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9 Best Bar & Pub WordPress Themes 2022

When it comes to creating a website for a bar or pub, WordPress is the obvious choice. Thanks to the selection of impressive bar and pub WordPress themes available today, you can easily transform a regular website into an effective marketing tool for your business.

Many of the bar and pub WordPress themes in this collection include multiple website demos. Due to this, you should have no trouble finding a design that’s right for your business. If for some reason there isn’t a pre-built website demo that matches your vision, you’ll also find that most themes of this type also include a good set of customization options. From detailed control panels to powerful drag-and-drop page builder tools, personalizing these pub and bar themes has never been easier.

Other features to look out for in these themes include online booking and reservation systems, event management tools, ecommerce support, and social media sharing and integration features. However, even if your chosen theme doesn’t have the exact feature you’re looking for, they all work with the most popular third-party WordPress plugins.

1. Restabook

Restabook is a restaurant, bar, and pub theme with an online booking form.

The integrated online booking and reservation form is a great feature of this theme. While it isn’t a full-featured online booking system, your visitors can send a booking reservation inquiry through the form, using the date and time fields to let you know when they’d like to pay a visit to your bar or pub.

The Restabook pre-built content comes in two main varieties, light and dark. You’ll get access to multiple templates for the homepage, including designs that feature sliders, videos, carousels, and more. There are also multiple templates for publishing your food and drink menus, sharing a photo gallery of your premises, and adding your location and contact details. You can also set up your website in one-page mode, displaying all of your most important content in one easily accessible place.

There’s a coming soon demo in the Restabook theme package, which is useful for anyone who wants to establish an online presence for their bar or pub before their new website is completed. Your holding page could include a countdown timer, a form for accepting subscribers to your mailing list, and a reservation form that lets your patrons book a table before your full website is ready.

Thanks to the inclusion of WPBakery Page Builder in the Restabook package, you can easily customize your website as much as you like.  

2. Tastyc

Tastyc is a versatile bar and pub-friendly WordPress theme.

Designed for a range of food and drink-related websites, Tastyc should be able to help you launch your new bar and pub site with little fuss. With one bar and pub demo, as well as a few other related options, you should be able to find a set of templates that work for your site in the Tastyc package.

To help you get started, there’s a helpful tutorial video. Once you’ve imported the templates, you can add your own content to them, including adding the food and drink that’s available at your bar or pub to the menu templates. You can also add your contact details to the appropriate template and upload your own photos to the gallery templates. The default homepage layout has sections for sharing reviews from happy patrons, information about your location, and a sign-up form for your newsletter.

All of the Tastyc templates can be edited with the Elementor site builder tool.

3. Divi

Divi is a best-selling WordPress theme that’s suitable for a wide range of projects and its bar templates pack will help you quickly launch a new website.

The Divi bar and pub templates have a stylish, modern design that will suit most bar and pub sites. Plus, with the powerful Divi Builder that comes with the theme, customizing your site or designing new pages will be a breeze.

If you want to promote events at your bar or pub, Divi has a template that’s been created specifically for this purpose. There are also templates for publishing your menu, sharing your contact details, and creating an about page. If you want to get the most conversions from your website, then the Divi Leads tool that’s integrated into this theme will help you to optimize your content.

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4. Vino

Vino could be the theme to help you create a stylish and professional website for your wine bar.

Although Vino includes nine homepage demos, if you want to create a wine bar website with WordPress, there’s really only one website demo you’ll be interested in and that’s the aptly named Wine Bar option. When you load up the wine bar demo, you’ll instantly get a sense of what your website could look like.

Thanks to the large homepage slider, you can easily present your visitors with the best photos from your wine bar. Following on from that, you can share some of the main reasons to visit your premises. The rest of the homepage layout gives you an opportunity to share the story behind your wine bar, as well as some of your latest content from social media networks like Instagram.

Although the Vino Wine Bar demo is the obvious choice for this collection, the other website demos can be easily customized to match your needs. With the powerful WPBakery Page Builder plugin included at no extra cost, you really can edit any of the demo pages and templates with this theme. The library of shortcodes is also on hand to help you customize your website in a matter of clicks.

With an elegant design that should appeal to owners of high-end wine bars, Vino and its purpose-built website demo are well worth checking out.

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5. PatioTime

PatioTime has a dedicated bar and pub demo as well as a few other options.

This theme has some useful features to help make your online presence a success. First and foremost, PatioTime provides you with everything you need to establish an online presence for your bar or pub. The core templates make it easy to share essential information about your establishment. Those who want to build a more advanced website can use the online booking system functionality to accept and manage reservations via their website.

PatioTime also has full WooCommerce support. This enables you to collect payments online, turning your website into an eCommerce platform that’s capable of taking deposits for booking as well as selling items to your visitors. The food and drink menu templates are another highlight of this theme. They not only look great but are easy to edit.

6. Weisber

Weisber is a flexible craft beer, pub, and brewery WordPress theme.

The different demos that come with Weisber make this a bar and pub theme that’s suitable for a lot of projects in this category. Whether you want to launch a website for a pub, bar, or restaurant, Weisber has some pre-built content that can really help you with your goals. However, Weisber also has demo content for building sites for beer brands, craft breweries, and selling and promoting beers online with WordPress.

The demos of Weisber all have designs that are appropriate for creating bar and pub websites, especially if those bars and pubs have a focus on beer — and craft beer in particular. The demo templates have all the features you’d expect to find in this type of theme, including sliders that are ready to share photos of your premises or products, displays for highlighting some of the key features or products available at your bar, and sections for publishing feedback from your happy patrons.

