14 Best Bar & Pub WordPress Themes 2020

When it comes to creating a website for a bar or pub, WordPress is the obvious choice. Thanks to the selection of impressive bar and pub WordPress themes available today, you can easily transform a regular website into an effective marketing tool for your business.

Many of the bar and pub WordPress themes in this collection include multiple website demos. Due to this, you should have no trouble finding a design that’s right for your business. If for some reason there isn’t a pre-built website demo that matches your vision, you’ll also find that most themes of this type also include a good set of customization options. From detailed control panels to powerful drag-and-drop page builder tools, personalizing these pub and bar themes has never been easier.

Other features to look out for in these themes include online booking and reservation systems, event management tools, ecommerce support, and social media sharing and integration features. However, even if your chosen theme doesn’t have the exact feature you’re looking for, they all work with the most popular third party WordPress plugins.

1. Old Story

Old Story has a design that’s perfect for more traditional drinking establishments, including whiskey bars and saloons.

However, as Old Story is a flexible WordPress theme, it can easily be adjusted to suit a wider range of bar and pub websites. The two homepage layouts give you a quick way to adjust the front page of your site while the Visual Composer page builder tool ensures you’re able to modify any of the other demo content if you wish. As the entire theme is compatible with Visual Composer, you can open up any of the page templates or demo content for editing through this intuitive user interface. There’s also a good set of theme options to help you carry out site wide changes.

If you’re happy to use the Old Story WordPress theme in its default configuration, you’ll have no trouble creating a stylish and useful website. Not only will your site show off the best features of your business but it will also ensure potential patrons can find their way to your establishment. Selling merchandise or other goods from your website is also an option with Old Story, thanks to its support for the WooCommerce online store builder plugin.

Old Story has a memorable design that makes it a great choice for a certain type of bar or pub website.

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2. Vino

Vino could be the theme to help you create a stylish and professional website for your wine bar.

Although Vino includes nine homepage demos, if you want to create a wine bar website with WordPress, there’s really only one website demo you’ll be interested in and that’s the aptly named Wine Bar option. When you load up the wine bar demo, you’ll instantly get a sense of what your website could look like.

Thanks to the large homepage slider, you can easily present your visitors with the best photos from your wine bar. Following on from that, you can share some of the main reasons to visit your premises. The rest of the homepage layout gives you an opportunity to share the story behind your wine bar, as well as some of your latest content from social media networks like Instagram.

Although the Vino Wine Bar demo is the obvious choice for this collection, the other website demos can be easily customized to match your needs. With the powerful Visual Composer plugin included at no extra cost, you really can edit any of the demo pages and templates with this theme. The library of shortcodes are also on hand to help you customize your website in a matter of clicks.

With an elegant design that should appeal to owners of high-end wine bars, Vino and its purpose built website demo is well worth checking out.

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3. Weisber

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4. Jz

Jz is unmistakably a theme for creating bar and pub websites with WordPress.

With just one main website demo to work with, your new bar and pub site could be up and running in no time at all if you choose Jz for your project. The design of this theme won’t work with every type of bar or pub, but if it matches your vision then Jz should provide you with everything you need.

The full-width homepage slider gives you a great opportunity to show off the best photos of your bar while also introducing some of the key characteristics of your business. Promoting your latest deals is another good use for the homepage slider. When it comes to customizing the slider and modifying its design or adding your own content, there are five slideshow tools included in the Jz theme package.

If you choose Jz, you’ll also be getting access to the intuitive Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder tool, the powerful Events Manger plugin, and 13 editable PSD files that cover the layouts of this theme. Due to this, you’ll easily be able to publish and promote events at your bar or pub, while also ensuring your website has the right look to match your business. Publishing the profiles of your bar tenders is easy too, as is adding a blog to your website.

With a stylish design, Jz could well be the right theme for your bar and pub website.

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5. Revolver

Revolver is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with a stylish look and a premade demo for bar and pub websites.

Although the six different Revolver homepage designs have each been built with a specific purpose in mind, it’s fair to say that with a little bit of adjustment all of them could be a good option for creating a pub or bar website with WordPress. However, if you’re looking for quick way to launch your new bar or pub website, the purpose built pub design is the obvious choice.

