightweight (boosting performance) and designed to look and perform well on all types of browsers and devices.

This theme is a little showy, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. On the whole, VW Hotel can help you let potential guests know that your establishment is anything but old-fashioned and offers a lot of possibilities for fun and creative designs.

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11. Oceanica Lite

Oceanica Lite

A lot of hotel websites are very busy, with lots of images and features competing for attention. While this isn’t always a problem, one way to distinguish your own site can be to go in the opposite direction. Enter Oceanica Lite — a theme that really lives up to the minimalist label.

Things are simple when it comes to design, layout, and typography in this theme. At the same time, it’s still attractive. It simply adopts a pared-back aesthetic, providing visitors with a calm, relaxing experience — hopefully, not unlike what they’ll experience during their visit.

This simplicity does extend to Oceanica Lite’s feature set too. It’s fully-responsive and comes with some layout and customization options, but not as many as you’d get with some of the alternatives on this list. While designed for hotels, it’s actually short on functionality specific to that industry (features such as a reservation system are reserved for the premium version of the theme).

So with Oceanica Lite, you won’t get a huge toolbox or access to a lot of hotel-specific features. However, what you will get is a theme that keeps things simple and clean and makes getting a functional site online a very quick process.

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12. Hotelone


Customizing your site can seem like an intimidating process, especially if you’re new to website development. The right theme — such as Hotelone — will both offer you plenty of options to work with and make it easy to achieve a design that attracts guests your way.

With Hotelone, you get both of those things. You’ll get access to a large library of pre-built layouts and elements to work with. It also comes with a highly customizable footer and features to help you add sliders, photo galleries, maps, and more to build out your site.

To help you manage all of these options, Hotelone ships with a custom admin panel that walks you through customizing the theme. This can help you create a unique design that incorporates all the elements you want, even if you have little (or no) experience. Rounding out the feature set, there’s also booking functionality so that you can process reservations through your website.

Overall, Hotelone is a solid, complete-package theme. It offers looks, features, and ease of use, and is definitely worth a look if you’re building a website for your hotel or chain.

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