If you’d like to sell products from your bar or pub website, Weisber has everything you need to make this happen. As this theme has an ecommerce demo for selling beer-related products, you can use these templates to add an online store section to your bar or pub website. From there, you can sell physical products, such as drinks and merchandise, as well as other non-physical items, including printable gift vouchers.

Weisber is highly customizable, too, with a premium page builder plugin included in the theme package at no extra cost as well as lots of settings and options for editing the way your site will look.

There’s a good chance that Weisber has a demo that will be suitable for your pub or bar website.

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7. Piquant

Piquant works well with café and restaurant websites but is equally suited to bar and pub sites.

If your pub or bar has a focus on food as well as drink, the Piquant WordPress theme could be a good choice. When setting up your website, you could simply choose the purpose-built bar website demo. However, the other demos, including the restaurant and BBQ options might work just as well for your business.

Regardless of which of the Piquant demos you choose, you’ll be able to use the pre-built menu templates to describe and promote the drinks and dishes available at your bar or pub. Furthermore, as this theme is fully compatible with the OpenTable service, you can enable the integration in just a few clicks and then start accepting booking and reservations via your new website.

Templates for all the other pages your bar or pub website might need are included in the Piquant theme package. Highlighting your chefs and bartenders, publishing an online gallery, and sharing your contact details are all taken care of by the customizable pre-built content. The blog layouts are ideal for sharing recipes or publishing photos of your best drinks and food online. The social media integration should also help your website reach a wider audience.

With an extensive set of theme options, there isn’t much about your website you can’t customize with the Piquant theme.

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8. Pubzinne

Pubzinne has a few different demos for a range of pub and bar websites.

Traditional pubs, sports bars, and places serving food and drinks should all be able to establish a stylish website by using the Pubzinne theme. Depending on which of the demos you choose, you can easily add many elements to your site, including panels for displaying the upcoming sports fixtures you’ll be showing, sections for promoting the main reasons to visit your bar or pub, and an online reservation form to make it easy for your potential patrons to book a seat at your venue.

If you hold events at your pub or bar, then you’ll probably appreciate the support for publishing the details of events that you get with Pubzinne. The upcoming events panel is included on the homepage demo layouts but can be displayed anywhere on your site. Thanks to this, your website visitors can browse your schedule, and if they want to know more, click through to an individual event page. From there, they can see the full details of the event, complete with time and date, a description, and the location with a Google Map. There are optional buttons, too, that make it convenient to add the event details to Google Calendar and iCalendar.

For bars and pubs that serve food, the menu templates of Pubzinne are sure to come in handy. As well as being nicely designed, the menu templates not only look good but are also very easy to read. Your food and drinks can be easily organized on the menu page, and the template has space for adding images of what’s available at your venue.

Like many of the best pub and bar themes, Pubzinne is easy to customize. It was built for use with the powerful Elementor page builder plugin, enabling you to open up the templates for editing with a drag-and-drop page builder tool. Other changes, such as adjusting the colors and fonts so that they match your branding, can all be implemented through a user-friendly interface.

Pubzinne has a great reservation system but lots of other useful bar- and pub-related features, too.

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9. Craft Beer

Craft Beer has everything you need to create your own bar or pub website with WordPress.

Although this theme should work well for a range of bar and pub websites, if craft beers are a highlight of your drinks menu then this one is sure to be a good match. Microbreweries and other places where craft beers are served should also find value in this stylish WordPress theme. In fact, with six distinct demos to choose from, there’s a good chance you’ll find a suitable option in the Craft Beer theme package.

Regardless of which demo you decide to use, you’ll get access to a feature-rich homepage for your bar or pub website. Features, such as large image sliders for sharing photos of your venue or drinks as well as product panels for highlighting the key items from your menu, will give your website an appealing look.

In addition to the homepages of the six bar and pub website demos, you’ll also find templates for all of the other pages you’ll want to add to your site. These layouts cover a selection of templates for publishing information about your venue, team, and location. The services templates cover the main food and drink menus, information on special offers, and details of your venue and business.

If you want to sell craft beers and other items from your website, you can do so with this theme. In the package, you’ll find a good selection of product pages to help you list your inventory in style. Thanks to support for the popular WooCommerce plugin, enabling the ecommerce functionality required to sell items online with WordPress is only a few clicks away. There’s also an optional age confirmation module that can be used to request visitors to confirm their age before entering your website.

Craft Beer has a good set of templates that are focused on creating stylish bar and pub websites.

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10. Pints&Crafts

Pints&Crafts is aimed at breweries and pubs that specialize in craft beers and ales.

Although Pints&Crafts does work really well for promoting venues that serve craft beers, it’s also suitable for bars and pubs that focus on other types of drinks. Therefore, regardless of your beverage menu, this theme is well worth checking out if you want to give the website for your venue a classy look.

If you do explore the six website demos that come with Pints&Crafts, you’ll see that whichever one you choose, your site will get a homepage layout that’s packed with useful features and has a high-quality design.

As well as the homepages, you can use the Pints&Crafts templates to showcase the food and drink you serve at your venue to encourage more of your website visitors to stop by your bar or pub.

Pints&Crafts has good slider functionality and lots of gallery templates to give you a range of options for displaying photos and videos on your website. If you’d like to display some of the products you serve at your bar or pub, whether that’s just for information purposes or as a product display, Pints&Crafts has the templates for this as well. These templates are really well designed and will help you present the photos and key information about each item in a stylish way. If do want to sell items directly from your website, then the WooCommerce support of this theme will enable you to do so.

Other notable features of Pints&Crafts include the email marketing service support that gives you a quick way to add a newsletter signup form to your website, the custom widgets for displaying your opening hours and location in the footer and other areas of your site, and the blog post templates for publishing the latest news for your audience.

Pints&Crafts includes the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, so you’re not limited to the default demos and templates.

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