With a large image section on the homepage, the Revolver pub demo makes it easy to display your logo and branding to your visitors. As your potential new patrons scroll down the homepage layout, they can read testimonials from other customers, learn about the story behind your pub, and view the latest photos from the online gallery section. Displaying your menus and sharing your location is easy too, thanks to the corresponding homepage sections. However, mixing up the default homepage layout and sections is relatively straightforward, even for new WordPress users.

If you do want to customize any of the other website demos or even the pub demo, then the Visual Composer page builder tool that’s included in the Revolver package provides you with all the tools you’ll need. You’ll also find the premium Slider Revolution plugin in the package, ensuring you can edit any of the demo slideshows or create your own from scratch.

Revolver has all the features you’d expect from a bar and pub WordPress theme, all wrapped up in an appropriate design.

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6. Piquant

Piquant works well with café and restaurant websites but is equally suited to bar and pub sites.

If your pub or bar has a focus on food as well as drink, the Piquant WordPress theme could be a good choice. When setting up your website, you could simply choose the purpose built bar website demo. However, the other demos, including the restaurant and BBQ options might work just as well for your business.

Regardless of which of the Piquant demos you choose, you’ll be able to use the pre-built menu templates to describe and promote the drinks and dishes available at your bar or pub. Furthermore, as this theme is fully compatible with the OpenTable service, you can enable the integration in just a few clicks and then start accepting booking and reservations via your new website.

Templates for all the other pages your bar or pub website might need are included in the Piquant theme package. Highlighting your chefs and bartenders, publishing an online gallery, and sharing your contact details are all taken care of by the customizable pre-built content. The blog layouts are ideal for sharing recipes or publishing photos of your best drinks and food online. The social media integration should also help your website reach a wider audience.

With an extensive set of theme options, there isn’t much about your website you can’t customize with the Piquant theme.

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7. Pubzinne

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8. Tavern

Tavern has a pitch-perfect design for creating a website for a traditional bar or pub with WordPress.

If you choose this theme, you’ll be able to import the design and content for your new bar or pub website in just a few clicks. After that, it’s simply a case of replacing the demo content with your own. However, as the Tavern WordPress theme includes the leading Visual Composer plugin, you can easily edit the demo content to create a custom pub website. For website owners that want a good deal of control over their website without having to edit individual pages, the Tavern theme options panel makes changing fonts and adjusting colors very straightforward.

Another reason to consider the Tavern theme is its events management tool. If your bar or pub holds events, this theme gives you an easy way to enter their details before publishing them on your website. Your visitors can now see at a glance, exactly what dates to put in their diary. Publishing menus and staff profiles is also part of the core functionality of the Tavern theme too. This theme includes a good set of custom widgets to help upgrade your sidebar areas and display content from social media, QR codes for promotions, and advertisements.

Tavern makes use of some subtle animation features to help your pub or bar website stand out from the crowd.

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9. Prohibition

Prohibition has been designed to help trendy pubs, bars, and breweries launch a stylish website with WordPress.

Encapsulating the latest trends from the drinking and dining industries, the Prohibition WordPress theme will appeal to anyone who needs a modern and cutting edge design for their website. Whether you’re creating a website for a bar, pub, restaurant, or brewery, this theme could be a good option. Building a distillery website with WordPress is another good use for this theme.

The default homepage design has space for all the information your visitors will be looking for when they arrive at your website. With the address and opening hours taking center stage, your visitors can then scroll down the homepage to find out what drinks are being served, what food’s on the menu, and any other information you think is important.

The Prohibition theme package includes pre-built templates and designs for all the pages your bar or pub website is likely to need. This covers the drink selection page, the food descriptions, information about your business, and an optional ecommerce section in case you have any products or merchandise you’d like to sell to your visitors. As Prohibition has been built to work seamlessly with the WooCommerce plugin, you’ll have full control over your online store.

Prohibition has a fashionable design that can easily be customized through the theme settings and bundled tools.

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10. Craft Beer

Craft Beer has everything you need to create your own bar or pub website with WordPress.

Although this theme should work well for a range of bar and pub websites, if craft beers are a highlight of your drinks menu then this one is sure to be a good match. Microbreweries and other places where craft beers are served should also find value in this stylish WordPress theme. In fact, with six distinct demos to choose from, there’s a good chance you’ll find a suitable option in the Craft Beer theme package.

Regardless of which demo you decide to use, you’ll get access to a feature-rich homepage for your bar or pub website. Features, such as large image sliders for sharing photos of your venue or drinks as well as product panels for highlighting the key items from your menu, will give your website an appealing look.

In addition to the homepages of the six bar and pub website demos, you’ll also find templates for all of the other pages you’ll want to add to your site. These layouts cover a selection of templates for publishing information about your venue, team, and location. The services templates cover the main food and drink menus, information on special offers, and details of your venue and business.

If you want to sell craft beers and other items from your website, you can do so with this theme. In the package, you’ll find a good selection of product pages to help you list your inventory in style. Thanks to support for the popular WooCommerce plugin, enabling the ecommerce functionality required to sell items online with WordPress is only a few clicks away. There’s also an optional age confirmation module that can be used to request visitors to confirm their age before entering your website.

Craft Beer has a good set of templates that are focused on creating stylish bar and pub websites.

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11. The Brew House

The Brew House is a good all-rounder for creating websites in the food and beverage industries.

Described as a theme for bars, pubs, breweries, bistros, cafes, and restaurants, this versatile option has lots to offer. The six homepage designs are well suited to a range of projects and can all be customized with relative ease. Whether you want to make changes to the overall appearance of your site through the theme options control panel or edit the individual page designs with the Visual Composer drag-and-drop builder, The Brew House gives you the ability to do so.

Depending on how you choose to setup your website, the pre-built layouts make it easy to add sliders to your content. You can also publish profiles of your best beers, most popular cocktails, and other items that can be used to encourage website visitors to become patrons of your bar. Adding a blog is straightforward with this theme, giving you a good opportunity to share the latest promotions, events, and other information from your business.

Although The Brew House doesn’t include the popular FoodPress plugin, this theme has been built to work seamlessly with it. Thanks to this, if you do decide to install the FoodPress plugin you’ll have no trouble managing and presenting your menus, taking reservations, and more, to upgrade your bar or pub website. The Brew House is also compatible with the leading WPML plugin, giving you the ability to create a multilingual pub or bar website with WordPress.

With a choice of designs and a long list of features, The Brew House can be used in a number of different ways.

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12. Pints&Crafts

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13. Lecker

Lecker is a multi-purpose WordPress theme for creating bar, pub, restaurant, and other types of food and drink related of websites.

With eight unique website designs to choose from, covering bars, coffee shops, cafes, pubs, restaurants, and pizzerias, you can simply import one of the demos and get ready to launch your website. However, as this is an easily customizable theme, repurposing any of the demos to match your project isn’t a problem either. The logo designs in use on the Lecker demos are certainly eye-catching and with the included text editor tool, you can easily change them to reflect the name of your brand while still keeping the design of the logo.

Publishing your daily specials is easy with Lecker, thanks to the layout designs and their placeholder text. All aspects of your website will be mobile friendly if you choose this theme, ensuring your visitors can find the location of your business on their smartphones or get in touch to reserve a table via the responsive contact form. There’s also a slider tool included in the package, giving you the ability to display photos and videos of your bar or pub in an interactive slideshow format.

Whether you choose the Lecker single or multi-page design for your website, your visitors will be able to find all the information they’re looking for.

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14. Birra33

Birra33 has a style that’s inspired by the best brewpub and craft beer bar websites.

Ideal for cafes, bars, and pubs serving real ale and craft beers, the Birra33 theme will ensure your website has the design to impress the type of patrons you’re hoping to attract. Although the default color scheme works well with beer related websites, you can easily switch to one of the other pre-set color schemes at the touch of a button. You’re also free to create your own custom color palettes through the theme options control panel. Changing the layout style from full width to boxed is just as straightforward.

If your bar or pub is hosting events, the Birra33 theme gives you an easy way to promote them online. Simply use the events management tool to enter the important details, and then let your visitors view the information on your site. The social media features of this theme give your audience a quick way to share any events or other content that catches their eye.

The reservations tool is another useful feature of the Birra33 theme that can enhance your website. While this is an optional feature, giving your visitors the ability to make a booking online could free up some of your staff resources to focus on the other tasks involved in running a bar.

The Birra33 has a design that should work well for a range of bars and pubs while also offering a good set of useful features.

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